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NCIS Star Mark Harmon: It's Up to Us to Stay No. 1 After Cote de Pablo Leaves

NCIS Mark Harmon Cote de Pablo Exit“Boss” has spoken.

For the first time since Cote de Pablo‘s exit from NCIS was announced, star Mark Harmon has shared his thoughts on how the show must move forward without her and the character of Ziva David.

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Assaying NCIS‘ longevity and success — it enters Season 11 again as TV’s most watched drama — Harmon said on Thursday night’s Arsenio Hall Show, “We’ve had a lot of changes, and we’ve managed to get better with the changes both in front of the camera and behind the camera.

“We have another change this year, with Cote leaving,” he continued, “and it’s up to this highly professional group to use that as a springboard, to improve and stay No. 1 [in total viewers].”

Alas, Arsenio being Arsenio, he asked zero follow-up questions.

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But, fun fact: Prior to Harmon coming out on stage, Arsenio featured a montage of scenes from NCIS’ season premiere, including a moment where Ziva sure seems to be leaning in, eyes closed, to kiss Tony (goodbye?).

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Just this week, NCIS showrunner Gary Glasberg shared an open letter about “the elephant in the room,” reiterating his shock in de Pablo’s decision to leave yet promising “amazing resolution” for Ziva via a “pretty damn heart-wrenching” storyline.

“Prepare yourselves for a moment in television history. Images that will end up in the archives,” Glasberg wrote. “I couldn’t be happier with how my NCIS family stepped up and did some of the most emotional work we’ve ever done.”

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  1. AymieJoi says:

    Bracing myself for the inevitable Tiva moment (*gag*), and being grateful that once the second episode is over, we can all move on. Under Mr. Harmon’s continued leadership, I’m sure the show will be just fine!

    • I am an NCIS regular viewer and enjoy each of the cast members immensely. Each character is a charmer. I am so sorry we will be losing Cote de Pablo as Ziva and am interested in what direction she has plans to do with her life. We do get very wrapped up in NCIS’s interpersonal ventures.
      I still miss Ginny…she was so perfect in her part. Do not care for Janet Leigh’s character part. Mark Harmon is so perfect in his roll and she just is too stiff.
      All in all, NCIS has been a wonderfulg gift to trhose of us who watch and enjoy each character and the interaction between everyone. Long live NCIS (Haven’t gotten interested in the Los Angeles NCIS..not the same)

    • bob says:

      I love the show, but what’s most distracting is the background music, It distorts their voices.

  2. The Rookie says:

    Go NCIS!, we will continue to watch the show. I really wish the best to Maria Jose and to all the cast continuing on the show.

    Hope the new character has both chemistry and charisma, both are needed to keep a great show.

    Also,is Ernie Yost alive? Can we get some people from JAG? :)

    • Joni says:

      Hey Rookie,
      Cpl Ernie Yost might still be living but the man who portrayed him, Mr Charles Durning died on December 24, 2012.

      • The Rookie says:

        Sad about Charles Durning, forgot about his passing. I guess what I can say is that NCIS is good telling histories about heroes, the same way JAG was. Hope that since the TIVA hype will be gone they can focus more on these types of episodes.

    • “We’ve had a lot of changes, and we’ve managed to get better with the changes both in front of the camera and behind the camera.”

      Really, Mark? So happy all the boys in charge over there enjoy beating down their female co-stars. I hope you get your betterment behind the camera, because I know we won’t be watching anymore….

      • tim says:

        Ah, another feminist desperately looking for a place to get on her soap box and showing her ignorance in the process.

        What part of
        “We have another change this year, with Cote leaving,” he continued, “and it’s up to this highly professional group to use that as a springboard, to improve and stay No. 1″
        don’t you understand?

        Harmon isn’t beating down on Cote; he’s saying it’s everyone else’s responsibility to make the best of the situation. He’s not celebrating her departure nor minimizing her value to the show.

      • ArcticT says:

        I applaud his leadership. He’s being positive to the cast and crew that didn’t make a decision to not return at the last minute before filming (for whatever reason). They all had to respond very quickly and make some major changes to the season. He was also very gracious about her on her departure even though she caused extra work. I would love to work for a guy like him.

      • Brenda says:

        right on

  3. Has Mark Harmon lost his mind already? It depends whether it’s #1 or #2. Just ask NBC’s Sunday Night Football.

  4. Hmm says:

    Yeah, but was quality really the reason why anyone watched ncis? The show is a cookie-cutter procedural. The only thing it has to worry about is its viewers falling asleep before it comes on.

    • GeekGirl13 says:

      Yes, quality IS a reason I watch NCIS. Best acted and scripted ‘cookie-cutter procedural’ on the air, IMHO and I feel pretty certain I’m not the only viewer who feels this way.

      • Brenda says:

        I love ncis and have watched from the start I but I am really upset about losing Cote she will be missed.

        • barbara zellers says:

          I think this will kill the show and I hope they plan on bringing her back. T he episode Tuesday was just not the same without her. I really like mark harmon but he does need her.

  5. Mike R. says:

    I hate the show, but rating wise, it will be fine.

    • Guess we’re wondering why people still aren’t giving up on NCIS because the show continues to get older and older and older…

      • dmac says:

        What is the point of your posts, we get it you don’t like it…most of us on this blog do and will continue to watch and if you don’t fine don’t watch it. If you like to see your name on this thread well than congratulations and mission accomplished. Does that make you feel better? LOL

      • me.here says:

        Your statement the show gets older and older….but then so do “we”…
        We’re happy with the show, so you go watch what you want.

        • yvonne mcgaw says:

          I love ncis ,wouldn’t look at anything else when it is on. What happened to Mike Franks ? I know his character was killed off , but why?

