Exclusive Supernatural Video: Dean Goes on a Life-or-Death Head Trip to Rescue Sam

It’s no secret that the Supernatural brothers will do anything for each other. But Dean’s got a really long, super strange trip ahead of him if he wants to save Sam, as you’ll see in the following exclusive trailer for Season 9 (which bows Oct. 8).  

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“You died, Sam,” the elder Winchester says, breaking the big news to his bro. So exactly how are they talking in the Impala? “We’re inside your head.” Whoa.

Dean’s determined to find a way to stop Sammy’s demise — if his broken, “There ain’t no me if there ain’t no you,” doesn’t choke you up, I don’t know what will — but Sam isn’t so sure there’s anything left to fight for.

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Also spotted in the preview: Bobby imparting some wisdom, Abaddon raising hell, Crowley being his usual unhelpful self and Castiel offering aid to an uninterested party.

Press PLAY to watch the sneak peek, then hit the comments with your thoughts.

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  1. Dee says:


    Seriously, cannot wait for this season to start.

    That looks awesome!!

  2. Karen says:

    Oh Thank you Thank you Thank you. So excited for this season to start.

  3. Lisa says:

    BEST TEASER for Supernatural that we’ve had in YEARS! I feel like Jeremy Carver has finally showed up at the party – this looks amazing! Also, I believe this is likely clips from a couple of the first episodes. SO thrilled to see Julian Richings back as Death!

  4. Sandra says:

    Tired of Dean saves Sam and what’s wrong with Sam for 100000 time.

  5. tiebomb says:

    the video’s not working waaaaaah i’m dying to see it:(

  6. Des says:

    Doesn’t pump me up much, since they’ve done this same story for like 10000000 times already, but at least Death will be back, and he’s such a cool character. That’s what I mostly look forward to.

  7. Sheila says:

    Dean hits Sam. Dean trying to control Sam’s life/death because Dean doesn’t want to be alone. There’s something we’ve never seen before!

    • rae says:

      exactly! Why is everyone excited when this has already been done before?

    • Nic says:

      So you’re saying Dean should give up on Sam and let him die? Well okay then – I guess it’s “bad Dean” for wanting Sam to fight to stay alive. That’s Dean… worst brother ever. *eyeroll*

      • Sheila says:

        You can *eyeroll* all you want. LOL You have no idea what I would like to see on this show.

        • DJ says:

          I actually love that Dean punches Sam for wanting to give up. I mean come on, if that doesn’t show you how desperate he is to keep him alive, then what does? His co-dependence on Sam is nothing new, we’ve seen glimpses of it many times in the past. So yeah, it was a very “Dean” thing to do and it doesn’t make me think any less of the character or even that it’s out of character. Dean is passionate, he’s flawed, he’s human. This is all very normal behavior for him if you’ve been paying attention for the last 8 seasons.

          • Sheila says:

            Thank you for your opinion. Mine is different. We disagree. Doesn’t make one right and the other wrong. I am well aware of each character’s flaws. Move on. :)

      • Annie says:

        Sam’s the one who left Dean to rot. Maybe its time to return the favor.

      • Lou says:

        No what they’re saying is they should stop trying to convince the audience that Sam could really die this time, because we all know it ain’t gonna happen. Be creative and give them all something new to play. Let Dean get possessed by Abbadon and Sam and Cas have to save him. That would be new. We haven’t had Jensen playing a different character in Dean’s body yet like we have with Misha and Jensen.

        • Lou says:

          Oops I meant Misha and Jared.

        • SL says:

          Could you apply for the position of writer please, Lou? That would be something really new and different and interesting!

        • angel64 says:

          I know right? Jensen never gets to show different shades of Dean, just the same living only for Sam, caretake “I’m worth nothing” role as always. No chance to show people what he could do as an actor if given a chance. The only time he actually got to play it a bit different was when Dean went to the future in ‘The End’.
          I want to see Dean fall in love. Not like the poorly written (and staged) Route 666, or the obligation of being with Lisa, but really falling passionately and deeply in love where we saw a whole new side of him. It won’t happen, because it seems the writers only think Sam is worthy of those kinds of stories (and now apparently Cas), but I would really love to see it.
          These promos for the new season do look good though, and it seems that finally Dean will have an important, season ;long arc. Although since he is not the one to have anything to do with saving Sam, I’m not sure what it could be.

      • rachel says:

        Yeah, actually, I think Dean should give Sam the choice and then let Sam go if he wants to go. Having Dean grovel and beg is just humiliating.

    • If you work as a hunter what do you expect
      You will be close to death many times and someone will have to save you or you die

    • angel64 says:

      So should Dean just let Sam die? And if you think that, then what of Sam trying to save Dean in Mystery Spot?
      Dean is NOT selfish. I’m so tired of that accusation. People call him selfish for selling his souil to save Sam. Yeah, he died and SUFFERED ON MEATHOOKS in Hell. Was expecting to do that for an eternity. Real selfish that.
      Dean’s only motive for going through all he does for Sam is selfishly not wanting to be being aloneNot love for his little brother, right?
      And if Dean DID let Sam just die, you people that hate him, would call him a rotten bastard.. .

      • Andi Nichols says:

        Why can’t they both live and argue and fight and die for one another if that’s what it takes- They are brothers who love each other, hate what they might become and yet- still fight the demons- They are great just the way they are- I love this show- and this season looks to be a better season than 8 started out to be- let’s bring back Benny, Meg, and all the lovelies that make this soooo great- Have all the DVD’s and can almost mouth along with the dialogue as I have watched them constantly- never get enough- Go season 9- bring it on- and guys, you are awesome-
        andi nichols

    • SPNBROS says:

      AMEN to that!;)

  8. cat says:

    YESSSSSS!!! GO ABADDON! Finally a kickass villain again!

  9. maermae says:

    So, so excited. I am so intrigued about Dean venturing into Sam’s head. And Bobby’s back..in Sam’s head! Is he Sam’s reaper? Now I am super nervous for how Dean saves Sam.

    Ahhhhwe. Dean’s line about “there ain’t no me if there ain’t no you” – love, love, love. Those are the brothers Winchester I adore.

    I am also really excited to Abaddon back. I think she makes the perfect villian. Glad to see the same actress back.

    So ready for this show to be back on my TV.

  10. Sharla says:

    Aaah I love the brothers’ relationship! It really is the heart of the show. I’m so excited for season 9. Is it October yet?!

  11. Proma says:

    Season 9 is going to blow my mind, I know it!

  12. erin says:

    So it looks like Carver is finally putting the Winchesters back together. I cannot tell you how happy this makes me. I feel kind of bad for Cas though. I hope he isn’t on his own too long.

    • DJ says:

      Cas will be off doing his own thing for the first 5 or 6 episodes I think. Then right around the mid-season break he’ll be reunited with the bros. I’m glad the bros are back together too. I hate it when they split them up.

      • Annie says:

        To bad it sounds like they’ll be doing just that when Sam finds out that Dean saved him. Jared himself said the craps hits the fan and he hopes Sam will forgive Dean.

      • Lou says:

        Why would the brothers leave Cas on his own now when he needs friends the most? That makes no sense. I this an actual spoiler or just a guess?

        • Annie says:

          I was referring to the brothers not Cas. They’re going to fight and argue again just because we haven’t gone through this trust issue enough already.

        • debbab says:

          ‘Cause they are separated by miles and Cas can no longer teleport so cell phone…again. And maybe Dean sees Cas as a useless tool now since his relationship with him is a bit strained and Cas hesitated to send Dean back to Sam and Cas cannot help Sam. THeir relationship has not healed all the way. Be patient.

  13. rae says:

    I don’t know. The whole Sam is dying and Dean sacrifices to save him is getting old. I can already see where this is going and I don’t care to watch it. Can’t the writers think of anything new?

    • Carrie says:

      How would you know what the storyline is without actually watching? That’s just a preview for the first episode and previews are usually misleading. We don’t actually know what the writers have in mind for the season.

    • maermae says:

      We don’t know that Dean sacrifices anything to here to save Sam. How Dean saves Sam is being kept pretty tight-lipped.

      And anyways, Sam & Dean sacrificing for each other is such a cornerstone of the show. Dean NOT doing everything in his power (and anyone else’s power) to save Sam would seem out of character. And after the trials, Sam definitely needs help / a miracle.

      • rae says:

        Reminder that Sam didn’t even look for Dean when Dean was in Purgatory.

