Orphan Black Season 2: Who All Is Coming Back?

Orphan Black Season 2 CastIn announcing that production on Season 2 of the acclaimed (though not acclaimed-enough) Orphan Black starts today, BBC America also confirmed some returning players.

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In addition to busy, busy Tatiana Maslany (as Sarah, Allison, Cosima et al), Jordan Gavaris (Felix), Dylan Bruce (Hot Paul) and Maria Doyle Kennedy (the mysterious Mrs. S), Kevin Hanchard and Michael Mando are set to reprise their respective roles as Unnamed City Detective Art and Sarah’s violent yet forever mutilated ex, Vic.

No huge surprises, but still, good info to know. Additional casting for Season 2, which bows in April 2014, will be announced in the coming weeks.

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The network’s official synopsis for the clone drama’s sophomore run, meanwhile, reads:

“Season 2 hits the ground running with Sarah in a desperate race to find her missing daughter Kira (played by Skyler Wexler). Her scorched earth tactics spark a war with pro-clone Rachel, dividing and imperiling all the clones. As Sarah discovers more about her past, mysterious newcomers appear, but can they be trusted?”

To that posed question, we will hazard a “Aw, hell no they can’t.”

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  1. Aprilcot says:

    The wait for this show is seriously going to kill me. I binge-watched the entire first season a few weeks ago to see what all the hype was about. I am loving its awesomeness and was *SO* bummed to learn that S2 doesn’t return until April!

  2. Addison says:

    Any word if Evelyne Brochu will be back as Delphine?

  3. Marc says:

    Oh gosh, anything about this show will do. You can even put just the name of the show up with an ellipsis or something and I’d view and comment on it. That’s how crazy obsessed with it I am.

  4. CJ says:

    It’s not an unnamed city…. It’s Toronto. They’ve been quite explicit in mentioning very specific neighborhoods, showing the skyline, etc, but if you’re unfamiliar with the city, I guess it might seem like it’s meant to be a generic place.

    • Addison says:

      No, he is right. It’s an unnamed city. They don’t exactly hide that it’s Toronto but they also aren’t confirming that it is Toronto. It could be NYC or Toronto (even though we know its filmed in Toronto and can see things we recognize like the CN tower) In the first ep, the train station they pull into is called Brixley or something. But actually its filmed at Union Station. If it was explicitly Toronto why wouldn’t they just call it Union? As well, they use a weird Driver’s License that isn’t Ontario but is similar. Again, why change it if you are explicitly Toronto. There are a bunch more weird things like this where they hide that it’s Toronto. But there are others where they mention things that relate to Toronto (Paul’s flight was getting into Pearson, they use neighbourhoods like Scarborough) but overall they haven’t confirmed a city.

    • Shaun says:

      I think Allison was mentioned living in Hamilton….

    • knd says:

      No producers specifically said it’s a no name city, it’s just filmed in Toronto.

  5. Aimee says:

    I love this show and can’t wait for it to come back! I was kind of hoping we’d seen the last of Vic though. He is just annoying.

  6. Sara says:

    Helena HAS to come back. She’s my soul sistra :)

    • Millie Medland says:

      LOVE that scene! especially when Helena doesnt believe Amelia is her birth mother…… obsessed with this show…………

  7. K says:

    Can’t they do a Christmas/Holiday episode like the other BBC shows? It can be a stand-alone one. Just to tide me over.

    • liz says:

      its Canadian, so no. Its just not their style. And it would mess with the overall structure of the narrative. The story doesn’t really cater itself to a ‘special’

  8. SJ says:

    The show is set in New York, which has been hinted at many times throughout the show. Also, it cannot possibly be Toronto (or anywhere else in Canada) because I clearly remember a scene in which Mrs. S shows Sarah that she owns a rifle and says something to the effect of “That’s the good thing about this country…” So it’s definitely America. ;)

    • Julia says:

      It’s not New York – in the first episode when Sarah arrives there’s an announcement saying that the next train leaves for New York, so that can’t be where it’s set. The writers have said that it’s just meant to be a generic North American town.

      • David4 says:

        It could be upstate NY and the train goes to the city.

        I don’t care where it’s set, the show is so amazing it doesn’t need a town name.

    • Roger Canada says:

      All cars license plates are from ONTARIO…

      • Mel says:

        Thank you Roger Canada! All these conversations were making me crazy! I think the first or second episode we noticed all the tags were Ontario. Well, my calendar is marked for April -YIPPY!

