Fall TV Preview

Vampire Diaries Premiere: A Delena Romp, Matt's Sexy Summer, Silas' Agenda and 8 More Teasers

Vampire Diaries Season 5 SpoilersThe screeners gods have gifted us with a look at The Vampire Diaries‘ Season 5 premiere, and we simply couldn’t keep to ourselves about Elena and Caroline’s “functional” college fresh start.

Here are 11 teasers about Elena and Damon’s summer of love, Silas’ mission, Matt’s wild times, Katherine’s blisters (yep!) and more.

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The episode is called “I Know What You Did Last Summer,” and we’ll find out what everyone’s been up during the period thanks to some back-and-forth emails between Bonnie (via Jeremy’s help) and Elena, who’s spent the three months getting hot-n-heavy with Damon every chance she got, it seems.

Matt lost two important things during his very steamy summer abroad, one of which will cause trouble for him. Let’s just say executive producer Caroline Dries is making good on her promise that the busboy is not a peripheral character this season.

Silas, who has his sights set one specific goal, doesn’t waste too much time pretending to be Stefan.

Like Felicity and every college show ever, Elena and Caroline’s three-person dorm room is ridiculously large… and has its own bathroom!

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Yes, we said three-person room. Since unbeknownst to them Bonnie is dead, Elena and Caroline get a mysterious new roommate, and the blonde immediately doesn’t take a liking to her.

Katherine is human now, but rest assured she hasn’t lost any of her spark. Case in point: “I’m weak, and I’m slow. Do you have any idea what it’s like to run in heels? I have blisters.”

Damon and Jeremy share a scene that may just make you forget about the time the vamp tried to kill Elena’s little bro and instead go, “Awww.”

Tyler is MIA because, apparently, a wolf pack in Tennessee really needs his help.

Although Elena is definitely with Damon, Stelena ‘shippers will still get a little something to tide them over.

Bonnie’s scream during that scene from the Comic-Con sizzle reel is for a very horrifying reason.

You know what puts a major damper on your first college rager? Not being able to enter the party because you need to be invited in. On the other hand, maybe that’s for the best….

Vampire Diaries fans, what are you most excited for? Hit the comments with your Season 5 wish list!

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  1. M3rc Nate says:

    You know what really kills my attraction to a chick? Her banging my brother….this “love triangle” needs to end. Write and Cast an AMAZING female character for Stefan to be romantically tied to for the rest of the show. Just let D and E be together with their own troubles that dont involve Stefan.

    • janina says:

      Beautiful idea, but “it’s always gonna be Stefan”, the show just wouldn’t be realistic if it dropped Stefan and Elena’s love completely. It could survive very well without the Delena mess though.

      • M3rc Nate says:

        I dont totally know what you mean by “its always going to be Stefan”…is that your opinion or people think that or the show has said that? Cause from what i have taken from VD articles/book comments, the official guy she ends up with is Daemon. Dont get me wrong i liked Stefan and Elena (human Elena) more than Elena and Daemon. But now that shes a vampire and has been banged by Daemon…just let it die. Give Stefan a real, deep, awesome love interest that eventually becomes a series regular.

        Btw considering she is a techy/web junkie (good traits) and just joined the VD cast for a bit, i hope your Janina Gavankar…lol i know your not…but i wish. :D

        • Jaime says:

          The “it’s always going to be Stefan” thing was said by Elena in season 1 or 2… Not sure which one. Hardcore Stelena fans use that line all the time but it honestly just seemed like something said in the moment. She may very well end up with him in the end but who knows. Delena book fans assume they were supposed to be the endgame but the author never said that. She wanted to explore that relationship but the publishers didnt want it- hence why she was booted out and Stelena became the official thing. But she was even unsure who she thought Elena would be with in the end. It doesn’t really matter since the show isn’t really following the books at all. I don’t think the show knows for sure who she will end up with either. They like to milk the triangle for all its worth so who knows.

