NCIS Exclusive: Sopranos Alum Eyed as Ziva's Successor, Debut Set For November

Emily Wickersham NCISBeware of NCIS‘ newest agent — she’s got mob ties.

TVLine has learned exclusively that Sopranos grad Emily Wickersham — she played A.J.’s girlfriend Rhiannon during the HBO drama’s sixth and final season — is joining the CBS smash as a potential successor to Cote de Pablo’s Ziva.

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Wickersham, whose three-episode deal with the show contains a series regular option, will play Bishop, a bright, educated, athletic, attractive, fresh-faced, focused and somewhat socially awkward new agent. She has a mysterious mixture of analytic brilliance, fierce determination and idealism. She’s traveled extensively, but only feels comfortable at home.” (CBS tends to do these trial runs to ensure the actor/actress in question is a good fit. See also: The Mentalist.)

Currently recurring on FX’s The Bridge as the stepdaughter of Annabeth Gish’s character, Wickersham will make her NCIS debut during November sweeps.

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Prior to that, the show will “rotate some fun people” through the agency’s doors. “The first two episodes are all about Ziva’s departure,” EP Gary Glasberg recently told TVLine. “And then in the third episode we [begin to] introduce some different characters. And then, hopefully, when people are comfortable enough, one will walk in and be The One.”

NCIS’ Season 11 bows on Tuesday, Sept. 24.

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  1. Barbie says:

    Whoever she is, I hope she’s funny and bright — though I kind of wish they’d pull a Bones on this. :)

  2. Socially awkward? so kinda like McGee and Bud Roberts? I do approve.

  3. Mary says:

    Will be hard to accept anyone taking Ziva’s place…wish she would change her mind

    • Dmac says:

      Well she is not, honestly you Ziva fans need to let it go… She wanted to leave, it was her choice. What else do you need to move on.

      • Alisa Neely says:

        i agree….i’m THRILLED to be RID of ziva…..i HATED how the show went down the tubes….it seemed MORE like the ZIVA SHOW, then what it was before she showed up…..characters PUSHED to the background, acting as SUPPORT for her.

        they need a character who has a background in crime solving , who can take care of herself….yet can also be supportive to her TEAM MATES….and does NOT hide information from said TEAM….understands what it means to be a TEAM PLAYER….something ziva NEVER WAS.

        • shane says:

          I couldn’t DISAGREE more and WONDER if we WERE even watching THE same show. If you don’t LIKE a character, that’s ONE thing. Completely UNDERSTANDABLE. But TO suggest the show WENT down the TUBES mystifies me. NCIS has done nothing but GET better as it HAS progressed. I’m not as broken UP about Ziva leaving AS some people ARE, but that’s JUST because I think the SHOW has a strong CAST and writers and could ULTIMATELY survive just about any CHANGE because of it. Also, using all CAPS for some words is INCREDIBLY fun, I can see WHY you do IT.

          • Haha….well played Shane. I see what you DID there.

          • azmataz says:

            I totally agree. At the end of season two Kate Todd seem irreplaceable, but the show successfully introduced a mysterious yet fun replacement. I think new blood in the NCIS family could be something great. I just hope they end ziva’s story nicely and in a way that the caharacter deserves. And a character as great as Ziva certainly doesnt derseve the negativity Alisa and other fans throw at her. Fun fact, it took Gibbs 3 episodes to let Ziva use Kates desk and a whole season for Abby to accept Ziva. To me Ziva was always so interesting, she had a history with Jenny that was never fully explored and one of the first characters to fully appriciate McGee. What I want to know is the specific episodes/ moments where Ziva seems like such a tool.

          • my god you are so right….. I love the intrigue of tony and zeva, even the love btween her and gibbs
            seriously she is a part of this show I am still crying I don’t want her character to leave

          • jo says:

            The only time this show went downhill was when they brought that other team of agents in and we thought we were going to get stuck with that other female. Thank goodness they came to their senses and sent them all off. I’m open to giving this actor a fair shake … but she has to melt into the group and be part of it… they have a terrific chemistry that should be continued. I liked Ziva she was bright, quirky, and strong. We’ll see what this new person brings to the table… I’m sure the powers that be will be watching our immediate comments after each episode. So be sure to chime in!!!

          • I agree – no one character made that show, although Ziva was great and I’ll be very sorry to see her go. Funny if the show went down the tubes how it’s rating went up, up, up… and to suggest that Ziva was not a team player? She gave up her Israeli citizenship and became a US citizen! If that’s not team playing I don’t know what is. Maybe if you guys understood Moussad better you’d understand Ziva and her role better. I’m looking forward to the new season regardless.

          • Juan says:

            WOW,YOU HIT IT RIGHT ON THE SPOT.That’s the way she was suppose to be,it was her PART,and SHE did GREAT.

