Breaking Bad Recap: Look on My Works, Ye Mighty, and Despair [Updated]

Breaking Bad Season 5 RecapThere are two very good reasons AMC chose to promote Breaking Bad by having Bryan Cranston recite Percy Bysshe Shelley’s poem “Ozymandias.”

First, the verse chronicles the way that all empires, no matter how grand, inevitably crumble into dust and nothingness. (Cautionary tale, Walt?)

Second, if you’re going to hype the final episodes of a well-crafted drama, you might as well do it by highlighting the title of an episode that is arguably one of the best in TV history.

As Breaking Bad hurtles toward its finale – can you believe there are just two episodes left?! – let’s review the major developments that took place in “Ozymandias.”

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EVERYTHING FADES | The episode begins not in the middle of the shoot-out that ended last week’s installment, but with a flashback to the events around the pilot. “The reaction has begun,” a nearly nude Walt tells an insolent Jesse as the meth starts to percolate in their RV, which is parked in the desert. Walt steps outside in tighty whities, trades his lab apron for his green shirt and then steps away to call Skyler.

As he walks, he practices the lie he’ll tell to explain his late return. Remember when the falsehoods didn’t trip so easily off his tongue? Preggo Skyler picks up and they have a loving, lighthearted discussion as they plan pizza for dinner and some “family time” the following weekend. They’re cute as they talk about maybe naming the baby Holly. (Jesse being an idiot in the background is pretty great, too.)

Walt fades away, as does Jesse and the RV, but the landscape remains as we return to the aftermath of the shootout. All of Uncle Jack’s gang is fine, but Gomez is dead and Hank is shot in the leg. Hank makes a valiant attempt to belly-crawl for his colleague’s weapon, but Uncle Jack gets to it first. Upon learning that Hank is DEA, Uncle Jack prepares to finish Hank off, but Walt pops up from his backseat hiding place and starts hollering for Jack to stop. He outs Hank as his brother-in-law and offers Jack and his gang all of the money in the barrels, desperately pleading with Hank to “promise us you’ll let this go.” Absolutely no one present thinks that’s going to happen, least of all Hank, who earns his way into the badass section of the great beyond when he tells Jack exactly what he can do with himself. Then Schrader turns his attention to his brother-in-law: “You’re the smartest guy I ever met, and you’re too stupid to see: He made up his mind 10 minutes ago. Do what you’re gonna d—” but he’s cut off by Uncle Jack killing him (and me sobbing).

PARTING SHOT | Walt collapses, ugly crying, as Uncle Jack realizes that the coordinates Walt gave him are probably where the money is buried. The crew finds the cash easily enough, digs it all up and drag Hank and Gomez into the hole left behind. Throughout, Walt’s lying like a carp on the sand. Todd uncuffs him, saying “I’m sorry for your loss” (I’ve said it before, but the kid scares the bejesus out of me), and Jack levels his conditions: He’ll leave Walt a barrel of money and his car in exchange for Walt talking off and never coming back. But first, Walt wants Jesse dead. “If you can find him, we’ll kill him,” Jack says jovially. “Found him,” Walt says flatly, directing their attention to a hole under the car in which Jesse had been sitting.

The gang drags Jesse out, kicking and crying, but Todd stops the execution: They should find out what Pinkman told the DEA, he reasons, then they can kill him. As the goons take Jesse to their car, Walt has one more thing to say to his former protégé, and it’s been seasons in the making: “I watched Jane die. I was there, and I watched her die. I watched her overdose and choke to death. I could have saved her, but I didn’t.” The thrill in Walt’s voice, the destruction on Jesse’s face… it’s all a lot to deal with in a scene that’s already been really hard to handle. (I think it says something that I looked at the clock at this point, thinking that 10 minutes had passed, and the episode was nearly half over.)

COOKING LESSONS | When we later see Jesse, he’s being kept in a cell adjacent to Lydia’s cook site. Todd has done a number on his face; one of Jesse’s eyes is swollen shut, he’s covered in bruises (and acting like a rib is broken), and he makes it clear that he’s already coughed up the location of the tape he made for the DEA. But Todd has another use for the sobbing, cowering former drug dealer. He brings Jesse into the lab and attaches him to an overhead leash like Rover in the sideyard, then allows Jesse to see a photo of Brock and Andrea before giving a simple, menacing command: “Let’s cook.” In this hour of sorrow, is it completely ridiculous of me to hope that Jesse will get out alive?

