Siberia Finale Recap: Nyet Worth

Siberia Finale RecapLet’s be honest: For those of us who stuck with Siberia — NBC’s scripted series about a Survivor-esque competition gone horribly wrong — to the 11th and final episode, expectations were barely perceptible.

I mean, the show’s scripts seemed like they’d been written on damp cocktail napkins. Various cast members (the Evenki translator in particular) seemed like they’d been selected based on their ability to work for nothing more than a bagel and a cup of coffee. And heading into the final hour, we still didn’t have any real answers about whether the weird roaring noises, flashing green lights and numerous contestant injuries/deaths were caused by inbred mountain freaks, aliens, nuclear bears, angry woodland spirits or, perhaps, a hoax on the part of the game-show producers.

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Even so, the Season 1 series finale was a jarring disappointment, with too many loose ends, not enough genuine thrills, and a final scene that should be streaming in perpetuity at So with that in mind, I’m going to keep this final Siberia recap to a lean, mean 10 bullet points, then turn it over to you to continue with the ranting and the asking of burning questions. Without further ado…

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* Just as the Evenki “prisoners” arrive at the Russian science lab to reuinite with Johnny, Joyce, Daniel and Sam, danger-prone Irene is all, “Um, guys, I think I stepped on a land mine.” And Daniel — ignoring the opinion of Israeli army vet Sabina — is all, “I’m pretty sure it’s a dud, so step off, girl! I promise you’ll be fine!” And Irene steps off and there’s no explosion. UGH. Way to miss an opportunity for some nifty gore, producers!

* Sam tells the reunited gang about his near-death experience, and how he dreamed he saw Natalie at the fishing river. Everyone is all, “Natalie died, yo!” and Annie runs into the other room with a case of the sads. And even though Annie only had a one-week crush on Natalie, Sam compares her loss to his experience of losing his wife.

* An army truck of military types arrives, and while the contestants greet them as rescuers, it soon becomes clear these ominous Russian dudes are here to execute them. (My favorite moment of randomness: Esther arriving late on the scene because she’d been in the loo.) Joyce gets brave and gets tied to a truck for her troubles; the land mines begin to spontaneously explode; and in the confusion, Johnny and Daniel (who’d been out back working) free Joyce, team up with the others, and drive away in the truck. Except for Annie, who gets shot when — taking a page from the audience — everyone temporarily forgets she exists.

* Annie crosses the Rainbow Bridge.

* The truck gets stuck in a snowbank, and everyone pushes while Esther hits the gas pedal. And then, in the only moment of genuine intentional hilarity from Siberia‘s limited life, Esther keeps on driving, while her comrades react with a mixture of shock, rage, confusion and disbelief. Miljan reveals that somehow, Esther had been concealing a giant sack containing $500,000 for the last several days. “The game might be over, but she won it anyway.”

* The remaining contestants — Johnny, Joyce, Sam, Daniel, Sabina (my personal fave), Neeko, Miljan, and Irene — walk to a clearly deserted town and ask questions like, “Why are all the lights off?” and “Where is everyone?” Sam finds Esther’s truck (sans Esther and sans money), and then everyone decides to camp out in the one apartment in town that has its lights on, its fridge stocked, but no one at home.

* Johnny cooks dinner and makes goo-goo eyes at Joyce. Neeko takes a nap. Sabina strings together some beads. Miljan steals a gun from the closet.

* “It’s like nothing’s real,” says Irene. “The way I feel about you is real,” replies Daniel. And then they kiss. [Insert nausea emoticon here.]

* Joyce locates a video from the day she and Johnny went missing. The group plays back the footage, and we see a glimpse of a werewolf-looking ghoulie descending on Johnny and Jocye and Joyce’s exposed midriff, and then a flash of the green lights in the sky (which have a decidedly alien appearance).

* The soldier types show up at the apartment, and as the contestants brace for impact, the game-show host from the pilot pops his head inside: “You’re not supposed to be here,” he cries.

The end.

Yep, that’s the end. I cahhhhhn’t. And since I cahhhhn’t, I’ll turn it over to you. What did you think of the Siberia finale? What do you think was the cause of all the foolery and danger? (My theory is nuclear aliens.) If there was a Season 2, would you be insane enough to watch it? Take our poll below, then expand on your thoughts in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Siberia was an interesting concept, but I fell off about three or four episodes ago when I realized nothing good was going to happen.

    • patti bellinger says:

      I thought we were watching a real deal! Boy did I get fooled. This was the worst ending to anything EVER! Shame on NBC

      • Eva Bishop says:

        I am with you on that! I didn’t start watching till about 3 episodes in and thought it was real too. I liked Joyce and Johnnie together, but the ending was completely stupid! It didn’t answer anything! I wouldn’t watch it again unless it was the only channel on tv, and then I might just read a book!

        • Siberia fan says:

          The show was left like that to bring season 2.

          • Patti smith says:

            Please bring us to season 2. Don’t leave us hanging. It is so frustrating. Love the show. come back PLEASE. Patti smith

          • RalphV2 says:

            Except, of course, there will be no season 2.

          • Priscilla says:

            What is there going to be a season 2 i’m going to very mad if there isn’t one!

          • Citigirl says:

            So what happened , is there really people dead or was this all a fake? If not I sure hope the insurance amts are high for the attorneys for law suits…the ending was just plain odd and while the series i kept thinking would come to an end with people all being alive and just stunts….it left me speechless and yes I would watch it to see what really does happen and i want the truth ,

          • Steve says:

            That’s exactly the way I saw it! With so many unanswered questions, there is no other way to interpret the ending!!!
            I have been researching the REAL-LIFE event that happened in Siberia early in the 20th century (1908 I think), and if you think it is interesting on the show and unanswered questions are present there, read the book called “The Fire Came By”…! WOW!!!!!!!

