Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Hawaii Five-0, Once, Bones, Revolution, The Newsroom and More

Once Upon a Time Neverland SpoilersWill a Five-0 cop die hard? Does The Newsroom‘s Sloan have some season-ending sass to share? Will Revenge‘s Emily get a heavenly helper? Are two Once Upon a Time troublemakers in for a rude awakening? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

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Do you think we could get some information on Hawaii Five-0‘s Chin and Danny and what they’re doing this season? –Chris
I can speak for at least the season premiere, in which Chin makes like John McClane to Henry Ian Cusick’s Hans Gruber, while Danny chooses perhaps the most inopportune time to open up to McGarrett about his Gabby/”L-word” dilemma. The season opener also features one of the least expected outcomes to a hostage scenario, Chi McBride like you’ve never seen him before (fashion-wise) and a moment where Steve forms at least one (“obvious”?) theory about his mom’s connection to Wo Fat.

Anything on this weekend’s Newsroom finale? Something on Will/Mac or even just confirmation of more sass from Sloan? –Steph
Our Kim Roots can confirm two things: There’s tons of sass from the alluring Ms. Sabbith, who gets to the bottom of her book mystery in a very satisfying way, and several huge moments between Will and Mac — at least one of which includes mention of the Tiffany’s ring Will bought last season.

Anything on the upcoming season of Revenge? The new promo has me feeling positive! –Drew
James LeGros’ holy man will play a key role in Emily’s latest takedown plot. “There’s an element to which the nature of him being a priest puts him up against the concept of what is good and what is right and what is the moral thing to do,” previews showrunner Sunil Nayar of the arc. “And that, in turn, let’s us examine Emily Thorne’s mandate in a way we haven’t had a chance to do before.”

I have question about Revenge‘s Season 3: Is Henry Cherny (Conrad) still a series regular? –Chris
He absolutely is!

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This fall on Once Upon a Time, will we find out who Greg and Tamara’s mystery employer is? –Katie
Who or what the “Home Office” is “is something you’ll learn very quickly — within the first two acts of the (Sept. 29) premiere,” series cocreator Eddy Kitis assures. Plus, as Rumple hinted in the finale, Tamara and Greg are about to realize themselves that they are but mere pawns in a big, very dangerous game.

Once Red John is revealed on The Mentalist, doesn’t the whole reason for the series end? The basic premise is that Patrick Jane is working with the CBI so he can find Red John. Once that’s done, what else is there? – Michael
Where you see an “end,” a very exciting new beginning awaits, I am assured. Using his Ahab/Moby Dick analogy, show boss Bruno Heller says, “[Jane] has been out at sea hunting this creature for so long, I think people will want to know what happens to him after that. Does he live happily ever after? What happens when you’ve been searching for something as long as he has? And we are going to get into that. It would be cheating the audience not to tell them what happens after.”

Can I have a Bones spoiler on Angela and Hodgins? –Tori
Michaela Conlin foresees “an interesting year” ahead for the couple, as they deal with assorted strife. “We’re going to see some of Hodgins’ wealthy family, which owns the whole Jeffersonian. And I hear someone from his past is going to resurface,” the actress shares. And on top of that, “They’re still dealing with the lack of their fortune” — a matter which Hodgins and Finn’s hot sauce endeavor might somewhat abate.

Why is Burn Notice leaving the air? –Walter
Because when you’re a spy, it’s important to walk away once the mission is over. Shrugging off rumors that Miami’s razing of the building that housed their production offices led to the USA drama’s termination, Matt Nix says, “It would have been a pain in the butt to find a new place, but you don’t decide to make or not make a series on the basis of whether the stage spaces are available.” Rather, he maintains, “A lot of factors went into it, and a lot of them were just creative. When you’re making a series, you have a choice [to] end it on your own terms, in which case you will be invariably ending it what feels like a little early.”

My sister vanished in 1972 without a trace, and I would like to get her case investigated by TNT’s Cold Justice. is there a way to contact them? –James
I’ve gotten a lot of mail along these lines. Information on how to submit a case to be considered for Cold Justice is available on the TNT website.

