Supernatural Exclusive: O.C. Alum to Woo Castiel

Shannon Lucio SupernaturalCastiel is about to have one of his basic human needs met.

Shannon Lucio (The O.C.) has been tapped to guest star on Supernatural as a love interest for Misha Collins’ newly-anthropomorphic alter ego, TVLine has learned exclusively.

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Lucio’s character, April Kelly, turns up in Season 9’s third episode, airing Oct. 22.

At Comic-Con over the summer, Collins teased that the ex-angel would be submerged in the “whole gamut of the human experience” this season, including — but not limited to — “eating, defecating and fornicating.”

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Fun fanboy fact: Lucio appears in the premiere episode of ABC’s Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Supernatural returns Wednesday, Oct. 8.

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  1. JJM says:

    Still the red-headed girl that got O’Malley hit by a bus to me.

    • lorna says:

      Hated her on the OC and hated her on Grey’s. Too whiny and irritating on both shows. NOT happy with this casting. Not at all.

    • Yes, I'm Another Whiny Destiel Shipper says:

      Wow, I mean hey I’m sad too, but dropping the show over it? This is why people think we’re all crazy women-hating jerks.

    • aurens66 says:

      I don’t know the actress, but she’s not a love interest, in a tv guide interview earlier this summer, Misha said ‘love is too strong a word, but there will be sex,” so there you have it. no need to panic. they will probably play the Cas becomes human angle for humor.

    • GemGem says:

      Guys, Destiel shippers, take a breath. Okay? Now let it out.
      Look, I know this is disappointing, I’ve been there, but this is more than likely the writers once and for all attempting to shut this ship down in terms of it becoming canon. I know, I know, it does suck if you’ve been waiting for it for a long time, but you have to respect the writers’ wishes here. As much as you love them, these characters do not belong to you. The writers of this show own them and they have every right to take their characters down whatever path they wish. They don’t owe you Destiel. They never promised you Destiel. This is something you all wanted, yes, but you probably… no, definitely, aren’t going to get it in canon. And I know how heartbreaking these ship-sinking can be and then people can be so insensitive about it, but please don’t hate on the female character. Castiel is clearly not gay or bisexual in canon, that’s being clarified, so it makes perfect sense for him to be with a woman if he’s straight, which the writers are saying he is.
      A writer clarifying that their own character is not gay or bisexual is not homophobia and it’s not queer-erasure if the perceived queerness was completely non-canon to begin with! However, continuing to demand a gay relationship between straight characters IS queer fetishizing and hating the female character just because she’s a woman is sexist!

      If you like this ship, feel free to continue to ship it as an aside from canon. But do not presume to call people that point out canon ‘homophobes’ or send hate to the writers or actors of the show. It’s not right. You’ve been given hours of entertainment and characters to love for FREE – they owe you nothing. You need to be mature about this and gracefully let it go, or retreat into head-canons.
      Sorry guys, I do have a lot of sympathy for you, but this was just a case of the writers and actors needing to be clearer about the characters’ sexualities earlier and nothing more.
      Be angry at the queer-baiting if you must, but other than that… it might be time to call it a day on the shipping and just enjoy the show for what it is.

      • An irate fan says:

        Well thanks for this patronising load of drivel *rolls eyes*

        If people want to hate a FICTIONAL character, leave them be. Reread your post and you’ll see how bloody condescending it is.

        • genesis says:

          Someone is just sore their ship got sank and people are actually calling you guys out on your rampant sexism. Destiel fans are probably not all as crazy or rude as the ones on this page, but damn, you guys need a reality check. You dont even know what this female character is like and you’re already defending people hating on her because she ‘gets in the way’ of your completely fictitious never going to happen boy on boy pairing. As a gay person myself I am seriously so sick of you people twisting characters sexualities to fit with your fapping then throwing a hissy when you don’t get it for real.

          • “You people” “defending people hating on her” That is not at all what the commenter you are responding to said. They were complaining that the post above them was very condescending and that hating on a fictional character, while maybe ridiculous, is someone’s right and since it isn’t affecting you personally that you should leave them alone. That commenter said nothing about Destiel either, didn’t even mention a ship. Again, like I have said for the millionth time, stop attacking posters on here just so that you can post all your hate concerning shippers. You hate the shippers so much, that’s your prerogative, I don’t care. I DO care when you or anyone are attacking people that haven’t even SAID anything remotely concerning your response. Sounds like YOU’RE the one who’s sore, considering you jumped the gun on an argument that wasn’t even MADE in the comment you are responding to. Jesus.

          • Insana T. Wilde says:

            Please don’t be quite so condescending, shippers ship things for a reason. Destiel’s veracity is a matter of opinion, you shouldn’t fan wank over something so trivial. If you can’t express in a kind manner, don’t post at all. I don’t claim to know what’s going on inside your head, but a little less self-righteousness would be appreciated.

            With all due respect,

        • Brio says:

          Are you saying that I can hate on Castiel without you attacking me, then? YAY!

          I hate him, I want him DEAD!

          • genesis says:

            Right? Like anyone that says they hate castiel sure wont be let off the hook and given excuses. Seriously. If even misha has to call you all out on your sexist treatment of female characters on stage at a con, then you know you have a massive problem in your fanbase. People only get so angry because they are under the delusion that these characters could possibly be interested in other guys. I am gay myself and if anyone should be pissed at so called queer erasure it should be me, but im not because it isnt!!!

        • Insana T. Wilde says:

          Look, I think all of you should take a chill pill. I don’t particularly like the addition of this new character, because I’m afraid she’ll be another shallow love interest. I am certainly willing to give her a try, though. Star Trek is my biggest fandom, and I see things like this going on quite a lot. The fandom wank between shippers and non-shippers is incredible! I do admit to shipping Destiel, and I know that it makes me biased, but that doesn’t make me an evil hag in need of chewing out. Not many of the shippers are this crazy, in fact even the ones on this page aren’t overstepping their bounds that much. Take into account that shippers can be very passionate, and may feel as though it’s a personal insult when their ship is challenged. You can call it overreacting, but wouldn’t you want to stand up and defend something you believe in, no matter how trivial? I’m sorry if this offended anyone, but this is not a place to post your immature whining – I’m talking to Destiel shippers, non-shippers and everyone who has posted a complaint, overly defensive response or critical reply. This is a place to express you feelings in a civilized manner, not scream like children having a tantrum. If you cannot do so in a proper way, please don’t post at all. The Destiel shippers aren’t to blame, nor are the non-shippers, neither are the actors or the screenwriters. This is simply a plot development, and we will see how it turns out. Unfortunately, most cannon love interests end up getting killed off anyway. Please be reasonable.

      • Tete says:

        I love you, your my HEROE XD!!!
        Finally someone understands X)!!!!!!

      • Michelle says:

        OK. Some things need to be cleared up.
        “Queer-baiting” IS an over-used term. Dean’s not gay. Castiel… “knows how to make a girl’s nethers quiver.” But Castiel himself has said that he is indifferent to sexual orientation and there has been meta on the DISTINCT possibility of Dean’s bisexuality from as early as season 2.
        The idea that Dean and Castiel are romantically in love with each other is not unfounded.
        That’s why we care. That’s why it hurts so much to have that love tested. Again.
        Because this isn’t about simple LGBTQA representation, filling the slot of “the gay couple”. It’s not about explicit gay sex scenes, meant to titillate.
        It’s about LOVE.
        And Love is not something that you can point to and concretely say,” There it is.” Or, “There it isn’t.”
        Those that see the love between Dean and Cas are just more open to the possibilities, more able to see love where others refuse or “don’t see it that way.”
        You’re absolutely right- you shouldn’t hate a woman for playing a character you don’t like. You should give the writers the benefit of the doubt if you’ve stuck around for 172 episodes.
        But don’t offer your sympathies for our “seeing things.” Don’t tell us that hoping for Dean and Castiel to find happiness together isn’t “enjoying the show for what it is.”
        And you’re wrong. Stories belong to all of us. We fangirling, queer-fetishizing Destiel ‘shippers have created art in our own rights. Supernatural has inspired us.
        And we support Destiel because we know the show could be even better. Could be something even more special.
        This article is telling us to expect more of the same. A heterosexual love interest brought in 5 years late in the game. When Meg was just killed, despite the chemistry there.
        Go inform yourself. Read some meta analysis. Think before you type. Then get back to me.
        Because, from where I sit, Destiel looks all set up to happen.

      • Michele says:

        I actually do ship Destiel but never really thought it would happen on the actual show and am looking forward to seeing what will happen with this! The show is obviously not hating on gays (see Charlie, see them having the Cupid in Sacrifice hook up two men) but even I. This day and age it’s hard to have one of the main characters all of a sudden go gay and have the audience stick around. I do think the fans of the show are, for the most part, reasonable people who would be fine with it but some would freak out and some, who already hate Cas, would go ballistic and split the fandom even more than it already is. Yeah, on Buffy Willow went lesbian but she wasn’t the main character so it didn’t seem to be a problem. I guess since Cas has been an angel and not really paid much attention to anyone outside of Meg (too bad they never got to move furniture but it wasn’t in the cards) he could have been gay once his libido started working but that’s not the way they chose to go with it. I highly doubt that any of the writers have an issue at with gays or lesbians but that’s not the way they chose to go. There are A LOT of fanfics out there that make up for it not being on screen, and I never really expected it anyways.

        I’m willing to see what happens and just hope that they have chemistry … Sam and Amelia were the only coupling that really didn’t and I’m not sure if it was casting or the way it was written but it just didn’t work. I’ve only seen Shannon Locia on Agents of SHIELD as I didn’t watch the OC enough to remember her and she is pretty and seemed like she actually knows how to act so we’ll see. Besides, might be a chance to see Cas shirtless … so I’m good. Shameless, I know but he’s been bundled under that trenchcoat (which I will miss) and bad suit for far too long!

  2. Erica says:

    LOL nope, won’t be watching. Goodbye show.

    • Nonnie says:

      Good. Please, stay gone. Glad this is finally shutting the shippers up. Lord knows the producers flat out stating that “destiel” is all in the fans’ heads didn’t work.

      • Well then says:

        Okay, but the morons quitting the shows aren’t the whole collective of the shipping community. People just need to stop taking it to the extreme because something doesn’t work out, or the people who enjoy taking down someone just because they ship a different ship…

    • Yes, I'm Another Whiny Destiel Shipper says:

      Wow, I mean hey I’m sad too, but dropping the show over it? This is why people think we’re all crazy women-hating jerks.

      • tia says:

        Oh gawd am I loving this-I saw this coming since s5. The fact is all you Destiel shippers are so upset but you are upset at the wrong people. The ONLY reason destiel started and even exist today is because Misha Collins queerbated you back in season 5 and has fed you ever since then. He did so without Jensen’s ok. A Cas/Dean relationship like you want is not nor will it ever be what Jensen wants-thus the banning of the questions. TPTB saw a possible ratings jump with Misha bating you so they integrated the innuendos through out the seasons to keep you talking. It didn’t work-Afterall you are only about 2% of the whole fandom. but I have to admit-I was not going to watch s9 because of the innuendos that were so abundant in s8. It totally dragged Jensen/Dean down. His character is no longer a badass kickass character-he is a maid/woman/sissy. Jensen actually just lost a poll because me and others dont’ find his character attractive anylonger. A poll he usually always comes in first or second. He lost because of Destiel. Look I understand -they did push the innuendos last season-You have every right to be angry. But the main man who wrote for you -edlund-is gone. That’s why I will watch season 9-at least for awhile. I was so glad he left.

        • wow201102 says:

          Let me get this straight….so, when Dean said in “Point of No Return” (in season 5) “Not for nothin’, Cas, but last time someone looked at me like that, I got laid.” and then winked at Castiel, that was all Misha’s fault. That makes perfect sense.

          • monilip says:

            I think you don’t know when people joking… It’s obvious Dean was joking because situation was nervous and that’s what he does in situation like this.
            You can pretend Destiel is really, that’s what headcanon are for, but don’t make other people see what you see if it’s only your imagination.

          • tia says:

            Actually yes-because Misha had put the thought of a so called “romance” in Destiel groups head at the con prior to that episode. because sorry to say this-but Dean was being SARCASTIC when he said that- it is equivalant as if Dean had said to Cas “what the F are you looking at??” The very idea that you think that was a romantic suggestion by Dean to Cas says how you are looking for things that just aren’t there. Did you think when Dean told Cas to “Eat him” it was a romantic thing??? No it wasn’t- again it was another way of saying the F word.

          • wow201102 says:

            I think you both have lost your gourds, but that’s beside the point.

            Seriously, I am fully aware that that scene was written in jest, but the fact of the matter is that it is still one of many instances of Destiel shipping innuendo that were intentionally written into the show (this particular one having been written by our current showrunner, Jeremy Carver). And one that has absolutely zero to do with Misha Collins, as it was neither written, directed, nor acted by him. Unless I missed the puppet strings somewhere….

            Fans have been shipping Destiel ever since Cas showed up in season 4, which is only Misha’s fault if you blame him for existing and for getting the part in the first place. Or for being good-looking enough for people to swoon over like the rest of the cast. He has responded to the shipping community the same way he has responded to all aspects of fandom: with honest curiosity and an open mind….served up with a side of humor. But he started nothing.