        • crazyhazy says:

          I agree with you. From the first day she walked in wished Ziva David to disappear. They dumbed down all the other characters so she would look good, especially Tony. All the guys became wimps so ziva could look good. I excited for the new character to come in. Just hope they don’t make her a Ziva clone had eough of that for to long.

        • Taxigod Dave says:

          And the fact that she is beautiful and talented, while you are frumpy and incompetent has nothing to do with your attitude. Oh, Sweetie, your claws are showing. Meow. Meow.

          • Cathy says:

            How do you know someone is frumpy and incompetent? What, just because she has a different opinion about Ziva? Wow. Let’s hit you and the other Ziva worshippers and defenders with a little truth here – there are quite a few of us who feel the same way as crazyhazy and Alisa. I can hardly wait for the first two episodes to be over and done with so that we can get on with the real NCIS and leave behind the Shane Brennan soap opera nightmare of Tiva. I cannot understand how anyone could think there was true love there when Ziva did nothing but attack Tony both verbally and physically. Half the time she acted like she couldn’t stand the guy. Hey, azmataz – the episodes that Ziva was a tool or was not a team player? ‘ The two Legend episodes, Semper Fidelis and Aliyah, where she continually lied to Tony and then Gibbs, kept secrets, attacked Tony physically when he was already hurt, pointed a gun at him, and then tried to get Gibbs to throw Tony off the team, which anyone knew would never happen. TorC and Reunion when she showed no affection or gratefulness to Tony – being rude to him until McGee, Abby and Gibbs said something to her and then her half assed, lame apology. Obsession when she asked Tony what kind of woman he was looking for only to say, ‘What would a woman like that possibly see in you?’ Targeting Tony with snide remarks about Gibbs’ return and enjoying his discomfort. Her enjoying McGee basically making a fool of himself in front of Abby, the CGI agent by asking her out. McGee has never pulled a joke on her before, yet she sat there and smiled saying, ‘This is gonna be good.’ Ziva was also a hypocrite. Examples – She gave Tony a lecture about ‘following orders,’ in Cloak even though she distinctly disobeyed Gibbs and attacked those guards, causing Tony to get hurt while trying to help her. Two faced when she refused to wait for Tony, refused to take EJ with her and went to see Ray despite their warnings only to get herself kidnapped. The Missionary Position where she said Tony was dead weight, acting as if she was better at their work than him. Going off by herself to kill Bodner. She gave Tony a lecture about growing up and stopping one night stands in Identity Crises when he was talking to Courtney, but then she sleeps with the guy in Recoil and then sleeps with Adam because ‘she’s upset.’ Pot meet kettle. And these are just off the top of my head.

          • Alisa Neely says:

            thank you very much Cathy….very well said….and a nice LIST OF FACTS about ziva….and ALL VERY TRUE……if some will take OFF their rose colored glasses.

        • jlance says:

          The only way this show ‘might’ go down the tubes is if GIBBS left… that would be a tragedy

      • Marissa says:

        Thank you for being the voice of reason, dmac!

      • Margaret says:

        I agree with you. Everybody has to make choices about what THEY want. New it’s time to move forward and make it easy for the next actress to come in and make a name for herself.

    • So glad that when an actress like Cote leaves and fans get upset, they go for the blond replacement…. bah!

      • Marissa says:

        How charitable to cite the “actress” Cote and how dismissive to talk about the replacement as the “blond”. The actress does have a name, you know!

      • Amanda says:

        Agree. Bland blonde replacement. Blah.

        • John says:

          As long as she can act and has good material written for her what difference does her hair or skin color matter? It doesn’t.

        • xandercordy1 says:

          I think you’re just afraid that she will come in and be even better than Ziva – so you’re already starting the snide comments.

        • Annie says:

          Sounds like this actress will have the same zero chance with certain Ziva fans that the actresses who played EJ and Wendy had. Even when Cote de Pablo makes the choice to leave, some “fans” seem intent on bad mouthing an actress that they haven’t even see play the new role yet.
          I didn’t mind ZIva at first, but as they contrived to increase her screen time and push her character to the front, she turned into a tragedy queen Mary Sue type and the show turned into a cheesy soap opera. Other far more interesting characters like Tony, were marginalized and forced to play the fool or supporting role to Ziva’s never ending melodramas. The formerly clever show lost IQ points as the characters lost dimension and the writing lost its subtlety and adult humor.

          I for one am excited about the cast change. I would love to see NCIS turned back into a show about a crime solving team with quirky but dedicated members instead of the dramas and traumas of super girl.

      • prish says:

        Well, we recovered from the blond Bond replacement, nicely. We don’t have a blond, yet. Gibbs, Abby, Tony, McGee, Palmer, Ducky are two grey, two brown, and one black. It’s either a red or blond.

