CSI Exclusive: Vampire Diaries' Matt Davis Joins Season 14 in Recurring Role

CSI matt davisCSI is resurrecting Alaric.

Vampire Diaries vet Matt Davis is joining the venerable CBS procedural’s fourteenth season in a recurring role, TVLine has learned exclusively.

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Davis, last seen in The CW’s short-lived Cult, will play a smart, athletic and competitive son of a decorated fireman. While on the surface outgoing, he is deep down a bit of a loner, with the soul of a poet and the mind of a mathematician.

His first episode airs in late October.

Davis’ casting comes as CSI is set to lose original castmember George Eads for a handful of episodes following an on-set altercation with a writer.

CSI opens its new season on Wednesday, Sept. 25.

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  1. Maki says:

    Didn’t see him as a CSI guy. But okay. He will probably nail the job. ;)

  2. Sidney.B says:

    Cult flopped hard , he should’ve stayed on TVD .

  3. Kimmryan says:

    Love Matt Davis! Dammit now I’m going to have to watch CSI and I haven’t watched since Gil Grissom left.

  4. Sherri Dorbritz says:

    I was hoping that when Cult flopped that he would go back to TVD, but I will catch him on CSI! Good Ludk Matt!

  5. Linda Piper says:

    What a coincidence.George Eads is “suspended” and with almost unseemly haste enter Matt Davis in a “recurring” role. I may be overly suspicious, but to me there is a slight and nasty smell about this new face. I can see if Mr. Davis does turn out to be a replacement for Mr. Eads, many viewers will think enough is enough.Time to say ‘bye, ‘bye.

    • Dmac says:

      George Eads has done this to himself, he argued with a writer and than the show runner, quite frankly he is very lucky he wasn’t fired. This isn’t the first time he has done something like this and he is notoriously difficult to work with. He is part if an ensenable cast and there is always ebbs and flows to their storyline, he can’t always be front and center. Don’t blame the new guy Eads had done this to himself.

      • GuestHere says:

        There are two sides to every story–and I tend to give slack to the guy we see on tv. George knows his character better than a writer who has been around for 2 years (and she wasn’t a writer until recently, I believe). We do not watch for the writer–and what these writers have done to CSI in the past 3 years is a crime to what was once the greatest crime show in television history.

        And hanging George out to dry in such a public manner is not professional; its not even extending the courtesy usually given a ‘recurring character’.

        • Alisa Neely says:

          i totally agree with you….WHO knows a character BETTER, then the actor who has PLAYED that part from the START of the show?…..and it’s NOT unusual for actors to disagree with the writing staff over things….HELL alot of actors will have COMPLETE script rewritten……i’m kinda surprised that peterson isn’t keeping BETTER tabs on the show….being he IS 1 of the EP’s for it…even though he is no longer ON the show……i can’t blame GE for standing up for his character…..nick stokes is MY favorite…..and i honestly believe, that sara could have done BETTER than grissom….he’s NOT very people personable…..feelings were not his things….he always seemed kinda cold….and treated warrick and greg differently, then he did nick….imo.

          • GuestHere says:

            Not sure Petersen is involved any longer. Program for his recent play had his executive producer written in past tense and I don’t think it was a mistake on the theater to write it this way.

            I agree with you on how Nick was treated by Grissom–but George has always been such a great team player with Nick! I just do not like the way things sound with this leave.

        • Sazz says:

          I could not agree more. This show has been really lackluster for quite a few seasons now. I think the season after Dourdan left was probably the last good one. It really took a blow with Petersen though, ouch. Recently I’ve found myself wishing they’d go out with some dignity. I love the show, but it is no longer the masterpiece it once was. I used to be a proud fan. Now I’m embarrassed over my guilty pleasure…Ted Danson does a pretty mediocre job as the leading man in my opinion. I thought Fishburne was pretty good but damn was that short lived. Anyway, to be back on track I hadn’t heard about this altercation until just now but I have to say I think how they’re “fixing” the problem with this band-aid is kinda lame. Not interested in some new random character who will end up being a sad, try-hard attempt to appeal to the geek inside us all. Too Mary Sue from the description, but I’m not even surprised.

      • Jewels says:

        Actually, you’re wrong. He was fighting for the integrity of his character. These new writers don’t know Nick and don’t take the time to learn it.

        George is not notoriously difficult to work with. He is the easiest one to work with and that has been shown time and time again with the guest stars.

        I applaud him for fighting for his character. I’m sure he said what all the fans have been thinking lately.

        The writing sucks and they’re pushing the veteran cast to the background, not to mention how they don’t know how to write for these characters and write them out of character a lot.

  6. laura meakin says:

    As it doesn’t say good or evil just son of a fireman I’m gonna say replacement for eads possibly? Come on we’re all thinking it right??

  7. GuestHere says:

    A huge chunk of viewers left after CSI writers destroyed Sara’s marriage and her integrity. Another chunk will leave with George/Nick (after a disagreement with a writer). Maybe gain a few with this new guy, but this once great show is swiftly sliding into the canyon of no-return and mid-season cancellation.
    I’m convinced Petersen left and the wrong inmates took charge and/or Grissom took all creativity with him to the Costa Rican rainforest!!

