Breaking Bad Recap: Student Becomes Teacher

Breaking Bad Season 5 RecapJesse both literally and figuratively uses some brains in this week’s Breaking Bad, ultimately leading to a heart-stopping, infuriatingly incomplete final scene. We’re way beyond “Magnets!” here, kids; let’s review the major developments that take place in “To’hajiilee.”

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BURNING FOR YOU | The episode opens with Lydia visiting Todd, Uncle Jack and Kenny at the end of a cook. The meth that Todd has produced is 76 percent pure. That’s “a lot more than it was” when Declan was in charge, Todd points out, but Lydia counters that it’s not blue — and “Blue is our brand.” The color problems happened because the heat was too high, Todd tells her over a cup of tea later. “You burned it. Like a cake,” she paraphrases (heh), then doesn’t seem to know what to do as he draws closer and puts a hand on her back, reassuring her that if her overseas distributors are upset about the color change, “I could ask my uncle to smooth things over with them.” It’s hilarious and disturbing at the same time; kudos to Jesse Plemons for simultaneously being awkward and chilling and inadvertently funny as Todd tries to put the moves on Ms. Madrigal — woh politely informs him that she’d just like him to make the cook better, thanks.

As she drives away, Todd’s cell goes off (ringtone: Thomas Dolby’s “She Blinded Me With Science,” heh), and it’s Walt’s call from the end of the previous episode. He asks for a hit: “Just one target, not currently in jail: Jesse Pinkman.” And away we go!

THE OFFAL TRUTH | Under a bridge somewhere in Albuquerque, said target is brainstorming with Gomez and Hank. Jesse is very aware they need evidence to put Mr. White in jail, and even though he doesn’t have anything concrete on Walt, “I know someone who might.” Next thing we know, Hank is dumping a butcher packet of brains and blood on his kitchen floor and telling Pinkman, “You’re up.” In the what what?

It’s all part of a ruse to make Huell, who’s been secreted away to a DEA safe house, think that Walt is killing off anyone who knows anything about his misdeeds – and that Saul’s butterball of a bodyguard is next on Heisenberg’s list. Huell immediately declares “That don’t make no sense!” but changes his tune when he sees Hank’s cell-phone picture of a dead-eyed Jesse laying next to the previously mentioned bloody sweetbreads, looking for all the world like he took a bullet to the noggin. Nice work, Hank! Cow brain hasn’t been this artfully used in a TV drama since Donna Martin spit it onto her plate at that French restaurant.

A very scared Huell coughs up what he knows about the money, the barrels, the rental van and the shovel Walt stored in the back of it. The lead seems to run cold, though, when Hank & Co. realize that the rental vans don’t have built-in GPS units anymore. “Yeah, but Walt doesn’t know that,” his brother-in-law remarks.

DEVIL OF MERCY | Here’s what Walt does know: He wants Jesse dead quickly, without suffering or fear. “Jesse is like family to me,” Walt growls to Uncle Jack’s gang, and God help him, I think he actually means it in his twisted way.

Funny how he shows that connection, though: by threatening Brock and Andrea in order to flush Jesse out of hiding – and into somewhere that Uncle Jack and his unwashed posse can do their thing. So White visits the single mom’s home under the guise of being worried that a missing Jesse is on a drug bender. As Andrea calls Jesse and leaves a voicemail (Walt explains that Jesse’s so angry, he won’t take Walt’s calls), Brock eyes Walter with unease. Go with your gut, kid!

At the car wash, one of Jr.’s first customers is Saul. The teen recognizes him from the commercials and is a little goofily star-struck. “Don’t drink and drive, but if you do, call me,” Goodman calls out (heh) as he strolls away to tell Walter Sr. that Huell is missing – and he thinks Jesse is behind it. “The kid is not as dumb as you think,” Saul says, but Walt’s too busy scoffing at the barrister’s bulletproof vest to take him seriously. (Don’t knock it, Walt; that vest is the only part of Saul’s outfit that doesn’t leave afterglow images on my retinas.)

WALT TAKES THE BAIT | But then Walt gets a picture text followed immediately by a call, and everything changes.

The image: A barrel of money, still buried in the ground but missing its lid. The call: Jesse taunting, “Got my photo, bitch? That barrel look familiar?” Walt jumps into his car, cell plastered to his ear, and flips out. He blows red lights. He swerves around traffic. And he blindly believes everything Jesse tells him: how Jesse pistol-whipped Huell into spilling about the van, how the van’s GPS led Jesse to Walt’s stash and how he’s going to burn the entire bounty if Walt doesn’t get there now.

Walt spends the entire trip out to the desert alternately pleading with and insulting Jesse… and admitting to everything under the sun except inventing New Coke and cancelling Bunheads. I love how all of his smarts fly right outta that bald head when his precious bundles of cash hang in the balance. Because you just know that Hank is tracking Walt’s phone (and — I hope — recording the conversation), meaning Heisenberg is leading them directly to his dig site. It’s a conclusion the meth master reaches, too, when he arrives at To’hajiilee Indian reservation and finds himself alone.

SHOWDOWN! As Hank’s SUV nears Walt’s spot, Walt calls Uncle Jack and gives him the coordinates so he can come finish Jesse’s job. But then Walt tearfully aborts the mission. “Do. Not. Come,” he enunciates right before he hangs up.

And then, in a tense sequence, Walt submits to Hank’s commands to give himself over to the DEA. There’s a lot going on in the scene: Jesse’s face as he realizes that Hank returned to the spot of their first cook, the gloating in Hank’s voice as he reveals that he faked the barrel picture “in the backyard by the barbecue grill” and reads Walt his Miranda rights, the palpable tension as a handcuffed Walt calls Jesse a “coward,” which earns him a face full of Pinkman spit and leads to a brawl that Hank and Gomez have to break apart.