    • Deb says:

      Cote is not gonna change her mind, Mary. The show realizes this and they are moving on with their show and a new fourth agent.

    • John says:

      I would prefer no one take her place: rather they develop another character that’s added to the cast for that character’s own organic reasons and not a replacement for Ziva. No cute conflation of Tony’s name with “Bishop”, not anything like that at all.

      Now I’d cheer on her busting on him a bit were he to drag out any of his early fratboy, but from a place of solid self-reliance and not from some soapy flirt angle.

    • Karen says:

      I like your comment, however, it will be impossible to take Ziva’s place. This new person has some pretty big shoes to fill and I have my doubts she can do that.

    • Alan says:

      Took me a while after Caitlin ( Sasha ) left.

    • Edna Groop says:

      I’m with u there, love the part she plays so very well & will miss her, won’t be the same :(

    • sueandnella says:

      Me too. I’ve heard she’s leaving in a way that she could come back.

    • HAT (@hatfire28) says:

      They are going to be big shoes to fill, regardless of other people’s “opinion’s” here I will cut to the chase. Characters only, not actors.
      When the chartacter of Ziva David was created it was to fill the void of Kate (in my “opinion” she was the whiny light weight) so bringing Ziva in with Jenny Shepard was smart. Jenny was portrayed as a very strong woman from the get-go and Ziva successfully mirrored that image. She also brought intrigue as a Mossad Officer, how many people understand what Mossad is and how it works? I found it enlightening, interesting and refreshing.
      I never once felt that the writers made Ziva a weak or unlikable character, quite the contrary; she exuded confidence, had the martial art skills that could take down most men, a positive female role model and was humourous. Not to mention the length of time the writers have had to create her character. I have laughed countless times throughout this process of NCIS, and I have also cried. This is hardly different from how I felt when Jenny was killed… I cried.
      So demonizing her is wrong just because of an actress. This show needs to grow and change with the times. The actress wanted to leave the role of Ziva. NCIS writers are smart to not kill Ziva off, ergo leaving a door open just in case the actress in question decides to return. BUT the new character that they are going to lead in is opening as her own, please keep that in mind.
      Frankly though, I will be critical of who ends up taking Ziva’s place on the team. Teams are crutial to television, so we will have to wait and see what happens.
      Will I personally miss Cote De Pablo as Ziva David? YES! But as I said it opens a new door for another female character to enter, in this case Emily Wickersham who has credibility of her own and I am sure that the writers will make it work here.

  4. ggny says:

    I want a hard nose badass female to replace Ziva. Not a female McGee. What the hell is this

  5. Srsly says:

    She is going to wish her daddy was a mafia boss when the lunatic fringe Ziva crazies catch wind of this.

    I’m looking forward to seeing what she has to offer.

  6. as524 says:

    Going to be interesting to see how they write her….Know I’ll definitely be giving this character a chance to see how she fits in with the team….

  7. susan says:

    Looking at the picture of her, she looks like a good fit for tony’s partner..having mob connections could come in handy…be hard to replace ziva, but she doesnt want to stay,,,,so, hey, let’s see what this one can do…done

  8. Moxie says:

    Another socially awkward investigator. Aren’t there enough on TV already?

  9. tejas says:

    Looking forward to meeting her!

  10. Stacey says:

    I knew they would go blonde to make it different from Ziva. Or even Kate. Curious she is supposed to start so soon. I though she would be starting after Christmas (or airing after Christmas). So the NCIS-terns won’t last long. I am curious how this works out!

    • Joni says:

      Hi Stacey,
      Filming is said to be starting with the actress in October with the character’s 1st appearances scheduled for January/February.

      • Deb says:

        They moved that up, Joni, to debut during November (sweeps month). They must be developing a strong background and story for her and feel it will make a positive impact during a sweeps month. Looking forward to her arrival and introduction.

  11. NCIS4evr says:

    Sounds interesting. I figured they’d go with someone who looked different from Ziva, so not surprised she’s a blond. Hopefully she will be a smart, good-natured person with a sense of humor who both fits into and respects her team. I’d be fine with the three man team, but am open to some fresh blood. Looking forward to S11. Thanks for the scoop.

  12. Pickle8182 says:

    No No NO.

  13. CBWBDK1 says:

    Hell NO!!! A female version of McGee??? That’s terrible! When i read ‘Sopranos Alum Eyed as Ziva’s Successor’ I was hoping for Jamie-Lynn Sigler or Drea de Matteo. I don’t even remember her being in the Sopranos.

  14. Rae says:

    I’m a Ziva fan but have never been a Tiva fan. Nothing against Tiva fans but I have never felt that Ziva was Tony’s type. I will admit there have been a few moments they have shared that have not gone unnoticed by me but I have never felt there was room for them to have a relationship while being on the team.

