Bones Premiere Recap: You Gotta Have Faith

Bones Season 9 PremiereBones EPs Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan warned us multiple times over the summer that Booth and Brennan would enter Season 9 in a hopeless place, and they weren’t yanking our collective chains.

In Monday’s premiere, which picked up several months after Pelant tossed a grenade on their relationship when he told Booth that he’d kill five random strangers if he didn’t abruptly call off his engagement to Brennan, the unhappy couple are barely on speaking terms. And their personal strife has spilled over into the workplace, forcing their colleagues to take sides (and, on a happier note, triggering a litany of inappropriate asides from internal censor-challenged Daisy.)

Herewith are the highlights from “The Secrets in the Proposal.”

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FORGIVE ME, FATHER  | The episode kicks off with Booth drowning in his sorrows and confessing his sins to a no-nonsense bar owner who just so happens to be his former priest/counselor from his sniper days, Aldo (a perfectly cast Mather Zickel). Within minutes, Aldo is poking holes in Booth’s silence-is-golden approach with regard to the broken engagement, telling him, “So, you and Temperance go on a camping trip, you get lost in a cave and you whisper the truth in her ear.” Booth, however, argues that Brennan’s private excitement would become public, tipping off Pelant in the process. (Not sure I’m buying what he’s selling, but whatever.) Aldo concludes that Booth, “better find him and kill him.”

HOSTILE WORKPLACE |The delightfully acerbic Caroline sums up employee morale thusly: “All I know, we used to be happy. Then Dr. Brennan proposed to you, you say yes, then you say no, and everybody’s miserable.” For those keeping score at home, Hodgins is Team Booth, Angela is Team Brennan, while Cam and Sweets are Team Switzerland. Daisy, meanwhile, is Team LOL. (When Brennan points out that a photo of a potential female suspect having sex in a hotel room is so grainy that it could be her in the image, Daisy cracks, “We’d all understand if it were.”)

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DAZED AND CONFUSED | An already-disillusioned Brennan discovers cards/coupons from Aldo’s oddly-named bar, Paradise Lost, in Booth’s pocket and assumes he’s getting his lap dance on. Instead of taking her suspicions straight to the source, she takes her suspicions straight to the venue. Aldo catches sight of her ID, explains his connection to Booth, and Brennan breaths a huge sigh of relief. She also gets a not-so-subtle message from Aldo that Booth was “compelled by a very good reason” to call off their engagement. “You want me to have faith in him?” she asks the ex-man of God. (Yep, totally what he’s getting at.) Later at Casa de B&B, Brennan tells Booth, “I’m not leaving you. I have absolute faith in you. I trust you. I’m sorry I lost sight of that temporarily. You have your reasons and when you can you’ll share them.” She also informs him that when he’s ready to get re-engaged, “It’s your turn to ask me to marry you.” On that happy note, the camera pans to the clock in their kitchen, which blinks 4:47 before returning to the current time of 7:35. (What is it with Pelant and clocks?!)

Other snappy observations from the hour:

* The humorous (if forgettable) case-of-the-week mostly serves to introduce Freddie Prinze Jr’s promising character Danny Beck, an old army buddy of Booth’s who’s now employed at the CIA.

* Daisy is dating a fireman. She also makes it clear that she will high-five herself if anyone leaves her hanging.

* Ever the team players, Hanson and Nathan embedded a plug for Bones‘ new Monday companion Sleepy Hollow in the script. After noting the late hour at the Jeffersonian, Hodgins adds, “Hope we’ve got Sleepy Hollow on the DVR.”

Thoughts on Bones 9.01? Relieved that Booth and Brennan’s rough patch was mostly smoothed over by the end? Worried about when (and where) Pelant will strike next? Weigh in below!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Elyse says:

    so glad Bones is back!!!! I missed it!

  2. Catlin says:

    It actually blinked 447 on the clock for just a second. I rewinded about five times just to check.

    • lucy says:

      yep…pelant is spying/hearing everything that booth and brennan do…booth was right not to tell brennan…geesh imagine keeping up that pretence for months? brennan cldnt do it…

    • Lorinda says:

      I did the same thing. It was so hard to read!!!

