The Mentalist Exclusive: Monday Mornings Doc Snags 'Profound' New Female Role

The Mentalist Emily SwallowThe Mentalist: The Next Generation continues to take shape.

The CBS procedural, which is heading into what series creator Bruno Heller is calling its “most dramatic and game changing season,” has tapped Emily Swallow (Monday Mornings, Southland) to come on board as a potential series regular, TVLine has learned exclusively.

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Swallow will play Kim Fischer, an enigmatic woman who is going to have a profound influence on Jane’s life. For now, the actress is committed to doing three episodes.

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Fischer is one of two new characters/possible series regulars being added for Season 6, in preparation for the departures of Amanda Righetti and Owain Yeoman. The other, previously reported by TVLine, is no-nonsense FBI Supervisory Agent Dennis Abbott  (played by Prison Break‘s Rockmond Dunbar).

The Mentalist‘s sixth season launches Sept. 29 at 10/9c.

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  1. Really going to miss Amanda Righetti. She was one of the most beautiful crime fighters I’ve ever seen on TV. Don’t know how Emily Swallow is going to fare if she gets promoted to “series regular” during Season Six once Righetti is exiting the Simon Baker led series.

  2. jaymi says:

    She is HOT. Profoundly professional or personal, Ausiello? Jane should have a little fling with her. It is disturbing he has not had romance for a decade. Red John’s gal does not count.

  3. Eric F says:

    Dear Michael, Has there been any movement to provide closure for fans of THE GLADES; say perhaps a 2 hour made for TV movie? Thanks!

  4. Madison says:

    “…a profound influence?” So is she a new therapist or something? Perhaps helping him deal after the death of Red John? That’s my guess right now. I’m looking forward to seeing Jane after the Red John saga has finally been resolved-hopefully with Lisbon. She’s been there by his side through thick and thin since he first started his hunt for the super criminal. She’s my favorite female character on television right now. Jane and Lisbon are my favorite on screen duo. :)

    • Kayla says:

      That’s right! She’s been there through the entire thing and she’s saved his butt more than once. They better NOT screw that up. They’re my favorite too. :)

  5. J says:

    It is hard to be all”Wow, yeah” yet because we are losing Righetti and Yeoman (two actors I personally enjoy watching). Congrats for her and time will tell what is up with this character and how she’ll fare. Any replacement is going to have an uphill battle- just the way it usually is.

  6. BeckyY says:

    I hope they don’t bring in an antagonist…every time a series does that, it’s goodbye series. It’s the fun of watching everyone work together with their personality foibles and all that makes it a fun series. I would love to have seen the blond girlfriend come back as a series regular….she was good.

  7. doh says:

    Of course, she couldn’t be ugly and old *sigh* pray that she won’t be another love interest for jane, I’m sick of those!

  8. Bring an end to Red John. Enough already!

  9. Ben says:

    Considering the ratings this will be the shows last season, so I don’t see why Righetti and Yeoman are leaving.

  10. chatusa says:

    echaré d menos a rigsbi, es divertido y m gusta la relación q tiene con cho pero, entrando en la trama d la serie, me alegro d q los enamorados acaben juntos. personalmnte prefiero a cho.

  11. Dan N. says:

    The previous poster is saying that he will miss seeing Rigsby’s relationship with Cho. He’s happy that Rigsby and Van Pelt are married, but he will miss them.

  12. Emily says:

    I honestly think the guy he killed was not red john I believe that he was the one that killed his wife and daughter but I really think that he knows who red john was and was a cover up I honestly believe that red john is still out there and I think that it is someone we would least expect like idk rigsby and van pelt. Just a huntch but I really don’t think he was red john

    • Pim says:

      Yes, I thought that the RJ killing might be a red herring. Think he might be still out there.

      • Hex40 says:

        My thoughts are that it is not a Red John but a Red Jane……. remember that woman leaving the church ??? My bet is that she is Red John and was there to make sure that Jane killed the man he was supposed to and thus took all pressure off Red John after all, who hunts a dead man? Plot twists and ideas available for a very reasonable price….

  13. freida says:

    I am not at all happy with the turn of events. I especially do not like the new character from the FBI that shut down the CBI . There is just no way that I can see myself warming up to him. Maybe that is the idea…

  14. val Self says:

    I’m happy that Red John seems to be dead, but I don’t thing I like the direction the show seems to be going. DO NOT LIKE THE NEW FBI GUY! Much to big for his britches. Makes me want to smach him in the smart face. I like all the other characters, expecially Cho and Lisbon and don’t know that I will continue to watch if their characters get the shaft.

  15. Willow Carver says:

    Wow, really don’t like Emily Swallow! Can’t they bring back Amanda Righetti? She was MUCH better. I feel like the show is being ruined by this … I can’t even get my husband to watch it now …

  16. Olivia says:

    Please, get rid of the Kim Fischer character. Just not likeable at all. This character development is just not working.

  17. Dan N. says:

    What was once the smartest drama in all of TV has now hit bottom. The final “Red John” episode was clumsy, and I am definitely NOT the only one who says that. Bruno Heller and crew have tried to restart “The Mentalist” in another direction, but I think the viewers are abandoning ship. If they’re not, they should.

  18. Dan N. says:

    I don’t see what some of you are seeing, about Emily Swallow. From what I’ve seen, she is a perfectly acceptable actress.

  19. rose white says:

    i dont like Emily Swallow taking lisbon’s time on camera. I like Lisbon and I dont think replacing her is a good idea.

  20. Dan N. says:

    Majamaja and Olivia, among others, are asking the show to “get rid of the Kim Fischer character”… but they don’t say WHY. Look, if you don’t like a character and ask the network to get rid of them, shouldn’t you say WHY???

  21. bkee says:

    Can;t stand her on the Mentalist! He mouth looks like it is pinned closed at the ends, Very ANNOYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!