    • liz says:

      hahahahahahahahaha. You’re hilarious. It is *clearly* not set in New York.

    • Jen says:

      That is a great catch, but she wasn’t referencing the US so much as referencing the anti-gun laws in the UK. Also, the repeal of the registered rifle law that occurred in Canada over a year ago. The show is set in a ‘Gotham’. Not any particular city currently in existence. It was originally – unapologetically – set in Toronto but following the shooting of the first 2 episodes, there was a decision made to be less specific, while not hiding Toronto.

  9. A says:

    Michael Mando is a good actor but Vic seems unnecessary at this point.

  10. NEEDS more Evelyne Brochu.

  11. Cece says:

    I actually like Vic, but I’m not sure where they would go with him. Paul on the other hand I could do without.

    • I feel the same. At least Michael Mando can act.

    • kimmy says:

      They really should do away with Paul, started to get bored of him when he stopped being Beth’s “boyfriend”. Sarah can do better and Dylan Bruce is the weakest actor on the show, IMO.

      Don’t mind Vic but it’s not like the character has much of a purpose. And Evelyne Brochu’s name needs to be there.

      • Mel says:

        I disagree. At least he’s on Sarah’s side against TPTB. His character hasn’t been fully fleshed out yet. We were in the dark for so long as to exactly what he was. Now we know he was her handler, but is having serious qualms about what they are doing to the clones.

        • kimmy says:

          I’m just not interested in his backstory or him being conflicted about working for Neolution. At all. Maybe if Paul was played by a slightly more capable actor I’d actually give a damn. So in my eyes he’s nothing more than a love interest for Sarah and eye candy, totally dispensable.

          • Hannah Jane says:

            What do you think about Delphine then? Because you could easily insert “a love interest for Cosima” and “female eye candy” and you’ve also just pinpointed her entire character. Mysterious backstory they’ll no doubt force down our throats, conflicted about working for Neolution, blah blah blah.

          • Mike says:

            Paul and Delphine have the same potential as characters. The difference is that Evelyne Brochu is charismatic and is a fantastic actress. Dylan Bruce is neither.

          • Hannah Jane says:

            I personally can’t stand Evelyne as an actress. She does little other than stare around with her mouth open and make overdramatic doe eyes. Yawn. Dylan’s work improved over the season once they gave him more to do (and similarly, figured out the direction Paul’s character was heading in), while Delphine has been wishy washy and useless at best. To each their own.

          • @Mike Exactly. I actually like Paul for the potential presented – but the actor won’t deliver. Vic, on the other hand, is an awful character, but Michael Mando is great in the role. Delphine has as much potential as Paul, as they have similar storylines, but Evelyne Brochu is in a whole other level when it comes to acting.

          • Lisa says:

            I agree. Dylan Bruce has ONE facial expression. That didn’t change throughout the season and Paul was the monitor who was given more to do. The guy playing Donnie is doing a LOT more with a LOT less. Evelyne Brochu is a pretty high in demand actress right now here in Canada. Her films are constantly showing at international film festivals and critics love her. She was also TIFF’s Rising Star this year (Tatiana Maslany was in that spot last year). The show is pretty lucky to have Tatiana, Evelyne and Maria Doyle Kennedy on board. Jordan Gavaris is also doing a fantastic job. Bruce seems to be that guy who is only there because of his looks.

      • Mike says:

        Agreed. It’s embarrassing to watch him alongside Tatiana Maslany.

      • Sookeh says:

        idk i happen to think dylan improved a tiiiny bit throughout the season but paul became less tolerable and completely useless. it was the complete opposite with evelyne. I didn’t even come to like delphine until episode 9 even though have always thought she was good in the role. I dont really mind paul and kinda like him with sarah sometimes but dylan bruce is definitely the weakest actor on the show.

  12. Kristoffer says:

    LOVE this show! Can’t wait for season 2. And Jordan Gavaris is kinda cute on the show but he’s is a hottie in this video.

  13. Alexis says:

    Can’t wait til season 2 starts. I m glad everyone is back. I want see more about the mystery and meet more clones. I like relationship between Paul and Sarah. And Felix and Alison hope they continue them.

  14. Crina says:

    Great show! Can’t wait for season 2!