SLASH AND BURN | Marie forces Skyler to admit everything about Walt and the meth business to Flynn. Naturally, the teen doesn’t believe his mom… until they get home and Walt is there, scrambling to pack their lives into a couple of suitcases. Flynn peppers his dad with questions, but Skyler (looking like a sickening realization is settling over her) has only one: If Hank had Walt in custody, where is Hank now?

Walt tries to distract them with talk of a new life. “You killed him. You killed Hank,” Skyler says, causing an even bigger family freakout than was previously taking place (and that’s saying something). Though I have often hated Skyler, I will love her forever for grabbing a knife from the butcher block, getting between Flynn and his dad and ordering Walt out of the house. When he won’t leave, she slashes his hand, leading to a wrestling match for the weapon. “What the hell is wrong with you? We’re a family!” Walt cries, smearing blood all over his wife’s sweater as they tussle, and I laugh in part because it’s funny and in part because ohmyGodSkyler’sgoingtotakethisknifeinthegutatsomepointsoonisn’tshe? and I’m grasping at whatever break in the tension I can find. Flynn jumps his dad from behind, separating his parents, and calls 911. So Walter grabs Holly, backs his vehicle into Skyler so hard they both reverse out of the driveway, and takes off with Holly’s mom screaming in the rearview mirror.

MEA CULPA | Walt gets cleaned up and changes Holly in a public bathroom; when she starts calling for her mama, tears fill his eyes. He phones home not long after. Marie and the cops are there, though Skyler lies to Walt that she’s alone. He rips into her with a litany of how stupid she is and how she never had any clue about anything he did and… Oh wait, he totally knows that the cops are recording this. Though he’s giving Skyler what she needs to absolve herself of guilt in his meth business, he very much means it when he says “You never believed in me,” and I don’t think it takes him much thought to do an airheaded impression of her. “I built this. Me alone. Nobody else!” he growls, adding, “Toe the line or you will wind up just like Hank.” Marie falls apart as she realizes her husband is dead, and on the other end of the line, tears stream down Walt’s cheeks as he informs Skyler that he can’t come home because “I’ve still got things left to do.”

He hangs up, then leaves Holly at an Albuquerque fire station with her home address pinned to her chest. The next day, Saul’s guy pulls up in that minivan Jesse didn’t get into a few episodes ago, and Walt climbs inside.

As of last week, more of you thought Walt would be dead by the end of the series – but the “Walt survives” faction is growing steadily. Where do you fall? Based on this week’s episode, vote in our poll below, then hit the comments with your thoughts on the episode!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Pat D. says:

    Easily the best episode of the season (and that’s saying something), and maybe even the series. Hank just killed it with the “you are the smartest man i’ve ever met, but you’re too stupid to see he made up his mind 10 minutes ago.”

    And oh, that scene with Walt Jr shielding Skyler from the rampaging Walt. Bravo.

    • Cassandra says:

      I was so worried Jr. was going to fall on the knife/get stabbed. That was one of the most stressful hours of tv I have ever watched. When will Jesse’s suffering ever end? I know he’s not necessarily a good guy, but I’m over watching things get progressively worse for him.

      • Pat D. says:

        Oh yeah, forgot about that scene! I was worried about that too when the camera focused on the knife with Walt Jr. in the background. Thankfully, they didnt go in that direction.

      • GregK says:

        Reminds me of “poor” Ben (the terrific Michael Emerson) on Lost who was always getting beat to a pulp.

    • ajintexas says:

      My theory from last week is set up perfectly. They kidnapped Jesse and are going to make him produce meth for them. Walt is going to go back and save Jesse from them in the end in his one last good act before he dies from cancer. Scarface style. The end.

      • Gad Ty says:

        I agree – Walt will save Jesse and exact revenge on Uncle Jack but I don’t think the cancer will kill him. I think Walt will kill himself in a spectacular way. Then again, I’ve been surprised so often by this series that I won’t be surprised if I’m wrong.

      • Elwyn says:

        That’s the optimistic view.

        With Walt’s parting words to Jesse, I can’t see any amicable resolution between the two. Walt will kill Jesse after the neo-Nazis.

    • Letitia says:

      Little Kim can’t write her way out of a paper bag so I had to read this article a couple of times until it made sense. I’m sorry Hank died, why couldn’t his wife, irritating, boring Marie die instead?

      When will TV writers focus on good people? Everybody isn’t a criminal, originality is lacking in entertainment, though I realize everything produced is for a global audience. The end of culture is here. The only worthwhile characters in BB are Saul and Holly, he’s funny, and Holly can’t speak.