            And the idea that he is somehow forcing Jensen to say lines like these or to act his scenes in a certain way or to make the many, many off-camera Dean/Cas jokes he has made (all of which also contribute to the shipping community) is absurd and a half.

        • A says:

          So much homophobia and misogyny in this comment, wow.

          • tia says:

            Its a shame there is no word for people who throw the word “homophobia” around -but the word “intolerant” will do for now. But I happen to love love love Charlie-because she was introduced as a Lesbian-and she is accepted as such. Dean on the other hand WAS NEVER introduced or written as gay/bi- its the destiel group that wants him rewritten and mindwashed to be what they want him to be. That is what I have a problem with. But whatever.

          • Nonnie says:

            In what way is trying to force a straight person gay/bi any different than trying to force a gay/bi person straight? You people make me sick. Fanatic shippers should all be locked up. They’re just as bad as people who are homophobic.

          • angel64 says:

            I’m sorry but I don’t see homophobia here simply because most fans see the characters as having always been written as straight. And I am somebody who almost started to ship Destiel myself.
            Just like I don’t believe that Jensen deserved all those hateful accusations of being a homophobe and a misogynist and open letters of hate simply because he got frustrated over being asked a question he has already answered a bunch of times and for having simply stated that he believed his character to be straight. These people act as if Jensen goes around saying he hates gays and lesbians. I have NEVER heard him say anything that would indicate anything like that. Then again, these are the same people who called him a homophobe for something as innocent as saying his Dad thought drinking from a straw was unmanly. The horrible things said by “ex Jensen fans” against him and his wife and even then unborn child was so much WORSE then what they perceived as any homophobic comments by him. I saw that video. I saw a man who perhaps should have handled the situation much better, but I saw NO homophobia or intentional dissing of that girl because she was a lesbian. I saw a man who is sick and tired of this topic constantly thrown at him and him being human and showing frustration at having been cornered, as that girl clearly did. I in no way thought he meant for her to end up hurt or crying.
            The homophobia accusation gets thrown around much too easily in this PC world. Simply stating that you believe a character to be straight,as Jensen has and some posters here have, is NOT homophobia.

        • Maria says:

          “He did so without Jensen’s ok.”

          And where is your documented proof of this? Since Jensen has also joined in the destiel fun on several gag reels and recently at JibCon.

          • Susie says:

            It’s a fact that Jensen banned all such questions at cons.

          • wow201102 says:

            @Susie That is not a fact, actually. There was never any such ban at NJcon–the person who originally reported said “ban” retracted her statement, and if it had ever been true, the poor girl who had been booed would never have gotten up there in the first place as the panel was being screened. I was at that con and was online to ask a q myself in the previous panel and was told by the screener that they just wanted to keep people from asking for hugs or phone calls or other silly things like that–and JIBcon made their own executive decisions based on not wanting an intense crowd reaction of the same sort. *That* is the truth.

          • Nonnie says:

            There WAS actually a ban. I’ve been to conventions and have witnessed Destiel questions being shot down right before my own eyes. THAT is the truth. Please don’t post things unless you actually know from firsthand experience what actually happened.

          • wow201102 says:

            Nonnie, I think you missed the very important part of my post where I said that I was *at* NJcon. It *was* firsthand experience for me. Stop being a jackass.

          • wow201102 says:

            @Nonnie, I think you missed the very important bit in my post where I said that I was actually *at* NJcon. Do not tell me I can’t speak about events I actually attended, especially when people use it to justify nonsense conspiracy theories about the evils of Misha Collins: Puppetmaster.

          • wow201102 says:

            ack! Apologies for double posting, all.

          • dave says:

            He bans all gayish questions but allows all the usual moronic ones that get asked?

        • Maria says:

          “Misha had put the thought of a so called “romance” in Destiel groups head at the con prior to that episode”

          And what are your thoughts wrt the fact Jim Michaels is documented as saying the show has intentionally teased it?

          • Nonnie says:

            I see you’re completely forgetting the part where he also calls tumblr fans “CRAZY!” and says that it’s mostly in the fans’ heads. Those “hints”? Are fanservice. To shut the crazies up.

        • kaystiel says:

          Misha is very hurt and upset by the idea that he is ‘queerbaiting’ when he makes sly references to the overt shipping going on in the show when it comes to Dean and Cas, there was also overt shipping in Dean and Benny, Dean and Sam, and Dean and Aaron Bass, let’s face it, everyone wants Dean. But in the end, complaints should go to the writing department, not the actors, who play the characters.

          • GemGem says:

            Complaints shouldn’t go anywhere! The show never promised anyone anything and complaining or making demands is just about as entitled as it gets in fandom! You guys have been receiving hours and hours and hours of entertainment for free! The writers, actors and network spend the cash and put in all the hard work – you just consume! If a show starts disappointing you, then stop watching. It’s simple! Making demands and being rude will not convince writers to start writing fan-pandering scripts just to quiet the vocal minority.

          • kaystiel says:

            I want to add an addendum that Jensen has banned no questions or topics at conventions, as always, fan questions are screened before people go up to ask. And it depends on the audience, it’s crazy how shippy Jensen and Misha are at the overseas conventions.

        • wow really? says:

          Oh my God, please be a troll because if people like you actually exist then i don’t want to live on this planet anymore. People don’t find Jensen/Dean attractive anymore because the ‘Destiel’ innuendos make him come across as a maid/woman/sissy? Are you kidding me? A man gets a slight hint of queerness around him and suddenly he’s a woman?? How about NO, you homophobic, effemiphobic, piece of trash. Take your cis-gendered crap and pedal it somewhere else, and while you’re at it, take a look around you and realise that society is made up of all kinds of different people who don’t want to conform to your binary rules.

          • angel64 says:

            I don’t think they meant physically attractive. I think they mean that they don’t enjoy the character as much as they once did.
            I still love the character but I just wish the SPN writers would place as much importance on him as much as they always have on Sam. Cas is a regular now, but he’s not a co-lead with Sam and Dean,and I don’t think he should be, although I like him. I have hopes from watching the promos that Dean will finally, finally, have an important, season long arc that ties in with the bigger arc of the season. At least I did, until this news, because this just says to me that even Cas, a supporting character, is important enough to the SPN powers that he merits an actual recurring meaningful love interest as soon as he is human, but all Dean can hope for is a quick sexual encounter, if he even gets that anymore.
            So I’m getting afraid that despite the good promos, Dean will once again have no story arc but to support/react to/ be a caretaker for the characters that Carver and Singer feel are the most important, Sam and Cas. I really, really hope I’m proven wrong here. I do want Sam to have an important story, Cas too. I’m just tired of Dean being thrown to the sidelines as support.

          • tia says:

            Wow-look at you-so tolerant yourself aren’t ya? The fact is Misha legitimized the Destiel ship when he was asked about it at a con and he played with the shipper saying yes cas loves dean. At that time there was no Destiel bating-You just saw what you wanted to see. Which is fine. We all see what we want to see. It wasn’t until TPTB saw that the shippers were loud and feverish did they start putting in innuendos in for ratings. Which didn’t work because you are only 2% of the fandom-although very loud. As for my statement about Dean being a woman/maid/sissy. I was talking about how he was written in s8-Carring food to sam like a maid, boo hooing about leaving cas in purgatory, ect…. – you might want to calm the f down darling-you are a bit to defensive and frankly vulger. And you might want to read ALL of my post.

        • Eva says:

          Who are you! I love you! I want to be your friend! I want to buy you ice cream! Dont you dare think that there is anything past or present that I would put before you!!!!!!

        • splashstorm says:

          So because Dean might be in love with another man, he is now a maid/woman/sissy? Wow, that statement wasn’t homophobic at all.

    • deangirl81 says:

      Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. One less Destiel crazy in fandom.

      • Again, this poster that you are replying to said absolutely nothing about Destiel. Stop assuming things about commenters just because you want a venue to spout your hate on shippers. Jesus Christ.

    • GemGem says:

      If you only enjoyed the show for the possibility of Destiel happening, it might be better if you did stop watching.

      • And yet AGAIN, the poster you are responding to DID NOT SAY ANYTHING about Destiel. Please stop assuming things about commenters just so you can make a negative statement about shippers – of Destiel or any other variety. I really don’t think it’s too hard of an achievement to be met: The person didn’t say anything about Destiel? Then you have no right to respond to them negatively concerning a made up idea that they were thinking about Destiel. End of discussion.

        • genesis says:

          Calm your tits would would you. Jeez youd think the world was ending the way you go on. Maybe all the shippers aren’t crazy but this whole comments section isnt exactly doing you any favors in that department.

          • So because there are crazy shippers on here, it’s just justifiable then for everyone to attack EVERY comment that is negative to this article, even when it has NOTHING to do with shipping, Destiel, or anything else other than they are not happy with this article for whatever reason? I’m really not the one that needs to calm my tits. YOU need to calm your tits, and all the others that are attacking commenters for arguments and/or statements that they haven’t even made. Your assumptions, your judgmental comments, and your snotty attitudes aren’t exactly doing YOU any favors in this department, so sorry.

          • genesis says:

            @somethingsamish My tits are calm thanks. See, im not even mashing capslock into my posts. And I don’t belong to any department, so im pretty sure im not letting any collective group down, unlike you.

          • @genesis “mashing” capslock is hilarious. I don’t need to mash it, I’m a grown person that can hit the shift key while simultaneously only pressing the letters I would like to emphasize. Also “mashing” capslock is in no way an indication of how calm or not I am because there’s no way for me to either italicize or underline words. But thanks for the laugh, it’s nice knowing how ineffective and irrelevant your arguments are. Focus on the superficial parts of a post so that you don’t have to actually address the content right? Since you have nothing to say about it. Also, how am I letting down a collective group? What group am I apparently a part of that I am letting down? Or was that just more nonsensical lashing out in order to try to incense intelligible rage so you can try to make everyone who doesn’t agree with you look bad?

  3. Kara says:

    I’m all for a love interest for Cas but I hope they do more with her character. This show needs more females who stick around and are not killed off!

    • liz says:

      I agree. But she won’t last long; none of the women do – especially the ones that are ‘romantic interests’. If the writers were really dedicated to adding + writing better female characters, they wouldn’t limit them to the ‘romance’ plot line. Its a limiting trope and they know its going to make the fans irate by adding someone who gets in the way of their ships

      • Carrie says:

        I don’t agree with this statement that every female character gets killed off or is only there to be a love interest on the show. Ellen was a mother figure for the boys and she stuck around for a few seasons, they even brought her back and have mentioned her since she died. Same with Jo, she was never really a love interest. Bella wasn’t. Sam and Ruby may have fooled around, but I really don’t consider her a love interest, either. Meg stuck around from the very 1st season to just last season. Mary Winchester is a very important character they keep bringing back. The list goes on. There have been a lot of awesome recurring female characters, like Pamela. They don’t last long because no one lasts long on the show. Think about how many male characters, and very important ones at that, have been killed off. It’s just the nature of the show. I’m pretty sure a lot more male characters have been killed off. Heck, Sam and Dean have both died more than once. Also, I don’t think the writers should write characters/storylines based on what may or may not tick off certain fans. That’s not good writing.

        • Margaret says:

          Thanks for sharing this well thought and eloquently expressed comment Carrie!

        • kaystiel says:

          But all the female characters you’ve pointed out here were not simply drawn as love interests, the ones that were are Amelia to some extent Lisa and Daphne, those are the characters we slam because they were so obviously plot points, not fully fleshed. Earlier this summer people were annoyed with the idea Dean would be getting a love interest, for the very same reasons they are annoyed at this concept, make a great female character who we can relate to, then have them have a relationship with one of the boys.

    • Mickey says:

      I agree! I wish they hadn’t killed off Meg, because she was an extremely interesting love interest for Cas who WAS so much more–she was a complex character with lots of attitude and history with the boys dating back to season 1. And I loved the Megstiel dynamic, it was very Batman/Catwoman (if Batman were socially awkward and sexually inexperienced, of course. ;) )

      However, this could be a funny romcom interlude. I’m sure it’ll have a lot of the fish-out-of-water comedy Misha is so good at. So I’ll give it a chance.

  4. K. says:

    She’s ok but love interest’s on this show don’t last very long and the girls have a bad ending!!

  5. Booky says:

    Please tell me this is a joke.
    It’s not funny and I’m not laughing, but please tell me you’re kidding.
    Guess I’m not watching S9 after all.

    • Nonnie says:

      Good. Please, stay gone. Glad this is finally shutting the shippers up. Lord knows the producers flat out stating that “destiel” is all in the fans’ heads didn’t work.

      • kaystiel says:

        Just because Cas might have a relationship with a female character for one episode (so far) does not a love interest make, or derail the train the shippers are on, note how Dean and Benny didn’t derail Destiel either.

        • Nonnie says:

          Oh, so now Dean and Benny were romantically inclined too? All your doing is proving everyone’s point about slash shippers to be true. You are not for representation, you are for fetishizing. Coming from a lesbian, it’s absolutely disgusting how slash shippers so often behave. You sexualize and romanticize EVERYONE. Dean is straight and always has been. If someone tried to force me into an orientation I wasn’t, I’d be pissed. It’s no different than trying to force a straight person gay. So all you people crying for representation shut your mouths, because that is NOT what this is about. You’re all friggin’ HYPOCRITES. The show has gay/bi characters – you want the whole damn cast to suddenly be gay for each other? What on earth have you been watching, because it isn’t my show.

