Ratings: Voice and Castle Return Up, Blacklist Beats Down Hostages, Sleepy Hollow Still Strong

Ratings Voice Blacklist CastlePremiere week is upon us, and thus are many Monday numbers to crunch. Let’s go network-by-network, ‘K?

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NBC | The Voice kicked off Season 5 with 14.7 million total viewers and a 4.9 demo rating, up from both its year-ago premiere (12.2 mil/4.2) and its March opener (13.6 mil/4.8). Leading out of that, The Blacklist debuted to 12.6 mil/3.8, up in viewers but down 7 percent in the demo vs. Revolution‘s series launch (11.7 mil/4.1) but still dominating the 10 o’clock hour.

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ABC | Dancing With the Stars this week did 13.4 mil/2.3, dropping 16 and 26 percent from its premiere. Castle returned to 11.5 mil and a 2.2, up from both last season’s premiere (11.1 mil/2.1) and finale (10.5 mil/2.1), but placing a distant second in the demo behind James Spader & Co.

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CBS | How I Met Your Mother‘s double-episode opener averaged 9.2 mil/3.6, on par with last fall’s launch (8.8 mil/3.6) and up from its penultimate finale (8.6 mil/3.4). 2 Broke Girls‘ 8.8 mil and 2.8 marks 13 and 25 percent drops from a year ago, and a dip of two tenths from its finale. Mom debuted to 7.9 mil/2.5, well shy of Mike & Molly‘s year-ago premiere (9.5 mil/3.1) but up a tenth in the demo from where M&M left things (8.3 mil/2.4). Hostages capped CBS’ night with a soft 7.5 mil/1.8, merely matching Hawaii Five-0′s most recent premiere (8 mil/1.8) and down two tenths from the cop show’s May finale.

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FOX | Facing greatly increased competition, Bones (6.7 mil/1.9) was down 14 and 17 percent from its season opener. Sleepy Hollow in Week 2 did 8.6 mil/3.1, dipping 15 and 9 percent from its premiere’s same-day numbers (which, after you factor in Live+3 DVR playback, stands as Fox’s best drama debut since 24).

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  1. JJM says:

    NBC beat CBS? Is today Opposite Day?

  2. meem says:

    Bummer about Hostages. It was really good.

    • Julie says:

      Agreed. I watch hostages and DVRd Blacklist to watch tonight, heard it was good though. Hope hostages continues to rise. It seems like it’ll be a good show.

      I’m mostly looking forward to Intelligence in Jan with Josh holloway. Will be glad to see him on tv again!

  3. Just one thing says:

    Geez, a 2.2 for Castle? Hope the L+7 shows a significant increase. The Blacklist will see a decrease next week, but by how much?

    • Badpenny says:

      2.2 is basically Castle’s number. Castle spent all of last season running 1.9-2.3.

      • Christina says:

        Yea, I’m just pleased to see that The Blacklist and Hostages didn’t push the number down. 2.2 against those premieres seems like something to be proud of.

      • Just one thing says:

        That’s true. I guess I just expected a teensy bit more for the premiere. Like a 2.4. I didn’t like how ABC marketed the show, with all the secrecy and focusing on the proposal, when there were quite a bit of trailer-worthy action moments in last night’s episode.
        Glad to see it didn’t get completely smashed, though. There’s still quite a bit of hope long-term.

        • c-mo says:

          They had to focus on the proposal, all of the “trailer-worthy action moments” would have spoiled the did-she-take-the-DC-job cliffhanger.

          • Just one thing says:

            Ha, they spoiled that themselves when they released that sneak peek where Beckett says “Federal agents.” After expressly requesting that all TV reporters avoid answering that question, with four days before the premiere, they spoiled it on their own.
            Not that it matters now, but fast cuts of Beckett running through the street, a car crashing, etc. wouldn’t have spoiled much. Either way, I suppose it worked, since they still managed to get 11+ million viewers.

    • abz says:

      I guess it might also be because it was online already before it premiered in the U.S. since it airs in Canada on Sunday

      • Christina says:

        Possibly. I feel like the younger generation primarily does the streaming thing though, and I’m not sure they’re the ones that even have Nielsen boxes that would include them in ratings. I’m saying this as a member of that generation though, and I definitely watched it online and then watched it again (relatively) live…

        • abz says:

          Yeah, nowadays I feel like shows get cancelled way too fast, when in fact there are probably more people watching the shows than ratings suggest. I am a part of this generation as well and I primarily watch all shows online. It’s just way more convenient and allows me to watch at my own pace, commercial-free. :)
          They need a better ratings systems because from what I’ve read about Nielsen boxes, they’re not that accurate and not many people have them.