    • karmen says:

      Hi! Does anyone know already what 447 means? Is this like for palant or what? Cuz I was reading the articles and it seems like 447 was showing up even before palant and that the meaning is going to be revield on the last episode ever.

    • Still Comatose says:

      I think all of the 4:47s mean that Booth is still in a coma and has been since season 4. In the series finale, he will finally awake from the coma (this time, for real) and realize how much he wants the life that he experienced during his coma. The series will conclude with him setting out to turn that dreamed life into reality…

  3. Kevin says:

    I love this show and ensemble. Hope it goes on for several more seasons. My only gripe with the whole ‘I can’t tell anyone or he’ll kill people’ plotline is that you have all the geniuses at the Jeffersonian who know Pelant is still out there and not one of them connects that fact to Booth breaking the engagement? Surely one of them would start to infer it!

    • madbengalsfan85 says:

      Hodgins in suspicious, and Brennan might be too after she spoke to Aldo

    • Jenks says:

      ITA. The entire Pelant thing is so far-fetched that I’m not sure I can watch the show until it’s over. Pelant comes in, wreaks havoc on their world, then disappears and everyone goes about their business. They have the resources of the FBI, the Jeffersonian, and God knows who else, and they can’t find this guy? I really, really wish this story line would go away.

      • CAR says:

        I absolutely agree!!! Move on for goodness sake. A new storyline would be SO refreshing!!!

      • CJ says:

        Yes, completely agree. This storyline has gone way too far and long. With his connections, and favors to call in, they could track him down. Also, why make an ex-priest a God-hater? Still, Booth remains faithful. Finally, I would think they have not made love in all that time. Even if she wants, no way will Booth want to give Pelant a peep show. That alone would make Brennan suspicious.

        Finally, Angela is a great supporter of Brennan and should be angry with Booth. Love Hodgins sticking up for his friend. I wouldnt be surprised if he is Booth’s best man.

        Finally, even as a much as the wedding, I want to see the scene where Brennan learns of Booth’s dilemma and the guilt she may feel could be overwelming. That scene will really showcase ED’s acting; Booth’s relief of the secret now discovered will also be incredible.

        Who will kill Pelant? My guess? Sweets or Hodgins; Booth is unlikely, as he may see the sin in teh act; given his feeling of living in sin with Brennan.

  4. TV God says:

    Wonderful Premier, but it makes me sad that Booth and Brennan are in such a bad place. I look forward to the wedding in 5 episodes.

  5. Linds says:

    Actually, it blinked 4:47 between doing 7:35.

    • Kim R says:

      Yes..I wonder what the significance of 4:47 is? I’m glad that by the end of the episode Brennan was able to have faith in Booth that something is obviously up with his decision to postpone the wedding. I like how Hodgins was just sure there was more to the whole Bones wedding thing as well. Good start to the season! :)

  6. MissIndependent says:

    So good to have Booth and Brennan back on my tv! This is going to be a great season, the first episode did not disappoint!!

  7. We says:

    The clock also blinked to a different time 4:47 I think?… Glad they got Bones understanding/accepting she should trust Booth at the end if the episode

  8. lucy says:

    as it has been established that brennan is a crappy actress…she could not maintain the pretence of not being engaged….also she basically has to spill the truth its her nature…there is no way she could pretend for months…it would spill into her real world and BAM 5 people are dead…

    • Jackie/Max Strange says:

      Emily is not a crappy actress. She has played her role perfectly moving from being a robot to a caring and loving person. watch her response to booth calling off the marriage; watch her be Hannah’s friend while her own heart is breaking — even then Brennan saves Hannah’s life. Brennan is the only woman and person who knows Booth as he is and still loves him unconditional. The other women in his life have only lust. Brennan has agape, (unconditional love) and philos(friendship and soul mate. They have built a world around themselves and there is no way Booth didn’t know Hannah would not marry him. He was already realizing hiss mistake and she alwaays she is not the marrying kind. booth know that. booth was angry not heart broken over Hannan but– notice the difference between his two proposals. With Brennan he was devastateded. With Hannah he was angry but his anger was really at brennan as he showed in the bar scene later that night.