          If you ship something, fine. That’s your business and I won’t rain on your parade. But when you start demanding things like this, it becomes a problem. Because you are not helping the LGTBQ community. Not AT ALL. You give us a bad name, a horrible, horrible name. You’re acting just like the people we’ve been fighting against all our lives. Forcing and demanding that people identify with whatever orientation YOU want them to be. It’s wrong.

        • GemGem says:

          I have to agree with Nonnie. There comes a point where you are no longer being realistic nor respectful of these characters canon sexualities. It becomes a fetishizing thing when you are still desperately claiming that it’s possible for these two guys to be together at some point when the writers are doing everything they can to establish that they are, in fact, straight. You can continue to ship it while accepting it’s non-canon nature, by all means, but you need to take a step back and realise that pushing for canon just because you want it is now becoming very disrespectful, to actual queer people and to writers and actors of the show. This ‘slashtivism’ harms us all in terms of progress.

          Like, I get it. People don’t write good incidentally queer characters for tv or movies and that really sucks, but instead of trying to force two, now established, straight characters into a canon-bending gay relationship, how about writing letters to networks and actually campaigning for the things you want in new shows, or better yet – write it yourself!

    • deangirl81 says:

      Good. One less “Destiel is totally going to be canon next week” shipper to deal with.

  6. Amanda says:

    Oh great. Love interest for Cas. -.-
    I wonder if the writers even listen to what the fans want. This will probably go in the direction all the other love interests have gone:
    1. Writers push love interest onto one of the boys
    2. Writers expect everyone to love her because we wanted more women on the show
    3. Fans react negatively
    4. Love interest gets killed off/disappears
    5. Fans beg for females that are well developed and not used as just love interests

    • Davi says:

      I think you missed the part where fans get blamed for ‘not wanting women’ on the show. Because it is apparently impossible for a female character to be both a love interest and a likable, well rounded character.

      • liz says:

        I’d like for female characters that AREN’T love interests and are complex and interesting. Women *always* being put into romantic plot lines is reductive and dull.

        • Ann says:

          Sheriff Mills is probably a good example of that. We were able to get to know her and like her, and then rooted for her and Bobby to get together. Amel… (I can’t bring myself to spell out the rest because of how much I despised her) was a character that had no personality, no entertainment value, and wasn’t the least bit interesting. Female characters like that are an insult to female fans. Hopefully this new character will be interesting, intelligent and fun like Mills and Charlie.

    • rowan77 says:

      I’d hate to break it to you, but the most vocal fans have already made it clear that they don’t want female regulars on the show. They want fleeting relationships so that “their” boys are unencumbered. The amount of hate mail Cindy Sampson got from female fans was astounding.

      As writers for the show it’s not their job to let you guide them on story or character decisions. Fans by-and-large know nothing about plotting, character development or dialogue for that matter. I’ve read some of the “better” Supernatural fanfic and even the best of it shows a real need to learn how to tell a story on a professional level. And that’s fine. But they don’t seem to get that they are not pros and have no idea how to plan a season long story arc.

      • Davi says:

        I understand your point here, but I don’t think that the ‘not being professionals’ and bringing in fanfiction is pertinent to expressing displeasure with how Supernatural tends to handle the entrances and quality of their female love interests. Consumers of an art will always see the flaws, and Supernatural (and television in general) is not good at making a love interest be an interesting and whole character. It’s like saying you can’t dislike a dish and find its flaws at a restaurant because you aren’t a professional cook.

        • rowan77 says:

          But the difference is a restaurant patron doesn’t demand the chef cook the food they way they do at home.

          People are always entitled to their opinions – but when they actually believe the writers need to listen to them as to how to write the show is where I find more than a few “fans” cross the line.

      • Mickey says:

        I hate to break it to you, but just as many vocal fans have made it clear we do want strong female characters on the show. I see them saying so all the time, especially after they benched Jody. In a recent EW poll asking which characters the fans wanted to see return to the show, Jody won by a landslide.

        And what, you think we’re not allowed to know what we like as viewers because we’re not TV writers? Well, then, guess all the TV fans better stop discussing TV shows on the internet, because we don’t know what we’re talking about.

        • rowan77 says:

          Jody was a great character without being a romantic interest. She was Bobby’s romantic interest for all of one episode. And yes, more Jody would be awesome. Frankly more Lisa would have been awesome, but the screaming Mimi’s hated her. When they tried to give Sam someone to love last season, the haters were out again in full force.

          You can like what you want – but pretending to know more about writing than professional writers is hubris.

          • kaystiel says:

            What is your hangup with ‘professional’ writers, ‘pro’ writers have made some of the worst sexist, mysgonist, racist dreck on spn, or did you miss the ‘screw the pooch episode’ by the infamous racist truck scribes? many fanfic authors are professional (read paid and published by major houses, not just online publishing) who leave their names off.

          • rowan77 says:

            The truck episode was partially an homage to Stephen King’s Christine – and placing it in a state with series racist history made sense that racism would come into play. The writers aren’t racist. The Winchesters, Bobby, the angels and even the demons are not racist on the show. It’s called storytelling. Was it good storytelling? Not a great episode.

            And I got news for you – most fanfic authors are not professionals. By many you mean one or two – and I’m sorry but 50 Shades of Crap reads like fan fiction. The bar is not high for fanfic and I’d bet any day that a producer-level writer form the show can out write any SPN fanfic author in style, story, dialogue and characterization.

      • kaystiel says:

        Just because the writers are ‘pros’ ie: paid for writing, does not mean they haven’t produced some god-awful eps, where characterization and canon were thrown out the window. I’ve read plenty of fanfics that were terrifying, intriguing, heart wrenching and hilarious, and are more dedicated to the continuity and canon than the SHOW was for half the last season! obviously, you’ve not read some of the better fanfiction.

      • kaystiel says:

        Let’s get to your planning a season long story arc – with examples from season eight. So not even pros can get it right all the time.

        1) having Purgatory in flashbacks, which robbed the narrative of it’s tension, as we know Dean and Benny and Cas get out.

        2) dumping the Amelia character half way and in a half assed way, not because of Sam needing to complete his mission with his brother but some absurd love triangle.

        3) squeezing the Trials into four eps at the end of the season, Bobby and Meg deserved two episode arcs

        4) allowing writers to take up mytharc space with their own little spin off ideas, each of which screwed up the show continuity and bent the rules that SPN runs by (with the exception of Ben Edlund’s ep)

        4b The whole relate-to-monsters-paralells, only to get back to ‘oh yeah, saving people hunting things is our purpose in the second to last episode of the season.

        5) giving Sam a great ‘I see the light at the end of the tunnel’ speech and then boomeranging the bros relationship in the next ep.

        • rowan77 says:

          YOu really think that knowing the outcome really makes a story less compelling? Titanic, The Blind Side, Lincoln, Bloody Sunday, Argo, Schindler’s List, Band of Brothers… All compelling films and TV series where you knew the outcome – yet suspenseful as hell. Talk about missing the forest for the trees – The storyline in Purgatory wasn’t about how they get out, but the journey that forged an important relationship, damaged another and changed the way Dean looked at things. If you missed that, then I suggest that you go back because all of that was what the storyline was about.

          The way the Amelia storyline ended was a bit hamfisted, but the point – again – was the journey. Bereft and with no one to turn to, Sam fell into a deep depression, which he only came out of when he found someone just as damaged to love. While her chosing her husband, after he’d been gone for a long time without explanation – no amnesia, no POW time, just checked out on his wife for over a year until he decided to drop in again. So yeah, that was hamfisted – but Sam choosing to stay with Dean and fight when he got an out (and an invite to go back to Amelia) showed his new resolve. He’s in it until the end. No more prevaricating. DId you miss that too? I think maybe you did.

          Bobby most definitely needed a two-parter. That was not a good episode, but guess what? All TV series have a few clunker episodes. MASH? Cheers? Friends? All in the Family, The West Wing, Buffy, The Vampire Slayer – even Firefly in it’s short run did not have a perfect season in 14 episodes. You try writing twenty-three 42 minute movies with at least two storylines and long and short arcs for eight years without a few clunkers. You can’t. You couldn’t do one season. So much more goes into it that you know.

          Was last season as good as seasons 4 or 5? No. Was it better than seasons 6 & 7? You bet. Did they learn from what did and didn’t work last season? yes. So stop complaining about every little thing. I found the season very enjoyable and miles better than a lot of crap on TV.

    • kitty says:

      I agree 100% They make every female character in the show is WRITTEN as a Yoko Ono who is trying to kill the brother/friendship bonds or just actually kill them for real. Then they blame fans for not liking them??? Were we suppossed to love Amelia? The reason Sam failed to look for Dean. I’m an equal opps shipper but even Meg who had the chance to be liked because of “unrequited’ love for Cas was screwed over because he randomly made out with her without any exposition. For us to ship characters we need time to see a relationship building and as every time you they put a female in the show she get nailed in her first or second episode that is NEVER going to happen. It’s not wonder we all ship the guys.

      • kaystiel says:

        Yup, gotta agree with that, my problem with Megstiel was never that you couldn’t have a strange dynamic between an angel and demon (after all, you do have human angel relationships = nephilhim and human demon relationships Sam-Ruby) but they never made Megstiel make sense, Cas randomly macks on Meg (when he can see her true form) and then Meg clings to Cas when he’s crazy because he’s a power chip (politically and well, smiting ability) so the whole dynamic at the end was forced (though you couldn’t deny a frisson between Rachel and Misha) so if you were gonna pair them up, make it make sense! Otherwise a)piss off fan element to no purpose. never a good idea.

  7. Gina says:


  8. roseoflannister says:

    He already has a love interest, and his name is Dean Winchester! GAH!

    • Davi says:

      That isn’t canon though. Angels being asexual, an amnesiac Castiel marrying (and still married to as far as we know) a human woman, Castiel’s vessel being straight and Dean being straight: those are canon.

      Fun ‘shipping’ moments that writers toss in are just that – fun.

      • Jill says:

        I agree with you Davi

        • Davi says:

          Thank you.

          • Scribe says:

            Oh for goodness sake, I hate this slash crap. Why is not possible for male characters to care for each other without descending into this. Its not canon! These characters have been clearly established as heretosexual and this entire slash thing is based on the fact that fan fic writers can’t write their own decent female characters and have to pair up the boys. I mean Wincest alone is appaling.

      • Although Jimmy Novak was married to a woman, we have no solid information that he was not bisexual in any way. Also, he’s been confirmed dead – it’s just Cas now. Not only does ‘straight’ not really apply, as mentally, he’s probably genderless (I mean, celestial wavelengths of light don’t really have genders), but neither should traditional constraints on sexuality.

        For both Dean and Castiel, you are assuming “straight until explicitly proven gay”. I guess that’s to be expected, as the media today is very heteronormative and basically follows that rule. I for one, think that Dean is bisexual, mainly because of how insecure he can be about his sexuality.
        Sam isn’t insecure at all – he knows he likes women, and he was always the more open minded one, so he was probably able to think about it without violently squashing any curiosity (I think Sam is straight). But Dean is always sort of overcompensating, always the one to shoot people down in a sort of “haha im joking about you being gay and interested in me haha that makes me really uncomfortable haha” way. (“You kinky bastard, we don’t swing that way!” “Why would he think we were gay?” SAM: “You’re overcompensating”, the whole scene with Aaron where he never ONCE said “I’m not gay”, only that he was working, the bar scene in 8×23, etc.)

        I can completely understand not shipping Dean and Castiel together, although I am a shipper myself. But just because it’s not canon yet doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen.

        • Davi says:

          Please don’t try to imply that I’m heteronormative or ‘brainwashed’ by the media simply because I pointed out that Dean is not canonically Castiel’s boyfriend. He isn’t. I merely pointed out what actual canon is currently. And actual canon is not that they are each other’s love interests. Actual canon is that Dean identifies as straight and Castiel, when under Famine’s persuasion, fell prey to his vessel’s carnal cravings which are also portrayed as straight. While without his memories, Castiel was, indeed, ‘heteronormative’ and married a woman.

          Saying that they already are a love interest for each other isn’t canon. It just plain isn’t.

          Something that could happen (ie Dean suddenly identifying as bisexual or coming out of a giant closet) is something that could happen. It isn’t a canon occurrence.

          And do you really trust Supernatural to handle a sexual identity crisis for Dean well? That isn’t the main thrust of their show, and it would be very hurtful to the LGTB audience to see such an important issue poorly done.

          • Mickey says:

            Also, in the alternate future when Cas had been human for a while, he had orgies with all women. And Dean has explicitly said Cas is like a brother to him. I agree with you, at this point it’s canon that the characters are straight, or asexual with underlying heterosexuality, in Cas’s case. Just because characters are straight doesn’t make anyone heteronormative or homophobic or whatever. There are a lot of straight people in the world, and thus there are a lot of straight people in fiction. That reality doesn’t mean that one doesn’t also support gay rights. I would certainly agree that Supernatural could use more gay characters (Charlie is a great start) but suddenly portraying straight characters as gay just to please a subsection of fans who ship them is not the answer. There are tens of millions of people around the world who watch Supernatural, most of whom are not part of the online fandom, and have never heard of Destiel. It would come completely out of the blue to them, and would not be believable. The writers are writing the show for all these millions of people, and not just those who watch with their Destiel goggles on. I’m all for people shipping Destiel and writing all the fanfic in the world about it, but not for accusing people of heteronormativity or queer baiting or whatever because they won’t indulge their particular ship.

