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Nathan Fillion Reflects on Castle's Past, Eyes the Future: 'You Tend to Want for a Fairytale, But....'

Castle Season 6 Preview Nathan FillionNathan Fillion wants to light dynamite from a cigarette.

He also wants to crack a safe.

In fact, the Castle star has at the ready, on his iPhone, a whole list of things he has yet to do as an actor, yet aspires to. Someday.

“Land a plane…. Play my own double…. Hit a detonator button…,” he rattles off from his “to-do” list — in response to a TVLine reader’s question — during my visit to the ABC drama’s set. Continuing on: “Use a dynamite plunger…. Walk away from an explosion, in slow motion…. Defuse a bomb…..” Fillion stops, then reaches his thumb for the backspace button. “Actually, I can scratch that last one off. I did that,” in last season’s Castle episode, “Still.”

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THE MARRYING MAN? | As mystery novelist Richard Castle, Fillion has in fact helped his partner in crimefighting, Kate Beckett (played by Stana Katic), “defuse” all sorts of intense situations. But as Season 5 drew to a close, the proverbial fuse was burning on their biggest collaboration of all: romance.

To recap: For four years, Castle and his NYPD detective muse indeed danced around their ever-increasing feelings for one another, ultimately caving in to their desires in the Season 4 finale. Castle Season 6 Premiere SpoilersLast season then found them trying, with some (albeit ephemeral) success, to keep their relationship under wraps at the 12th precinct. It all built to last May’s season finale, in which Castle blindsided his love with a ring and a question: “Katherine Houghton Beckett — will you marry me?”

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Getting Rick on bended knee wasn’t easy, the way Season 5 winded down. In fact, for a stretch there, viewers — and Kate herself — had to wonder if he was going to go the other way with his swing set speechifying and bail on their relationship. After all, a prior episode found Kate calling into question Rick’s appreciation of her, priming the head-turning cop for a pass from a dashing wannabe suitor (played by Ioan Gruffudd in the episode “The Squab and the Quail”).

While some were quick to carp that those obstacles weren’t organic, that Kate’s concerns about Rick’s commitment did not jibe with the fact that he sat on a bomb with her, Fillion appreciates the need for friction.STANA KATIC, NATHAN FILLION

“When you’re watching television, you tend to want for a fairytale. But what we, I think, are experiencing on Castle is more reality-driven,” he offers. “These things happen in real life. These. Things. Happen. All the time. People make decisions in the moment that have repercussions, and it doesn’t seem like a big deal in the moment, but the repercussions are there. That is real life.”

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CASTLE PULLS THE TRIGGER | Reflecting on Rick’s ultimate play there at the playground, Fillion says, “It seemed like a natural progression,” adding that the show’s creator Andrew W. Marlowe and the writers “have been very artful” over the years “with the ‘Will they, won’t they,’ they will, where will it go from here” dynamic between the lead characters.

“It’s a bit of a dance,” he observes, “because when you’ve got a successful television program that’s doing well, you don’t want to mess with it too much, you don’t want any jarring changes, I don’t think. And they’ve been very artful with it.”

For Castle — who hasn’t the best track record as a husband and has never lacked female company — proposing marriage was testament to a new maturity. Yet when I ask Fillion if it made him “feel good” to see Rick take that step, as the man who plays the pretend author, he politely waves off the suggestion.

“I really don’t think of it in those terms. I think of it more in terms of the well-being of the show,” he counters. “I mean, I come to work every day and I don’t really think, ‘What’s in it for me?’ This is a real team effort, and when you’re here every day, when there’s 60 guys here and we’re all doing the same thing, and we’re all plugging away — and a lot of people here are working a lot harder than I am — I tend to think of it in terms of the well-being of the show.”

How that bended-knee business plays out for Rick and his would-be fiancee, Fillion of course can’t say. That’s what the Season 6 premiere, airing Monday at 10/9c, will reveal. Show boss Marlowe, meanwhile, teases that while the writers “toyed with” a few different outcomes, ultimately “we’re always looking for what’s most honest and what’s going to be most challenging. And with where the characters were in the finale, [the path they choose] is honest.”

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ROLES OF A LIFETIME | At the time I spoke with Fillion – sitting across from each other in the 12th’s interrogation room, natch, as his ABC series was lensing Episode 3 — he had quite a summer already behind him. His Firefly boss Joss Whedon’s art house effort Much Ado About Nothing had been released two months prior. Monsters University, in which he cannily voiced a chest-puffing frat house stud, had just hit theaters. And Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, where he played the messenger god Hermes, was on its way to the Cineplex. All that, and a whole season of Castle capers in front of him.

So I must ask: “Is this the most satisfied you have ever been as an actor?”

“I’m having a really good time,” he states, grinning. “I’m always amazed that I’m continually invited to participate in projects that I’m thrilled about being a part of.

“I never really dreamed about being a waiter, but I was a waiter for years. And plugging away at a job like that is fine, but it’s not my dream,” he adds. “Now all my jobs are dream jobs. It’s a good feeling.”

Now, who has a cigarette and some dynamite…?

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  1. Walking away from a bomb in slow motion… That would be EPIC. Very Putin. ;-)

  2. James D says:

    Always nice to hear from Mr. Fillion. it’s weird to me there are interviews that he does where he seems very tired of doing castle and then their are one where he seems very enthusiastic about it, is that just a figment of my Imagination?
    by the by walking away from an explosion in slow mo is also on my list :)

    • Just one thing says:

      Not a figment of your imagination, James. :-P

    • S. says:

      I don’t think he’s tired of Castle, per se, I think the character is going in a different direction than promised. In the first season, and for part of the second,Castle was more dynamic– more capable, darker. They’ve played that down while emphasizing more of the bored rich playboy. That may because of the showrunners or ABC, I don’ t know. I do think Fillion is quite able to handle more than they’ve given him. I think the kidnapping of his daughter proved that.

    • AG says:

      I think in cases where he looks and appears “tired” of Castle and doing the show, he’s just LITERALLY tired of doing interviews where the questions tend to be more or less repeats. I think I like him for that anyway. Shows he’s human. I personally like that he doesn’t seem to pretend to be anything or put up a front for his fans. A part of me believes that his faith in his fans “taking him as he is as a whole” is just admirable. :)

  3. Teri Shannon says:

    Nathan always seems thankful for Castle but never seems to really promote it in interviews. He was never a Caskett shipper and I wonder if he is now? Nathan plays Castle so well and I hope he can continue to do it for several more seasons!

    • J.R. House says:

      James D is right in what many of us see as Fillion is tired of playing Castle. I wish it wasn’t so and hope someone (Fillion) can demonstrate that the cast is so close it might approach the length of the old series Gunsmoke.

      • Jon says:

        If he was tired of playing Castle, why would he have signed up for a 6th season? Or is that too much of a logical question for you? And please don’t say it’s because he couldn’t get anything else, because really, that just makes me laugh at you even more.

        • F.M. says:

          I don’t think he did? Wasn’t the initial contract for 6 seasons? Wasn’t he in contract negotiations last month or two months ago, already AFTER he started shooting season 6? Why would he need to renew for s6 when he was already shooting s6?

        • B says:

          Money. What else? He earns millions doing this show. It affords him to buy the latest toys and gadgets he loves. He has never spoken of Castle as highly and favorably as he always does with his Whedon projects. Everything he says about it is PR speech. It makes one wonder why he took the job in the first place. It seems he lost genuine interest after around season 1 or 2.