          • Death says:

            whats more interesting is, i saw somewhere that there was 12 episodes not 11. kept waiting for the 12 but never came
            FRUSTRATED AND ANGRY AND MAD!!!!!!!!!!!
            and its not like there would be a season 2 because what do they have to do; figure out why there not suppose to be there, figure out the mess, go home and live there life as normal; 1 episode would over all of that. in total season 2 would just be long boring and stretched out unless there only gonna do 1 episode
            the way i see it is is that its stupid and they should of just kept it as 1 season!!!!

          • Amber simpson says:

            There: place; over there
            They’re: contraction of they are
            Their: something belonging to them

          • Sammie says:

            Season 2, really? Siberia was interesting in the first few episodes, but then it began to tank, all the way to the end? I wouldn’t watch another season of this abomination if someone paid me to do it -honestly!!!

      • Cynthia says:

        I totally agree… My husband and I stuck it out. And I am so ticked the way it turned out !!! And the way it leaves everyone hanging !!! This was the WORST TV show ever……Producers…you all need help….. !!! What a disappointment !!!

        • Ginnyb7 says:

          The ending was terrible ,but could of been a good show.So who won and what happened to everyone in the end? i still didn’t get the ending of the show! Very disappointing!

        • Mark says:

          I am proud to say that I watched all 11 episodes of what has turned out to be the worst television show ever. I think the worst television show ever used to be a show called “my mother the car” which I never got to see. So I’m glad I got to see this one so I can say I’ve seen the worst television show ever.

        • Jennifer says:

          Agreed. Horrible show. I lost interest in the 3rd episode. Interesting concept; boring execution.

      • echo_six says:

        Then you are retarded; shame on you for thinking this was real.

        • Johnny Norris says:

          my wife had to convince me that it was not real!!! Now that I have stuck it out this far, there better ve a season 2 ! If not, I will never hear the end of it from my lady!!! Johnny Norris Wilmington Delaware

          • Johnny Norris says:

            By the time I convinced my husband it wasn’t
            real, I was hooked! What a waste of time! The things I do for that man!!!!! Paula Norris Wilmington Delaware

      • Chris H says:

        Let’s just assume that they have multiple seasons. In that case, I thin k this a brilliant ending. Nothing better than a little suspense!

      • brysona says:

        Please tell me you are being sarcastic! When is tv ever real?

    • Lenny (a would-be writer) says:

      A cursory explanation, Finale
      1. The reality show was simply a pretext for placing the participants in harm’s way. Evidence:
      a. The escape/quit button was never hooked up. Natalie is found dead.
      b. The lab contains several horn blowing goody boxes labeled used by past participants.
      c. The host shows up simultaneously with the soldiers, yet he is not killed nor captured.
      d. The host exclaims, “You shouldn’t be here.” Obviously, he expected them to end up as dead as the previous contestant/victims.
      2. A giant meteor, comet or space craft crashed into Earth, creating the black, barren area.
      3. Somehow, the elements/radiation brought about from #2 caused the genetic mutations.
      a. The Valley Men and the vicious tiger killing wolf-like animal are the resulting mutants.
      b. Both the Valley Men and the tiger-killer have become gigantic in size and develop certain odd characteristics such as the oddly shaped foot or the Valley Men. These type of mutations have occurred at Chernobyl. (They have also been caused by inbreeding, drug side effects, and other causes.)
      c. At the lab there are examples of other mutant animals.
      4. Esther is probably another foil like Joyce (except privy to information that Joyce does not have).
      a.Time and again Esther does things that greatly upset the participant, culminating in her truck heist.
      b. Esther, like the “producer” and the hit men have little regard for the lives and well-being of the others.
      c. Moreover, we discover the truck parked in the abandoned town. There is no sign of struggle, and Esther’s bag is gone. A large diesel truck pulling into town would not go unnoticed. She should have been killed or captured immediately.
      5. The fire in the sky may be a residual phenomenon from the meteor crash. Perhaps this is what caused Joyce and Johnny to become disoriented. It may also have had an effect of the wolf-beast in that it spared their lives.
      6. The hit squad was a fail safe. Their job was to execute survivors, to tie up loose ends. They probably executed the lab technicians for the same reason.
      a. The goody boxes found at the lab were all the result of past experiments.
      b. The lab was cut off from the internet. the lab gathered data, but it could not share the data.
      c. It stands to reason that the lab was gathering samples and data for the host and whoever he works for. Once sufficient data was collected, The technicians were not only expendable, they were dangerous in that they could communicate their findings to the world.
      I haven’t resolved everything, but this should help answer some questions.

      • Ameskimo E says:

        I think you make some good points. However, I just have to wonder why a group of persons who wish to have their project remain unknown would lure a bunch of people into the very wilderness they are trying to keep private. I think it really goes like this: Siberia is a fictional story about a reality show. The reality show was not a lure. However, when the persons with stuff to hide at the lab found out about the reality show taking place in their secret area, they made plans to end the show by killing the participants one by one. The enemy used some of the participants by letting them in on “secrets”.

        Esther was the most intriguing character. She may have been in a romantic relationship with the host, prior to being selected as a participant. She and he probably planned to share the money all along. I admit this idea would be more plausible if the amount were more than a million dollars, but it is somewhat plausible even a $500,000, assuming Esther and the host are sufficiently financially strapped and cold-blooded.
        Why did she and the host escape the soldiers? I think they just got lucky, as did the other survivors.

        I felt cheated by the final episode. I understand the concept of leaving some mystery for the next season, but, as testified by the number of viewers trying to imagine an ending, too many questions were left unanswered, resulting in a lack of coherence. I am not a writer for NBC and don’t get paid to write for them. Neither do their other views. We watch shows which, hopefully, others have finished writing.

        Finally, I really think Siberia was based on a great idea and had some fantastic moments.
        Some more editing and thought could have produced a classic!

