Glee Season 5 Premiere Recap: All You Need Is Love! Love Is All You Need? [Updated]

Glee Season 5 Premiere Recap Klaine BeatlesI’m not one to quote Blaine Anderson — our relationship’s been all downhill since “Teenage Dream” — but the bowtie-wearin’ teen definitely got it right in Glee‘s Season 5 premiere when he responded to feral Kitty’s crazy query, “Can anyone still relate to the Beatles?” I mean, who among us didn’t nod our heads at his dumbstruck retort? “Pretty much the entire world.” Preach, Mr. Anderson, preach!

Of course, the positive John-Paul-George-and-Ringo vibes were the perfect, airy amuse-bouche to a Season 5 main course that we all know is going to get soooo heavy. Indeed, the absence of Finn Hudson — and this summer’s tragic death of series star Cory Monteith — hung heavy over the hour, like a cluster of storm clouds on the horizon during the sunniest of days. (Tell me I’m not the only one who wanted to curl into a ball with a box of Kleenex at the sight of Rachel singing “why he had to go, I don’t know.”)

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Alas, though, we won’t need our proverbial umbrellas until the Oct. 10 tribute episode, “The Quarterback” — check out Fox’s first promotional photo here, if you haven’t seen it — so with that in mind, let’s focus on the story of how Beatlemania came to McKinley High.

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Let’s break down the major plot points — and then jump into grading the week’s musical performances and recounting the best quotes. Here goes:

* Schue decided on giving New Directions a two-week assignment focused on the music of the Beatles. (I sure wish said assignment hadn’t included his perfunctory history lesson on the Fab Four though…those types of scenes make me a little sleepy, but maybe because I’m so old I’ve actually listened to vinyl Beatles records?)

* Blaine and Kurt got back together, but the former wasn’t satisfied with a facebook status update to “in a relationship.” He banded together all of the region’s competing show choirs for a massive song-and-dance proposal to “All You Need Is Love” — under the theory that the proposal should be “a cultural statement.” Burt drove Kurt to the event (Kurt already had figured out what was going down), though Papa Hummel noted his son didn’t look so thrilled as they got closer to the venue. “You look like I’m driving you to your execution,” were Burt’s exact words.) Kurt said yes — though his face looked a little less certain, no? Then again, with Rachel, Santana and a wordless Mercedes, plus almost everyone else from McKinley (and even Schue) in attendance, how could he have said “no”? This is why public proposals are a terrible idea — and, to be honest, kind of passive-aggressive (or maybe just aggressive-aggressive)! Also: Where was the supportive lesbian couple Blaine got so obsessed with last season? (That’s my burning question for the episode!)

* After a period of secrecy — and some stern words from Tina — Kitty and Artie went public with their love affair. But methinks that bitchy Cheerio Bree (flanked by neck-brace girl) means to cause trouble over her rival dating a dude with glasses, in a wheelchair, and sporting a different physique than Kitty’s uzh. (That said, I’m gonna say Artie’s new hair and stepped-up fashion had him looking hotter than in any prior season. GIT it, son!)

* Rachel stayed in contention for the Funny Girl role, but the director and leading man (Ringer‘s Ioan Gruffudd) questioned if she was seasoned enough for the gig. A sizzling performance at her place of work as a singing waitress, though, may have sealed the deal (even though, apparently, CLAIRE DANES is in the mix for the role, too — loved that detail!). We’ll have to wait and see.

* Sue snagged the role of McKinley principal from Figgins — through nefarious means, of course — then proceeded to torment her former boss while informing Will and Roz that their respective teams needed to win national championships if they didn’t want to incur her wrath. (Sue needs said teams to thrive to help turn her new interim post into a permanent one.)

* Sam, Ryder and Blaine offered their prom-date services to Tina as a way to curb her increasing rancorousness. (For the record, she chose Sam — for being the least gay and the least Asian, and therefore breaking any old habits of hers.)

Grades for This Week’s Musical Performances
Rachel, “Yesterday” | Grade: A+ (crikey, Lea Michele is SO FREAKIN TALENTED…and that fuchsia trenchcoat was SO FREAKIN GORGEOUS!)

Artie and Kitty, “Drive My Car” | Grade: C- (eh, seemed like just an excuse for a bumper-cars scene)

Kurt and Blaine, “Got to Get You Into My Life” | Grade: B+ (nice to hear Chris Colfer’s voice again, yes?)

Artie and Kitty, “You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away” | Grade: B+ (I didn’t think I’d dig these two, but suddenly…I do!)

Blaine & Almost Everyone, “Help” | Grade: B-

Rachel (with a little help from her friend Santana), “Hard Day’s Night” | Grade: A (the choreography on this one was fantastic…and slow cap for the camera operators and editors, too!)