      • Kevin H. says:

        Wow, way to be an @$$hole, dude. Kindly go play in traffic.

      • Kevin H. says:

        Well, that was unnecessary and rude. If you think you can write a better recap, please do so. Otherwise, keep your snide comments to yourself.

      • dommo says:

        Thought it was pretty much on the mark as a recap…why ,if you want TV to focus on ‘good’ people did you want Marie to die simply beacuse she irritated you ,and in what way was Saul ,a cowardly accomplice to murder/drug dealing etc etc. a ‘good’ person’ and by your reasoning worthwhile??

    • Sophie says:

      Omg. How lucky are we in austarlia to get breaking bad the same time as the states. This would have to be one of the best shows on telly. Tonight’s episode is the best in the whole series. I don’t want it to end!

    • maybe you mean best episode in the history of television

    • Kc says:

      The most evil and un-redeemable character on the show is Skylar and she doesn’t deserve Walt’s saving her. She has always belittled Walt and marginalized him, when he gets cancer and wants to ensure they have a good life he turns to meth. She finds out and is mortified but the money does have perks right? Miss Do-gooder uses it on the BF, gets herself a carwash to seem like an important business owner. Uses it on Hank. If he was such a monster she should have left when she found out, but she is greedy and selfish and cared about no one but herself and the way she was perceived. She is malicious and two-faced. At least Walt owns up to his mis-givings and cared. He Loves Jesse he let Jane die to save Jesse from the downward spiral she was leading him on. He Loves Hank, he sacrificed the money to try and barter for Hanks life. He may blame Jesse for Hanks death but he knows he to is responsible. But Jesse wanted Walts blood and put Hank in the middle as a result. Jesse didn’t want to leave he wanted Walt to pay for things he perceived Walt did, never thinking that Jesse was the reason he did them.

      • Les says:

        I have been thinking the same way. These characters are so gray….not black and white. Or Schwartz and White. Skylar was pretty unlikable. And as low as Jesse or Walt sunk, they still had a place in my heart.

      • Tom daggett says:

        “He Loves Jesse he let Jane die to save Jesse from the downward spiral she was leading him on.”

        No – Walt let Jane die because she posed a very serious problem for Walt. She called his house and demanded Walt give her Jesse’s share of the money:

        Jane: “Do right by Jesse tonight, or I will burn you to the ground.”

        Later when Walt shows up at Jesse’s place with the money, he asks Jesse in front of Jane: “How do I know she’ll keep quiet?”

        Jane interrupts and says menacingly, “I guess you don’t.”

  2. Timbo says:

    So did Walt make that call knowing it’d clear Skyler then?

    • Pat D. says:

      At first I wasnt sure, but it became clear he was doing a penance…he said things like “I told you never to cross me” and “YOU KNEW NOTHING”.

    • Tammy says:

      Yeah – he knew the cops were there and was trying to do right by Skyler and Flynn. I thought Bryan Cranston just won 10 Emmys for that performance alone Damn it was good.

    • ZisforZombie says:

      Holy cripes! I honestly didn’t catch that at all. I think Bryan plays such a great BAD person, that it’s hard for me to see past some of these things. Goodness, that was such an intense hour of TV!

    • Yes, absolutely. He knew the cops were listening and made it sound like he’d kept her from turning him in with threats of violence and fear for the safety of her children. Now she’s an abused wife and victim instead of an accomplice, at least to the police.

  3. Drew says:

    How in the HELL am I supposed to recover from that episode?!?! Talk about intense. Most depressing-amazing hour of television. RIP Hank! I am now against Walt. How dare he leave Holly (let alone take her) like that!!!

    • jenilee says:

      I think he wanted to give Holly a new life away from that toxic family/situation

    • eileen says:

      He didn’t LEAVE her! He left her at the fire station with their address and phone number pinned to her coat!

      • theapollokid says:

        First off, yes, Eileen, Walt definitely DID NOT leave Holly behind or leave her at the fire station with the intent of giving her a new life. Walt may be a lot of things, but he is most assuredly NOT stupid: he knows she belongs at home, with the rest of the family, but was simply unable to deliver her himself due to the threat of police presence. Secondly, I must say, I am blissfully in awe of the unremitting and seemingly endless dichotomy of good vs. evil/right vs. wrong afforded to us by Vince Gilligan and co (massive props to Bryan Cranston and the rest of the cast as well!!). Breaking Bad is an in-depth, gritty character study, mesmerizing in its portrayal of both human fragility and resilience. If I was to offer a one word summation of this intricately masterful work of art, “brilliant” or “legendary” would serve just fine.