          • Just one thing says:

            While I agree with you that Fillion seemed to lose interest in the show a few years ago (compare interviews like this to ones in 2009/2010), and while posters here have frustrated me with their rude demands for more Fillion focus on the show and whatnot, I honestly don’t think it’s all about the money for him.
            He seems like a decent guy with a helluva reputation, who simply lost whatever passion led him to pursue and lobby for the role back in 2008. It happens.
            And again, as I’ve said all summer, it’s just good to adjust our expectations as fans of the show. I don’t know when his contract is up, but if he re-ups with the show when it is, I will be floored.

        • nicademus11 says:

          (a) Fillion is under contract with ABC, if memory serves it’s a 7 year deal so he doesn’t sign year over year and I believe he is locked into one more year after season 6 (should the show get renewed). So that is why he continues to do the show independent of other peoples ‘reading of the tea leaves’ around how he feels about the show. (b) This is the first time Fillion has been on a series that lasted longer than a couple of years and it requires a different mind-set. Just because you do what you love doesn’t mean it isn’t work. 24 episodes, 10 months a year with 12-16 hour work days in a drama series is a long production schedule and a very very repetitive one when you look at the way they shoot the show (often 3 camera angles and several up close takes). All that to say, not all actors love building/creating the same character over a long haul. They’d rather do shorter scheduled diversified roles along the way. I suspect whenever Castle does end it’s run, it will be the last time we see Fillion on an extended broadcast 1hr long drama. The 24 episodes is a lot and it often prohibits the ability to take on other work. (c) As for the neverending fandom discussion about the fact that he doesn’t love the show/character. I think that is just a bunch of hooey. I think ‘shippers’ want him to love it like Firefly when the fact is when we all think about our first loves, nothing every compares. He has often talked about the fact that he ‘fell in love’ with Firefly (cardinal no no for actors). Valuing and enjoying the work, the character and the ensemble doesn’t require him to be effusive and wax poetic every time he’s interviewed or asked about it.

          • dogged says:

            Very nice comment. I agree with you. Not everything has to be bone-deep-love-at-first-sight or apocalyptic-doomy-gloom-he-does-it-for-money levels of commitment, jobs and relationships included. I don’t know why people seem to be so fixated on Fillion’s level of enthusiasm, it doesn’t happen for a couple of other shows I watch. Plenty of actors aren’t falling all over themselves praising and giving insights about their jobs and are not criticized for it. Oh well, guess it just means that Castle fans are especially passionate, and it is good for the show.

          • Just one thing says:

            Dogged, when you love a show and want it to continue, you look at signs of its possible longevity. A lead actor’s interest in the show is one clear sign.
            For instance, if I were a Grey’s fan, I would be pretty concerned by Patrick Dempsey’s honest and off-the-cuff comments this summer.
            But I agree with the above poster that the broadcast network production schedule isn’t for everyone. Though there seems to be a growing intolerance for the grueling pace across the board.

          • c-mo says:

            We also need to remember that Firefly only lasted 13 eps plus a movie, he never had the opportunity to get tired of playing Mal. It is very possible that if Firefly ran 6/7 seasons that we would be hearing the same kinds of things he has said about Castle. He’s an artist, he needs opportunities to be creative, something that is hard to do over an extended period of time with the same character.

          • nicademus11 says:

            dogged – you are right we did exchange mutual appreciation. I do think the echo chamber around Fillion is particularly loud because of his demonstrative love of Firefly. I don’t think however that many see it as comparing apples and oranges. Firefly is in his rear view, it’s easy to look back and adore it. I even think he has said, part of it’s beauty is that it never had the chance to suck. He’s in the thick of production on a long running series, it’s impossible to offer that same perspective. I do know this however, independent of all of it. I know people who have done guest spots on Castle and have been universally told he is the real deal and that the tone and happiness on that set drives from him.

            Just one thing — I think you make a great point with referencing Grey’s. Dempsey has spoken candidly about the longevity of his run on the show. He also said when they chose to re-up it was a consideration of a recession, having a family and stability of income (sounds like how I make decisions about jobs too). He and a few of the original stars also fought for a reduced schedule, which they got. So Greys is MUCH more of an ensemble piece than Castle is. I suspect we will see a shift (as we did a bit last season) towards using the ensemble cast more. But if you especially at the first 3 seasons of Castle, Fillion is in nearly every scene. Being first on the call sheet has a different set of demands and responsibilities. Dempsey isn’t first on his call sheet everyday.

            I, like you love Castle and want it to continue, but not if it means a show that isn’t interesting or worth watching (Grey’s had some ROUGH seasons in the middle). I do think the Fillion takes a particularly large number of hits for it — as compared to Patrick Dempsey (just to beat you nice Greys analogy to a bloody pulp :) )

            I think you are right about the networks are demanding a lot these days in an attempt to keep pace and with cable. But more and more I believe we are going to see good actors gravitate towards series like Justified/Orphan Black/et al that have 10-12 episode seasons which required a fraction of the time commitment and retains all the quality of a good show.

          • Just one thing says:

            Thanks for the civilized debate, nicademus11. :-) I agree with some of your points, or at least understand where you’re coming from.
            Over the summer, it seemed like Castle was going to go the more ensemble route. I thought it was a good idea for a number of reasons — by taking the load off of the two leads and by highlighting the work of actors who’ve been relegated to second and third fiddle over the years.
            I guess the question is, beyond this three-episode arc, will the ensemble strategy continue? Unlike a built-in ensemble like Grey’s, as you said, it’s harder to spread the wealth. And there’s also likely a concern of how the audience will respond to that shift in focus.
            Like you, I only want to keep watching the show if it’s interesting and entertaining. I think the show has at least another two good seasons left in it. And I’ll be happy if that’s all we get.

          • nicademus11 says:

            Just one thing – I appreciate the shared insight and civilized debate too. I am with you wholeheartedly on the suspected direction towards more ensemble work. I think it will go beyond the 3 episode arc that Linda Edelstein is a part of and I think we see it with the establishment of new foils for Castle in Alexis’ boyfriend, new detectives at the 12th. I wrote a blog post recently about the fact that one of Castle’s greatest strengths has been in its casting dept. Both with the extended ensemble and occasional guests (Bracken, Beckett’s father, Meredith). I think new writers, the return of Teri to the writing room will help maintain that based on the strength of Dever and Huertas especially I expect will get more expanded storytelling. But you are right, the fan base lost their minds at the idea that Beckett would take a job outside the 12th, and I am a shipper (although I do like them together) season 3 remains my favorite season because I thought it struck a nice balance of the chemistry of the leads with the storytelling. My hope is that’s where we are headed. I think we’ve got two seasons left as well and if I were a betting woman I would say that’s where Marlowe is planning as well. Here’s to a great season opener and an even better than we hope for season 6. Thanks for the chat.

          • nicademus11 says:

            *not* a shipper — dang it. lol.

          • Just one thing says:

            “*not* a shipper…” Sure… ;) Freudian slip? LOL

          • Angie says:

            Very well said nicademus11, I agree with everything you stated in your post. WELL SAID!!!

          • Krithika says:

            Awesome comment. For me, as long as Castle is on air and as long as I get to see my boy, Nathan, I haven’t a care in the world.

        • Linda says:

          It is my understanding from reading other posts and websites related to television series, that it is often “standard” practice at the beginning of a series, even before the first episode airs, for shows to “tie up” their main cast for a seven year period in some fashion. I don’t know if that is true with “Castle” or if it prevents renegotiating during that period or not but possibly some actors agree to such an arrangement, fully expecting the show will only go 3 or 4 due to normal attrition in a highly competitive market. Perhaps Nathan Fillion never anticipated such prolonged popularity, based on his previous experience and is only trying to improve his bargaining power. I personally love the show and the on-screen chemistry between the leads and feel it was always intended to be “light” drama. There have been ample opportunities for both Nathan and Stana to “flex’ their acting chops and both perform admirably. I regret that the Emmys fail to recognize these actors and others for the versatility they display on a regular basis.