Blaine, Sam, Ryder and Jake, “I Saw Her Standing There” | Grade: B

Blaine, “All You Need Is Love”/”He Loves You” | Grade: A- (really beautifully staged, even if the sentiment of a high-school student proposing marriage — only days after reuniting with his ex — gives me a serious case of the icks)

Week’s Best Quotes
“Tina broke up with you. So did Brittany and Sugar and the girl in the wheelchair with the disturbingly massive boobs.” –Kitty to Artie

“What if we go out, but do it on the down-low — you know, like secretly gay conservatives do?” –Kitty, lobbying Artie to keep their romance a secret

“I’m Goldie — of course.” –Kurt, responding to Blaine’s contention that their relationship could last like Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn

“Jesus said it best: The end justifies the means.” –Sue (who may need a refresher on the Bible), talking about her take-down of Figgins

“Oh, God. It’s those McKinley nerds.” –the head of the Haverbrook School for the Deaf show choir, reacting to New Directions showing up at their rehearsal

“You’ll be forced to build creepy relationships with teenagers on your own time.” –Sue, threatening Schue with unemployment if New Directions doesn’t win at Nationals

“Janitor Figgins, I think, has a quiet dignity to it.” –Sue, taunting the ousted former McKinley principal

“That’s just a five-gallon bucket of expired, Grade D meat slurry.” –Sue, describing the McKinley taco filling she was about to dump on Figgins’ freshly cleaned floor

And with that, I turn it over to you. What did you think of “Love, Love, Love”? Sound off in the comments, then vote in our poll!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Laura says:

    I could care less about Klaine, all I wanted to see and her is my queen and diva, Lea Michele again.

    • Josh says:

      Expand your horizons.

      • AlsoJosh says:

        Boo you for having my name. Klaine truly is the worst only because it’s painfully unrealistic and both characters are soo saint like and boring.

        • Poor Chris says:

          Not to mention Chris looks and acts like he would rather be in a scene with a chair then Blaine lol! No chemistry AT ALL!

          • Sam says:

            I always find it funny when people say stuff like that because presumably you think Chris is a good actor, and yet, you think he can’t convincingly portray Kurt as being happy with Blaine (which is no doubt what the writers intended). Way to unintentionally call Chris unprofessional (since this is, y’know, his job) and also a bad actor!

          • Lisa says:

            Chris is wisely choosing not to waste any more energy in Darren Criss, that’s all. He excels at everything else.

    • Jin says:

      You have excellent taste, as she is literally the only reason to keep slogging through this mess and even then I’m not sure I can. So much crap to sit through in between all of her too short scenes….

      • Laura says:

        I know right? A pity that of all 8 musics, she was only in 2. That woman is so amazing, I mean… to go back to acting after all she has been through, that’s not for anyone *ahem* Darren Criss.

    • Freddie says:

      You and me both.

    • amelia rose says:

      Yesterday was amazing, chills when she sang the ‘why he had to go’ part and as much as I love Carrie Underwood this version would have been amazing at the Emmys.

    • peasants says:

      All Hail Queen Lea. Pity the fool who doesn’t appreciate her talent.

      • RobD381 says:

        This fool didn’t appreciate her take on Yesterday. I grew up with the Beatles (and vinyl) and (most) everyone knows you do not mess with the songs – you only sing them with heart, and she deviated too much vocally for my appreciation. The rest of the songs – great! Lea is not perfect – a great singer with not enough experience (as noted) to realize you don’t mess with the legends.

        • Este says:

          She just records the songs the way she’s told to. She doesn’t produce them.

        • Jazzy says:

          Oh brother, shut it. The Beatles are one of the most covered bands in the world and most talented people aren’t singing it word for word, you pretentious twit.

        • KAC says:

          I have to agree, I may not have listened to the Beatles on vinyls, but I did grow up on them. Yesterday is probably my favourite Beatles song, and the alteration she made to it made me cringe. The parts she sang true to the original were absolutely beautiful but near the end it just sound off. Just my opinion please don’t hate me for it.

    • chiaraaa says:

      ahah the same for me

    • Gil says:

      *Couldn’t Think about it; if someone *could* care less, then they’re caring a bit too much and could take it down a notch, but if they *couldn’t* care less, then they’re basically saying that they are experiencing the highest amount of not caring that can ever be reached. Go back to school.

    • nel says:

      I second this.

  2. jess says:

    I wish Kurt would have said no.

    • Mari says:

      Don’t get me wrong–they shouldn’t get married–but his yes makes sense in this setting. He loves Blaine, and saying no in that setting, when Blaine has just delivered this overwhelming thing would humiliate him. Kurt might be willing to humiliate people he doesn’t particularly care for, but not people he _does_. The nature of the proposal pretty much assured a yes.

      I’m just hoping Kurt tells Blaine “very long engagement. Very long. Years long.” fairly quickly next episode.

      • jj says:

        Kurt wouldn’t humiliate Blaine, but Blaine sure is great at humiliating Kurt.

      • meh says:

        Yeah Blaine only putts a tons of pressure on him having a 100 people there.

        • Mari says:

          Well, yes, but even that makes sense if you can suspend your disbelief about all those people being supportive of th proposal. Kurt likes big romantic gestures and Blaine is a teenager who might not get the pressure that goes with the big public thing.

    • abz says:

      The whole time I was watching it I was thinking “Please say no, please say no”. Here’s to hoping that he just said yes since he was in front of so many people and didn’t want to embarrass Blaine.

      • Rita says:

        If he didn’t want to say yes and didn’t want to embarrass Blaine he wouldn’t have gone inside. No one was forcing him. I just find it laughable that the writers went out of their way to show that this was completely 100% Kurt’s choice, and people are still acting as though he’s some sort of a victim. On what planet would Kurt Hummel ever do something that he didn’t fully want to do??