      • I was stupid to first believe this was a real reality show. Boo. Then I failed to recognize the last show was the “last” show. And I am an intelligent person. Guess not. Boy do I feel duped! I actually enjoyed the show and hoped it would end up with someone winning some money, or splitting it XY-ways…and all going home. Fool me once shame on you…fool me twice shame on me. Guess I’ll just be fooled once this time. Thanks!

        • Patrice Nagel says:

          You really thought it was a reality show?? If it was I would never have watched it. I am sick of reality Television and 500K to stay in Siberia no way in Hell I would do that..My life is worth more than money if I am dead I cant enjoy it and SIberia, equals death

        • Kathleen says:

          I feel exactly like you do. I thought it was real at first and as the season went on, I could not decide if it was or not. I am also an intelligent person and enjoyed the show. I was not aware that the season finale was the finale either…I did not see advertising that it was the finale. I would’ve also thought they would announce the big winner etc etc. Obviously not real…but I still enjoyed the show!

      • Stephen H says:

        #5 The green sky was obviously triggered by a green bream from the ground. No residual phenomenon would have caused this, it must have been triggered by something. My theory is that it has to do with the bowls.

        #6 The soldiers were looking for a weapon. They were there earlier when they executed everyone and didn’t find it. They kept monitoring the radio and when they got the distress call from the contestants they probably assumed that they knew about it.
        I assume by the apparent nature of the research being done there that the weapon that they’re looking for is biological.

        I think the contestants might have been sacrifices. Did you notice in the found tape when they found the overturned bowl thing that there were 16 dots inside that squiggly circle? They even made a point to count them out and say out loud that there was 16.
        16 dots in the ancient metal alieny thing and 16 contestants. Connection?

        • Jean Gehring says:

          it was a natural phenomena….it was the Northern Lights.

          • Alex Sievert says:

            I don’t understand how people can be this confused. They explained everything. It wasn’t the Northern Lights… it was a beam of energy from the “cauldron” thing they found.

            The entire show is based off of folklore of the Tunguska area. What happened in episode 4 was the Tunguska Event happening again.

      • Royal Green says:

        Very disappointed, I watched the show from the beginning, and was waiting for the end. I can’t believe it’s over.

      • sean says:

        is season 2 coming out and what time will it. I also didnt get the ending at all so I hope when season 2 comes out it will explain it better.Why were they not supposed to be there.

        • rhemi553 says:

          episode 11 was not the finale… nbc bought 13 episodes… however due to the birth of the “royal baby” a siberia episode was not aired until a week later thus making the season 12 episodes long instead of 13… so nbc had the producers of siberia combine episodes 12 & 13 into one episode… but due to legal issues this modified episode never aired… so uninformed fans mistakenly presuming that episode 11 was the season “finale” when it was not.

          • Karen Lampe says:

            Thanks! I Met The Producer/Writer And His Wife, Actress Joyce Cursus. They Were In Negotiations For Another Season, But Obviously Out hasn’t Happened. All Of Our frustrations Are The Result Of The Business Of Tv These Days. Shows Like This (And Lost) Really Need To Be Sold As A Package…Beginning, Set Number Of Shows, And End. Thanks For Your Explanation. Yours Is The Only One That Makes Any Sense!

      • pork4skin says:

        showing in U.K. now s1 ep . 02.ENOUGH, FAKE , an extreme pile of utter rubbish ! Lenny (a would-be writer) conspiracy nutter or what ? it stands to REASON that it is a script and you are a fool if you think any of it was real ! get a life ! you are just scaring feeble minded people, with that made up fairy story !

    • Deb Conroy says:

      Held my interest throughout the series, but, come on, the ending……REALLY? I actually expected one more episode to tie it all together!
      BAD . . .SO BAD!

      • Terri says:

        Same here. No answers! I am waiting for another show to explain it all. I found it interesting, yet guilty for watching it

        • SavvyCat says:

          Maybe we’ll be treated to a cheesy wrap-up movie on Syfy.

          • Patrice Nagel says:

            That would be cool..What really made things stupid was the green lights in the sky..Hello they are in Siberia, doesn’t anyone know what the Northern lights are/ That is what I thought when I saw them. The show was tacky but I really want to see an ending to it,,But with network TV we probably will never know..Anyone else have an opinion??

      • Doogy says:

        Totally agree with you. Perhaps tying it all together would include Esther getting what she deserved ( karma )

      • ma anderson says:

        according to blogs that i read there were two more episodes planned but they pulled the plug….what makes me wonder is the simple fact it was all prerecorded so not just let sweeps do sweeps and then show the the last two episodes as a “true” conclusion.

      • Alex Sievert says:

        It explained everything. If you didn’t get that it was all tied together, you must have not been paying attention because the finale answered almost all of my questions.

    • Gary says:

      I thought it was the real deal as well until that first contestant got killed. I decided to look him up on the web and found he was an actor still alive today. I then looked up each contestant and found they all had some level of acting experience. I kind of liked the show. It was a mix of Survivor and Lost. The ending sucked however.

      • Jean Gehring says:

        I thought it was real until the Northern Lights appeared in the sky and every one of the stupid contestants had no idea what it was! That just can’t be! I have never seen first hand the Northern Lights but have seen them on many TV shows, and in books and magazines. I am also not Einstein, but the Northern Lights are a well known phenomena and surely ONE of those idiots had to have known! After that, the show was positively wacky, but maybe that is probably why I continued to watch it….had to find out what the heck it was all about and what other preposterous events would occur. Being that I did watch to the end (NOT), I do hope they have at least one or two episodes to pull it all together. If they don’t, those of us who stuck with it certainly wasted our time. Also, I think it would have been better if it had been a REAL reality program….just surviving in Siberia would have been more interesting.

    • Eddie N says:

      It is not reality show and it is really bad drama. I am shocked that some people really like it. Everything has a market, no matter how bad it is.

      • Hayzel says:

        So why are you here reading and posting?

        • BobZoom says:

          Curiosity. It’s one of things that make us what we are.