          • Ronald J Anderson says:

            The run of NCIS is based upon the original telecast ability to be continually shared with the smaller networks and our ability to sit and rewatch episodes we have seen in the past. The original episodes are that fulfilling and entertaining that they dominate in the reruns. I am sure that people have their actor favorites; however, the changes bring an infusion of new tallent for us to learn just who is the new personality. I have enjoyed NCIS now for years. Evidently, this formula works, because we now have 2 sister series that are boardering on the same dominance. I find this programs ability to bring excelent entrtainment and infuse new tallent one of the strongest formulas presented on a TV series and spinoffs. Everyone has an opinion of the actors who have worked on NCIS.. Many are disappointed that their favorite has left the series. This program and its spinoffs are loaded with wonderful memories. Certainly, the NCIS episodes have given many actors a start; as well as, given us wonderful entertainment.

    • Todd says:

      Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD may pose a challenge to its ratings this season.

      • Herb says:

        I wasn’t impressed with SHIELD. I’ve seen other shows with “gifted” characters, and they went off into the sunset. I think this will, too. To much technology too soon. It needs to develop, much like “Unforgettable” developed in technology. I am a big fan of NCIS, and look forward to its progression to the next level.

  6. NoChance says:

    I enjoyed Mark on Arsenio tonight, especially this statement in regards to ‘NCIS’: “and it’s up to this highly professional group to use that as a springboard, to improve and stay No. 1.” It’s so true. If they deliver a good product viewers will watch – just as we’ve done for 10 years previous and I’m positive they’ll do just that.

  7. Carol says:

    After episode 2, and Ziva/Cote leaves I am done with the show. The best part of show last few years was Tony and Ziva storyline. Will they/won’t they?? The dynamics between the 2 actors was amazing. Can’t beat it. Hope Cote shows up on tv again soon. Love her!!

    • Dmac says:

      Your loss. I for one am getting tired of the Ziva overload and though I liked her character I will be glad when she is gone and the show continues on, one character does not a show make.

      • Margie says:

        In 3 or 4 weeks Ziva will be gone so the show can move on. I can’t wait and I am sure the show will improve without her, at least for me.

      • Larc says:

        I like Ziva and Tony as well, but I never liked “Tiva.” If it takes Cote leaving to avoid NCIS jumping the shark by getting bogged down in their relationship, then I’m all for it as much as I’ll miss her.

        • sarah says:

          I agree Larc. I like Tony and Ziva, but hate the Tiva. So as much as I dislike Cote leaving, if it takes that to be done with that, well, at least something good will come out of her departure.

    • joan says:

      I agree. After the first two I am gone.

      • as524 says:

        Bye bye – & the whole don’t let the door hit you deal…

        Finally have a chance to see who the true fans of this show really are – & I bet it’s way more than some think.

        Love Harmon! He puts it out there plain & simple. Waiting now for a certain batch of fans to hate on him as much as possible.

        • Its already happened…someone went on a tear on Tumblr but removed it all this morning…

        • Vi says:

          Agree, also saying bye bye to the fans that tune in for a certain character. i love the ‘show’ and have watched since the first airing on JAG. I was sad to lose Kate, Jenny, and Mike Franks and will be sad to see Ziva go. But I will continue to watch!

    • After that, Ziva’s pain is NCIS’ gain.

  8. 1idpete says:

    Cmon Mark! You work in the industry and surely know it’s 18-49 demo ratings that rule not audience size. Last season NCIS was tied for 14th not #1.

  9. Kristie says:

    It,s highly unlikely they will stay number one. They only reached that in season six and their run is over unless they get another young hot actress. Twenty five year olds are not going to watch fifty and sixty yr old men. Le,ts be honest but they will keep their core older women fifty to sixty yr old getting excited about Dinozzos backstory shows. The show already lost it’s buzz. All everybody is talking about is the actress that left. What else was Harmon going to say. He’s making fifteen million from CBS.

    • dmac says:

      Be sure and check in a couple months and I think it will be a safe bet you are going to be wrong. This show and any other out there that has lasted this long isn’t because of a young hot actress or the tween, teen and 20’s crowd to help it succeed. This show has never relied on that and never will. I am not sure why you seem to like issuing sweeping misguided statements but from an industry standpoint let me assure you this show has far from lost its buzz. Not all shows are created around 25 year olds and the ones that do are usually on the CW where a 2.1 million is considered a win. Seriously, you need to get out of your 20 year old bubble and see the world does not revolve around your wants and needs.

    • flootzavut says:

      Quite hilarious seeing these comments a year and eight months later with the show possibly even heading into its 13th season. I wonder how stupid all these folks feel right now…

      • Marlo says:

        Viewership has dropped by about 5 million. I don’t know if it’s because of the departure of the incredibly tough Ziva, or the ever-so-boring Bishop. She always has a bewildered frown on her face. I do love Mark Harmon and the rest of the cast though.

        • zathra says:

          I never really cared for Ziva much, she ways always befuddled by American cultural references, even though American pop culture has been a MAJOR influence on global culture ( She should’ve taken an ” American culture ” prep course to keep her confusion to a minimum. ). Never even heard of Ms. DePablo prior to NCIS.
          Although I like the series, I’m not ” married ” to it.

  10. ragincajun says:

    Mark is the show. NCIS survived the loss of Sasha, and it will survive the loss of Cote. However, the producers need to call it a day if Mark ever decided to call it quits. You can’t have NCIS without Gibbs, just like you couldn’t have Gunsmoke without Marshall Dillon.

