What to Watch Sunday: The Emmys, Dexter's Dead(ly) End, Three Other Finales and More

65th-primetime-emmysOn TV this Sunday: Neil Patrick Harris and the Emmy Awards meet again, Dexter and Copper end their runs and Devious Maids makes a day of it. Here are 10 programs to keep on your radar.

10 am — 11 pm Devious Maids (Lifetime) | Catch up on Season 1 in its entirety, leading up to a dramatic season finale at 10 pm. (Watch an exclusive video.) (And yes, renewed.)

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8 pm 65th Primetime Emmy Awards (CBS) | Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother) hosts TV’s biggest night for a second time, while I pretend to be happy for all of Modern Family‘s inevitable wins. (And on that bitter note, check out our Emmy predictions gallery!)

8:30 pm Austin & Ally (Disney Channel) | Dez and Trish decide to make a movie about Austin and Ally.

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9 pm Dexter (Showtime) | Series finale: Dexter is faced with impossible odds. (Get finale scoop.)Episode 811

9 pm Boardwalk Empire (HBO) | Nucky has reservations about investing in a Tampa land deal, but befriends local speakeasy owner Sally Wheet (recurring guest star Patricia Arquette, Medium) while there.

9 pm Foyle’s War (PBS) | Foyle investigates a mysterious military facility; Sam helps Adam campaign for parliament.

9 pm Breaking Bad (AMC) | Your weekly dose of ambiguity: “A conclusion closes in from events set in motion long ago.” (Note: This week’s episode and the series finale have been expanded to 75 minutes. Set your DVRs accordingly!)

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10 pm Copper (BBC America) | Series finale: Corcoran, Morehouse and Freeman join a national effort to hunt down John Wilkes Booth. (Find out why it was axed.)

10 pm Ray Donovan (Showtime) | Season finale: Ray leaks Sully’s whereabouts. Oops. (Renewed.)

10:15 pm Low Winter Sun (AMC) | The DPD catches a break on the case, and Damon and Maya’s freedom is in jeopardy.

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COMING NEXT SUNDAY: Once Upon a Time, The Good Wife and 10 (!) other favorites return; Betrayal, Masters of Sex and Hello Ladies premiere.

Hit the comments with your must-see picks from tonight’s lineup!

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  1. DanielleZ says:

    Emmys for an hour
    Breaking Bad
    Boardwalk Empire and Ray Donovan On Demand later in the week

  2. Steve says:

    Breaking Bad
    Boardwalk Empire
    Low Winter Sun
    Ray Donovan

  3. Jose says:

    Dowonton abbey (season 4 premieres in the UK ) Breaking Bad, Dexter finale crazy sunday!

    • Thamara says:

      I didn’t know that the Downton Abbey premiere is tomorrow. That’s marvelous! Thanks for the news. Wow, I’ll have a lot to watch this monday: the Emmys, Breaking Bad, Downton Abbey and an eviction episode of Big Brother Australia. Can’t wait.

      And how sad it is that after 7 and 2/3 seasons, I stopped watching Dexter with only 3 episodes left??? That says a lot about the quality of this season, I think.

      • lumpy87654 says:

        Me too with Dexter. I had all week to catch up on three episodes before the finale and I decided to just give up on it.

        The Emmy awards
        Boardwalk Empire
        Devious Maids
        Breaking Bad!!!
        Downton Abbey!!!

  4. Ron says:

    “…while I pretend to be happy for all of Modern Family‘s inevitable wins.”

    It amazes me to no end how the people at TV Line despise MF so much (and other shows that don’t deserve to be thrown aside) but heap a crap load of praise on TBBT. Are we watching the same TBBT??? I can only watch a few episodes here and there (I much prefer to watch Parks & Rec in that timeslot) and am shocked at how far it has fallen. It is such a shell of its former self from the first 3 seasons. It’s occasional chuckles here and there, but the writing is so juvenile now and no longer witty. I suppose this was inevitable, though, with a Chuck Lorre/CBS comedy. TBBT no longer has what gave the show heart in the beginning. I’m just amazed that the people at TV Line (who, in theory, should know good TV) love this show so much.

    • Tess says:

      Totally agree… I could understand the griping if “Modern Family” wasn’t deserving of the Emmy love, but frankly even the worst episodes of the show are better than the strongest episodes of most every other comedy on tv. Seems like they’ve switched the the water cooler out for haterade at the TV Line headquarters…

    • liz says:

      I don’t think its about hating MF, its a general frustration with the Emmys and that the same shows (and people) keep winning year after year. As if there’s no other fantastic work being done anywhere else on tv. Its incredibly frustrating

      • lumpy87654 says:

        1/3 of the Modern Family episodes are mediocre. There were even a couple last season that were terrible. The Big Bang Theory has a considerable amount of mediocre episodes too. Unfortunately they are only judged on the 6 best episodes that are submitted to Emmy voters.

      • Ron says:

        I understand this point, but it’s something that occurs throughout the year and not just around Emmy time. If the people at TV Line don’t like MF, that’s fine. But at least pick a comedy that is better than MF to advocate for. TBBT is not better than MF. If the people at TV Line want to advocate for other comedies over MF, then they should at least pick better comedies than TBBT. For example, Parks & Rec (which is so under-appreciated) or The Middle. My frustration isn’t that the people at TV Line seem to always root against MF; my frustration is that they always seem to root for inferior programming, like TBBT or, as ‘Butters’ said below, Glee. I can’t even get into how bad the writing has been on those two shows for years now.

