Post Mortem: Covert Affairs Bosses Preview Annie's 'Darker' Life, Surprising Allies and More

Covert Affairs Season 4 SpoilersWarning: The following contains spoilers from Tuesday’s midseason finale of Covert Affairs. If you have yet to watch, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, proceed…

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and that was certainly the case on Tuesday’s Covert Affairs, which saw a framed Annie faking her death and going on the run.

TVLine chatted up executive producers Matt Corman and Chris Ord to find out how the spy gal will survive in her new surroundings and how it will change the show moving forward. Plus, will Eyal — who made a surprise return in the finale — provide Annie with some assistance? Or will Auggie come to her aid? Read on to find out.

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TVLINE | Is Teo really dead? You never know with this show…
MATT CORMAN | [Laughs] Yeah, he’s dead. We love Manolo [Cardona] and what he brought to the character, and it’s awesome if fans are wondering that, but he’s really, truly dead. In the “end game” mode that Henry was in, this was a terrible unfortunate casualty of his reign of terror, but it’s a true one.

TVLINE | Can you speak to the impact that his death is going to have on Arthur going forward?
CHRIS ORD | It’s going to have an emotional impact, certainly. He’s lost his son, who he was just reconnecting with. And then it’s going to have a life impact on him because he’s being framed for all this, for abetting terror, and he has some serious legal troubles ahead of him going forward. It also makes it harder for them to just put a bullet in Henry’s head because if they do, Arthur still goes down. So he’s got a lot of problems ahead.

TVLINE | What does Covert Affairs as a show look like with Annie on the run? How is it different?
CORMAN | That’s a great question. Our hope is, and I think fans will see, it’s very different. We’re really honoring this concept in the back six [episodes], that she’s totally on her own, totally alone, making her way through the world without any of the support of the CIA that we’ve come to know and love. So the shape and the feel of these episodes is going to be drastically different, and we think fans are really going to enjoy it. She’s out in the cold on her own, like a master spy.

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TVLINE | What sort of challenges and tools or surprising allies might Annie find?
CORMAN | There are a lot of challenges in that she doesn’t have Auggie as a support. She doesn’t have the CIA’s resources or stations, so she has to be very intuitive about making decisions on her own. She also will make some allegiances with people she might not normally make in other missions. It’s a slightly darker complexion because and operating on your own is dangerous and lonely and it forces people — and particularly spies — to be a little more wary of others.

TVLINE | Since Eyal (played by Oded Fehr) came to her rescue, will he continue to help her out?
ORD | Eyal is a part of the family, and he’ll always be around, but you’ll see that the first two episodes really focus on Annie working in this new capacity in the dark, and really being forced to rely on her wits and her smarts and not lean on the people that we love, who are off doing their own thing. But in the same respect, it’s very fascinating to watch these moments in the back six where Annie normally could call in all the resources, any of her friends like Eyal, but can’t, and has to think of a way around the problem.

TVLINE | I also understand that she has a new look.
CORMAN | Yes, she does. She’s dressing differently and her hair is dark. She looks beautiful, and it’s very striking and different. It all serves, from a story standpoint, to allow her to take on a different persona more fully than we’ve seen so far. In the spy genre and in true espionage, disguise is one of the key components, and it’s not something we’ve trafficked in yet really at all in four years. But we thought it would be interesting for Annie to have a different look in order to stay more under the radar and rather than doing it in a one-off type of way, she’s embracing a new character and a new look for the entire back six episodes.

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Covert Affairs Season 4 SpoilersTVLINE | Auggie doesn’t seem like the type who would just give up and let her go, so how is he going to be dealing with her absence?
ORD | He’s a soldier and always going to support the mission and do everything he can to help achieve that goal, which is bringing Henry to justice. So he is going to be taking an active role Stateside trying to find ways to bring [Henry] down on their side. Certainly, Annie will always be in the forefront of his mind and vice versa, but in many ways that longing is a very interesting shade for us to play in those early episodes, where we get to see them have to work without the other, but knowing the other’s out there.