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Any news on a renewal for FX’s The Bridge? And if they do get one, any idea what road the producers plan to take since they don’t have Broen Season 2 yet as a guide? –Saadia
While there’s no word yet on Season 2, EP Elwood Reid knows this much about any possible future: “We’re not going to have a ‘serial killer of the season’ every year.” As he explains, the current case Sonya and Marco are poised to crack winds up “radically transforming the lives of most of our characters. The killer, in a very odd way, ‘connects’ people through his actions, so in the second season, we’ll explore a variety of things.”

Please tell me you have some revealing tidbits from Revolution to share! –Cindy
I’m now two episodes into the new season, which as we all know jumps ahead in time from the finale. Well, interestingly, we do get flashbacks that reveal what went down in the Tower after Randall launched the nukes — save for one conspicuously omitted stretch of 16 hours during which something rather peculiar apparently happened. Oh, and anyone who suspected the show would be less bloody at 8 pm? Wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

I feel like all shows are getting juicy scoop, but ours is tightly under wraps…. Anything Castle, please! –Heather
I know, it’s rough — but the fact is there is little to say without referring to and this spoiling the several major plot points from the Sept. 23 premiere. But I’ll say this: I’m quite pleasantly surprised that an OMG twist not directly related to either Kate’s job status or the marriage proposal has remained under wraps. Yea, Internet!

What can you tell me about Copper‘s season finale on Sept. 22? Will it be a cliffhanger? –Lainie
I am unable to confirm that it is a cliffhanger per se, but I am assured that it is quite the nailbiter. Tomato, tomahto?

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  1. When will the return of SPOILER ALERT be showing on YouTube? Any official word yet from Matt?

    • girlinmd says:

      I forgot which article I read on here maybe the weekly AA session sorry can’t remember which one exactly but they did say spoiler alert was returning soon I feel like maybe this coming Monday or the week after hope that helps :-)

  2. iMember says:

    Completely engulfed in excitement for REVENGE to return! Everything I hear about this season is sooooo good!

    Also, the new cast photos are GORGEOUS!!

  3. Lysh says:

    I feel like Tamara and Greg are done. Either dead or kidnapped or sent away somewhere.

    • Cory says:

      I feel the same… I see it as dead… either Pan is going to kill them, Regina rip their hearts out, or Gold rip them to pieces…. I am banking more on Pan considering what has been said about the premier… “Greg and Tamara find out pretty quickly within the first two acts as to who they are actually working for.” and they are not listed anywhere as being on the show beyond the first episode of this new season.

      • Will says:

        I felt the same thing when I read the post, and I have absolutely no problem with it, heh. In the grand scheme of the ONCE saga, hopefully Greg and Tamara will just be remembered as that annoying little blip that got Henry to Neverland so we can move on to the real villains. I honestly can’t wait to see the looks on their self-righteous faces when they learn they aren’t as in control as they think they are. Can’t. Wait.

  4. tp says:

    I thought Hodgins was the sole heir to the Cantilever (sp?) Group? If so where are these wealthy family members coming from?

    • Leslie says:

      I agree with you on this Hodges thing! Back when him & Brennan were buried alive they said HE was the sole survivor of the Cantilever group. They even said no one else was left alive…Do they really think we as fans are STUPID?? Unless some long lost undiscovered 4th removed cousin comes crawling out of the woodwork…Hart Hanson blew this one!

    • madbengalsfan85 says:

      Illegitimate child that the estate has handled. With the estate broke, Hodgins is about to meet this sibling of his. Doubt he’d know about it because he’s never been hands-on with Cantilever.

  5. Naomi Isaacs says:

    James, how horrible to have your sister vanish without a trace. Prayers for you and your family.

    • Delia says:

      I was about to say! When you read an entry like that it puts everything else into perspective, doesn’t it? Best wishes to James and his family. I hope they do find justice for his sister very soon.