    • He always said he did not want them to get together, he compared it to moonlighting and said it would kill the show

      • It would kill the show because there is no chemistry between Castle and Beckett: they make engagement painful and something to be tolerated by the audience. The writers seem to have not planned for a show gathers a loyal viewership and this is what they’ve cobbled together. It’s a snooze fest now. I say Kate has to go.

        Together, Castle and Kate are painful to watch. How can suspend disbelief in this most common of situations??? If you have to ask that question, you know the TV is bad.

  4. abz says:

    After reading this interview, I don’t know, it really just seems that he’s lost interest in the show or is getting tired of it. I only started the show earlier this year and caught up with all the episodes so I don’t know what his interviews were necessarily like throughout the show’s first couple of season, however, this interview just gave off the feeling that he just wants it to be over soon. There just didn’t seem like there was any real enthusiasm for the show other than having a steady job. Maybe reading the interview is why it came across that way. If it were filmed maybe it would come across different. Anyhow, looking forward to the show. I hope this season is an improvement because last season, while good, had several filler episodes that were really boring.

    • DarkDefender says:

      Seriously… Just watch the gag reel from season 5… They are having a blast on that set.. And even Stana was complain about being so tired she’d sleep in the snow.

  5. Dana says:

    Lol Fillion at least pretend you don’t hate castle

  6. Jon says:

    Oh look, Matt, all the hater “fans” are back again.

    Question: Can Mr Fillion do anything right for you guys?
    Answer: No.

    That was a great interview, Matt. Nathan is a class act through and through. Thanks for bringing that to fandom and rest assured, the sane portion of this fandom is grateful. We’re just embarrassed you have to see the idiots within our number too.

    • J says:

      This. So much this.

    • My hero for this comment. couldn’t have said it better myself.

    • James D says:

      I didn’t mean to say Nathan isn’t gracious or a class act he is certainly both in spades, I have always been a huge fan of his, what i meant to say is that sometimes he seems like he wants to be doing other stuff which is perfectly understandable, i for one am still holding out hope that he gets in on some Avengers action, he would be a good Hank Pym, but thats a long shot, so maybe Dr. Strange.

    • As Mr Fillion has in his twitter profile “It costs nothing to say something kind. Even less to shut up altogether” Maybe the haters should take a read. Nathan always in interviews supports the show. Does he have to get up and be a cheerleader! Of course he wasn’t speaking in favor of #Caskett at the start cause Stana was in favor so it is good PR to have the two leads be on the opposite side of the will they or wont they. When he won the People’s Choice he always thanks the crew for all their hard work because he realizes that his job is dependent on their’s and keepping a successful show going is employment for the crew.

      Matt you did a great interview and is fun to see what Nathan wants to do in the future as some of the items on his “bucket” list can happen on Castle.

    • Just one thing says:

      Cool beans if you liked the interview, Jon. But lumping everyone into one or two boxes is pretty short-sighted.
      I’m a fan of the show who has questioned Fillion’s level of commitment to and interest in the show for months, while also acknowledging that he is likely a super nice guy (don’t know him, of course, but that’s what everyone says) with a great reputation.
      This interview did little to change my stance. It had very little meat or insight to the show, because he just hasn’t demonstrated an interest in tackling it. (Hence the fun, but completely off-topic divergence toward cool things he would like to do one day as an actor.)
      All that to say, some of us are trying to be civilized in our critiques and analysis, and it’d be great if you weren’t a jerk about it. :-)

    • Mary says:

      You just nailed it! Nothing else for me to say:)

    • a says:

      My, my, my, someone needs to get a life. How about focusing on your own opinions rather than calling people names because they have different opinions.

  7. Astrid says:

    Thank you for the interview Matt. Love Nathan!

  8. Judging by the way he acted (not showing for shootings) and reading interview and previous comments, I kind of agree… seems that the flame between the show and Mr Fillion is fading away :( (hope we are just misreading, because I love this show and Nathan)

  9. Willy says:

    Great interview! Nathan has always concern of the show and its well-being in the first place. Well done, Mr Fillion.

  10. dogged says:

    Why people are so overdramatic? He doesn’t come across as super enthusiastic about Castle, but he’s not fake either. He seems genuine to me. Just not jumping up and down with joy talking about his (going on a 6th year) job. Why people are so eager to translate it to hate and what else I don’t get. Not just this interview, other Castle articles on TV line too. I always read people in the comments going up in flames about how Nathan Fillion hates Castle and everyone he works with and what not, when I just don’t see it. But literally no factual story I ever read about him and the show confirms any negativity. They all seem pretty chill and to get along swimmingly. And I always read praise for Nathan from fans and his peers alike. But of course if you go into reading an interview with a preconceived negative thinking, you gonna find something to hate.

    And by the way, there are several ways to feel about your job, not just hating or blubbering with delight. I bet everyone here is half-comatose with happiness from doing their jobs, every day and every hour till death do you part. I am so glad for you, personally I feel just OK about my job, even though I still do it very well. And I don’t even feel guilty about it.

    • nicademus11 says:

      THANK YOU dogged — I think people forget that for an actor, it’s actually a job and work. I don’t know about you, but I am certainly restless in any job I have been in for more than 3 years and once I have been there that long I am looking for new opportunities and for something to excite me as well. Doesn’t mean I am not grateful for my job or that I don’t enjoy the work. Just the product of redundancy.

    • c-mo says:

      there’s a reason that *work* is a four-letter word… :)

  11. LGC says:

    Thanks Matt for a classy interview with Nathan. I enjoyed the more reflective tone, the acting tidbits from Nathan, and appreciated that you weren’t uncritical of the show’s missteps late last season. If you ever do an extended interview with Andrew Marlowe, I’d still like to know what he was thinking when he decided to make Castle propose at that particular antagonistic juncture in the Castle/Beckett relationship, and why on earth such an important relationship moment was played as so dreary and joyless and unromantic?

    Nathan still does a great job of portraying Castle on screen after all these years and works hard to sustain the well being of the show, along with the rest of the cast and crew. Whether he’s creatively challenged by Castle or interested in Caskett is a matter for him. What matters for viewers is that he continues to deliver in his role and in my opinion he does so in spades, no question. But even good actors can only lift poor writing by one grade (as Bryan Cranston said!) and what’s really critical is that the writers deliver.

    Castle writers, please make full use of Fillion’s talents and give him more to do. Smart, witty comedy, not buffoonish bumbling idiocy. Let Castle be the alpha male from time to time. Where’s Castle the suave, confident man about town from S1? Don’t just go for the comedy and forget about the romance. When have we really seen Castle as a romantic lover leading the way last season? Don’t just have him be passive and the reactor to Beckett. And please put back the Heat in Nikki Heat and Jameson Rook! Passionate moments have been severely lacking. This is a 10pm show. I don’t just mean sex, I mean real intimacy!

  12. Erin says:

    The only thing I can say is, some of the words he use in the answers, sound like Marlowe’s word to me. I really hope when the show ends, he give us his honest thoughts about the show and cast members.
    He gave a shootout to the crew again, ” and a lot of people here are working a lot harder than I am” very good.