TVLINE | Rewinding a bit, the Annie/Auggie break-up came maybe sooner than viewers were expecting. What was the thinking behind that move?
CORMAN | We were just trying to be honest to what they were going through and how difficult it is and just follow the contours of the relationship in a real way. And it wasn’t because of Helen. The central question of the show is, “Can you have relationships and be in the CIA?” The answer to that is always very difficult. It’s always a halting “yes,” if it even is a yes. So… it felt really real and earned that they might split at that moment in time.

TVLINE | This was a very serialized, very dark, one person-threat kind of season. Is that a template that you’re hoping to continue to follow?
CORMAN | It’s certainly intriguing. Last season, we had two characters that were focal, Simon and Lena, [who were] pretty enjoyable to write and for fans. When you can hook into somebody and you get a great actor, it can really be engaging. So I would say that’s a template we would love to continue going for.
ORD | As far as the darkness goes, we’ve always said this has been a series that tracks the career of an operative. As she gets stronger, the missions are going to get higher stakes, and with higher stakes come darker, more challenging situations.

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  1. Umm… I don’t know what he’s been drinking but the Annie/Auggie split n no way felt natural. What it felt like was a team of writers, who got their will they/won’t they couple together and then had no clue what to do with them and broke them up in desperation.

    • Alichat says:

      Thank you!! I laughed when I read that statement. That break up made no sense, especially for Auggie. There’s no way he was on the same page as her, as it was presented in the episode. And I never understood why Annie didn’t do disguises. It hasn’t made sense to me in 4 seasons. I’m glad he acknowledged it, but still makes no sense. I’m intrigued to see how the back half of the episodes play out, but still disappointed that Teo is really dead. Henry Wilcox has bored me to tears.

      • the breakup is also a bit confusing b/c of the way it ended–though i’m glad it did end. ‘oh, by the way, we made the wrong decision last week.’ annie’s smile and hug. and the breakup’s reason: it’s hard for spies to have relationships. kind of abstract. further, it should be no news to either of them. annie’s been with ben, a cia agent, and with simon, a spy from wherever. auggie’s been with the russian/pacifist spy, the ‘dead’ helen spy, and a woman who dumped him b/c he was in the cia. neither of them figured out being agents would add an extra level of baggage to a relationship? a breakup–even a quickly recanted one–with 2 people presumably so in love, and so fond of each other for years before the affair actually started–would have a pretty concrete ‘you did this’ or ‘this awful thing happened because we were together.’ anyhow i did like tonight’s episode. and it will, as they said here, be interesting to see annie doing her thing on her own [though of course there’s always the eyal possiblity]. hope she and auggie find some way to be together after the first couple of episodes; theyre a good romantic and tender couple!

      • SK says:

        I have been saying the same thing about disguises. Why doesn’t she wear one especially since Henry, who she follows a lot, knows what she looks like? Everyone in Germany couldn’t find her? She’s not wearing any disguise!
        So the only difference for her in the back 6 episodes is dark hair. I certainly will not recognize her anymore.

    • wordsmith says:

      Did I misinterpret, or didn’t the two of them sort of take back that break-up almost immediately afterward? It felt natural as a moment of panic – a knee-jerk reaction that they then recognized before getting pulled into more important and dire matters.

    • maggie says:

      I agree, the breakup didn’t feel natural. It feels like they brought them together, then thought they didn’t milk the possibility of a relationship long enough, so they broke them up. It made no sense.

    • bashful1694 says:

      To me, the Annie/Auggie hookup was horribly timed and completely forced – there was nothing natural about them getting together, especially not at that time. Annie was still wearing the key that Simon’s sister gave her, which was a sign that she wasn’t completely over Simon yet, so her falling into Auggie’s arms that easily just didn’t ring true to me. Since then, I feel like their relationship has been pushed too far too fast. Jumping into bed together without a second thought on “the first night” is no sign of passion or love, but desperation – like if they didn’t get together at that time, then they never would; and if Auggie didn’t claim her then, someone else would. Their breakup seemed to me like they just couldn’t manage their relationship with everything that was happening at the time; and if that’s the case, and major issues get in the way of their relationship all the time, and they both decide to give up rather than to fight for one another, then they aren’t meant to be. If you love someone enough, you fight for them, and neither of them did that – they just both gave up so easily. Annie and Auggie are both wonderful characters, but romantically, things just lack between them. I miss their friendly banter and hope they can stay BFFs – they’re great that way.