    I really like the strong backstory that Ziva has always possessed. She entered the show organically being Ari’s half sister; a Mossad operative; and shooting Ari to save Gibbs. It felt natural and that’s how a new agent needs to feel to replace her. Not replace Ziva but to make the team a fourth again. I wouldn’t mind the three men but we do need a woman agent to balance the show.

    I am excited for the new season and to see how this actress will play out. At first glance, she looks like a good fit unlike Sarah Jane Morris as EJ Barrett. I don’t have an issue with SJM but I did not like her character on NCIS. We need a female agent with some sass but not one with a bad attitude. EJ radiated disdain and almost entitlement. She was too pushy such as upon Tony and that you can’t shut me out Gibbs because I’m a woman. It was too much for me. Back to my take on this actress joining the team…I like her look, because sometimes blond actresses can seem generic, she has a strong face and seems sassy without the attitude

    Looking forward to see how this plays out!

    • carmela says:

      The women on the team need to be confident, sassy but without that edgy bitchiness, and equal to the guys in abilities & capabilities. I don’t mind a new probie, but she’s got to rise to the occasion quick or she’ll get mowed down…and of course the Gibbs factor has to be considered. He needs someone who will be strong but not overpowering and who he can ultimately respect as one of the team. It will be fun to see the “parade” of possibilities…

    • fitzer says:

      Ziva has never and never could replace Kate. As said by Abbey she has no personality and everyone else had to word to make her look like she was a team player . Hope new girl is more Kate and less Ziva or at least have a personality of her own and everyone else can be them self and return to the excellent shows of old. Bye bye Cote De Pablo looks great but couldn’t act

  15. sladewilson says:

    She can’t be a Ziva clone or that’s what ALL of you will call her. As Ziva was totally different from Kate, so Bishop (or whomever) HAS to be totally different from Ziva. Especially if the powers that be keep their word and DON’T kill Ziva off. And a somewhat female McGee would be interesting if she is more like early probe McGee (total and complete rookie). To see how both a seasoned Tim and Tony handle their new probe. Also, how long will it take for Gibbs to take to her? He took to Ziva early because she killed his arch-nemesis/her half brother to save his life. What would Bishop have to do to prove herself to Gibbs esp with his prodigal daughter “in the wind” as it were. Also how would Ducky and Vance take to her? The more I write, the more I like it….

  16. Annette Stoetzel says:

    I think it would be nice to have Emily Printess (Paget Brewster) from Criminal Minds to leave Inter Pol and go to work for NCIS

  17. Susan says:

    She looks like a twin to Cote – except for the blonde hair. Interesting…..

  18. Lyn says:

    Here’s a thought: Since Emily Wickersham seems to be (about?) half the age of Michael Weatherly, maybe people could let them be co-workers on the show rather than rabidly agitating for them to get romantically involved!

  19. Louise says:

    Hey Gabrielle Anwar is out of a job–why not hire her. She kicks butt!

  20. Sarah says:

    I’m sad that they couldn’t even wait until Cote de Pablo’s last episodes aired to announce her replacement. Talk about disrespectful.

    • dmac says:

      How is that disrespectful? The world has to stop because Cote decides she wants to leave the show? It was her choice and the show does go on and no, they can’t spend the whole season mourning her leaving. You Ziva fans have got to move on…apparently you cared more about Ziva than Cote did.

    • Estefania says:

      totally agree sarah

    • Marissa says:

      Why yes, the show should end because the entitled Tivas didn’t get that which they were cosmically promised.

    • NCIS4evr says:

      Perhaps, Sarah, the reason the show decided to push up promotion of a potential new cast member, is because of all the hate and threats being thrown at CBS and the cast from the “Bring Back Cote” people. Maybe they wanted to make it crystal clear that it was Cote’s choice to leave, and that, no matter how much some demand, she will not be back.

      • Sam says:

        All this talk about Ziva David, I mean I liked her has much as the next guy. But all this talk about Ziva. What I want to know why did they kill off Mike Franks ? I don’t know why they change the show at all. And what about Ducky? Last new episode I seen was Ducky laying on a beach having a heart attack?

        • carmela says:

          I like that they keep changing things up…life changes for real, why not in a fictional show? Ziva was fun while she lasted; there was a tension between her & Tony, which was fun but disturbing at the same time. And as has been pointed out elsewhere, she has been problematic in alot of ways, which is also mirroring life. I for one say hasta la vista to Ms De Pablo & wish her well, and look forward to mixing it up with a new probie…

  21. Don’t know how Emily Wickersham is going to fare as Ziva’s replacement but I’ll bring in the Kleenex to watch Ziva’s farewell episode in the first two episodes of NCIS this season.