  13. Lauren says:

    Great interview, classy as someone said up there. I hope Nathan gets to check more things off his list. Maybe he can do the “slow motion” walk thing in the National Treasure episode, like Nick Cage! Liked hearing him talk about this icky couple episodes too.

  14. Anon says:

    On another site, a question was posed (alluding to Fillion’s missed work days). That question was, can Castle survive without Castle (Fillion). That’s my question, especially since the show’s success is tied closely to the Becket/Castle relationship. Or could Marlowe & Co. work their magic and take the show in another direction. Or will the show have run its course after six years? Will Stana also be ready to leave after six years and explore other avenues? She is smart enough to realize that she could explore the possibilities of something other than Independent films during hiatus. She now has more contacts and more recognition than she had before Castle.

    • Just one thing says:

      I think the short answer is, no. There is no Castle without Nathan Fillion. Period. End of story. And assuming they plan to end the series with Castle and Beckett solving crimes into the sunset, there’s no real way to have a spin-off that focuses on Beckett.
      I couldn’t even guess what Stana Katic’s future career plans are, but I would love to see her on another TV show one day. Preferably one that isn’t tied to traditional broadcast requirements (episodic, 20+ ep seasons, hyperactive S&P, etc.).

  15. Just one thing says:

    He seems like a genuinely nice guy and all, but come on…
    Being happy or “feeling good” about a direction your character is going on the show has nothing to do with looking for “what’s in it for me.” It’s about the level of interest and engagement you have in/with the show and its progression. It’s about have some amount of passion either way about your character.
    Because, yeah, people work hard on the show as they do on all TV shows, but as long as the network continues to order ’em, everyone will continue to have steady work. And in this case, I would guess that as long as Castle continues to deliver in this tumultuous ratings climate, ABC will continue renewing it.
    He seems to respect the hard-working crew, which is great. But somehow, at least based on how he publicly talks about the show, I don’t think that’s enough to justify the long work weeks for much longer than he is contractually obligated.
    And that’s a shame. But it likely (hopefully) means the show can establish long-term story arcs with a projected end date in sight.

  16. leola says:

    It always amazes me how so many judge an interview. I’ve been on set many times where they corner actors after a long day, unexpected interviews forced on them or just not feeling very conversationalist after having to learn new dialog. You try and sound witty after a long day and trying to please many people.

  17. Robert says:

    Funny how people think they have the right to tell someone else how they should talk, and how they should express their feelings about their jobs!! lol

  18. Becca says:

    I think the reason that Nathan could be perceived as being less enthusiastic about his character/the show than Stana is, is that in the pilot Castle was already a pretty well defined character. A major facet of the show is Castle (and by extension, the viewers) discovering who Beckett is. Because of that, Beckett is constantly evolving which gives Stana a lot to talk about in interviews. She finds out new things about her character every season, and I don’t think Nathan gets that as much. That’s not to say that Castle hasn’t changed since the pilot, just that it hasn’t been as radical as Beckett’s change.

    • dogged says:

      Yes, I agree. Excluding romantic aspects, I would’ve found it difficult to talk about the character of Castle too. There’s not much to talk about besides his family and romance. And if Nathan is one of those guys who can’t find it in themselves to wax poetic about Love, Lust and Matrimony (which is, about 90% of them lol), there is not a lot to give insights about. Hey, I get that it might be frustrating for some. But “you can’t always get what you want”, and not always because other people are evil, or stupid, or ungrateful or whatever else is on the menu today. Excuse the platitudes, but people have different strengths and weaknesses. Makes them interesting if you ask me.

      That’s about enough Castle talk from me for today lol. I am getting cornier by the minute.

    • Just one thing says:

      I think this is the proverbial “chicken and egg” question that’s been posed in many forms over the last few months. That is to say, does an actor’s passion depend on their character’s progression/regression/stagnation, or does a character’s progression/regression/stagnation depend on an actor’s passion?
      I’ve said my $.02 on this a number of times, so I won’t repeat it today. But I will say that I don’t think the series’ premise — that we’re following Beckett through Castle’s POV — means or even justifies the notion that the Castle character should stagnate.
      And, really, there are plenty of examples to prove he’s grown over the years. He’s more than a witty playboy with cash to blow. He’s a deep, loyal, generous guy who has a capacity for love beyond his mother, his daughter and his ego.
      Castle has demonstrated many times over the past five years why he’s the “hero” of this show as much as Beckett is the “hero” of the show. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), until a reporter straight up asks Fillion or Andrew Marlowe specifically why Castle’s more serious development opportunities have been skipped, we’ll never know for sure.

      • John says:

        “until a reporter straight up asks Fillion or Andrew Marlowe specifically why Castle’s more serious development opportunities have been skipped, we’ll never know for sure.”
        There a paley event coming, no? someone should may that question there…

        • Just one thing says:

          I don’t think that’s an appropriate forum for the question, to be honest. File it under “Questions that May Bring the Mood Down.”

          • John says:

            You think? well, to me that kind of question will have to come from a fan so, this kind of event is the place, SDCC too, because really, I doubt a reporter will ask that directly to Marlowe or Nathan in an interview or a simple Q & A.

  19. Here is what I take away from it. As a person, Nathan Fillion is a man-boy. A fan-boy who likes his video games, eating way too much junk and acting like he is 12. He likes the “boy” episodes like the when Castle and the boys were in Atlantic City at the casino.

    I just get the feeling he doesn’t like playing the romantic lead. He would rather dress up in an Elvis costume and play video games. That is probably why the character of Richard Castle appealed to him – his character was a flippant playboy who got to act like a big kid.

    Now the writers are asking Fillion to play Castle as a grown-up – a real man who makes sacrifices, commitments and gives himself fully to one woman. It’s not what he signed up for – playing a real man’s man. So, that is why he seems distant from the character – he can’t play himself.

    • dogged says:

      There are several things I don’t agree with in your post. First, I find it hard to agree with such a simplistic, cut and dry view on a person you (I presume) never personally met. People usually are not as simple as it may seem when you read or watch their interviews.

      Second, even going only by interviews, I don’t find Nathan Fillion quite as hapless as you appear to see him. Quite the opposite, I see a smart, sometimes even wise, well-spoken, gentlemanly guy with a very dry sense of humour and a childlike quality that rather appeals to me. He enjoys deflecting “big questions” with jokes and is very self-deprecating. To me it doesn’t make him less mature or smart than people who enjoy waxing poetic about the meaning of life and everything, just the opposite. The world is full of airheads who can’t shut up about their life-changing revelations and philosophical insights. In my experience, wiser people use humour in their dealings with the Universe, and get much better results. It might be not your cup of tea, but I would advise you to try it sometime (not that you need my advice).

      Third, I have seen Serenity and Drive from Fillion’s previous work (not Firefly yet), and his characters there are nothing like Castle. So I guess your analysis of his acting abilities doesn’t do it for me either.

  20. E says:

    Overall, I would say that I like Mr. Fillion. He seems to be a decent guy. But something just doesn’t click all the way for me with him. When he doesn’t answer questions outright, like that last one, it really bothers me. Just be real and answer the damn question. Also, he can talk about all his castmates and pose for pictures with them except for Stana. I do not ship Nathan and Stana, but would it seriously kill him to say something nice about her every now and again? Or actually be in a pic with her? That just seems off to me about him. If he’s such a gentleman, then I think we could at least expect at a few kinds words…

    • Just one thing says:

      I’ve been ruminating over that issue for some time, and I honestly think the funky, vocal sect of hardcore fans — those who fail or refuse to see the difference between reality and fiction — are at the root of the problem.
      Does that mean the rest of us relatively normal folk should have to suffer through the weird and awkward undercurrent? I guess so… It’s too bad those lunatic fringe individuals have been given so much power, though.

