Sons of Anarchy's Kim Coates: 'You Should Be Worried' After That [Spoiler]-Centric Cliffhanger

Sons of Anarchy Tig If you’ve yet to watch Tuesday’s Sons of Anarchy, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, read on…

This week’s Sons of Anarchy concludes with an unexpected twist, one in which Jax sacrifices a beloved SAMCRO brother — for the good of the club?

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That part of the equation is yet to be seen. In the meantime, here’s a quick summary on how the Tig-centric jaw-dropper unfolds — plus: Kim Coates weighs in (as best he can) on the fate of his fan-fave alter-ego:

Tig’s impulsive decision to kill one of the men in that Persian torture-porn ring from the premiere comes back to haunt him. Indeed, Amir, the brother of said “producer,” turns up convinced that the Sons and/or their new partner, Peter Weller’s ex-cop Charles Barosky, had something to do with his disappearance. After Amir’s failed attempt at retaliation, Charles steps in and seemingly puts an end to the vendetta by showing his true(ly violent) colors. (Said colors, for the record, are blood red and bloodier red.)

Later, Charles asks Jax what really happened to the MIA porn pusher, explaining, “If you can’t trust your crew, I can’t trust you… You owe me one, Handsome Jack.”

Clearly aware that Tig is hiding something, Jax sends him on a mission to pick up the Persians’ leftover porn equipment — but not before relaying Amir’s concerns about his brother. “Kidding me?!,” Tig responds, defensively. “I cut him loose, man.” And with that, Jax sends him off with a sad-seeming kiss and an even sadder, “I love you, brother.”

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Jax moves on to a meeting with Billy Brown’s August, who is hesitant to sign off on letting Clay live for the time being. So, the SAMCRO president presents him with a compromise: Do him this solid and in return, he and Pope’s empire can become silent partners in their soon-to-be resurrected porn studio Cara Cara — and August can finally have Tig as a make-good on Damon’s death.

While waiting around in the Persians’ “studio,” Tig, essentially a sitting duck, is greeted by August and his men, an event to which he responds: “Oh, sh-t.”

So, what will happen to Tig? Is it possible he’ll make it out of the setup alive? Here, Coates reveals as much as he can (which isn’t much) about what’s ahead for Tig:

TVLINE | We’re pretty worried about Tig.
You should be worried.

TVLINE | That was a massive cliffhanger — maybe one of the series’ biggest ever.
It is. Tig’s got nine lives — but he should be a dead a few times by now. [Laughs]

TVLINE | Is there any scenario here in which Tig can survive the events of tonight’s episode? With most shows I’d think no, but look at Clay and his longevity.
That’s a great statement and question… Look, the greatest thing about [show creator] Kurt Sutter[‘s writing]  is that just when you think you know what’s happening, you don’t know what’s happening. Just when you think you know what’s going to go down, it doesn’t go down. So, I will leave you with that. By the end of the third episode, everyone must think, ‘That’s it. Oh my God, please no.’ But just keep watching because sh-t always seems to happen… This biker world that we live in is so crazy that anything can turn on a dime. And things do turn.

Do you think Tig will make it out alive? Would you be sad to see him go? Hit the comments!

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  1. Pat D. says:

    I cant believe they (apparently) killed him off, and Clay still lives on. Boo. BOO I SAY.

    I, for one, was hoping for a happy ending with Tig and his crush, Venus.

    • AshleyRae says:

      WTF!!!!!!!!……….Tig is a GONER?! This ep. was crazy i knew that dumb bitch wendy was up to something cuase she didn’t want ”ANYTHING” w/the club anymore. Jax should’ve just killed her by OD. Tara oh tara jax is NOT the father of that baby…………she was raped while inside. Bobby seems really serious going NOMAD and forming his own crew? Clay eh idk. Back to tiggy……….NOOOOOOOO!

      • Pat D. says:

        I agree, Tig is funny and easily one of the more interesting characters–it would really suck to see him go.

        One of my favorite scenes in the entire run was Kim making lustful eyes at Walt Goggins in a dress, and without a single word—had me rolling on the floor. He (K.C.) managed to convey humorously, Tig’s expression at finding his absolute dream *girl*, with some brilliant facial expressions.

        I’m hopeful that this is all just misdirection, but it is going to take one helluva plot twist next week to have him survive without being tired and cliched “narrowly escapes death”.

      • Eliza says:

        Tara was in jail for a week or so. If she is 8 weeks pregnant then the baby is Jax’s. But I have the same feeling as a poster below that I think Margaret helped forge a postive pregnacy test. If Jax believes she is pregnant he won’t want her hurt.