        As far as Walt goes, and how we, as an audience, perceive him, I’m sure opinions will vary greatly. Although Walt has proven to be an unremorseful, despicably manipulative bastard time and time again, there is no denying his care and unrelenting love for his family. His initial plan (as I’m sure you are well aware of) was rooted in the idea of providing a stable, secure future for his wife and children in the event that his cancer finally get the best of him. Predictably, many unforeseen (at least to Walt) complications arose over time; a simple byproduct of generating one’s income through illegal narcotic manufacturing. Through it all, though, Walt consistently kept his eye on the prize and his goal remained largely unaffected. Sure, some of the less attractive traits of humanity shone through (i.e. greed, control), propelling him to carry on with his nefarious dealings much longer than he truly NEEDED to, but THAT is exactly what the show sought to achieve. Walter White may truly be a monster, a man so overcome with power and greed that he is willing to go to ANY lengths to accomplish the goal he set forth, but that goal has always been to protect and provide for his family, NOTHING else.

        • Sue says:

          I’d have to point out that there was something else, when he got into his head that he was in the business of “empire building.” That had nothing to do with his family and their future as that was secured financially many times over.

          • Les says:

            I think he desperately wanted to be a success, in his own mind at least. It was about the money for his family and it became about him proving himself to himself…and maybe some of the wrong people. He lost his way.

  4. Gabriel Anthony says:

    Best episode ever since Through the looking glass (season 3 finale of lost)

  5. Kre says:

    I wasn’t mentally ready for this episode. WOW!!

    • Elle says:

      Me either! I could not believe what I was watching, when Skylar and Walt were fighting I couldn’t stop screaming. Even though I feel bad for Marie, I cannot stand her smug and overbearing personality.

      “My name is Asac Schrader, and you can go F- yourself” is easily the best line of the show.

  6. Frank says:

    This isn’t normal TV. This show is so far and above anything else that has ever been produced. Others will try to copy this show for years. My suggestion is leave it alone. It is impossible to duplicate.

  7. Amy says:

    Rip Asac!

    This was the most intense episode yet!

    I really hope Jesse doesn’t purposely blow up him and Todd.

    I think I’m going to have a panic attack for the next two weeks!

    Have an A1 day!

  8. Caroline says:

    Wow! That sums up tonight’s episode. Just when we think we have seen it all. That was one tense hour. I need to rewatch this episode later, especially that phone conversation between Walt and Skyler. Epic!

  9. Lisa says:

    Best episode of the series easily.. one of the greatest in tv ive seen in awhile

  10. Mike R. says:

    That was one of the most riveting episodes of television ever. I now see no redeeming qualities in Walt, Walter white is dead, and only Heisenberg remains. I don’t see how anyone could still root for Walt after tonight’s episode.

    • waffles says:

      We can still root for Walt because he did try but failed to save Hank, He tried to get his family to pack up and leave because he knows trouble is close behind. And when he’s on the lam with his whole life caving in, he still thinks to get the baby a carseat. He’s not a total psycopath.

      • Mike R. says:

        Woo hoo, I’m glad in a life of horrible deeds affecting his family, he still remembered a car seat, he deserves a medal. However I’m glad he is trying to get Skylar off, but I still think he is deplorable and far from redeemable.

        • Mike H. says:

          I’m still rooting for walt. Everything he’s done stems from good intentions and self-preservation. He did what he had to do, and while he may have unintentionally had a hand in Hank and Gomez’s death he did try to save them, he accepted his fate until Jack’s crew showed up.
          Also, I hate shows when the character doesn’t explain. I think skylar deserved to know how it happened while he was in person with her, not just trying to play innocent making it look worse. It only furthers the self destructive path he’s on and it frustrates me to see little to no concept of damage control all of a sudden.
          Though I do not know how he could “win” or be redeemed, I still hope to see where my loyalty has lied pay off.

          • AB says:

            Everything he does?? Tell me what good intention he had when he told Jesse about Jane knowing he’d just ordered Jesse’s execution and that Jesse would die with Jane’s death and the avoidability of it on his soul? Yeah, that was real sweet of him.

    • Ryan says:

      When that phone call started I was ready to hang him myself but watch it again. As it goes I think Skyler thinks the same thing I did: he was making himself look like the total villain and getting her completely off the hook. At this point she should be accessory but now she’s not because of what he has said. I also think he took Holly to really drive home the act.

      Just my two cents. Watch him kill everyone next week in a third act twist.