  6. Linda Gambi says:

    Can you tell me why this season of Warehouse 13 is the last season? We love the series, why are they ending it? Thanks.

    • Simon Jester says:

      Same reason why most shows end: Low ratings. At least they’ve got half a season to tie everything up instead of ending on a cliffhanger (*cough* ALPHAS *cough*).

  7. Mari says:

    Ahhh another not spoiler for Castle.. But it’s ok. Sep 23 is almost here.

  8. liz says:

    Personally, I’m excited for The Mentalist without Red John. Aside from the omg-this-plotline-is-getting-dull part of it, there’s the genuine affection built for Jane over many seasons. I want to see him finally move on, find a new (healthier) reason to live. Lots of interesting plots and character development in exploring that.

    • zaza says:

      I’ve always thought that the more interesting part would be what happens to Jane after he catches Red John/gets his revenge. I think he put his grieving on hold all this time and now he’s going to have to deal with it. Plus, does he have a reason to continue with the CBI anymore? Like with Inigo from The Princess Bride, Jane has been in the revenge business a long time…what comes next? Jane has always been the most interesting part of the show to me, not RJ.

  9. Ryan says:

    I can’t normally stand Olivia Munn (don’t know why, just not a fan) but she is fantastic on The Newsroom this season. She and Don (another huge shocker for me) are largely why I tune it with a must see mentality. Sloane is awesome!

  10. K says:

    Since Valkyrie airs in Canada on September 22nd the cat will be out of the bag before the episode even airs in the USA on September 23rd. Take that abc. Hahahaha

    • Just one thing says:

      ABC is the one that allowed Castle to air in Canada first. I guess they’re not concerned that people will be talking about every Castle episode’s major plot points on social media before they air in the US. It’s really weird to me.

    • Jay says:

      it would be all over tumblr but i dont think it’d get out to many people unless they were on social networking sites. regardless it’s only a day so it’s nothing major as long as people in the states watch it live to keep the ratings up

  11. Anne smith says:

    He said in one episode hodgins said he had a wealthy cousin.

  12. Christina says:

    Matt – possible minor typo in the Castle question. I think “without referring to and this spoiling…” should be “thus” spoiling.
    Thanks for at least mentioning Castle! Can’t wait to see what the moment could be.

  13. Gabriela says:

    Anyone else has a feeling that Castle and Beckett will NOT get engaged? No break-up either, just postponing the engagement. I know we saw the BTS pics but they could’ve shot that scene on purpose (why wouldn’t they hide it like they did it with the actual proposal in 5×24? Unless they secretly shot a different scene where she turns him down). Just a feeling…

    • Jay says:

      nah they’re definitely getting engaged. turning down the engagement would lead to a whole other story that would be hashed out about castle feeling rejected. i can only see them going forward with the engagement and plus it’s not like they’re getting married right away.

      and plus lets not forget “third times the charm.” that’s the third time he’s held a ring in front of beckett so yeah i totally see her saying yes to the engagement. it’s just gonna be so interesting how marlowe plans to go this season. he’s never disappointed me and i feel like this seasons gonna be a great season. not to mention the paley event happening this month!

      • Gabriela says:

        I really hope you’re right, but it does sound suspicious to me. I just can’t wait to see how that opening scene plays out!
        Yes, Paley! I was so happy to hear the news, after no Paley panel in the spring and no Comic Con panel.

  14. Tami Fletcher says:

    RE: Castle..What ever happened to Mr Smith?? We never saw what happened to him after his encounter with the guy who pushed Kate off the roof 2 years ago..