          It was indeed bad drama. For many of us, once we started watching we wanted to see where it would go. Why? Curiosity. How many of us have continued watching a really bad movie just to see where it would go? (at least until we couldn’t take it anymore)

          Anyone who doesn’t know about the Tunguska event or the aurora borealis is likely spending too much time watching bad television and couldn’t even point to Siberia on a world globe.

    • Chris H says:

      Let’s just assume that they have multiple seasons. In that case, I thin k this a brilliant ending. Nothing better than a little suspense!

  2. Evan says:

    The Persons Unknown curse strikes again! Answer nothing to “force” the network into giving you another season.

    • K2 says:

      Evan, that’s exactly what I thought!

    • Falcor888 says:

      EXACTLY!!! This is the 3rd time NBC got me with a sifi/drama, then cancelling without any answers. First Persons Unknown, then The Event and now Siberia. I even work for NBC and I am livid!

      Yet The Dome, which I find predictable and cliché with horrible writing, lives on.

      • Patti smith says:

        NBC. You are notorious. For canceling good shows. Please don’t do it again. It’s obvious you don’t care wether we want them or not. Keep siberia On,,,,,,,,!!!!!!!!

        • larry says:

          I’m through with NBC series. Nothing worse than investing my time for nothing!!!

          • Citigirl says:

            yep now you know why we did not care if Time WArner carried them or not, we still got to watch NBC free with an antenna…so who is NBC fooling , a huge majority of the public in more ways than one.

      • Austin Jim says:

        Had you paid attention to the ratings that are posted on the internet, then you would have seen the writing on the wall. I liked Siberia, too. Yet, the ratings made it obvious that the show would be cancel.

    • m says:

      i was just thinking that… but the other way round! i watched siberia and was confused about the end (i knew it was not real as im not a moron, just the logistics of the camera work etc should tell anyone it wasnt ‘reality’ tv, unless they had tons of camera people who were all super human for being able to do the hard physical stuff the others were doing (the long walk to the lab that almost killed the old bloke) with heavy cameras and kit!)… then the same friend who told me about it told me about persons unknown. i asked him if it would leave me feeling as empty and unforfilled as siberia and he promised me it wouldnt.

      i found out after that he hadnt watched all of persons unknown and he is no longer a friend.

      however, i think siberia has a better chance of a series 2, this is the most hating forum ive seen on it so far. also it probably cost a lot more money to make than persons unknown (and was much more unforfilling, maybe due to this merged/missing episode thing) so i hope it does come back or someone leaks the final episode.

  3. Larry says:

    The show was a nice summer diversion but the concept could had been handle better. I wish the show had a tighter narrative and it didn’t look like the actors were ad-libbing the entire dialog. I know that was probably the intention but a lot of that conversation didn’t seem natural. The show actually reminded me a lot of Lost, I did get into the show as it labored along -but I never thought it had much of a chance in the ratings.

    • RLuck says:

      AGREED – I liked the finale (for the most part), right up to the end, and then I was like “WTF, they’re stopping this RIGHT HERE? Dang.”

  4. d4h8a15r16m23a42 says:

    The only plausible explanation is Robo-Hitler.

  5. Casey says:

    I stayed with this show through the summer. I liked the concept and grew curious how the producers would resolve all the mysteries. My understanding was that this was to be a self-contained show, that would conclude at the end of the summer rather than extending for years to come.

    I have never been so disappointed in a show’s finale. Nothing was resolved. We have no idea if Johnny and the gang ever escape Russia or if the Valley People have big feet. The long silliness with the land mine was just weird.

    It just seemed as if the writers had painted themselves into a corner with all their interesting mysteries, then had no idea how to resolve them.

    You ask for the culprit for all the strange goings on. My guess is the league of bad writers. This was an embarrassment.

    • Mike says:

      where did you get the idea that it was meant to be a one season show?

      • Mr. Bogus says:

        Because how the %$$^ did they ever intend to drag this out more than one season, even if it had got good ratings? Yes, Siberia is remote, but you can’t get stranded there for 5 seasons like you can on a interdimensional island.

      • Nicole says:

        I could have sworn I read somewhere that this was supposed to be a one season show (same with Under the Dome).

        I didn’t watch the finale and after reading this article, probably won’t.

        I realize it’s all about $$ but it would be nice if networks would give us single season shows and commit to showing all the episodes. That way, viewers can watch without fear of cancellation and know how much of a commitment they have to make (e.g., 10 episodes, 4, etc.)–especially during the summer.

        • David says:

          Nicole, if you haven’t seen it, check out the mini-series, The Lost Room. It is only six episodes and while there are several things that don’t get fully explained or fleshed out, the show is solid enough that you are left wanting to know what those mysteries are instead of feeling rather ambivalent about the unknowns in this show.

          Like the others said, good concept, horrible execution. One of my biggest issues was the cameramen. The show could not seem to decide if the cameramen were invisible as if a regular drama or actual people who should appear more concerned for their own food, shelter & safety. Additionally, various captors should also treat them with similar hostility instead of allowing them to just walk around, unless everyone is “in on this game/experiment” (but events mid-episode would suggest otherwise) in which case, shouldn’t at least one “contestant” be curious as to why they’re allowed to record so much… especially the covert military-like group. I think the only reason I stuck it out was that i thought it was bad enough to not be renewed but good enough for a summer show to be finish the season and hopefully be wrapped up. Unfortunately, we’re left with a daft comment from a producer. (Well, duh, of course they aren’t.)

      • Casey says:


        My recollection is that a couple of previews of the show said it would be contained in a single season. Some of the comments below indicate that the show originally had another episode, which was not shown. If this is accurate, it may explain the horrible “finale.”

        • Celia says:

          According to one of the actors, two episodes were combined into one to make up for the night it was pre-emptied for the royal baby news. I don’t know what got left out. But the final episode was the true final episode.

