NCIS Recap: The Long, Ziva-Less Goodbye

Whiskey Tango FoxtrotCBS’ NCIS kicked off Cote de Pablo’s double-episode goodbye arc with an hour in which Ziva… did some instant messaging, and a bit of texting.

Rewinding four months from the point where we saw Gibbs fire a sniper rifle in Fornell’s general direction, the Season 11 premiere opened with SecNav Jarvis being killed in an explosion at a gala. Shortly thereafter, Gibbs, while following a lead to Iran, is nearly ambushed in the street (but rescued by, surprise, Parsons and some hired locals).

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Then DiNozzo, after one of the aforementioned IM convos with Ziva — which ended with her inviting him to join her in Israel, smiley emoticon included — got shot at through his Martha Stewart apartment window. And McGee’s being tracked by his cell. Meanwhile, some hacker-for-hire is KO’d by Ducky, in the NCIS morgue, after trying to sabotage the data on shrapnel lifted from the bombing victims.

What. Is. Going. On?

Fornell to the rescue! The FBI Special Agent confides in Gibbs & Co. that an up-and-coming terror kingpin named Benham Parsa has been in cahoots with select American business tycoons to coordinate acts of destructive terror and lucrative rebuilding contracts — “MBAs and bad guys working together.” (Or, “Gordon Gecko meets Bin Laden.”) Parsa didn’t think NCIS would “play ball” if they got wind of the reprehensible arrangement — after all, Homeland knew — and thus launched an offensive against Gibbs’ team.

Later, in one of several nice scenes between Mark Harmon and Joe Spano — really, I would watch these two saunter around and gab for a whole episode — Gibbs asks Fornell how long he has known about the Parsa thing. Tobias assures, “As soon as I found out, I came to you.” Gibbs in turn promises to have Fornell’s back, if there’s blowback for him reading in NCIS.

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Next on Parsa’s list: Ziva, since they worry that she, as her father Eli had, knows something. DiNozzo against his better judgement enlists Ziva’s Israeli friend, Adam Eshel, to track her down, but by the time he and his team get to her father’s secret cabin, all they find is a pile of dead bodies — and Ziva’s Star of David necklace draped by the mantle.

The episode closes with Tony, now with his badge back, beseeching his computer screen: “Talk to me Ziva…. Where are you?”

What did you think of “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot”? Was the “WTF” title in reference to the absence of Cote? Until next week… a sneak peek:
NCIS Ziva Tony Goodbye

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  1. Next week, time to bring in a box of Kleenex. :-(

  2. EXTREMELY disappointed with tonight premiere. It was confusing and boring for the most part. We’ve come a long way from “Truth or Consequences” (S7 premiere) – and not in a good way. When it was announced that Cote was leaving, they promised “several” episodes for her goodbye…several times. And then it was two. And now it’s apparently only 1.

    I guess I’ll have to find something else to watch on Tuesdays at 8pm, because if tonight’s episode was an indication of NCIS life after Ziva, I’m not interested.

    • iMember says:


    • oh, don’t expect much screen time next week. There are like 10 guest stars. It’s that much of a travesty.

    • Ms. B. says:

      They always said her goodbye would be during the first two episodes.

    • ange says:

      What I spent majority of the episode wondering was how much of it changed once they had to write Ziva out.

    • Mike Hammer says:

      PLEASE, take the show off life support— OR, at least get some writers who understand CONTINUITY.

      So just who the Hell was Gibbs firing his sniper rifle at , in the last episode of last season and the opener?

      We know from past seasons SecNav was a corrupt prick— suddenly he dies and is a hero, and a “great guy”.

      Ziva is to retire to cumquat farm outside of Haifa: Shalom, and don’t let the screen door hit you on the way to career suicide. ( What producers will hire actress who throws hissy a few days before work on new season is to commence and leaves everyone in the lurch as emergency rewrite for the whole season must throw out all the scripts and start over??)

      Time to either wake up and grow up middle aged Tony or blow him up, WHY NOT ship him to New Orleans to take command of the team for the newly announced spin off?

      Harmon clearly as bored as the viewers. Several seasons too far.

    • Margie says:

      I strained several times to hear Gibbs last words on the season premiere. I did not hear and understand them. Did anyone catch what he said? Please HELP.

  3. this is a travesty of a farewell to a beloved character. it will come down to one episode. Shame on CBS.

    • dan says:

      It isn’t a shame on CBS. It was Cote’s decision to leave and she agreed to appear briefly to wrap up Ziva’s character instead as part of the storyline. CBS and the producers are dealing with Cote’s decision so don’t blame them.

      • Jovi says:

        Too true. I’m not a huge Ziva fan [I do like her] so I was too busy disliking Colin Hanks to worry about her.

        • Marlowe28 says:

          Me, too. It was so unbelievable that he changed from an evil, self-interested, power hungry villain to a hero that I barely noticed that Ziva was missing from the episode. They should have had Gibbs rescued by ANY other character than Colin Hanks who is so odd looking that he is doomed to a life of villainous roles. I kept thinking about the other close relatives of very successful actors who are polar opposites of their gorgeous cousins. I thought that it was a terrible episode altogether and I do put some of the blame on de Pablo for her very late decision not to return. Otoh, the Bellisario Company is beyond experienced and, surely, they could have responded better than this. Btw, I love the Ziva character and I don’t believe that she’s replaceable. Her exotic persona made NCIS stand out from other police procedurals.

      • I agree. Plus Cote is also saying in interviews that ZIVA is not dead and there are possibilities of future returns.

      • tamara rad says:

        I agree so let us move on please, it’s still a great Team and Show!

      • karlee says:

        I agree to a point about the rushed feel of the episode, but don’t forget that GG was boasting how much better it was now so I really wonder what the first draft looked like. I thought there were too many plot threads.

  4. kate says:

    I liked the plot points of this episode but somehow they revealed them in the least interesting way possible. I was really underwhelmed by this premiere.