  2. jake says:

    This has been the best season so far. I’m so excited for the last 6 eps. So glad we only have to wait 4 weeks for them instead of months.

  3. Sarah says:

    So Auggie DOES know Annie’s alive…the episode wasn’t terribly clear. I wasn’t sure if it would be the Helen 2.0 route. How does Senator Pearson have so much clout on the Senate intelligence committee and where does all her animosity for the Campbell’s come from? OH MY LORD EYAL IN THE AMBULANCE WAS AMAZING!!!! Four weeks is too long to wait for new episodes!

  4. joterri says:

    Leave eyal with Annie and Goodbye to the relationship with Auggie. Boring!

    • Jean says:

      No! Love Auggie and Annie. But they are definitely in need of some normalcy.

      • Mia says:

        Agreed! Bring Annie back home with Auggie. And let them actually “date.”

        • bashful1694 says:

          That’s one of the reasons I don’t like them together – their relationship has been a friends-with-benefits type of relationship. Kissing and rolling around in bed together doesn’t equal romance or chemistry. There needs to be much more than that to make a relationship work and have the longevity to last. I don’t see that with Annie and Auggie.

      • Rose says:

        I second that!

    • Julie Porter says:

      I am a little prejudiced when it comes to Annie and Auggie. I think they are a great couple and am so glad they finally wrote them as a couple. I’m hoping they come back together soon.

      I think Christopher Gorham plays a totally believable blind person. This opinion comes from someone that had two totally blind parents, so I think I would know.

      • interesting re your parents! i think eyal finds annie more like the murdered younger sister he lost. and unless they turn auggie into a secret longtime evil spy behind henrys machinations, or a visitor from one of the vampire shows, i cant see how they can break them up. can’t wait to see the show again!

  5. Mia says:

    Have to be honest…not looking forward to the back six episodes. The show is going completely off the grid, which I guess is the point. But definitely is going to be fractured. How are you going to have Annie away from Auggie and everyone? Hopefully, CA gets renewed for Season 5 and the writers go back to the basics (and get grounded). Definitely over the Henry Wilcox storyline.

    • laura says:

      I totally agree. I am over Henry Wilcox and the whole story. I still record the shows but I find myself reading the recaps instead of watching what I recorded. I kept thinking maybe I’ll read something interesting that I want to watch but that’s not happening. I read the recap and then go delete the recording. At this point I think I may be out for the rest of the season. Hopefully if it gets renewed it will get back to a show I again look forward to.

    • Sandy says:

      I agree. I will give the last 6 episodes a watch, but depending on how the season ends depends on if this stays on my DVR list. I think that this season has been horrible. I wanted Annie and Auggie together, but it has never felt right, not even the break up felt true to their characters. Heck this whole season has felt wrong and out of sorts.

  6. Victoria says:

    Totally agree that Eyal in the ambulance was genius. A complete surprise, and one that reminded me how much organic chemistry both actors Piper and Oded truly have. I always felt Piper and Christopher (Annie and Auggie) were acting in love, while Piper and Oded (Annie and Eyal) come by the passion honestly.

    • bashful1694 says:

      I quite agree with you, Victoria. Piper and Oded create such natural, believable chemistry because they’re close friends in real life. They don’t even have to work at expressing the character’s feelings for one another, because it’s already there. The way that they look at each other, touch each other, or talk to each other is refreshing because it’s rare to find strong, natural chemistry between two actors. And Piper definitely lights up and glows when she talks about Oded in interviews. I think she has a crush on him, and I don’t blame her! Oded’s a fantastic person and a truly talented actor. Him and Piper just click, especially through Eyal and Annie. It’s always so nice to see Annie and Eyal in an episode because everything just flows naturally when they’re together.