        • sophia says:

          HUM NO. Actually Damon ends up ALONE. Stefan and Elena ends up together
          AND Damon also is in love with Bonnie but he lets her go because he wants her to have
          an happy human life.
          don’t use the books as arguments

        • god4uall says:

          You don’t know what your talking about. Obviously you haven’t watched all of the seasons, because if you had you would understand that it’s always going to be Elena and Stefan. Without that and the show just isn’t right. Damon and Elena have just got lust, where Stefan and Elena have got real love. That’s what the show is about. It’s called The vampire diaries, and if you watch the first season, it’s Elena and Stefan that’s got the diaries. Them two started the show off, and them two will finish the show of together. And as for the books, the show isn’t following the books exactly. Open your eyes mate.

      • Morgan says:

        I have an entirely different view. I think that since Tessa is pushing on the idea that fate will always tie Elena and Stefan together, that the show will take on the theme that fate does not define us and that not all things are predetermined. Besides, in the books, she ends up with Damon. Though the TV series never really followed the books, I’m hoping they end the TV series similarly to the book. Stelena lacks passion; it’s time for a new couple already.

    • Yes, it should end, but the creators of this show aren’t dumb enough to ignore thousands and thousands of fans who watched for the Elena/Stefan dynamic. We don’t know the end game, so the will-they-or-won’t-they will factor into every season until then. Last year wasn’t really about Elena choosing Damon or Stefan. She chose Damon but encountered obstacles along the way as she dealt with her vampire-dom? -hood? -ism? There were a few nice Stelena moments but it was clear for almost all of the season that Stefan was NOT her choice. So, a few moments between them here and there would be fine, even when it is clear who she is with.

    • simon says:

      you write the best sensible post ever

  2. sk says:

    I was pretty excited about all the episode until the Stelena blurb. Great. Elena still can’t make up her friggin’ mind.

  3. janina says:

    “Damon and Jeremy share a scene that may just make you forget about the time the vamp tried to kill Elena’s little bro and instead go, “Awww.””

    Nice try retconning Damon’s sociopath ways, but he and Delena are still disgusting and now also awkward because Nina and Ian broke up. Their scenes already give second-handed embarrassment to people LMAO.

    • tres14 says:

      The most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Please stop saying silly things. they are used to pretending. THEY ARE ACTORS. Do you remember that?

    • cas says:

      You are dumb. Actors on shows date and break up all the time and still have to work together. One Tree Hill and Dexter come to mind.

  4. iMember says:

    Bonnie screams because Silas kills her father. I’m pretty sure that’s what happens.

  5. Babybop says:

    Not a fan of Delena… But I’m all for more screen time so I can stare at him.

  6. Kelly says:


  7. S says:

    You know everything was great until I read they’ll be giving SE fans something. Really? They’re over. I can understand them sharing scenes, being friends and close but they’re basically going to cont this lame triangle… just do DE or let Damon move on please. omg. However, glad to see Matt getting a story and also Damon/Jer scene :)

    • ZisforZombie says:

      I think I might be confused…but by saying they are giving Stelena shippers something to tide them over,” I think they are referring to Silas (looking like Stefan) getting with Katherine (looking like Elena)… I don’t think they will go back to Stelena thaaaaat fast….

  8. Jane says:

    The triangle is nothing new. They are always going to continue it, until the very final episode. I’m not crazy about it either but they’ve made that perfectly clear. Does it really surprise anyone that they would still throw a bone to Stelena fans? It may be Delena this season but I’m sure it won’t be forever. I honestly wish they’d move away from it entirely because I can’t see why Damon or Stefan would want her at this point. But I know that wont happen so I’m trying to enjoy the other aspects of the show. Trying anyway.

  9. Dan says:

    How long will Bonnie remain a ghost? That seems really odd.

    • Alice says:

      How long will it be a secret that she’s a ghost? Sounds like she’s hanging around Jeremy- who is living in a house with 2 vampires with super-duper hearing. Is he just pretending to be on the phone every time he converses with ghost-Bonnie? Does nobody notice that JerBear is speaking out load to no one, or are they chalking it up to “back from the dead” stress disorder?

  10. Damongirl26 says:

    The reason why they are keeping the love triangle is becuz of the book you have to remember the characters and love triangles if there was no books there would be no show so if you don’t like the main character I suggest you don’t watch she isn’t going anywhere. Elena will always be the main character and Damon and Stefan will be her epic and true loves it just the way it was written.