          • Patrice Nagel says:

            If there is a true final episode then it will be online sooner or later. but I wont hold my breath I do remember that there was one Monday the show wasn’t on. maybe that was the royal baby news..So there may be another episode..To the poster that said Under the Dome was supposed to be only one season, well it will have another season because its a great show, Siberia was just ok

          • TomPaine says:

            The “royal baby” pre-empting killed the show. It showed NBC really didn’t care about the program, and that is when I gave up watching it on TV. I watched all episodes online after the season was over. I am disappointed to learn through a Google search leading to this website that the series is done…too many open questions, not wrapped up…come on NBC!!!

    • CrazyCat says:

      Casey, I couldn’t agree with you more. What a huge disappointment. HUGE! I also may have to just give up on any of these so-called one-season shows. The producers totally blew it. There were so many ways they could have taken this and made the finale simply terrific. And if they wanted to continue this series, they could have created another “reality show” for season 2. Life is too short to be screwed over by lame-a$$ tv shows, as a friend said last night, and though I defended this show to people who thought it was, well, stupid, I think they got the last laugh. Boo.

    • teri says:

      I also liked the shows concept. I actually thought all the people except Neeko and Daniel were actors. I thought Neeko and Daniel were the true contestants and would win the money. It seemed all the others were always solving problems and finding food somehow. I thought this week would be the end. I didn’t know the show ended last week! What? That ending makes no sense. I thought either Neeko or Daniel would win the money, as this was a test in how those two would survive. What was the point of the show? I wouldn’t watch it or anything like it again.

    • Sandy Brethauer says:

      I’m with you on this one! I followed it religiously and was blown away each with nothing but new questions. I was hoping these would have been put into some perspective by end of season, however, this doesn’t appear to be the intention of the writers. In fact you actually gained nothing at all in the end and were just left hanging as you would a regular season conclusion. In this case that was missed in it’s entirety. Too bad….so sad …cause that really sucks!

  6. Jason says:

    I want there to be another season because I, like the writers, have no idea what’s going on

    • Sadie says:

      This OBVIOUSLY should have been a one season show. It was based on all the other one season reality survivor type shows. Take a hint from international television- do one season and do it right. Instead like everyone says, the writers are trying attempting mysteries big enough to secure jobs for the next ten years and have no idea how to resolve them. Any good mystery/sci-fi show is not judged by it’s ability to puzzle the viewer, but by how it is resolved in the end. TOTAL COP-OUT!

  7. jag says:

    I stuck this one for the sole purpose of making fun of how bad it was every week. The only reason I looked for this recap is that when the show ended, it was so random that I thought my dvr cut it off. So there is your legacy Siberia.. The show who ended their run by randomly turning off their cameras! Well done sirs, your legacy of crap will stand for some time to come!

  8. diane carre says:

    we watch it hrough out the summer….but it was pretty much boring..a reality show and people dies…come on….it really sucks…if there is another Siberia we will not waste our time to watch it….. comment by diane Sept l7. 2013

    • Dianne says:

      I was totally confused the entire time. I can’t believe that people actually “dies” and the cameras keep rolling. At least get them help or get them out. Was it really real…..and the finaly…smh

  9. judy granville says:

    This entire series SUCKED – I can’t believe I stayed with it – guess just curious to see how bad it could get. Whese did they get these actors? (And I use the term lightly -) Oh well, at least it’s over!

  10. Kaliera says:

    WHY has no one mentioned the ridiculousness that is the fact that apparently “camera men” are still following these people around? And filming (with camera’s that have the longest battery life ever). Amazing how those guys managed to stay outside for external establishing shots with multiple angles all while being shot at! This show deserved to die, but the audience who did hang in there deserved ONE THING to be resolved. Yeesh!

    • Falcor888 says:

      They did mention that the cameramen agreed to keep filming so that they all the events documented. So if they were to find help they could use the footage to sue the pants of the “reality show” producers and such. That said, I did find a that issue somewhat distracting. Things like camera battery life, impossible camera angles and the fact that the cameraman didn’t seem to worried that they were also abandoned in the middle of nowhere kept popping up in my head. Some retooling would be needed for a season 2. I still would have watched though! Great premise and something that had a feel of LOST season 1 (just a feel mind you) without the budget.

      • Guy Smiley says:

        Not that I’m defending the show, but solar battery chargers do exist, ask any camper. Solar power is one way they could have kept filming, also if they were using any type of non film memory based camera they could have a few terrabytes worth of recording space, add an external hard drive to the picture and space is virtually unlimited. I still think the writing was by far the biggest let down. It’s not just the wholes in the plot, the complete lack on continuity between character interactions and motives. It was the lack of execution that bothered me, Miljan was anything from a psychopathic nutcase to a quite attempt at an antagonist, characters didn’t develop, they went sideways and backward. That finale was terrible, if it was supposed to be the end, that’s just a shame.

  11. Mike says:

    Really surprised at these comments???? What series wraps everything up on the season 1 finale?! There is always a cliff hanger to get you to tune in next season. Your fault if you thought you were going to get a tidy explanation on all mysteries. I stumbled on Siberia just last week and caught up on the series over the weekend just in time for the finale last night. I really liked it. Plot holes aside, it wasn’t too hard to suspend disbelief and enjoy the show. And about the acting/actors, it’s a reality show spoof… have you ever watched a reality show? The dialogue is terrible… what holds my interest in Siberia isn’t the dialogue per se, it is the mysteries. Lighten up and enjoy the world… or turn the channel.

    • Mr. Bogus says:

      New shows these days, especially ones with even a hint of Sci-Fi, need to assume they will be cancelled (as most are) and write accordingly. If they are lucky enough to get another season, it’s easy enough (for talented writers, unlike Siberia’s) to find a way to pick up the plot.

    • Mimi says:

      i’m with you! I liked the show despite the plotholes and it was te reality vibe and the fantastically random and sometimes stupid dialogue that entertained me the most. I would really love to know what the Valley people are, what the producer guy has gotten himself into… Is there really no hope for a season 2??