      • Harrison Davis says:

        Even if true that there are lunatic individuals out there & sure that’s probable as in any industry but in this particular situation it’s obviously minimal compared to the millions upon millions of viewers & fans of the show… sane & normal fans, who just enjoy to see Stana & Nathan do pictorials together, personal appearances together & interviews together from time to time as what other leads of popular shows do to promote their programs. I’m sure they have their own share lunatic fans, right? But they go about their business & cater to the majority rather than the minority. So it does not explain to me why the resistance? As you all have said in this thread, he’s a nice guy, he’s a stand up guy yada yada yada so what’s the big deal? Nothing where I’m standing. So silly, really.

    • Anon says:

      I have played with a theory that has only occurred to me because of hints, not facts. I agree with the person who stated that he seemed to be quoting Marlowe in stating he wants ‘what is good for the show’. Stana said in an interview that she knew the answer to the proposal question. Nathan ,at that time, said he did not know. It is noted that Marlowe conferred with Stana about the answer. Marlowe also stated that the show explored several possibilities. Did Stana get the opportunity to offer imput and not Nathan? He has always feared the Moonlighting curse more than she. Nathan has made no secret of the fact that he likes the comedic aspects of the show more.
      Somebody said he likes shows like the Elvis episode, calling him a man-child who is now being asked to play a mature adult. Therefore I tend to agree with Denise Gideon. Fans have noted that Marlowe & Co. have turned this show into ‘The Beckett Show’. I too, have noted the shift. Someone else noted that Stana is now being asked to promote the show on talk shows This was an area where Nathan took the lead early on. But I was under the impression that Marlowe and the other producers decided who would represent the show. I learned that this is more an ABC decision. This leads me to believe that they may have had input or the final word on the switch to ‘The Beckett Show’. I heard that an actor’s contract may contain a clause of a slight reduction in pay in order to penalize and control weight gain. Suppose this happened to Nathan and suppose Stana’s people requested a pay increase for her when she started to assume a greater work load. Meaning, is her salary larger and her role being shifted to the Star of the show. Nathan is probably not lazy or mean spirited, or selfish. Maybe it is simply man ego. ABC stayed with the show when the numbers were only soso. As people started to attach their liking to Stana, the numbers increased. (Of course beauty as well as her talented acting contributed to her being noticed.)
      Susan Sullivan, who seems to be a straight shooter and who seems to call it as she sees it , said the following about Stana. ” She is so beautiful, I mean everybody says that all the time, but she is also a consummate actress, and a professional and always solid and always there. She’s a pretty amazing woman”.
      Susan also said ” I think she is a wonderful actress. Oh I think her intelligence, her ability to listen, her focus, her, her preparation. She’s a consummate professional, she’s just right there, And she doesn’t get so myopic and self-involved and serious that she can’t, you know, sort of play with the moment. I think she is an excellent actress.
      Scott Paulin (Jim Beckett) — “Stana is just terrific. She and I have this, … I have a daughter who’s almost as old as she is…and our (Stana’s and mine) relationship falls right into the father- daughter relationship the minute I walk on set and see her. It’s just a very easy relationship”
      jon said, ” Saw Stana for the first time in months (photo shoot). Realized how much I missed her.Crazy, huh?” At PCA show Jon said, “I wish Stana were there tonight to celebrate with us tho! Missed her terribly! She’s a huge part of why our show is dope.”
      Terri Miller (Marlowe said, ” I love working with Stana. She is so much fun. We’ve become friends overtime. I just like to hang out with her. It is because she cares so much about Beckett. She’s smart and incisive. She’s honestly interested in people. I like her physicality and her eye rolls. She’s unique. I love how great she is with her fans . She really cares.
      Tamala Jones (Lanie) said “Stana is just so freaking gorgeous and such a sweetheart. She’s like a mama around here”.
      Nathan no comments from Nathan. Hmmm…

      • Leigh says:

        If you go back and watch interviews you will hear Nathan Fillion speaking very highly of Stana Katic. She, too, has spoken very highly of him as well.

        • E says:

          He may have spoken highly of her previously, but it has been a very long time..like early on S1-2. It just seems odd that he can’t even bring himself to say her name at times..but he will talk Jon, Seamus, and Molly very easily and often. Everyone else on set speaks highly of her. This is what I was talking about when I said something about him is off to me.

          • Just one thing says:

            I totally know what you mean about him not even saying her name. But, honestly, have you seen how fans behave on Twitter or, even worse, Tumblr? In many ways, I find it a bummer that they can’t publicly interact like other co-stars do. But in other ways… man, I really don’t blame him for avoid the whole thing.
            It’s definitely unfortunate though, as it’s given the public impression of something that I’ve come to realize is probably not the case.

          • John says:

            Maybe he say those things directly to HER!? I think SHE is the ONLY person who will appreciate those words, not you, not me, not her fans-Stantatics etc… HE doesn’t HAS to got to HIS twitter and tell the world what he think of her, good or bad…

          • Samuel says:

            I agree with Just one thing on some fans’ behavior on twitter or tumblr. Although there are lots of good behaving fans, there are some fans who behaving badly. If u are in the fandom long enough, you should have hear of crashes with the crew members on twitter. I too won’t blame Nathan if he want to avoid these situation.

      • Just one thing says:

        Wow, that’s a lot to digest. Anon, I’m going to tackle some of your comments, because… well, because I feel like it. :P
        First of all, I thought it was weird that NF didn’t know where the show was headed after the proposal when he was interviewed earlier this summer, and then a few days later SK said she did. I don’t know if she got the skinny before her public appearance as part of promoting the show, if she asked for the info, or if she was part of the discussion. But I did find it weird. My short-winded assumption to this is simply that she takes an active role in what her character does/why, and given that both finale cliffhangers hinged on her character’s response, she probably inquired or was keyed into what to expect once the decision was made.
        Second, yes, NF has always made it clear that he likes the comedic aspects of the show. He likes the goofiness. Does that mean people who disagree with him should call him a “man-child?” Um… no.
        Third, if we’re going to make broad assumptions about circumstances and events, I’d guess that (a) SK was simply willing to do the ABC-affiliated morning show press circuit last spring, and NF perhaps wasn’t; (b) there’s not been a calculated, network-ordained switch to “The Beckett Show,” and ABC has simply chosen to focus on the Castle/Beckett relationship, since (like all of its shows), that seems to be a major viewer draw; (c) no one has considered any sort of bizarre-o contract clause like the one you described; (d) no one will ever make more money than NF, and no one else will ever be considered “the star” of the show but him, officially or unofficially; and (e) viewership interest in the show has not increased due to one actor or the other, but has simply held steady or expanded moderately due to the duo’s combined appeal, overall appreciation for the writing and ensemble actors, and thanks to cable syndication.
        Finally… yeah, co-workers and colleagues like SK. She’s got a good reputation, and anyone who thinks otherwise likely fan-wanks about as much as those who suggest NF is a horrible, terrible guy.

      • funky says:

        Wow, was the purpose of this post just to quote cast members on how awesome Stana is? LOL Because I just watched this commentary from which this quote of Susan comes, and she said a bunch of very nice things about Nathan there too. Much more actually because this episode (Target) features him prominently, so she talked about him a lot. If you think she’s such a “straight shooter” you shouldn’t have omitted them. Because right now your comment looks like you want to give the impression of everyone loving Stana and avoiding talking about Nathan, which is not the case in the slightest. Everyone who works or guests on set always tell stories about how awesome Nathan is too. All this counting who said what about whom, how many times and how recently along with some really forced assumptions and generalizations doesn’t make a very convincing case LOL. It just sounds petty.