          • wow201102 says:

            “Castiel, when under Famine’s persuasion, fell prey to his vessel’s carnal cravings which are also portrayed as straight.” <———– Wait…..what? O.o I'm pretty sure the only thing Castiel did under Famine's influence was eat a truckload of cheeseburgers…..

          • Nonnie says:

            Exactly this, on the “heteronormative” front.

            Basically, that argument is like taking a crowd of 100 people or so, of which, say, only 9 identify as gay. Then, separating the rest of the group and saying: “no, this crowd is too heteronormative. some of you need to convert.”

            Utter stupidity.

            This coming from a lesbian – a lesbian who has been called a “disgrace” and a “traitor” to the community, for not shipping destiel, and calling shippers on their crap. Thanks, fandom. You’re a real catch.

          • kaystiel says:

            “it would be very hurtful to the LGTB audience to see such an important issue poorly done.”

            I gotta agree with you on this point, I would rather see Dean and Castiel remain romantic and platonic, because the profound bond is still profound, while sex would be interesting to add to the mix, it’s not defining, and as you say, better to leave it to fans to interpret.

            I just recall how annoying it was to me that Mulder and Scully became sexualized on XFiles, and not just that their relationship became sexual, but it was all muddled and fade to black, so non-shippers were disgusted, but shippers were also disappointed, it ended up not pleasing to anyone.

        • Vicki says:

          Goddess, my Goddess, stop using your view of the show as canon! Dean is bisexual… In your head! Get over it! Destiel. ONLY.exists.in.your.head!

        • ska says:

          Remember 5.14 where Hunger amplified all suppressed desires? Was Dean kissing Cas and vice versa? I think not. So Dean and Cas are straight, this is canon, proved by Horseman.

        • deangirl81 says:

          Jensen has explicitly said during JibCon that the Aaron scene was there to male a “manly, heterosexual man” (Dean) uncomfortable. It was a joke ans it was played for laughs. You shippers have completely lost touch with reality.

        • genesis says:

          No. No. No. No. Okay this right here needs to stop. Fangirls who desperately want a fictional non-canon guy pairing to happen and actually try to hijack gay rights arguments in order to bully or put down people who disagree. I am gay and no I am not brainwashed by heteronormative media thanks. Im just not delusional. I know that when a shows’ writers say characters are straight and when the characters only ever have sex with women, then damn those guys are not going to get with each other! Do you think these characters actually exist outside of this show and could possibly be sexually fluid? Because they dont. They are written by writers who have said many times that they are writing a straight character. How could it not be clearer than that?

          • Because it’s NOT that clear. That is the whole point of this debate. The statements “Dean and Cas are never going to be romantically or sexually involved, ever, in this show,” have NOT been stated. They actually are all skirting around this topic when confronted about it, as well as the actors. And like the commenter said, this is what she personally feels and believes, and that she understands why people WOULDN’T ship Destiel, but that she believes that there is still a possibility. She’s not acting like a fangirl, YOU’RE acting like a shipping-hater. Their comment wasn’t desperate in any way and they actually really calmly and logically articulated their beliefs concerning the subject. So that commenter was very maturely saying that she understands the other side of the argument, but just personally feels differently, and you called her delusional. Which one sounds desperate now?

          • genesis says:

            @somethingsamish I dont hate shippers. Occasionally I am one myself. What I do hate is this bizarre attitude the hardcore shippers have in trying to twist and destort a characters canon sexuality just to fit with a completely fictitious idea that they want to see happen, not for representation, but because they think that theyre cute or sexy together. The writers do not need to outright state that dean and cas is never going to happen when theyve already confirmed many times that the character is heterosexual!! How much clearer do they have to be? Dean isnt gay and he isnt even bi, hes straight. Im sorry if that upsets you because it destroys your ship but thats just the way it is. Destiel happening was never on the cards to begin with, so you really only have yourselves to blame for thinking it ever would. It amazes me that even now, when the writers have said that the characters are straight and are hooking them up with women all the time, youre still insisting that its somehow still possible theyll end up together!

          • I don’t know why you’re telling me this stuff, I was defending the previous commenter, not stating any of the things that you have just described. But if you want to go there, I will respond to you, considering you’re addressing me. First of all, it’s very offensive to assume that all shippers only care about Destiel (or whatever other ship) just because they think the characters are “cute and sexy together.” Not only I, but MOST people who ship Destiel would not have chosen to, we grew to ship them because of the growing chemistry, romance, and bond that we perceived happening between the characters. It has nothing to do with somehow fetishizing the characters because we think it would be sexy or fun or cute or whatever. I am SURE there are other, more superficial shippers that DO believe this, but the commenter that I was defending earlier was clearly NOT one of those people. There are a few of those guys on here which is why I don’t really address their arguments, because of the superficiality and immaturity of the shipping. But I WILL defend the shippers on here who are not at all exuding the attributes that you just described, but are actually being mature, articulate, and very deep concerning their feelings toward this ship. I’m not upset in the least about your opinion that Dean is strictly straight, because I personally (not based on a superficial idea that it would be sexy, but because of the way I have watched the show for years and have been interpreting the character development) do not believe he is strictly straight, and I could give multiple reasons why I believe this, reasons that have nothing to do with me only wanting to see him and Cas naked together. I actually don’t care about that, I care about the story and the bond that has developed between the characters. So I’m not upset at all because none of the hateful, spiteful, or even calm comments (like yours) that have been demanding Dean be seen as strictly straight, even remotely touch me. I understand why you all believe that, and I respect that. I do not respect the fact that Destiel shippers, or really any shippers, do NOT get respected in return just because we apparently “annoy” the “rest” of the fandom with our feelings. We don’t believe the same thing you guys do, and why is that such a big freaking deal? Just ignore us. Don’t hate us. Don’t attack every single person that is upset about this article because of their own personal beliefs and invested feelings in these characters. Just believe what you believe and watch the show, you guys all clearly think you’re right anyway, so what is such a big enough threat about shippers that make you all feel compelled to come out and defend your own ideas about the show? We aren’t forcing you guys to believe what we believe, were are saying that we believe in something and that you should respect that and not be hateful toward us. I don’t feel like that is a hard concept to grasp. We aren’t insisting they will absolutely end up together, we are stating that we still have a belief in an outcome we regard as plausible to these characters. That’s not offensive, and yet we are never treated with respect. Well, I should say the majority of the time we are not treated with respect.

      • roseoflannister says:

        ‘fun’ shipping moments? Season 8 was filled with so many beautiful moments between Dean and Castiel, that categorizing them as ‘fun shipping moments’ is insulting. The chemistry, the ‘i need yous’, the fact that these 2 have done so much for each other, and will continue to do so. Castiel left everything he knew for Dean, gave it all up for this human and you condense it all down to, ‘fun shipping moments’. No. No sir! I’ve watched a lot of movies, and a lot of TV shows and never have I seen a more profound story of love.

        • Davi says:

          Yet people disagree with you about that. Quite a few people don’t see it. They also throw in several moments of the so called ‘wincest’ shipping in the show. Does that mean they ever planned on Sam and Dean a canon couple? I highly doubt that.

          • roseoflannister says:

            Based on all the polls we’ve won, and how much negative criticism this article is getting I’d say many more agree that the love is there, it’s actually quite obvious. I love Sam and he’s an amazing character, but for anyone to think that a television show other than Game of Thrones would ever portray incest is a little silly, and not comparable. Dean and Cas have built 5 seasons of something that a LOT of viewers see, so this ‘out-of-nowhere female love interest’ crap is ridiculous.

          • Sharla says:

            I can’t reply to roseoflannister for some reasons, but polls and whiny people on articles =/= representation of “many”. Supernatural has over 3 million viewers, and the only viewers that are counted are those aged 18 and older. Many shippers are under that bracket and don’t even register, those over that ship are a very small majority, and a poll where people can click multiple times to vote for their favorites isn’t representative of anything.

        • wut says:

          It’s not the writers’ fault certain fans are unable to tell apart jokes and scenes of friends bonding (men can be friends without boinking, ya know?), from their own personal ships. “Profound story of love”? Sounds like you’ve been reading up on too many “parallels” and “sub-texts”, and not on enough actual canon.

          • roseoflannister says:

            In the famous crypt scene from season 8, they were originally going to have one of them say, “I love you” to the other, but this was cut in favor of, “I need you”, and coming from a character like Dean Winchester, I need you is a huge thing to say. In Dean speak this does mean love. You can ship it or you can not ship it, but it’s there and it’s not a joking matter. If Castiel were female this wouldn’t be a debate.

          • wut says:

            The “I love yous” in the crypt were a joke, as viewed on the gag reel! Not part of the script?! Major facepalm…

            And if Cas was a female he would have been dead by now.

        • Vicki says:

          In.your.head! That’s not “obvious” or “for the whole world to see” at all. Please, for the Goddess’s sake, your onesided arguments do not make any of what you said true.

        • deangirl81 says:

          And yet, Jensen and several writers have said that Dean is straight and that there’s no romance with Castiel. You might see it as something else but many people don’t and the people who actually make this show agree with us. But rock on you crazy diamond.

      • mia says:

        Cas didn’t marry Daphne because he loved her or had any romantic/sexual interest in her. She just happened to be there when he walked out of that reservoir amnesiac and confused and she took him home and took care of him. That Cas would have walked with basically anyone who offered him some kind of protection. When Dean showed up he just walked out and never came back. As far as we know he couldn’t care less about her. We don’t even know if it was a real marriage or some kind of a story they came up with as an excuse for living together Daphne being very religious and all that.

    • deangirl81 says:

      Dean Winchester is heterosexual. It’s been proven in canon, by writers through messages they’ve been forced to post after being harassed by crazy shippersand by Jensen who stated it explicitly during conventions. Destiel is fanon only.

  9. Kate says:

    Of course Cas would have a female love interest HAHAH WHY DID I ASSUME ANYTHING ELSE?? It’s not like I thought he’d be pansexual or have no sexual preference considering, oh I dunno, he’s AN ANGEL. But of course, hey, he’s in a male meatsuit, GOTTA PLEASE THE HETERONORMATIVE AUDIENCE. Nope, screw this. I thought they learned something after the whole Daphne thing, but apparently not. I will not be watching.

    • wow201102 says:

      In fairness, a lot of the problem with Daphne had less to do with her being female and more to do with the fact that it was all kinds of weird and creepy to have some random woman find an amnesiac wandering in the woods and marry him within the span of months, without ever making an effort to find out who or what he was…..the fact that it all happened off-screen just made it even harder to swallow.

    • deangirl81 says:

      The show will survive.

  10. Marika says:

    Well goodbye show, I won’t be watching anymore. Seriously can’t believe they would fill in every single : “What fans do not want for s.9”. …. I am most definitely not watching anymore. Such a shame.

    • Mickey says:

      Speak for yourself, because you don’t speak for all fans. I love what I’m hearing about s9, and Jensen and Jared are positively glowing with enthusiasm.

    • Sharla says:

      The tumblr Destiel fandom does not represent all fans of Supernatural. I for one am so excited, and I love that Sam and Dean have repaired their brotherhood so yay, more brother moments!

    • deangirl81 says:

      Climb off your high horse. You do not represent the fans and you sure as hell don’t speak for me. Every single. thing. I’ve seen so far, and I’m up on every single spoiler, is EXACTLY what I want to see and trust me, I’m not alone. I’m loving season 9 already and I CANNOT wait to see Castiel get it on with Lucio’s character.

  11. Lalala says:

    I hate her in everything she’s in. Also Cas is in love with Dean and vice versa. It’s 100000% obvious, I find it so dumb that they would give him a love interest besides him JUST because the fact that they are both men. No doubt in my mind that this new girl will act just like Dean and when Dean gets a love interest she will act just like Cas simply because the writers don’t want to write a gay couple into the show.

    • Lacey says:

      The writers HAVE written gay couples. And Charlie, who is quite possibly the favorite female character ever, has had same-sex on screen kissing.

      Or are you going to make the argument that it doesn’t count when it’s women?

      • deangirl81 says:

        They don’t want a gay couple. They want Destiel. They screech about representation yet not one of them give two shakes about the actual LGBT character the show has given us. They’re so transparent and desperate,

        • It is one thing to have a character on the show that is in a few episodes, two or three tops, per season, be an LGBT character. It is QUITE another thing to have the main character grow, develop, and then ultimately come to realize they are an LGBT character despite previous behavior and how the general audience has seen them. So don’t belittle the people that are talking about wanting LGBT representation. Yes, you’re right that some of them don’t care, but a lot of them do care, me included, and it would be a huge step toward sexual equality and LGBT representation to have one of the main characters on Supernatural realize and reveal they are LGBT. You look very judgmental and bitter, so you should really quit while you’re “ahead.”

          • Julie says:

            Don’t bother, it seems like deangirl81 is a big hater as I see her in every comment hating on people’s opinions. Very mature.

    • Sharla says:

      Except Jensen already told you Dean is heterosexual at Jus in Bello this year in August, so no, he’s not in love with Cas?