        • Ethan says:

          Umm. It seems pretty likely they provided the scene about him being not to into it to set the stage for conflict during this season. He didn’t go with his gut because his dad said he wished he had ten more years with Kurt’s late mother. And it was a pretty amazing proposal.

          • Nat says:

            I think you’re completely right about that scene. It’s like they say ‘if you have doubts you probably should say no’. So, Kurt ended up saying ‘yes’ but I’m not convinced that he’s let go of those doubts.

        • ok says:

          Yes the writer did do a 180 and made it his choice. Exactly why people hated it.

        • Kevin says:

          I happened to be in on a FB comversation between Darren and Chris reminiscing about the Teenage Dream scene in the karioke bar. seems it rerally did get to Chris and Darren’s response- “It was just a performance, not real.” I think both actors are very good, but I don’t get pople talkig about their characters as real people.

    • Lisa says:

      I wish he hadn’t been abducted along with the whole show and didn’t have this stupid reunion at all.

  3. Alice says:

    It was an OK episode I guess but something felt different….off a little bit.

    • Boiler says:

      Gee what the heck do you think it could be?? I think it is obvious

      • Alice says:

        No i’m not talking about Finn being gone maybe its a lot of things missing cast members yes but the writing also felt off.

        • It's very off says:

          It’s been off since S4 when Blaine and Newbies took over Glee. It almost seems like the writers and Ryan don’t care anymore and since they are using inferior talent as the shows main focus is really shows in the final product. They Original Cast could take bad writing and make something of it. This new group lacks that talent, hell they can barely make good writing passable

        • RobD381 says:

          I learned the first episodes were filmed after Cory’s death and off-set to keep the cast upbeat, which Lea helped to do – I can’t imagine trying to be cheery like that. The whole thing was off
          a few degrees from level because of him, I guess. So very sad.

  4. Gianni says:

    Episode was almost good, all of the Blaine/Klaine stuff was awful.

  5. Maddie Mae says:

    Michael, you were definitely not the only one who wanted to curl up with a box of kleenex…

    These three weeks of Glee are going to be totally hard…

  6. kd86953 says:

    this was one of the best episodes of glee in a really long time. no wonder the cast/crew was proud of it! fantastic music, fantastic writing, fantastic acting. wow! and this is only the first episode!!!

  7. diaratil says:

    The episode was unusually slow for a premiere… It was like watching Artie with Britney/Tina all over again and though I root for the gay love, I’m way over Klaine. The highlight of the episode was series regular 1, performance 1… Beautiful Lea Michele moment with ‘Yesterday’ …

  8. pj says:

    So is Finn already dead on the show they have not mentioned him in the last few episodes?

    • Rook says:

      They are having a whole tribute episode to Finn after the 2 episode Beatles.

    • Mike says:

      Remember he initially went into rehab before the season ended so he wasn’t in the last few episodes. And where they didn’t mention him tonight I have a feeling we won’t hear about him until the beginning of episode 3.

  9. aa says:

    Kurt didn’t look at all hesitant after he said yes. I get that you really don’t like Blaine Slezak, but come on.

    • Nat says:

      I hadn’t noticed it either but after reading it here I went and had another look at the final scene… and in that last shot of Kurt right at the end he definitely does look hesitant and reluctant – it’s subtle, but it’s there. I don’t think this is going to be the easy engagment ride everyone’s been expecting.

      • Nat says:

        … or maybe ‘worried’ is a better word than ‘hesitant’.

      • Hannah says:

        Oooh I hope you’re right and I hope the writers dont waste this opportunity for what could be an interesting storyline.

      • Lola says:

        I cant believe there are people who really think they’re going to spend the next season(s) in engaged bliss, and then get married. I have to wonder if they’ve ever seen any of Ryan Murphys other work. He doesnt do basic happily ever afters. I am interested in seeing how he and the writers go about decimating this storyline though.

    • Slezak is spot on. Kurt defininately look hesitant. Go watch that scene again.

    • Lisa says:

      Yes he did. The show actually made mention to say he looked like he was about to be slaughtered during the drive to Dalton and at the stairs he pretty much looked like he was about to vomit (and I was with him)

  10. Angel says:

    I’ve seen better shows on Disney channel. Klaine is the worst couple to ever be on tv. I can’t believe how hypocritical they were about finchel’s engagement-they were in a serious in love committed relationship- Klaine aren’t. I can’t believe this. This episode was the worst ever. Kurt and Burt are destroyed. Only good was Rachel’s scenes and songs and kitty and arty. And again glee misses contuity. Arty didn’t dumpy Tina for her stutter, they got back together and she cheated on him with mike. This show ended at season 3 finale.

    • Lily says:

      Quite simply, I couldn’t agree more about Klaine, Finchel, and the writers’ and viewers’ hypocrisy in dealing with their engagements.

  11. It sucked! says:

    I thought Klaine was a pathetic attempt at fan pandering and hypocrisy at it’s worst. Finchel was put through hell yet everyone supports Klaine who is the same age as Finchel. The Newbie’s still SUCK and aren’t worth air time and as brilliant as Lea & Naya are I don’t think even they can save sinking ship that Glee has become.