      • Still Comatose says:

        I think you misunderstood Lucy. I think she is saying that Brennan (the character) is a crappy actress, not Emily. :)

  9. Meg says:

    Freddie Prinze, Jr. can come back to TV any day. He looks even better now with the salt and pepper hair than he did younger.

  10. Nick says:

    Loved Daisy, she’s so funny

  11. anon says:

    I really hated Angela in this ep…i get she is Brennan’s bff but that doesn’t give her right to be a free range biatch…there are two people in that relationship not 3…she was totally disregarding everything she has known about Booth for 9yrs and was treating him like he was Brennan’s fling of a few months….I HATED HER thank goodness Hodgins stuck up for Booth and saw the bigger picture…next time she bitches Booth out I hope Bren tells her to STFU…also if I where Booth I wouldn’t let her anywhere near my wedding not unless she eat crow first. ugh….great ep bar Angela…loved B&B, Booth and Aldo and Freddie…

    • Badpenny says:

      You might not realize this, but they’re not real people. It’s all make believe. The actors don’t make up the words. The writers write them and the actors say them. If you’re angry at someone be angry at the writers. There is no Angela. :)

  12. Abby says:

    Angela needs to die. Can she get killed off my Pelant next? What a raging B**ch. wow. She hasn’t been this unlikable in a long time.

    • miynga says:

      Why because she is standing up for her friend?!

      • Kim R says:

        Exactly! Angela was just being a fiercly loyal girlfriend. I got that. I can totally relate. :)

      • zaza says:

        I get standing up for a friend, but she seemed to be forgetting what a good guy Booth is, how honorable and all that, and that if a guy like Booth, who is totally pro-marriage, suddenly says “let’s wait,” there might just be a good reason for it. After all, all he did was what Brennan had done the entire time up to her proposal and that is say “I don’t think we should get married.”
        Her reaction was a bit over the top.

        • Mari says:

          I’m not on the “kill Angela” team, but I think you’re pretty much exactly right. I’d just like to add that it’s also pretty hypocritical of Angela. At least twice in the series she’s had relationships where the person she was involved with wanted more commitment and Angela would not agree, while continuing the relationship.

          I get why Brennan would be hurt, and be concerned about her relationship with Boothe, but Angela’s reaction was not only over the top, but exposes either a a pretty big character flaw, or she thinks of Brennan as a child.

    • Gia says:

      Gosh, it was only one episode. Isn’t that a little too soon to want to kill the girl?

  13. Badpenny says:

    The episode was OK. I’m not real fond of when the big underlying emotional turmoil is made all well in the last few minutes of an episode. Pelant they’ll drag out for years. The emotional problems they fix in one episode. It just felt canned to me. I would have rather of seen the 3 months we missed. Not that I want to see them having problems for months, but rather I would have liked to have seen a couple of episodes where the problems grow and then a couple where they get fixed rather then all in one 42 minute episode.

    • bountypeaches says:

      I think they tried that in S6… which they realized bombed and are sort of scared to go that route again with prolonged BB disconnect. Even in S8 the problems after Brennan went on the run only lasted 2 episodes. But I agree that it would have been nice to see a longer run of the emotional disconnect.

      • Kwapple says:

        Remember that B&B have been in this situation for 3 months prior to this episode…they were already standing over the abyss when the episode started. This wasn’t going to be something they could stretch out because of that timeline. Besides, they still aren’t fixed completely…Brennan is still hurt and Booth is still hiding the truth. Brennan knows there is more going on now, and that helps.

  14. apash says:

    Great start! Loved the ex priest and Danny Beck and you can never have too much Caroline!

  15. Denise Rambo says:

    I thought the clock was originally blinking 7:34 – then for a fraction of a second it blinked 4:47 – then changed to 7:35. I’m thinking the 4:47 is the clue – but to WHAT?