      • He took Holly to bring the police to the house, so that he could make that call and “absolve” his wife of any complicity. He wanted to give her the “abused wife defense” so she wouldn’t do any jail time. She copped to what he was trying to do for her straight away.

        • I’m not buying that much planning on his part there. Walt has rarely been a man to make good decisions in the heat of the moment, his best plans come when he has time to think. I reckon he took Holly because he needed family, any family to be with him. That look from Skyler and Flynn as they cowered from him showed him that he’d lost them forever, so he grabbed Holly.

          It was only when she started crying out for her mother (my god was that heartbreaking) that I think he hatched the plot to return her and do one last good thing for Skyler and Flynn.

  11. Lori says:

    I…ohmygod…what?!…noooooo……what?!?! *tears* OMG…..*more tears*

  12. KND says:

    HOLY SHIZNIT!!!! Hope am I suppose to sleep after that. That was….freaking insane, crazy. I have no words.

  13. Mr. White says:

    During that knife struggle between Walt and Skyler, I had this very uneasy feeling that Holly would’ve been killed right then and there. I just keep thinking this little girl is in quite the danger… Idk how to react to everything, it just makes me feel sick. This show is freaking incredible! Never have I experienced a swarm of emotions from just one hour of television! Bravo, Vince Gilligan! And RIP, Hank. Also, go Flynn! Way to protect your mother, little man. :)

  14. james says:

    I completely disagree with you Mike R!

    Walt’s descent into evil in the name of his family backfired in every way! He lost his family, they turned on him. He tried to take the one person in the family not against him — Holly — with him, but when he saw that she too wanted to be with his mother, he finally had a moment of redemption. He called knowing the police were there, and cleared Skyler of all involvement.

    He tried his best to save Hank. And he’ll come back to avenge Hank and rescue Jesse. By coming clean to Jesse, he can still be redeemed.

    • Guest says:

      I think he’s going to come back and avenge Hank, but I’m not too sure about Jesse. Walt was implacable at the end. He blames Jesse for Hank’s death in his usual way of refusing personal responsibility. Telling Jesse he watched Jane die and didn’t help her was a final twist of the knife. But I still hope Jesse somehow escapes.

    • tamihagglund says:

      “I completely disagree with you Mike R!
      Walt’s descent into evil in the name of his family backfired in every way! He lost his family, they turned on him. He tried to take the one person in the family not against him — Holly — with him, but when he saw that she too wanted to be with his mother, he finally had a moment of redemption. He called knowing the police were there, and cleared Skyler of all involvement.” James

      YES. I told my husband exactly this.

      Also, to the person asking if Hank’s dead…yes. The proof was his body being drug to and dumped in the money barrels pit, and buried under 4 feet of dirt with Gomez. No Hank saving the day. I think that is kind of the point–Walt Getting revenge is less that (saving Jesse? Killing Todd & Uncle Jack?) and more Walt cleaning doing final clean up on the mess he made of what little life he had left. And then he’ll poof.

  15. ishthemish says:

    Train wreck.

  16. Kevin says:

    Best scene of the night and maybe season with Skyler in the road trying to chase down the van. Raw, wild, and everything this last season should be.

  17. J says:

    Why does the hero dolor and the villains thrive? Why do modern audiences like villains?

  18. Jasmine says:

    Insanity is what this episode was!!!…. All emmys should go to this show seriously ….is sooooo good!.. along with American Horror Story is just one of those shows that y You’re like WTF did that really juat happened!

    • Kevin H. says:

      BB is leagues ahead of AHS. The only thing good about AHS is its stellar cast and David Fury. Still though, it is not enough to overcome Ryan Murphy, who is not even in the same realm as Vince Gilligan.

  19. RockGolf says:

    One year and one week from now this episode will be picking up the Emmy for Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series.
    The only other possible winners? The next two episodes.

    • TV Gord says:

      Maybe not this year, but definitely NEXT year! These episodes aren’t eligible for next week’s Emmys.

    • I dunno, did you see the episode of Dexter tonight, the writers are so amazing on that show. It’s like, the future is bright, but they foreshadowed looming trouble by having an actual storm coming. You can’t teach that kind of subtlety!

      • jenilee says:

        Lmao. I am assuming thia is sarcasm. Dexter is a fave of mine but this season has just been so terrible. One of the worst seasons of tv i have seen. Did they let interns write it?

        • sureeee says:

          I have to say I absolutely, 100% without a doubt agree with you on this season of dexter! HORRIBLE season of a SERIES FINALE! Just a total disapointment, not even 1 dexter kill. Stupid.