      • amy says:

        agree with most everything, but there is no way Tara was raped “inside” It was all women, and they said she was only there for less than a week. Her test revealed that she was almost 8 weeks along.

      • Polly says:

        No, she is eight weeks pregnant and this time span of these episodes is only a week or two. So she wasn’t in prison as long as you think she was.

    • Connie says:

      Tig is definitely a great part of the Sons. I believe that Bobby and associates will come through to save Tiggy, it wouldn’t be the same without him. Even in real life I would still pick him to watch my back, with Hap of course. Connie, Daytona Bch FL

      • B says:

        Someone asked me once if I was in a dark alley, which Son would i want to protect me — HANDS DOWN it would be the Tigman!!!! Tiggy is one of the most colorful, heart wrenching and interesting characters. What he has had to struggle with emotionally doesn’t come close to what Jax is dealing with. He is a tormented soul — and he needs to stay. I think Sutter is a genius — but I don’t see any way of turning Trager’s death now into something that would make me as excited to watch the next episode. Trager rocks. And I have faith in him … they didn’t come in guns blazing — Tiggy’s got a chance. More of a chance than any other Son would have —- Why? Cuz he’s Tiggy!!!!!

      • easyrider says:

        Tig must survive hes the best character in the show.
        Daytona Beach rules

    • Kristine A Meinhard says:

      Tig is my favorite he attracts me big time even if he is a biker who has killed and a ton of other illegal things I still like him he is funny and not to bad on the eyes , He looks tuff and sexy to me I will be sadden if he is really killed off. The rest of the club is ok and they will forge on its that it wont be the same. We will have to see

  2. V says:

    If Clay lives and Tig dies next week I’m going to be sooo pissed!! They can’t kill Tig off!!

    • Pat D. says:

      If theres any hope at all, the teasers they showed from next week all were set up to show Tig dead (the burning of a Sons jacket), and in such cases, it *usually* ends up being misdirection.

      But if he does die, I’m really starting to sour on Jax.

      • Clay really needs to die, and Tig’s stupidity makes him a wild card. Sorry to say this, but Tig has to go!

      • LoveTig says:

        There were three different Sons jackets being burned, I think they belong to the guys that punched Unser.

      • Zizz says:

        I don’t think that the burned M.C. vest belongs to Tig. They would not burn the colors of a respected member of the club. They probably would only burn a traitor’s colors (like Clay) and in the eyes of the club Tig is their brother. If he dies in the next episode Jax can not tell the club that it was arranged by him because it should have been a club decision..

    • Jeff says:

      I bet Tig lives. He’ll flip and tell them what really happened with Pope in the warehouse. August (Pope’s replacement) knows Clay didn’t do it, but will use Clay to do some dirty work in jail and he’ll try to bring down the club and get revenge for killing Pope.

    • G says:


  3. Liz says:

    Please not TIg. I barely recovered after Opie and TIg is my favorite.

    • cam says:

      i know how you are feeling man, im still hurting inside for opie’s death. if Tigs dies now i will quit life lol

    • B says:

      I’m with you Liz. Tig has been my favorite from the start, and I, too, barely got over Opie. Couldn’t even watch the scene the first few times I saw it (I have the DVDs) and buried my head in my husbands shoulders and cried like a baby. “I got this.” Still brings chills …

  4. Beth says:

    Lol. The best thing about Charlie being casted in 50 Shades is spoiler pap pics. There is no reason to worry about Tig’s fate.

  5. Liz says:

    Stupid phone. I mean Tig.

  6. Cindy C. says:

    I’m already launching my barge deep on the river denial. But this gives me hope. Tig can’t die while Clay lives. He just can’t. As it is I’m angry with Jax for even putting him in this position. And I can’t deal with being angry with Jax Teller. It’s the glue in my SOA love. And if this happens… I can’t. Kim Coates is too good too lose. Period.

    And btw, I totally think Tara got Margaret to forge a positive pregnancy test to lull Jax & Gemma into a false sense of security before she tries to disappear with the boys.

    • Erica says:

      I agree about the pregnancy test. And I think Wendy is working with Tara and now they have Jemma’s gun so they can frame her for something, you know they way she framed Tara.

    • AshleyRae says:

      I completly AGREE w/these comments about the fake pregnancy thing w/tara. i forgot to add this on my comment. but i do think it’s a LIE. But wendy being IN ON IT? IDK about that i think she’s getting back at jax after he 8 balled her last season i really think she wants abel back. like i said he should’ve just killed her.