  16. Denise Rambo says:

    “You weren’t very nice. As if I needed another reason to adore you.” LOVE LOVE LOVE Caroline!

  17. Andy says:

    Good premier. Was happy to see Brennan have faith in Booth. i dont want to see alot of tension between them. And Freddie Prinze,Jr was great! I’d love to see him with his own show.

  18. Mick says:

    When did Freddie Prinze Jr. suddenly get this deep rich voice? It is very attractive and so is he. Aging has treated him very well.

  19. Megan says:

    The “Sleepy Hallow” comment made me cringe!! I hate shameless plugs!

  20. TaMara says:

    Wow. Mather Zickel was perfect. What a nice addition. Easy on the eyes, too. Good episode. Although I still hate the supervillian feel of Pelant. Can’t go soon enough for me. I don’t mind complicating Booth and Brennan, and I don’t mind the cool killer arc (Howard Epps, the Gormagon killer, the great Broadsky), but Pelant is just way over the top.

  21. Dave says:

    I am tired of the old plot line of mega villains for Booth and Bones. They played it out to many times and too long. I all ready can see the favor the CIA owes Booth is to kill Pelant.

  22. Sally says:

    Glad to have Bones ! I understand that Bones is upset that Booth said to not get married after all; but she is holding a double standard. When she didn’t want to get married Booth stood by her and didn’t act all cold like she is with him now. Angela getting all mad with Booth too, I mean come on, they all know Booth like he would cheat on Bones!! Angela in the past would said to Bones “come on we are talking about Booth!” Not telling her that he is lying to her!!! I’m sure they will get back together, or at least I hope so, but just a little come on just shame on them!!

  23. Sarah says:

    … I found the episode quite… boring? Idk I was expecting something more to happen? I did like the priest guy and that case being CIA related was screaming for attention. But I did quite like the guy in the fan. It was an interesting death. I can already see the CIA killing Pelant. I hate how the producers have completely told the world that Bones and Booth will get married in a few episodes. Like why would you just say that? It seems like it’s screaming for attention because they no longer know how keep their audience attracted to their show. Did like the flash of 4:47 on the clock though. But come on that was a plot piece over a year ago. Explain it already.

    • amerika84 says:

      sorry for you they not screaming for attention because they no longer know how keep their audience attracted to their show.
      The show will go in to a 10 and 11 season. I know that because my brother work for FOX. David and Emily are on board that is all what FOX want.

    • Annoyed says:

      The 4:47 is a plot piece that started back in season 4. Anytime something significant happens to Booth and Brennan the time is always showing 4:47. It is a hint at thinks to come for fans who don’t complain about everything under the sun and watch because they like the show and can wait patiently for the story line to unfold. Everyone knows Hart Hanson likes to take his time with his story lines. He is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t with “fans”. If Hanson tells the world they will marry he ruins it if he doesn’t get them together sooner he is beating a dead horse. People either need to shut up and just watch or maybe get a hobby and stop over thinking a TV show.

      • David Turner says:

        AGREED! Thank you Annoyed!
        That said, How do you, amerika84 know that booth isn’t still in a coma, and that’s why the time is like that. You don’t know. So either STHU, or stop watching. SERIOUSLY. Stop complaining and whining about a TV show FFS.

  24. pss73 says:

    The 4:47 is a throw-back for the fans that watched the “alternate reality” episode. In the “real world”, seeing it means something momentous and important to the relationship is about to happen. Like when it flashed over when Brennan went into Booth’s bedroom the first time they slept together.

    • DarkDefender says:

      My guess: like the swings in Castle, 4:47 signifies a major moment in B & B’s relationship. A nod to the fans that everything is going to be okay and to have faith that they are on track.

      I am hoping, at some point they will tell us why they picked 4:47 to signify this.

      I am more of a Castle fan, but came to Bones through Netflix this past year… I thought this season opener was well done.

      • Tracie says:

        Lol. How funny would it be if that was Hart Hansons old pager number? Mine was 8724 – the corresponding numbers to my nickname trai.