      You need to start watching the actual show and not just relying on other Destiel fans to tell you what to believe.

      • kingofthecastiel says:

        I truly mean no disrespect, but if you are referring to when he quoted Ben Edlund in calling Dean heterosexual, then you should also be made aware of the fact that whilst Ben did write the scene with Aaron intending it to be a joke, he also said in the commentary for Everybody Hates Hitler that the way Jensen ACTED in the scene could have easily been interpreted as a romantic fluster. So yes, it is true that Jensen has labelled Dean as heterosexual, but it is also true that he was quoting someone else when he said it, someone who has admitted that you could interpret Dean’s reaction as something pertaining to underlying bisexuality. The writers – and actors – are far from telling us that our opinions are completely invalid. Quite the opposite, in fact, given that Misha has said that he believes in a romantic relationship between the two of them (this was discussed during a Meet and Greet), and Felicia has said she is sure of Destiel from Cas’ side.

        See. Most of us Destiel fans really do our research. I don’t take shipping lightly, and I believe in the chemistry due to evidence, both on screen and off.

        • THANK YOU. It annoys me when people completely IGNORE these facts. Like we are hearing what you are saying, and we are giving context to your points and expanding on them, but you REFUSE to hear them. And yet WE are always labeled deluded. It’s ridiculous.

    • deangirl81 says:

      It’s 100000% a lie that Jensen and some writers have debunked several times. Please stop spreading lies.

  12. Aho says:


  13. Lou says:

    WHat the what? The last thing Cas should be thinking about is hooking up. He’s just broke free of mind control and torture to have a huge part of himself basically amputated by someone who betrayed his trust plus his entire race is stranded on earth. So yeah, great time to make out with a chick. Except NOT. Maybe next season, but now? Cheesy as heck, writers. Cheesy. As. Heck. This is so disappointing.

    • Millie says:

      Yeah like all shipping aside, this is a TERRIBLE writing choice plot wise. Like you just fell from heaven and so you have sex two weeks later? Why? Why is that something on the table? Cas, as the character we know him as, should be focusing on getting back with Sam and Dean so he can fix his brothers and sisters. Based on what we have seen from Cas over the last five years, this is what I would think his natural course of action would be based on his character development. Not hooking up with a random love interest he finds two weeks after his fall. That’s just not really a logical choice of action.

      I mean, TV Line never gives the whole story regarding spoilers, so I’m still going to watch to see how this unfolds, but I’m still side-eyeing this writing choice really hard.


    • Nonnie says:

      Good. Please, stay gone. Glad this is finally shutting the shippers up. Lord knows the producers flat out stating that “destiel” is all in the fans’ heads didn’t work.

    • Guess you don’t count GhostFacer’s Corbett or The Real Ghostbuster’s Demien and Barnes, then in your “Every male has to be straight”, your shouted RANT, then? Funny, I thought they were male. So long, goodbye to you.

      • mia says:

        Who cares about some one-off characters that are used only for laughts and then never show up again? What about a character that many people love and identify with? Why does he have to be defined as heterosexual when there’s no logical reason for him to be since he’s a genderless multidimensional wavelenght of celestial intent INHABITING male body except for confirming once again show’s closed-minded heternormativity?

        • angelica says:

          He doesn’t have to be gay, but they aren’t writing him that way. From PONR we have only seen him really with women as actual or potential love interests. Unless you ship Desitel of course.

          The writers sure don’t get any credit for Charlie as a popualr recurring character who happens to be gay.

          • mia says:

            First, we were talking about male non-hetero characters so Charlie doesn’t count. As for Castiel having only women as potential love interests – that’s what I’m talking about! They throw in a random lady for Cas every now and then just to make an impression that he’s a manly heterosexual male though he’s not even a MAN – he’s a genderless angel in man’s body (I know I’m repeating myself) so he wouldn’t be gay/straight/bi. It’s not like they even make sense or like he cares about them or has any conecction with them at all (you could argue about Meg but my problem with Megstiel that was totally OOC in my opinion for BOTH Cas and Meg is a different thing entirely). It’s not like he has this whole ‘profound bond’ with Dean and love for him (whether platonic or romantic is up to interpretation) that people like to dismiss as friendship while acting like these random love interests prove anything. It’s like the writers are trying really hard to keep up appearances or something.

          • wow201102 says:

            Alright, I don’t think the writers are homophobic, myself, largely because of all the examples mentioned here, as well as others I can think of where they made their stance on queer people and relationships pretty clear (even though I know certain portrayals have not alway been the most tasteful). And I have used these examples to counter not only accusations of homophobia but also the viewpoints that the show would never/could never with Dean and Cas because “it’s not that kind of show” or “they’re too afraid to make that sort of statement.”

            BUT I also don’t like this counter-argument that a character like Charlie should be “enough” for the LGBT community. I love Charlie, but there shouldn’t be a one-and-done rule wherein a single queer character is considered sufficient representation for any show. Especially since there’s a big difference between a recurring character who shows up once or twice a year and a character who has a prominent role in the plot and is around frequently, like Cas is.

          • angelica says:

            to mia
            First of all none of us can read the writer’s minds so saying that they are only giving him random ladies to prove his male hetero-ness is speculation and presumption. And forgive me, but it sounds like you are accusing them of doing something wrong. Last time I checked the creators of the story get to define them, not the fans. Although feel free to interpret however you wish. Do you think the writers are guilty of keeping Cas “straight” to deliberately debunk the supposed ship btw Cas/Dean or just a lack of creativity?

            I happen to think the women did have a purpose in the story.

            The scene in The End with Cas and his harem illustrated who Cas had become in the future He checked out and gave into base desires–chasing a high and meaningless sex. It had a purpose in the story. Meg has been a character on SUpernatural longer than Cas; she wasn’t a random lady. The story of an angel and a demon connecting the way Meg and Cas did charmed a lot of people and said something about perceptions and the evolution of characters and even good/evil. Why not tell that story with Meg? We have no idea what if anything happened sexually btw Cas and Daphne but they did live as husband and wife, He had to be somewhere and be taken care of by someone in his state and Emmanuel seemed to care for her. But she was not really a viable longterm love interest. She was a kind lady and it’s too bad she will prob never know what happened to her husband.I don’t think that Cas is less of a character because he had these relationships.

            The writers have never addressed how the sexuality of angels in their human form is determined. We know that Balthazar and gabriel have been around the block and Zach had a thing for mary winchester. I’ve heard some people say that they thought Alfie might had crushed on cas. Does the sexuality of the vessel influence the angel? (that’s how they did it on Stargate)

          • mia says:

            to angelica
            Ok, I must admit that as a Destiel shipper (I know, surprise, surprise) I am biased towards wanting Castiel’s sexuality to turn out to be something more than just ladie’s man. Now that he’s human and by default discovering human emotions including romantic relationships it would be interesting to explore the nature of his feelings for Dean as not being entirely platonic since it would not be OOC (considering he doesn’t/shuldn’t have defined sexual orientation) nor out of the blue (even other characters called them ‘in love’ and ‘boyfriends’). Unfortunately it seems like the writers are going to take an easy and obvious route and give him some lady to explore the perks of humanity and then forget about her. Of course Cas sleeping with this woman or basically any number of women won’t destroy the DC relationship for me and might even help Cas discover what he really wants in his life but I just don’t trust these writers considering what I’ve seen in the past.
            I’m sorry, if it appeared like I’m against women being present on the show or having romantic relatinships with the boys, that was not my intention at all. But the purpose of all the women you mentioned was just that – love interest that contribute to character developmen of male protagonist. Just look at the title of this article, it’s not my fault they present them that way. Even Meg that used to be an awesome villan and later frenemy for TFW had to die for her ‘unicorn’ as if it was the only way to make her death more meaningful.
            Regarding angels ‘inheriting’ sexual orientation from their vessels – I don’t know. What if they change vessel as we’ve seen on the show with Cas and Raphael – does their sexual orientation change as well?
            To sum up I don’t claim that the writers should make Cas canonically romantically interested in Dean because I want them to. I won’t speak of queer representation in media either because I’m not a part of LGBT comunity. But as a fan of this show I have a right to express my opinion that it would be great if they explored love that is a concept surpassing heteronormative understanding of this word.

          • @ mia for your last comment: Bravo. I appreciate the eloquence and level-headedness you utilized here in this argument. I feel the same way about it and am glad that others like me are out there.

    • deangirl81 says:

      All that capslock rage. Walking away from this show is the best thing to do. It’s obviously not healthy for you.

  15. Lisa says:

    Well guess I won’t be watching Supernatural anymore.

    • lurea says:

      Funny how when talking about queerbaiting, the writers are all “Can’t define love” but when it comes to a FEMALE LOVE INTEREST, it’s laid right out there.

  16. roxy says:

    I don’t like it :/
    I never really thought of castiel having a love interest

    • angel64 says:

      I could accept/support Dean and Cas being romantic or not, either way. But I never once thought it was ever gonna happen, so this is no surprise or disappointment to me. What bothers me is that, once again, it seems like the SPN writers feel Cas, like Sam, is more important than Dean, in that even Cas is worthy of a meaningful, recurring love interest/romance, while in show timeline Dean hasn’t even gotten laid in three years. And no, I didn’t really count Lisa as a love interest as much as a promise he made to Sam, because we never saw them meet, have an attraction develop, fall in love. We only saw their relationship after they had been together for a year. And the Cassie thing rang false to me and again, we didn’t see the romance actually happen, as well as her merely being in one, (awful) episode. Why isn’t Dean could enough to meet a woman, have the whole attraction and sexual tension blossom, and really fall in romantic, passionate love? Just once? I know it can’t last due to the nature of the show but to me, we’ve never really seen that side of Dean, and dammit, I want to, just once.

      • angel64 says:

        Whoops, I meant why isn’t Dean ‘good enough”.
        As for Sam and Amelia, it wasn’t the fact that Sam had a love interest that bothered so many fans, at least not me. The problem was, she knew NOTHING about Sam, and for me, his being with her brought out the worst qualities in his character. To me, he turned selfish, resentful of his brother even being alive, left Kevin on his own to die, slept with a married woman after having met her husband and seeing that he was a decent guy and after knowing she was back living with him as his wife, let Martin do the nasty things he did to Dean etc.He cared only about himself and her. He could have had a romantic relationship and even left hunting but still looked after Kevin because he was his and Dean’s responsibility, and still had a loving relationship with his brother The right woman would have been a POSITIVE influence on him But Amelia’s influence turned Sam into someone I didn’t know or care to, not the Sam I knew and loved. This was my main problem with her. To be fair, even for Dean being with Lisa he had to become someone he wasn’t, even though Lisa DID know all about Dean. Lisa had a problem with Sam , because she was smart enough to know that Dean wouldn’t be able to choose between them, but her influence didn’t turn Dean into a selfish individual who stopped loving/caring about his brother. Of course as I said, I didn’t really see a passionate romance with Lisa as much as an obligation.

  17. Well.

    Thanks for doing something so incredibly innovative and daring with Cas’s storyline, SPN.


  18. Teresa says:

    I , for one, will actually WATCH the show before I critique it. Talk about putting the cart before the horse……..

  19. hlots11 says:

    This… will not go over well. This isn’t Being Human, Carver. SPN has a bad reputation when it comes to female characters, because they can’t be anything but love interests, mother figures, or gay. (I love Charlie, but she’s only well-done because they made the boys off-limits by default for her.) Factor in the Dean/Cas fans (a ship that consistently is more popular than same hetero ships), and this is going to cause problems.

  20. Although I love love love Shannon, and am excited to see her on Supernatural, I do wish that she wasn’t playing a love interest for Castiel. It just seems fairly pointless, and way too early in the season.
    My question is: are they going to take the time to establish Castiel’s character as a human? What about his relationship with the Winchesters, as someone who can no longer be of much use to them in their hunts/other ways? And is she only in episode 3? If so, I’m afraid of this becoming the tired trope of “Female Love Interest With a Flat Personality Is Killed Off Making Male Character Depressed/Angry”. If she was contracted for the rest of the season, I would be much happier.
    Not only that, but how will her character fit in with the plot? She probably isn’t a demon or an angel, as we can tell by her somewhat ordinary name. If she’s a serious love interest, she will have to be killed off by the end of the episode, which would be a stretch, even for Supernatural’s theme of killing off female characters. If she’s someone Castiel sleeps with, how will they reconcile that with his character’s traditional view of sex = love (as we saw when he didn’t understand the pornography he accidentally viewed)?
    I am happy to have more female characters on the show, but I’m worried that she will be over-sexualized, trivialized, or simply treated as a “plot point” character to enhance Castiel’s character or the storyline in some way. What we need is more female characters like Charlie, who have actual backstories and depth, and not just love interests for male characters. I suppose we will just have to put our trust in the Supernatural writers and hope that April Kelly will not be another Daphne.

  21. lurea says:

    I dislike forced undeveloped love interest characters. Don’t expect this one to fare any better than Amelia last season. Writers, do you even know who your audience is?

  22. Lou says:

    Ugg. I knew they’d screw up this Cas is human story and go for the cheap laughs instead of thinking about the seriousness of what Cas has been through recently. This is just like they screwed up Sam’s story last season with Amelia. My brother just disappeared and the king of hell stole my friend. Time to hook up! My former race is stranded and I was recently tortured and mutilated and woke up an entire new species. Also, my best friend’s brother is dying and my ex race wants to kill me. Time to hook up!