          • In fairness, if you’re watching commercial-free, why SHOULD your viewing be considered when determining if the show will be renewed?

          • Cassandra says:

            @planck hate, the reason shows need to figure out what the real number of viewers are is because they make tons of money not just off of commercials but product placement throughout the show. Lately I’ve noticed shows doing more shots and comments about the cars characters are driving for just that reason.

      • Castle Fan says:

        Unlesss the majority of the Neilsen people dl’d the ep prior to watching it on Monday, the early showing did impact Castle’s ratings. Google how ratings are measured.

  4. wrstlgirl says:

    I’m not surprised that Hostages took a beating from The Blacklist. It’s not a bad show but it’s in a bad spot.

  5. chrisjroof says:

    I haven’t watched Hostages yet, but I am WAY more excited about that show than Blacklist. Too unfortunate. I’m excited to see HIMYM total viewers – this season is going to be epic.

  6. amber says:

    Bones ep 2 number was to be expected…it had The Voice and HIMYM double eps which were much promoted/hyped premiers to contend with at 8pm-9pm…..hoping for an ajustment up to a 2.0.

  7. Badpenny says:

    I don’t understand the appeal of The Blacklist. It’s basically just Silence of the Lambs: young female agent being manipulated by a criminal genius.

  8. mandy says:

    Congrats to NBC! I hope The Blacklist continues strong.
    And nice to see Sleepy Hollow hold up, as well as Castle
    CBS’ reign is up. They can’t seem to develop anything much past the run-of-the-mill procedural. Viewers are smarter than that.

    • Patrick says:

      The entire cast of BBT is about to get PAID. CBS needs that to continue for another 3-5 years. Since that cast doesn’t have the other opportunities that the HIMYM cast does (plus, the structure of HIMYM lends itself to some sort of end date), it can continue for a long time.

      This is also why 2.5 Men will continue. It is a small cast of only 2-3 regulars, plus assorted recurring members. So they can afford to pay the two mainstays 1mill+ and continue the show.

      Mike and Molly is on its last legs. Melissa McCarthy has too many movie opportunities (lots more money, less work) to continue to commit to a mediocre tv show that owes most of its success to its location on the schedule. 2BG is just not that good. The plot of the cupcake business has not moved forward. It is the same show all the time. I watch it, but I have no desire to see any episode multiple times. There are no classic episodes (unlike HIMYM, BBT, and 2.5 men).

      Yeah, CBS might be in some trouble.

  9. theycallmetater says:

    I wonder if the Bones numbers would have anything to do with most TV guides showing it as a repeat. MY DVR wasn’t set to record it because the Verizon guide said it was not new. The Washington Post also had it listed as a repeat episode.

  10. Eddie says:

    I feel sorry for 8.8 million people who watched “2 Broke Girls” last night.

    • Patrick says:

      And it was actually better than most of last year. That show isn’t going anywhere, plot wise. It is the same episode every week. They need love interests for the two girls. Long term love interests. And less of Sophie and the creepy cook. Han and the wise black cashier are fine, in small doses. But the show is spinning its wheels. The cupcake business now seems stupid. They crack jokes about hipsters, the busty one being slutty/having a bad childhood, the princess being naïve/pampered and ultimately humiliated.

      It is like Lost. They have no idea where the show is headed. Unlike lost, it wasn’t fantastic early one.

      • abz says:

        I liked the first scene when she described the events of the past summer. I agree, they need to start shaking things up a bit, but I still enjoy the show. Honestly, I’ve always hated that they made Jennifer Coolidge have that accent. I think she’d be so much funnier in her own voice,

  11. Parker says:

    SO happy with these numbers! The Voice was so much fun last night — the coaches seemed re-energized, and the talent was excellent — and I absolutely loved The Blacklist. And I DVRed Sleepy Hollow to watch later in the week. Mondays are looking good…

  12. Mika says:

    I am enjoying DWTS this year for the first time in along time. Tighter show and good cast of dancers.

  13. Lm says:

    So happy for Castle’s numbers, considering that it was available to be streamed on Sunday from being shown here in Canada.
    Also, awesome episode!