        Or turn a calculator upside down and you have Lhh. Love, hart Hanson.

        How funny would it be if it were this simple?


  25. I loved the series premiere. Especially the guest stars this week were really great. We can thank David boreanaz for Freddie Prinze, Jr. as he helped arrange that. I’m hoping that instead of the CIA just killing Pelant that they give Booth some significant information leading to his capture or death by Booth. In exchange I can see Booth helping his buddy in the CIA or even moving on to work for them just to spice up the show some more. It would give the show a more international feel and let Freddie be a guest star more often.

  26. James D says:

    A very nice start to the new tv season, from what i can see this show hasn’t dropped a beat very well done premiere, the COW wasn’t the best, but the overarching theme was very nicely done. not sure i’m cool with angela being so cold, i get protecting your friend but after so long you’d think she’d have a little faith in Booth, also i’m not entirly sure why no one has put the peices together seeing as they all know Palent is out there and what he’s capable of. its not like this something intune with both, as most of the past three seasons have ben about booth nudging Bones into marrying him. I can’t believe it’s tv time again the summer flew by. at least for me:)

  27. 206episodesofBones says:

    What a wonderful start to S9!!! Those few seconds at the end when Booth thought Brennan might actually be leaving him broke my heart!! David and Emily are so underrated as actors, their pain was palpable throughout the episode. If this is a sign of things to come for the rest of the season then bring it on!!

  28. CarlagUK says:

    Enjoyed the premier but have never got over the thin plotline of the proposal and Pelant from the S8 finale.. This has now spilled over into the start of this season and it is hard to dispend disbelief to the extent that Brennan wouldn’t understand and act accordingly if she really knew what was at stake. However whats done is done and I remain loyal to the show and am happy to see what the new season brings us.

    At least B&B reached some commond ground by the end of the episode (and if that doesn’t show us how far Temperance has evolved, then what does)? , so hopefully that should ease the tension a little going forward.

    The sooner we get rid of Pelant the better though. Enough is enough now.

  29. cas says:

    Oh I loved the episode. And oh my I loved Freddie. SMG is one lucky gal. I can’t wait until they tie up the Pelant episode but for everyone still complaining about it I just wonder if they have ever watched any other TV shows, because I have often seen stuff dragged out way longer than this. And at least we know it will end soon.

  30. Alex says:

    Don’t like Petulant or any of the “supervillians” some shows have. The character is written as being so powerful that he would be a threat to national security if he were capable of doing all the things he supposedly can. The CIA and homeland security would consider him their top priority threat, yet it seems no one but Booth is actually looking for the guy.
    Also, Booth’s excuse that Brennan would be too happy and give away the secret that Petulant’s threat is reason why Booth can’t accept Bones’ proposal is lame at best. Wouldn’t she be pissed that he’s the reason she can’t get married, as opposed to being so happy she’d give the secret away?

  31. Jane says:

    Really hope Daisy dies or at least marries her fireman and quits. She is so annoying.

    • Badpenny says:

      She’s supposed to be annoying. That’s the whole point of the character; and it means the actor and writers are doing their jobs correctly. Daisy is the anti-intern. She’s the annoying one whereas all the rest are quite likable even with their various idiosyncrasies. And considering that she’s only in 2-3 episodes a year it’s not like you need to deal with her that often. Plus I think the whole fireman thing is just a lie to cover how much she misses Sweets. :)

      • Jane says:

        Yeah I get that but there is funny annoying and Jar Jar Binks annoying. Daisy is Jar Jar Binks annoying. Please let her die.

      • Mike says:

        Daisy can be annoying but she served a great purpose in this episode! She was suggesting the Bones go after a firefighter and dump Booth, even Angela who hates Booth right now shoved food in her pie hole. Daisy wants to be Bones but the Bones of the past she wants to be is no longer present, she has grown. Daisy is not as smart as Bones, she does not grow like Bones but she is a good example of what Bones might be like if not for her growth and Booth. Sweets dodged a bullet for sure!