    • N. Solo says:

      WHAT plot points???? NEVER explaining who and why Gibbs was aiming at Fornell from LAST season?

      Gibbs in tweed jacket and Brit cap in IRAN??? Really undercover.

      Annoying Hanks kiddie— lawyer seething with rage against Gibbs suddenly shows up in Iran to save AGENT AND FORMER MARINE Gibbs???? All is forgiven.

      Ziva “talking” thru computer— never heard of “telephone”????

      Near 50 year old Tony still acting like 12 year old simp/ McGee NOTHING to do except hack and counterfeit.

      Ducky– now 80+ years old — KO’s young thug with a bedpan. Palmer still creepy ( Whose nephew on the production staff is he?)

      Abby given her usual caffein addled scene and still , near age 50 , dressing like Goth obsessed teen.

      Dead SecNAv, a bad guy for years now suddenly mourned as a great leader— AS ONCE AGAIN, NCIS producers just drop plot lines and never end story lines, ( REMEMBER when Leon took over as Director from dead Jenny first thing he did was destroy his file held in the Director’s office— and later episode made clear that he is someone other than “Leon”, BUT, poof– over!)

      Harmon, now early sixities acts 90 and barely moves or talks. MUMIFIED.

      YUP, GREAT SHOW! Either bring back Bellisario to save it or sink it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • CJ says:

        Ok, I agree that there were some things that were too rushed and not fleshed out well. BUT – something is driving me crazy about what you said and “Mike Hammer” said above.

        The premiere is a TWO-PARTER. The “flash forward” scene where Gibbs is taking aim at Fornell – that happens “4 months later.” We haven’t gotten there yet. That will come in the second episode. Clearly, the Gibbs/Fornell conversation where Fornell claims that he notified NCIS as soon as he got wind they were in danger and Gibbs promises to have his back was foreshadowing leading up to where they are going to answer the “4 months later” question in the next episode and explain to us who Gibbs was aiming at.

        So, yes, there were issues. But, no, they are not going to do something as egregious as simply disregarding the entire cliffhanger from last season.

  5. J says:

    If you have a chance to say goodbye to a character in two eps why didn’t they do that? It was like Ziva was already gone. Honestly her presence was certainly missed. Loved the Fornell and Gibbs scenes. Enjoyed grown up Tony. But the plot itself was confusing and didn’t hold my interest. Hopefully next week’s ep will be better.

    • I hope four scenes will be enough to wrap up EIGHT YEARS of this extraordinary, complex, beautiful character, and her 8 year long, equally extraordinary, complex and beautiful relationship with Tony.
      because 4 scenes is all we are going to get. FOREVER.

    • Abigail says:

      I agree with you and the article’s writer. I enjoy all Gibbs/Fornell scenes but I get the oddest feeling that the set up in the season finale will mean Tobias is the bad guy. I hope not but…

  6. Matthew Weber says:

    I was disappointed too. This wasn’t a goodbye episode, she wasn’t even there. Terrible. NCIS:LA wasn’t as good as I wanted it to be either.

    • Leanna says:

      We must not have been watching the same episodes because I thought both shows were fantastic. We finally have TIVA coming to fruition, there were cool moments with every single team member on NCIS. How often do you get a To Be Continued on a season premier. As for NCIS LA, I was on the edge of my seat. I love Deeks and when the team is in peril, he still saves the day in spite of what happened

  7. ninamags says:

    Have you been watching this show for the past few years?

    The whole thing has been underwhelming, to say the least.

  8. Jennifer says:

    I enjoyed it immensely. It was somewhat confusing at times, but then I got the gist of it towards the end.

    I was kinda glad they killed off Jarvis, he was a bit of a prick and really dumb and out of his element.

  9. THis episode is a well meaning attempt to do SOMETHING with the absurd circumstances of CdP’s departure. Everyone worked their hearts out. Writers, actors, everyone. No one could make something good out of this disgusting situation. CBS should be absolutely ashamed of themselves, and I hope they are getting creamed by complaints. As much as the fans were protesting over the summer that was NOTHING compared to what CBS will be getting after these two atrocities of episodes. EVERYONE worked their hearts out. but not even Shakespeare could make this good. I love the cast and crew. They did not deserve this.

    • Dmac says:

      First and foremost you need to settle down. CBS has nothing to apologize for, it was her decision to leave and it was her decision to only appear in two episodes at the very last minute. You can blame CBS, the writers, producers and man on the moon all you want BUT it was Cote who chose to leave and this is what you get. I honestly don’t get all the fan girling for her character, she was secretive, impulsive and the team spent most if the 8 years bailing her out of one situation after the other. It was becoming the Ziva show. If you don’t want to proceed watching the show after she is gone than by all means leave, I am getting so tired of Ziva, Tiva finatic fans hijacking the blogs and swearing their undying live for Ziva…she was one character in an ensamble show she wasn’t the show. Please move on and ship another show and leave thus one be.

      • panner says:

        I have to say I completely agree with Dmac’s comment. Very tired of the Cote drama and just want to get back to Naval crimes. :)

      • mishonets says:

        I don’t think it was her dentition.
        1.- she didn’t want lo leave NCIS
        2.- Cote de Pablo was in negotiations with CBS
        3.- it’s not fair no matter what that Cote de Pablo was getting a lower pay check than the others
        4.- it wasn’t for money don’t get me wrong but NCIS mistreated her and Cote de Pablo is a lady., she never said anything bad about CBS, unlike CBS that tried to make her sound greedy.
        5.- Cote de Pablo said in an interview that she missed her family ( referring to NCIS ).
        6.- she didn’t let CBS mistreated any more, that’s a fact.
        7.- last two episodes were ….
        8.- the scenes about Ziva and Tony almost made me cry.
        9.- she wanted to work but is well known that CBS doesn’t pay the same to female actresses.
        10.- Ziva agreed to make the first episodes with out being pay so I guess not every body knows a lot of things.
        My opinion and the facts are there.
        Thank you

  10. I was disappointed as well. Where were the episodes to “end the Ziva story”? I guess they can do it in 43mins. next week. I think the powers that be at cbs better take a long hard look at what they did when they didn’t work harder to keep Cote. After reading her interview with tvguide I feel she wasn’t planning on leaving until the final hour.