  11. AnnieM says:

    I’m glad that Matt will have more of a role this season. He’s the only human left! :-D

  12. Fran says:

    I will start off by saying that I’m a Stelena fan. I won’t try and deny that. But I understand that this show is about a love triangle and its Delena’s turn right now. My only problem is how they did it. I thought the right time for Elena to choose Damon should have been at the end of season 3. It made sense with Stefan gone most of the season and Damon and Elena spending so much time together. But they decided to have her still choose Stefan and the beginning episode of season 4 was her proclaiming her love for him and saying she would never regret choosing him. A mere few episodes later that was all forgotten and she only wanted Damon. It was very wishy washy and unnecessary. Then they decided to throw in the sire bond which was also unnecessary and made no sense. She was sired to him, then wasn’t, then was and now I guess…she isn’t again? The transition to Damon was just very badly done. They had chemistry since season 1 and it was obvious Elena had feelings for him. So why go through all the nonsense? Like I said it was obvious they would be a couple at some point in time but it could have and should have been done in a better way. Anyway, all that aside- I know its Delena’s time right now but I still have hope for Stefan :) I’m looking forward to his storyline in the meantime though and hope Damon is just as awesome even when he’s in a relationship.

    • cas says:

      This actually makes sense. But I think human Elena was just too scared to admit her real feelings for Damon and choose him. It was just too scary for her and she still cared about what her family and friends thought. But once she became a vamp her emotions were heightened and at the end she just wasn’t scared anymore so for once she went along with her impulse because when you are a vamp you just aren’t afraid of as much. That is how I see it anyway.

      • Nic says:

        I hate hearing this excuse more than anything. Not being able to admit how she felt about Damon was NOT the reason she chose Stefan. She thought they were possibly dead men. He wanted to know who would get the goodbye aka who she would be with in their dying moments. There was no reason for her to be scared to tell the truth about how she felt or scared of what people would think of her. What would it matter at that point? She was honest with him. At that time, no matter what feelings she had for Damon they weren’t stronger than her feelings for Stefan. Period. She chose Stefan because she loved him. If not for the sire bond she’d still be with Stefan according to Julie Plec who writes the show. Listen to Elena’s words “much more than it ever used to be” “I THINK I’m falling in love with him.” No one can deny Elena had feelings for Damon in S3 but to say she didn’t truly love Stefan and was just too scared to admit Damon is who she really wanted is BS. Damon and Elena found their way to each other so why do people have to discount the love she had for Stefan to prop up DE? Be happy that DE are together now and stop trying to tear down what SE had.

        • cas says:

          First, actually I wasn’t even thinking about how she made her choice (i.e. choosing who to give the goodbye to) I was thinking more of the fact that she chose Stefan in general to be with. She was sort of shady all season with both of them and it seemed to me she was in general just scared to admit her feelings for Damon. Second, why don’t you show me where Julie Plec says if it weren’t for the sire bond she would still be with Stefan. Because I have read most of her interviews and never heard that one. Plus isn’t that broken now anyway? And lastly, where the heck in my post did I say anything to discount the love she had for Stefan? Where did I tear them down? I didn’t and I wouldn’t, but every time SE fans get defensive and rude it makes me want to.

          • Nic says:

            I wasn’t being rude. I was just pointing out that I hate hearing that as an excuse for why Elena didn’t choose Damon in the S3 finale. Excuse me, I must’ve misunderstood when you said she wouldn’t admit her feelings and CHOOSE Damon that you were speaking of her choice in the S3 finale. I do believe that for a while Elena was afraid to admit to having any feelings for Damon. Especially when asked by her friends, family or Stefan. I don’t think she wanted to even have those feelings, it’s almost as if she felt ashamed of herself for having feelings for him. So that much I do agree with that yes, there were times when she was afraid to admit her feelings. With that said, I don’t believe that had an impact on her choice in the finale. She didn’t choose Damon in the finale because she was still in love with Stefan, she never unfell for him. Not for any other reason and implying that Elena didn’t choose Damon because she was afraid of her feelings discounts the real reason, which is that she truly was in love with Stefan and her feelings for Damon did not surpass her love for Stefan.