        It’s nice of you to concede that “Nathan is probably not lazy or mean spirited” and only has this giant unruly ego LOL. Only all those people you just quoted say how nice, kind and down to earth he is. So if you believe them when they talk about Stana, why not Nathan? Or do you think all their Stana talk comes from the heart while all Nathan talk comes from PR? They are probably forced to hang out with him outside of work by ABC too. I don’t know what’s the deal between Nathan and Stana, but trying to make Nathan (and only him) the bad guy to explain it, doesn’t hold. Too much evidence to the contrary.

  21. Leigh says:

    When Castle was in its earlier years and around the time Tvline started, this website was one of the few that really covered Castle. I have looked to them as my source for Castle info and believe that the information and interviews that are written here are not only respectful to the actors and the show but to the fans as well. I think that we as readers and fans need to give a big thanks to Matt to giving us this great info and these interviews. They help us become invested in the show we love and watch faithfully. So first, thanks Matt.

    I don’t like the naysayers I see posting here because none of us, unless we are on set, know what’s happening there. Speculation is in its basic form gossip and gossip is never healthy. To speculate whether or not Nathan Fillion “loves” Castle is not only futile but unhealthy as it eventually starts a bad vibe for the show. We as fans want this show to continue so give it all the love you can. It won’t be here forever and in that time lets show the actors we support them so they give us the greatest effort they can.

    If Nathan Fillion doesn’t shout from the rooftops his love for Castle, then maybe we as fans need to understand why. This is, if you think about it, new territory for him. He hasn’t had a show last this long. But he is on TV giving us this inspired character of Richard Castle each week. His love for the show comes through in the performance and that is where we need to see it. It’s like a marriage, if you think about it: people gush at the beginning (which he did) and then as time goes on we still are committed but we have other things we do, things we want to do. Doesn’t mean we necessarily want out.

    He has stayed in Hollywood this long for a reason. People watch this show for a reason. Personally I think all the actors on this show are fantastic and play off each other well. If things were unicorns and rainbows every day between every person on that set I wouldn’t believe it. No one needs to talk about who they get along with or who they hate because it is irrelevant – the show is great without all that gossip. The only tv shows that thrive with trash talk are reality tv shows and they feed off of that for survival. Castle doesn’t need it and has grown stronger over the years with out it.

    So please, enjoy the interview, relish in the fact that Monday in the big day, and just enjoy this for what it is.

  22. John DeMayo says:

    Everyone complaining about Nathan’s lack of passion and work ethic on Castle needs to calm down. Don’t associate his deep love of Firefly with a *lack* thereof for Castle. Firefly has a rabid, cult following that Nathan will never get away from. There are still plenty of convention panels and fan events to attend, not to mention persistent buzz (and hope) surrounding a potential revival for the series. Everyone who worked on it believes that it is the greatest project they’ve been a part of. Including Joss Whedon, who also has Buffy, Angel, and THE AVENGERS to choose from. Firefly is a special case, and will always be in the conversation, whether Castle fans like it or not. But don’t mistake that Firefly nostalgia for a disinterest in his current projects. Now, with that out of the way, let’s talk about Castle specifically. We know that Nathan missed a day of work this past summer due to a dispute with the studio over his desire for a four-day work week. We also know that last Friday, he called in sick with a chronic bad back. It’s easy to connect the dots from there. The chronic back issue explains why he wanted a four-day work week (i.e. he physically can’t handle five days of long, 14 plus hours of filming). And if he’s been unable to work out and be as physically active as he used to be, well that is possibly the explanation for his weight gain in recent years. Ultimately, he’s not the kind of guy who would hold out for more money (in fact I’ve heard his salary is very low compared to male leads of other shows), or out of laziness, or any other selfish excuse. He has a reputation as being one of the nicest, most professional and energetic guys in the business. To see his work ethic/attitude, look no further than the Castle gag reels. Does he look like a guy who is bored and not having any fun? I don’t think so.

    • His salary IS very low compared to male leads of other shows; very low. I really don’t understand that since Castle does very well for the network.

    • Carla Krae says:

      Yeah, his bad back health issue has been overlooked in most of the bitching I’ve seen. Anyone with a chronic bad back – whether it’s spinal or muscular – knows there are good days and bad days. There are days you wake up and can barely move. There are days that start great but hurt at the end. There are days you move just ‘wrong’, knot up, and need a chiropractor or masseuse or even a prescription muscle relaxer to make it let go. Standing all the time is stressful for the back and so is sitting in bad chairs. I don’t blame Nathan for asking for 4-day weeks if he needed it physically.

      • Anon says:

        He had a small party at his home, July 4th I think, and he instagrammed pictures where he was playfully hoisting two people on his shoulders.- a woman and a man. I guess he hurt his back on the fourth.

        • Samuel says:

          He didn’t hurt his back from a party on 4th July. He has a chronic back pain. It won’t be called “chronic” if it was happen so recently.(The term “chronic” means the course of the disease lasts for more than three months) But I do think he had some health problem, not just the chronic back pain. With u browse through Nathan’s twitter in early June/July, he tweeted once that his knee was in pain. Thus I guess his pain issue was not just on his back.

    • Mari says:

      Plus, I could be wrong, but wasn’t he an actor who let a little too much slip about what was to come a couple times? Some of his not talking and being very careful about what he says about Castle in interviews could simply be him trying to follow the requests of the studio/production company.

  23. TJ LAW says:

    Agreeing with everyone who gave deserved accolades to Nathan Fillion. He is a fine actor and I like Castle character very much. I also liked the first 2 seasons where he was more into really intuitive reasoning and had a darkness about him. Remember, murder was his ‘game’, and he toyed with it very well. The Alexis kidnapping episodes were superb. I don’t worry about the series, Matt will do what’s right for the show and Nathan will continue with his typically excellent job for his fans, and co-workers.

  24. joterri says:

    Bring the ship “Serenity” to take on her honeymoon!!!! She best say yes to Castle’s proposal!!!

  25. a says:

    Regarding Nathan’s dodge, I think he simply didn’t hear the question, and was answering something about if it feels good to have 5 seasons, rather than if it feels good for Kate and Rick to be together. In that context the answer isn’t a dodge at all. And the question was stupid. Why would he care really if Rick and Kate are together?

    But I agree with those who say there’s a wierd dynamic with the show, an undercurrent of angst or awkwardness. This does not seem like a happy set, and I think Nathan is the nucleus of that unhappiness. Whether it’s simply that he’s unhappy, or whether he doesn’t get along with his co-star, I don’t know, but there’s something wierd about the dynamic. And unfortunately, as nice as Twitter is, it’s a place where you can really see that. And while I don’t think the show can be “Castle” without Nathan, I think it could survive as a spin-off and certainly if they make it more of an ensemble show. Stana is a pretty good actress and with some help, I think she could pull it off.

    I think that Nathan might see the show as blocking him from doing other things he wants to do. He is in his 40’s. His prime years are quickly passing him by. Joss Whedon just started a new show that Nathan would have probably fit very well into the cast. I wouldn’t be surprised if he feels he doesn’t want to deplete the years of fewer wrinkles stagnating on Castle. Of course, I’ve seen other actors leave shows and it didn’t go well.