    • ndnwmn says:

      I most definitely agree….I do not think that he was killed, but I believe that it will happen eventually….

  7. sarah says:

    The beginning of the end is here. This will end badly but with me glued to my screen!! lol

  8. Laurie says:

    I really don’t think Tig is gone, I know Jax is changing, but I don’t think he would really turn on Tig.

  9. Friday says:

    Tig is in the truck with Darby at the end of next weeks promo. He’s the one throwing guy off back.

  10. Adriana says:

    Tig was in the truck when the guy falls off as it drives away.. Unless that’s an old scene.. An I think the jacket is Bobby’s.. I don’t want Tig dead .. Not now not ever..

  11. Raquel says:

    Tigs isn’t going to go. He will bargain his life and tell August it wasn’t Clay that killed Pope etc.. or something like that.. August then will take the bounty off of Clay…etc… That’s my opinion.

    • Sarah says:

      What is he gonna say? It wasn’t Clay, it was me?

    • Why is everyone so enamored with Tig? If he was smart he would be acting smart, but, clearly he is not. He is just REacting, and he is making stupid moves. Real life MC clubs, I imagine, survive by working smart and not hard. Sometimes, you have to do what is necessary to achieve your desired result. I know this is just a show, but if it was real life, people would not get away with being stupid and emotional!

      • LS says:

        Because Tig is like a lost puppy. Or a puppy that can’t be housetrained. He’s just .. that guy that does reprehensible things sometimes, or really stupid things sometimes, but then you see him cry and it’s just heartbreaking.

  12. DKT says:

    The show is becoming unrealistic with all the killing, most of which never seems to catch up to anyone. There’s more killing than the A-Team…oh wait, no one ever got shot on the A-Team.

    • This series is dramatized, as is every tv show. This is ENTERTAINMENT! But, it is good entertainment, so we have to embrace it as the writers intended it. Just enjoy the drama. It is not real, but it is frickin awesome!

    • Dick Whitman says:

      I want to believe that an MC that does what SAMCRO does/has done, in real life, would deal with this much death.

      • Rebecca says:

        You should watch a show called Gangland. I don’t remember what channel it’s on but it’s all about actual gangs including MCs. I recently saw the one about a gang called The Outlaws who have a big presence in the Chicago area. The stuff they have done makes the Sons of Anarchy look like a bunch of Boy Scouts! So don’t kid yourself. Real life gangs and real life MCs into criminal enterprise are actually far worse than the stuff you see on SOA every week.

  13. paigegail says:

    Anyone who follows Kim Coates on Twitter knows that he was shooting as late as last week. Unless Sutter has started doing flashbacks, safe to say he lives. Which is great because I LOVE TIG!

  14. They can’t let Tig go ever, Jax wouldn’t go that far to want Tig killed, something is going on that we have no idea about yet

  15. melvin says:

    Tig could tell the truth about Popes death,that would be the end of Jax also.

    • Zizz says:

      I don’t thnik that Jax is afarid of Tig telling the truth. Turning against a club member in the presence of outsiders is not Tigs style. He would rather bite his tounge as Otto did :)

  16. James D says:

    this sucks Tig is the man you can’t kill him off like this Sutter you can’t do it! Jax is becoming a total douche, I know Tig has f’d up but he’s still your brother. How does Clay always find away to survive the univers must love him or something. Tara’s pretty cleaver faking a pregnancy to incur sympathy when the divorce papers are served to Jax. pretty sure she won’t survive it though, which kind of sucks i was hopping at least she would get a happy ending. lastly, Donal Louge is one crazy mofo he just gets more f’d up as the season progresses.

  17. Ginger says:

    Jax gave Tig the proverbial “kiss of death.” Tigs is a goner.

  18. NO NO NO Tig can’t get killed!

  19. Elaine says:

    DON’T KILL TIG!! I named my dog after him!’Tig has such A big heart and gets the comedy parts. I’m a hughe fan of SOA. but finding this season a bit slow so far. Seems like almost everything is about Clay, Gemma, JAX, and Tara. If Tig has to go I think the writers are doing an injustice to the show. HOPING TIG LIVES ON. (Ill really miss Kim Coates)

  20. Linda Lechlitner says:

    I was so sad when Opie was killed off. Please don’t kill off Tig too! He is so loyal to Jax.

    • Tig just lied to Jax while looking into his eyes and did not fess up after a hug and a kiss from Jax. Are you watching the entire episode? What is so loveable about Tig? Either I am a cold bitch or Tig has some sort of appeal that I just do not get. I think he is pussing out. He should be making better decisions that look toward better days. So far, he is propogating the violence. He is the hot head! His entertainment value is spiraling down quickly. His value is eroding, and if he survives 2 more Tuesdays, he will be dying a horrible, slow, painful death…if only to satisfy our lust for drama!