      Piper and Chris are great together, but when it comes to Annie and Auggie, I don’t see them as anything but strong, close friends that will be there for one another forever. I would have believed them being in a relationship in season one, but since then, there’s been more emphasis on their friendship. They work well together and Auggie’s great as her handler, but there’s something off between them as a couple. I’d love to see them go back to being BFFs and enjoying their friendly banter together.

  7. A says:

    Did they just tease us with Eyal? Do we really only get 30 seconds of him? Not fair! Give us an Eyal spin off or something. We need so much more Eyal ASAP

  8. wordsmith says:

    I’ve never been entirely clear on why Henry Wilcox blames Arthur and everybody else for Jai’s death. It’s kind of the reason all of this is happening, so it’s seems important. Anybody remember how that all fits together?

    • Dani says:

      Thank you, I thought it was just me not remembering. I vaguely recall Auggie going through boxes of Jai’s files that had the same symbol as the tattoo Simon had but then nothing seemed to come of that. Because of that I have been assuming that Lena had something to do with his death. If she did then Henry should love Annie since she killed her.
      Did I miss the episode where that story line was tied up?

      • Alichat says:

        I don’t think it’s been explained. I think he’s just using that as an excuse for everything he’s doing, and it’s all just a plan to get back into the CIA. I was of the same assumption that Lena killed Jai because he was getting close to figuring out she was a double agent. If there’s been an explanation about Henry’s motives, you’re not the only one who has missed it.

        • ok, i have a somewhat weird theory re henry’s motives. suppose arthur didn’t LITERALLY kill jai. he actually did seem shocked when henry said, ‘no, you’re not sorry for my loss,’ way back when. now, jai had hated his dad, publically mocked him, happily worked for arthur. suppose henry felt arthur had turned jai against henry, and that jai’s mysterious new business [which he was about to show annie the day he was killed] was designed to destroy dear old dad….so dear old dad had to stop him. henry then would never blame himself for jai’s death, but the man who had turned jai into henry’s enemy.thus killing teo would not serve the revenge parallel in whole, but destroying arthur’s whole world might……

  9. Kayla says:

    I usually never outwardly react to what’s happening on TV, but I lost my calm when Eyal showed up. It was a little embarrassing. Piper and Oded sizzle together. I really really hope we see him again in the back six, even a little! And then a lot in season 5.

    • bashful1694 says:

      Annie and Eyal have had strong, natural chemistry since they first met in season one. He’s a huge influence and impact on the show – he just elevates the show to a new level when he’s on.

  10. Joe says:

    I really wish that they hadn’t included Oded Fehr’s name in the opening credits as it completely ruined the surprise for me :/ Oh well, still a fantastic episode!

    • Lambsilencer says:

      Yes, that and the fact that a few weeks ago, I read here that Eyal would be back when we would least expect him. Well, I pretty much figured he would figure into the storyline with Annie “dying” somehow. And yes, I am always looking at the opening credits guest stars, writers and directors, so I only saw my suspicions confirmed when I read “Guest starring: Oded Fehr”.

  11. sladewilson says:

    Just sum up this Henry Wilcox fiasco so we don’t have to go thru this nonsense ever again. Henry is a big bad but you all had him one move short of mustache twirling… Jeeezzzzz…..

  12. LEP says:

    I really enjoyed it, but I thought one thing in particular was strange. Annie – needing to change her clothes, so as to not attract so much attention, steals clothes that were basically the same color as what she just was wearing?? (And why couldn’t she get a hat or something? Her hair was a beacon.)

    • Lambsilencer says:

      That was indeed strange, as was the fact that she changed into a coat when all the people around her were wearing shorts, t-shirts or other forms of summer attire.
      Another thing felt a bit odd. Auggie was awfully quick to grab Joan when she fainted. Seemed to me a blind man would have been thrown off-balance quite a bit more from her falling against him. Even that wasn’t clear. She was actually falling beside him. But her crashing to the ground unstopped with a tud, being pregnant no less, would have been way too dark and cruel, so I’m gonna let that one slide. :)

  13. DL says:

    Love, love Hill Harper as Calder. I never knew he was such a fantastic actor with the limited storylines he was given on CSI: NY. This season has been my favorite by far. I much prefer the taut serialized progression over the procedural elements from earlier seasons.