  12. Lalala says:

    Worst episode of glee to date and that’s counting Saturday Night Gleever

  13. Kim says:

    the Cheerios need a new hairdo.

  14. san says:

    So Finn and Rachel were too young to get married, but if you are gay, you are not too young? Confusing and hypocritical of Burt

    • Boiler says:

      So you didn’t watch last year when he told Blaine they were too young??

      • Jenny says:

        Thank you. I didn’t think I imagined that. But now he is okay with it?

        • DONE says:

          Yep. Hypocrite.

          • Becks says:

            I didn’t really get the impression that Burt was totally okay with it, just that he was saying it wasn’t really up to him. And I mean, when Finn and Rachel were engaged he did say that he thought it was a bad idea, but didn’t try to stop them because it wasn’t up to him. So, I’d say Burt isn’t really a hypocrite.

          • huh? says:

            He did try to stop them. All the way up to the wedding time they were trying to figure out how to stop it.

    • Jenny says:

      I may need to be corrected, but I could swear that Blaine and Burt had a talk about marriage last season. And I am recalling that Burt wasn’t crazy about it. I remember being happy that thought Klaine were too young just like Finchel. Am I wrong?

      • Mari says:

        No, you’re right. Burt actually referenced the talk in the episode. Kurt then asked what Burt said, and Burt did not tell him. It was during the conversation about how difficult marriage is.

      • The Blaine Show says:

        No you are right, Burt was against it last season. But according to Blaine he and Kurt are so much better then Finchel and so much more real. Kind of makes you wonder if they are setting Klaine fans to take a huge fall.

        • dumb says:

          Which is stupid cause at least Finn and Rachel were a pretty stable couple when they got engaged. Kurt and Blaine have been a couple for a day.

          • veronica says:

            Are you kidding? Finn proposed to Rachel because he realized he had nothing else going on in his life so in an act of desperation decided marriage would be the big thing in his life. Rachel said yes because she thought she didn’t get into NYADA and so what else did she have going on in her life. What about that proposal/relationship was stable?

      • Allison says:

        You’re not wrong, but I sensed a little foreshadowing when Burt gave the life’s too short spiel. So I guess they’ll use Finn’s death to justify teen marriage.

    • Rita says:

      Maybe because it’s not actually his decision? Kurt is a big boy. He went in there knowing full well what was coming, and he said yes freely.

      • abz says:

        I think a simple “Kurt, you’re really too young. You’re whole life is ahead of you.” or “You just got back together, WTF is this?” or “I think this a mistake”, or even a “Don’t you even think about saying!” (I’m sure some parents would say that lol) or a simple small sense of disapproval would suffice.

        • abz says:

          saying yes***

        • Rita says:

          Again, it’s not Burt’s decision. He gave him his advice, which was that life is short and time is precious and if you find someone you love you hold on tight – which has been what Burt has said all along. He remained pretty neutral as he should since Kurt is a 20-year-old man.

  15. jj says:

    Worst episode ever. Thanks to the incredible talent of Chris Colfer, Kurt Hummel became an iconic character who made a difference in the lives of so many fans. He inspired so many fans, and gave us hope. In just one episode, they have destroyed the Kurt we have known and loved since season one. Kurt can do so much better than a cheater who blames his screw ups on Kurt (he has done it several times, including tonight when he said he cheated because he thought Kurt was done with him when he went to NY), and has done nothing to earn Kurt’s trust back. It is repulsive what Ryan Murphy & Co. have done to Kurt. Kurt deserves better. The Emmy-nominated and Golden Globe award winning actor Chris Colfer deserves better. Kids who have been inspired by Kurt Hummel deserve better. And fans who are truly Kurt fans (not Blaine stans pretending to be Kurt fans) deserve better.

    • Hannah says:

      “he said he cheated because he thought Kurt was done with him when he went to NY”

      I thought that was what he said but I wasnt sure. But when he said it I was like really? I’m supposed to root for this guy? For this couple?

      I’m trying to think back and I dont thing hes ever said anything about him cheating that didnt somehow involve Kurt being to blame for going to NYC.

    • Carrie_me_Tina says:

      So the only way to be a “true’ Kurt fan is to hate Blaine? Whatever.

    • Lisa says:

      sigh. yeah, that’s the saddest part.

  16. Rook says:

    I like Kurt and last season his story arc were horrid, so i hope that everything this season doesn’t revolve around Blaine and getting married.

  17. Sky says:

    I think the feeling of something is missing is exactly what’s happening with Glee. I love The Beatles but these stories are lame. Klaine becoming the main couple with this proposal does nothing for me. Rachel and Santana waitresses is great. glee has a monumental crater to fill when there is no more Finn. Blaine singathon again. sigh! Huge overuse of him. And it is the 1st episode. as a whole, it was OK.

    • Doesn't feel like Glee says:

      Agree! They won’t be able to fill with Finn & Finchel gap with Blaine and Klaine. That hole was really felt! I feel bad for Chris, his SL is tied to that attention ho Blaine!