    Bad, bad writing that will go over like a lead balloon.

  23. Ale says:

    Of course Cas is heterosexual even though he was, for billions of years, a multidimensional wave of celestial intent. Like there’s any other possible sexuality. And it’s not like Dean and Cas’s relationship was being written all based on romantic tropes for a long time, of course not. It’s no like the writers actively gave us hope by writing their relationship as a romance. Obviously, it’s all in our heads. They can’t define love! Unless it’s heterosexual love, heterosexual love can be defined.

    Not watching next season.

    • Nonnie says:

      Good. Please, stay gone. Glad this is finally shutting the shippers up. Lord knows the producers flat out stating that “destiel” is all in the fans’ heads didn’t work.

      • can you please stop with the ‘glad you are gone’ thing? you realize if a lot of the fans leave over something like this, she show could stop airing all together.
        and side note: they have never stated any such thing, and if they have, there are plenty of counter arguments to it.
        stop being an ass

        • Nonnie says:

          Alright, I’ll toss some facts at you then. The Destiel shipper consensus is 5,000 names strong, last I heard. But let’s be super generous and up that number to 25,000, just for kicks and to give them a fighting chance. Now, let’s look at the show’s viewing audience. The Destiel shipper ratio in difference to actual viewing audience is radically lower. We’re talking less than 1% of viewing audience. Even if ALL the destiel shippers quit watching, it wouldn’t even be a blip on the radar. So for all the absolute BULLIES who are complaining and sending hate to the writers right now, screaming that they’re the majority, you sure as heck ARE NOT. Bashing straight relationships and glorifying homosexual ones is not equality, people. Not to mention that you all did this to yourselves. You are your own worst queerbaiters. You meta and analyze 2 seconds of a gif into a 40 page essay, create scenarios and fanfictions in your heads, then are ticked when it doesn’t play out on screen. No one was fooling you. No one was baiting you. Many of the Dean and Cas bonding moments are almost identical mirrors to how Dean reacts and behaves around Sam. HIS BROTHER. Dean himself has said that Cas is a brother to him. Cas is Dean’s (and Sam’s) guardian. He is obviously going to feel strongly about them, and that should never be belittled. But to scream romance at the top of your lungs just because two people care about each other on a profound level is ridiculous. Do you know why I’m glad shippers are quitting? Not because I’m an “ass” but because non-shippers have been putting up with shipper crap for YEARS. Getting hate, being called names, receiving anonymous mail that’s crueler and more brutal than something a worst enemy could concoct. Shippers are some of the biggest bullies in the entire fandom, so yeah. (IE: take a look at Adam Glass’ twitter right now. And the tidal wave of hate he’s getting right now. It’s disgusting.) So, yes. I’m glad they’re ticked, and I won’t miss them. Call it justice, karma, I don’t give a crap. I’m just glad. And that’s the secret little wicked side of me talking. The rest of me is excited for the storyline and the season as a whole, because it looks super interesting and all the guys’ seem stoked for it. THAT’S why I’m happy. I’m satisfied on the side because of Destiel shippers finally getting “canon vs fanon” thrown in their face. It’s a good day all around.

          They have indeed stated such things. (it being in the fans’ heads) Shippers just conveniently forget that it exists.

          • Anastasia says:

            This. I love you. Every word was perfect.

          • Lacey says:

            I second Anastasia. Except, adore is a better word.

          • Wow, are you actually foaming at the mouth as you type this, or does it just sound that way?

            You don’t have the first clue what non-rabid fans think about the characters; frankly, none of us do. For all any of us know, the viewpoints of casual fans could break down in exactly the same proportion as the online fans do; a bunch of nonshippers, a bunch of “justdabros,” and a big honking group of people who think it’d be crazy cool if Dean and Cas hooked up.

            So you can rant all you like about the crazy shippers, but don’t pretend you for one second that the silent masses have invited you to speak on their behalf.

          • Lori says:

            “IE: take a look at Adam Glass’ twitter right now. And the tidal wave of hate he’s getting right now. It’s disgusting”

            LOL hypocrite, take a look at their twitter feeds any time Sam and Dean have a bust-up and what do you see? A tidal wave of hate. And destiel shippers get just as much hate and bullying from bro-only fans.

          • Gina says:

            You’re an idiot. That is not how many Destiel fans exist, that’s how many signed a stupid census on a site everybody has already forgotten about. Destiel fans have won every single shipping poll they have entered in in this year alone, and if you want real numbers? Look at the ratings DROP when Castiel left the show in season 7. That almost killed the show. But he came back and then you know what happened? Social media. There was a giant spike over last summer, (just check google analytics on Destiel), and an incredible amount of new viewers poured in to watch season 8 because of this “ship.” Season 8 did better than any season since 4, AKA the introduction of Castiel. It brought in a new wave of Castiel and Destiel enthusiasts. If you truly, truly don’t believe that these fans have an impact, you are KIDDING yourself. And the writers know it, which is why they keep writing in these scenes that you call “fanservice.” It gets them ratings. It draws more people in, every time there are new Destiel gifsets floating around from some episode, more people are curious, and more people begin to watch the show. They know how huge Destiel is, and they are using that to their advantage. But okay. Keep believing that. But I guarantee you this: If they ever killed Cas again, or made it so that Destiel could never happen in the show (one of the boys getting a more permanent love interest, declaring they are 100% straight), then the ratings would PLUMMET. You don’t have to believe me, and I know you are far enough up your own butt with your own fictional “statistics” not to. But it’s true. Mark my words.

          • Vicki says:

            I love you, Nonnie. Thanks! Being forced to choose words carefully to translate dialogues to portuguese (I have a blog and do subtitles for the show in Brazil) so I don’t give shippers more to giggle about hurts my soul, because in every episode it mocks me the way I will never be able to enjoy such a pure friendship without thinking some will bully me for not seeing romantic love there. Love, yes. Lust, desire, homoerotism, no. Not at all. Maybe now I will be able to relax and enjoy the show for what it is to me, which is much more beautiful than most destiel fanfictions portray what Dean and Cas mean to each other.

          • aspiringtobesomeone says:

            What’s annoying is you keep commenting on people who are ditching the series, assuming that they’re destiel shippers.

            A lot of people have made good points about how Cas dating by episode 3, after he’s been stripped of his powers, being betrayed by someone he saw himself in, his entire family has fallen down to earth, and want him dead, a love interest just doesn’t make that much sense. They haven’t shown him taking any sort of sexual interest in people, with the slight exception of Meg, except he was literally crazy. It’s out of the blue, perhaps if they eased more into it, fans would be more receptive.

            Also, as other people previously stated, Supernatural’s track record with women characters who are supposed to be love interests, is horrible.

            Yeah, it’s a little dramatic ditching the series over a little decision, without seeing the product of said decision. But that doesn’t mean that their view isn’t valid.

            Is there something wrong with wanting a female character introduced who isn’t gay, who isn’t treated like their mom (Sheriff Mills, and Ellen) and isn’t destined to die with in 6 episodes of being introduced?

            You can hate any shippers you want. Most especially if they’ve directly attacked you, that’s your right, more power to you.

            But don’t assume just because certain fans reactions to spoilers and things that seem like they’re changing the structure of the show is different from yours that their viewpoint and opinion is any less valid than yours. And please, don’t group people into restrictive boxes that encompass all that a person can think, want, feel, and be. It’s insulting, and simply will never speak truth.

            The supernatural fandom is a family for a reason, we all empathize with the boys for very real reasons. We all have our reasons for disliking or enjoying the different decisions ‘the powers that be’ make.

            But just because you don’t agree with someone disliking something, that you may be excited for, doesn’t mean that person is thinking with “shipper-brain” or ignoring canon. Or is even a shipper in reality.

            It means that they’re a different person, who has had experiences and a different perspective. Who may be thinking of aspects of a decision or the implications of an action, that you have yet to think of. Don’t take disagreement as a personal affront, take it as an opportunity to see and understand more about something you love.

            I’ve learned a lot from other fans perspectives, when I disagreed with them, that’s why I tend to read the comments sections of articles like these, because I want to understand the perspectives of other people better and I want to understand more about what is going on in the decision-makers heads, and since I can’t talk directly to them, a fan who understands and can rationalize why they might be making a decision that doesn’t make sense to me, is a pretty dang good substitute.

          • DestielisNOTcanon says:

            All of this, Nonnie. You are amazing and said that better than I ever could.

          • erin says:

            A+ nonnie. I don’t think the extreme fans (of any persuasion) understand how rabid and off the reservation they actually seem to the average viewer. It makes for some interesting reading though.

          • kaystiel says:

            There is plenty of hate online, and plenty of people who state ‘this is the way to be a fan, this is the way to interpret the characters,’ but the whole point of fandom is what each person sees in the characters and concept and how that inspires them. You can find bullies everywhere, surprisingly, most of the fandom of Supernatural NEVER GOES ONLINE, I know plenty of die-hard fans of spn who have watched since the pilot, and they never engage in fandom, they just tune in to watch once a week. The only people who could have a real idea of what the fandom at large (not just online) would be the show runners, because they (gasp) still get snail mail, and from many countries, but I digress. Being a bully to combat bullying fails, people don’t take your opinions into consideration if you insult and shout.

          • Julie says:

            Reply to Gina: Season 7 ratings were actually rock steady and rivaling the ratings of CW shows on stronger nights. The ratings were the reason the network decided to risk moving the show off Friday to Wednesday. Season 7 proved how strong the show was, not how weak. If the show was regarded as sinking, it would have been left on Friday. The ratings did not sink when Cas appeared to be dead and they did not rise when he came back. In fact, the episode he returned had a lower rating than the one before and after it, though really the only takeaway point from that is that Cas returning did not spike an increase in ratings.

            Season 8 ratings got a big boost from moving to a better night and following Arrow, which started out with good ratings and a lot of interest. Season 8 ratings dipped down during the first half of the season when Sam’s story did not hit with viewers and the ratings went up again after hiatus when the brothers were acting like brothers again. Cas was not in the first slew of episodes after hiatus and the ratings went up. I like the character, but he does not drive the show.

          • Mika says:

            Thank you for this! I couldn’t agree more and myself and others have this exact conversation so often and every time I can’t help but get angry over it. You’ve hit the nail on the coffin on this one! *high five*

          • deangirl81 says:

            Men lie. Women lie. Numbers don’t.
            You go Nonnie. Keep dropping that science all over this comment section lol. So much truth in this comment.

        • deangirl81 says:

          You’re giving them WAY too much credit. The show will keep airing. They don’t represent most of the viewership and they can leave as soon as they want. We’ll be fine.

    • wut says:

      Less “parallels” and “sub-text”; more canon, please. Because, right now, it sounds like a lot of miffed viewers not only will not be watching next season, but also didn’t pay that much attention to the previous ones (Cas as hetero is one big surprise, really?… The orgy scene on The End, for example, ringing any bells?…)

      • kaystiel says:

        Oh yes yes yes, so many of last seasons episodes were (I feel) wasted, I really need the bros (and their angel) to get back to saving people, hunting things. I am a Destiel shipper, but I also love Denny, Samstiel, I could go on – I have a love for the show, and the other things I like are fandom driven, I keep the two universes separate, I just want the show to remember where it’s been and what it’s strengths are, and give all the characters well developed and thoughtful intriguing storylines.

    • Ramona says:

      90-95% of people are heterosexual. Why would living billions of years as a multidimensional wave of celestial intent mean that he is suddenly gay? Like, what exactly is in that billion years that turned him gay? LOL!

      • Sam says:

        “turned him gay” this is HETERONORMATIVE. BILLIONS of years is something that you could NEVER COMPREHEND. It makes NO SENSE that his “default” sexuality would be hetero and something in those billions of years (over 99 percent of which would have been MINUS HUMANS IN GENERAL) would HAVE to “turn” him gay for it to be canon. It makes a LOT more sense to expect him to not even care about sexuality, and if it ever came up to be COMPLETELY CONFUSED ABOUT ALL OF IT.

      • aspiringtobesomeone says:

        The thing is, he was a multidimensional wave of celestial intent, he was not a man. He had no sex, it’s been brought up more than a few times. He would not be gay if he was into men. Because homosexuality is when you’re attracted to people who share your same sex.

        He is now in a vessel, he only now technically has any sex at all, and if you remember Castiel doesn’t feel his vessel is apart of him, he’s spent maybe 5 years as a man, and billions of years of celestial intent, it would be premature to assign him a sex now. If he assigned himself, that would be another thing, but he hasn’t explicitly stated, “I’m a male human being” has he?

        So whether or not Castiel shows a preference towards women or men, it won’t make him homosexual or heterosexual. Until he assigns his own gender.

        • mia says:

          This! Why do people need to have it explained to them is beyond me.

        • GemGem says:

          Okay, so even if you were to accept that Cas has no established gender as of yet, that still doesn’t change the fact that his canon-established sexual orientation is for women. And I think you are reading too much into this if you are trying to justify the possibility or Dean x Cas in canon still. Do you really think that they show will delve into gender/sexuality-politics in such a way? In the writers minds they are writing a male character being attracted to females. And even if Cas is more open in terms of sexuality, have the writers not already explicit stated Dean to be straight?
          You can take part in as many mental gymnastics as you like in trying to reconcile this plot development, but in the end, it just comes down to what the writers want to do… and it looks like they’re are trying to show these boys to be straight. And that’s okay, you know? This is their show and these are their characters and they never promised anyone Destiel.