    • MaryAnn says:

      Maybe someday we will find out what really happened. There was something that she really wanted that she didn’t get, but it wasn’t money. Story line? Working conditions? Who knows. But I think that the reason she is not talking is to preserve her (remaining) relationship with CBS, and to make sure that the Ziva character ends on the right note.

  11. Lyn says:

    People seem to forget that the show didn’t WANT Cote to leave. I liked her character and wish her well, but hope they provide some closure on the whole Tiva thing rather than leaving some people pining for her return and having conniptions whenever Tony flirts with someone else. Let’s move on!

    • She didn’t want to leave either. Read today’s interview in TV Guide. so who is the third party? I believe … the network.

      • Stacey says:

        I think she wanted to be paid up there with Michael. Given the list of highest paid actors was released last week, and Michael was in the top 10. And Cote wasn’t. I think she wanted close to Michael. But the network balked like they always do with the woman on the network. And it became a waiting game, but with only a week remaining until they had to start shooting. She made the decision. She seems to wish to come back someday. So maybe she will!

        • Patrick says:

          If that were true, and it may well be, she is delusional. Weatherly was a much, much bigger star before he got the NCIS gig than CdP was before she got the gig. She stepped onto a show that was starting to hit its stride before she got there. She wasn’t as integral to the success as she thinks she was. MW had been on the show two years longer, so he deserved more money.

          I think she asked for too much, and CBS threw an elbow, to borrow from West Wing and Bill Russell lore. If they will let CdP walk, then the rest of the case knows to watch their ps and qs.

          Further, I think she wanted to walk away, but the fan blowback was more than she expected. If it ever gets out that she was the one who walked away, even in the face of a huge payday, she will burn a lot of bridges with fans. Blaming a faceless network that would never stoop to biting the hand it eats with (ie the acting talent) is an easy out.

        • Paloma says:

          If you are talking about the list from Time, I think it has to be incomplete. Because David Boreanaz from Bones is on the list, but Emily Deschanel is not and she should be earning at least as much as he is.

          Anyway ALL of those people are way overpaid for what they do.

          • Stacey says:

            Emily has never made the list which is strange given how much a duo that show is. Neither could on without the other. It has been said before David makes more. Maybe because of his directing the show? Emily has a producer credit…but hasn’t directed. Which is insane. Shows how much shows can differ in pay structure. Mark is way up there. Given Cote was around for 8 years. And was used so much. Some of their biggest storylines was oriented around Ziva’s background, or life. She should be making close to Michael. And that is what I think she wanted. But maybe CBS was fearful of Michael coming to them this summer when his contract is up and demanding more. Costs for a older show can raise dramatically so they held their ground and she held hers until she couldn’t anymore…. Doesn’t matter if Michael was a bigger name before he joined. Or has a several more years. Sure he might make more. But Cote deserved to be at least close to salary if not matching. She was around for eight years.

          • Andrea says:

            “but Emily Deschanel is not and she should be earning at least as much as he is.”

            The same principle applies to David and Emily as does to Michael and Cote, Emily became known for BONES like Cote became known on NCIS. However, Michael’s career was more established before NCIS than Cote’s and David’s career was more established before BONES since he did BUFFY and ANGEL. I have no problem with Michael and David making more, and I fail to understand why this surprises some people as a monetary factor. Most professions reward experience with some sort of compensation, and Michael and David both have more experience than Cote and Emily do.

          • Stacey says:

            The fact Emily only became known for BONES doesn’t make it right if she’s not making as much as David. Yes David had a career and had Buffy before BONES. But that show is all about the relationship. That show couldn’t go on if you lost Brennan. Or Booth for that matter. They are equal on the show, and should be making as much now. The fact people think it’s okay to pay male and females different YEARS (9 years or 11 years) into the future just because they weren’t as successful coming in is insane. Cote deserved to be up there near Michael after eight years. Maybe not after two years. But 8 years when she contributed to the success of the show. Same with BONES. BONES wouldn’t be what it is now without Emily!

          • Andrea says:

            “The fact Emily only became known for BONES doesn’t make it right if she’s not making as much as David.”

            Yes, I think it does because it takes into account more than just a moment in time. I agree with you that Cote and Emily bring something to NCIS and Bones. I’m not saying they don’t. What I am saying is that time and experiences have value, and that value is reflected in some type of compensation. Starting everyone at zero for every project devalues anything that any actor has done before that, and that isn’t right.

            The way I’m reading what you’re saying would be like if Cote or Emily go on to whatever their next projects may be, they start at zero, and then they are overtaken by the newest, hottest young thing of the moment. Does that star (no matter if she does work equal to or more than Cote or Emily) deserve to be paid as they are? In my opinion, no because it devalues both NCIS and BONES. In your model, what was the point of doing them, then if there’s no benefit to come from it later in a career? I agree that people should be paid well for their work, but I also think that experience should matter and be a component of one’s salary. Michael and David have more experience than Cote and Emily. Michael and David are seeing that benefit now, and the same will be true of any future projects that Cote and Emily do. They will see the benefit of their past reflected in their future compensation

        • Elaine says:

          Reading her interviews, I think there were external pressures which caused her to decide to leave. The statements from CBS all said they offered her more money and then offered her even more money. Cote has been consistent in saying this was her decision to leave. Regardless of how she’s leaving, she’s leaving. Let’s just hope we get the Tiva closure we deserve.

          • Stacey says:

            No one is saying it’s not HER decision. It probably was. But I sense it was because CBS was hedging a no go line in terms salary. So she made the decision to leave. They say they offered a lot of money. But it might not be as much as she wanted to make it more equal. The fact that after eight years, people should expect lesser pay than their male counterpart because he had a bigger name coming in the show. Yes he had more years. But she as much as a key component to the success. She deserved to be paid. Just like Emily deserves to be paid as much as DAVID on BONES given that she’s the reason the show is named BONES, and the show is about the duo of them more so than NCIS! Doesn’t sound like she wanted to leave, or planned to leave. But they finally pushed her enough to stand up and say enough!

