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Revolution Boss Previews 'Grimier' Season 2, Charlie's New 'Tude and 'Shattered' Mathesons

Revolution Season 2 SpoilersRevolution is getting a makeover, but things are only getting dirtier — in every sense of the word.

When the NBC drama returns for Season 2 on Wednesday at 8/7c, the characters will find themselves in dark (power’s out again, sorry), desperate (Rachel’s lost it, yikes) and grimy (hello, underworld) situations. But instead of trying to turn the lights back on, their mission shifts to battling a new, so-called patriotic enemy, executive producer Eric Kripke tells TVLine.

And there’s even more change ahead: With the Matheson clan splintered, Charlie takes off on her own — and gets a bit of a personality makeover! Read on for all the details.

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TVLINE | At the end of last season, you turned the power back on. Are the power and the pendants all 100 percent behind us already?
We never had any intention of keeping the power on, because the show would very quickly lose any semblance of what it was about. The power was always on as a misdirect, just long enough to get these nuclear missiles in the air. As we begin Season 2, it’s just a worst-case scenario, which is: Bombs are in the air, the power is off. The power’s going to stay off. The pendants are not working.

We can just push through to another layer of character and storytelling, because the quest to turn the power on and the quest to turn the power off is both limiting and it’s not what the show’s about, in my mind. It’s about these characters and all the different facets of what it’s like to live in this modern, primitive world, and those were the stories we were interested in exploring.

TVLINE | For most of the first season, that goal of turning the power on, figuring this all out, drove the characters. Is that still their main motivation?
No, we wanted to get off it. It was inevitable, because so many of the characters were such a ground zero of why the power went off in the first place. So we dove with both feet into that mythology, and we took it to its logical end… Their driving impulse is these new bad guys that we have in Season 2 called the Patriots, this insidious conspiracy of people who are draping themselves in the American flag, but they’re not America. They’re planting their tentacles in all sorts of different storylines, and our heroes have to realize what they’re up to and stop them. The character Randall in Season 1 was the first of them, but he was just a vanguard of a thousand more of them that are out from Cuba. It becomes a more interesting story of trying to uncover the mystery and conspiracy of what this dark force is up to.

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TVLINE | How are the dynamics different among Rachel, Miles and Charlie in the new season?
They’re shattered. We really play the reality that the season finale was a disaster for our heroes. They weren’t able to stop the nuclear missiles. They weren’t able to get the power on. It just resulted in the deaths of a lot more people, not the least of which was Nora. So they have been completely fractured. They have a very realistic reaction to how bad everything went. Charlie splits from the family. So a character who spent Season 1 doing nothing but trying to get her family together finds herself unable to be with them, and she peels off on her own.

Rachel has a complete and total nervous breakdown. We pick up Season 2 three months after the events of Season 1, and Rachel is just coming out of what was a very serious, occasionally catatonic state, and [she] is fragile as she has to face this new threat.

Revolution Season 2 SpoilersTVLINE | Not to make light of Nora’s death, but now that she’s gone… One of the things you tantalizingly hinted at last season was Rachel and Miles. What can we expect on that front?
[Laughs] Yeah. The chemistry between them is undeniable. Though there are great obstacles to their relationship — not the least of which is Nora, but also all the torture we’re about to put them through as Season 2 begins — they do have this pull towards each other. They have a really painful, fraught history that involves cheating on Miles’s brother, and we’re pretty sure there was at least an extended period of torture somewhere in there. And yet, they still find themselves drawn together. So we’ll continue to play that out.

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TVLINE | You have a bevy of new faces coming in this season. Can you talk about these new characters and how they fit into the group?
A few of them are from this Texas town called Willoughby, which is a Twilight Zone reference. Willoughby is Rachel’s hometown, and it’s where Miles brings her in the aftermath of her nervous breakdown. They take her to her father, Dr. Gene Porter, played by Stephen Collins (7th Heaven).

Aaron, who also settles in this town, finds himself a love interest, who’s played by Jessica Collins (Rubicon). She’s a really interesting character, because she’s intelligent and funny and also devoutly religious. There’s a lot of people who have a real, reasonable point of view on God, and we thought it was interesting to explore that — especially in this world, where they’ve returned, in so many ways, to a simpler time.

Then on Neville and Jason’s side, they do head back to the East Coast to try to find Neville’s wife, and it’s through their eyes that we really see the devastation and the chaos that the East Coast has descended into since they lost the cities of Atlanta and Philadelphia. They meet the character that Nicole Ari Parker (Soul Food) plays, which is really one of the first of these Patriots who we get to know, who oversees a refugee camp. Her name is Secretary Allenford. She starts, like all of the Patriots [do], with this very benign mask, but there’s something much darker beneath it.

Revolution Season 2 SpoilersTVLINE | Since Charlie’s on her own, I’m guessing there’s not a whole lot of hope for her and Jason.
They’re about 1,000 miles apart from each other. We spent time in Season 1 taking Charlie from an adolescent to an adult, and then we really felt that the final step of that is she had to step out from her parents’ shadow, which was Rachel, and then Miles as her de facto father. So she had to go off on her own and be her own person and grow up and have sex and just be an adult. So she’s both a more wounded Charlie and a cooler and more comfortable-in-her-own-skin Charlie. It’s been fun for Tracy [Spiridakos] to play because I think she was chomping at the bit for the character to not be so young anymore.