      • Tookie Clothespin says:

        No, it doesn’t. It means the exact opposite. There are annoying characters that enhance a show. For me Taylor Doose from Gilmore Girls is a good example of this. He is irritating yet funny, his scenes are memorable, help push the story, and instead of hating him you still enjoy the scenes that he is in. Whenever Daisy appears onscreen it is a race between me and my wife to grab the remote and either mute the TV or fast forward until her scene is over. The character just grates on the nerves and makes the scenes that she is completely unenjoyable.

    • Bob says:

      Rumor has it that someone significant will die this season. But I’m guessing it’s Sweets.

  32. LEP says:

    I keep wondering why Booth could not write a good old-fashioned note and place it in a file folder. Seems silly to me that there is no way he cannot tell her. But I did appreciate him responding to that hanging audience question by saying she would not be able to effectively keep the secret. What I do like is how they are constantly finding ways for Brennan question her firmly held belief in science only system with times she has to take leaps in faith. Seems very honest to me.

  33. Bob says:

    Didn’t even recognize FP, Jr. as Danny Beck. Good addition to the show.

  34. Buffy0531 says:

    Am I the only one who really just wants Daisy to go away? She’s not funny, she’s inappropriate, and she’s annoying. I do not find her in any way, shape or form appealing. She needs to go. Love the two new guys.

  35. Kim R says:

    I love Daisy’s quirkiness. All of the Bones characters have their own “freak flags”. I say let ’em fly. :)

  36. gerry rich says:

    Last night’s episode was a perfect reason why this show needs to be cancelled and never see the light of day again. This show should be for entertainment value only and not for airing someone personal views of who God is. I was very offended that this episode chose to deny the very existence of my God. Not only was I offended; but, it was in prime time and children could have been exposed to this trash. Never again will I allow this program to be
    on in my home. I still value God and country in my home and HATE to see this kind of message be allowed over the airwaves.

    • Kwapple says:

      Yeah…because how dare they allow a differing opinion on TV. Shame on them

    • Katie T says:

      Never mind the fact that the idea that a TV show should be cancelled because it dates to show different opinions to yours is stupid, but how on earth has it taken you to the first episode of season 9 to realise that the opinion that God doesn’t exist is felt by a character on the show when it’s been a fairly regularly shared opinion since the show started? And an opinion that is counter argued by the beliefs of another character who firmly believes in God. Opinions like yours are much more dangerous to children than anything that could ever be shown on Bones that always shows both sides of religious beliefs!

      • 206episodesofBones says:

        ITA Katie!!I hope this poster is joking or I would seriously worry about them. We have had Jesus is a zombie and God is like the Gravedigger from Brennan, and Booth has been the voice of religion in reply. Whether you are religious or not its just a tv show. Wow, some of the things I read in the comments here sometimes beggars belief!!!

    • Niki says:

      From your comment I do not believe that you are an active viewer of this show. God has always played a part in Booths life to the point where he has gotten mad at Bones when she tries to tell him other wise.

      They had baby Christine be born in a barn after being turned away from an inn.. Which Booth points out to be more than just a freak accident.

    • murley says:

      If you value your country then shouldn’t you value its Bill of Rights and freedom of speech?

  37. olita says:

    I actually though the Sleepy Hollow plug was funny. I mean, I laughed at the shameless plug.

  38. Loved the opening show and the new characters they are great. Can’t wait for the next installment. Jenks is so right on with the comments!!!

  39. O'Brien says:

    Loved it! One of the best things about this show is the evolution of Brennan’s character from someone who trusted almost no one to someone who can trust Booth completely. That was a big moment for her, and it was well earned. Another great thing about the show is the supporting cast, and just Caroline, generally, who is always perfect in every way.

  40. windy4292 says:

    wished David B. had said to Freddie P as he was leaving the office “say hi to the wife for me” that would have made me laugh and laugh..

  41. SoFla says:

    Bones would not be “jealous” as she was over Booth going to the “strip bar” as she has always disbelieved monogamy was possible in a relationship (below) … so I honestly could not see her going there to check it out as she did ….