  15. lilu says:

    I’m sure they killing off Ryan. Because of the new detective (of who we heard weirdly not that much). and bc Nathan, after getting asked on twitter which actor he would like to work with, he answered seamus dever, and molly said on twitter too, that she misses him. So yeah, I’m sure the major spoiler is that :(

    • Gabriela says:

      I don’t think they’re killing him off. Tamala posted some BTS pictures from episode 5 a few days ago (I believe they’re shooting ep 6 now) and Seamus was there. Plus Jenny’s having Ryan’s baby, so there’s a great storyline for him, it’d be dumb to kill him off. :)

  16. laniek66 says:

    Thanks for taking the time to reply to my question about Copper above- albeit very coyly. I guess you can’t confirm that the last ep of Season 2 is a cliffhanger until BBC America confirms Season 3. Wish they would just do it already. Copper is getting better and better with every ep, and the fanbase is only growing. The cast is amazing on and off camera, as are the writers and directors. If anyone hasn’t walked this show yet, go to Netflix and start with ep1 season 1 and have yourself a marathon. It is that good!

  17. Rusty says:

    I know one thing, this bad guy character on Bones, the knows all, sees all, and can do anything with a circuit board has got to stop. This guy is as bad as the computer girl on Criminal Minds. She has access to everything in the world about everybody in the blink of an eye. Without her, the other members of the FBI couldn’t find their car keys let alone solve any crime. The capabilities of these two folks put both shows more in the realm of science fiction than any form of reality. To me it shows a lack of writing ability.
    It reminds me of the old saying about if you can’t figure out what to write next in a book or screen play, write “Suddenly, two men burst through the door with machine guns blazing…..” In this case it’s “He/she types a few commands on his/her’s keyboard and the answer appears on the monitor….” And take it from there.
    On a different note, Bones needs to bring back Zack. We know he’s innocent, so unless the actor won’t come back…..

    • Marc says:

      I cannot express how much I agree with your post. They have set up Pelant to be this all seeing, all knowing, all hearing type of villain that is just not believable. And I don’t care how briiliant he is, it simply becomes tiring and ridiculous that he would be able to see, hear and monitor everything all the time. Henry Wilcox on Covert Affairs is exactly like this. It makes the CIA look incompetent, powerless and foolish that they would have this guy running roughshod over all of them, controlling their lives while they just wait for him to make his next move.

    • 1mars says:

      I so agree too, Pelant arc is ridiculous, let’s get on with it, over and done and if Ang has an unsettled, trying season, I couldnt wish it more on that character.

  18. tenofclubs says:

    Is Mistresses coming back – cliff hangers ?????

  19. M says:

    My head may explode if there isn’t any progress between Will and Mac and the aforementioned ring for the entire season.

  20. Phoebe says:

    An OMG twist on Castle I have yet to discover through spoiler seeking? GAH!!!! This is going to kill me. Why would you post this Matt? :)

    • april-ann says:

      A twist is just a twist. But an OMG twist? Would have to be big – Kate’s pregnant? I don’t think they’d introduce a baby right now, which means something sad may happen to the pregnancy.

  21. betty says:

    Did anyone else think that duck dynasty this week was not as good and a little of color with their remarks and subject of conversation?

  22. Pat G says:

    What is Ziva doing after she leaves Ncid.

  23. phyllis says:

    t rid of pilant on bones. he has ruined the show for me. it is no longer believable. only god is all seeing and all knowing.

  24. Calgary SEO says:

    Nice response in rewturn of this difficulty wifh genuine arguments and
    describing the whole thing on thee topic of that.

  25. Bronwyn says:

    I’m actually am really looking forward to ‘The Mentalist’ sans Red John. It was getting a bit old and far-fetched and tiresome {seeing Jane running around in fruitless circles with regards to Red John}.I love the series and the character and really do want see what happens next, with him as well as with Lisbon and Cho {and the other two as long as they’re there}. The characters are good enough to keep me tuning in each week.

  26. Galelkethewind says:

    The Season 2 Finale of Copper is the 22nd, not the 15th.

  27. Shawn says:

    Castle is so damn good! What OMG twist could there be? I am soooooooo ready for the new season!

  28. It’s a shame you don’t have a donate button! I’d most certainly donate to this superb blog!
    I guess for now i’ll settle for bookmarking and adding your RSS feed to my Google account.
    I look forward to new updates and will talk about this site with my Facebook group.

    Talk soon!