  22. Chris says:

    What about kate?


    • Uncle Ben says:

      Sure … a little putty in that hole in her forehead, a bit of concealer… Remember, this was another actress who made her own choice to leave the show

  23. Lynn Meredith says:

    Loved Z iva , show won’t be the same without her

  24. Daven says:

    Bishop, a bright, educated, athletic, attractive, fresh-faced, focused and somewhat socially awkward new agent.

    No no no!!! Why do they need a ‘probie’? Why can’t the new cast member be like EJ…smart, veteran investigator, can kick butt, is only awkward because she’s entering the ‘boys club’ and needs to earn her place/get to learn who the boys are.

    • Alisa Neely says:

      i totally agree 1,000% with you….why can’t they have an agent that comes from the FBI, who knows HOW to investegate a crime scene and such….can handle themselves….but, isn’t a real WITCH….and where the STRONG male characters have to DUMBED down, to make the female look good.

    • BJ says:

      I’d like to see McGee training a probie actually.

      • Joni says:

        Me too, BJ. Even though McGee outranked Ziva by several years he was always written as the junior agent on the team. Will love seeing Tim have his own “Probie” to train while, like Gibbs to Franks, McGee will always be Tony’s “Probie”.

        • Andrea says:

          They’ve really laid the groundwork for McGee to have a probie. He was head of the Cybercrimes Unit at the beginning of S6, he was offered the position in Okinawa even though he turned it down, and he was sort of mentoring Dornie a bit. Plus, Vance has always been supportive of McGee. If Bishop is like McGee, that would actually make sense for Vance’s type of preferred agent. Although I do like Tony and I think Vance has warmed to Tony over the years, Vance did tell Gibbs years ago that he is a fan of agents who are more like McGee.

          • tejasjulia says:

            Exactly! It’s time for McGee to train a probie. That’s the dynamic they need – it would shake things up beautifully and give the existing characters growth potential. Tony and McGee’s relationship would shift to a new level as McGee experiences what it’s like to train someone else and Gibbs and Tony’s relationship would also grow as Tony deals with his Probie “growing up”. There’s some excellent potential in this. I hope it’s what they have in mind.

          • Alisa Neely says:

            only problem with vance’s ideal agent is….it take MORE then computers to solve cases….it take good old fashioned leg work….i.e. hitting the streets, knocking on doors and such…..that’s what is soooooooo good about tony….he WAS a cop/det. and he UNDERSTANDS what it takes…..using connections and such….mcgee doesn’t have that understanding…..as much as he wants to be IN THE FIELD….his speciality is computers…..that was the problem with agent lee….she was from the “legal department” of the agency….and she couldn’t see outside that…and she NEVER should have been put in the field…not doing undercover work and such……jmo.

          • xandercordy1 says:

            Yeah, I too hope that McGee will train this girl and make her his Probie. As someone else pointed out, it would make him understand Tony more and Tony would finally have to acknowledge that his ‘Probie’ has grown into his own. It would make their relationship even closer, I believe. Also, it would be fun to see Tony take Gibbs role with McGee and Bishop like Gibbs has always done with Tony and McGee. Bishop will be a good addition as far as McGee is concerned – he will have a field agent/partner that is more like him, instead of being the odd man out with Tony and Gibbs who are more alike. As someone else pointed out the conversation between Vance and Gibbs, Vance saying he wanted an agency that had more McGees than Dinozzos, Gibbs saying, ‘More like you than me.’ Would be funny to see the two computer savvy agents working alongside the two techno haters, lol.

        • Uncle Ben says:

          Mike called Gibbs “Probie” until the end. Not as a reflection of ability or competence, more an expression of affection if you ask me.

      • Nate Broadus says:

        You and me both, BJ.

        The idea of a “fresh-faced” new probie doesn’t spook me. I’m a little tired of seeing the characters act younger than they are. I’m ready to see McGee finally have a chance to show he’s not a probie anymore, but a mentor. While I could see Tony innocently flirting with this girl like he does with any attractive woman, I have a feeling they would develop more of a sibling relationship over time due to the age difference.

        You don’t replace Ziva — and certainly not by adding another mysterious, exotic woman who kicks ninjas in the balls and has a closet chock full of secrets. If they had cast Ziva 2.0, I would have been pissed (there’s no probably about it).

        I’m ready to see how the team responds to having a different sort of character in the mix. I could easily see McGee becoming a sort of mentor to Bishop like Tony was to him — except without the sarcastic zingers.

  25. Ncisfan says:

    Liked Kate and Ziva. This replacement sounds short lived if she can’t be tough. McGee has the weanie spot and tiny the playboy spot. You have to have the enforcer. Maybe a former wrestler.