    • glad to see more support for this season: so many people seem down on it. while it’s had its glitches [the pointless breakup and quickie fix], for one thing] i think it’s been excellent. henry’s been a great multi-textured villain, and calder a legitimate cipher: good guy or bad guy? simply by-the-rules fanatic–and if so what does that say about his participation in annie’s fake death? the pacing of the annie-auggie romance giving it a rare sort of depth, as well as, to my mind, one of the most appealing couples in recent tv history, while still keeping more to the drama of the show’s basis. i look forward to the autumn episodes.

  14. Deion says:

    Annie having to do things off the grid makes me hope that we get some Ben Mercer closure. With Arthur in this trouble and Annie off the grid, this is a perfect time. CA has a habit of not giving closure to storylines. Let’s fix that.

    • Jody says:

      I like that idea! Ben does know how to stay off the grid so he could be very helpful to Annie now! I love Annie and Auggie together but I have a real soft spot for Annie and Ben too!

    • bashful1694 says:

      I thought the closure with Ben was quite clear when Annie walked away from him on the tarmac – she had moved on from him

  15. Doug says:

    When is Auggie going to get the “magic surgery” to restore his sight. The blindness gimmick has outworn its welcome.

    • i’d feel totally ripped off if auggie got his vision back.i don’t think his blindness is a ‘gimmick’; it’s part of the character. i was pleased when he investigated the new surgery and found it wouldn’t work for him [though nearly cried myself!]. i’m so tired of the hyperperfection of almost every tv character. granted there’s a lot of hyperperfection in CA; annie’s extreme strength, even while running in stilletto shoes, her and joan’s beauty [and auggie’s, for that matter]; auggie’s abilities that sometimes seem no blind person, however well retrained, could manage–but all that is of a piece with the genre. within that context, auggie’s blindness is a refreshing and moving reflection of what real people in life do sometimes experience.

  16. ColaPat says:

    I agree that this would be the perfect time for the return of Ben. Actually a teaming up of the undead — Annie, Ben, Jai, Teo — would be lots of fun. Could throw Helen in there, too. I love all those characters.

  17. Ruth Ellen says:

    All I say this
    27 days 5 hours 29 mins and counting
    (Mountain time)

  18. HAP says:

    So Calder is complicit in the faking of Annie’s death. Brings to mind two questions. First, will it not be discovered that her body disappeared and how will that affect Calder? Second, is Calder going to give further assistance to Annie?

  19. maggie says:

    I miss the great opening credits they used to have. Are they going to bring them back?

    • ColaPat says:

      I agree — was thinking the same thing. It seems like they’re trying to remove all the fun, whimsical aspects of the show that I loved in the first couple seasons.

      • Lambsilencer says:

        The show has definitely has gotten much darker. The third episode, “Into the White” where Annie was in Colombia, was filled with rough action and some harsh violence – it was so far away from the tone that I wondered where they were headed with this. But maybe USA wanted their shows to be “grittier”. Look at how grim “Burn Notice” turned out in its final episodes.
        It’s funny because a few years back, the same network ordered the producers of “In Plain Sight” to lighten up the show because they felt it was getting too dark for USA. Funny how times tare changing…

  20. Izzy says:

    Burn Notice with Annie, with Auggie as Fi and Eyal as Sam!

  21. Peggy says:

    Have hated this season. Augie and Annie lack chemistry. The Henry arc has been a bore. Love Eyal when he is around. Otherwise very blah.

    • Lisa Marques says:

      Definitely over the Auggie/Annie story line. I will miss Teo as eye candy and his terrific acting. Now keep Eyal in the story – you are very right that their chemistry is off the charts. We want SIZZLE and action. Oh, and just dark hair and different clothes for Annie does not a cover make… They’ve showed Hummingbird and the advanced facial recognition, yet, noone thinks she’ll be discovered???

      On a side note – I live vicariously through Annie. Great show.