        • Brandy says:

          They give TBBT a lot of love cause 1.Its EmmY nominated/winning and a couple cast members have also been nominated/won. It’s also won Peole Choice Awards. 2.Its tv most watched , highest rated comedy and the #1 tv entertainment program among A18-49 & 25-54 and it also always top the syndication ratings charts. Just cause some of you don’t like it/like other comedies better, you can’t deny TBBT s popularity and sucsess.(you might disagree that it deserves it’s sucsess but you can’t deny that people want to watch it, more so /over the comedies you mentioned.).

          • Ron says:

            I’m definitely not taking away from its popularity. As a matter of fact, I’m actually genuinely happy it’s such a successful show because I really like all of the main actors on the show and am glad they’re on a hit show doing what they enjoy. All that said, there are legitimately better comedies out there, and at bare minimum, I wish the people at TV Line would praise those shows a little more, if not for the publicity alone. Instead of reiterating that TBBT isn’t really worthy of the praise, I’ll say that the show doesn’t need it like Parks and Rec or The Middle, as TBBT is already a hit with a huge following. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I wish the TV Line people would at least spread the love a little bit. They seem to spread the love around with dramas (e.g., the constant praise of Breaking Bad, Orphan Black, Scandal, and many others) which is great. I just wish they did the same thing with the comedies.

          • JCK says:

            JMO. At this point the ensemble cast of TBBT has become family to a lot of viewers. Even when they are less entertaining than usual you still would rather hang out with them. Also, no matter how well written another comedy might be, if the cast isn’t engaging, it doesn’t work. I don’t watch MF, so cannot judge it. But, while Parks & Rec might be well written, I can’t stand Amy Poehler or Nick Offerman, so I won’t watch it.

    • Butters says:

      I completely agree with you. Also tvline tends to support Glee and Grey’s Anatomy like they are the second coming of television. It is absolutely ridiculous the love that they have for those shows.

    • MF is okay, but rarely makes me laugh, TBBT makes me laugh, but is rarely engaging. “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” is where it’s at. I wonder why they never get an Emmy…

      • Ron says:

        While I do prefer MF to TBBT, you’re right. It’s Always Sunny is freaking amazing. It’s Always Sunny is greater than MF and TBBT combined. That, and The League. Both superior, both never recognized.

  5. reccer says:

    Emmys until 9 then DVRing it and watching Breaking Bad. I’ll probably watch the last 2 hrs of the Emmys when I’m ready to go to sleep.

  6. JoyAnne says:

    Well the Emmys and apart from that it will be DVR Foyles War on PBS. Great show.

  7. JCK says:

    PBS all evening. Last Tango followed by Foyle’s War.

  8. Tough choices: NPH hosting the Emmys, second to last episode of Breaking Bad (75 minutes) and the series finale of Dexter (who lives and who dies in the end).

  9. JoyAnne says:

    Next Sunday it will be The Mentalist whatever time it comes on. Stupid CBS should give it a Bette time slot. Other shows I’ll work around that.

  10. Jenna says:

    Breaking Bad

  11. David4 says:

    I feel bad for Dexter fans.

    Breaking Bad.

    • I feel bad for me too, I have to watch that crap for another hour. At least we have a new term for shows which start off fantastic and become dreadfully awful now… “fell off the treadmill”.

  12. Marci says:

    I enjoy Modern Family, but I think The Middle is much more relatable and a lot funnier. I’d like to see it get some Emmy recognition one of these years.

  13. liz says:

    Castle returns tonight for Canadian viewers!!

  14. Huma says:

    Even I’m so amazed that Modern Family gets so much love at the Emmy’s. It’s watchable if you want to pass the time; but I’d prefer watching TBBT or Parks and Rec if I wanted to watch a comedy show.

  15. Jerri says:

    Dexter, just to put a fork it in and call it done.
    Emmy Awards, I’d like to see what NPH is gonna do.

  16. Robb says:

    Low Winter Sun
    Ray Donovan

  17. Laurie Emerson says:

    Dexter-am so sad to see it go!
    Ray Donovan

  18. Maryann says:

    Copper series finale (:
    Low Winter Sun

    I will NOT be watching the Emmys. Nothing of interest was nominated, so it really doesn’t matter who wins.

  19. Brandy says:

    Devious Maids

  20. alistaircrane says:

    I can’t imagine the Dexter finale will be very good considering they’ve saved his getting exposed for the final episode.

  21. Joey says:

    The Emmys, watch rerun of new Breaking Bad and dvr Talking Bad to watch tomorrow.

  22. Kim R says:

    CASTLE!!!! And Dexter. :)

  23. tara17 says:

    I’m loving Devious Maids! CTV in Canada is airing Castle before the Emmys, thrilled I can catch it with missing the award show. Watching Emmys mostly because of Neil Patrick Harris. Good call, CBS.

  24. Chris says:

    I like Modern Family, but how the Middle and it’s entire cast gets overlooked every year is beyond me.

  25. Mary says:

    Once Upon a Time – Second season finale so I can see the preview for the season premiere next week!

  26. Did you realize there is a football game on prior to the Emmys at 8? The odds of any football game finishing on time are dismal. All I have to say is that CBS better cut away from that crap for the Emmys. Football should be on ESPN or MSG not network television.

  27. Sara says:

    Sooo, is CBS going to cut off the game if it starts to cut into the Emmys? Because that has the potential for disaster.

  28. Predictions on tonight’s series finale of Dexter: who lives and who dies in the end?

  29. opus says:

    Why does TVLine not have an article about Jack Klugman’s son being upset at the Emmy producers for not including his father in the special memoriums? It is utterly wrong that Corey Monteith is being specially honored and people like Jack Klugman, Larry Hagman, Eileen Brennan, and many others are being virtually ignored. This is being done to improve ratings amomg younger viewers but it is just disgraceful.