  26. Joni says:

    Thanks for the information, Michael. I’m looking forward to meeting “Bishop” (really want to find out her 1st name – or last name) and seeing what Emily dynamic she brings to the show.

    • Andrea says:

      Also looking forward to meeting Bishop, and I don’t mind that she’s similar to McGee. Maybe she’ll be Tim’s probie like he was with Tony and Gibbs was with Franks.

  27. cernicalo says:

    Bishop sounds like a fun character. I’m so looking forward to seeing her on the show. Fresh-faced idealism may be just what our poor, disillusioned team needs to heal after last season. Just please — PLEASE, GG — lay off the romance!

  28. Stacy says:

    I can’t believe all the Ziva haters, I will miss her terribly and not looking forward to her replacement. Actually I hope she doesn’t work out

    • cernicalo says:

      Why don’t you want her to work out? It’s not as though CdP will return regardless of whether or not there’s a replacement which has nothing to do with either hating or loving Ziva. While I’m looking forward to some fun with the interim agents, the desk has to be filled by someone permanently even if it isn’t Bishop sitting there. Please, the time for mourning is over. Move on.

    • John says:

      I can more easily believe “Tiva” haters since those characters have actually been seen on actual years of broadcasts of actual shows so have actual experience with which to have formed an opinion while “Bishop” hasn’t even been filmed in that role for any of the three episodes scheduled For The Future. Yet: “hope she doesn’t work out”.

    • Deb says:

      Well, if makes you feel better, Stacy. It also makes you a Bishop hater and you haven’t even met her yet!

  29. AngelMoonGirl says:

    Oh look it’s Tony’s new love interest.


    I won’t be able to watch this. I’m a diehard Tiva fan and I’m so upset that after eight frigging years Tony and Ziva’s almost relationship is going to end in just two episodes. I hope beyond hope Ziva returns in the final episode to be with him!!!

    • dmac says:

      Oh my God you people act like NCIS was Twilight. NCIS was never about their romance it was a very small side plot and it is time to move on. It isn’t going to happen, Cote wanted to leave, Tiva is no more.

    • John says:

      Their “relationship” went to zero with the fizzle that was Paris ages ago. They gave it a road trip and weren’t impressed enough to continue.

  30. Garnet074 says:

    I’ve been neutral on NCIS for a while. I catch reruns sometimes but don’t go out of my way for the show. I’ll be tuning in to check out the changes.

  31. Emmy says:

    Easy, bring Kate back!

    Oh wait.

  32. Kevan says:

    Did they really need seven adjectives to describe her? I think you could eliminate a few of them. I don’t believe they would hire someone as an NCIS agent who WASN’T bright, educated, or focused.

    • Sally says:

      I’m guessing having those adjectives help describe the character and for actors to have a direction to go with in their auditions? But yeah I see your point, they’re pretty basic and typical.

  33. C says:

    I’m glad CBS is going with this trial run for a possible series regular. It is very jarring and not at all pleasant to watch, when a new series regular is thrust upon us viewers, and we’re expected to just accept them. In several cases, I found myself hating the newbie, who oftentimes (at least the ones I hate) aren’t utilized in the season very much, and then removed from the series regular option by the next season, if not by the end of the season.

    Regarding the casting option, I’m okay with the description so far, and physically she looks cute. But NCIS, and CBS at large, is probably the whitest network. ;)

    • MJ says:

      Would love to think that the three episodes is to test her with the audience. But, to be honest, they’re probably doing it so Gary Glasberg et al can see if she gels with their vision and the rest of the cast. I’m pretty sure the decision about the option on her contract will be decided before the episodes air during November sweeps.

    • Betty Smith says:

      Would have loved to see a strong black woman in the role of probationary agent. Guess I’ll have to watch “Sleepy Hollow” for that.

  34. Lynn Smith says:

    I liked Ziva’s character a lot, way more than Kate. Kate was snotty & disrespectful to everyone, including Gibbs. I do hope this new character will be a strong, independent, classy woman that women can look up to. I always wished I can be like Ziva, the woman who did the protecting instead of having to rely on the men for protection.

    I have a feeling this character will not only be McGee-like, but a woman to flirt with McGee instead of for Tony or Gibbs.

  35. Megan Benham says:

    I wish they weren’t getting rid of Coto she rocked in NCIS and I think Tiva rocks and I want to find out what was going to happen between them so I will say Tiva forever

  36. 4luvofncis says:

    Interesting that this actress is a white female with blond hair. As opposed to a Latina female playing an Israeli Jew. Just saying it’s interesting.

    • John says:

      Ya, I would have probably gone in another direction: either Josie Loren or Maggie Q. and adapted the backstory to their ethnicity. This character (and I expect it will work out) sounds somewhat (though with some differences) like a younger version of Cate.