          • Clearly there was something other than money that was a deciding factor. Maybe it was working hours (she put in the most in Season 10). Maybe it was the length of the contract. who knows? There is more to a job than just money. The fact that Les Moonves only mentioned money as a factor pretty much proves it. She said flat out in her TV Guide interview that she had not planned to leave. We know there was an contract impasse. It’s not hard to figure out what happened.

        • irene florez says:

          All these characters that leave such high rated and popular shows, always leave for more money
          after a while she will show up in another series, that will probably flop. This is an on going thing. Just watch u will see her again.

      • Esaul says:

        I think you’re reading too much into it. She said it was a personal decision for her to leave, and that she wanted to keep it that way.

      • S. Holmes says:

        Elementary— the clues all lead to Harmon. As in the past, particularly with Bellisario, the genius who concocted NCIS and gave Harmon a real career, whenever Harmon is irked he demands someone’s departure, or else.

        Harmon, as one of the “producers” grew tired of “Ziver”, as Harmon endlessly calls the character, and just as with Kate a few seasons back time to get rid of the floating female. Obviously Harmon and his brain trust, know that “Shield” would be tough competition decided to shake up the cast with a fresh face, story and personality. All the other “team” already under contract, but DePablo was not and hence left to twist in the breeze until she was forced to move on for career reasons.

        Quite simple, really.

  12. Tory says:

    Ziva Ziva Ziva….begone already. The episode was well acted and well done over all. Not close to the Kill Ari episodes, but Truth or Consequences wasn’t that great either, except for the tour de force acting of Michael Weatherly. The episode wasn’t weighed down with the albatross of a boring “romance” shoe horned in taking away the important scenes that made interesting and logical.

    Most of the people posting negative reviews will be the Tiva fans pouting that CdP wasn’t the focus of the show. Too bad she is in the next episode to ruin it. After that, we will finally get more interesting episodes filled with great acting.

    Cote de Pablo is arguably pretty, but a wooden actress who needed to be propped up by anyone else acting a scene with her.

    Third episode,can’t get here fast enough!

  13. I really liked it. I like Ziva, and I’ll miss her character, but it wasn’t that bad to not have her in the episode. I’ve been a die-hard fan of the show for many years, now, and I’ve seen every single episode, many of them 3, 4, 5, or even 10+ times. I’ve always adored Tony. When I really look at the basics of the show, you have three characters, Gibbs, Tony, and Abby. Before Ziva was around, the storylines were simpler, and, with the obvious exception with the ending of Kate’s life, less dangerous. Now, yes, this is probably a result of the show slowly picking up steam as the years went on and viewer numbers increased, but in my mind, there were two, very clear, separate times of NCIS. Kate and Ziva.

    I am going to miss Ziva a ton. Tony and Ziva should have had their real chance. But tonight’s episode did something I have only seen once before on NCIS. They mixed the two times. Not blatantly, the way that they did when they brought Kate’s sister back for closure, but in a more subtle way.

    The complicated, dangerous, had-to-sit-and-think-for-a-minute-to-really-put-the-pieces-together aspect of the later years was there, but the simpler, pre-Ziva, basic Team Gibbs feel was there, as well. As someone partial to the show in its entirety, not just one or two characters (or cutesy nicknames for couples that never happened), I really enjoyed it.

    I will be sad to see Ziva/Cote gone from NCIS, but the show is more than that. It is one of few shows on television that has the crime drama WITH the real stories of the characters that you see every week. You really get to know them, not just “work” them, but “home” them, too. NCIS doesn’t underestimate the intelligence of its audience, either, which is refreshing in a day in age where you are told what to think and how to think it constantly.

    I am excited to see “both” of the original team(s) power through this, the on-screen characters, and the off-screen actors, writers, and crew.

    I love NCIS, and can’t wait to cry my way through next week’s episode. :)

    • Ms. B. says:

      BEST post ever! I agree with everything you said. Mentioning Kate was a great touch. This is a rare show that gives you personal/professional insight. Can’t wait to see how NCIS re-teams. Maybe Cote will transfer to NCIS: NO.

      • now there is a thought.

      • Amy says:

        I agree, amazing summation and best post I’ve read about why NCIS is such an amazing show.

        I too am a fan of Ziva and I’ll miss her character tremendously. But I think Cote’s departure will prove to be good for NCIS. I enjoyed last season but felt it was overly focused on Ziva to the detriment of the other characters. Now with Ziva gone the writers can refocus on the always engaging dynamics among the core trio of Gibbs, Tony, and Abby and further develop other characters like McGhee that have been “neglected” the last few seasons.

        Regardless of why Cote left NCIS the reality is that she did and no amount of teeth gnashing or endless speculation about the reasons why will change that fact. So enjoy the moment in the moment and keep an open mind about the future – as it might be even better than the past.

        • mic cal says:

          i am so s ick of hearing kates name,she was on for 2 yrs as ziva was on for 8. you people that knock ziva & liked kate better, um did she not leave also to move on. ziva did a much better acting role than kate as far as i am concerned.lets not forget you people think that it was all about ziva & all ep pretained to her go back & watch all of them since she came on. & pay attenton. jenny brought her in—vance knew her father before ziva appeared didnt he——she killed ari ,yes untill she realized what he did,& yes gibbs ? her in sea 7,& he believed her.there is so much many of you people are missing about the whole ziv a story,theres too much to get into–but she left the show & the end was the end of zivas story,she didnt want to kill anymore,she needed to change her life to like herself & respect herself. its painful she isnt going to on ncis any longer,didnt any one think it could be a health problem or her family who she is close too. tony proved he loved her & she him,they couldnt have done it any better. i wish her the very best in her life & thank her for a great great job playing ziva,i would like to see any one of you that put her down do what she did.her beauty lit up the bull pen & it was tony from the very first day he saw her he got a lump in his throat,they didnt mourn kate too much ,& they didnt go to the horn of africa ,tony knew that her choice of men was not what she thought them to be & he prtected her more then then you want to see,kate kate kate all she did was knock & belittle him because she thought she was the smart one because she was secret service. tony & kate did not have the friendship or feelings for each other as ziva & he did./tony has to move on its his job but he will always have ziva in his heart…..