  11. Memo says:

    They may be #1 in total viewers, but they lag far behind in the golden demographic & generate less revenue than you expect – that’s why Harmon gets paid $500,000 per episode & why the actors on other CBS shows get paid more. Heck the 3 principles on The Big Bang Theory are lined up for a million dollars each per episode. Once the new rating system goes into effect- NCIS numbers will fall even further- it’s gonna be a tough season for them & I would bet the end of the show is near if they want to go out on anything remotely resembling “the top”.

  12. Dee says:

    I saw an article somewhere showing what tv actors get paid per episode. Mark Harmon is the HIGHEST paid actor on television. The BBT actors are hoping to get a million per episode but it is not a guarantee that they will.

    • Memo says:

      Not true. Ashton Kutcher is the highest paid actor on TV at $750,000 per episode.

      And I wouldn’t hold my breath on TBBT actors not getting what they want. Have you seen their ratings? Both in total viewers & demographics? Plus they regularly get recognized (and win Emmys) for their work.

      Don’t kid yourself – they are the new darlings of CBS.

      • Memo says:

        And because I don’t like it when people spout facts without back up, here’s the numbers for the 2012/2013 season for TBBT:
        Overall viewers 18.7 million (3rd behind SNF & NCIS – which makes it #2 scripted show)
        18- 49 demo: #1 for comedy & #1 for all scripted shows (NCIS didn’t even crack the top 10 in the golden demo)

        NCIS should be concerned –

        • Jared Munson says:

          Ok you don’t like spouting facts without backing them up? Name the shows that NCIS should be concerned about? If you’re saying they should be concerned about TBBT, remember comedy and dramas are also comparing oranges to tangerines. It’s still different. For a show entering its 11th season, if it manages to hit a 2.9-3.3/3.4 in the 18-49, NCIS is still better than: Grey’s Anatomy (most weeks), Parenthood, Criminal Minds, Bones, The Following, Revolution, Scandal (most weeks), Nashville, Castle, etc. So why should NCIS be concerned again?

  13. Carol says:

    Gibbs has lost his edge, Abby is an 8 year child, Tony contributes nothing but sad comic relief. The only one left is McGee who is just flat out boring. They are all showing their age both as characters & actors. Abby’s not pretty enough for the wow female & Tony can’t carry the handsome lead anymore. At least Ziva was entertaining & pretty to look at.

    • NCIS4evr says:

      You can rain hate down on all the “other” characters as much as you want, it still doesn’t change the fact that many fans found Ziva to be a poorly written character who polarized the fandom. Some of us like the other characters and think they’ll do just fine without Agent David, thank you very much. And Tony can take the “handsome lead” any day, as far as I’m concerned. Maybe without Ziva constantly putting him down he can actually find someone who makes him happy.

      • Nave says:

        Have you taken a good luck at MW lately? He’s balding, overweight and has visible wrinkles. He looks okay for a middle aged man – but handsome leading man material he is not.

        When Brian Dietzen is out of Jimmy Palmer mode – he is much appealing than MW. He’s young, fit & hitting his prime. NCIS needs to retire DiNozzo or give him his own team somewhere off camera & bring in a hot new actor – now that’s the kind of storyline that might interest me again.

        But then I am in that young demographic that NCIS just can’t seem to grab ahold of & I think it’s a safe bet you are one of the 50 somethings that long for Diznozzo to return to bring Gibbs lapdog instead of Ziva’s purse.

        • dmac says:

          Nave head to the CW where they have lots of pretty actors that can’t act and you can watch to little hearts content. I know this will be hard for you to understand but not everything revolves around a hot new actor and the shows that do usually last 3 to 5 seasons top. NCIS has gotten along for 10 years without following your suggestions on how to fix things and they have done just fine.

    • Pete says:

      Or perhaps this will be the shakeup that the show needs to get back to it’s roots without writing tedious storylines for an incongruous character that should never have been allowed to become part of a US Federal Agency.
      The whole Mossad background made for an excellent shorthand to introduce the character, but she never lived up to the promise and I have always felt that aside from being boring the Mossad storylines in the series just made Mossad look stupid and incompetent. The show could never decide whether Ziva was a double agent, either.
      Abby used to be the smart, sassy, intelligent role model female on the team and after Ziva came along she has progressively been written & portrayed as a whiny child; same with our street-smart, competent ex-detective DiNozzo, he turned into the stupid, unfunny, comic relief and the supposed love-interest that Ziva didn’t even appear to like, let alone respect; and finally Gibbs, the man of honour who knows first hand that revenge is not the answer, turned once and for all into a dishonourable criminal at the end of last season by condoning Ziva’s quest for personal revenge. (Yes, I know ‘Mother’s Day’ did a pretty good assassination on Gibbs’ character, too). Finally Ziva, what happened to the woman who at the beginning of season 4 had supposedly learned that collecting evidence and letting justice take it’s course was better than personal revenge?
      Most of the original characters have been twisted as their better traits were stripped from them and assigned to Ziva over the years. If the show really is to get better again without Ziva then those traits need to be reassigned to the personalities of the original characters.
      Maybe the show will flag from here, but it won’t be purely because the character of Ziva is no longer a part of it.

  14. Stephanie says:

    I doubt they’ll stay #1 after Cote leaves. I keep hearing how “the show got better every time somebody left” but what nobody ever seems to remember is those people were only on for 2-3 years, not 8. At the very least, it’s going to take a while for viewers to get used to, but my guess is quite a few are going to lose interest very quickly. Can’t say that I blame them.

    • Nave says:

      Plus those characters didn’t have anywhere near the fanbase that Ziva has.

      Jenny was a tier 2 character – Franks was recurring & Kate while the shows #3 on the character board was only on for 2 seasons & didn’t develop a large fanbase.