        • Whatever says:

          I agree Jenilee ! They are REALLY phoning it in on Dexter . I’ve been a fan since the 1st episode but I’m VERY disappointed with the final episodes.

          • lucky says:

            Totaly agree about Dexter. Was my favorite show but the writing is just godawful. Watching both the final seasons of BB and Dexter simultaneously was a big mistake. The difference in quality is glaring.

  20. AGM says:

    It sounds so much less dramatic in that quick recap. I was at a loss as to whether I should throw up, cry, or have a heart attack. However, the last few minutes calmed me down. For some reason, it’s comforting to know that while Walt is the epitome of evil, he’s still somewhat sane. His conversation with Skylar saves his family from being guilty, and thank God he left Holly at the firehouse. Other comforting moments: Jesse didn’t die (yet…he didn’t say “bitch” yet — he can’t die), and Todd was possibly shedding tears at one point in the desert.

    Currently listening to Avett Brothers/watching Yes Man on mute/grading vocabulary tests in order to fully get over that episode.

  21. Kaylea says:

    OMG! I think Walt is going to save Skyler and Jr at the end, not Jesse. Their lives are going to be in danger. He proved he doesn’t give a rats behind about Jesse anymore. He blames him for Hanks death, though it’s his own fault.

  22. mike says:

    Does anybody know the song at the beginning of the episode when walt is rolling the barrel some lyrics are say goodbye to everyone …. ??????

    • TV Gord says:

      It’s called, “Times Are Getting Hard, Boys”. It was a B-side hit for Lonnie Donnegan in 1958, but that’s not the version they used on this episode.

    • Gaz_AU says:

      I wanted to know as well, I found out through another fan on Youtube who was looking for the song, the version used is by a 50’s band called “The Limelighters” and there version is called “Take my True love By The Hand”. Found it on I-Tunes as well…..aaaaaand bought it.

      What an amazing episode, despite what Walt did, he made sure that Skylar and the kids were going to be ok by purposely saying the things he said.

      Oh Hank……. man, like when Lost finished it’s going to take me a while to get over his death.

  23. Molly says:

    I burst out laughing it when Todd said “I’m sorry for your loss” after killing Hank. That was a genius bit of dark humor in a very intense episode.

  24. Nas4atu says:

    Am I the only one who isn’t buying this act from Skylar?? Yes, I understand she is upset about Hank’s death, but just a few hours before all of this went down, she was ready to help put the blame on Hank and she was wanting Walt to kill Jesse. Look, I’m not cheering for Walt, but I’m certainly not agreeing that Sky should get off free. I’m glad to see Walt try and save his family and I wish no harm to his children, but Skyler absolutely does not deserve to get off free here.

    • Tony says:

      I don’t think Skyler deserves to get off scott free. But I absolutely see where she is coming from. From her POV, if Walt is that far gone enough to want Hank dead, what happens if she, Marie, or God forbid Walt Jr. goes against him? Again, she has been a huge enabler the last few seasons and deserves to be punished for not putting an end to this (or at least getting her family out of this). Jesse isn’t family. So I can see how, to protect her family, he could be expendable. But family is a whole different beast.

  25. cj says:

    Next week… Time jump. Walt survived cancer and returns for some unfinished business.

  26. Nas4atu says:

    P.S. sorry for spelling Skyler’s name 3 different ways and by all means, this episode was mind blowing. Just not thinking Skyler should walk free from all of this.

  27. Monica says:

    I watched most of this episode between my fingers-it was insanely great!! I want to see how it ends but I don’t want it to end…..

  28. david says:

    this was quality tv. makes me worried how it will all end

  29. Nancy says:

    Crazy! Cannot believe all that just happened. Dying to see how everything plays out now!

  30. Nancy says:

    RIP Hank (sniff…sniff). He was a bad ass til the end.

  31. Wait…I’m confused by what Hank said before he was shot. He said that he was some name that I don’t remember. Who did he say he was and who the heck is it????

  32. Tony says:

    I will say this…. this episode was more heartbreaking than any television program I’ve ever watched.

    And as a still fairly new father, I found the whole thing with Holly hard to watch. I know Walt returned her in the end. But it was hard to watch that sequence of events.

    And while I loudly proclaimed that Walt finally needs to get his, it was amazing watching him FINALLY come to the realization on how his actions have completely obliterated his family. While its been figuratively broken since probably day one, tonight was the physical decimation of the White/Schraeder family unit.

    And IMO, Brian Cranston could never work another day in his life and he’s cemented himself as one of the great actors of his generation.