    • AymieJoi says:

      Brilliant and balanced summation of a show that has some of the most loyal and active fans I’ve ever seen. Thanks for this!

    • Kim R says:

      “NCIS doesn’t underestimate the intelligence of its audience”. Best quote! I wish I saw this before replying to a post below on my post. :) Love your summation. :) I too am a fan.

    • kimski says:

      I agree with you. I think there will be a lot of closure next week. Sometimes people are ready to move on to new characters or new challenges and it does not have anything to do with money. I loved the episode and it did lead up for closure for Ziva and Tony. I think it is good that they never let them hook up because Gibbs told Tony not to go there in the first year Ziva was on the show. I also liked that Colin Hanks character ended up being the one to save Gibbs rear. I am a big NCIS fan and I was not disappointed in last nights episode. I am such a sentimental person I will probably cry thru next weeks episode. When I saw the preview of her telling Tony he was loved it just melted my heart. I think Ziva has seen so much death in her life that she is just ready to be away from it. Gibbs was her 2nd father in a sense and when all that happened last season she just couldn’t bear the loss anymore. I love all of the other characters. Loved that Ducky and Palmer konked the guy snooping around the lab. I would love for the lady, her name leaves me, she played an Atty on Law and Order SVU, who was on the show for a couple of episodes last season to maybe be on the show. I’m looking forward to how the season progresses.

    • Sigmund says:

      UH, hello— these “characters” are FICTION. They are NOT real.
      SORRY your life is so empty as to rely upon watching reruns of a televison show 10 or more times. Here’s a thought, get up off the couch— turn off the TV— AND GET A LIFE!!!

      Go out— take a walk— go to a restaurant, a museum, a ballgame, a single’s bar BUT GET OUT in to the REAL world.

      STOP living your dreams undercover and START realizing your dream abovecover.

  14. Julie says:

    I’m a Ziva fan, a sometimes-Tiva fan but mostly an NCIS fan. I thought the episode was great. Although I was expecting CdP to actually be IN the episode. You didn’t have to be a Tiva fan to hate it or a Ziva-Hater to love it.

    And I really don’t understand all of the negativity towards CBS. She didn’t want to come back. “CBS should’ve done more to keep her.” Like what? Les Moonves made it clear that they offered her money and then more money and she turned it down, meaning it WASN’T about the money. I don’t think there was anything CBS could’ve done to keep her. She wanted to leave. They’re not going to take 1/2 a season to say goodbye to her. It’s tv…they need to move on and like it or not moving on quickly is the way it works. Look at CM..Paget Brewster made the same decision as CdP (the 2nd time, not the 1st) and she was mentioned exactly twice since she left: once in the season premiere last year and once in passing in the finale. Because that’s how tv works.

    • JBC says:

      Agree Julie with your post, I enjoyed the premiere too, and thought they did a good job setting it up for Ziva’s goodbye next week, which will most likely be the focus., and then we can look forward to the guest spots. I think NCIS does characters well, and am looking forward to the future episodes. A Tony and Ziva romance could have never happened anyway, as they worked together. This was more realistic. I could see Tony or Gibbs or McGee or Ducky or Abby getting married down the road to someone not in NCIS. Would be nice to change things up.

  15. S. Kelly says:

    Watched Ncis from the beginning for the main cast. Miss Kate and Jenny but still love the show. In last couple years its been ALL Ziva all the time. I wish Cote happiness in her life but now time for stories for the rest of the crew. Love them all. It will make the stories fresh and give Tony a chance at someone who is nice to him. He deserves someone who really cares. . New plot sounds exciting. If you read the recent news stories always said Ziva back for 2nd episode only.

  16. cait says:

    Never missed an episode. Great cast, excellent writers……what a dissappointment tonight was. It was wrong to not deliver on what was promised to loyal viewers. I guess it is time to move on.

  17. Stacey says:

    Given they were due back to start shooting a week after Cote’s new came that she was leaving. No wonder they didn’t have time to put more into the season premiere. They had only a short to rework the premiere, and the plans. I enjoyed it. I enjoyed the promise of Tony and Ziva before it all went down. Whether it gives everyone what they want next week, no one is completely satisfied. At least Cote isn’t closing the door. There is possible chance for her to come back. Obviously, Ziva doesn’t want to come back. Or NCIS can’t reinstate her after this latest issue. And she stays wherever she is, out of the limelight to protect herself especially if she’s a target. I am curious about next week! I know it can’t be wall to wall Tony and Ziva.

    • Andrea says:

      Anyone who’s read my posts here knows I’m not a fan of Ziva. I read the TV Guide article, and even I will admit it is obvious there’s an elephant in the room and stuff is being unsaid. There’s definitely that vibe in the article, but decisions have been made and life’s not always fair. I won’t miss her character, but I do wish Cote well in whatever she does next. I agree with those who said that the confusion of the premiere is likely due to the need to have restructured or changed plans due to Cote’s departure. I definitely like the “buddy” vibe that Michael and Sean seemed to have going with Tony and McGee. I hope that stays. It’s always good to see Fornell. Liked Ducky and Palmer. Interested to see who will be the next SecNav. I enjoyed the episode.