      • Andrea says:

        When did Cote suddenly become Jennifer Lopez, Gloria Estefan, or Shakira? I understand that she has fans, but some people talk about her fanbase and her drawing power as though she’s some legendary Latina/South American phenomenon who has been solely responsible for the worldwide success of NCIS. David’s of Scottish descent, so does that make HIM responsible for any success that the show has in Scotland? Of course not!

        In my opinion, NCIS has been successful because it is has a variety of things that make it accessible to a broad range of people. There is enough there that people are free to choose what works for them wherever they are in the world and in whatever life they lead. For some, that has included Cote de Pablo, but that doesn’t mean that she is solely key to the worldwide success of the show. She has been a key, but who’s to say that her successor won’t bring some of her fans or make the show accessible for a different set of people?

        The word “procedural” gets thrown around on this site like it’s a dirty word, but the reason that procedurals get made is because they make money! Sure, they’re not The West Wing, The Good Wife, or Mad Men, but they’re not supposed to be. Procedurals are like your best friend or your favorite comfort food: Always there when you need them and able to make you feel better without demanding much from you at that particular moment. I have a difficult time believing that there’s one person on this site who hasn’t turned on his/her favorite procedural (not necessarily NCIS) as background noise or as an effort to lift his/her spirits for some reason. That’s why marathons were invented! :)

        NCIS IS a procedural, and for that I am glad because it’s a procedural that has always been accessible to me, even when I haven’t liked everything about it. That’s why, when fans of Ziva ask “Why have you watched the show if you don’t like Ziva,” my answer is that NCIS has offered enough for me that I was able to watch around Ziva. The variety that has enabled me to do that is what I believe is one of the show’s greatest draws. I also believe that it will continue to be accessible to many after Cote has officially departed her role onscreen.

  15. Kate says:

    Good to hear from Mark. I’m sure NCIS will continue to be a good show. I’m glad Ziva (and with her, the awful tiva storyline) is gone. She was ok in S3 & 4 when she had real flaws and an interesting arc but should have been gone a long time ago. I like CdP well enough but her character became boring as the PTBs tried to make her perfect and bogged down everyone else’s character to make hers look better. She suddenly became able to relate to small children and widows (and widowers) when she couldn’t face them in the early seasons. She was never held accountable for any of the bad (or illegal) decisions she made and she apparently had amazing recuperative and ninja powers. I want to get back to really good cases I don’t guess in the first five minutes and that don’t get bogged down in soap opera drama. Bringing the Navy focus back in might be nice too. There’s a reason I can watch and rewatch the early seasons but I can barely watch Season 9 & 10 more than once with a few exceptions.

    Honestly – I miss Don at the helm. He may have made filming difficult with last minute changes and late scripts but he created tv really worth watching and characters that were compellingly imperfect. The more recent character developments have been inconsistent and weakened them over all. I’m almost sorry they are the highest rated show because I think that makes a show too careful because they are expected to appeal to the most people and then tend to (or are forced) to make safe but boring choices (Season 10 premiere for example – almost no consequences to the NCIS HQ being blown up? McGee’s injuries barely acknowledged?) That’s what ultimately kills the interest in most shows. I’m hoping S11 will be the new start they need just because they don’t have to maintain the dynamic as is. I want them to take some risks.

    • Pete says:

      Amen, Kate.
      I thoroughly agree with you.
      And season 10 proved to be a disappointment in that Glasberg promised repercussions to the bombing lasting well into the season, yet some promising ideas went nowhere and it was all forgotten – apart from Ducky being a little fragile for a few eps more – by about the fourth episode, and then we got into the boring arc about Eli David’s murder with no acknowledgement that Ziva was instramental in Jackie Vance being collateral damage.
      In all the kerfuffle of de Pablo’s departure it has been completely forgotten than the entire team were left as little more than vigilantes at the end of season 10.

  16. Sidney.B says:

    Wow , I see the haters are still gathering on the articles, you will soon get rid of Ziva/Cote you should be happy , right ? So stop bitching and go watch some reruns of your lame ass show. BYE BYE.

  17. fan1 says:

    Hey, here’s an idea for all of you who do not like Cote de Pablo and Ziva: why don’t you stay away from these pages for the first two episodes? I do not say that with ill will or with sarcasm. I say it with all sincerity. That would be a wonderful gesture on your part. What a kind gift to give to those of us who care about the character and are sad to see her go. I have never once watched an episode and then posted all the things that I disliked about the story line or about the characters. It is really a very simple thing to do. I am also not going to come on these pages and write about how terrible the show is when Ziva is gone. I am not going to watch episode 3 and come and whine about how it was awful without Ziva in it, etc….I will say what I enjoyed about it and how I think if could have been done differently or how I wished this could have happened. I have no intention of coming on these pages for the remaining 22 episodes of the season and complaining nonstop about how Cote is gone. So, how bout it? How about respecting those of us who are reasonable people who are sad to see someone we like leave our favorite show by not coming on these pages and complaining about all of the things Ziva does to irritate you in her last 2 episodes. We already know that Tony and Ziva will kiss (the preview on ‘Arsenio Hall’ made that pretty clear and when MW was asked if there was a Tiva kiss he replied “Breath mints were had”.) and I assume that other things will happen in her final episode between them that will upset those of you who do not like Tiva. I really do not have a problem with people not liking her or her relationship with Tony. However, I know a lot of people seem to like to come on here just to incite those fans who care about Ziva and Tiva. I am well aware that there are plenty of Ziva fans who are just as inciting on this side. But wouldn’t it be nice if there could be peace for those first 2 episodes? Think of it as your random act of kindness for the year! I would really appreciate it. Thanks. And if you can’t do that, I will really try to refrain from responding to your posts with anger on my part or without using the word hater. I am willing to do my part, too.