      Oh and for all that is right and wonderful with the world MANDATORY any personal relationship she has or will have be nowhere in the same zipcode as the office.

    • MJ says:

      Funny how that works out, huh?

  37. 4luvofncis says:

    Actress is only in 3 eps to start. Potential successor. Also, door is open for Cote to return. So, yeah, she might actually.

  38. jen says:

    I am a Ziva fan and yes, even a Tiva fan. I’ll miss the character of Ziva for sure, but the show does have to go on. I like the idea of this girl, who seems younger, and who will hopefully just mesh with the team in a fun way. It doesn’t scream to me that she’d be Tony’s love interest (as others assume that) and I think that’s fine.

    • Deb says:

      Sorry, jen, I didn’t mean to imply all Cote/Ziva fans in my comment. Just the ones not willing to accept any successor to Ziva. And to your point, I agree. Bishop doesn’t seem set to be Tony’s love interest (I hope that role will fall to a mostly offscreen character and not team connected). I like your thought that Bishop will hopefully blend in with the team in a fun way.

  39. Deb says:

    And once Bishop shows up, cue the Cote/Ziva fans – you know, the ones who promised to stop watching after episode 2 – to turn into Bishop haters and thus become that which they mocked, ridiculed, and despised for at least 4 years.

    • Actually, we’re not gonna hate on the character….if we don’t like what we see…..we walk away, plain and simple. We have more important things to do with our time than to carry on about our ‘hatred’ for a character….like watch Agents of Shield….they’ve got a Ninja, I hear. :-)

      Thank you, Matt, Michael and co. at TVLine for always bringing us NCIS scoops.

    • Sarah says:

      I’m actually still planning to stop watching after episode two, but I firmly oppose character bashing of any sort. It’s perfectly fine to dislike a character, but it’s rude to continually insult them on the Internet.

      Please do not over-generalize like this.

  40. Ruth Ellen says:

    Last thing i want is to make explosion just speaking my mind as being a couch potatoes too many white actor +actress on tv…..
    Other white female ??? It’s 21st century
    There is more wonderful actresses who are not white…please search for them …….

  41. Mel says:

    What about Evangeline Lilly as the new successor. She would kick some serious ass.

  42. LoveTonyHatetheTiva says:

    I thought they were going to put someone “older” in, from past articles..(?)
    The last lady interviewed (S7?) seemed like a great candidate. The one with family in law enforcement. Why are we (allegedly) obsessing with finding someone to “partner” up with D’nozzio? Why not find someone “socially awkward” for McGee. HE deserves some lovin’ (or whatever the relationship might entail) with a fellow agent too! He’s never really had someone to “bond” with, has he? Just a thought!..Maybe two thoughts.

  43. Marybeth says:

    Really you are going to throw a blonde supposedly geeky, nerdy, loner to replace ziva? Why not grab what’s left of the Sopranos cast put a gun in their hands and fire away. Find someone with real guts , balls and stamina, to replace cote. Hope Cote is happy with her decision, to leave. She may want to get married have a baby and pursue her singing career. Power to ziva you will be missed but someone real should take your place. There will never be another Ziva David.Good luck in your pursuits of happiness.

  44. Dar says:

    Please indulge me in a little fantasy here….what if they do a spin off with Ziva and Tony something similar to what they TRIED with Red that disaster spin off from earlier this year. They kinda pull an Alias series ending where they fake their deaths and move to a remote island and only come out for the really tough top secret cases. Or lets keep the tension going like The Avengers Patrick McGoohan and Diana Rigg) where there was always sexual tension because Even though it was plain they were into each other she was married. But they were best of friends. Thoughts?

    NCIS is getting old for a series so as much as I HATE that Ziva is leaving I hope the change pumps some new life into the show. With a few exceptions the writing on the show has been below par. Maybe sone new characters and scenarios will invigorate the writers/ producers. I just hope Cote de Pablo is okay and isn’t leaving for undisclosed health reasons .

    • Joni says:

      Given that Michael Weatherly was always against a Tony and Ziva hook up I’d say the chance of him wanting to do a spin-off is less than 0.

      • 4luvofncis says:

        100% rumor.

        • Marissa says:

          He’s had a half dozen interviews or more (including saying Tiva is like a STD) which make his position crystal clear.

          • 4luvofncis says:

            That’s your opinion & interpretation of what he’s said. So, 100% rumor.

          • Alisa Neely says:

            sorry, to pop your bubble…..but, MW has been VERY CLEAR on his feeling about TIVA….and he HAS pretty much said, that it would like a STD for tiva to get together….let alone, LOOK at what happens to MOST of the guys ZIVA dates….they end up KILLED…..he didn’t want that to be TONY’S “FATE”.