      • kaystiel says:

        Being an angel, who doesn’t have a drive for sex, Castiel could be pansexual, meaning he is attracted to a person’s soul, and the meatsuit is incidental, it would be very intriguing for Castiel to have a love relationship with a man – who is not Dean, there is a difference between the fans that only want Dean and Cas together, and the fans who would love to see more diversity and surprise in the storylines. We already had the female love interest with Daphne, and Meg.

    • deangirl81 says:

      “Of course Cas is heterosexual.”

      Have you ever watched the show?

      Remember when Castiel was having orgies with a bunch of women? Remember when he was flirting with Meg?

      Just because you think Dean and Catiel’s relationship is romantic doesn’t make it so. Jensen and some writers lready told you guys it wasn’t the case. Seems like they finally got through to you. Bye, and to use a line from the show, “stay gone”

      • Why of course that person has watched the show. “Wave of celestial intent” would pretty easily confirm that. And what, you have never met ANYONE in the history of the world that explored their sexuality? Especially someone who AS A WAVE OF CELESTIAL INTENT FOR BILLIONS OF YEARS would not have a “default” or “normal” sexual orientation given the fact that their species isn’t human at all? Is it really THAT hard for you to allow characters to be, I don’t know, a bit more well rounded than just “Welp he slept with a woman obviously he is one hundred percent heterosexual there is NO chance of anything else and he gets NO other chances to explore his sexuality or even develop it into something completely different like most people in society do nowadays.” What a joke.

  24. Paige says:

    After being led for an entire season that Dean is Castiel’s love interest, this news completely baffles and upsets me. I have no interest in tuning in for this, no thank you.

    • Aho says:

      They didn’t lead you in anything. It was all in the Destielers head. When will you guys learn?

      • hlots11 says:

        Even my boyfriend, who doesn’t see slash in anything, asked me last season if they were planning to do something with Dean and Cas. It’s not in their heads – SPN is queer-baiting. Why should hetero shippers be more in the right than slash shippers?

        • Aho says:

          Maybe his perception was altered by the way others (including you) watch it. No general fan I know saw anything sexual between their characters. So, agree to disagree. Also, strongly disagree it’s queer baiting. The producers on twitter, maybe. The show, though? Not really.

          • hlots11 says:

            Not really – he doesn’t read SPN forums or threads – he’s just a casual viewer, and I don’t ship anything. I hate romance in my shows. I’d much rather watch them focus on a good Dean/Cas friendship than give me tired, shoe-horned in romance because… Reasons. It doesn’t even make sense in the narrative, as others have pointed out.

        • deangirl81 says:

          So, I know some people who don’t usually watch the show also though Sam and Dean were a couple. Doesn’t make it true.

    • Yes, I'm Another Whiny Destiel Shipper says:

      The problem is we’ve kind of led ourselves on. I keep trying to tell people that the show has never promised us anything, but people never listen. Everyone gets their hopes up based on the scraps the show throws to the shippers, but they don’t seem to understand that that’s all we’re going to get, and that it’s never going to lead to where we want it to.

    • deangirl81 says:

      That was all your head. I watched the show last season and I never once saw that. Bye.

    • GemGem says:

      Haven’t the writers of the show already explicit stated that these two were not going to be an item? I’m all for shipping guys when sexualities are open or not establish or if they are canonically gay or bi, but when a show puts it’s foot down and says ‘look, these guys are straight’, you need to respect that.

      • Actually no, they haven’t “explicitly stated” that Dean and Cas won’t “be an item.” That is literally the whole reason this is up for debate. Because the writers continue, as well as the actors in interviews, to skirt around making an “explicit” statement concerning a Dean and Cas “item” relationship happening. The writers have never said “Dean and Cas are not going to become romantically involved in any way, ever.” That has never happened. Sorry.

  25. Grace says:

    CAS: I am utterly in different to sexual orientation


    CAS: LOL J/K I’m totes all about the boobs

    • lurea says:

      Next up, Cas joins a frat house! Angel House, amirite??

    • Hailey P. says:

      Ok him sleeping with a woman wouldn’t mean he’s not indifferent to sexual orientation. You get that, right?

      • Grace says:

        It would to general audiences. And that’s the problem here. We don’t need convincing that Cas can be pansexual, but gen audiences do.

    • wut says:

      Only that line was said in a context where Cas, as a deity, did not view different sexual orientations as sinful; not an admission on his own sexuality.

      What show have you been watching.

    • Katie says:

      Friendly reminder that heterosexuality is also a sexual orientation. As a hardcore Dean/Cas shipper, I am slightly disappointed that the writers haven’t done anything with Season 8. HOWEVER, I am all for Cas having his own romantic interest, and for him experimenting with different things. For all we know, this could very well be short term.

  26. PinkGirly says:

    I love that all the psycho shippers are claiming they are leaving. Good riddance!!! We didnt want you in the first place and you won’t be missed. Cas in love with Dean? What show have YOU been watching? Dean can barely stand the sight of Cas. In fact, in a recent interview, Jensen referred to Cas as a “tool” Sam and Dean will use. Yep, sounds like true epic love – NOT. Hopefully, this love interest will be the perfect way to write a useless character out of the show – give him a HEA with a girl and get the show back to what it’s all about – SAMNDEAN – not useless angels that should have stayed dead at the end of S5.

    • Amanda says:

      It sounds like someone’s bitter. Did you miss the first few episodes in Season 8 where Dean refused to leave purgatory without Cas? How about when Dean made it up in his head that he was the one who couldn’t get Cas through the portal because he didn’t want to have to think about how Cas had let go? “I need you”? He prayed to Cas every night in purgatory. What show have YOU been watching?

      • PinkGirly says:

        Have you missed the entire 8 seasons of the SHOW? Wow, using a few lame examples because Dean felt guilt about leaving a friend behind in Purgatory = epic love? Go watch the season finale again and get back with me on WHO Dean loves. (Hint: it’s not Cas). You guys and your imaginary ships never cease to amaze me. Someone doesn’t know how to tell the difference between show canon and fan fiction. But hey, ship it all you want cuz it ain’t never gonna happen on the show. And please, do the rest of fandom a favor and LEAVE like you are all promising to do. It will make for a such better place.

        • Amanda says:

          I don’t even ship Destiel, I don’t ship anyone on Supernatural. Dean loves Sam, but Dean also loves Cas. Sam is family, Cas is family. Where is it written that Dean can only have emotional ties to one character? I think the show would be a much better place without people hating on characters that are an integral part of the show. Cas isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, it would do you some good to release your anger in more productive ways. I didn’t say I was leaving the show either, I said I was skipping this episode because I’m not interested in seeing another female character be pushed as a love interests.

          • PinkGirly says:

            Agree to disagree on this then. Cuz Cas ain’t family – not like Sam is family. Maybe he was close at one time – but s6/7 kinda destroyed that relationship. Heck, Sam had to convince Dean to forgive him. Are you new? Have you watched since season 1? If you have then you missed Kripke’s theme for the show. But I am not going to argue – especially with someone who thinks Castiel is an “integral part of the show”. I’ve got a feeling this is Cas’ last season. He didn’t bring anything story-wise to the show last season, and has basically been a waste of airtime since s6. And I’m not angry. I’m laughing – read all these comments – this is funny stuff. Psycho shippers gone wild!

          • wow201102 says:

            To PinkGirly:

            I cannot speak for Amanda, but I can tell you that I *have* been watching since season 1, and I love the character of Castiel (as do a lot of people), and I highly doubt he is going anywhere anytime soon, all shipping aside.

        • wut says:

          You’re not sounding much better than the delusional destielers, there…

        • kaystiel says:

          Dean goes back for Cas, Dean doesn’t give up on Cas, and surprise, neither does Sam or Bobby, remember when Bobby said ‘you just lost your best friend?’ Dean never disagrees. It’s canon that Cas is family, and Cas is loved by Dean and Sam, just look to the very last seconds of last season, where Dean is watching the angels fall, and his thoughts are about Cas (and not only that he wants to save Sam)

      • Aho says:

        I think I’l seeing a lot of bitter fans here and they’re the majority Destielers with their heart broken. Dean and Castiel aren’t in love with each other. Never were. They’re friends. Period. Maybe now it’ll go through their heads that Destiel was never intended to become canon, no matter how much they try to spin the scenes into their agendas.

    • “Benny, I’m not leaving Purgatory without my hammer!!”
      “I need you, demon-killing knife.”
      “Come on, nail gun. Talk to me.”

    • Linda says:

      Dean didn’t even seem to care AT ALL that Castiel would probably die if he went back up to heaven in the season 8 finale but I guess that translates to “I LOVE HIM SO MUCH WE’RE IN LOVE” to some.

      • hlots11 says:

        To be fair, it’s been inconsistent. That wasn’t the feeling when Dean gave his “I need you” speech earlier. It appeared to vary by writer and director.

        • Biba says:

          Destieler at a store:
          Clerk: “Ma’am, I NEED YOU to sign here, please”
          Does that mean clerk loves you in a romantic way, ma’am?
          People can need people in more ways than your. ******* in my ******, you know…

  27. puddingcup says:

    Awesome! I hope she turns out to be more than just a simple love interest. Carver don’t let me down. I am definitely looking foreword to seeing Cas deal with love and lust, haha.

    • Lauren says:

      IA if this season is all about Cas discovering his humanity love, a pretty significant human emotion, and everything that comes with that including sex, should be a part of that. I’d much rather see Cas being all confused about the strange new feelings hes beginning to have then Cas being confused about eggs and poop.

  28. Nikki says:

    Considering their track record with “love-interests”, I will be shocked if this is well done. Also, I am really really not interested in seeing Cas hookup right now. Surely he has better things to be doing with his time? Also, he seems to have in the past equated sex with love. This seems so out of character and forced.

  29. Jennifer says:

    Do the writers even know their audience? I understand that a lot of people don’t want Castiel and Dean together, some don’t even like Castiel at all, but this? I don’t think so. Yet another forced love interest story that will probably be just as horribly written as Amelia/Sam was. I’m finding it very hard to keep tuning in at this point.

  30. pisseeeeeeeeeeeed says:

    but honestly if Cas isn’t gay then why is he always staring at Dean like he’s ready to rip his clothes off

  31. Trickster says:

    I hope she gets invited to a _wedding_, if you know what I mean.

  32. Erised says:

    The supernatural writers and producers need to figure out that we don’t watch this show to see forced and unnecessary little romances. There are a million other shows we could watch for that crap.

    • Lacey says:

      Exactly. Like forcing a relationship between a hunter and angel, just cause fans think it should happen. I watch other shows for my fan service, I watch this one for demon killing.

      • kaystiel says:

        I gotta agree with the more monster killing, the whole relate-to-a-monster arc last season left me cold, (except for Benny)

    • Insana T. Wilde says:

      God, I know right? This isn’t Glee! We watch for the plot and the developing relationships, romantic or not.

  33. KT says:

    Bad move, show! If this is true, everyone is going to be hella pissed! As for me, my emotions can be summed up by a emoticon :/

    • Tina says:

      Speak for yourself. You’re not “everyone” Honestly, people leaving because Cas won’t have a romance with Dean? Bye, bye and don’t let the door hit you on your way out. If you were watching SPN just to see Destiel becoming canon then make sure to stick to your fanfics and never come back!

    • deangirl81 says:

      Not everyone. Some of us don’t hate female characters for existing or for being paired with Castiel. I’m excited to see how this story-line is going to unfold. Do not speak for me.

  34. Dana says:


  35. Helena says:

    Thank you SPN writers for making me leave the show. You’re all really caring and amazing. You said a couple of days ago you wouldn’t hurt us. HEY!!! YOU DID HURT US WITH THAT. I’m done.

  36. Jay says:

    Seriously? After reading this, I just don’t feel like I even want to watch Supernatural anymore… I mean, I love it but… this just won’t work for me. The writers just don’t seem to even care about what the fans want. Besides, Castiel already HAS a love interest. His name is Dean Winchester. I’m so sick of the writers refusing to put them together because they’re both male. (Well, Cas isn’t technically male, but you get what I mean.) I understand that the writers aren’t homophobic, but why won’t they just put Dean and Cas together? They’d be happy together, and I mean, they’ve literally been to Hell and back, for God’s sake. Dean marched a full year through purgatory simply to find him. Dean is in love with Cas, and Cas is in love with Dean. I just don’t understand why the writers refuse to do anything about it. I’m just so tired, having spent all of this time watching and waiting for something to just happen, and for the writers to just quit with the games. If this ‘love interest’ character stays on the show with Cas, I just don’t think I’ll be able to stomach that. I don’t think I’ll be able to watch it anymore.

    • wut says:

      Repeat after me: “Canon, is not Fanon”.

    • angelica says:

      The writers can’t write to please every fan. There are just too many opinions. They can only write the story they want to tell and right now this is the story they want to tell.

    • aspiringtobesomeone says:

      It could very well be executives in the network making that decision. One of the heads of WB has taken a special interest in supernatural specifically, which is good for the longevity of the show, not so good in the possibility of a fan with the ability to change things, but possibly not the talent to discern whether or not those changes would fit in with the story.