    • prish says:

      Ah, we just scroll past the not-likers, never fear. I skim for the fresh thoughts. Thanks for your encouragement.

    • Pete says:

      And it’s still all about what the Tiva/Ziva fans want…
      They’ve never given a stuff when what they want spoils everyone else’s enjoyment of the show, why do you expect the rest of us to care what they want now?

      I don’t hate Ziva, she just proved to be a big disappointment as a character.

      • fan1 says:

        I have never once come on here and complained about what I wanted in the show. I never wrote to the show and begged for Tiva moments or asked them to make the show all about Ziva. I like the show because of how all the characters interact with one another. I have never spoiled your show because I frankly do not have that much power and control over the writers and the executive producers. That strictly lies on their shoulders. I have never made a derogatory comment about another character or complained about every little thing a character did in an episode. I do not understand how anyone can enjoy a show when they spend so much time tearing apart a character. How do you even enjoy it if you are so worried about the moments that are ruined for you? I have also never come on these pages and gushed about wonder Ziva and all the amazing things that she has done. Never. I was just asking for a common courtesy. I wasn’t demanding it as a Tiva/Ziva fan. I just asked that the negative comments that bash Ziva and Cote de Pablo be reined in a little bit. That was my only request. By all means, talk about the episode. But, there are more things in the episode then just the Ziva moments. I find it very interesting that people who dislike a character so much, spend so much time talking about her. If I was watching a show and saw an article about someone I didn’t like on the show, I wouldn’t even read it. If you see something that says “Ziva’s farewell” and “Cote de Pablo’s last episode” why do you even bother reading it? I am not being mean, I am seriously curious why you would even care? She’s leaving. Be happy. I just said it would be nice to have some peace for those first 2 episodes. I really do not recall any Ziva fan gushing on these pages about super human Ziva. Our comments are usually in defense of her because so many people just like to come on here and post negative, mean things about her instead of discussing the episode. If I dislike a character that much, I usually just ignore them or I stop watching the show. I don’t spend time reading everything about them so I can make negative comment after negative comment. And really, I wasn’t trying to offend you or anyone else. I actually thought I was being pretty friendly and reasonable.

        • as524 says:

          Leave it to a ziva fan to think that anything regarding the farewell of an actress who QUIT has to be turned into a singular place for mourning & wailing over the loss of something FICTIONAL.

          • Marilee says:

            So you are SURE that Cote actually quit? Then can you explain why negotiations lasted well into July? If Cote truly intended to quit, she would have not bothered with dealing with CBS execs. I enjoyed interactions of the core group, ALL of them, but Cote & Mark & ‘Ducky” were the primary actors. They were the glue for this show. After Ziva leaves, I don’t plan to bother with another ‘character.’I wish them all the best.

          • fan1 says:

            I didn’t ask for it to be turned into a place of mourning. And why do you need to be so snippy? I have not been rude nor have I disregarded your feelings. I will ask once again; why come on a page where you know people will be talking about how much they will miss Ziva? I assume it is only so you can incite anger in those fans that like her? And you say the Ziva fans are the unreasonable ones. And no one knows why Cote de Pablo left the show. At best there is only speculation. You do not know what happen in negotiations. To imply that you know the truth is ridiculous and insulting. I do not know the truth so I refrain from making comments about it.

  18. prish says:

    I don’t want “heart wrenching”. I want the light touch.

  19. I am a total Ziva fan,right from her first time on the show,I liked Kate,but Ziva took the role to a whole other place,she was tough when needed to be,jentle when she felt she should be,she could play a role of being the tough and independent woman,and not look fake doing it.I for one will miss her very much,the show will not be the same to me as Ziva was one of the high lights of the show to me,which is my personel opinion of which I am entitled.As for all of the other characters I think they are all pretty great,they all have their own personel quirks which I find entertaining.And to the person who said and I quote” one person does not make a show?? sometimes they do.I do not feel that you can always replace a character,we all get set in our ways and enjoy our favorites,which is no fault of the new person who replaces our favorite.I feel the show will do fine,all of the other chracters have many fans.I for one have never just watched a show because the actors were all good-looking,I watch for the creativity and the true role playing in the actors,no matter how they look or how old they are.To insult any of these actors is just pure ignorance and totally rude!

    • Julia says:

      I agree with what you said. I think that Cote de Pablo was a much better fit with the group than Sasha Alexander whereas Sasha works well with Angie Harmon in “Rizolli & Illes”.Cote’s character of “Ziva” is one of a strong, complex woman not unlike her “boss” Gibbs (Mark Harmon) who carries the weight of their pasts in combat & as sniper’s. For me it added a lot of depth, maybe it’s because I was.a psych RN & I understand PTSD, etc..

  20. danbos says:

    Ever stop to realize this is business?
    Cote de Pablo’s “Q” makes her an industry $$$ brand.

    There are rumors “in circles” at CBS headquarters NYC of a series spinoff: “ZIVA”

    If true….her paultry $100K per NCIS episode was the price of doing business for long term gain.

    This strategy worked for tv series La Femme Nikkita in 1997 (based on POINT OF NO RETURN 1993) that has had lucrative series incarnations and syndications up to 2013…Remember CBS also owns CW Network where current Nikkita has a home…

    The way the season premiere trailer plays out, it leaves the door open for CBS to create ZIVA.