    • Castle Fan says:

      The early showing does not impact ratings. Google how ratings are measured. Then you’ll know that statements like that are pointless.

  14. sarah says:

    Well CBS made a mistake when it replaced H50 with Hostages! It will not do as well. I hope that H50 does well now in CSI NY’s spot.

  15. EJ says:

    Hostages definitely has a mountain to climb since it’s a serialized show. Flashforward, The Event and The Last Resort all got better premiere numbers, didn’t they? Even if Hostages is moved (to Friday nights in a swap with Undercover Boss?) it’s likely to be doomed, anyway.

  16. Jo says:

    Poor Hostages. I knew a show with a storyline would be a bit much for the CBS audience to handle.

    • Dr. Opossum says:

      Hostages does have a pretty limited storyline, though, and I think audiences can sense that. How long can that family stay as hostages? It could (and likely will) get wrapped up in 13 episodes.

      • chrisjroof says:

        It is only designed as a 15-episode order, limited-run series. The people creating it know this and are planning for it. I hope people get it together and watch.

        • MrTemecula says:

          That’s what CBS said for Under the Dome but the surprising popularity made them produce a bad cliffhanger in order to have a season 2. I felt cheated. Fool me once, CBS….

          • TV Gord says:

            Hostages is closer to American Horror Story than Under The Dome. If it gets a second season, it will be a whole new story.

      • Pennagirl65 says:

        Thank you…very limited story-line. Hostages…how long can the family be held hostage? I watched The Blacklist….I love James Spader, but that was the only bright point of the show. The officers are inept (if that were true in life, then we’re all up the proverbial creek). Hopefully the other actors get better. The female lead is overwrought too much and has the Ashley Judd, “mean” face all the time. Will it get better?

  17. James D says:

    nice to see Castle up a tick, not its best numbers but definitely nothing to sneeze at, 11.5/2.2 are a good start. haven’t seen Blacklist yet chose to watch hostages instead, so i can’t really comment yet, but i thoroughly enjoyed Hostages, we’ll see if it can maintain itself but so far so good (story wise) lets hope the numbers improve i’d hate to have another Last Resort.

    • James D says:

      watched Blacklist on the DVR wasn’t nearly as good as Hostages. James Spader was good but the whole thing was derivative and thoroughly unconvincing, I’ll give it a few more episodes but definitely not convinced.

    • Castle Fan says:

      those numbers are avg for Castle.

  18. Chris says:

    No need to argue…..both Blacklist and Hostages were great

  19. Sarah says:

    Bones will definitely move to Firdays now. :( And as bad as this week’s numbers are, I have feeling next week’s will be even worse.

    • amber says:

      HIMYM was on for a full hour with a 3.6 demo….next week HIMYM is a half slot again and We are Men premiers, which I highly doubt will break a 2.5…therefore Bones should regain some demo…plus it doesnt have The Voice launch night to contend with too

  20. Amy says:

    We enjoyed The Blacklist last night. It was nice to have in place since “The Following” won’t be back until 2014

  21. Hope The Blacklist gets a full season pick up soon.

  22. abz says:

    Sad about Bone’s numbers this week, especially because I feel like this season is off to a good start. Last night’s episode was really fun. Loved the sweat tent scenes. Now all we need is a promise for the return of Buck and Wanda which would be AWESOME. The one thing that’s been bothering me is Angela. She’s becoming more unlikable by the episode. I mean sometimes she’s all nice and generous and sassy and funny and I’ll like her but other times she can be a complete bitch and just awful. I mean sure they don’t know why Booth ended things because telling Bones (she has no poker face) would reveal that he went against Pelant, but she should at least give Booth the benefit of the doubt while still being upset with him. She’s worked with him for what 9 years now, she know’s he’s a good man yet she insists on being so catty. They also need to get rid of Arastoo. Anyone else think that the actor in the gay couple kind of looks like a younger dark-haired version of Michael C. Hall?

  23. DL says:

    Whoa, who knew that Sleepy Hollow would turn out to be Fox’s breakout hit of the fall? It’s fun and a little campy, with cool mythology, but I think what really sells it are the actors. The two leads are fantastic. And I LOVE Clancy Brown! They’re what’s going to keep me coming back. More new shows need to focus on casting fantastic actors first, and put looking for a “fresh face” or a “great look” second.

  24. Plum says:

    Hostages was terrible, contrived and plain stupid.