      • DR says:

        Putting so much focus on Klaine made me think about FInchel and actauly miss it. They were slowing putting them back together and here they slap Klaine back together in seconds. I was so-so about Finchel but if I was a hard core fan I would be mad Klaine is accepted and gets this huge party and Finchel was wrong.

  18. Welll... says:

    That is an hour of my life I won’t get back. Lea and Naya were fantastic! The rest of the show was more of S4 with the crap Newbies and Blaine making everything about Blaine. Going to move over to CBS next week.

  19. Ian says:

    The Klaine wasn’t a surprise. I just let my mind go off every time they or Blaine were onscreen, which was three quarters of the episode. Oh what’s that? Kurt didn’t even get a scene to himself not about Blaine? Nope.

    Best thing about this episode I’ll remember forever and forget all the rest, was Lea singing Yesterday in that sequence. So gorgeous and powerful.

  20. ana says:

    Darren Criss was terrible in the school yard scene. He needs to take some acting classes.

  21. Lori says:

    I love Klaine, but I’m going to use the same standard I use with Finchel so I don’t approve of them getting engaged so young.

  22. Lex says:

    I don’t know what’s more hilarious. That Klaine’s non-existent relationship over the past year was ignored or that the entire choir room is composed of hypocrites. Finchel was publicly shamed over their engagement; everyone had something to say, including Burt. I never thought Burt would turn out to be a hypocrite too. But now just b/c that damn hobbit wanted to propose, everyone’s suddenly on board?? What a joke. And what’s worse, they had Rachel involved. If I were Rachel, I would have walked out. Screw this show.

  23. LilAngel says:

    Still not interested by the Lima storylines. That proposal was fantastic but the whole concept of teen wedding is stupid. I don’t get the double standard: everybody agreed Rachel saying yes to Finn was not a good thing and that proposal was heartful so why is everybody agreeing with Kurt’s decision….

    Best performances:
    1. Yesterday
    2. Hard day’s night

    Lea Michele is absolutely amazing

  24. Sela says:

    I found myself turning the channel to The Michael J Fox Show. Now that was funny and entertaining and not stupid. Glee is over the top stupid anymore. episode 3 will be my last of Glee. I guess I’ve lost the joy and desire for the stuff Glee puts out. Out of 10 it was a 2, because of the music.

  25. Mel says:

    All KLAINE scenes were PERFECTION \o/ And they did a great job on the songs. The only one I wasn’t crazy about was Hard Day’s Night

  26. Anastasia says:

    I love Blaine – but I do not love Klaine. Honestly, I’m over Kurt. He thinks he’s so special and important since he went to NY. I think the whole marriage thing is stupid and so unrealistic. Hoping Blaine is the one to call it off. I’m just waiting for Sam to realize he’s gay cuz I ship Blam so much harder than any other pairing. IMO, Blaine/Sam have tons more chemistry than Blaine/Kurt. Apparently, I am in the minority tho – since most of you seem to hate Blaine (how could you – he has THE best voice on the show!!). Oh well, I’m used to it. I never ship the “right” people. :)

    • LMAO says:

      Blaine has the best voice? I guess you never heard of Lea Michele huh, she plays Rachel? On Broadway at age eight, perfect pitch and more range then Darren could ever hope to have? Once in a generation voice per Ryan Murphy?

    • no way says:

      Hahahahahahahaha he doesn’t even have the best male voice on the show. Wow unbelievable.

    • Hannah says:

      IA. Please bring Blam on. I would support Blam 100% if it meant Kurt got to move onto someone else who didnt feel the need to cheat bc they werent the center of someones attention for 5min. BLAM 5eva.

      And Blaine doesnt have the best male voice on the show, he doesnt even have one of the best voices out of the male voices in Lima.

    • Trouty Mouth says:

      Actually his voice is one of the weakest, and him basically taking over the show has turned a lot of fans off Glee.

  27. It's Blee! says:

    WTF was that piece of garbage? This show has been a joke since S4, didn’t think it could get worse but they proved me wrong! Poor Beatles! The only good songs were Yesterday and Hard Days Night. Darren Criss and the New Glee kids are the WORST thing to happen to this show!

  28. DavidSask says:

    I record the show fast forward all the songs and try to watch what plot there is, so this show finishes fast for me. I also dislike almost the entire new cast!

  29. Jill says:

    I just watched this whole episode in 21 minutes…I’ll stay tuned through the 3rd episode, but don’t know if I’ll continue.

  30. Angie says:

    I am sorry but with Finn gone I am so over Lima although I like Kitty and Arty and I found my self tuning out.This Klaine Proposal has me shaking my head so hard I mean they went from broken up to engaged in less the 45 minutes. Don’t get me started on Burt’s and everyone else reaction where was this Burt when Finn and Rachel wanted to get married and what about everything he told Blaine last season.Where was all this love and support from everyone when Finn and Rachel wanted to get married when they where actually together.I loved all the Rachel scenes and that her and Santana are working in a Broadway dinner makes sense and helps expand NYC side more. Are they really not even going to mention Finn until the 3rd episode or what come on he needed to be acknowledged especially when you can tell his presence was missed this is not something you can ignore or not mention it and have not people notice or care
    Best performances:
    1. Yesterday
    2. Hard day’s night
    Lea Michele is absolutely amazing a complete trooper props to her I know it could of been easy for her at all

  31. LMAO says:

    That was so bad it’s laughable! The whole Lima side of the show is pathetic and it starts with Blaine! Glee went from being a brilliant dark comedy to being a show that relies on juvenile SL’s and jokes and Sam is just down right annoying. Lea and Naya were AMAZING but there wasn’t enough of them to save this episode from being the worst Tribute Glee has ever done!