    You haven’t seen the last of this remarkable female lead character, who most times over shadows Mark Harmon et al whenever she is on the screen…

  21. I for one..admire the show..the people who are in the show, and who give entertainment to the people like me who Like Mark, Abby, Tony, and Ducky..so much that No other show can compare to the actors, the story lines and the wonder of GOOD acting. Thank God for the wonderful story lines, and normal people who bring us weekly interest in many ageless moments. Thank you Mark (especially), and all who are part of a great show. Love from an interested”old lady”..you are the BEST! patti

  22. Rachel Wells says:

    I have read all the comments posted , dismissed the usual ‘haters’ that inevitably show up whenever the word “Tiva” is mentioned (same names on all sites) , and wanted to write a thoughtful response – I would ask for the same respect before pouncing on my post. Before I do, let me state that I have watched NCIS since the pilot episode aboard Air Force One. I have never missed an episode, loved some, disliked others – but have always been honest about my thoughts and reactions.
    Three issues are coming to the forefront in these discussions: Ziva , Tiva and the future of NCIS – one at a time. First up Ziva.
    Not long ago I watched a video made by about 10 different young women – I was not so much as shocked, but proud of it. Sad, yes – but also hopeful. Why? Because of Ziva David. I see men, here, and young at that, spout off about what a ‘weak character’ and ‘whiner’ Ziva David was – I ask you what show were you watching? As a woman, I was proud of Ziva, remain proud of her and see the influence that character has made upon , yes, millions of women all over the world.
    Ziva David first came on the scene as a cocky, wounded, bitter, sarcastic, arrogant person. Ziva did not believe in much of anything, trusted no one and truly believed that no matter what she did, her mission in life was not for self fulfillment but rather for being ‘the sharp end of the spear’ . From the moment she saw Tony – to her trusting Gibbs – her sweet older sister relationship with Abby and McGee…and her evolving and finally honest relationship with her father – we watch her grow — she believed that she was worth something in this life. She believed that her past and her present were not to be dismissed but married — Ziva was loved and she was and able to be loved , not for what she ‘did’ but for who she was. Ziva made a difference because of what she did and attained self fulfillment because of the ability to allow love in her life.
    To young women , this matters more than I can tell you. I am 49 years old — I have seen few female characters such as her , able to develop over 8 years make such a difference. These young women in the video I refer to, mentioned most of all that Ziva taught them through hard times and good times, family matters. She taught them that they can be anything they want to be , if they work hard..She also taught them that mistakes will happen, trust those around you, don’t be afraid to let people in..and most of all live happily. If you think that is a weak character, then I question yours.


    For the reasons above — and I would say concurrently with Tony , they are extremely good for each other. Ziva knows how to ‘handle’ Tony’s zany , sarcasm , she sees through his humor to the truth.. Tony, knows when Ziva is hurting..and when she is playful.. He too can calm her , make her laugh..and make her feel ‘safe’.. They trust. They do love each other. It is a good match, as the older folks would say.
    Do not think for one moment that Gibbs is not aware of it. Of course he is — Ziva is not Tony’s Shannon, she is more Tony’s “Jenny” – Gibbs , despite all he says, puts them together for a reason. How many times have we heard Gibbs say to Tony, “Don’t be like me, learn from me!” I had always hoped it would be Gibbs that smacked Tony in the back of the head and finally said, “What are you waiting for DiNozzo?!” ..Alas , that is not going to happen.
    Yes, Tony and Ziva would of been fabulous as a married couple – I envisioned their own spin off actually. An Avenger type show, undercover .. brilliant. Do I believe that they will end up ‘letting go to hang on” yes. Will we get the closure we need? No. Unless Ziva is killed , you can be assured that 95% of those that watch NCIS will always say, “We want Tiva!!” Glasberg knows this , hence the letter he wrote — Tiva was meant to be. And to us who love them , will always be.
    *To those that bring up Moonlighting .. quiet, most of you were not even born yet.. That was a failure of chemistry due to the actors, they could not stand each other! *

    NCIS Future.

    Here is the hard part to hear for some, but it is true. For two years now , maybe more I could see the end of NCIS coming down the road.

    Do the plots matter? No before you answer, think about what I am saying. Do not confuse storyline character plots with ‘criminal military justice’ plots. I guarantee you one thing, a majority if not supermajority, could care less about the plots — they can tell you the one liners, the Tiva moments, Abby’s clothes, Tony’s punch lines, the “MC” word of the day — but the plots? Nah. The plots are the same, just plug in new names.

    Kate’s character proves my point. Kate was , to me, the most boring character NCIS ever developed. She evoked emotion from me, one time, when she danced with the Medal of Honor winner — her character never developed..she was stuck. This is no reflection of the great Sasha Alexander , it is a reflection of the character! Kate was meaningless to me. I did not ‘care’ about her character. Bland, white bread, blah. Metaphor for the whole of NCIS. Ratings were horrific until something happened.. Ziva, intermingled with Ari, intermingled with Gibbs..and then the plot was intriguing.. not because of the plot because of the characters!!

    NCIS is about the people! Mark Harmon has said this time and time and time again. Its about ‘falling in love’ with the characters. When the characters , whether within themselves, or between each other – are running parallel storylines with the chosen ‘crime’ of the episode it makes for brilliant television.

    The humor, the growth of characters, the relationships formed, the losses of friends, family and colleagues – the joy, the laughter and yes, the tears.. the truth won and the trust lost — the formation of what? The Family. Ziva once asked Gibbs, “Gibbs, are you ever lonely?” Gibbs replied, “Nah, you are never lonely when you have kids. (kisses Ziva, good night kid!” Gibbs to Abby, “We are family Abby, you are never alone” Shall I continue, I have a million of them.. so do you.