TVLINE | When we last we saw Bass, he was all on his own in the middle of this field. How is he faring?
Not well. He basically loses his kingdom. His forces are in disarray, his city is gone. He is ambivalent about whether he would ever want to lead them anyway, and so when we find him, we find a man who’s really brought low. He’s indulging in women and alcohol and trying to drink and screw away the pain. We find him in a really surprising and fun place, and that’s very much the opposite of the guy sitting in a giant office in Independence Hall. He’s in a much grungier, grimier place, as are all our characters.

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  1. Really hope that Season Two is going to be bigger, better and action packed than the first season. Wouldn’t mind if Revolution is going to be a “sophomore slump”.

  2. Larry says:

    Ever since the debacle of killing Charlies brother so soon after the rescue, I find it hard to be enthused on the show. It is the first casuality of my overcrowded DVR. I’ll watch the premiere but after that it’s been replaced by Arrow.

    • LM says:

      Arrow???? So you go from a Grown up show on a Grown up network to a Teeny Bop network with B.S programming like the Arrow???? Good bye, good luck, revolution does not need another dumb stump watching. The show is for educated people who can think outside the box, not nerdy little boys and girls who worship fake idols.

  3. K. says:

    Hope this season is good, also I’m over the Charlie and Jason thing, Please don’t put them back together! I would like to see her and Monroes son get together.

  4. wordsmith says:

    Charlie is totally rocking the Han Solo look in that last pic.

  5. S says:

    I really enjoyed Jason and Charlie in Season 1, but since it doesn’t seem there’s any hope there, I’ll just continue to watch this show for Jason and the mythology. I have no interest in watching Charlie run around with Lord Marcus from Gossip Girl.

  6. The Kaibosh says:

    I think these plot developments will be good for the show: especially Charlie breaking off on her own. Regardless of what they do it won’t change the fact that Tracy Spiridakos is a horrible actor. Charlie being off on her own will make it much easier to simply DVR the show and fast foward through her scenes. Can’t wait!

  7. Herb the cat says:

    If they don’t tell WHY they turned the power off I quit

    • Cereal Killer says:

      They kind of did say why… Cause of the wars. They didn’t want to completely turn on the lights everywhere, I think that was just a malfunction. But they planned the whole technology kill switch thing cause the wars in the world were having too many casualties etc, like Randall he was so devoted to the cause cause his son died in war. At least that’s what I got from the last season.

  8. here'swhereIwritemyname says:

    Rachel and Miles is not good at all. A much better pairing would have been Rachel and Monroe. The actors have way more chemistry and he isn’t her brother in law.

    • J.K. says:

      I’ve been waiting for Rachel and Monroe to get back together ever since she escaped.

      The show completely missed a golden opportunity with these two.

    • Maryann says:

      Why on earth would anyone want Rachel with the psychopathic Monroe? And what’s wrong with being with her brother-in-law if her husband is dead? It’s not like they are actually related. And Miles and Rachel have a lot of chemistry.

      • here'swhereIwritemyname says:

        Rachel has a psychopathic mind as much as Monroe. They are very similar characters and can easily understand each other. Miles is her brother in law and both cheated on Ben because of this relationship. That’s not nice at all.

      • CM says:

        Well, chemistry is in the eyes of the beholder. I have never seen any between Miles & Rachel. Also, Miles tortured her and destroyed her family. I find the pairing very off-putting.

  9. ben says:

    they spent an entire season turning the power on, only to turn it off 4 minutes later??? how are they “getting the show back on track” by undermining the entire plot of the First Season? also, im still so confused as to why they turned the power back off? why would you toil and struggle for YEARS, reach your final goal, and then suddenly give up and turn the world back 15 years again smh it just seems very foolish and illogical to me. like, they didn’t stop the nukes so what was the point of turning the power back off? wouldn’t it have been better for the victims of the nuclear strikes as well as everyone else who has been living without medical attention for YEARS if electricity and therefore modern medicine was restored?? lol

  10. Phibbs says:

    Ok ..so the power goes out.. Totally defies physics. Make no sense AT ALL. Society falls apart over night (which it in fact would). I’m grooving on this. Then we find out its nano-bots…WOW .. very cool!!! Didn’t see it coming….And then there was season 2. And we just up and leave the tower…. And then, in typical Hollywood fashion..you punch me in the face. “There’s a lot of people who have a real, reasonable point of view on God.” Oh..really..thanks for the little nugget. “reasonable point of view”..By the way..what exactly is “reasonable” and who gets to decide that? . It’s funny because my first observation about season 1 was the absence of any religious communities, churches, or monasteries and how considering the shows own circumstances, how unreasonable that would be. So then in episode 2 …the dialog between Aaron and his new girlfriend after he comes back to life….”just because I believe doesn’t make me a whack job”. WOW. Talk about self reveling. Now I know why there are no churches or monasteries … We’ve had many break downs in society before and historically speaking, the churches role in teaching people to read, write, farm, and think” have way out numbered the Inquisitions. As a show grows you can only hope it grows in its depth and breadth. It doesn’t look like Revolution will ever grow very far from the shallow soap-operac Hollywood plot line. You certainly didn’t spend much time in the history books. I like fantasy .. like sci fi..I can suspend my disbelieve. I was enjoying the series. But what a POW right in the face. “just because I believe doesn’t make me a whack job”…..”reasonable point of view on God.” WOW…

  11. Kay says:

    I just got done watchin the first season and can’t wait for the second but I rather see Jason and Charlie together on their own not just Charlie

  12. Linda Alicea says:

    Love “Revolution”. When is the last episode of season 2 going to air?

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