    As for hating on the “Castle haters”. My goodness, it’s a TV show. If it dies, there will be other TV shows. You might live a healthier life if you focus on stating your own opinions and stop furiously lambasting other people for having theirs.

    • Just one thing says:

      “This does not seem like a happy set…”
      See… That’s the thing. Pick a guest star, any guest star, an A-lister or a newbie, anyone who’s talked about working on the show, and you get a COMPLETELY different perspective. Someone as recent as Lisa Edelstein said to more than one media outlet that she could tell the cast is enjoying their run on a veteran show, and that it’s rare. I’m not familiar with her prior work, but you can tell that she’s not one to BS.
      I don’t think ABC would go for any spin-off, nor do I think Marlowe & Co. would even suggest one that featured Beckett and didn’t factor in Castle. (Yikes, I can’t even imagine how fans would react to that.) Which is just as well, because I look forward to seeing Katic do other things someday.

      • CastleFanSickOfNaysayers says:

        A TON of guest stars ALWAYS talk about the amazing atmosphere and the graciousness of all of the actors, especially Nathan and Stana. Some fans are crazy and bit ch about things they don’t know. This fandom has way too many naysayers in it, which is why I never interact with them at the ABC or IMDB forums. I wish some would just shut up already and change the channel. Nathan and Stana and Marlowe and everyone else delivers WAYYYY more good work than this fandom credits them for.

      • a says:

        You do realize that people in Hollywood don’t necessarily always tell the truth. And if they do? You do also realize that people on the set might keep their frustrations with each other under wraps for the guest stars?

        • Just one thing says:

          So, all of these unrelated actors, from varying tiers on the Hollywood pyramid, throughout the show’s five-year run, are lying? Rather than not saying anything at all or avoiding the question, they effusively praise the cast and crew because… Castle has so much clout in the industry? Because “lying about the awesomeness of the show” is in their contract? That’s a bit of a stretch.
          I’ve said here in the past that the public (and non-existent) interaction between the two leads is awkward as hell, but I think there’s room to consider why that is and how some fans have played a role in it.

          • Samuel says:

            I think, from the way some fans reacted in the twitter incident after season 4 wrap party, I understand if both their publicists/agents instructed them to act like this, to avoid incidents like that.

  26. Anon says:

    I am sorry but I simply cannot identify with a 42 year old man hanging on to the notion of an action figure. This is not a complaint against Nathan, just my personal preferences. Marlowe has indicated that he patterned this show after The Thin Man series with Mryna Loy and William Powell as well as the Cary Grant/ Katherine Hepburn Movies. When Stana was hired he told her to study these couples. He was copying their their verbal give and take. The woman was the ‘straight man’ and the the man was the sophisticated jokester. The male lead had a sense of humor without being goofy. Both were suave, while not taking themselves too seriously. Nathan does not pull off the suave sophistication. Therefore I believe Marlowe had to abandon suave/sophistication and write to Nathan’s strengths, ie. a grown man still excited with adolescent computer games. I believe he therefore invested more in the Beckett character in order to make the series work. Before the woman was the logic behind the man, his support. Nathan (Castle) is Beckett’s support, with her taking the lead. I believe that is why we were slowly introduced to the shift to The Beckett Show.

    • funky says:

      I am not sure where you take it that Castle was supposed to be this sophisticate and Nathan couldn’t pull it off. He was into games, was goofy and oblivious to others mocking him right from the start. He was more suave and a playboy that’s true, yet I believe Castle writers made a point of writing him less suave as the series went, along with his less and less playboy ways. Were they right to do so is another question, but I never saw any “sophistication” in the script that he didn’t deliver. All goofiness is in the script and was there from the beginning. May be there was less of it than now, but still the script comes first. Pinning all your frustrations on Nathan Fillion and what he supposedly can’t do seems unfair to me.

      • Anon says:

        Stop being so sensitive. This is not about Nathan, It is about Marlowe and his storytelling. I think that Marlowe is not only a good story teller but that he also has some talents in reading people. His ultimate goal is the success of the show ‘Castle’. Good for him! I am a fan of ‘The Thin Man’ series. It worked. The banter was simply entertaining, not Nobel caliber, just very relaxing. The jokes some times made a person laugh unexpectedly. Had William Powell not possessed a subtle hint of sophistication, the show would have been dumb-silly. The manner by which Myrna Loy simply tolerated Powell’s antics was beautiful to observe. And yet she was able to contribute to his antics thereby blocking him being a buffoon.
        You are so sensitive to Nathan, you are missing out on the entertainment that Marlowe is trying to offer and the observation of the fans.. You are missing the beauty of the Forest because the Trees are in your vision path. People who comment on this site are not bashing (for the most part), they are observing. If you take note of the comments it becomes clear that people are different and their interests are different. Their differences are portrayed or revealed their comments. Nathan, Stana, Susan, Molly, Jon (sexy macho man) Seamas, Tamala and Gates are the parts of the Whole. Marlowe must use them (successfully ) in order to reach that Whole. It is best that he abandons what is not working and emphasize or tap into what does work. He read the machismo in Jon and used it. (Jon was simply entertaining in ‘Swan Song’. Whereas Seamas did not pull off macho-man in ‘The Wild Rover’. He was better in Swan Song playing the brainy nerd type to Jon’s football hero type. He uses the over the top nature of Susan. He has noted that Jon and Seamas bonded and the scripts picked up on this. He notes that Molly truly cares for Nathan so the father- daughter is written to the believability of these two. More is observed about Stana and Nathan because they are in more scenes. They are the central characters and the show’s success/failure (and Script writing) depend on them more so. In my opinion, whoever decided to emphasize Stana’s dramatic talents made the right call. She has what the experts title ‘Screen Presence’, and I am not referring solely to her physical beauty (that helps). Jodie foster has screen presence. The viewer will take note and pay attention. It involves suspending reality for a period of time and believing in that actor’s capturing a character.
        If I may be allowed to opine further, ask yourselves why the defensive stance regarding Nathan. Remember, psychology 1101 teaches that all behavior is motivated.
        Explore YOUR motivations, rather than attack or admonish others for their opinions.

        • funky says:

          Jeez, but you’re a really important person, now I see it. Stop this, do that, explore your motivation… Btw, most of what you posted as FACT is completely subjective. Like, a lot of people found Seamus pretty convincing in Wild Rover. Where did you get it from that Susan and Martha are one and the same? And so on.

          I wasn’t being “sensitive to Nathan” (what is this even?) or defensive, only stated my – subjective – opinion. But guess if someone wants to attack, than everything would look defensive. Good luck with your firm opinions in other discussions, guess people just flock to you for the Ultimate Truth.

          P.S. Oh, and thanks for explaining what I’m missing out on, now it’s all clear and I am just about to abandon my evil ways.

          • anon says:

            For future reference, Opinion=Subjective. Subjective flows not from right or wrong. Subjective find its meanings in individual or collective past/present experiences. For me to again address this subject of individual differences, hints to me that you missed my point entirely. Curious, How did you deduce a mistaken observation of ‘an important person, from my subjective opinions. Just curious now. Why do you need other people to sanction Seamus in Wild Rover. Isn’t
            it sufficient that you liked it?
            FYI: Yes, people flock (strong word ‘flock’) to me for the truth (but not the Ultimate Truth). LOL Skip that. I am feeding your irritation. Why, you ask? Guess! Why not define me as the Ultimate. Delusional Idiot, and be done with it? Why, you ask? Because maybe I am.

        • Lynn says:

          Wow, I like your style. Don’t want to get into this BS between fans who can only run down one or the other actor to make some vague point. You have made a clear and concise outline here. I could not agree more!! enough said!