    • Angie says:

      Completely agree Lea and Naya where the best and most enjoyable parts and that they need to be used way more and better along with Chris been saying that since the crap fest that was the majority of last season when Rachel/Lea major storyline was the she was dating a prostitute I repeat RACHEL BERRY DATED/ HAD AN OPEN RELATIONSHIP A PROSTITUTE and Santana and Kurt were mostly there as her sidekicks no real story line of there own unless it was to prop up Blaine in Kurt’s case I hope that the NYC Side get more time because that’s where the interest are and they use the best actors they have

    • Mareesa says:

      100% agree! Such a pathetic horrendous episode… Like most of them it seems. WAY too much unrealistic blain and Kurt and Artie/kitty? Are you kidding me?! Just horrible. They are not focusing on the better more interesting storylines and characters– clearly. I just hope Santana and Demi can save this show in some way starting next week….. Sigh

  32. morgan says:

    I tuned in out of sheer curiosity and I must say it’s a bit more juvenile compared to what I remembered of the first season. Those were some lackluster covers of the Beatles. That one scene with the dancing waitresses was enjoyable, but overall snoozy.

  33. Jess says:

    God help me, I love lea michele so much, but i just can’t sit through another season of this Blaine show. Also, not gonna lie, it stung seeing Quinn cut from that pic. I guess I just miss her, like how I miss the old Kurt. And Mercedes and so on…and so on…

  34. Glee doesn't care anymore says:

    That was just awful but since Glee doesn’t seem to care anymore I guess I shouldn’t either. I feel bad for Lea, Chris and Naya stuck on this craptastic show! They are better then what Glee has become and it’s sad because they did so much to make it successful only to have it turned over Darren Criss and a cast of new actors that don’t measure up to the standards the Original Cast set.

  35. Sharla says:

    I swear most of you have a vendetta against klaine or something… That was one of glee’s best episode ever!!!! I love the new voice over lady.. I liked the McKinley storyline.. I love Sue this episode… I though the klaine scenes were cute and yes they are young.. But do we know when they are going to get married?? No.. So stop jumping to conclusions… Young people get engaged all the time.. Doesn’t mean they are getting married tomorrow.. Calm down ppl.. Geez.. Remember it is just. Tv show…✌️

    • Glee says:

      They gave Finchel grief and no one supported their engagement and all of the sudden Klaine’s engagement is just fine? It’s kind of hypocritical of the writers and that is not even what made this episode so bad. The songs performances were mediocre at best and didn’t do justice to the Beatles. Lea and Naya were the only ones worth watching this episode. The biggest problem Glee has is they failed to replace the talent in the Glee Club and failed to write interesting characters. I’m not interested in Saved By The Bell The Musical or following a bunch idiot kids that can’t act. One the bright side, that Robin Williams Show was fantastic and that is where my TV channel will be next week. Glee should have ended in S3 when it was still good and Ryan actually gave damn about the show. Time to move on and forget Glee exists!

  36. Jaxi says:

    I just don’t think even Lea, who is the only reason I stuck with Glee so long, is a good enough reason for me to keep watching this horrible mess after that. I’ll support you in everything else you do Lea, I swear! I just really need the brain cells this show kills to finish uni.

    • Lea is Queen says:

      You can always watch Lea’s scenes on Tumblr. They usually post them shortly after the episode airs. I think that will be my route from now on. This show has gone from bad to worse and I don’t see it getting any better as long as Blaine and the Glee Club is sucking up so much screen time.

  37. Creepy! says:

    The Klaine proposal was way too over-the-top, kinda creepy, and just uncomfortable to watch. It wasn’t at all romantic or personal, it was Blaine performing with Kurt as an after thought. HATED HATED St. Peppers song and Drive My Car! Artie finally gets a song and has to share it with Becca who has one of the weakest and unappealing voices on the show. Hard Days Night was cute but not enough to make this episode worth the hour I spent watching it. Won’t be making that mistake next week!

  38. Alex says:

    I’m not going to lie: I only watched this one for the music.

  39. S says:

    Ryan Murpy and company truly have nothing left. The only “power” couple that exists now is Klaine so it’s being shoved down our throats (although clearly one of the couples was taken away in a way that was beyond anyone’s control) and Murphy is trying his hardest to make Chord the new leading straight male hero and it’s failing bad. Sam is a terrible character and Blaine is a douche. Klaine started good but like everything about Glee, it crashed and burned in a big way… I want nothing more than for Lea and Naya to get the hell away from this show because it’s not helping them in the long run.

  40. Timmah says:

    Lea singing Yesterday was sensational. The rest of the episode, meh.