        • Sara says:

          Thank you.

        • Mare says:

          Yea, but Sam doesn’t need to save Dean or love him or sacrifice him. Only Dean has to do that. And only Dean has to do everything he can for his brother. /sarcasm

          That should be Dean there and Sam by his bedside, doing everything he can to save him, to make up for the season 8 crap. I hate that last season, Sam turned his back on his brother and Carver told us how “mature” it was and that it was the right thing to do. That he wrote in this “promise” they made to not save each other and how everyone from Charlie to Garth told Dean how horrible he was being to Sam for not forgiving him for not even LOOKING for him, while Sam felt zero remorse for having let his brother down (oh, and then blamed his brother for turning to other people and daring to have friends).

          Now, we have the situations reversed, and they have Dean acting pathetically co dependent on the brother who kept telling him how happy he was when Dean was dead. This brother relationship is so incredibly one sided.

          What’s worse is that SAM is going to hate on Dean for having saved him, and I am sure the show will tell us how right he is, while Dean groveling how unworthy he is and apologizing over and over again.

          Carver is a horrible showrunner. I can’t believe I was ever excited to see him take over the show.

          • lynn says:

            I’m sorry, I must have missed the dialogue in which Sam explicitly tells Dean he was happy Dean was dead. More EDG lies, is what I’m thinking.

          • cathy says:

            you couldn’t be more wrong about Sam, you think him being suicidal in the season finale just Sam blaming Dean for having friends? Wow. What about Dean blaming Sam for having no soul? I bet you think perfect little Dean was right and that Sam is to be blamed for having no soul. You think Sam was happy without Dean? What about the part where Amelia’s father met him and he told her “Sam is a mess”? then she said they’re both messes, CLEARLY saying neither of them were happy, just comforting each other because of their similar losses. Do you turn your head to the other side when Sam comes on screen or something? Not liking his character is one thing, but completely fabricating his whole actions like this is not cool. Can’t you defend Dean without hating on Sam?
            Also here’s for you, Sam DID save Dean by doing the trials because he knew Dean didn’t care about himself and that he was going to do them even if it got him killed. But of course, you were too busy crying about how Dean should’ve been the one to have that storyline to notice that.

            Sam haters man, I swear to God….

          • Sara says:

            So much agreement with all you said, Mare; especially the part about Carver.

          • sam for the win says:

            You can’t argue with Sam haters. They see what they want to see.

          • angel64 says:

            Same can be said about Dean haters. They only see Dean being selfish and bossy, and absolve Sam of everything bad he does to Dean and to anyone else.. I just read a random blog where basically this person went on and how about how awful DEAN was to Sam last year.That they almost stopped watching because they came close to hating Dean., while completely washing away the hateful way Sam treated Dean. The lukewarm response to finding the brother you thought was dead for a year alive. I’ve showed more excitement winning a buck on a lottery ticket. Then acting as Dean being alive was a burden.Abandoning Kevin to possibly die. Sam could have given up hunting per se but he had an obligation to Kevin. Letting an unstable man knock Dean out cold and then handcuff him to a radiator. And Benny was doing a good job trying to live a good mortal life with his granddaughter until Sam sicced Martin on him. Yet Dean is such a terrible brother because of a douchbag text. And when anybody dared to disagee, suddenly. awful Sam haters! They all thought it was just fine to hate on Dean though. Always the double standard.
            This is NOT hating Sam. I don’t hate Sam. This is just frustration with some fans refusing to ever hold Sam accountable for anything, He can do absolutely no wrong ever in your eyes ever. When Dean is a dick, and he has been often, I will say so, and not condone it. If Dean acted toward Sam the way Sam acted towards Dean in season 8, I sure as heck would not be defending him.
            It was all Carver and Singer’s fault. But hopefully this season will be much better.

          • Misty says:

            Can I just point out, in the last episode of season 8, the thing Sam feels is his biggest sin, the one thing which he confessed before the third trial was how he kept letting Dean down. Sam wasn’t happy that Dean died. However he was afraid of letting Dean down again and again like he did before.

          • Krista says:

            Mare, you took words from my mouth!
            absolutely agree with you!

    • DJ says:

      Show formula is show formula. I mean really, what show have you been watching for the past 8 seasons? You expected that to change?

      • Sara says:

        If that’s the case, then the producers should stop claiming that they have something “new and refreshing and that we’ve never seen before” every year. Redundancy, thy name is Supernatural at this point-although maybe that’s too big of a word for them to grasp the definition.

        • DJ says:

          Fair enough. But I missed the part that said you had to keep watching it. Oh, that’s right, there is no part that says that. So don’t try to ruin it for those of us who are excited about the new season, OK?

        • Yes cause angels falling to earth happens every season
          Look at bigger picture my friend
          If you work as a hunter what do you expect
          You will be close to death many times and someone will have to save you or you die

    • Watch it and find out
      If you work as a hunter what do you expect
      You will be close to death many times and someone will have to save you or you die

  14. Carrie says:

    I’m excited. Cant wait!!

  15. yutia says:

    hope this whole thing lasts just some episodes and then dean gets some storyline away from sam’s like a person on his own and not the nurse they made him become in the last seasons – while sam finally does with his life what he wants to do so that he can be happy without anyone telling him who he should be or do – and cas takes finally a break and gets to be cuddled a bit, so that he can feel loved and wanted. i’m just scared about the ‘big lie arc’ they said there could be – it’s so boring i don’t even want to think about that. anyway i’m glad we saw death and i hope they don’t screw up abaddon potential. we’ve already seen too many baddies “wasted”. also bobby, i’m glad he’s in sam’s head and not actually back. not cause i don’t love him but his come back in 8×19 was already horrible (well, i actually live an “8×19-never-happened” life so).

  16. Geordiegrl1967 says:

    This looks BRILLIANT. Cannot wait.

  17. DeanFTW says:

    JFC just kill Dean off already. They’ve diminished this character so my h that he cannot function without his selfish brat of a brother. It’s revolting what they are doing to him.

    • DJ says:

      Stop watching the show if you’re so mad then. I’m sick of you EDG’s complaining all the time. If you don’t realize by now that the show is about the brothers, I feel sorry for you. It’s been that way since day one and is NEVER going to change. No one is getting killed off, so either deal with it or stop watching. It’s really that simple.

      • Crowley says:

        This isn’t a show about the brothers. Its a show about Sam and his many, many, many, many (x100) never ending problems.

        Sam left his brother to rot and spent the entire first half of the season acting like he wished he had stayed gone. When Dean said he wanted too hunt with Sam, Sam said he wanted him time to count for something.

        Sam’s complaining here that he’s got nothing to fight for. Really Sam nothing? Dean’s not worth fighting for? So much for the “brothers chose each other.” According to Carver it was mean of letters that rekindled Sam’s passion for hunting again, not Dean.

        Dean’s just the cheerleader, and this year he’ll be the scapegoat when Sam has his annual hissy fit after he finds out Dean saved his ungrateful behind again. Then Sam will decide he likes being alive and Dean will have to grovel for forgiveness again.

        Dean gets to be a cheerleader and a 3rd wheel.

        The relationship is all Dean giving and Sam taking. Dean’s co-dependency is off the charts into needs professional help territory if he can’t see value in who he is. That’s not gushy worthy. Its creepy and disturbing.

        • sam for the win says:

          How many times has Dean felt like giving up because he’s got nothing to fight for?

          • Crowley says:

            Those didn’t come of the heels of big fancy speeches when Carver promises “the brothers chose each other.” Did Sam even hear a word Dean said in Sacrifice? Guess not since it doesn’t appear to have a bit of difference, if Dean still needs him to convince him to fight. If Sam really “chose Dean” I would think he would do everything he can if he truly wants be with Dean.

          • sam for the win says:

            How many times has Dean been suicidal? You didn’t blame him then.

        • Dean going to hell
          Dean in Purgatory
          Dean having to save the world
          Sorry but this a show about two brothers who choose destiny and family

        • lynn says:

          crowley, seriously, let it go. You’ll only be happy when Dean has all the storylines, all the interactions with the guest stars, the only one being badass and killing all the baddies. Sorry, but not all Deanfans feel the same as you, and you just repeat the same stuff over and over again.

          • Annie says:

            I don’t want Dean to have all the storylines. I just want him to have one storyline. Why is that so wrong?

          • Sara says:

            There’s nothing wrong with it-except if he gets one of his own, Sam might become “wallpaper”-at least that’s what I’ve read and from his own fandom, every single time that Dean has been given even a hint of a sl of his own previously.