      • Cathie says:

        Everything Tigg has been done that was “reckless’ was because he loved his daughter…he watched her burn!!! so he killed her killer….then that jack—, not knowingly commented about raping his daughter till she cried “DADDY’..of course he lost it!! any parent would! He’s an “original” and he loves the club..he would do anything for the club..that’s just my opinion.:)

      • Ken says:

        Yeah, and Jax is such a stand up guy..right? None of these characters are “good guys” They are all ruthless lying killers. That’s what makes this show different..we all root for the bad guys…………….not the police or the good guys. But back to my point…. Tig is great to watch…..Jax is an ass. Way to sleep with a hooker while your wife is fighting for her life in prison…right???? Come on…leave the schoolgirl crush at the door. Tig is the best character on this show and if he dies, it’s gonna be as bad as Opie’s death

      • Faster says:

        Tig is a character that reacts emotionally, not with his head, and I think that is what people love about him. He reacts similarly to the way the viewers feel at home while watching, but, of course, he takes it two steps further and usually does something stupid because of his inability to control his emotions. He is fiercely loyal to the institution of the club (I do not believe he is personally loyal to Jax, but that’s another issue) and comes off as a real character, or as “real” as we can relate to considering that these are all reprehensible characters if you really want to get down to it. You want Tig in your corner, but you have to be able to control him. Clay *seemed* to be able to, but Jax really hasn’t. I think Juice is being set up to counter or foil Tig’s inability to control his violent tendencies.

        • B says:

          Tig lied to Jax’s face, Jax lies to everyone’s face, Gemma, Tara, Wendy, Bobby, Juice, Clay — they all lie. Remember when Jax was reading some of his father’s journals, JT even says something about how you have to lie, and you become so good at it that eventually, you don’t know when anyone is telling the truth. Sheldonristy, If you’re singling Tig out as a liar, which you couldn’t possibly be doing based on everyone lying, you need to take another look. I don’t think Tig is stupid at all. Tig is driven by loyalty and emotion. If Clay would have been telling the truth about blacks shooting him, Tig would have been right on going after the 9er’s, but it’s Clay’s lie that Tig reacted to. Let’s face it … when he had nothing to gain, he confessed to Opie — and Clay only appears to be confessing once he knows the brothers already know the truth. Tig was tormented by what happened to Donna — and had to tell Ope. He couldn’t live that lie.

          • ndnwmn says:

            You are spot on…I often wonder if some of the people are watching the same show I am…Tig is right on the money with being in line with his character and all the other characters in SOA…He is amazing and conveys a sympathetic nature…In that maybe he makes wrong decisions for the right reason….you gotta forgive….

  21. Mikaela says:

    I don’t know I’m more worried about what Bobby’s up to than what’s going to happen to Tig. Tig’s awesome and all and I’d hate to see him go mostly because I’ll miss my SOA drinking game, “Sh-t Tig Says.”

  22. Giving up Tig was not unexpected! It was necessary!

  23. Cathie says:

    There’s no way Tiggs going now… he’ll make it out and for Jax…he better watch himself…he’s rat’n out the “Originals” and I wouldn’t blame Tiggs if he hooked up with Bobby and left the Redwoods. He can’t trust Jax anymore….NO ONE CAN!!!!

    • Craig says:

      I love tig he’s a sick dude but how many chances does he get when he and jac killed pope that was suck a cool twist I don’t know how sitter can spin this and keep tig alive but I hope that he does

    • I have seen a few people say this. Tig is not an orginal. Jt and Piney founded it and Clay was the youngest member of the The Redwood Orginal 9. Clay was the last living orginal member in the Redwood charter.

      • Cathie says:

        I didn’t mean to imply that Tigs was one of the Originals. I said Jax had rated out one of the Originals (Clay) and needs to watch himself..and Tiggs needs to go hook up with Bobby because Jax cannot be trusted. It’ll be interesting! :)

  24. Craig says:

    Sorry about my spelling

  25. Shannon says:

    Tig will most likely exchange the info about Popes death (Jax, not Clay, killed Pope), in exchange for his life.

  26. john says:

    For the record, Mark Boone (Bobby) was never in a motorcycle club in real life. He rode as a teen but was not in a club.

    • Rebecca says:

      True, but David LaBrava who plays Happy was in the Hell’s Angels and has provided a lot of input on how things are handled by 1%ers in real life. He has written several episodes too. He is a talented guy!