      • kaystiel says:

        I don’t think it’s that cut and dried, if anything, making Dean and Cas an overt sexual romantic pair would get SPN tons of attention and press, even if it might pull away a good part of it’s audience. – here is the thing I think that might be driving the writing team – we have a good thing going with the UST between Dean and Cas, let’s not blow it, what happened to Moonlighting when Dave and Maddy got togther? What happened when they paired up Mulder and Scully on XFiles?
        you don’t kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.

    • deangirl81 says:

      ” what the fans want. ”

      I’m a fan and I want Castiel to have sex with Lucio’s character. See how that works? Destiel fans =/= Supernatural’s entire viewership. The sheer arrogance of thinking you are the only ones watching this show and making it a success.

      The writers never wrote Dean and Castiel as a couple. They said it themselves. Jensen also stated that Dean is heterosexual. You are deluded. Thank God the writers finally figured out a way to make the likes of you go away. We won’t miss you.

    • GemGem says:

      It’s sad if you really shipped it, I know. And yes, the writers and actors probably should have been more explicit to begin with, but lets be honest, if they didn’t know about fan culture being how it is, they probably didn’t realize it was necessary. At the end of the day, it’s more than likely that the writers only ever intended a strong platonic bond between these characters and that their sexuality is straight. I’m sorry, I know it’s probably painful if you’ve been wanting to see it for a long time, but if the writers ever had any intention of going ahead with a Cas x Dean plot, they would have done it by now and definitely wouldn’t have introduced a new female love interest.
      I think you guys are going to have to accept it, no matter the reason, Dean and Cas will not be canon. You can still have fanon, but not all the fans want what you do and the writers even less so, clearly. Time to move on. Enjoy the show for what it is, or find a new OTP.

  37. G_P says:

    Hey Adam Glass, where are you? I thought it wasn’t “your job” to define love? Am I imagining things?? Oh, right, that’s only the case with Dean and Cas, my bad, my bad. What a JOKE.

  38. bye says:

    and honestly, if the bloopers are anything to go by, the actors KNEW that destiel was headed for romance. misha/cas telling jensen/dean “i know, i love you too” and jensen saying “i didn’t say that” and misha replying “i know what you meant” or something like that

    OR when jared/sam is asking jensen/dean why he was praying to cas and Jensen not being able to keep a straight face and replying “because he’s my friend!” in a really awkward tone.

    • Able says:


    • Ramona says:

      Honey, if you’re going by the gag reels for canon, then Sam and Dean were humping each other from S1

      • angelica says:

        IKR. Dean in his knees beaten bloody and Cas standing over him is not my idea of romance more like a domestic abuse fantasy gone wrong. How about they were riffing on the whole shipping thing like they have done many many times. There is just as much if not more “evidence” that Dean is in love with his brother. I don’t think so but we can’t go defining relationships after all.

      • deangirl81 says:

        Seriously. The level is delusion is frightening.

    • wut says:

      Those were jokes. In a GAG reel.

      This is starting to get embarrassing…

    • deangirl81 says:

      Typical Destiel nutjob. Basing their truth on bloopers. Here’s some truth for you. Jensen saying Dean is heterosexual and other writers stating that there’s no romance between Castiel and Dean.

      • Insana T. Wilde says:

        Don’t be a *******. I’ve been reading the comments, and I’m really sick of all of you! The psycho Destiel people who don’t represent the ship well, the psycho haters, the psycho people who are just here to rant! All of you are acting terribly immature. Also, I find your comment to be insulting, and labeling all shippers under one description is shallow, and doesn’t bode well for people’s opinion of you.

        With all *due* respect,

  39. Don’t mind me, I’m just going to sit back and watch while a horde of angry fangirls burns this entire fandom to the ground.

    • kaystiel says:

      alas, not that many people are paying attention here, most online fans are happy to stay within their own ships, and don’t bother ‘burning the fandom down’

  40. CalmDownFandom says:

    Guys everyone calm down. Was there not an article a few weeks ago saying that a character named Nora would be a possible love interest, and that she’d be showing up in episode 7? I think this might just be the woman Cas has sex with, a spoiler we’ve known about for months. So let’s just all take a breath and wait and see what happens!

  41. Kate says:


  42. Alana says:

    As an asexual who identifies with Castiel in that way, I find this so offensive that he’s made human by sex. Thanks. What does that say about people like me who don’t feel the need or interest? What made them think this was a good idea? I just feel like they’re going to ruin my favorite show for me.

    • Nonnie says:

      I mean absolutely zero disrespect, but Castiel is not you. Just because your perception of him is a certain way, doesn’t mean that’s who he is as a character. (IE: Destiel=fanon, whereas in canon, it’s a close, brotherly bond. Perception by the fans is a vast and changing melting pot of opinions.) Castiel is defined by the writers and the actor portraying him. The writers are not writing about you, they are writing about a fictional character that they created. It isn’t about you, it’s about their story. We’re just here for the ride.

      • Alana says:

        I never said they were writing about me, merely that I find their view and practical insistence that wanting/needing sex = humanity. I do not know that this is the way it is going to be played out, but given that most people don’t understand anything else, I have no doubt that it will be. I am allowed to be offended by people like me being ignored and the one character I can identify with being ruined in that way. I am no way saying they are attacking me or writing about me in any way, but I am allowed to be offended by something. The fact that you have to prelude your comment with “I mean no disrespect” shows me that you understand that your comment can be taken rudely. I understand that you don’t mean it that way, but just a thought: if it crosses your mind to put that down, perhaps it’s not something you should be saying.

        Bottom line: I was making a comment about how my perception of him caused me to be offended by this. I said nothing about how he really is.

    • wut says:

      Can I just ask if you’ve been watching every episode? Because, if this is any surprise for you, I think you missed a few episodes, there.

      Also, one should not base their self-worth and self-validation on a TV character from some shoddy show. Honestly, here.

    • kaystiel says:

      I think you can still identify with Castiel as asexual, he’s still an angel, even though he’s become human, and think about it, Cas has been inundated with people telling him he should have sex, from Balthazar to Dean to Meg, I think it would be interesting for Cas to explore sexuality just enough to discover it can be awkward and messy and just not as big a deal as people make of it.

      • Alana says:

        The problem is that i don’t see it working out that way, given that the writers don’t really understand asexuality, nor do I really think that they are aware of it.. I would be alright with that, but I do not see it working that way in all honesty. I am watching to see how they play it out, although with a rock on my gut.

    • deangirl81 says:

      Castiel was having orgies with women in season 5…

    • GemGem says:

      I think this is a big problem within fandoms in general – people superimposing their own traits, problems or identities onto characters that don’t share them, at least not in the same way, then becoming angry when the character ends up doing something to contradict this. This is why head-canon’s should always been flexible, because it’s very likely that the creators of these characters do not share them and never have.
      I think people need to take a step back and look at these characters objectively. By all means, dispute the idea that sex = humanity if you like (it certainly wouldn’t be the first movie or tv show that conflated the two), but it’s never been established that Cas was asexual, or rather, would be asexual when turned human, so again, it’s all fan head-canon, not actual canon.

  43. Jean says:

    goodbye spn.

  44. emma. says:

    This is the “huge” spoiler? She’s a woman and I would gather doesn’t have any history in the storyline so why would Cas having sex with this particular person be a huge spoiler? A man or someone we already knew in-show would have been a “huge” spoiler. As for “love interest”, is this in the same way as Charlie was touted as a possilbe love interest for Dean? Anyway, she’s certainly attractive, but as you don’t say anything about her recurring, I’m thinking more a one night stand or fling.

  45. Katie5 says:

    wow, thanks spn. thanks a lot. unbelievable.

  46. Wow seriously people… you wont watch because of this? What about all of the other storylines?? Get over yourselves and your ships because theres plenty other storylines than this. Of course cas gets a woman, because he won’t get with dean because dean is not gay and thats not who his character is… stfu about it messing with your ships. Just watch the show we all love and get over this, Cas is supposed to have sex for the first time and that hopefully could be all she is and not a complete love interest. Let’s just watch and see where it goes. Don’t give up on this amazing show because you don’t like how this sounds because we haven’t seen anything yet and it could be different than how you all are interpreting it. Let’s just wait. Sorry if i sounded harsh up there^ :)

    • emma. says:

      Look. I hope people don’t give up either, but they have a right to quit for any reason. ANY reason. You don’t get to tell people they have to watch. They don’t. It’s a television show. It’s not death or taxes which they can’t escape. It’s not an obligation. Whether or not you care about or watch for ships is no reason to dump on people who do.

    • Hailey P. says:

      I’m starting to think most of these comments claiming they’re going to stop watching are being left by the same person using different names for each comment.

      • hlots11 says:

        Not necessarily – I saw a lot of Cass fans stop watching in Seasons 6 and 7. They’d only watch after the episode aired to find out if he was in it for longer than the promo clip. This crowd will stop watching.

        • Gina says:

          This. They completely screwed Cas at the end of season 6/beginning of season 7, and the show nearly tanked as a result. So many people left, only to come back after they found out he was back. Cas fans saved the show, and new fans skyrocketed the ratings in season 8. Many of these new fans joined as a result of word of mouth and social media sites like tumblr. If this is terrible enough, many could actually leave and not return.

          • Jack says:

            Sorry no.lol
            Actually moving Supernatural off of Fridays(deathslot) saved the show for a bit. Each year a show lost audiences in SPN is going on a decade soon so it’s right on target. TV ratings has change most show drop as so Grey anatomy,NCIS and Bones and most of everything else that’s been on this long.

          • Supernatural was NEVER in danger of cancellation after season 5.
            The ratings slightly dropped because it was moved to Friday, but it still performed great by CW standards.

            The uptick we saw last season was only because of the move to Wednesdays.

            Also, remember these “much awaited” Castiel episodes in seasons 6 and 7, when all his fans were supposed to tune in to SPN again to watch him ? Remember how there was no effect on the ratings whatsoever ?

          • angelica says:

            If you do some research, you will find that the industry overwhelmingly credits the move to Wednesday and the strong lead in from Arrow for the boost in Supernatural’s ratings. Cas is a constant now, not a variable so whatever effect that he was going to have on the ratings has already been accounted for. Some enthusiastic on-line fans do not automatically translate to more butts in the seats on show night.

          • Tina says:

            Sorry to burst your bubble but bro fans hated season 7 as well. To you it might have been the lack of Cas that tanked the ratings, to me and many others it was the lack of the brotherly bond. Besides, I didn’t see the ratings boost when Cas came back… Cas fans (and I’m talking about the extreme ones who watch only when he is present) didn’t save the show, they have zero impact in ratings. Unless you have proof with numbers about ratings when Cas is or isn’t in an episode, I’d suggest you add “imo” at the end of your post and not try to present your opinion as a fact.

          • Julie says:

            Season 7 ratings were rock steady and the reason TPTB risked the move to Wednesday. Cas’s leaving and returning that season had no effect on the ratings at all. Season 8’s boost came from the move to a better night and a good lead in. Cas has never driven SPN.

    • wut says:

      I think these I’M LEAVING!SLAM!! outrages are mostly destielers having their typical guilt-tripping hissy fits, tbh.

      • Jack says:

        Reply to TheWinchesters’Lair (@winchesterslair)

        SPN has not been in danger of cancellation since S3 after the writers strike. SPN has a pattern it tends to perform as it’s lead in. At it’s lows was when it was paired with Nikita 0.4 demo for S7 on Fridays. S6 was Smallville finale season so it did ok till it hit spring time numbers.

        Trust me if The Originals give ratings of about 0.8 demo for most of the season I guarantee you SPN will carry this same audience of S8 with it to S9.
        SPN will be in the range of 1.0-0.9 maybe sprinkle in a few more 0.8 for spring time numbers cause everything drop in the spring.

        In another bonus SPN will retain it’s position for 3rd on the CW as so S8.

        • I know, I onli said season 5 because that’s when the timeslot change happens.

          I’m hoping we can fight for the number one spot on the CW, actually. Vampire Diaries has dropped pretty severely since season 3, I think we’ll be able to really give it a run for its money, ratings-wise, this season.

          As for Arrow, I’m expecting it to stay in the 0.8-0.9 range.

          • Jack says:

            TVD is going to get hit hard I think 15% drop. Arrow and SPN I think will go neck and neck for #2 but it could go either way. I’m a ratings junkie don’t mind me. lol

            I wish SPN could hit #1 but I think it’s to long in the tooth for that. NCIS will be SPN issue and not The Voice cause we not really sharing audiences.

            SPN never had it easy they threw SPN on Thursday during its freshman year against The office, Greys and other shows during there prime. I’m shock SPN made it at times.

        • Jack says:

          Not to mention SPN has about the same DVR retention as S5. If this show was affected by what you have stated. I would expect a much larger uptick to maybe 1.2 live ratings not 1.0 demo, when it was all ready managing a 1.4 DVR after 3 days.

      • Insana T. Wilde says:

        Oh yeah! “Typical”! I Ship Destiel, but I’m just as happy seeing him with a legitimate relationship with someone else, or as completely asexual.

  47. Lauren says:

    YAY. I’m so hf Cas having his own story and love interest. SPN doesn’t have the best track record with its female characters but I hope they at least try to make her well rounded and I hope she sticks around for a while.