    Bones Season 4, Episode 3: “The Cinderella in the Cardboard”
    Booth: Marriage is very important to a lot of people, Bones.
    Brennan: That’s ridiculous. No one can guarantee how they are going to feel about someone for life. We’re not a monogamous species.

    I would be far more inclined to see her just shrugging it off, (even though she was the one to propose to him therefore letting her guard down on the monogamy subject) because she goes by the facts/data and she would know to expect it based on those items. JMO

  42. Julie says:

    I am so sick of these impervious serial psychos on ever single show these days.It is ruining them. Please go back to each week a separate crime that they solve and stop all the angst. I don’t even watch the last several episodes anymore so it won’t ruin my summer. This is like the 3rd or 4 serial killer arc for this show already. Unfortunately it is prevelent on almost every crime show. CSI, CSI NY, The Mentalist, Dexter, the list seems endless. I don’t mind a single show about a serial killer that gets caught or killed in the end but stop dragging them out forever.

  43. arial2 says:

    Not usually one for summary execution, but, please, Booth, just find Pelant and shoot him (but this time, aim better)! I think this storyline has gone on too long. As much as I usually enjoy the writing on this show, I think The Mentalist’s Red John storyline is better done than this one. Otherwise, I liked the story and loved Aldo. In an aside, I really do like the way the showrunners (including Kathy Reichs) have been able to make this Temperance so different from the older, more serious one in the novels that I feel no conflict between reading the books and watching the show.

  44. zaza says:

    I hope, in the end, that neither Booth, Hodgins or Sweets kills Pelant. I feel like if they did, then he would still ‘win’ because he pushed a good person to kill. Remember when Hodgins was chokiing him and Hodgins said he could see in Pelant’s eyes that he wanted Hodgin to kill him? What I hope is that he gets caught and put in jail and before he can do some computery mumbo jumbo to get himself out, Max Brennan or one of his contacts kills Pelant in a way that makes Pelant feel scared and completely stupid. The only real way to win with Pelant is to make him understand he’s not as smart or as untouchable as he thinks he is.

  45. mayajb says:

    Ok, everyone seems to think the clock was a cute little inside joke, but I thought, what with the music of DOOM and all, that it was the bomb clock Pelant planted last season that never got resolved. I thought the flashing meant he had activated it because he didn’t like them reconciling, even if Booth technically obeyed him. He wants to hurt their spirits, not kill them, so I’d think he’d wait to actually set the bomb off when Max is babysitting Christine. And since Ryan O’Neal is not doing well health wise, it would make since to kill off his character now.

    Am I crazy???

  46. David from Montreal says:

    Funny that after several seasons of seeing 4:47 in several episodes that no one seems to have clued in on what that really means. Yes, it has to do with special moments in Bones and Booths lives, but what it really refers to is having faith in moments where you don’t have proof. What the 4:47 refers to is John 4:47. Now I’m not a religious person by far but the reference fits. What is John 4:47: “When he heard that Jesus was come out of Judaea into Galilee, he went unto him, and besought `him’ that he would come down, and heal his son; for he was at the point of death.” More important is Jesus’s reply in 4:48: So Jesus said to him, “Unless you people see signs and wonders, you simply will not believe.” This is why the 4:47 appeared on the clock at the end of episode 1 of this season. Bones was made to realise by the bartender that Booth loves her and that what ever reason he may have to have turned down the marriage, they must be good reasons because he’s a good man and would never do anything to hurt her, which she explains again at the beginning of episode 2 to Angela. So there you have it. It also explains the title of the episode “You gotta have faith”. It all has to do about having faith in situations where we may not have direct proof or all the reasons. A recurring theme in Bones since the start of the series when the different characters are tested and all signs may point to the contrary. Same thing with what’s happening to Camille with the credit card fraud.

  47. Your site is behind times — but I saw the wedding episode on Monday night and it was brilliant! absolutely brilliant!!!! Kudos to the people of BONES. Love this show.

  48. wyant says:

    When does the 9 episode start up.