  41. abz says:

    Klaine was the downfall of this episode. I’m so over them. Dude, you just got back together and one day later propose. I really think there is something mentally wrong with Blaine. They’ve turned this one-time decent and good character into something so awful it’s annoying. That proposal was just so over-the-top makes you wanna vomit while watching it. The kid doesn’t even want to marry Kurt because he loves him. He just wanted to put on the performance and make a statement. It was sickening.
    Plus, I know its to be expected that the role models these teenagers have are not the best, but there was a time where Mr. Schue and at least Burt would chime in to give some proper guidance. Now we have Burt giving basically pushing Kurt to say yes and Mr. Schue creepily standing around watching this foolishness happen. Ugh. This show is so infuriating. I’m still sticking out on hope that the rumor of them transitioning the show to one location is true and hopefully it will be NYC.
    Seriously hoping that it will be uphill from Episode 3.

  42. Angel says:

    I thought the episode was ok. Lea killed it on Yesterday, and she did it better than Carrie Underwood’s pitchy performance of it at the Emmys Sunday night. I don’t believe Burt is being hypocritical, he told Blaine he thinks they are too young, just like he told Finn and Rachel they were too young, but as Kurt’s father, he told Kurt it was his decision, and he needed to be his own man. He is not 100% on board for them getting married, but he was trying to let Kurt make his own choice, and stay neutral. I think Kurt will be smart enough to tell Blaine they need to wait for a wedding. I did think the proposal was over the top, and even if Kurt wanted to say maybe some day, he couldn’t, but I truly believe he wants to be with Blaine and be married to him some day. I still hate Kitty, and I wish Artie would have told her he deserved better than to be her secret boyfriend, because he does, I love Artie and I wouldn’t be ashamed to be with him. I was glad Tina stood up for him, even though their history is not great. I hope Ryan Murphy figures out how to make the show reinvent itself, because the Finn void was felt big time, and I think they need to focus more on the students who were original and graduated. The newbies still don’t fit well, and Jayma Mays is leaving after this season, so maybe her and Will can move somewhere and start a family, and Murphy can change focus from Lima to NYC and LA, and focus on the students like Rachel, Santana, Quinn, Mercedes, Kurt, and Puck, not to mention the core who are graduating this year, and how they are making it outside of high school. It will be interesting to see what Murphy does the rest of the season. I hope he can get it together, because there are still some good things, it just needs tweeked.

  43. abz says:

    Also, sometimes I think it’s good when writers/creators/producers/whoever don’t 100% listen to the fans on every little thing because chances are that if they try to please one fan base, it will upset another so it’s best to stick to their intended path and see how it plays out, HOWEVER, with Glee it’s like the writers have been locked in a room for the past year without even attempting to understand the criticism of this past season. They wanted to try the two city thing–fine. A lot of us gave them the chance, but they need to realize that this formula they’ve been trying HAS NOT been working. The newbies are not clicking with the majority of the audience and they probably never will. There may be hope for Kitty and maybe Marley, but the rest need to go. Another HUGE issue is Blaine. I like Darren Criss and I think he does have a great voice but he has been slowly ruining the show. It really might as well be called Blee. If there was ever a show that should attempt to even consider public advice and criticism, it’s Glee. I used to love this show and it brought joy every week, now I only ever get excited to see the NYC side with Rachel and Santana.

    • MC says:

      They may have cast the wrong people for the next generation of Lima kids, but the show was created to follow a glee club as it evolves over the years at one school. A turnover is natural at every high school. Does that mean the new kids are going to be just as cool or talented or likeable as the previous (original) ones? No. We also, in real life, have favorite people that can never be replaced by newcomers. I’m not saying the show is great at this point, but some of the expectations are unrealistic. It is very difficult to recreate the magic from the first few seasons. It is very difficult (maybe impossible) to assemble a second group of people that is as perfect as the first group.

      • abz says:

        I don’t think that many of the expectations are unrealistic. Of course in reality, none of us would have these expectations, but when we watch Glee no one is watching it for its portrayal of a realistic high school. This is television and people tune into be entertained. I was all for seeing a new generation of kids in Lima. I was willing to give them a chance because while I accept that they’ll never reach the magic that was the first few seasons, they could have had their own unique magic and maybe be great in their own way, however, the show has completely failed at that.
        Their casting director needs to be fired. The writers need to change to bring a fresher perspective to the show. Everything about the show needs to change because people have given them a season of chances to make us at least care about the new generation or like them in any way and it hasn’t worked. That is one reason why I think many people have been pushing for the show to transition completely to NYC. IMO, it’s not because they wouldn’t want to see Lima and a new generation of misfits, it’s because the NYC story is the ONLY part of the show that is continuing to work and from the looks of the comments of many people who post about Glee on this site, they only tune in for the NYC story.
        In terms of the show being created to follow a Glee club, shows change and after several seasons, the titles of most shows become near irrelevant to what is actually going on in the show. Transitioning to NYC could still keep that Glee feeling to the show and instead of having McKinley be the main school, it could be NYADA as the main school. They could keep the original characters still NY on the show and add a few fresh faces to the college storylines (maybe have Rachel make an actual new college friend?). This might give them a chance to tackle different and newer storylines because the show will have characters that would be a little older and slightly more mature and wouldn’t have to recycle the same storylines of the first few seasons. My point is and I apologize for rambling, is that the show NEEDS to evolve and to realize that the formula they’ve been using, the stories they’ve been writing and many of the actors they currently employ are not working, and if this show is even gonna make it to a sixth season like they intend it to, they need to change it up.