          • sam for the win says:

            Well said, Lynn.
            And everytime Sam gets a nice SL, Dean is what, a pathetic doormat, a maid, a capeholder, at least that’s what I hear from his own fandom. So pardon me if Sam fans worry about their favorite being shoved aside. I’m sure Dean fans never worry about anything mundane like that.

          • angel64 says:

            No, we’ll be happy when Dean gets at least as much importance and focus as Sam does, I wouldn’t be interested in watching a SPN where suddenly Dean had all the storylines, because it IS supposed to be a show about TWO brothers. So Dean interacts a bit more with guest stars. Big deal. That’s just about all he gets and you can’t even give him that.
            Dean going to Purgatory was meaningless. It had no lasting impact on Dean whatsoever and was very quickly dropped while we got endless Sam and Amelia flashbacks. And Sam, not Dean, got to save the world. Being a baddass? When was the last time that happened? You mean when he wasn’t good enough to kill the hellhound but Sam was?
            Sam becoming wallpaper? Yeah, like THAT’S ever gonna happen.
            But, these promos give me hope. Regardless of the wrong accusations any fan gets when all they want is equal treatment of Dean of hating Sam, I don’t.And I would gladly have Sam get more interaction with guest stars, if only Dean could get just a fraction of the good and meaty arcs Sam always gets. This year may finally be the year.

      • angel64 says:

        Oh but youre’ not an ESG?
        By the way, the complaining we’re doing is precisely BECAUSE it’s supposed to be a show about TWO brothers. But most of the time it’s only about Sam, with a little Cas thrown in.
        I hope you’re wrong; I hope it DOES change. I have hope that finally Dean will have an important storyline of his own this season. The promos look good.

    • Sara says:

      “JFC just kill Dean off already. They’ve diminished this character so my h that he cannot function without his selfish brat of a brother”

      I second this. “There’s no you w/o me” is only your way of thinking, Dean. Sam was happier when he thought you were dead. Some of us haven’t forgotten the first half of S8, Mr Carver and bobblehead fans. We’re still here and we aren’t going away and WE are not willing to just ignore it.

      • DJ says:

        Put down the crack pipe for a second. Sam was anything but happy when he thought Dean was dead. If anything he was so miserable that he shacked up with the most awful person in the universe to commiserate. And if you’re so unhappy with the show, then stop watching it. No one has a gun to your head making you watch it. Unless your entire point is to go around complaining about it everywhere so you can harsh everyone else’s excitement.

        • Sara says:

          Did you say the same thing to your ESG and Faux bi-bro buddies when they were moaning and groaning and b!tching incessantly during the first half of S8?
          No need to answer. I know. You love both brothers equally and the show, too-no matter what. And blah, blah, blah…
          I’d like better, more cohesive, and consistent writing from these so-called professional writers in S9; and more importantly a sl fit for a LEAD actor and MAIN character-which Jensen Ackles and Dean are supposed to be-meaning one that isn’t strictly and only about supporting his self-centered and self-involved little brother in yet another one of HIS “special destiny” storylines. And I’m not shutting up or leaving as much as you ESGs and bobbleheads, and likely even Carver, would like it.

          • MJ says:

            Faux bi-bro buddies? Lady you’re deluded. We really need to stop labeling fans as if we are in cults. How about growing up and taking a step our of your fantasy bubble? Sad to say, it’s a TV SHOW. I’m am very sure Jensen wouldn’t appreciate you dissing his best friend. In fact he’d likely find you crazy. Now run along and go play with the rest of your deluded Dean stans and leave the sane fans alone.

          • Sara says:

            When did I diss JP? All l and any other Deanfan who doesn’t agree with you wants is for Dean and Jensen to be granted a sl and role on this show that is commensurate with ALL of his talents and abilities and with his supposed station on this show. And yes, as they’ve done for JP since Day One and in every single season.

          • lynn says:

            You lost all your credibility, sara or arafel or CJ979 (like noone can tell, because your writing style is quite noticeable), when you refer to others as bobbleheads or ESGs. It’s pretty obvious you can’t stand it when others disagree with you, and just so you know, you don’t represent all Deanfans, so please stop acting as if you do.

          • Sara says:

            lynn or geordiegirl or Iluvia or one of the other names you use over at ImDb or at Winchester Family Business or Samtv or where ever. I represent more Deanfans than any faux bi-bro like you ever could-especially the lurkers.

        • Sue says:

          You crack me up. And I agree. I watch this show because of the brothers. I don’t care if they save each other a billion times. I’ll never stop watching and I won’t complain. I don’t understand why people complain. If I don’t like a show I just stop watching it. This show is always interesting.

    • cathy says:

      lol at ‘selfish brat of a brother’ you can sit down now.

      • Sue says:

        I crack up at these Sam haters so hard. They really wish TPTB would kill him off so that Dean and Castiel could become a real couple and hunting buddies. Not gonna happen. I think their fanfiction has warped their minds to the point to where they can’t distinguish the real show from their fantasies anymore or something. Destiel is never going to become Canon and Sam’s not going anywhere. The sooner they come to terms with this the easier it will be for them.

        • cathy says:

          I know right? Dean trying to save Sam (I know!!! so shocking! He should let him die for a change) in one episode and suddenly Dean has no purpose and his character is diminished. People are judging the whole season by one minute from one episode. Dramatic much? Also I have no words for Sam haters who forgot the fact that HE SAVED THE GODDAMN WORLD. They can hope and hope that Dean would give up on him and let him go but that ain’t gonna happen because there’s no Dean without Sam (not my words!!), so let them rage on and I’ll just sit here in my happy little corner, you’re totally invited! :)

          • Sara says:

            No one is hoping for Dean to give up on Sam. We’re hoping for some long overdue reciprocity from Sam on that. Oh, and a sl in which maybe Sam strictly and only supports Dean as the BDH of the story. Let Sam be strictly and only the emotional support system of Dean in a redemption story written especially for DEAN, for once, and I’ll be happy to join you in your happy little corner.

          • cathy says:

            can’t reply to you sara for some reason but how do you know all what you’re hoping for ain’t gonna happen this season? because of a one minute preview that has Dean saving Sam (as EXPECTED) so you just decided that this season will be all about Sam and no Dean? Actually Jeremy Carver said in the season 8 dvd extras that Dean’s story will be tied with the myth arc this season, actually we had many spoilers about Dean and Cas but close to none about Sam except the fact that he’s sick in the first episode which we all knew (I didn’t see anything else about Sam so correct me if I’m wrong) but you don’t see Sam fans complaining, right? Just wait for the season to begin before judging the whole arc, we know next to nothing yet. Calm down friend, it’ll be okay I promise :-)

          • Sara says:

            We’ve been waiting calmly for four seasons and the spoilers all point to just more of the same, cathy. I would be the first one to profess love for this show again if they would just treat Jensen Ackles as a lead actor and Dean as a main character in the story again. I’m not going to watch live because I think they are going to annihilate Dean this season with none of the whitewashing that they reserve for Sam only. They’re just following a blueprint at this point. I’ll keep my ear to the ground, but honestly and at this point, *my* greatest hope for Jensen getting better writing lies in his moving on from Supernatural-which can’t be soon enough for me.

          • sam for the win says:

            Sara …. a redemption storyline for Dean? Why, I thought he was the perfect saint. Has he done something wrong and bad?

          • cathy says:

            sara, of course you’re free to stop watching, but I’m laying down facts here that we don’t know the actual arc of this season, what will happen to Sam as the aftermath of what Dean did to save him will not be the myth arc of the season, what with all the angels that fell and the demons on the loose and Abaddon and Crowley. Again Carver said that Dean is going to drive the myth arc big time this season. We don’t know anything beyond some individual changes regarding each character but the main storyline of the season is something they will never reveal in promos or interviews, you’ll have to find it out by watching. I admit that Sam is my favorite but like you I’d also love if Dean took matters in his hands this time and I love these brothers so much I wouldn’t mind to see Sam taking care of Dean like Dean did for Sam last season. Just be optimistic and stay away from the negative people on twitter and tumblr because no one knows anything for sure and everyone is just speculating.

          • Sara says:

            “Sara …. a redemption storyline for Dean? Why, I thought he was the perfect saint. Has he done something wrong and bad?”