  22. DL says:

    Agree that CA doesn’t give closure to story lines, and I also keep wondering if I missed something. A few of my questions: Why does Henry blame Arthur when Lena was the one who had Jai killed? Why was Henry’s sentence commuted? There was something about fake intel from Mossad–how did the Mossad boss connect to this? What happened with the guy last season (Kaleid?) who Annie told that his father had the girlfriend killed? And it really bugs me that Annie stopped Teo from killing Henry!

  23. CC says:

    Annie and Auggie lack chemistry???? You got to be kidding me. They sizzle together. Their friendship turned love is hot. And Auggie without a shirt on, can anybody so smoking hot!!!!! I don’t think they need to do a “miracle surgery” and have him see, but they can cause him to have more of a “keen” sense of everything around him. It would be cool if Auggie’s hearing and other senses (such as the smell of a person) could be super sensitive. How interesting for him to be more in the line of the “super hero daredevil” who was blind but could kick ass anyway. Instead of him having to be lead around by Annie, he could take care of himself and even “physically” defend her against the baddies. I’m just saying, after all he was in the military. They could say he had “special training” prior to his blindness whereas he learned boxing, karate, and other skilled maneuvers. I love him being a super tech, but add some physical strength and look out!!!! And BRING HIM AND ANNIE BACK TOGETHER!!!!

  24. CC says:

    When I said his sense of smell could be “super size”, I mean, it would be cool if someone he knows or have had contact with, comes near him, that he would instinctively know who it is. And if he was a kick ass, he could do something to kick their butt or take them out!!! Come on make Auggie more daring…after all it is TV, they could do that. All the situations Annie gets out of without a scratch, hey that “aint” fiction, I don’t know what is….so let Auggie do some fighting and win!!!

    • he does have enhanced smell–remembr how he can tell which woman he’s around by her perfume? and he has done super-hero stuff—got his girlfriend parker and her freinds freed from itruruan [?] pirates. nearly managed to kill the guy who blinded him, though annie was able to stop him just in time.he’s a strong, well trained soldier who works out a lot to keep up his strength. his hearing of course is also a major asset. he’s a wonderful character, and to my mind a perfect mate to annie. they’ll always have personal and professional disagreements, and that’s great for the show, to keep our concern for them fresh. i’m amazed at how many viewers don’t see ‘chemestry” between them. their love, enjoyment of each other, and similairities have emanated from them since day 1, growing with every season. maybe they need a few more hot-long-kisses and bedroom scenes to please some of their decriers, and if it didn’t get overdone, that would certainly be nice. but in the long run, it’s not a show about sex and romance, but adventure–which has remained the focus all season.

      • pandora576 says:

        I love Annie & Auggie’s chemistry, to me it jumps off of the screen and is very natural. And I’ve enjoyed how the relationship has progressed from friends to lovers. They’ve gone through so much together and had their ups and downs.

        What I’ve noticed from people saying they lack chemistry is that they almost always mention Annie’s chemistry with some other guy. I’ve also noticed that when a couple isn’t a person’s preferred couple that the “no chemistry” phrase tends to get used a lot when objecting to the established couple in just about every fandom out there. And I’m sure I do it too. As much as I love Eyal, I don’t see a romantic connection with Annie.

        I’ve enjoyed this season a lot. I love the serialized story rather than a bunch of stand alone episodes where there are no repercussions and the reset button is pushed at the end of an episode. The recurring characters have been great – loved Teo, hate Henry, don’t like Helen and still don’t really like Calder all that much, but the actors have done a wonderful job of bringing them to life and making me feel about them. I’ve loved seeing more of Barber. And Joan has been awesome while it’s pretty much sucked to be Arthur.