      • Sue says:

        Don’t forget about Sonny Barger, he is a founding member of the Hells Angels. He played Lenny the Pimp in the prison. It is my understanding that he also gave tips to make the show more realistic.

  27. JOE says:


  28. Keith says:

    What was on the piece of paper that Jax handed to August. We assume it was just an address where Tig was . . . but was there something else???

  29. Zizz says:

    If they kill Tig than it would mean the end of the club. The relations of the members is like a family but without Tig what remains? Jax (who never tells the others what he truly thinks), Juice (the prodigal son), Chibbs, Happy. All the others are prospects and newbies or Nomads. This would be not enough.

  30. Annie says:

    i do not want to see Tig die. He is one of my favorites on the show. He is at least honest. Jax is a sheep in wolves clothing, For crying out loud, he cheated on his wife and she hadn’t even made to to her jail cell yet, Give me Chibb any time and i mean ANYTIME. Anyway, Tig is like a lost little boy and he needs a good woman to take care of him!

  31. Tommy Brown says:

    The pregnancy is real bit its not jax’s its ottos she slept with otto in the last season trying to help the club

  32. Bill says:

    If Tig was being set up to be killed, Jax would have told August, “He’s at this address; now we’re square,” or some such. The fact that he just handed him a note on a piece of paper (that the audience doesn’t get to read) and the fact that August walks into the room where he confronts Tig with that piece of paper held in his hand leads me to believe that there is more to the situation here than it seems on the surface.

    • Chris Kelton says:

      I agree completely. I’m surprised no one else has posted this theory. I’m thinking we didn’t get to see the “whole story” with Tig being in the studio and August walking in. For instance, how do we not know that the whole “sad kiss and even sadder ‘i love you, brother'” wasn’t about some internal conflict Jax was having about giving him up, but rather a ‘good luck and thank you for the potential sacrifice’? As in, Jax wasn’t sending Tig to his death. Jax told Tig all about August’s demands and was using Tig as bait to lure August and whomever else from Pope’s crew into an ambush. We just didn’t get to see that conversation to make the ending of the episode MORE of a cliffhanger.

  33. He may as well have said “I knew it was you Fredo”.

  34. Kenny says:

    Let’s check the timeline and when Tara visited Otto?!!! Remember the “there’s one more thing” and fade to commercial… just a thought Baby Otto?

  35. rachelle says:

    I love Tig. He’s hilarious and easily one of my faves. But Jesus, talk about overly impulsive! He cannot control himself and he’s always doing some dumb crap that puts the Club in major jeopardy. I’m getting really sick of his b.s. and it’s hard to keep rooting for him when he’s always being so thoughtless. Opie’s death hit me HARD. Call me crazy for being too attached to fictional characters, but I bawled for days. I hated Tig then. If it wasn’t for him, Opie would still be alive. I thought Tig deserved to die by Pope’s hand. He made his bed and he should have laid in it. Now, I just don’t know if I’ll be sad if August kills Tig. Tig’s just a loose cannon and a pathological liar to boot! He was so obvious when he was denying any knowledge of what happened to the Armenian when he was talking to Jax. I was like, “A third grader could easily tell that you’re lying right now!” That said, I’ve heard speculation that Juice might die. I will be WRECKED if that happens. He’s my second favorite character after Opie and I just cannot take another hit from SOA right now!

  36. Fred says:

    I wonder if the three burned jackets over what appears to be make shift coffins is that of three of the ones going nomad with bobby

  37. SOAfan says:

    In terms of series finales breaking bad just knocked one out of the park. The bar is set very high for Sons of Anarchy.

  38. BluntedJoker says:

    I am so sure that i am right about the outcome of Tig’s encounter with Pope’s men that this might be a potential spoiler so don’t read on if you don’t want to know!
    Here goes, I am convinced that Tig will survive this encounter, I think that popes’ second in command (Now first) doesn’t care that much about the death of Pope’s daughter and is actually using Jax betrayal of Tig to his advantage by cutting a deal with tig, Doing this he will be able to use tig against Jax and the club as he doesn’t trust Jax as far as he can throw him.
    I mean, he knew that pope was killed by Jax in a beautifully orchestrated hit, but he didn’t care because he was propelled to top man so to speak. So why know does he care about the death of pope’s daughter? As i said before i don’t think he does, but is using the situation to his advantage.
    But i guess we’ll have wait until tomorrow to find out.

  39. tawynia m brewer says:

    please dont let tig die,no i dont wont him to die,or the sons of anarchy to go off air either,tig and jax is the best to on the show,