  44. M says:

    oh would you look at all of the butthurt

  45. Rita says:

    If Kurt didn’t know anything about the proposal then I could see how some might feel like he had no choice but to say yes, but he knew about the proposal, so…? He went in freely and of his own volition. And yes, they are young, but sometimes, especially with Glee, you do need to suspend disbelief a little bit. Some people were opposed to Finchel getting married because they were too young, but it was mostly because they were doing it for the wrong reasons. Anyway, whatever. Stay pressed. It was a lovely episode, and Chris, Darren, Lea, and Naya were all really great in it, and I look forward to what the season will bring.

  46. Paige\ says:

    I thought the episode was great. One of my faves! Blaine’s speech was beyond lovely and Kurt didn’t look hesitant, jfc, he was overcome with emotion. Try watching the episode without your Blaine-hating glasses on next time Slezak, I assure you it’s more enjoyable that way.

    • igo says:

      I think if the writers also try not to shoved blaine down our throats in every single week, keep him in limited appearances, people like slezak and I would enjoy the episode so much more :)

      • Paige says:

        Oh please. Slezak has hated Blaine since the word go. It wouldn’t matter how much or how little screentime he got. Also, due to the very unfortunate circumstances that we are all aware of, Klaine is the main couple on the show now. Of course they were going to use them in the Season Premiere, as Glee, at its core, is about its romantic relationships.

        • igo says:

          Main couple of the show now? Ohh…… Okay. Anyway glee being focus on romantic relationship doesn’t mean it is at it best. It often become the weak link of the show, along with repetitive storylines. Glee is at it best when they focus on non-romantic storyline with the actors that are capable to act the hell out of it

        • Mimo says:

          For a second I wanted to deny the fact that glee is about romantic relationships, but these last few seasons you’re actually right and it’s kind of sad.

        • bleesucks says:

          But that is one of it main problems, it shouldn’t be about romantic relationships.

        • Marco says:

          Glee, at its core, it’s about A GLEE CLUB, not the dysfunctional, abusive relationship du jour.

      • Carrie_me_Tina says:

        people like you and Slezak should simply stop watching… Why watch something that you don’t like?

        • igo says:

          Oh hey Carrie_me_tina, That’s exactly what I did from last season actually. I only watch the part that I like (NY) and didn’t watch the part that I don’t like(lima) which unfortunately soak up the majority of screentime. Seeing most people comments and the ratings that was out today I can see more people doing it

  47. igo says:

    The NY part was so good and has so much potential to stand on its own, I don’t understand why glee writers spent too much time in mcKinley with its recycled storylines from previous season. There was nothing innovative or refreshing for me to get excited about the Lima part tbh

  48. Paola says:

    The Klaine engagement is by far the worst thing Glee has ever done. A whole new low. I will not be watching anymore. I can’t stomach this anymore. It used to be Glee, now it’s the Klaine show. Such a shame

    • Ethan says:

      No, pretty sure making Becky bring a gun to school to exploit the Sandy Hook tragedy was the worst thing they’ve ever done. This proposal was within Blaine’s character and Kurt saying yes was within his. But they won’t get married.

  49. Angela says:

    I’ve yet to see the episode itself, but I would just like to agree wholeheartedly with Slezak on public proposals. WAY too much pressure, and often seem like more of an excuse to show off and get attention than to actually express deep, personal sentiments of love to someone you claim to care about. I’d much prefer a private, intimate proposal.

    • glenn says:

      Like the finchel one? :(

    • Naylia says:

      It’s not about what you or any of us individually think about public proposals or whatever, You are not a character on the show and your preferences are not the characters’. It about what the characters are made to want and indulge in. This is a show about people singing and dancing in any environment possible – how would a lavish singing proposal be any exception to the rule? Did you really expect a proposal to Kurt Hummel to be done in a hush-hush way, on the sly?

      • Blaine wanted the attention says:

        like Finchel? It was fine and Finn didn’t need to be an attention whore or make it dramatic. Even Rachel the queen of drama seem to appreciative it.

      • Angela says:

        I understand all of that. I was just talking about the topic of public proposals in a general sense-be it on TV or in real life I’ve never been big on the idea itself. Like I’d said, though, I hadn’t seen the episode yet at that point, so I had no comment on how well or badly such a thing went off in the show itself.
        For the record, I agree that a big production type proposal would be in character for Blaine on this show. And there were some things about it in and of itself that I thought were sweet (the speech was nice, and at least they were surrounded by their friends and family instead of total strangers). That said, however, I would agree with those who think it’s way too soon for these guys to even consider marriage. They want to get back together, fine, great, but if I were in their shoes I’d go slowly. But that’s just me *Shrugs*. As you state, it’s a TV show anyway, so it’s not worth getting worked up over on either end.

  50. Mimo says:

    I like Glee and I like klaine, but even I felt very uncomfortable during this episode, and the corny speeches every ten minutes didn’t help either. The show is creatively stagnated and it’s really hard to watch.