      • Stacey says:

        They only had a week to restructure the premiere and figure out how to write out Ziva. So I give them some credit. I figure that Ziva will stay wherever she is. Tony will get on the plane, and go home with the promise of potential in the future. And as they showed. They could always Skype, and text and we just won’t see it. And really after what they go through, could they immediately go back to working on a team given Gibbs rules and the need for Tony to abide by them. And who knows, Cote could come back for the series finale or a more permanent stay later on. Maybe Tony and Ziva could reunite on the New Orleans spinoff LOL and work together.

      • Connie says:

        I lean more on the side of being a Ziva fan, and I really appreciate how respectful you are of the whole situation. It’s a breath of fresh air, especially compared to all the other nasty comments. So, thank you. I wish there were more people like you.

  18. Jordan says:

    I thought tonight’s episode was pretty much a snooze fest; I’m afraid NCIS has run it’s course, and I’ll miss Ziva.

  19. roger says:

    From the preview, it looks like the goodbye will be an echo of Rick and Ilse’s goodbye in Casablanca.

  20. Joe says:

    Really disappointing…felt flat at times and somewhat disjointed at other times…I can only imagine how upset tiva and ziva fans are…cbs promised tiva in two episodes, which turned out to be a flat out lie…my biggest problem with this show is how so many ncis storylines go nowhere or get dropped. Scott Wolf’s character seemed to get totally reworked from where they were going with it(from uber villain to bomb diffusing hero) and they killed robert patricks character offscreen after setting him up to be the big bad for that season. Now the tiva storyline is about to be concluded more or less offscreen…I really am tired that this show repeatedly gets you invested in characters/plots and then delivers no payoff! Knowing the writers they will probably go back to teasing a mcgee/abby romance for the next few seasons until pauly or sean leaves lol

  21. Kim R says:

    I think Whiskey Tango Foxtrot is tongue in cheek. It left us scratching out heads but I have full faith that it is all going to come together next week…or at least in the weeks to come. We still don’t know who Gibbs was “sniping”. NCIS will paint a clear picture when it is all said and done. Of this I am sure. ;)

    • Joe says:

      Really? NCIS is terrible at tying up loose ends last 5 seasons. In addition to my examples in the post above, remember all the loose threads from director shepard (lauren holly) that were never explained…this show just moves on without tying up anything…why will this be any different?

      • Kim R says:

        Well…perhaps some folks have a harder time reading between lines than others? We’ve watched from the beginning and one of the things I really like about NCIS is their ability to reach back and answer (tie up) little nuggets that were dropped in prior episodes/seasons. For this reason I feel (my opinion) that it will all be clear at some point and have confidence in the show runners that they will continue to bring us NCIS as they always have. Again. Just my opinion. :)

        • Jovi says:

          ITA. NCIS operates in a way as a reflection of real life. Don’t we all go through times in our lives when all is not clear? Why did that happen that way? Why did he/she do that? And sometimes, months or years later new info comes to light that makes it clearer.

  22. Maria says:

    It was really jumbled around…but then, they had to do a big re-write at the last minute, so I guess that’s to be expected. The actors did a great job with the script they had, and Michael Weatherly in particular was superb.

  23. MaryAnn says:

    We saw a more serious, grown-up Tony this episode. I REALLY hope that continues. I have found his character obnoxious all these years (even though I loved the actor in Dark Angel), and I would love to see more of the Tony we saw this episode. If that doesn’t happen, well, my thoughts are that I would far rather have seen Tony leave than Ziva, and I never, EVER, wanted to see the two of them together as long as he was such an immature jerk.

  24. Ash says:

    I thought the episode served its purpose. It set up a legitimate reason for why Ziva’s character has to leave and a potential, removal of the threat, for why she could come back. I thought her not being in the episode was true to her character who would go underground alone rather than endanger the lives of the team.

  25. DoctorWhoFanatic! says:

    They named an episode Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? Scandal did that last year :P COPYCATTING! :P

  26. Bob Smith says:

    Good episode. Better writing than most NCIS episodes last season. Seems that Glasberg may be taking a bigger role in the show??? They way oversold this episode as Ziva centric. Still, a good episode.

  27. Pennagirl65 says:

    I liked Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. I was on the edge of my seat and when the episode was over; I was thinking ALREADY, the hour went by so fast. Rocky Carroll and David McCallum, Brian Deitzen, Pauley, Sean, and of course Michael and Mark were wonderful. Finally Brian (more than last year) is up on the credits as deserved.

  28. ilovefootball2525 says:

    I’m confused. Why was Gibbs pointing a gun at Fornell in the season finale? Maybe they’ll address it next week. LOVE THIS SHOW!!

    • John says:

      I’m assuming it’s a misdirection and he’ll swivel the crosshairs to the real target that is perhaps about to step out of the vehicle Fornell is next to. Perhaps someone Fornell is meeting that is threatening to him (hence the “I’ve got your back” from Gibbs in the opener: he’s going to shoot someone to protect his buddy).

    • Andrea says:

      I think they are working up to the point that we saw in the finale. The premiere started with “Four Months Ago,” so I think we’re in a past time period moving forward, and we’ll get to the Gibbs/Fornell scene next week.

  29. I loved the guy who played Jarvis. He was the same guy who played Hardware in Meatballs. I’m sorry to see him gone.

  30. Bella says:

    I thought this was a great season premier – lots of surprises and twists. I think the network did the show a disservice by giving viewers the impression that the first two episodes were both going to be mostly about Ziva. As far as the actress goes, it’s been said over and over again that they offered her lots of money (and I don’t doubt it), and she decided not to come back, and it wasn’t because of money. So let’s just move on.

  31. Bonnie says:

    What was this? Thirty-five minutes of a nonsensical, disjointed storyline punctuated by twenty-five minutes of commercials? If this is any indication of season 11, I’ll just have to say “NCIS had a good ten year run. Too bad it ended.”

    • Joe says:

      Agreed…this show has gotten progressively worse at tying up story threads or having a plan in place when an actor either leaves the series or is unavailable to guest star. The premiere was completely disjointed…

  32. Jovi says:

    I’m curious why Gibbs had Fornell in his gun sight, coupled with the fact that Fornell’s picture wasn’t on the posts in the cabin they raided.