            According to the writers, Sam is the saint, sam for the win. Fandom is not the show. The writers tried to pawn that lame-ass scene in the church off as a Sam apology. The same as they did in Fallen Idols-only the fandom didn’t see it that way so I guess they figured they’d try again the very same way. “I feel like killing myself because you’re so MEEN! to me, Dean. You don’t trust me and what did I ever do to you to lose your trust that you’d have to turn to a vampire or an angel… Wah!” And Dean wasn’t allowed to say anything back-again. Because according to the writers Sam was right-again-even if he wasn’t-again.

          • Mare says:

            “I know right? Dean trying to save Sam (I know!!! so shocking! He should let him die for a change)”

            Yea, but isn’t that EXACTLY what Sam did to Dean last season? He left Dean to die. He didn’t try and find out for sure that Dean was dead. He didn’t try and find out what exactly happened to Dean. Dean disappeared and Sam decided he must be dead and moved on.

            So why is it OK for SAM to let Dean die or turn his back on Dean, but it’s not OK for Dean? What about their promise? What about that promise that Sam made such a big deal out of and used to justify his abandoning his brother and letting him down? What about when Carver who told us that it was mature and righteous for Sam to turn his back on Dean?

            Why is there such a huge double standard on this show, a show that touts the brother relationship as the “be all/end all” of the brothers, yet when it comes time for Sam to step up, he walked away instead and we’re told that was OK?

            My issue isn’t with Dean saving Sam. My issue is with the show making it that Dean can’t live without Sam but Sam can without Dean, and Sam isn’t even obligated to take a week and look for Dean, and Sam doesn’t feel bad about it but instead when Dean returns from the “dead,” we get episodes of Sam telling Dean how happy he was while Dean was “dead” and how he had never been as happy as he was then. Wow, some brother love.

          • Free Jensen Ackles says:

            I’m still waiting for Sam to choose Dean. Or save Dean. Or bother to act like he can stand being in the same room with him. That hasn’t happened since season 4. Sam is the most entitled, unheroic poser on TV.

            But apparently wanting Sam to actually act like he cares about Dean is the same as hating Sam.

            But then again, they are the experts on hating characters. They’ve been trying to get Misha fired for years and they’re the same people who were screaming rapist at Dean when he re-souled Sam and will no doubt do it again after Dean saves Sam for the millionth time.

            This is who Carver and Singer pander to and why this show hasn’t gotten any mainstream respect in years.

          • sam for the win says:

            Sara … If Dean can do no wrong in your eyes, why then does he need redemption?

          • angel64 says:

            Dean does PLENTY wrong. He shouldn’t have lied to Sam about Amy. He shouldn’t have sent the douchy text. He should have punched little Todd or acted smug about him being the target of bullies. And if I recall, HE started the Apocalypse. Nobody is saying Dean can do no wrong. My issue is that so many Samfans act like SAM can do no wrong, no matter what Example: Dean haters were so riled up about Dean blaming Sam for his soulessness under the spectre spell, (and rightfully so, I think ALL of us were) and about saying Benny had been more of a brother to him. Yet, to me, making fun of you’re brother’s suffering in Hell, because he was there to save you no less, when Sam was under the siren spell was FAR worse than anything Dean said, yet, Sam fans totally disregard that.

        • To Sue says:

          Wait a minute… I’m not sure exactly how Destiel fans got brought into this, but trying to imply that Destiel fans and Sam haters are synonymous is completely false! This is one of my most hated misconceptions and I can’t stand seeing this lie spread about over and over again. There may be some Destiel shippers that dislike Sam, but I promise you that the overwhelming majority of Destiel shippers love Sam Winchester and would NEVER want to see him taken off the show. If you’ll actually just listen to some people that ship Destiel, you’ll come to realize that most of them are Team Free Will fans and want all three guys together on the show. So please from now on before you start trying to claim something about an entire group of fans, check your facts.

          I know some Sam girls that want Cas off the show, but I would never presume to try to say that all Sam fans, or all bi-bro fans, or even all Dean/Sam fans want Cas killed off the show. Generalizations like this are just blatantly wrong and only lead to more bad blood in an already (sometimes) nasty fandom.

        • angel64 says:

          Umm, not every Dean fan supports Destiel. And again, enough with the accusation of hating Sam, just because we want Dean to get the same consideration the SPN writers always give Sam. All we want is a little equality.
          By the way, your post here smacks of being a Dean hater but I keep forgetting that being a Dean hater is ok.

    • lynn says:

      Um, I think Jensen might have a problem with that. And you are being so mature with the namecalling. Dean can be every bit as dickish, but you can’t stand to hear that, can you?

      • Free Jensen Ackles says:

        Hilarious that you lecturing people on namecalling while calling the character you hate a dick. You “bobbleheads” (love whoever coined that phrase by the way) are by definition, not exactly the sharpest tools in the trunk.

        • sam for the win says:

          More ‘mature’ namecalling, Free Jensen Ackles. It’s fine for you Sam haters to call him every name under the sun but another fan says Dean can be dickish and you go off. Pot calling the kettle black.

          • naran says:

            @sam for the win
            agree with you ..you should have seen Dean fans’ uproar at Dean being called a dick on the show.

      • angel64 says:

        I don’t mind hearing that because Dean CAN be a dick. But I’ll bet YOU can’t take any criticizsm of anything Sam does.
        And you know why you don’t see as much complaining by Sam fans? Because, really, what the heck do they have to complain about? SPN has told us from day one how special, smart, chosen, and strong he is, and he gets most of the meaty and important storylines. While at the same time, Zach, Michael, Cas, Chuck, Death, Sam himself, and even his own father have told Dean how unimportant he is, His only worth was to protect Sam, (John)how he was no longer relevant to the story (Chuck), and how only Sam could change the world and he should get out of his way (Death). And he also gets any meaningful romances.
        If I were a mainly Sam fan, I’d be happy as heck.

  18. Jason says:

    WOW!!! What a great preview. This is gonna be a freakin’ AWESOME season!

    • I hope that the negative comments in these posts are just some naysayers that can stop watching this series any time now- I love this series no matter what- and I think that these guys are super and make the whole program seem real- the arguments between the bros are so real- who hasn’t had super fights with their siblings- the feelings are as real as I have seen written and protrayed in a long time- let the writers do what they do best- and the actors do what they do best- and just sit back and enjoy- Personally I hope this program stays on and is renewed for abother 4 seasons at least. Go Winchesters- great performances every time. Andi Nichols

  19. It’s hard to be coherent after watching that promo because yeah. That line from Dean is the perfect summary of Supernatural. I am SO much more excited for this season than I was last year, there’s no comparison–THIS is the Sam and Dean I’ve loved for so long. THIS is the story I want to see. Season 9 is going to be amazing, and I can’t wait to get started!

  20. mb says:

    Excuse me but what happened to the lesson of S2that we got repeated in the S7 finale. The whole what’s dead stays dead thing? That when its your time you go? That whole thing which ultimately kicked off the apocalypse because Dean didn’t let go. This might not be a retread BUT my interest and any lingering concern for the characters is 100% done. This level of character regression andhypocrisy destroys any kind of heroism these two had.

    • ninamags says:

      Sam might not be *technically* dead at this point. He might just be hanging on by a thread and Dean is doing everything he can to make Sam want to keep on fighting.

    • maermae says:

      Seriously, you are bringing up “what is dead should stay dead” in relation to Sam? So are you proposing that SPN would just let Sam die?

      Because that makes so much sense. SPN without one of the brothers.

      Sam and Dean are ALWAYS each other exceptions to every rule. This is not new news.

      • bonyo says:

        no no one is saying let Sam die but don’t be writing stories of him dying and then coming back to life which undermines the lessons they had learnt, this is not happening in a vacuum ,the writers constructed this story they would have had the effect of the trials not be death but they choose this route.what is wrong with just having Sams condition curable ,maybe hard to cure but doable .how many times can you kill your heroes and bring them back to life before it loses all meaning.and we know this trying to avoid death or cheat death if you will always come with side effect that was the whole point of the apocalypse and bobby ghost story, so what is the point of having them learn a lesson only to put them in the same situation where they have to repeat the same mistakes.

      • Al says:

        “Sam and Dean are ALWAYS each other exceptions to every rule. This is not new news.”

        Well, Sam followed the fake-rule of ‘not looking’ pretty well last season.

      • Free Jensen Ackles says:

        Well except for when Sam can’t be bothered to look for his missing brother. But then again, there’s always one set of rules for Sam and another set for everyone else.