  33. kate says:

    Oh by the end he will be dead…but that ain’t happening until six months down the road. The future version seems to have a death wish with a desire to take things down with him and well he accomplishes what he wants. I am curious how long they had to hold scenes to get the baby to the reactions they needed.

  34. Randi Dent says:

    After all of Walters hard work just make sure his family was financially stable and this is how Skylar repays him?! After all she was the one that committed adultery . What ever happened to “Till death do us part” I definitely would’ve packed up my bags and got the crap outta dodge. Poor Walt, all he wanted was a family =(

  35. Jackie Binx says:

    Hank said, “I’m ASAC Schader.” He was correcting Walt after Walt told Todd, et. al, that his (Hank’s) name was Hank. ASAC=Assistant Special Agent in Charge, a supervising rank in the DEA. It’s the modern, badass version of saying “call me Mr. Tibbs”

  36. The series has to come down to a confrontation between Walt and Jessie. The whole thing has been leading to that, and with Hank gone Jessie is the only adversary left we’re emotionally invested in. They kept him alive for a reason.

    He’s in a bad situation, but he’ll get out.

    1) He’s not the hapless f-up he was at the beginning of the series. Magnets, bitches! He’s not emotionally stable, but he is inventive and capable.

    2) He’s now on a mission to see Walt crash and burn. His own self-destruction is pretty complete, but he still has that focus. With Walt’s admission that he essentially killed Jane, coupled with his recent discovery that Walt almost killed Brock, Jessie’s desire to protect the world from Walt will only solidify.

    3) He hates Todd. He’ll never forgive Todd for killing that kid during the train heist. He has another chance for justice here. As far as I can tell, it’s Todd and Jessie alone in the lab. Todd is one of the creepiest characters on television, an exceptionally polite psychopath. He needs come-uppance, and ‘Breaking Bad’ will deliver it through the hands of Jessie.

    I say Jessie will use his chemistry knowledge to somehow bring about Todd’s demise. They’re together in close proximity in a lab full of dangerous chemicals and equipment. There are about a million ways for Jessie to use these tools or to trick Todd into making a fatal mistake.

    Jessie will deliver.

    Then it’s him and Walt, what the series has been about all along. The Aryans are some bad dudes, but we’re not emotionally invested in them. They can’t just step in and become Walt’s prime adversaries for the final episodes, because that wouldn’t be satisfying and Vince Gilligan is too smart to take that path.

    After Jessie’s escape, I don’t know what path the story will take to bring him back face to face with the now-incognito Walt. But I’m pretty confident that’s the direction it will go. There needs to be a showdown.

    • Captain Crunch says:

      I believe the picture of Brock & mom is designed to let Jesse know if the causes problems or escapes, they are dead. So if he does escape, he’ll only have a short time to get to them and move them to a safe location. (Perhaps more time if he kills Todd, but the rest of the gang would likely finish the job–assuming they know about Jesse’s “family” too.)

      As far as Walt, his new identity is designed to protect him from the government, who now want him for murder (i.e. an entity with a lot of resources), so it’s unlikely Jesse will be able to find Walt. Only if Walt makes a mistake and comes back (we do know he visits the house) or seeks out Jesse is “revenge” possible.

    • Sue says:

      I agree it has to come down to the two of them. Maybe Jesse will escape and get word to Walt (through Saul?) that he has kidnapped Walt Jr or Holly and that he’s going to make Walt suffer the way he did. This would be his retribution for Brock, Drew, Jane, and for being put in the position where he had to kill Gale for Walt’s sake.

    • I had the same thought about Jesse trying to off Todd in some kind of a cook accident. Jesse will be unable to get into a suit, but he could still wear a mask. I noticed that it was cold in the scene – both of them have fog breath. That means it was filmed last winter.

      I also noticed there was what looked like blood on the floor of the lab. Anyone else spot that?

  37. Tuco's Revenge says:

    I hope Walt does survive, so he can wake up knowing how horrible of a person he is for the rest of his life, and think about all of the pain and suffering he has caused his family and friends. He got a terrible illness, and had an unrewarding job that was below his skill level? It’s terrible and unfair, but literally millions of people around the world go through the exact same thing. He is not special. Walt’s ego is the problem, and always has been. He feels that the world “owes” him something because he came up with an idea a long time ago, and his partners turned it into a multi-billion dollar company. But as this season revealed, Walt *sold* his share of the business early on. *Nothing* was taken from him. He made a bad business decision, and had to deal with the consequences of that. A lot of people go through the same thing. It sucks, and it’s a shame, but it doesn’t mean the world “owes” you a thing.