    • John says:

      Probably Gibbs simply acquiring the target area with the intended target expected to approach Fornell in the immediate future: maybe a threat to Fornell with this being Gibbs “having his back” as they made the point of in the first episode.

  33. Luis says:

    Could there be a spin-where Gibbs and Fornell open a private investigation firm? Watching old pros like Mark Harmon and Joe Spano just shooting the breeze is better than eighty percent of what’s on TV today.

  34. prish says:

    I haven’t seen it, yet, but my husband said he felt cheated. There was no Ziva, other than a few photos. I assume there was no other way around a messy windup. However, for the future all you writers and suits out there, keep it to one episode. My husband will be irritated for a week, about this. He’s such an Everyman, so I thought to pass fyi on.

  35. Bob says:

    Hey, is that the new TARDIS in the background???

  36. Daniel Myers says:

    Disappoint episode. 1) Confusing and unbelievable premise. 2) Writing and dialogue felt like it was just cobbled together at the last minute trying desperately to incorporate plotlines from last seasons ending and 3) no Ziva in the promised two-part “farewell to Ziva” storyline. Really CBS, for a show as popular and successful as NCIS, this was the best you could come up with?…

  37. Julia Murray says:

    I’m sorry Cote de Pablo is leaving, but I’ll be even sorrier if that episode is an example of their mindset for the season. I would like to have seen an episode (or two) that actually showed her wrapping things up, explained why Ziva was going , and then, in the post-Ziva world, have NCIS get back to investigating crimes related to nanval personnel the way they used to instead of that dreadful clapped-together mishmash of politics and corporate espionage.

  38. Guest! says:

    Does anyone know the song that was played in the clip for next week’s episode? I googled “Only Want You” but nothing remotely similar comes up. Since those are the only lyrics sung in the clip, it is hard to find. Any idea of the artist and the title of the song? Thanks if anyone can answer this. I appreciate it!

  39. JD says:

    I liked the episode, but it was plain to me that the writers had to scramble to change what they had planned since Cote decided to leave the show. Yes, I said it. It was her decision to leave, not CBS, that has been clear from the beginning. If she is saying otherwise now, then she is trying to cover her bum from all the fan blowback and save face. Don’t blame the network here, this was her decision and hers alone. i believe she decided she wanted out for personal reasons and was afraid that the fans would turn against her, which would hurt any future projects she might want to do, so if she is saying it’s the network now, it is just cover, not reality.

    • Joe says:

      I would believe that if cbs did not have a history of screwing over or low balling female cast members…but the do

    • that verbiage is slight of hand. Of course it was her “decision”. They made an offer than was unacceptable for whatever reason, and she “decided” not to take it. So yes, it was their fault. If it was purely personal, she would not have negotiated for months, then walked off with only days to spare.

  40. JD says:

    Surprise, surprise, surprise, the Cote interview on TV guide has been pulled, hmmmm, could it be that her efforts to blame the network are off the mark and her trying ot cover her buns with the fans?

    • Joe says:

      Cbs completely screwed over Jennifer Espisito on Blue Bloods, AJ Cook on criminal minds, Paget Brewster on criminal minds (twice no less), Liz Vassey on csi and Melina Kanakaredes on csi ny…stay classy cbs lol…

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Um, no, it’s right where it always was (link above in story).

    • Andrea says:

      I don’t know why the interview would be pulled offline, but it was published in the hard copy of TV Guide. That’s where I read it, so the interview itself is still out there.

    • David says:

      Read the article, she didn’t blame the network at all. It’s on page 4 and the only “surprise” is dim bulbs like you trying to start vile rumors–I’d say grow up, but that’s not going to happen……

      • dmac says:

        *sigh* No they never will. Ziva/Tiva shippers have formed an opinion that is was big bad CBS’s fault and their Cote would never have left on her own accord. She was the perfect women on and off the screen and they will never, ever forgive CBS for not giving her everything she wanted to keep her…even though it was her choice to leave and money wasn’t the issue. No matter what the facts are they will twist it around that she is a damsel in distress and they are her protectors and keeper of her good name. Ugh!

  41. Mike says:

    I’m just confused, on whether this episode leads to Gibbs pointing a rifle at Fornell, or is after?

  42. cherry says:

    Cote basically said she left for personal reasons and she wants to keep it that way. We probably will never know why she left. Ziva and Tony do kiss next week. Was anyone impressed with McGee’s girlfriend. I wasn’t. Hopefully she does not last long. I liked the show except for her.

    • Maria says:

      I thought McGee’s girlfriend was okay…I’d have to see more of her to form a more educated opinion. When the showrunner names you Delilah though…

  43. Karen C says:

    I was disappointed in the Ziva hype promo’s and the fact she was never on. I will not fall for that the second time. It’s Agents of Shield from now on.

  44. Warning: If you can’t handle any criticism of NCIS please stop reading now. Tuesday night’s show continued NCIS’s slide toward mediocrity. The slip began last season with incoherent scripts and unimaginative character development. No one should be surprised the ratings are down. Only Ducky and Palmer showed signs of life Tuesday night. DiNozzo appeared barely concerned about events especially when he was in Vance’s office. He does have a humorous moment in yet another largely witless episode when he talks to his pet fish named “Kate”. McGee was merely a minor uninteresting character who simply provided convenient computer help. At least we get to meet Delilah. Vance acted like a total jerk which has been his character from day one. Abby Sciuto is reduced to a shrill one trick pony. And what of our quintessential tragic hero, Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs? He is essentially a one-dimensional stiff cowboy, barely recognizable as the wise energetic leader seen in previous seasons. As for the script, it is little more than a train wreck of plot twists. Parsons, who we all know is a low-down good for nothing varmint, does a 180 after witnessing the terrorist explosion that kills SecNav. He rescues Gibbs who has been sent to Iran on a secret mission apparently disguised as an English college professor. What Parsons, a DoD Inspector General Investigator (i.e., a lawyer) is doing in Iran is another question left completely unanswered. The disjointed remarkably senseless plot reads like a Michael Moore tweet with homegrown terrorists blowing things up for U.S. business interests so the business interests can make money rebuilding the stuff that’s been blown up. Get it? Things end with DiNozzo sitting on the couch wondering where Ziva is. Come on….we are talking about the series that gave us Paloma Reynosa, the Phantom 8, the Port-to-Port Killer, Harper Dearing, Mike Franks, Jenny Shepard, Kill Ari (Parts 1 & 2), La Grenouille, and we could go on and on about all the great memories this show has given us. Right now, instead of being the classic race horse it once was, it looks like a tired old confused field horse waiting to be put out to pasture. No wonder it is down in the ratings. At least this episode got one thing correct; it is aptly named “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot”. Let’s all hope NCIS can shake off the cobwebs and return to its former glory.