  25. Lynn says:

    Blacklist was great last night. James Spader is good in everything he does, except playing Robert California on the office!!

    • I’ve recently been re-watching Season 8 of The Office and I think that Spader is actually pretty great a playing Robert California. The problem is that the character is just so out of place on that show. I just re-watched the pool-party episode and it’s just really weird.

  26. cas says:

    I watched 2BG and New Girl when they both first premiered. I only now watch New Girl as 2BG lost my interest. However, I have a friend who still watches that but she also still watches TAAHM. She only still watches these shows because they play the same nights her other shows on CBS play, HIMYM and TBBT and she just doesn’t want to change the channel basically. So it goes to show that some of CBS’ viewership may all be due to things like that. Also, I think Nielsen should give boxes to more than just families, what about young couples who fall in the category? Families with kids aren’t going to watch some of the shows I do, they are going to watch stupid reality shows like the Voice and American Idol. That was my rant for the day.

    • mandy says:

      Uhmmmm. I am one half of a young couple, as are many of my friends, and we love The Voice. And New Girl. And Face Off. And The Biggest Loser. And Castle. And SVU. And Scandal. And…
      I think you get my point. I don’t think young people can be categorized anymore into this type show or that. Variety, diversity, something old and something new.

  27. Ally Oop says:

    Sleepy Hall has been a huge surprise for me. I watched the pilot expecting to hate it but then I actually loved it. The two leads are fantastic and really sell the show–I completely agree about that with above posters. And best of all is my husband and I can watch it together because that rarely happens as we have such different viewing preferences. This tv season in general has so much more promise than last years. So many good new shows and it’s a shame half won’t make it past this season.

  28. Jimmy says:

    I recorded both The Blacklist and Hostages, so far I really like both, I just wish they were on at different times so they can both get the ratings they deserve, and so that viewers don’t have to chose which show they want to watch. As well, Sleepy Hallow is actually very good, I was pleasantly surprised by the premier and last night’s episode

  29. Gerald says:

    Was that Lyndie Greenwood (Sonya from Nikita) looking all buff and unstable on Sleepy Hollow? Can’t wait to get to know Jenny Mills.

  30. Alex M says:

    After such a strong pilot, how boring was Sleepy Hollow this week? If it keeps on like this, I’ll be tuning out.

    • Rain says:

      Happy I wasn’t the only one that thought this week’s ep was a total snoozefest. I loved the pilot but after Monday’s boredom I deleted my series pass! There are too many shows for me to give anything more than 2 eps to win me over.

  31. greysfan says:

    The Blacklist was awesome. Best new show i’ve seen so far this season (although i expect SHIELD to top it tonight) and yes its only early but i see this show doing really well for NBC this season. If they can keep that pace up throughout the whole season i’ll be very happy. Mom was awful. How I Met Your Mother is as good as always and that ending from Castle, it was a great premiere episode and look forward to next week.

    Hostages wasn’t a bad show but it wasn’t great either and the ratings i think are on par with how i saw it. Plus CBS why did you think a drama like that would flow well out of your comedies?

  32. Howard Curtis says:

    Overall…Very well acted…Spader and Boone excellent…I liked the way the plot evolved to bring them into an unusual partnership. I saw two predictable scenes…the 1st may have beeen intentional by the writers…when Beth`s convoy was turned around I knew that`s when she would be taken, however, the method WAS a surprise!! I also kept wondering why Liz`s husband did NOT have security assigned to protect him. Seemed like it would be routine in that situation to do so. I liked double cliffhanger ending…I will definitely watch “Blacklist” weekly!!

  33. wubitnose says:

    I did not watch Hostages, the story line doesn’t appeal to me, I did tape The Blacklist which is very good for first episode, lets wait to see how it evolves, I like James Spader work very much but not to watched as a first choice, my house is a “Castle House” is there where my heart is, I am little apprehensive because of the competition which I consider fierce, but the fan base is very loyal and we trust Andrew Marlowe and Company.

  34. Mary says:

    The Blacklist was fantastic. I won’t even start Hostages. I like each hour to begin and end. I don’t like the endless teaser shows like “Lost” and “The Mentalist’s” endless Red John story. How great to have so many choices on TV today. I record seven days a week and have so many choices each night.

  35. TimH says:

    Hostages is amazing!!!! Hooked on it already! Much better than Blacklist! Hostages is so witty in their story line! Well done, CBS

  36. marie says: