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Post Mortem: Sons of Anarchy Boss on [Spoiler] Fallout, Major Jax/Tara 'Disconnect' and More

Sons of Anarchy Season 6 SpoilersWarning: If you’ve yet to watch Sons of Anarchy’s Season 6 premiere, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, read on…

Sons of Anarchy has never been for the faint of heart.

But the gritty FX drama somehow managed to push its own limits Tuesday, with a sixth season premiere that featured an eww-inducing murder, a handful of uncomfortable prison-set sequences (poor, poor Otto) and, most notably, that previously discussed “controversial” scene featuring a young boy shooting up his elementary school.

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Here, Sons creator Kurt Sutter explains the rationale behind the episode’s shocking final moments and further discusses how what happened in them will inform the remainder of the series. The EP also talks Clay’s redemptive journey, Jax and Tara’s latest obstacle, Toric’s plans for SAMCRO and much more.

TVLINE | The secret’s out: There was a school shooting in the Sons premiere.
The timing of it is somewhat controversial, but it is something I knew I wanted to do for a couple of years now, and I knew it would be a series of events that would have to [occur]… as we kind of slide towards the end of our mythology. Things are never done in a vacuum, meaning there are ramifications to everything, whether it be legal consequences or emotional consequences or familial consequences. There’s sh-t that always happens; sometimes it happens immediately, sometimes there will be a season or two before stuff comes back to haunt them. It all comes back around, and this series of events changes all of their relationships.

TVLINE | Can you tease the fallout of the shooting?
It changes their relationships with the Irish, because now Jax has the emotional catalyst he needs to motivate [everyone]… to not be in guns. It impacts his relationship with the DA and with Toric, and we’ll really see the relationship shift within the town of Charming and how suddenly the favorite Sons, or at least the accepted Sons, are seen as a danger and potentially more of a pariah than a savior.

This takes [our characters] down this path that perhaps they won’t be able to come back from. It was a fine line; I didn’t want it to become this big political storyline where I had to acknowledge it and have everyone have an opinion about how bad it is and who’s responsible, and blah, blah, blah; that’s not what this show does, nor is it why people watch it. And yet I couldn’t completely ignore all those things and still feel like I handled it responsibly.

So, I tried to layer in my point of view in terms of why I think these things happen. And what I hope is that people come away with [the idea that] if there is a social and political point of view about the shooting and a moral point of view, it is not one particular party that’s responsible for these tragedies, that it is a combination of gun laws, mental health, schools, parents, media… It wasn’t about seeing dead bodies. It was more about the emotional impact of what happened, and you just really get it in those few pops in the aftermath, when we come back from the act-out. So, I feel like that suggests a certain level of responsibility in terms of how we were telling the story and what our goals were.

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TVLINE | Let’s talk about Toric. How would you describe him? A junkie? Insane? Desperate? None of the above?
The most dangerous kind of cop is a cop that thinks like an outlaw… In terms of what’s going on with him and the drugs, it’ll reveal itself ultimately. We’re playing with the idea that he himself has some medical issues that he is struggling with as well, and perhaps he is also operating under a sense of a ticking clock. To me, it was interesting to have a guy who had the relationships, the access to information, the skill set and yet… he didn’t give a f–k about breaking the rules, because he didn’t have anybody looking over his shoulder. And we’ll see ultimately what he does to get access to these guys… A guy like Toric, he almost needs the Sons and what happened. They’re feeding him, they’re giving him what it is he needs. So yes, it’s vengeance and he’s motivated by that, but it’s almost like giving him this gift, because now he’s got something to hold onto and pursue.

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TVLINE | Given the redemptive nature of Clay’s journey, can we assume that he’s maybe not working with Toric strictly to save himself?
I don’t want to spoil where all that’s going, but I think that Clay is trying to navigate his own end. Yes, he’s willing to help the club. Is he willing to help the club to the point of his own death? That remains to be seen. Will he try to somehow orchestrate both? That remains to be seen as well… Clay’s been around the block a few times; he knows guys like Toric. So, there’s an interesting chess match going on between the two of them, more so than anybody else. Even Jax.

TVLINE | What is Tara’s journey now that she’s essentially stuck in Charming? Is her quest still to free herself and her boys from this life?
I think so. Her quest will always be about: What’s best for my family? There’s a line in Episode 3 where she’s talking to Unser and he mentions something about her and her prison friends, and she’s just looking at the boys and says, “You know, it’s not about me anymore.” I really think that’s how Tara feels. She has that higher sense of what’s best for her family, and that will be her motivation for the season — and very much in a Gemma, bigger picture kind of way.

TVLINE | Talk a little about Jax’s relationship with Kim Dickens’ Madame moving forward.
We’re still discovering that… Right now, Jax has this disconnect from Tara. He feels shut out by her. There’s just something [there] – not to get weird and incestuous, but I think his connection to her is almost maternal in those moments.

TVLINE | Oh yeah, that was very apparent — particularly given the laundry aspect of it all.
[Laughs] She’s a little bit older, there’s just something about her that he needs. My intention was never to have it be this big, love-triangle thing. It’ll be a complication for him emotionally. She will ultimately become a business partner at some point, so it continues to complicate his life emotionally and professionally.

TVLINE | What exactly does Bobby “going Nomad” mean for the club?
I don’t want to give it away in terms of how long he’s away or what that means… But Bobby’s a substantial guy. He’s not like Juice. He’s got almost as much time [in the club] as Clay, so when he gets dismissed like that, he feels like he’s not needed… He’s dedicated to this club, and he’s going to move on and find a way to find what it is he’s supposed to be doing and that’s best for the club. And that’s really his quest this season. He’s not in it a lot, but we’ll continue to play out his storyline in terms of the MC and what that means.

TVLINE | Nero seems to be returning to his old ways. Will the shooting further inform that?
Absolutely. He’s intrinsically tied now to the club as a result of that shooting… and it will have a deep impact on his relationship with Gemma and Jax and the club.

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  1. Elly says:

    Good ep, but I was slightly disapointed. Also, Jax- W.T.F?! I have to admit, I do love prison Tara.

    • Pat D. says:

      Yeah, I agree—somewhat meh start to the season. And I dont think anybody wanted to see Donal’s rear end, ROFL.

      • Elly says:

        Agree, I love Donal Logue but I couldn’t help but be grossed out but amused none the less. I almost thought we were gonna get a Buffalo Bill type moment.

        • Pat D. says:

          Personally, I didnt want to see Charlie’s rear end either, but I figured the ladies wouldn’t mind it. I didnt think *anybody* wanted Donal to drop trou, LOL.

          Probably not even Donal himself.

  2. Michael says:

    You knew the second that Jax met the new porn Queen that he wasn’t going to be able to keep it in his pants.

  3. huggybear503 says:

    Dasappointed to hear Mark Boone Junior wont be in the season a lot. Always enjoyed his character.

  4. kates2424 says:

    Donal Logue was awesome. Hope he gets recognition for this role. Truly a nemesis to hate for the season. On another note: Jax, you are so weak!

  5. Jax & Juice's Girl says:

    I have no idea what to say about this ep. but…………….WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Lee Toric is a F’d up guy who wants revenge gives tara an OFFER but doesn’t want it.
    Clay that S.O.B WILL/MIGHT RAT out the MC.
    Poor juicy is down and out and WANTED to go NOMAD?
    Bobby idk…………….is he taking break from SAMCRO?
    Why the HELL does pope’s 2nd guy STILL WANTS TIG?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jax better NOT give him up………after all that in the S5 finale.
    Tara going LADY OF MAYHEM on that bitch that was FUNNY. Anyhow i guess this was an okay episode. Can’t wait for the next ep!

    • Jayne says:

      Holy crap. Learn how to use ellipses and lay off the damn exclamation points and question marks. Adding twenty of them and random words in capitol letters does not make you get your point across any better.

  6. Khrystle says:

    Really didn’t like this episode, I have to be honest. I signed up with bell to pay $20 a month for this channel and I’m thinking about canceling it already.

    • Dave from the trailer says:

      It’s too bad this really was a great show for the first 3 seasons. I just watched season 1 a few weeks back and it’s hard to believe this is now the same show.

    • Mel says:

      Really? Did we watch the same show? I thought it was fantastic. Guess you can’t please everyone…maybe you should get your $ back.

  7. Beth says:

    I have to say I love the genius that is Kurt Sutter. Not many show creators would go THAT far for their show. To me he did not do the shooting in a distasteful way, it moves the story to a major turning point for Jax and the club. Come on Jax! Tara went through him being in prison a whole year and had a baby without him and he can’t wait ONE week. To me it seemed like the distance was to protect him and the club.

    • Eliza says:

      I am definitely in Tara’s corner. She is a character I am rooting for.

    • Jayne says:

      Sutter is a lot of things but a genius isn’t one of them. Cramming as much rape, assault, murder, infidelity and beatings into an episode does not make someone a genius, edgy or talented. Going overboard on the shock value just shows you are trying to make up for your lack of actual talent. And no, the school shooting wasn’t distasteful, it was just plain boring.

  8. the girl says:

    I suspect Tara wanted distance because how can it help her case to have the club in the courtroom with her literally when she is being accused of doing illegal things for the club? It makes perfect sense that she would ask for distance. I knew Jax wasn’t going to be faithful but I don’t think that had anything to do with Tara being locked up, maybe a little but the Sons are not known for their monogamy. I appreciated this episode and honestly, I am really invested in Kurt Sutter’s vision for the rest of the series. I am enjoying watching it unfold in the hands of these immensely capable and talented actors.

  9. Vince says:

    I freaking loved Gemma in tonight’s episode. The rest was pretty boring or disturbing. Yep, that’s all I’ve got…

  10. Megan says:

    Ummm this show is a goddamn mess. That scene where jax cheats is DISTURBING. Now reading what Kurt says about it grosses me out. We don’t need more grossness. We get that enough with how obsessed Gemma is with her son. Bring it back to how good it used to be. I’m so sad I probably won’t watch the rest of the season now.

    • Lisa says:

      “We don’t need more grossness”? Seriously? How have you gotten this far into the series being so squeamish? SOA has always taken things to the limit and pushed the boundaries of what’s comfortable for the middle American viewer (I’m assuming that’s you) to show the read, down and dirty world of this club. Come on, we all watched Tig’s daughter get BURNED ALIVE last season. Everyone saying “I’m done with this show,” adios. The show’s true fans won’t miss you or notice your absence one bit.

      • Jaime says:

        I didn’t know that being a “true” fan meant that you aren’t allowed to say anything bad about the show or be disturbed or grossed out about a scene. This show routinely disturbs me but its usually done in a way that pushes the storyline forward. I thought there were a few things that were really just done for shock value and nothing more. I don’t necessarily see that as a bad thing since it was the premiere but hopefully that doesn’t become a normal thing. And sorry, but I found Jax cheating (especially who he did it with) to be gross too. He definately has mommy issues.

        • Ang says:

          I would say that I was more disappointed than grossed out, but I can understand being disturbed. It’s only been a week and he can’t be faithful? He is part of the reason she is in jail. This shows that his character is showing absolutely no growth, that is what is bothering me.

          • Eliza says:

            I agree about being disappointed with Jax in displaying no growth whatsoever. He was locked up for over a year. Tara stuck by him & was raising the boys on her own. He then begged her to get married. Later, his wife puts everything on the line to save him & his club. How does he repay her & handle this rough patch?…. cheat. Bleh. Predictable & disappointing.

  11. Eliza says:

    Episode didn’t necessarily rock my world but it was good. I did see Jax being unfaithful to Tara from a mile away (since the finale last year to be exact). Still, this ep did make me feel for Tara even more. Her life in the crapper b/c of her husband (not to mention all of the other BS she has had to deal with) and he’s unfaithful after just a week of this horrible situation happening to her. And while Jax was busy doing that, the boys were pawned off from person to person. So, I feel bad for Tara. I have never faulted her for wanting a better life for her sons. Their dad is in deep with a lot of mayhem and has major mommy issues. She loves Jax but at the end of the day what sane person would really want that for their children?! Interested to see how this season unfolds….

  12. Sarah says:

    <3 Jax for cheating! Tara is ugly!!!

    • cas says:

      I doubt you are very pretty. Yes, because cheating because someone is ugly is a good reason. I hope every guy you are with cheats on you for the rest of your life.

    • El says:

      Jax is a douche who deserves mommy Gemma as his plus 1 for the rest of his life. Ha. Tara can do so much better!

    • Kori says:

      LOL. Tara is beautiful. Maggie Siff is a natural beautiful. The old hoe he banged is not cute and has disgusting teeth. He never deserved Tara. She settled at 16 and again when she came back to Charming. A beautiful, smart, highly ambitious doctor who essentially allowed her devotion to a man who couldn’t stay faithful to her ruin her life… she’s such a tragic character. I hate Jax for cheating. He promised her in S4 that he wouldn’t hurt her and it takes him less than 6 months (I’m assuming that’s how much time passed b/w S4 – S6) to go back to his old ways. I don’t blame her for her betrayals. They are entirely selfless and about her children. Jax’s betrayals are so evidently SELFISH. It’s always about him – his sadness, his disconnect, him feeling shut out. I suspect – and I think the show has pointed this out several times (esp in S3) that Jax never felt like he truly deserved Tara. That he himself knew she settled for him back when they were in high school and later on in life. She lived in a town where there wasn’t anyone her equal – as ambitious, smart, and talented – so, she believed Jax was what she deserved. That being said, I do think they are meant to be – they clearly love one another in ways that neither of them can even explain considering how much pain and agony it takes to be together.

  13. Kat says:

    JAX?!?!??!?!? WTF…He is hot and all, but a really sucky husband. I hope Tara puts the beat down on Jax like she did to prison chick.

  14. James D says:

    I have the utmost respect for Kurt Sutter, despite being little bit deranged he is one of the best storytellers out there. while as a whole this episode was good the final 10 minutes were very disappointing IMO. I see the reasoning behind the shooting scene, but ultimately i felt it was unnecessary, their could of been a better way to set up that story arc. the Jax thing was ridiculous in my mind it was a cheap gimmick to add tension between Tara and him. again in my opinion this show only really works when it has a lighter more forgiving element to it, while tumultuous at some points Tara/Jax worked as that lighter more relatable side of the show. So glad this show is back :)

    PS Donal Logue is freaking awesome

  15. Jen says:

    Ok who was the kid who did the school shooting? And his mother? Didnt really fallow that part! Is Gemmas new man in on it? Not sure I’m going to like this season just because there is way to much stuff going on. Wish Gemma would get hers can’t stand her! Hope the show takes different turn or I guess I won’t watch! Jax really? Your whore!

    • kay says:

      So last nights episode would have gotten five stars from up until jax cheated on Tara. WTH I forgave his first indiscretion earlier in the show because he was trying to push Tara away from him because he was trying to keep her safe & out of the lifestyle, but they are married now & he spouted all that stuff about only seeing her when he bangs other women! He really couldn’t keep it in his pants for a few weeks. I really like Tara’s character she has done and sacrificed so much for Jax & samcro, she took Abel on like he was her own and this is how Jax repays her? This episode just made me really grossed out by Jax & idk how Tara will forgive him. & their relationship was the heart in the show! Ugh okay rant over, other than that the episode was awesome & crazy just as SOA should be!


      • Beth says:

        I totally agree! Instead of helping the porno sisters he should of had his butt parked at the jail until Tara saw him! I understand he helps Lila because of Opie but he could of sent the other guys to do that. So Tara doesn’t want him at the hearing, we as the audience knew she fiercely protected him and the club when Toric visited her. While she was fighting for a damn blanket he was banging a madam while Tig rocked Thomas. He fights so hard for everything else but when his own wife is in danger he repays her by sleeping with someone else. The last scene should of been him sitting on his bike outside the jail not giving Matt Saracens mom from Friday night lights a ride. Okay rant over lol.

        • kay says:

          Yeah part of me hopes that he suffers some sort of consequence for that & sutter said it will be an issue for him professionally cause he works with this madam now. I hope she turns out to be psycho, he deserves it. I also hope Tara doesn’t take that crap and let him walk right back in when and if she finds out. I know a lot of people are saying this is just their lifestyle, but part of the redeeming quality of jax in my mind (besides his good looks ;) is that he stayed mostly true to his old lady and seemed to truly love Tara, I just kinda feel in that one (hopefully) impulsive act he disregarded everything he has said or done to/for her. Been following this show/relationship since the beginning so it was definitely a blow to the heart, hope he redeems himself somehow.

      • TaraisLame says:

        Actually Opie was the heart of the show. Tara does not belong in SAMCRO, never has, never will. Not to mention that she and Jax have zero chemistry. She is the most boring and useless character on the show. Making her act like Gemma is not going to change that.

    • Faster says:

      The kid’s mom appears to be Dave Navarro’s girlfriend, or some other close figure.

  16. cas says:

    Pretty sure Sutter is going to kill Tara off at the end of the season so it probably doesn’t even matter.

  17. H.Houston says:

    At the end of Hamlet – only the Teacher and the Solider survive – I am still trying to figure out who Sutter believes to be those characters. I knew Clay would flip to keep himself safe, there is a softness to him and always has been. Even when he has done horrible things it has always been to protect his arse. I too am disappointed in Jax. He hasn’t grown emotionally one single bit because he still thinks the way to fix his life is between the legs of a woman. As much as it pains so many to have that shooting… if you just watched the scenes of the boy. Watch how they progress – he starts out the day alone, kisses his mother on the cheek (who is still sleeping and not bothering to be up with him and seeing him off to school), he is surrounded by the guys from the gangs, he is completely silent and alone and lost. It had to be a school shooting, it had to be young children – because in order for anyone to pay attention to it it had to be something that would finally smack both Jax and Nero in the head. Both of them with their young boys that they are trying to desperately to protect. It had to go down like that. Does it disturb me – yes, I too have a young child. But I understood what he was doing in terms of the story and in terms of what needed to happen.

    • Aleksa says:

      That’s interesting. I could see Chibs or Tig as “the soldier”, but I’m not sure about “the teacher”.

      • H.Houston says:

        The more I think about it – I could see Chibs or Bobby as the teacher and Juice as the solider. I think Tig is going to kill himself. I think Tara will do something that will effectively kill her character off (like Ophelia) whether that means moving away with the boys or actually dying. But everyone dies in Hamlet… except for two man characters.

        • Aleksa says:

          Considering Juice is, presumably, reasonably intelligent (being their hacker), he could even work as The Teacher.

          Thanks for opening this can of worms; I’m going to end up ruminating on this for a while. :)

    • Valentina says:

      Very well put – yes very disturbing….but I agree with your comment.

    • AnnaT says:

      I think that at a certain point Sutter has to give up on the “Hamlet” aspect of it all. Shakespeare only asked his audience to care about his characters for a three hour play—Sutter is asking people to tune in for seven years. It may not be realistic to have everyone end up happily ever after, but it would be a very unsatisfying conclusion to the show to have all of the main characters die. The story has always been, in part, about Jax’ struggle with what is right and what is expected. I don’t expect the club to get out of guns then have a big group hug and send Jax riding off into the sunset with Tara, but to rule out the possibility of his redemption by having him die or having Tara die, would be very disappointing. If we can’t actually see Jax be redeemed at the end, I would at least like to know that he is headed in that direction (i.e. towards Tara, who has been his tether to the concept of a violence free life).

    • Jayne says:

      None of them are the teacher or the soldier. Kurt Sutter has said multiple times the Hamlet parallels only came into play for season one. He never intended anything past that.

      • H.Houston says:

        I really do hate to burst your bubble — but he just recently in the interviews about the season opener brought it up again. And he also brought it up at a ComicCon. But thank you for playing please try again later.

  18. Dave from the trailer says:

    Can we please get rid of Otto already. He was originally written in as a plot device according to Sutter for a few episodes in season 1. We are in season 6 now and his story has run it’s course and is now boarding on absurb and quickly moving towards becoming completely rediculous. The writters have at times painted themselves into corners and now the show seems dumbed down the last two seasons. Then again it’s hard to argue with ratings. I’ll still watch just not with the same atticipation at I used to.

    • H.Houston says:

      They are using the character of Otto as a plot device still. Think of the entire show as a high speed moving train. Everyone on the train “knows” they are going to die in some abstract way but they really don’t have the details of it and they really don’t know when it will happen – but they know it is coming. For now they are all shiny and happy (I know I know, it’s SOA no one is ever actually happy)… however Otto is the personification of what is TRULY happening to the club, what is really going on, the beatings, the torture, the rape, and the fast approaching death and destruction. He (Sutter) cannot blow up the show and the characters yet (remember this is just the beginning of Season 6 – we still have all of season 7 as well), but the hardcore destruction of Otto is supposed to subconsciously tell and show the viewers that whether or not the Sons and their family/friends know it — they are all going to die horrible painful deaths because they are on this train that is going to crash and none of them can get off.

  19. Aleksa says:

    I thought it was interesting that the boy who did the shooting was a dead ringer for a young Jax.

    • ZigZagZoey says:

      Dead ringer? Interesting choice of words! But I agree with you!
      I’ve seen a lot of comments about the scene with Otto ~ don’t understand how people are so disturbed by that scene. He is in jail, and we know that happens in jail. Yes, it was disgusting, but not exactly unexpected. But a porn girl agreeing to do a movie and then being tortured and mutilated is beyond sick. It is SO much worse imo. Maybe it’s just because I’m a woman?

  20. cae says:

    good ep…Otto…man they took his wife, his site,his tongue, his freedom all for the club. I had a feeling he was going to pay for killing dude sister but man every morning getting raped by some random dude…just kill him and end his misery

  21. kiki says:

    Sutter has said several times that Jax and Tara are end game. He gave a one word description of all his characters for season 6 and when he came to Tara he used the word “growth”. Sutter also described his show in one context as a tragic love story with Jax and Tara being the hope for happiness in the end. Said it may be true or naieve but they never truly let go of each other. Asked if the ending of the series will be happy and Sutter said “No, but there will be hope”. Their relationship is what keeps me watching along with a desire to see his father’s vision come true and him breaking the mold. Maybe he can change the club and keep his family.

    • cas says:

      This makes me feel better but I read another interview with him recently, and he said Jax and Tara’s reunion would be “loving but very very sad”. So I took that as she dies right after or something. Any thoughts? If she dies I will stop watching.

      • Ashley says:

        At this point NOBODY is safe so i won’t be surprised if tara dies i agree with the comments above about the 2 main characters surviving in hamlet.
        chibs and juice should survive as the teacher and the soldier.

      • kiki says:

        They were filming some of the last episodes in LA on Sept.11 and she was in some of the shots from the set. She is carrying a gun and Jax is trying to stop her from shooting someone.

        • AshleyRae says:

          Sorry but i’m gonna bust your bubble and still say tara is gonna die this is final act in hamlet and pepole are going to drop like flies so…………….jax and tara’s relationship is slowly begining towards a demise.

          • kiki says:

            I truly believe her character should get the hell out and leave him behind but just going by what Sutter tweeted last year and his answers to her character questions just tells me she is gonna survive and she is not gonna kick Jax to the curb permanently, Trying to build a story where she would keep his cheating and really dangerous ass with her will be what Sutter does best. Surprise the hell out of you.

  22. Complex Character says:

    I was impressed with the start of SOA season 6. Humans are imperfect creatures and this show has really demonstrated what you can do with complex broken characters. It’s all the flaws and weaknesses that make it interesting and sometimes relatable. The story line is not breaking any new ground, but, they are attempting to show you that the world is a very unfriendly place if you are a criminal. Nothing really shocked me in the episode that had not been seen before in other shows/movies. For that matter, most of this pales compared to the daily news feed to my phone. If folks were shocked by some of the story elements, then you must be living under a rock and never watch the news or read the paper. Terrible things occur in our society every day and this show is just using some of those ideas to move the story along. IMO, I could care less about the backdrop of the MC club, I watch the show due to the interactions and relationships of the characters, without them, you would just have a boring show about bikers doing bad things. Instead it is a rich story populated by characters making bad decisions and then suffering the consequences of the constant conflict it brings upon them. They try very hard to remind you that the biker’s characters are just people with the same hopes, dreams and problems of anyone else except their profession has the added element of constant danger. Definitely fun to watch and rather addictive. Sometimes a bit hokey but fun nonetheless.

  23. Chibs is your soldier and Bobby is your teacher.

  24. Ron says:

    Hopefully, Otto will have one last hurrah and take Toric with him. It’s past Tig’s time to die, he really has no function for the club right now. His character is not the dangerous, weirdly comic dude he was earlier on in the series. I would like to see Chib’s character utilized in a more pivotal way, and it’s sad to see Juice compromised and denigrated. Some of the best and most solid characters are gone, already killed off, so someone needs to step up and bring a little stability to the club. But then it’s the not knowing that seems to keep us watching.

  25. Stephanie says:

    I don’t care if all the other guys cheat but Ajax and Tara are the heart of the show and it really pisses me off that they have him cheating!!!!!! I don’t know if I can watch if he is going to in more episodes.