    • I never watched “Murder She Wrote,” but I’m familiar enough with popular culture to know that 42 is not too old to play a sleuth–and I think Fillion is good at it. The problem is the Kate charater: I hate seeing young, beautiful, talented things like Beckett live for the dead (her mother obsession). The show seems about two disparate things: the woman who has to stop the world and get off because of her fixations; and the supposedly mature, suave puzzle-solver writer. The two don’t pair well together, however: I somtimes think that in real life they actually can’t stand each other, for I have never seen this lack of chemistry between any other tv couple I can remember.

  27. Great interview Matt! thank you.

  28. Cuffed says:

    Stop pitching the lead actors against each other, it’s pretty embarrassing.

  29. Erin says:

    Really, part of this fandom SUCKS!

  30. Kay says:

    Yeah, the pettiness and negativity in some of these comments are indeed embarassing. And whose fans are mostly voicing them is also very telling. Nothing new here, anyway.

    Matt, I wanted first of all to thank you for this great interview, it’s always a pleasure to read Mr. Fillion’s classy, considerate and funny musings. And, second, I have a question: you mentioned it in your Twitter right after this interview was taken, that Mr.Fillion had greatly surprised you by something, actually, even twice. Could you tell us now what these surprises were?.. Were they mentioned in this interview, or were you referring to something that happened “behind the scenes”? Just curious. Thank you!

    • Cuffed says:

      what do you mean whose fans? Let’s not point fingers. Shall we? Stay classy.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      1) Having this list of things of things he wants to do as an actor at the ready on his iPhone.
      2) Also having on his iPhone a (long) list of actors he hopes to have guest-star on CASTLE.
      Both in response to questions sent in by TVLine readers.

      • Kay says:

        Wow, that’s cool! It looks like he indeed has lots of friends and good pals among actors, starting from his soap opera castmates and so forth, and though some of them have already appeared on Castle, the remaining list must still be rather long, plus, of course, some actors he’s never get a chance to work with yet. And I bet Alan Tudyk is on that list somewhere pretty close to the top, as well as the rest of the Firefly cast. :) Thank you for your answer, I appreciate it!

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

          Alan was No. 7, yes.

        • huh says:

          Shouldn’t he be more concerned with the show than trying to promote a ‘family’ reunion. Will they be the best thing for the show or the best thing to put a feather in his cap. One or two friends, yes, but not a list. Seems shallow and disrespectful to his co-workers. Try promoting more screen time or story lines for them.

    • a says:

      Why are you embarrassed? Are you taking it personally? Is it about you? If it is, why?

  31. Rich Abey says:

    Is it just me or is Nathan becoming more & more like Richard Castle? Or maybe Castle was Nathan in the first place!

    Cracking a safe, landing a plan, hitting a detonator button are all highly possible. Maybe even walking away from an explosion, in slow motion…I mean this is Castle we are talking about..anything could happen!

    I agree wholeheartedly with Nathan on his views regarding ‘friction’ in a relationship & that in reality it is never a fairytale. Afterall we tune into ‘Castle’ not to watch fanfiction playing out (ok I lied…I tune in hoping for as many Caskett moments as possible! ;) ) but still this is ABC, not HBO and we want storytelling, not just Caskett moments.

    Nathan is a great actor. Deserves to be involved in so many projects. Wish him the best of luck & to ‘Castle’ too! My favorite show afterall ;)

  32. puddlebuckets says:

    Can we all stop fighting for a minute and remember that we STILL haven’t been shown Beckett’s tattoo? I mean, seriously, where is that thing?!?!?!

    • anon says:

      I think she was joking. She enjoys kidding Castle. Remember the show where she was aware of something about stitching patterns in good leather (in an implied sexual scene). Castle asked her how she knew so much about leather. He also asked what else was she not telling him. She deliberately walked on and threw over her shoulder, ‘so much’, Castle, ‘so much’. She knew she was baiting him. She was being a woman and trying to maintain that air of mystery because she knows he falls for it. She has also hinted to Castle about her ‘wild child days’. I think Marlowe uses this to show another side to Beckett before she was forever changed by her mother’s murder. Castle is suppose to be the instrument to block Beckett from being so totally consumed by that unsolved murder that she forgets to enjoy herself and live life to the fullest remember Capt. Mongomery wanted Castle around for that reason..
      Marlowe, I think, was slowly moving Beckett away from the stern ‘by the book’ detective that we was first introduced to. I will continue to buy into Marlowe’s good storytelling. He doesn’t hit you over the head with it. He gives the audience moments and hints that are sometimes so fleeting that they are missed. Then again maybe she was not joking. Castle has now seen her unclothed. Has he mentioned a tattoo?
      This isn’t a series. It is a story of the evolution of a couple. It is a love story without being a soap opera. Go Marlowe, this success must involve smarts and insight for Marlowe & Co. It reaches beyond writing talent and incorporates a feel for human nature. Have you noticed that every time Alexis is about to stray off to an exploring situation that he fears, he runs it pass Beckett. Marlowe is showing us that he trusts and her feminine side. He trusts Beckett with his daughter that her loves dearly. He takes Beckett advice. Again, Castle has not verbalized this to Beckett , he demonstrates it.

      • Samuel says:

        I agree with you on this one, anon. Well said.

        • Anon says:

          Although I buy into the premise that Marlowe is giving the viewers a love story, many viewers have noted that since Beckett and Castle became a couple there have not been many instances of intimacy or simply a show of affection between the two. I guess we’ll have to trust Marlowe. The few portrayals are bland. Actually the kisses are downright pathetic.

  33. femmefan1946 says:

    FWIW – Both Jon Huertas and Stana Katic have visited Nathan at home. They both show up in the Arcimoto video when Nathan had a gathering to introduce the electric car he was buying. He and Jon Huertas seem to be pretty good friends.
    But keep in mind too, that he and Jon are bachelors, while Stana has been in a relationship for some years and Seamus is married. Both make a difference in how we socialize and how we relate to colleagues outside of work.
    And a Browncoat (Firefly fanatic), Nathan may not have been working the RV circuit but he was attending many, many sf and comic conventions this summer. Actually I thought he took that Friday off because he was due in Calgary that weekend. I believe he has done at least four Canadian cons this summer (Calgary, Montreal, Toronto, and Ottawa where I saw him with Jewel Staite.) No idea how many US cons he did.

  34. David says:

    As a long time fan of this show I’ve watched every ep and every out take every gag reel. All
    I’ve ever seen is how well they all love working with each other. Miss. Katic has never said anything negative about Mr. Fillion as far as I know and vice versa. But I have seen Mr. Fillion on talk shows where the host asked about the show Mr. Fillion does seem to change the subject quickly. As for this interview I think he was very honest is his answers. He couldn’t say to much about how he feels about the course of the characters because that might give away what her answer will be. Nobody really knows what that will be now do they? Its all speculation and conjecture as to what it will be. I read these bloigs and it drives me crazy that everyone seems to know everything about whats going on on the set of this show and in the personal lives of the actors when they really don’t know anything at all. I know there are haters out there and they are entitled to their opion. But what I don’t understand is if they don’t like the show you don’t like NF Or SK or the rest of the cast or you just hate the show why do you come into these blogs and try to get others to hate it as well. I personally have been waiting all summer for this day to get here and now its finally arrived and I cant wait to find out what her answer will be be it good or bad, As long as this show is on Ill be supporting it however I can. I will ALWAYS love this show long after its final episode may that never happen.

  35. Lynn says:

    good grief these comments are a year old! nothing new here!