    We have seen NCIS change Sec Nav’s (yawn), Directors, (eh) ..saying goodbye to Sasha after 2 years, not that hard she never made the connection , the show never connected until who? Cote de Pablo and the introduction of Ziva David. Ziva’s character and through her story (and of course that of Gibbs) revealed that indeed Ziva is the mirror image of Gibbs..it is about loss and trust, letting go and hanging on..Ziva’s departure is the end of NCIS for me.

    I honestly don’t need to watch anymore Navy ‘crime’ — seen it all about now haven’t we? Yeah. Abby , for the love of Goth, grow up! McGee, you are wonderfully milquetoast, Jimmy you are not funny, Ducky, my love, retire..Tony, get a team or get a room — and my dear Gibbs, I see a wonderful cantina in your future! You have given enough to “king and country” — the plots don’t matter.. the characters are the core.

    I can go toe to toe with any plot line of NCIS, I find most of them boring..but ask me about the writing of some of the most in depth characters on television and I will put NCIS in the same line as any top drama every written. When you rip away part of the family, the ripple effect will not just ‘calm down’ ..its like a bad divorce..sides are taken, decisions made. I chose. I go with Ziva.

    I will watch her leave and walk with her. I personally hope that her character is not left wandering in Israel , then again with how this entire thing has been handled I would not doubt it. Tony will be inconsolable for eons. Gibbs will make him snap out of it. I could care less about McGee’s new McSqueeze ..and Abby? seriously?? *cue Bert!*

    Remember one more thing .. the two most highly rated NCIS episodes, “Shalom, Shabbot” and “Shiva” why!?!? TIVA

    I love NCIS , always will ..but for the same reason I do not watch NCIS LA , I will stop watching NCIS.. ” I don’t care about the characters, so I don’t care about the plot” You have to care to invest 10 years, and I have — but maybe like Cote said, its ‘time to go’. I look forward to seeing Cote de Pablo again, I personally am lobbying her to appear in Strike Back on Cinemax, she would be fabulous .. for who she is , not what she does.

    I hope you all find what you are looking for in the future of NCIS.

    • James Carrington says:

      You are a profoundly boring writer. I could not bear to read even 1/4 of the wall of text that you wrote. I doubt anyone read your entire drivel.

      • Marlo says:

        I did not read ANY of Rachel’s comment when I saw how long it was. However, it really isn’t nice to call people names such as “profoundly boring writer.”

  23. Rachel Wells says:

    *my apologies for spelling and grammar , when I write from the heart, I let it flow, so yes, there are some issues, again I am sorry. Also it should be Shabbot Shalom! * Peace out

    • fan1 says:

      As a fellow Ziva/Tiva fan, I thank you Rachel. Thank you for your words and your eloquence. Brace yourself for the comments that may follow, but I just wanted you to know that I understand your sentiment. I will continue to watch as a support to the other characters and actors that I love but my heart does tend to follow Ziva so I understand your need to stop watching. Thank you for expressing your opinion with respect for all. I just hope that others, in turn, will show you the same respect.

  24. It really breaks my heart, having to contemplate future episodes of NCIS without Ziva David – a character i adore so so much. She’s quite the star actress, and i’m certain she’s got bright prospects ahead of her. A man’s got to do what he’s got to do. For some reason, Cote De Pablo has taken the decision to call it quits on the cast of NCIS and i respect that decision just as much as i feel bad about it. In the final analysis, I believe NCIS will remain a favorite series of screen lovers.

  25. Jean says:

    I agree with all those who will really miss Ziva and Cote de Pablo. After the first two episodes of series eleven I to will be gone from NCIS. I will watch the reruns though and even for the other actors the reruns are often better. Nor do I think they will beat the series nine season finale as it was just amazing. Mark Harmon earns 700k per episode because he does other things and I except he is the be all and end all of that show for many, but he to can be boring at times. His relationship with Ziva made me look at him in a different way and he could certainly do with a woman in his life this time around if his adoring public will let him have one.

  26. R. says:

    I am so sad that Ziva is leaving. I love the whole TIVA thing. Kept me watching all these years. Sad to see her go, hope she does well. And if CBS would like me to step in and be Tony’s new sparring partner, call me. ;)

  27. cherry says:

    Just read, next season returning guest stars are: mike Franks-why they killed him off i do not know, agent fornell, tony’s dad and agent Abigail borin-Diane neal. Ziva’s replacement won’t be on until early 2014. Vance’s father-in-law is coming on-no word on who is playing him. Don’t know if they are bringing on McGee’s father.

    • danbos says:

      This was from the executive producers a little while ago:

      “”We are going to have fun for some episodes and let some guests come in and fill that space. I don’t necessarily mean literally the space in the squad room, but have some fun with the dynamic of the team and, in Ziva’s absence, who can help us out?”

      That means lots of great guest stars to come.

      “We have a terrific role coming up right away with an agent who is on the verge of retirement, a woman who comes in and helps us out, named Vera Strickland Roma Maffia). That was a blast. We had a lot of fun with that episode. We’ve got agent Abigail Borin (Diane Neal) from the Coast Guard coming back in. It is certainly with the idea floated out there: Could she be the one?” Glasberg said.

      In an interview with TV Line, Glasberg spoke more about the Strickland character. “And then in the third episode we introduce, for instance, a woman in her 50s who is a few days away from retirement and just needs to fill the desk time. She, in theory, knew Gibbs all the way back to the days of Mike Franks.”

      Rotating in new characters will also give the show a chance to get back to doing the humor that it does so well.

      “We are going to play with this idea of a rotation of characters coming through. We want to remind people that after going through this very difficult period at the beginning of the season, there is still fun and lightness and some smiles to be had with the dynamic of this group. Hopefully, when people least expect it, someone will walk through the door and surprise us.””