    • Amy says:

      Idk, I like that the relationship between these two is such that they cant let each other go despite the consequences.

  21. DJ says:

    Only Dean Winchester would punch his dying brother in the face for wanting to give up. God, I love that about him. So intense. These brothers have me hooked, I hope Carver keeps it up with the two of them being on the same side. Like Charlie said, there is literally nothing the Winchester brothers can’t do together.

  22. Marilyn says:

    Well, Dean “will do anything” for Sam, not v.v. Though they better think up something for that vice versa soon, because it’s starting to look ridiculous.

  23. Linda says:

    “There ain’t no me if there ain’t no you.” – PERFECTION

    • Lou says:

      I hate the line. These are 30 something year old brothers. They need to stop with the codependency.

      • maermae says:

        30 years old brothers who live in a *supernatural* world and really, only have each other to rely on. So yes, their relationship is going to be different than normal, run-of-the-mill brothers.

        Why would I want to watch a show about brothers with a normal relationship? It would be boring.

      • Linda says:

        Well then. stop watching the show that is about these codependency brothers then because it WON’T change.

    • Amy says:


      That line perfectly represents what they are to eachother and what this show is about. I LOVED it and I cant wait for the season to begin.

    • Crowley says:

      This is the very thing wrong with this relationship. No one should ever define themselves by another person. What happens if Sam gets a new girlfriend or gets bored with hunting again or wants to leave? He felt he deserved to burn in hell for eternity because he thought he failed to save Sam? IMO, that kind of thinking should not be celebrated. Where is exactly does that leave Dean. I don’t think there is anything wrong with Sam living his life the way he wants to but where exactly is that going to leave Dean, leaves. He needs to find his own happiness. That doesn’t mean Sam can’t be a part of it but he shouldn’t be the only part of it.

      What happens if Sam gets hurt again or something happens to him that Dean can’t stop?

      Not being able to let each other go is one of the things that almost destroyed the world.

      Dean’s a good person and he needs to learn that he has value as a person in his own right. He needs to learn that he matters because he’s Dean. He can never be his own person if he only defines himself in terms of whats Sam’s feeling.

      Dean having his own thoughts and feelings, and his own relationships doesn’t mean he cares about Sam any less. I read a quote once, I don’t remember who said it but I feel it applies here.

      A true connection doesn’t mean being inseparable, it just means nothing changes when you are.

      • Free Jensen Ackles says:

        Sam can let go of Dean just fine. We saw that through most of season 8. The true horror on this show is the celebration of a completely one-sided bond.

        • naran says:

          “The true horror on this show is the celebration of a completely one-sided bond.” No no the rue horror is this is what you think the show is about

    • mia says:

      Ugh, this line made me roll my eyes so hard. This is the side of Dean Winchester I like the least.

  24. cathy says:

    my heart is pounding so hard now I cannot wait for October 8th!!! I love everything about this teaser, Death is back!! and Abaddon is just flawless I hope they don’t kill her off unnecessarily like they did with Meg. Dean just breaks my heart here ‘there ain’t no me if there ain’t no you’ yes please their relationship is the best thing about this show! I want Cas to be okay and find the Winchesters soon too. Just so damn excited for this season.

  25. Jim says:

    50% cool, 50% lame as heck. The Abbadon/hell/Crowley and Cas/angels stuff looks cool. We all know Sam isn’t going to die for good so I wish they’d stop trying to rehash that crap because its boring and I no longer care how Dean saves Sam and it all goes wrong for the bazillionth time.

  26. rae says:

    Dean loves Sam, but I’m not convinced Sam loves Dean. I hope this whole drama only lasts a few episodes.

    • JJ says:

      Yes, because willing to die in the finale due to the guilt of thinking he let Dean down all these years isn’t love enough? Or when he went berserk during mystery spot as Dean died, or when he completely changed everything about him to avenger Dean’s death and kill Lilith in season 4? Does Sam have to jump off a bridge to finally prove he’s loves Dean to fans? What more can the guy give holy crap.

      • joy says:

        He should die!!! Like totally kill himself so that Dean can have his happy ending with Cas!!! Now that’s true love!!!!!

        sorry but people who think Sam doesn’t love Dean enough haven’t been paying attention to Sam at all.

        • JJ says:

          More like haven’t been watching the show. Just because Sam hasn’t had an opportunity to save Dean like Dean has saved Sam doesn’t mean Sam wouldn’t if he could. He was willing to trade places with Dean so he can go to Hell but the demons wouldn’t deal. Sam was willing to take on the trials so Dean wouldn’t have to. Sam is willing to do anything for his brother if given the change too, it’s not the character’s fault the writers won’t ever fully write that out.

          • Sara says:

            Oh, we’re watching the show. We’re watching it turn into The Sam Winchester Show and yes, all thanks to the writers for that because they’re never willing to let SAM step back and believe in Dean and believe that Dean, himself, can accomplish something as solely and all-heroically as SpecialSam can.

          • sam for the win says:

            Really, Sara? And I thought I was watching the Dean and friends show.

          • Sue says:

            Replying to Sara – Newsflash sweetie, this was always *supposed* to be the Sam Winchester show. Eric Kripke himself even said so that it was going to be Sam centric. I don’t know how long you’ve been watching but I’ve been watching since the beginning and Sam Winchester was always intended to be the main protagonist of the series. So no amount of bitching and moaning about wanting Sam killed off to make room for Destiel is ever going to come to pass. Sam’s here to stay.

          • Mare says:

            Sam didn’t look for Dean when Dean disappeared to Purgatory. Not once. How is that “Sam would be willing to do anything to save Dean?”

          • Sara says:

            So which is it-a show about the brothers or The Sam Winchester Show? I recall all of the showrunners saying it’s about the brothers at one time or another and since they all realized that Jensen Ackles was w/o a doubt lead actor, too, instead of the sidekick that Kripke likely initially wanted Dean to be.

          • Free Jensen Ackles says:

            Sam had the opportunity last season and he ran away.

            Then he spent most of the season acting like he couldn’t stand being in the same state with Dean let alone the same car.

            Then he threw a tantrum and guilted Dean into denouncing his only two friends. That Sam sure is a peach of a brother. No wonder Dean thinks he’s a worthless grunt. Sam manages to reinforce that feeling every single year in one way or another.

          • Free Jensen Ackles says:

            @Sara hilarious how they always reveal their true colors eventually. Let’s be honest. The only reason they even want Dean on the show is just so that he can tell the audience how soooooper-special and awesome Sam is. The minute Dean gets to interact with any other character they’re frothing at the mouth and hating on him and the other character, while, as they say, Sam is wallpaper. The fact that the show panders to the dimmest part of the fandom explains so much of what’s wrong with the show these days.

          • angel64 says:

            Newsflash to YOU Sue. Whether or not that was the original idea, it was very clear after the first epsiode that that perception had changed. Most viewers thought they were watching a show about TWO brothers of EQUAL lead status. SPN didn’t grow the fanbase it has because viewers thought it was the Sam Winchester show . They responded to the Winchester’s relationship as a unit. Same thing if had been the Dean Winchester show.
            Many shows have started with a certain concept that had to be changed due to what the viewers responded to and what the audience wanted to see and what worked best. The audience didn’t grow and become as passionate as it is because “Sam is the main lead and Dean is his sidekick”
            I see this claim all the time from Sam fans, and I still say it is bogus. Nice try.
            And again, why is anyone who wants equal treatment for Dean automatically a Destiel shipper?
            Not only that, but a Sam hater who wants him gone. Such hateful and wrong accusations.

          • angel64 says:

            Also, if Sam’s supposed to be the main protagonist, as Sue claims and I strongly disagree with, then that by it’s very definition would mean that everything is seen through HIS POV. So, which is it?
            I think everything is seen through the POV of BOTH of them.

          • angel64 says:

            I find it really hard to see it as being the ‘Dean and Friends’ show when almost everything is about Sam, but whatever. I guess you’re right. Dean and his whopping two friends.

          • naran says:

            @Sue .
            Best comment .Thank you for this comment because I got to read true “gems” of replies to your comment.

        • Linda says:

          “can have his happy ending with Cas’ – LOL, thanks for the laugh.

      • angel64 says:

        It was a heartfelt speech by Sam, and I did appreciate it. However, it also did seem like Sam was blaming Dean for being let down by him, when it was Sam’s own actions that caused this. He didn’t say”I’m sorry for all the times I’ve hurt you”. That would have gone much farther in convincing me that he really does love Dean.
        And before anyone starts, yes, it was stupid and wrong that Dean blamed Sam for being souless. This was simply not Sam’s fault, and back in season 6 Dean told him this. It was just another big fail by Carver and Singer in a season full of them. But maybe this year they will finally get it together.