    • David says:

      No one expects everything to be wrapped up, but I cannot think of anything that was actually resolved in the final episode. Oh, except knowing that Esther can absolutely not be trusted – I think they finally figured that out.

      • tripoli says:

        That’s the problem. They kept piling more and more into the story without any resolution. I am one of those who for some reason thought it was just a one time deal and that there would be a wrap up at the end of the season. Super annoyted that I stuck with it and have no real end to the many storylines that unfolded.

  12. Armand says:

    With 1.5 million viewers, this show stands no chance for renewal. I had hoped there would be a resolution but instead they left us with a lame cliffhanger. There is no way I would invest more time watching a show where it got weaker by the episode and the characters were just plain unlikeable. My masochistic curiosity lasted one season

    • sfajax says:

      I don’t understand your comment. You hate that it was left with a cliffhanger, but if we got a season 2 you wouldn’t “invest more time watching” it? Wouldn’t you watch season 2 to resolve some of the reasons you claim to not like it (cliffhanger)?

      I thought the characters were varied, loveable, and realistic.

      I think critique of this show is widely varied depending on what site you read. Many sites applaud it for its originality, while others just hate. For the most part, the comments seem to match the tone of the reviews.

      What I really don’t get is people who thought Siberia sucked but Under the Dome was good TV? Huh? I don’t remember anything even remotely as bad, on so many levels, as Under the Dome. How sad that it got the viewership and renewal over Siberia, a truly original, high quality show.

      • Frobozz says:

        This show was utter trash. It’s indefensible, your defense of such poor, poor craft. Under the Dome is not well acted or written either, but the show makes good on the basic contract of storytelling: It resolves mysteries and conflicts as it proceeds (barbie + julia, mini-dome, 4th hand, pink stars, etc), rather than adding another tired and unresolved trope from the sci-fi bargain barn every episode. The writer’s disdain for the audience is evident: “If you’re stupid enough to still be watching this crap show to the last episode, you’re probably too dumb to know 1) we had no idea where we were going with this, 2) we let the actors figure out the dialog as they went “Why you going over there?” “Cuz I wanna go over there” “Don’t go over there.” “Why shouldn’t I go over there?” “Cuz it’s cold and dark” “I’m not afraid of the dark!” “Well, then, cuz it’s cold.” “Cold, huh…I’ll stay here then, I don’t have a jacket.” 2) we resolved not a single introduced mystery the entire pathetic season..but we did get paid!”

  13. Chris says:

    I thought my DVR cut off the end….. I guess that’s just how lamely they ended the show…..

  14. DoctorWhoFanatic! says:

    I think my circle of friends and I must be the only ones who loved it! LOL

  15. DJ says:

    Filming begins on the next season at the end of October. So this will continue on Canadian TV, but I guess it depends on whether NBC picks it up again or not.

  16. Michael says:

    I watched most of show on Demand so it was a few couple hour sessions. It took hold of my interest and had me fascinated about the fate of the contestants. The previous comments bring up allot of good questions; for example, who was the human skeleton Sabina found with her personal locket on it? That added another dimension to the plot, two lockets with he same picture? How or why would the producers have inserted that scene? How did Daniel know that mine wouldn’t blow up? Looks like they needed a few more episodes to tie up the epic and bizarre struggle to survive Siberia. In any case, if there’s a season two, there’s plenty to discover.

    • kdaujr3 says:

      Here’s what I think. The multiple containers that released rewards indicate this is an experiment they were going to try at least two more times. The lab makes me think they were creating clones or something. What if Sabina and the gang are clones, and they are actually watching the valley monsters from the lab, and only way to get the clones to participate is to tempt them with pride and money. The body Sabina found was her clone. The fighter jet, that indicates the military is the one running this rouge experiment or the country is at war against the monsters and they captured a few to incubate and test to see how to defeat them outside this sealed area.

      Based on everyones theory this will be canceled, i suggest nbc take this idea and run with it

  17. Linda says:

    Originally, I thought this was a real reality show. After about a couple episodes, I’m going “Oh no, not another ‘Blair Witch Project.'” The episode after those feelings, I just started to get p.o.’d. It wasn’t until a couple weeks ago, when the internet was down here, and I couldn’t go online to read what this was all about, that I determined it was scripted. Badly scripted I might add. I left watching “The Dome” for this garbage?! Soooo disappointed in NBC and I will NEVER watch another of their summer replacements again!!!! Shame on you.

    • r0ckmypants says:

      You thought this was a real reality show when they explained at the end of the pilot that someone DIED but the cast and crew could still stay out in Siberia if they really wanted to? In what alternate universe would that actually be allowed to happen?!

  18. Meredith says:

    The show started off slow but as long as I kept up my humor and ability to suspend disbelief, it was okay to watch. I was genuinely curious to see what happened. For some reason I was naive enough to believe this was gonna be a complete story (it was supposed to emulate a “reality show” hence the universal belief that the show was going to also last one season. I mean, that would have made the most sense, and they could have gone out with a feeling of some sort of accomplishment? (I’m sorry, I’m having trouble finding the right words…)

    Anyway, now I remember: Duh! I forgot this show was on NBC. Fool me once…blah blah blah. We are all fools for watching this show and expecting some type of resolution.

  19. d ewing says:

    I was thinking NBC cut it off for the news because a previous sports game over ran its time….my orgional thought was the empty town was a nucular bomb target test site and a flash would be the last scene……that may have worked as a finale.

    • Meredith says:

      If I knew for a fact that there was going to be a second season, I wouldn’t have hated the finale as much as I did. I feel like Cartman when he hears a song he can’t concentrate on anything else until he hears the entire song…

  20. kracklow says:

    Maybe Netflix will pick it up for a second season…

  21. cej says:

    I was going to drop this show after 4 episodes but then something interesting happened and I decided to stick with it. I thought I was disappointed with the Under the Dome finale. Multiply that feeling by 50 and that’s how furious I am with the non ending of this show. That’s what I get for investing in summer fluff tv, I guess. Grrrrrrr!