      • Brenda says:

        Diane Neal would work we already like her I can’t think of any one else.I love Cote and will miss Ziva didn’t think anyone could do what she did for the show but if we cn not have her then Diane would work.

  28. Dale says:

    I can not imagine a storyline for Ziva leaving that would be true to the character. Anything I can think of would be lame. and “replacing” her is ridiculous. Any character will be lame in comparison.

  29. C stone says:

    I am going to miss cote very much, I also missed Jamie Lee Curtis she is a wonderful actress.NCIS was very lucky is having a actress like her .We are awaiting the new season and I know NCIS will keep us on our toes. Good Luck for the coming year

  30. Nancy Braswell says:

    Ziva is a fantastic part of the NCIS family. Very dumb to let her go.

    • danbos says:

      Don’t worry—CBS headquarters in NYC is considering a series spinoff: “ZIVA.” The season finale will keep her character alive and well in Israel.

  31. Tosha says:

    Still want Ziva back on the show…not a replacement for her….We want her…Z-I-V-A

  32. Tosha says:

    Cant you guys and Ziva work to make everyone happy….Ziva you see how much people want you back on the show…come on

  33. Gary Bryant says:

    I Love NCIS< Mark Harmon, Ziva, Abbey, Dinozo, I do not like the Director of NCIS Carroll,
    The Female Director before was a plus, The writer for Jamie Lee Curtis's part was terrible
    In all honesty we need Ziva Back, Cote please re-consider we the viewers want you to stay.I do not at this time see you doing better anywhere else! We want and need a better
    actor to replace the Director Carroll, He does not come across as a professional person to hold the position as director, Maybe the guy from JAG,

  34. Carlos Velasquez says:

    Ziva David was very special but the show will go on. Look at James Bond. Who would have believed that it would have success without Sean Connery? And for sure she will sonn be working in another series or even better in the big screen.
    Carlos Velasquez October 6 , 2013

    • danbos says:

      Of course ” the show (NCIS) will go on.”…..

      The point is that Ziva is gone, still in Israel, and very much alive…..there is more money for CBS to make (and Cote) by spinning off her character. The show will be called “Ziva.”

  35. diana watson says:

    ziva is the best im gonna miss her

  36. Lester Lemar says:

    With Ziva gone I think the show will continue strong on the ratings.
    Actually I wish that the Palmer character had more input to the series. He’s a funny guy.

  37. ziva never should have left.whatever the problem F I X I T !!!!!!!!!! that is our number one show to watch. do what you gotta do. get ur done!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Dan says:

    Bring ziva back. the shows is not the same without her. Big mistake adding such a young actress to the NCIS lineup.I don’t like the blonde girl…..I miss Ziva :(. I guess it’s time for me to watch something else…. “The Blacklist” by NBC it’s looking very promising!!! this is the beginning of the end for NCIS.

  39. Hilda says:

    I have only one comment..If you don’t like NCIS then don’t watch it..the only problem is you will be missing the best show on TV..People come and go on these shows but this show proves that life goes on…..IMHO it is the best

  40. Allison says:

    I agree with Dan,I wish Cote was back.The whole dynamic of the show is so off with this new actress.She can’t act and all the guys on the show treat her like she was mad of glass.It’s so boring now.Please find an actress with some spunk so we can all enjoy NCIS again.Even Gibbs pussyfoots around her.

    • danbos says:

      I simply cannot watch NCIS after seeing the first 2 episodes with this pathetic replacement.

      I am also shocked that the rumors of a “Ziva” spinoff series never materialized.

      hilda above is ONLY correct when she states:
      “.If you don’t like NCIS then don’t watch it…..People come and go on these shows but this show proves that life goes on..”

      Yeah—it goes on and on….for the worse…and I won’t watch NCIS…

  41. Carol says:

    Really love NCIS, but this new person taking Ziva’s place is really appalling. If Ziva cannot come back then leave the gap. Have difficulty in watching the programme. Most unhappy from England

  42. Linda Brown says:

    This “Bishop” person in every respect is a DUD! The character looks like a teenager, acts like one and definitely needs to GO…AWAY! Every time I see her I just want to ” Head Slap” her! I am tired of the powers that be trying to ram her down our throats! If they can’t get a “Ziva-like ” person, then just let the guys carry on!

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    impressive source off data.

  44. Sandy S says:

    your stories are boring, no more kick a– excitement. Worst of all you don’t work as a team, no more family. We really do need to see family connections on tv. Please keep looking for the right person. I don’t even watch the first half hour.

  45. merry says:

    Please send the new blonde girl back from wherever she came. She is horribly wrong for this show. Get coastguard A by she will fit so good with Gibbs and they will drive the rest of the team crazy. PERFECT FOR N.C.I.S.

  46. mathes says:

    Happy 63rd birthday on Sept 1st Mark Harmon of NCIS!!!

  47. Bring Ziva back if at all possible. Emily Wikersham simple does not fill Ziva ‘ s shoes. We already have a computer geek. Hate her using the floor as a work place. In short, she sucks as an NCIS Agent.

  48. paulaemmett says:

    The chemistry is lost without Cote. Jamie Lee Curtis also was a great addition to the cast!(

  49. paulaemmett says:

    The chemistry is gone without Cote!! Jamie Lee Curtis was a perfect addition to the cast and I wish she had stayed.

  50. REM says:

    Bishop does not make it..not convincing and horrible diction, hardly understand a word she says, surprised she was chosen to replace Ziva. Still my favorite show. Need an actress that can convince of being an NCIS Fed agent.