            Sure, I’ll show you, no problem. Here is what Julie said: Plec says that despite the dissent in the fandom, the sire bond “absolutely” accomplished what the writers intended for it to accomplish. “The bottom line is that Elena as a human made a very, very, very clear choice that she would love Stefan always and forever,” she says. “But then her entire life turned upside down, and any feelings she originally had for Damon were still there, and of course magnified. There was always going to be a little bit of a confusion there for her — but not enough confusion for her to be over Stefan. It would take a lot to rip Elena away from loving Stefan. It would take years and seasons. We’d be eighty, if we followed the natural progression of that relationship.” Of course I summed it up to the basic point Julie was making, which is if it weren’t for the sire bond, Elena would still be in love with/with Stefan.

            I apologize if you felt I was being rude, it was not my intention. I just see this all the time used as the reason Elena did not choose Damon. A lot of DErs (not you in particular if you are a fan of DE) like to say she was just afraid to admit her feelings for Damon so she chose Stefan as a “safe choice” or to hide her true feelings that Damon was the one she actually loved and wanted to be with, that she no longer loved Stefan but was just afraid, find ways to tear down the history of SE or say she never really loved Stefan like she does Damon, etc when it is simply not true.

  13. Jaime says:

    Elena and Caroline are expecting to room with Bonnie but end up with another roommate- is that when they find out she is dead? If not I wonder what reason Bonnie gives. I’m also glad that Matt will get a storyline. I’m happy to hear that there is an “aww” moment with Damon and Jeremy. It drove me CRAZY how downright mean he was to him. It wasn’t even his snarky mean, it was just nastiness. Considering he’s in love with his sister you’d think he’d be a little nicer (or that maybe Elena would have called him out on it). I’m also looking forward to Stefan having a storyline that doesn’t revolve around him mooning over Elena. I know it probably won’t last but I can hope. Just don’t turn Damon into a mushy guy now that he’s with Elena.

  14. Fabe says:

    So excited for Katherine’s storyline this year! She is my absolute favorite character!

  15. cat says:

    i’m definitely team stefan, but i cannot understand why anyone would want him to get back with elena after she’s been banging his brother and not giving him a second thought all summer. he deserves so much better.

  16. priskillia says:

    stelena fans just get over it, its delena’s tym nw so deal with and jst it let go cos damon has waited 4 dis 4 as lng as i’ve knwn.and i cnt wait to see matt and katherine’s storyline……..yay

  17. Margaret says:

    All I can say is I’m team Delena, think they’re awesome especially Damon. Can’t wait for season 5. Also glad Matts getting a scene in this season.

  18. k blanco says:

    I wanna see the scene where Elena and Caroline can’t attend their first college party because they can’t get invited in by whomever owns the house (I’m assuming a frat house???). That just sounds hillarious…

    • alison says:

      You’d think that if it was a frat house, that has revolving door when it comes to who lives there much like hotels and apartments, that the you must be invited in wouldnt matter.

  19. Rose says:

    The only tease I cared about was the Silas one! I guess Stefan/Silas will be the only reason for me tuning on this year with the originals gone!

  20. sarah says:

    Looking forward to Oct 3rd!
    FYI: Felicity’s dorm room for the first 2 seasons was small, she shared with Megan and there was no bathroom. Felicity etc moved to off campus housing later on and they shared the apartment with 4 people (at one point)

    • Kaley says:

      Have you been to college? Because even the dorm room she shared with Megan was huge in comparison to any of the freshmen dorms I’ve ever seen.

  21. Sidney.B says:

    I don’t get why they’re still bother going to College while they can compel their way out to almost everything.
    Last season was risible , Elena going to class while Silas was murdering everyone in MF.