  22. CarolK says:

    I think we didn’t see every episode. IMDB is showing an episode 12 (season finale) to air on September 23. I think this show got off track when it was preempted for the Royal Baby and now there is no place to show episode 12 because NBC new season starts on September 23. Come on NBC, at least put episode 12 online for us to see the real season finale.

    • David says:

      Wow, good point. Perhaps a couple things might actually be resolved. I doubt it would change much of my opinion of the show as a whole. TVGuide does not have it listed for the next two weeks (in the 8-11pm ET timeslots) so it’s doubtful it will get aired, if it even exists.

      I will say this though, props to NBC for airing it this long, even if it is during a relatively dead summer. They normally seem to be the quickest to kill an underperforming show.

    • Noah says:

      Exactly. It was supposed to be 12 episodes, but NBC decided to only air 11 and call the 11th the Season Finale. I doubt we’ll ever be able to see that 12th episode. Oh well, doubt it would have wrapped things up.

    • Mr. Viewer says:

      AHHHH!!! That was my point I posted below. Nice to see someone else caught this. There will most likely be a DVD release in a month or two… and everyone will rent the last disc to see the real finale. I think NBC just didn’t care.

    • Diana says:

      Are you serious? Please, God tell me that there is going to be another episode! I hate this show, and I’m super excited for it to be over, but I just need one more episode. That was a terrible cliffhanger.

  23. As disappointing and LOST like this show has been, you have to admit the twist ending was a good twist.

  24. jazzy says:

    I am utterly disappointed at this ending. Why do networks do this. It won’t get picked up for a second season because it wasn’t that popular and we will be left never knowing anything. Reminds me of The River.

  25. Whatever says:

    Worst show and writing staff in TV history !
    That was a frakkin mess.

  26. Joe says:

    I’m proud of myself for not googling anything on this but my investment went sour with that finale. (This could’ve been an amazing show if one of the people was a real contestant who won all the money amongst all actors but I guess NBC would be sued royally for inflicted torture.) Anyway, show had its good and bad (acting, writing) but I remain 50/50 on watching a Season 2.

  27. Happy Happy says:

    This show is like American politicians, can”t keep the story straight from one day to the next, and they don’t really care. A real waste of time. I will not play this dumber than dumb network blindmans bluff again. Hope this never makes it overseas, if it does the world will know how really stupid Americans are and how easy it is to sell us anything. The networks are just treating us like the politicians have for years, keep us in the dark and feed us B.S..

  28. We need a Season 2 says:

    I myself enjoyed the series. I like the actors and the story line kept me interested throughout the series. I hope NBC will carry season 2. At least make it available online if not on TV. Surely, Esther, doesn’t just make off with the money and that’s it, surely, there has to be more. Plz, NBC, don’t just leave it like that.

  29. Sheila says:

    Here’s my ending: After the tv host says “You’re not supposed to be here.” Fade to black and then one huge explosion and lots of gunfire. Cut to: The next day we see a helicopter landing in the same location with 16 NEW tv show contestants and a NEW host. THE END!

  30. Monte says:

    Some of the worst scripting, acting, and development of characters since Gilligan’s Island, which this might as well have been. (Gilligan’s Island ran out of storylines, since “Someone Comes to The Island”, or “Someone Tries to Escape From the Island” got used up pretty quickly. But fortunately there was some humor and funny, developed characters, so it lasted a few seasons.) The premise of Siberia had promise, as developers say, but the writing, horrible character portrayal, and shallow depth of the characters made this harder and harder to watch as the weeks passed. The “scary stuff” with no resolution leaves no room for forgiveness. Any audience would have to come away from watching Siberia wondering why they wasted their lives on this. Nothing redeeming about it. I had hopes for this. Good riddance. Shame on NBC for green-lighting a timeslot on this piece of meaningless tripe. I hope that The Black List, (James Spader’s new series on NBC replacing Siberia’s time slot), is a much more effective use of my Monday evening, and yours, too. What a shame this show was. . .

  31. Kat says:

    It’s like The River all over again.

  32. I’ll admit this was my guilty pleasure show this summer. I never missed an episode.

  33. Mr. Viewer says:

    I think people are missing the fact that “Siberia” was pre-empted one week by the birth of Kate and Prince William’s son. And now it’s time for NBC’s new line up starting on Monday the 23rd. Since NBC never doubled up the episodes, we never actually saw the final episode, just the finale episode that NBC is going to show. I believe there were 12 episodes shot but only 11 shown (or maybe 13 shot and only 12 shown). If this is released on DVD, you’ll have to buy or rent it… maybe that’s what NBC is counting on ???

  34. Amy Powers says:

    I think that the screetching “thing” is the hawk that was released and that is the “weapon” that the Russian soldiers were looking for. I also think that the forest tribe helped them escape by setting off the land mines and fighting.

  35. MMMMMichael Scott says:

    This was such a biased review! Siberia was an amazing show that kept you on the edge of your seat every second of every episode. You cannot honestly say that this show was bad, because the actin was amazing and the plot was interesting, and it was never predictable. It’s crazy how much bad publicity this show gets for being so great,and how Under the Dome continues to be praised. I watched one episode and couldn’t bring myself to watch another, seeing as the acting was terrible and the plot was predictable. Oh well. I would love to see it renewed for another season

    • tripoli says:

      Oh dear.

    • Frobozz says:

      I was on the edge of my seat with my head poised over a bucket. That’s how bad this show was. The dialog was ungodly bad. Characters would just jump up and demand to speak to someone in charge while at spearpoint or gunpoint. It does not deserve a second season. It doesn’t even deserve a Wikipedia entry.