  46. Annie says:

    Despite all the casting of CBS as the Big Bad Wolf to Cote de Pablo’s poor maligned victim damsel, none of you ZIva fans screaming for justice and her return actually have any facts to back up your rants. Period. As for WTF – it was kind disjointed and a lot of the plot seemed random because there was very little build up to back it up. But since CdP gave them notice 4 days before shooting started, I’m sure many last minute changes had to be made. Personally, I can’t wait for the Ziva melodrama to be over. This character’s writing has turned NCIS into a cheesy night time soap opera. I hope that tptb and the writers can get their moxie back once the princess of tragedy no longer has to be focused upon.

  47. Bonnie says:

    Final episode of last season (NOT the preview) shows Gibbs is reassigned and already gone on a mission. In the preview, we see Gibbs being given the order to shoot by the black colonel, who is wounded. In WTF, Jarvis gets killed, and THEN Gibbs is asked if he will volunteer for a mission. Am I the only one confused here? After the mission is aborted, Gibbs and Fornell confront the colonel, who offers to resign and is told he will be court martialed and jailed. Yet we are still waiting for the scene from the preview which was repeated in the WTF opening sequence. Does it make sense that Gibbs is going to follow the orders of a guy who set him up once and then been disgraced? And then there is Parsons, who does a complete 180 and now knows on his own more in just a few hours (okay, maybe a couple days) than the entire NCIS and FBI crews combined? Who needs Dinozzo, Magee, or David? New agent… Parsons. Typical show storyline… first 5 minutes we see a crime/mystery unfolding. During the next 5 minutes, Parsons discovers who is behind it all, explains it to Gibbs about who (domestic terrorist), where (Arizona), and why (some hot button issue counter to the current government position) . In the next 5 minutes, Gibbs and Fornell travel to Arizona to arrest the domestic terrorist (notice that all the bad buys lately have been domestic terrorists and have a connection to Arizona?). That will leave CBS with 45 minutes for commercials. Have you noticed the increase in commercial time and decrease in story time this season? Happened on NCIS:LA too.

  48. Sandy says:

    People are only concerned about Ziva leaving because they want the relationship with Tony to continue. He is the reason millions of women watch this show. Michael Weatherly is the one they care about.

  49. RH says:

    I have watched every season and episode 3 times and am completely devoted to NCIS. Having said that, I was kinda stunned by the lack of excitement and drama that occured in these first 2 episodes.
    As for Ziva, I think we all loved her in our own way, but she drug Tony through hell numerous times. (Not to mention the whole team) He got himself captured in order to save her at one point. He killed off her drunk boyfriend in a previous episode, who probably would have handled Tony easy if he wasn’t. He risked his life for her and proved his love and devotion to her countless times, BUT she had the nerve to sleep with another guy at the end of season 10 because she “felt alone.” Tony told her in Hebrew right before she got on that plane that, “you’re not alone.” I love Ziva, but she’ll never deserve Tony. How ironic when Ziva told Tony to “Be a man. Tell her what she needs to hear,” back when Tony had to go undercover with that female doctor whose father was a highly coveted target for NCIS. Yet Ziva never would have even told Tony she slept with that guy if the young, prick lawyer hadn’t exposed her at the end of season 10. Tony has continued to mature and Ziva is nothing but words and selfishness. She is simply a coward when it comes to Tony. Her ending sucked, but it was well deserved for her.
    Thats my soapbox haha. I still love her, but she deserved the ending she got.
    Despite the slow and disappointing start to NCIS this year, I know that Gibbs and his team will pull through for all of us. They have kept us coming back for 11 seasons for a reason so everyone try to keep your heads up and be patient. Cote left a huge gap in the series with a short turn-around time for them to prepare, but NCIS will recover. Loved everyones comments!
    PS-if you have not watched every episode and just watch a few here and there, you really have no place or grounds to say anything so try not to make idiots out of yourselfs and go watch NCIS LA or Shield please. Take care everyone!

    • mic cal says:

      please you ziva haters shame on all of you,tony did as much to her with his women also.shenever knocked him with jeanne,& didnt he tell her in the very first ep that he wasnt attracted to kate when ziva asked him,even that she wasnt goog kooking to him./he couldnt take his eyes off of ziva & he always was there for her,um what did he say to ej—its different for some of us when the port to port killer took her.& saleem he would do it in a heart beat ,telling ziva he couldnt live with out her. ******* & at the end he didnt care if she bagged grocerys,okay people thats not love right,& he may have had feeling for jeanne but he still was keeping tabs on ziva & she was there for him when it ended & made him see it in another way,he burned her note & realized ziva was right,just as tony saw things that were not good for ziva.stop knocking a woman that gave some dam good story lines to ncis & played them very well. the ending for them both was real tears were real & he did leave out of respect,as gibbs mentioned to him. the on es that say they wont watch anymore with out ziva are fooling them selfs,they are going to want to see what it will be like with out her. i will miss her,what more can be said,a beautiful woman & beautiful acting on her part, mic

  50. Irena says:

    After all its coming to the end. Its now like some movie, not NCIS action, not worth to watch anymore. You killed this great story.