        • naran says:

          When it is Sam’s fault it is Sam’s fault and when it is Dean’s it is Carver’s and Singer’s fault.May be Sam himself directs and writes his scenes and dialogues.
          And you DON’T hate Sam..I shudder to think what your comments would be if you hated him.

  27. No One Important says:

    I’m more excited about actually seeing inside Sam’s head. How much do we actually know about Sam and his mind? What he thinks and how he feels? We got a glimpse of it in the finale but I’m itching to see more, or for DEAN to finally see how his brother thinks/feels. I’m not saying Dean isn’t a good brother, but sometimes Dean doesn’t even know Sam due to how guarded he is and sometimes his mouth runs off and says some horribly wrong things but it seems like Dean isn’t willing to let Sam go. It’s sad to see how Sam went from seeing a light at the end of the tunnel to this.

    • Sara says:

      Switch the names around and that’s how I feel.

    • sam for the win says:

      I want to get inside Sam’s head too and learn how he feels and find out new things about him. Dean will be surprised.

    • DJ says:

      God I would love this. If all of the people bitching about giving Dean a mytharc all the time would just pay attention they’d realize that we literally get no insight on Sam’s POV, ever. Everything is told from Dean’s perspective, how Dean feels about everything, how he has to cope with whatever crap is hitting the fan. I’d be all for Dean getting a mytharc if it meant Sam could have all of the friends and we’d get to see things from his POV for a change.

      • Mare says:

        So all of those Amelia/Sam flashbacks were just hallucinations of ours or Dean’s?

        And that season 6 finale that half of the episode took place in Sam’s head must have just been in my imagination.

        • Sara says:

          Not to mention Fallen Idols and I Know What You Did Last Summer or When the Levee Breaks or PONR. I could go on…. Dean only gets to list what upsets or hurts him and never gets to say WHY. That’s what I’d like to see in a brother scene in S9-Sam being more understanding of the why of it all for Dean instead of his usual “Just get over it already, Dean, because I need you to be all about meeeeeeee!, again and some more, Dean.” And then Dean just does it. Yuck. I can’t stand that anymore.

          • DJ says:

            Wow, three whole episodes from Sam’s POV and a couple of flashbacks of him living with an insufferable bitch. Yeah, that’s really satisfying compared to how many seasons of seeing everything through Dean’s eyes? I hope Dean does get his mytharc and everyone reacts to him instead of relating with him.

          • sam for the win says:

            Well said, DJ. Whole seasons are seen through Dean’s eyes except for the 2 or 3 Sam episodes per season and then it’s back to seeing things through Dean.

          • angel64 says:

            How was anything ever seen through Dean’s eyes only? I still don’t understand this claim. They are BOTH onscreen. How is everything only from Dean’s POV?

          • naran says:

            @angel64 you will understand when Dean gets mytharc and Sam gets POV and Dean’s action in the missing months are given in some 20 minutes at the end of the season when it is stale or may be a dialogue about how sorry he is like at the end of this season

      • Jes says:

        This. Thank you.

      • angel64 says:

        Like getting POV is such a great an important story? And last year, Sam got BOTH, so please.
        What “all these friends” does Dean have? Cas and Charlie? A grand total of two?
        Kevin is closer to Sam. Kim is closer to Sam, hell, even now Crowley!

    • Free Jensen Ackles says:

      What? Sam snivelling about his wounded baby bird feelings because Dean had friends, didn’t tell you how Sam was feeling?

    • naran says:

      perfect comment No One Important

  28. Sarah says:

    I have to agree with those who are tired of the Dean saves Sam, Dean professes his devotion to Sam plotlines. Can it be the other way around for a change. They’re relationship is so one-sided.

  29. Sarah says:

    I mean “their” relationship.

  30. Amy says:

    Promo looks fantastic….but when is enough …enough. Now I seriously dont want Sam to die or show to end but….Sam has given 3 lifetimes to hunting. (Dean has to but unlike Sam, Dean loves the job and the life) When does the theme song kick in? “Ther’ll be peace when you are done.”

    Maybe the writers need to be more organic…stop with the Sam dying, needing to be saved every year. Let him be the bad ass hunter we all know he can be. Let Sam be the one talking Dean off a ledge for a change. Or let the guys be bad ass hunters together and they work to do the Big Save together. ‘

    This would be unique

    • Free Jensen Ackles says:

      Problem is that I don’t think Sam would talk Dean off the ledge. At least not post-season 4 Sam. He would probably just wander off and find someone else to take care of him.

  31. I’m looking forward to season 9! (Sam/Dean forever) Haters will hate!

  32. Lizzy says:

    Thoroughly uninterested in watching Season 9 of ‘There’s Something Wrong with Sam’.

    And what happened to all that character development Dean went through in the first half of Season 8? Why is he back to being a pathetic little doormat who can’t exist without his precious brother?

  33. Gen says:

    I don’t see this as a show about the brothers anymore. Now it seems to be a show about Sam Winchester and his brother Dean.

  34. Cannot WAIT! It looks fantastic! Sam and Dean together again and an epic battle brewing between the fallen and the newly fallen. Abaddon vs Crowley! This looks so good!

  35. Can’t wait to see Human Castiel!!! I hope he isn’t felt out and is back with the Boys soon. Poor Dean

  36. Kit says:

    This looks so amazing. I can believe that after 8 seasons I can still be so excited about SPN. Dean is still a complete bada$$. Boo hoo to the haters. I enjoy every moment of your frustration. Especially you Sara – fyi being bitter makes you old before your time.

    • Sara says:

      You’re typical of those who have and/or eventually get everything they want in this fandom, kit-until they don’t, for a little while anyway, because it never lasts if your a Sam stan-and then you turn into us, until the writers fold to your wants-which they always do. Hypocrite.

      And the only one who kept Dean badass in the second half of S8 was Jensen Ackles. It certainly wasn’t Carver and his crew. That’s for sure.

  37. Sue says:

    I love the Abaddon character. There is nothing wrong with Dean saving Sam. That is just who they are. You can’t change their characters. I’m super excited about season 9. They live in a supernatural world. So of course they are going to die and come back.

  38. Marianne says:

    I am not happy with Abaddon throwing Dean through a window.

  39. sam for the win says:

    Looks great. The brotherly love is as strong as ever and now the brothers are united. It warms my heart to see this.

  40. lizbet says:

    More annoyed than excited, I was hoping they’d start to move past the codependency. Hopefully there’s going to be a lot of focus and interaction on/with the other characters as well.

    • joy says:

      after eight years, what makes you think they will ‘move past’ the codependency? This is like the special thing about their relationship, it’s what makes them different from any other tv brothers. And before you tell me that it’s not healthy, yes I know that, but this show never claimed to give relationship hacks anyway. They’re codependent on each other and will be till this show ends, it’s how Kripke created them, it’s how it’ll always be.
      On another note, I’d totally like to see their interaction with other characters, especially Sam. I don’t want to see that “Sam leaves the room so Dean could have his moment with the guest star” thing again. There are a lot of new and old recurring characters this season, so let’s hope for that.

      • lizbet says:

        Clarifying that, it’s less the codependency and more that Dean apparently hasn’t yet figured out that there’s more to him than Sam. But past that, yes, I want them to have more relationships with other characters, but I’d like to see my favorite friendships (Dean and Cas, Charlie and Dean, Sam and Jody) get some airtime as well.

        • joy says:

          Dean has the most relationships other than Sam on this show. Tell me who did Sam interact with last season other than Dean? Amelia? Yeah and everyone hated this relationship including the Sam fans. Meanwhile Dean has Cas, Charlie, Benny, and many guest actors who appeared only in one episode to have their emotional scene with Dean like Krissy. If anything, Sam is the one who doesn’t have more to him other than Dean according to the writers. I would love for both of them to have side relationships knowing that this doesn’t mean they aren’t each others priorities or that their codependency is no more. Sam and Cas seems like a beautiful relationship that’s never been discussed on the show despite them being so similar.

          • lynn says:

            There was a ton of screeching in the fandom when Sam dared to say two words to Castiel, and I’m sure it’ll start up again when he attempts to have any kind of a conversation with a character that’s seen by some Deanfans as exclusively Dean’s, like Death or maybe Abaddon. Believe me, I’ve been hanging on with this show long enough to know how fandom works.