    • Jackie says:

      Totally agree. What they are doing with these characters is a crime in itself.
      I find myself wishing Jorja would have left and kept her and WP’s characters together, the way it was intended. Now, no doubt, they will try to fix Sara up with someone else, maybe this guy; but no matter how good looking or likable he is, it won’t be as meaningful as her relationship with Grissom. 13 years can’t be erased, no matter how hard the writers try.
      I won’t pretend to know what happened with George, but I do know that the show is bit by bit alienating its once loyal and avid fans. It’s a shame, and a crime.

      • Sazz says:

        Yeah that was definitely really insulting as a long time viewer. It was rushed, badly planned and will likely be sloppily remedied some day as you said. So disappointing.

  8. Elizabeth says:

    I’ve never watched CSI before, but with the additions of Jason Priestly, Bethany Joy Lenz, and now Matt Davis, I may just have to give the show a try.

  9. Maryann says:

    I am a long-time viewer of both CSI and The Vampire Diaries. I am very sorry to see George off the show, even temporarily. It seems to me that the writers should at least try to accomodate the wishes of long-time regulars in terms of story lines.

    That said, I am absolutely delighted to see Matt Davis in a regular role on CSI. He has a lot of fans, and this should bring in a lot of new viewers. I just hope they will find a way to keep him on, at least as recurring, after Eads returns.

  10. suzanne says:

    I wish they would bring back csi ny why did they stop it?

  11. Alex says:

    Enough with the Grissom worship, Ted Danson’s character is ten times better than Grissom. The writers made Grissom a flake.

    • AmbidextrousAspie says:

      I like them both, and am delighted with Danson’s character.

    • Alisa Neely says:

      i agree….i liked grissom, but there were things about him that i didn’t…..i like TD’s better then the FISHBOURN’s character….BD is more personable towards those he works with…..i didn’t like that poor nick got demoted, but still.

    • Jenna says:

      definitely agree! :)

    • Sazz says:

      I think the Petersen worship happens because Danson’s character is a dime a dozen. He’s just like all the other leading men on crime shows. People love and revere Petersen’s work because it was more unconventional (though now stuff copies characters like him too so the same can no longer be said). I personally don’t like DB. I don’t like Shue either, nor the girl who plays Morgan. They all irritate me, especially Morgan. Never even cared to figure out the actress’ name.

  12. suzanne says:


  13. TL says:

    Good Lord he’s pretty.

  14. Bob says:

    Oh, Alaric. You’re so much better than this.

  15. SonOfcoul says:

    Damn. Guess this rules him out for the Barry Allen character for Arrow/Flash spinoff. Damn.

  16. Becky says:

    Um, Ric needs to be back on TVD. Damon needs his best friend back.

    • Saitaina says:

      He’s dead and Bonnie’s gone, they can’t bring him back without brining in a new, dark witch and doing it would kill her off (and I’m getting tired of getting attached to characters that vanish).

  17. Em says:

    Well, I was hoping with Eads out of the way Eric Szmanda would have more air time. I guess Greg will never get the storylines he deserves. :(

    • G says:

      Yeah, I’ve given up on Greg getting more story lines, much less any new material in terms of character development; we still don’t even know where he lives :(. It’s like the writers are no longer as invested in the original cast, in comparison to these new characters they’ve been adding over the past few years.

      • GuestHere says:

        The primary writer for Greg left CSI when his contract wasn’t renewed–none of the new ones ‘picked’ Greg–so Eric as Greg gets almost nothing and when he does it is almost an “?” moment for the fans. New writers have no history with the show; neither does one of the current producers (worked for CSI Miami).

      • It’s obvious the writers have been bored writing for the same characters for quite a while. Just look at he quality of scripts last season and in the previous one. Provably the programmers are going for a new audience too. This usually means younger. An actor previously in TVD will. they trust attract new viewers.Mostly teenage girls at a guess.After all what do the older, regular viewers matter when there’s money to be made.
        Why don’t they do what a British soap did some years ago.The whole cast of characters were at a party on a boat and they blew it up. Boom! All gone. Enter complete new cast. And the CSI lab is full of potentially explosive chemicals.
        Do hope any writers won’t read these comments, might give them ideas. But when have they cared what the average viewer thinks or has opinions about.

  18. Jenna says:

    OMG!!! My biggest wish came true! Alarick joins CSI team!! Like what?! Love this… :)))))))))))

  19. G says:

    Either way, if this show doesn’t get cancelled; while it will definitely lose all of it’s long time fans if they keep weeding out the long time characters and replacing them with younger people (or just keep the original cast in the background, while they bring in a new cast); if these new actors are well known and good-looking, of course new, younger fans, who are familiar with them yet know nothing about the show’s history, will start watching CSI.

    I’m sure Morgan will hook up with Matt Davis, since they’re so invested in making her someone’s girlfriend and her personal drama. Even the family part of the show is gone, there’s no team cohesion whatsoever. If Eric, Jorja and George ever leave the show for good, I doubt they will ever get a proper send off.