        • great point about the uses of ‘chemistry.’ auggie and annie are so deeply, clearly bound to each other they don’t need to explode all the time! there’s clearly a depth of feeling between eyad and annie that could become sexual, but it seems like something different to me—as though he somehow sees in her the sister he lost. it seems to me that if it were deeply sexual, they would have been lovers long ago. annie had been with ben a few days when they became lovers, and with simon a few hours. with auggie it took as long as it did for sensible reasons: they were co workers, buddies, and each involved with someone else much of the time. and it has always seemed to me they were ‘meant for each other,’ and would come together sometime, and once together would be a solid unit, with deep issues and problems and pain at times, dealt with through their deep and growing love. that great little bit the other night when annie says, we’re a good team, and he responds, damn straight we are, is clearly about all the levels of their lives. [and remember his sober, proud affirmation when calder asks if he’s romantically involved with annie.] i do love the whole cast, and am intersted to see what the core of henry’s hatred is. i used to watch the show now and then, when i wasn’t reading or watching something else on tv—this season i wouldn’t miss an episode. glad there are some of us who feel this way!

          • bashful1694 says:

            I really don’t see this “Eyal sees his sister in Annie” because the chemistry and sparks between Annie and Eyal existed long before Eyal even told Annie about his sister. If he wanted to bed her or have a quick fling with her, he would have done it already. But he didn’t and for good reason. He wants to take his time with her and build their already strong friendship into something more, but gradually. It’s true that Annie and Eyal have had intimate moments that could have turned into something more, but they get interrupted. Eyal has deep, passionate feelings for Annie – there’s no doubt he loves her – and Annie has feelings for Eyal too, even if she doesn’t kiss him or bed him to prove it – she shows it in other ways. Eyal is patiently biding his time to be with Annie, and he’s waiting for her to come to realize her feelings for him on her own instead of someone having to tell her how she feels about him (she was told by others how she felt about Auggie and Simon). There’s a very deep, respectful relationship with Annie and Eyal right now, but there’s no reason why that can’t (and won’t) build into something more in the future.

  25. rumjungleroad says:

    Boring season. Really like d the show before it turned into the Henry serial. If it doesn’t get rid of him and the whole surrounding storyline in the first few episodes, I’ll be deleting it.

  26. elmindreda says:

    I am always surprised when I see comments that say Annie and Auggie have no chemistry. I have seen chemistry between them since the very beginning. I know it was too soon for them to get together, so I didn’t mind them having other romantic attachments, though it was quickly obvious that Ben would never be a long term kind of guy, and Dr. Scott was a temporary distraction, at best.

    I had issues with Parker, since Auggie was clearly searching desperately for something or someone permanent in his life and Parker happened along at a vulnerable time for Auggie, and because Parker was clearly not cut out to deal with Auggie’s work. I also had issues with Simon, because Annie was clearly in love with Auggie, and only let herself get deeper with Simon after hearing of Auggie’s engagement. And I don’t believe that’s just my perception–it was clearly shown in the episode where Auggie tells Annie he’s going to propose to Parker. It felt as though both Annie and Auggie were “settling,” and that wouldn’t have been fair to anyone–not to young, naive Parker, and not even to Simon.

    As for Eyal…..I LOVE Eyal’s character, and there was a time when I would have been happy to see Annie and Eyal together romantically, but that time has passed, and I think Eyal knows it, too.

    • you’re so right, on every count!

    • bashful1694 says:

      The time with Eyal has not passed at all. What some people see as a “missed opportunity” is Eyal actually being a man and not throwing himself at Annie or having a quick fling with her. He has very strong, believable chemistry with Annie and he is patiently biding his time to be with her.

      Annie and Auggie have great friendship chemistry, but that does not hold with them as a couple. There’s no spark between them romantically, and they’re better off as friends – they both need that BFF in their lives.

  27. Violet says:

    I totally agree with you elmindreda , Eyal sees Annie for me as a sister

  28. Isabelle says:

    Yes Annie and Auggie have good chemistry early on, their feelings grew slowly over the seasons, it is easy to say they do not have chemistry in particular those who want to see Annie with another man, but they have good chemistry, I think the producers want a soft chemistry to keep them for me longtemp break allowed to see it was full of love for each other, Eyal is just a good friend, mentor, a big brother who always help Annie, Annie and Auggie are true love

    • i love your expression ‘soft chemistry.’ that is so perfect. when they are together, or apart and thinking or talking about each other, they convey a quiet glow that never goes away, even when theyre quarreling or angry at each other. his anguish at her danger is heartbreaking and also very right.