    I felt sympathy for him for the first two and a half seasons, but the moment that he ordered Jesse to kill Gale, I considered his character to be an antagonist who deserves to face justice. Now that he got Hank killed, although accidentally, I see no redemption for his character whatsoever. And what he has done to Jesse? He has been unspeakably cruel to this young man every step of the way. Some people are saying Jesse is a coward? How would they feel if their business/lab partner ridiculed them 24/7 and made them feel like they are worthless. He is an evil, soulless, monster who doesn’t even deserve to be remembered by the worms that will swarm his casket, let alone his family and former friends. Rot in Hell, Walter White.

  38. Steve Isaacs says:

    You completely suck for giving the spoiler away in the blog post title. Idiots.

  39. Kre says:

    One thing I noticed, the scene when Walt takes Holly and Skylar is chasing him down the street screaming, none of their neighbors heard all the commotion? I mean it was broad daylight.

    • TV Gord says:

      I wondered about that, but I figured most people were at work/school and if anyone heard that commotion outside, they’d peek out from the curtains, not necessarily rush outside into a potentially dangerous situation. The Whites have never been close to their neighbors, so I can see that no concerned neighbors would go rushing out of their homes.

  40. Brett r says:

    I have a feeling Marie is going to kill Walt

  41. Well, given what Saul’s guy does (minivan guy), you could say Walter White is dead.

    • I think the best ending would be that Walt gets a new identity and flees, gets away with the money and everything, and, under his new identity, finds out that his cancer is in remission. He can’t contact his family because that will implicate them, so he’s denied the one thing he was fighting to keep. He’s forced to live in exile, alone.

  42. F u says:

    Spoiler in the title? Really?

    • eye says:

      The spoiler is in the address, but not the title meaning that the only way you see it is if you choose to enter the article knowing that it is a recap, in which case you need to take responsibility for making that poor decision.

    • eye says:

      If you were referring to the title of the episode and not the article, the title wasn’t exactly spoilerish for obvious reasons.

  43. Swine says:

    Thr gang just got 60 to seventy million dollars…
    Then they return to cook more meth? Why?
    Won’t be needing anymore cash, I suspect …..

  44. Matt says:

    What facts are people going off of that Hank is dead? I have seen this twist in cinema come up so many times where characters assumed to be dead come back out of nowhere. I just want to know why this assumption has already been proclaimed a fact?

    • kristi says:

      It showed the bullet hole between Hank’s eyes as well as the blood pouring out everywhere. It also showed them burying him and covering him up with dirt.

    • That would be the stupidest thing ever if they had a scene with a gunshot, blood coming out of Hank’s face and Walter reacting the way he did only for Hank to come back for some kind of massive deus ex machina fakeout. Shame on you.

    • Stefano DeMera says:

      Could be you watch too many daytime soaps?

  45. kristi says:

    If Walt does “die”, I don’t think it will be a definitive death. It will be one of those “is he or isn’t he” dead. As popular as this show was, the creator would be stupid not to at least consider a movie. If you kill Walt, there is no possibility of that happening. Also, with Saul getting a spin-off show, having Walter pop up in an episode or two would be profitable as well.

  46. Matt says:

    What basis are people going on that Hank is dead? I saw no proof of this. I have seen this twist so often in cinema come up where a key character thought to be dead turns out to be alive (I.e. Pearl Harbor).

  47. neha says:

    I was confused as to whether or not Skyler realized that Walt was “acting”. And, I didn’t really see why he needed to take responsibility for killing Hank on the phone.

    • Watch her face during the phone scene. There’s nothing which didn’t make much sense until you watch it from the exoneration angle, midway through the convo, her face just drains to absolute calm, all the anger, hate and fear melts away. I think in that second, she realised what Walt was doing.

  48. David4 says:

    I’m starting to think Walt will be alive at the end, alone and alive. A no body. Jut like in the beginning of the show. Hank was a manly man in the pilot and died a manly man. No matter how much things change everything stays the same.

  49. This one made me cry. Doesn’t happen that often, but this one’s for the Emmy’s in every category. Hank made me gasp and sunk my heart, but that wasn’t it. I spent the rest of the episode extremely tense and by the end, in spite of some of his terrible deeds, I felt for Walter. His parting gift to Skyler, his endless grief and regret and taking responsibility for his crimes. Jack, Gus, Tuco, Emilio, they all put him in a corner and all he could do was answer their threats and violence in kind. He didn’t want any of this. And now he is utterly and completely abandoned and knows that he deserves to be.