  22. Edwin gwena says:

    DE is much romantic than SE and it simply means SE’s days are gone

  23. Edwin gwena says:

    DE is much romantic than SE and it simply means SE’s days are gone .i really wönder how Kathrine will survive as a human

  24. Samantha05 says:

    “Elena, who’s spent the three months getting hot-n-heavy with Damon every chance she got, it seems.”
    and still there’s hope for Stelena ! give us a break, because no matter how much we’ve supported this ship along the years, and how many insults that came our way, we don’t want Stefan to get back to Elena, it’s making him spineless, without any of self-worth, I understood that Damon had no problem being her Second Salvatore, but c’mon; if Stefan took her back, that would be just silly, I blame the writers for what they turned Elena to, she keeps jumping from bed to another, with no restraint, ughhh! point is; the love triangle is meaningless now, I hope she sticks with Damon for the rest of the show, and not make idiotic decisions any more, or try force feed us the epic love that once was and vanished.

    • Rose says:

      Totally agree! Can’t they see that they are making the heroine, the most hated character on the show with this behaviour! Both brothers deserve better!

  25. irootforDelena says:

    Blah blah blah… you guys love to fight and here I am laughing out loud!!!! There’s no way to discuss opinions… everyone has their own… ahhhh anyway…. My wish list for this season is… Damon and elena….Damon and Elena…and…. a little bid of Delena would be nice too… but since I know my wishes won’t be attended for long (The producers always know how to ruin Delena’s hapiness) I’ll just sit here and enjoy while I can.

  26. Rita says:

    I am a fan of SE, but for this season, i want the best for S. Let Elena and Daemon continue in this sex life. I would really love to see a human Katherine with Matt together.

  27. Mcayla says:


  28. pambiss says:

    Damon nd elena are perfect . They have mre chemistry. Selena fans should stop usin the sire bond as an excuse did they miss the episode where it was made clear dat elena was no longer sired to damon even when she got her humanity back. Besides the sire bond has been explained if she truly loved stefan why wasn’t she sired to him wen she became a vampire. The sire bond comes from the love she had for damon when she was a human.

  29. Mcayla says:

    Let me tell u sumdng she would hav been sired 2 Stefan if Stefan’s blood turned her bt Damon’s blood turned her so she was sired 2 Damon nd its explained dat the sire bond magnifies wat u feel already which means dat she dd hav feels 4 Damon nd da sire bond made it stronger bt if she was sired 2 Stefan it would b love ccz wit Damon its all abwt lust nd she only liked him, she didn’t love him

    • JJ says:

      You don’t know that for sure. Obviously being sired is a rare thing since we have not seen very many cases of it. Damon however had a history of it, Stefan did not. Who knows if she would have been sired to him. And Elena did love Damon when she was human, not in the way she love Stefan but she did. She loves him now it is not lust, she would not give up her “Epic true love” for lust unless she found another love. Another thing Mcayla, learn how to spell so people can actually read what you write dear. Also, for every body fighting over delena and stelena this is ridiculous, it is a tv show. If you can not live without Elena being with the person you want her to be with then I’m thinking it’s time you find your own damn relationship. I like Damon and Elena together, yeah but I am not going to cry if she goes back to Stefan. She got her moments with both of them, both sides of the shippers got what they wanted but of course people are never happy are they?

  30. Mcayla says:

    Well I don’t care who she’s with I just love Stefan because really I don’t like Elena at all I rather see Stefan and Damon with Katherine she’s better but anyway sorry JJ sorry about the writing I’m so used of writing in short that I wrote It here I’m really sorry about that and I obviously know how to spell and all I care about is Stefan,Damon and Klaus

  31. Tia says:

    Long live Delena?!? Seriously, Elena is no more the girl they portrayed in the first season. All the epic love BS the makers came up with just makes you feel “epic” is a word they like to throw around. Damon could have been just as tempting to watch had they given him another love interest, like Bonnie in the book. The audience just love the mush he dishes out, regardless of who he dishes it out to. They compromised on Elena’s most loved attribute, her love which wasn’t easily attainable. Makers have brought it to a point where no one would care if she would throw herself at a third person. So if that was their true intention. Bravo! I would love to see Katherine back as the apple of the Salvatore eyes. She is what she is. Bad ass. Stefan is too good for Elena anyway, he might as well finish what he left of with Katherine. Elena’s character has reached its tipping point. The writers are having too much fun writing for the rest of the characters, while Elena gets boring. Give Delena this season and the next and perhaps we’d think she still has a strong mind.

  32. Mcayla says:

    Stefan is the Best!!!!