          • Crowley says:

            Tell me who did Sam interact with last season other than Dean?

            Off the top of my head- Cas, Garth, Sara, Bobby, Benny, Meg, Martin, Kevin, Crowley, Abbadon, Fred Jones (Hunter Heroci), Charlie, that girl in the LARP episode, Henry Winchester, The Golem and Aaron, The titans, Portia and James.

            As for Benny, Dean had to abandon him because Sam was jealous (a move which didn’t make either character good) and Cas, he kept taking off, and he also makes Sam jealous.

          • Annie says:


            I also seem to remember a ton of screeching in the fandom about how the writers are trying to destroy the brother bond and how they’re forgetting the brothers whenever Dean has a scene with Cas that doesn’t involve Sam or revolve around Sam.

          • joy says:

            crowley, you’re listing the characters that Sam talked to. I don’t know if you’re being serious or fooling yourself, but I meant characters that Sam had an emotional connection to. Sam didn’t have that with anyone in season 8 except Dean and Amelia. Dean had Benny, Cas, Charlie, Garth, Krissy and many others throughout the episodes. We always get the emotional side of Dean but never the emotional side from Sam. Do we even know Sam’s favourite songs like we do with Dean? Sometimes I wish Dean would get all the myth arcs if it meant Sam gets half the emotional bonding that Dean gets. Don’t bother replying to that.

  41. lynn says:

    Sara, what’s with the namecalling and repetitive comments? Surely you can communicate better with people with different opinions rather than calling them hypocrites and repeating the same thing over and over? Might as well just ignore you. I have a hard time believing that you only want one particular thing for Dean–he should have all the storylines, be the biggest badass, kill all the baddies, have all the relationships. Sam should have nothing.

    • Sara says:

      “Might as well just ignore you.”

      There ya go. And repeating things is how the other segments of fandom get what they want. I just want Dean(and Jensen) to have the same thing that Sam(and JP) has-LEAD actor and MAIN character material from these writers-no more nursemaid duty or cooking or cleaning or being excluded from the myth-arc in that “guilty cheerleader” way-Jensen’s own words from Comic Con to describe his role in the second half of S8.

    • lolz says:

      Hehehe! Check out your buddy DJ if you want to see repetition or name-calling. Oh wait, different rules apply to the Sam fans who always get what they want, still demand more, and get more. Do y’all have Carver’s granny tied up in your trunk or something?

      • lynn says:

        I’m sorry, I see noone on here demanding anything except certain Deanfans, who have no problem resorting to serious nastiness when they can’t deal with something.

        • Sara says:

          Samfans aren’t demanding anything here because with the second half of S8, Carver gave them everything, and I mean everything, they’ve ever asked for-and now he’s completing things going into S9, by giving them their long awaited and constantly asked for Sam in a hospital bed with Dean at his bedside in a vigil over the precious one.

          • lynn says:

            What have Samfans asked for, since you’re acting as if you’re wise and all-knowing? Samfans, as with Deanfans, are not a homogeneous group, and acting as if they all want the same things is ridiculous. Actually, I don’t have a huge problem with Sam in a hospital bed. Dean’s had his share of hospital scenes. I can count at least four off the top of my head. Sam has never been shown in one.

          • sam for the win says:

            How many times has Dean been on a hospital bed and didn’t the Dean fans eat up all of the scenes? Why can’t Sam be in a hospital bed for once?

        • angel64 says:

          I’ve seen posts from Sam fans who wished anal rape on Dean fans. BOTH Sam fans and Dean fans can be nasty, not just Dean fans.
          And as for this business of Dean having more friends, you mean the whopping TWO, Cas and Charlie? Garth is every bit as much Sam’s friend, and Krissy is not a friend, but a twice guest star we will hopefully never see again
          Sam is closer to Jody, Kevin, was closer to Ash, and now even Crowley. Dean’s friendships, particularly Cas, are the only thing he gets. Sam gets EVERYTHING else. I’ll tell ya what, I’d be willing to give Sam ALL the friends, save for Dean’s profound bond with Cas, if Dean gets just a mere fraction of the everything else Sam gets.

  42. There aint no me if there aint no you.
    Dean ….. Let me love you *________*

  43. lolz says:

    lolololo So Sam is still trying to ditch Dean. He’s even willing to die to get away from his brother. Yeah, there’s a bond to root for. Poor Dean. When are you gonna get it? He’s just not that into you.

    • lynn says:

      Would you say that about Dean if the situation was reversed? That jab at Sam was totally uncalled for. He’s dying because there’s something going on with him, not because he feels the need to get away from Dean.

      • Al says:

        That’s true. But he’s not even willing to fight to stay with Dean. Isn’t Dean worth fighting for?

        • cathy says:

          He doesn’t think that Dean needs him. He has a huge amount of self worthlessness and loathing. He probably thinks Dean is better off without him because he disappointed Dean by not looking for him and failed Dean by not completing the trials. That was the whole point of the speech in the season finale, to show Dean and the viewers the truth about Sam and that the whole “I see light at the end of the tunnel” was a lie to convince Dean to let him do the trials.

          • Jen says:

            Finally, someone who gets it. I understand that a lot of Sam’s perspective is left up to the viewers’ headcanon but this is pretty on point. It was pretty obvious in those godawful flashbacks of his year with Amelia that he wasn’t happy without Dean at all, he was miserable and found someone who was just as miserable as he was to be miserable with. It actually kind of mirrored Dean’s year with Lisa in some respects in that he was going through the motions of trying to have a normal life but he wasn’t truly happy. Then, when he finally did get Dean back he realized how badly he screwed up by not looking for him. He let his brother down and his self-worth went into the crapper even more. Just because Sam doesn’t self-medicate like Dean doesn’t mean that he’s not just as screwed up emotionally. He’s just better at playing off the whole unaffected persona. But in his expressions whenever Dean shows disappointment in him, it shows. By the time he was about to finish off Crowley he was so worn down that he finally blurted out everything he’d been feeling all along, that he feels like a screw-up that can never make up for his mistakes. That the only way he feels as if he can make up for his mistakes is to die for them. Dean managed to talk him out of it in that moment, but those aren’t feelings that just go away. Those kinds of feelings linger on. For once, the brothers can relate with one another about how messed up they are inside and I really hope the writers take advantage of this. It’s an avenue that needs to be explored some more.

          • Daniel says:

            Wow…thank you. Both Cathy and Jen. Very well said.

          • Sara says:

            I didn’t see any of that from Sam at all. I saw someone who was all caught up in his own loss and the only time he wasn’t was when someone reminded him that he didn’t even try to look for Dean and even then it was more irritation than remorse that I saw. And then there was the scene with Garth when Garth wanted to know where Dean was during that year and what he was doing and Sam smirked! And did he ever look like SoullessSam there. I think JP’s acting choices were not the best in the first half of S8 especially if we were supposed to have seen him as having missed Dean and happy to have him back. I also think his acting choices were not the best in the church scene-too much anger and not enough remorse and contrition and it’s why that scene didn’t work as well as it should have for no few, IMO. Many emotions at once has never been in JP’s acting arsenal, IMO. And it’s especially glaring when he’s in a scene with Jensen because I’ve never seen anyone better at that than Jensen. JMO.

          • cathy says:

            @ sara, I thought Jared’s acting in the finale was superb. People were talking about it for ages, he conveyed Sam’s depression and self loathing very well. I don’t know where you got what you saw from, that wasn’t anger at all, maybe he was angry with himself but never with Dean. Since season 7 he always felt like the least of the bunch “actual line said by Sam”, he didn’t tell Dean about his hallucinations because he didn’t want to bother him even if it nearly killed him. Dean actually told Sam that a vampire is a better brother than him, if you don’t think that added to Sam’s self worthlessness, think again. And in the end, there was a deleted scene where Benny tells Dean he fed on humans, I wish they’d kept this scene because it shows Sam was right in not trusting Benny, especially after Dean lectured him about monsters in season 7 in regards to Amy. It makes me sad when people think Sam doesn’t love Dean enough or that Dean is better than Sam, but it comforts me that at least the show still portrays their bond and codependency in the same way since season 1 and it’s not going away whether people like it or not. It also makes me happy when Jensen says that Dean’s happiest place is hunting with his brother. At least he gets it :- ) So better get used to it if you’re going to keep watching.