          • Rob W. says:

            He said Tiva would be a disaster for the show. How’s that a positive endorsement?

          • 4luvofncis says:

            Your interpretation of whatever he has said in an interview is your opinion. Just as my interpretation of that same interview is my opinion, that he was sarcastic; more like a “mocking” sarcastic (of the notion that it would be a disaster for the show. because frankly, that’s just stupid. And that’s what I think he was getting at). Basically he was making fun of the people that claimed all of the things that you think he was being serious about. And my interpretation is also based on the last 8 years he’s spent invested in that relationship, coming up with ways to get them together, wanting to move it along, and what he said in the commentary on Housekeeping. It is your opinion & interpretation, period. You can dress it up however you want, and think you can define & decide what MW was inflecting in his words & what his motivations were, but that doesn’t make it true, any more than my opinion does. You think it’s crystal clear. Well I don’t. Your opinion is not factual. Your interpretation is not factual. Neither is mine. Therefore it’s a rumor. So you can keep spouting what you think you know his position is, but it’s always going to your opinion & a rumor, nothing is gonna change that.

  45. fan1 says:

    I am going to continue to watch the show. i will give this new character a chance. You can’t judge someone until you actually see them and how they mesh with the rest of the cast. I love Ziva and Tiva and I will miss Cote de Pablo but this poor girl, Emily Wickersham, has nothing to do with that. She is an actress who is probably excited to get a job on the number 1 show on television. So come on fellow Tiva/Ziva fans; rise to the occasion. Cote de Pablo loves this show and her co-stars. I do not think that she would appreciate all the hate in her name. She has kept quiet and has not bad mouthed the network or her co-stars. I hardly doubt that she is sitting at home wishing that the show fails. These are people she respects and loves and I do not think she is expecting the show to fail without her. On the other hand, just because we make comments about missing Ziva does not mean you have to call us entitled Ziva fans who only want our way. Cote has left the show without any resolution really for TIVA, so we didn’t get what we wanted so I guess we aren’t as entitled as you think we are. And really, it is a new dawn, a new day and Cote will be gone in two weeks time. Can’t we all try to get along, please. Everyone needs to stop being so snarky-the Ziva fans and the anti-Ziva fans.

  46. Courtney says:

    Even tho it’s gonna be sad that Ziva is leaving, I also read somewhere that Tony is going back to Baltimore & Ziva was going with him. Like I said, it might just be a rumor.

  47. Amanda says:

    I just loved the character of Ziva. She was so richly drawn. Sometimes the show focused on her to the exclusion of other great characters like McGee and Abby and I started to not care as much about them as I cared about Ziva. I feel like the show is a victim of it’s own sucess in that regard. For the last couple of seasons, the episodes I really enjoyed featured Ziva. So, I just have no interest in the show without her. It started off as a great ensemble, but now I feel like it’s just boiled down to a Gibbs stoic stare, head slap, Tony lacivious comment, McGee “you got it boss” and Abby caf-pow. Who knows, maybe Bishop will breathe some life in the show, but I’m not interested in watching it after episode two of this season. It will be interesting to see if Cote de Pablo’s exit and Avenger’s knocks NCIS down a couple of pegs. I won’t lie – I kinda hope it does.

    • Sarah says:

      It does feel like Ziva/Cote has carried a lot of the show’s most successful episodes over the past few seasons (“Shiva” being a prime example). I’m a little curious as to how the recent turn of events will affect the ratings.

  48. rick says:

    Way too ugly for network tv,stay on cable.

    • Marissa says:

      So, Rick. I suppose you have movie-star looks yourself, if you feel so free to leave such demeaning and sexist comments? What do her looks have to do with her acting ability and why should anyone care what your opinion of her is?

  49. lily says:

    At first with the threat of change I was totally freaking out. Now, I am kind of excited for this season, at least to see how it works out. I started watching this show season 1 with my grandma when I was 14, besides it is not like I only watch for Ziva anyways. That’s what makes NCIS great (to me), I can’t easily pick out my favorite character, I just love how they all interact together. :)

  50. kajar says:

    Ziva was a pretty strong and unique character, and Ms. dePablo gave her a lot of life. She’s been a pleasure to watch these last 8 yrs, and I’m seriously going to miss her. Never easy saying goodbye to good mates (even fictional ones), especially when it feels like it might be for last time. *sigh*

    Moving forward, it will be interesting to see how this Bishop character meshes with the rest of team and how long she sticks around.

    After Season 10, I thought NCIS had regained some of the footing it lost in Season 9 (the writing and the editing were certainly much better, IMO) and it sounds like the recent BTS upheaval has forced the showrunners to really try to step it up a notch. Whether or not they’ll succeed remains to be seen. TPTB can either make this change-up work for them or seriously shank it. I hope for all parties involved that it works out.