  36. Rae says:

    Call me crazy but I looked forward to every episode and was very disappointed at the ending unless there is a season 2or at least another ending to wrap it all up

  37. Ann VerWiebe says:

    It seemed like this show was only semi-scripted – like they thought it would be more like a reality show if everyone was just handed an outline. Siberia just never had anywhere to go. Stuff happened, but it didn’t mean anything in the end. And the finale was ridiculous! If this show had killed off one person a week, in a nod to true reality competition shows, it would have had more oomph.

  38. Jen says:

    Where I live, the show was not only pre-empted once for the Royal Baby, but a second time for a Giants game !!! They never doubled up the shows to catch up. I’m not even sure what I missed.

  39. Sapp says:

    I now literally HATE NBC and I don’t hate things usually!

  40. Jan says:

    Okay, I can get that Ester met up with the show’s host and they expected to live happily ever after with the $500,000, but wait how much did they have to pay their commando squad? OR was this an Experiment, and we, the watchers, were the lab rats.

  41. Delano Jennings says:

    I’m DONE with NBC summer shows! They do this every year. Good premise, slacks off after first few episodes then end leaving me saying “wuh happened?” No way does it come back for season 2 and now I’m annoyed I don’t know what happened to Aussie chick with cash, why show host shows up at end and what the hell was the “monster” tribe living in the forest???

  42. Rigel says:

    This show could have been great, however, the reality show theme didn’t work for me. Like when the soldiers showed up and had everyone (except the reality camera crew) line up near the truck to be “executed” while the camera’s were rolling. That was too much for me. The same with Johnny wearing the same bloodstained clothes from the deer they had killed in the beginning of the series. That jean jacket must have been rank! The mine field thing? And I’m sorry, the players were not believable. Sleeping with nobody standing watch after you just happened to notice the dead bodies lying all around. You have an army of killers chasing you, you just watched one of your group get shot in the street. You arrive at an abandoned town with only ONE apartment that has power and what do you do?? Well, Johnny starts making a potato salad with his culinary skills, another decides to take a nap and another is searching through a closet and takes a pistol and hides it from his group. Don’t be surprised if Esther and the “host” are together!

  43. m says:

    According to IMBD there is one more episode scheduled for next week.

    • teri says:

      I thought there was one more ending, but from the reading here, it seems last week was the final episode. NBC is showing Law & Order tonight at 10.

      • Jonhatan says:

        I actually turn on the TV Monday thinking there was going to be the Final episode and Now I realized that was it. BIG FAIL……. PS: I think I was the only one that watched all the episodes even though I knew it was fake LOL

  44. What the frak says:

    I watched all summer because my daughter was interested in Siberia. After the first show I knew it was actors/set up/trying to be scary whatever, but it was okay as a tv show not reality tv.
    BUT, THEN THE HORRIBLE ENDING IF YOU CAN CALL IT THAT…….. Come-on, that was stupid!
    Ok, trust the lying “B” to drive the truck, then everyone is shocked she leaves. Duuuh. Then they made it to an abandon apt stocked with food, and all is good now. Hello, wtf…..I don’t get it :-(((

  45. Lacey Pyle says:

    I caught the final episode on TV last night, it was the first time I had watched Siberia. I thought it must have been the 2nd or 3rd episode. I thought it was really good so I googled Siberia and just found out that it was the last episode of the season. Now I am extremely disappointed. What a horrible ending!

  46. Susan Burris says:

    COME ON NBC – just plop the last Siberia in there somewhere! It’s a great show even though the cameramen would have to be magical little elves who never eat and take enormous amounts of anti-anxiety meds.

  47. Megan says:

    I love the show and hope very much that there is going to be a season 2. Who cares if it seems fake. It’s not suppose to be real anyone. We all know that they aren’t really on a reality show so just shut up and have fun watching it!

  48. John says:

    I understand what they were going for with this type of show. This reality/scripted event gone wrong is popular when done well. I think in this case in an effort to be intriguing, unique and a cut above the rest I think the masterminds of this show slipped, tripped, and fell on the way to the top of reality series greatness and left a huge goose egg of a finale. Those of us were jipped of a truly gripping season ending stumper for our weekly effort of being loyally in front of our TV’s to see the fate of our new reality show friends. Instead of a cliff hanging end to seemingly impressive show, we get a confused attempt of an ending. I was a fan of 24. On that show the questions were answered from the season long ride and the twists at the ends kept you drooling for the next season to begin. This attempt left unsatisfied and lost as to where our friends are going, frankly if this is a glimps of what is to come I think I’m looking for another show to fill that slot in my time . Too many opportunities were missed to bring clarity to the story as well as so big holes to exploit in an effort to leave us grappling at the edge of our seats to get a peek at the next season to come. Right now the only thing I’m grappling with about this show is did I waste my time all year waiting for a super cliff hanger from a show I was getting interested in, and do I really care at this point what is going to happen next season, I just don’t know…..

  49. E says:

    The show kept me on the edge of my seat. It could have been one of the best shows ever. What ruined this show was that each episode was simply a compilation of unresolved, disastrous riddles. There was little time between disasters to ponder their meaning, and in the end, it almost appears that there was no meaning to ponder!

  50. Rainy says:

    I liked the show at first but it soon became disappointing. Every week I would naively wait for something good or interesting to happen and 9 times out of 10 was let down.

    I like the characters of Sam and Daniel, that’s about it. Irene was good until she became luggage. The “ending” was bad. By that time I wasn’t expecting anything good, but maybe an effort by the writers would have been nice.

    I would like to see more scripted reality shows or faux reality shows or whatever they are. Like Joe Millionaire, Joe Schmoe, even the web series Burning Love was pretty entertaining. I hope this fiasco doesn’t turn off the tap for these types of shows permanently.

    But network folks take heed – you have some pretty good advice here: Commit to at least one season, with closure. If it’s a quality product we will be back – cliffhanger or no.