          • Sara says:

            I’m still going to hope for Dean to be allowed some friends outside of Sam, if that’s okay with you, cathy. And I’m still going to keep asking for it in the comments sections of articles like these and in letters to the network. Again, this is how other segments of this fandom get what they want. And any actor’s work is subject to any individual’s personal assessment and evaluation and what works for some doesn’t necessarily work for others. I haven’t seen that much praise for his work in that scene and in fact I’ve seen more for Jensen’s work in it than I have for Jared’s-but maybe that has more to do with the difference in the sites that you and I visit. Regardless, I’ve seen Jared described by some as a “serviceable” actor and to me that’s what he is, but I rarely post that kind of an opinion in places like this because it invites the real crazies in. Let’s just say that we can agree to disagree on Jared’s level of acting and try to keep it mature.

          • cathy says:

            well I don’t go to Jared fansites if that’s what you’re implying. I went to TV review sites like zap2it and others and they were all very positive about Jared’s acting in this scene. Also at comic con and other fan conventions following the finale fans kept bringing it up so I’ll just assume that the majority liked it and understood the meaning behind the scene. Also I don’t get it, that’s how the others are getting what they want? If you mean by emailing the network and having a million petitions, I haven’t seen any fragment of fandom doing this except the destiel crowd and the myth arc for Dean crowd. Show me one petiton that asked for anything for Sam or the brothers, for real. The network knew what matters to the majority of the viewers by ratings, which were pretty low in the first half of the season except the second episode with coincided with the Arrow premiere (as stated by Jim Michaels on twitter), then it rose again in Trial and Error when the brothers’ relationship was fixed again. Rob Singer said that, he mentioned knowing fans not liking it when the brothers are apart. Also where did I tell you you’re not allowed to hope that Dean gets friends? You’re the one who thinks that Dean having friends means that Sam isn’t his priority or that Dean wouldn’t still put him before any other person. Your problem, not mine, since you think Sam is evil and wants Dean all for himself or something.

          • Al says:

            I would like to thank Cathy and Jen for their replies to me. I was having a hard time understanding Sam’s perspective in the promo and you truly helped. Thank you. :) I also agree with you about Jared’s acting. He’s great. Jensen, too. They’re what keep me hooked.

          • sam for the win says:

            Cathy and Jen, excellent analysis. It’s nice why fans truly understand Sam.

          • naran says:

            beautiful comments cathy and jen

          • I think they love each other and the truth is that they cannot survive well without each other- that is the way sisters and brothers are- hate/love relationships are what makes this so real- that bravado that Dean and Sam make with each other is just that- Bravado- Love them for who they are- and how they realte- this is a great show- just go with it- andi nichols

  44. cathy says:

    I never realised how many people misunderstand Sam’s character till now. Holy crap man! Sam is a selfish bastard and he obviously blames Dean for having friends other than him. He never jumped in the pit to save Dean and the world or anything, that must have been in my head. He never felt worthless and suicidal, that was just him whining again. Oh God…

    • Jo says:

      Cathy this is why I try to stay the hell away from this fandom. If it’s not the Sam haters or the Dean haters, it’s the Dean/Cas shippers (Destiel) who want Sam to be killed off so Dean and Cas can be together. Most of the Sam haters fall into the Destiel shippers category, btw. Oh, and let’s not forget the worst of the worst, the J2 tinhats that actually believe Jared and Jensen are in a real life homosexual relationship. Their wives are just beards and were paid off to have kids with the guys either through in vitro fertilization or adoption (take your pick) because TPTB at the big bad CW network won’t allow them to come out as gay. I’m not even joking. Most of this fandom is bats*it crazy. There are hardly any places to go to discuss the actual show because these people always show up and start a bunch of drama. It’s frightening, actually.

      • Free Jensen Ackles says:

        And yet, here you are.

      • anya says:

        Jo: “Most of the Sam haters fall into the Destiel shippers category, btw.”

        Stop spreading lies, I’m in Destiel fandom for 3 years and I NEVER saw a Sam hater apart from apparent troll kristyhobbs that closed her account after destiel, castiel, sam, and in general supernatural fans united and reported her to tumblr multiple times.

        On the other hand, I see people such as supernaturalsprincess9, nancy444, houndsofhell, and several other POPULAR fandom blogs freely hating on Castiel AND /OR Misha while nobody takes action. Where is fandom now? Why not report these people? Just look at the things they post!


        And I know this is just a group of overly invested people who dedicated their lives to something they hate instead of something they love, but I would never judge all shipers, in this case Wincest, by the actiouns of a few jerks. Please don’t do the same.

        • Mo says:

          Jo didn’t say most Destiel shippers are Sam haters. She said most Sam haters seem to be Destiel shippers. There are plenty of Destiel shippers who love Sam based on what I’ve seen online, just as I’ve seen plenty of Wincest shippers who love Cas. But the haters and trolls are the ones who flood the comments of apparently every article on Supernatural ever. It’s almost like it’s their job to spend hours a day telling everyone on the internet how much they hate every single thing about a show they apparently can’t stop watching.

          • To Mo says:

            What Destiel shippers have flooded this comment section hating on Sam? I’ve seen some negative comments about Sam, yes, but how do you know that those people are Destiel shippers? I have to admit that I didn’t pay close attention to some of them because I don’t like negativity or hate towards any of the three guys, but the ones I did see I didn’t notice anything that would blatantly paint them as Destiel shippers. Mostly I didn’t really see much Sam-hate, just a lot of Dean-girls that are really disappointed and upset and want more than what they’re getting for their favorite character.

        • To Anya says:

          Thank you, Anya. Yes! I’m so sick of these terribly false accusations being lobbed at Destiel shippers over and over again and people trying to judge an entire group based on the actions of a very few people. I’m not saying that Destiel shippers that hate Sam don’t exist, but I am very heavily involved in the Destiel fandom for almost a year now and I’ve never seen one person that hated Sam.

      • To Jo says:

        I am so sick of seeing these blatant lies about the Destiel fandom. Why don’t you people actually come talk to some Destiel fans? Listen to some of our podcasts. Check out some websites and blogs. Try reading about the Profound Bond and why we love it, and maybe then you’d get it in your heads that almost all Destiel shippers do not hate Sam. There’s a huge difference in wanting Dean/Cas stuff and wanting them to be in a relationship and hating Sam and wanting him off the show. Nobody is trying to say that all Dean fans hate Sam or that all Sam fans hate Dean or that all SamNDean fans hate Cas. So why is it only the Destiel fandom that gets painted with one big brush?

        Everyone in this fandom has their favorites, but just because people favor one character or the other or want this or that for a character or characters doesn’t mean they all hate and if all you’re going to do is try to spread mistruths about people like me then I hope that you start doing a better job of staying away from this fandom.

      • andrea says:

        Agreed whats with the negative comments if your bored with it go find something else to watch and the rest of us will enjoy geez people grow up

  45. Amy says:

    I havent seen the show in a while but I keep up w/the news bc I love Sam and Dean and omg this is luring me back.

    I’m excited for a season for the 1st time in a long time. Can’t wait for these Sam & Dean scenes:)

  46. Clara says:

    I can’t remember the last time I was so excited for a new season! So glad to see the brothers back together for now.

  47. Actually, I really hope they’ll finally figure what’s wrong with Sam for like… one last time, and then I hope that Sam will finally actually learn how to deal with his problems without detaching his brother from whatever it is that’s important for Dean. I also pray for Dean to trust Sam for one single time and give up being his parent and for once be just a brother, a loving, caring, but trusting brother. I vote for codependency issues resolved! Normally it has to get worse before you get better and it’s OK for a 3 Arc storyline.

    And then Dean marries Cas. The end ;)

  48. Cameron says:

    I’m kinda tired of this Sam and Dean “you jump I jump” attitude, maybe it’s just me….

  49. Talia says:

    I’m so excited! Sam and Dean are so amazing and I will just love those two beautiful brothers forever!

  50. BigTimeFan says:

    God, I’m so tired of the complaining. I think people focus too much on one thing or another and completely block out any other perspective. You can look at it from so many angles. Why people choose only the negative is beyond me. Whether you like Dean or Sam or both or neither there’s something for everyone. Just because your chosen favourite doesn’t get everything you want is not cause to ruin other’s enjoyment with nonstop complaining. I used to watch Lost, after a while the storylines to me got boring and stupid. I stoped caring about it and you know what I did? I stoped watching it. I didn’t write endless complaints about it.