Hank puts his brother-in-law in the backseat and asks Gomez to stay at the site with Jesse until backup arrives. Then, Schrader takes a moment to call his missus and tell her the good news, which is incredibly sweet but get in the car and go, Hank. They’re both teary as she says she’s “much better now” that she knows Walt’s in custody. Aw, Dean Norris and Betsy Brandt are breaking my heart here but please Hank I’m begging you for the love of Schraderbrau and all things purple get in the car and gooooooooo. As they hang up, two more cars rumble down the road and pull into the clearing.

IN WHICH EVERYTHING FALLS APART Walt recognizes the group of newcomers as Todd, his Uncle Jack and the rest, so he starts screaming for everyone to stop. But the car’s windows muffle his yelling, and the situation outside quickly devolves into a guns-blazing standoff. Meanwhile, Jesse’s in the front seat of the other car, chest heaving in fear as he scrabbles at the handle. And with a subtle look between Uncle Jack and Kenny, the shooting begins.

Walt dives down in the backseat of Hank’s car. There are a lot of bullets going a lot of places, but for some reason, Todd’s face stands out: The little psycho could be shooting monsters in his local arcade’s House of the Dead game, such is the lack of emotion on his face. I’m just waiting for the bullet that’s going to take out Hank and  hoping against hope he’ll somehow make it through and hyperventilating into my hand when the episode ends on a cliffhanging cut to black. Don’t franch with me, Breaking Bad!

Now it’s your turn. Is there any way Hank, Gomez and Jesse can make it out of that gunfight alive? Did you fear for Andrea and Brock when Walter showed up at their house? Don’t you kinda wish Mike was around to be the gruff voice of reason? And, we ask again, do you think Walt will be alive or dead by the end of the series’ final episode?

Based on last week’s poll results, you think Walt’s a goner. Consider this week’s installment, then vote again and we’ll revisit the results next recap. And don’t forget to sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Tony says:

    The last 15-20 minutes of this episode had me so tensed up and sweating like no other show has ever done. What a cliffhanger!!!

    • zigzagzoey says:

      Agree. It is absolutely amazing. I mean, how many times have you seen a gunfight on tv that did nothing for you? My mouth would not close! The only other time I was SO into it was the train episode. I loved that episode so much. This show is such GENIUS. Thank you to all of them. ♥

  2. Laura Aliaga says:

    Unfortunately, I think it’s definitely the end of Gomez and Hank is 50/50, but given that there are only 3 eps left, I’d say Hank’s a goner too :( Is it terrible that after all this, part of me is still rooting for Walt to get away with it?

    • SHAME ON U says:

      Yes, you are a terrible person. Shame on you.

      • dfhfgd says:

        i’m rooting for walt too i think most of us are you’re in the wrong boat missy

      • Not SO Fast... says:

        It’s not wrong at all. Hank is an anti-hero. He’s the protagonist. You’ve held your breath a hundred times hoping he cheats death. Of course you want him to get away. Hank broke bad too. He honestly didn’t care if Jesse died as long as he got his damn Heisenberg. Walt never wanted Hank to die, no matter what it meant to him personally. And he had to be pushed to the absolute wall over Jesse. A truly evil person wouldn’t have cared. Walt is FLAWED, tragically and horribly shaped by what he’s been through. But he’s not the epitome of evil some people think he is.

        • Not SO Fast... says:

          Walt is the antihero, not Hank.

        • tamihagglund says:

          YES. Why does no one get this? I think Hank’s hands are almost–ALMOST–as dirty as Walt’s, pretty much for the reasons you stated. Hank has little regard for human life if it doesn’t directly benefit him.

          • Seth Heisenberg says:

            Well said! I hate Hank and his b*tch wife. GO HEISENGERG! We will die of cancer when its time (just after the final episode!) I just hope his family gets to keep the money for some reason- no logical reason, just an emotional one. He did it for mostly good reasons. If it wasnt him killing crackheads with meth there would be dozens more. And its bringing money back from Europe! Does anyone know why AMC isnt playing any of the repeats anymore? Im not getting them on my DVD. I only started watching last year and ive missed a lot! Like why did Walt have to poison Jesse’s gs’s kid?

    • Jill says:

      I want Hank dead & Walt to get away. And I found myself questioning myself that if this was real life, would I want that…Breaking Bad just got deep, yo!

    • Mike R. says:

      Probably, but the great thing about Breaking Bad is you can root for anyone you want to, because there really isn’t a good guy, everyone is multiple shades of gray, even how Hank caught Walt is illegal, personally I want Walt to get what is coming to him, but I’m just enjoying the journey.

      • Snsetblaze says:

        I wa wondering when someone would mention that a lot of stuff Hank was doing would get evidence thrown right out by the Court. Even if they recorded walt’s confession when he was screaming at Jessie on the phone, every state has its own laws about taping/recording another. New Mexico might require some kind of notification. I don’t recall Hank having a permission to record even through a warrant.

    • Joe says:

      I’m totally rooting for Walt still. That’s why this show is brilliant. When Walt was cornered in the desert I was hoping Todd’s guns were coming to kill the 3 people who could take down Walt. Only master storytelling can get you to that kind of place as an audience.

    • neha says:

      I have to say that, when this season started, I wanted Hank to win so badly. And, now I’m totally Team Walt again. He basically was willing to sacrifice himself to save Hank, and even went to great lengths to save Jesse. He’s not a good person, but he’s also not the devil. I want him back on top.

    • Aaron P says:

      Hanks definitely dead. Dean Norris; lineup for next week’s Talk Dead is an AMC giveaway. He’ll be dead in a week sad to say

      • DJ says:

        If that was the case Michael Quezada would have been dead this episode. The only time the person being dead has ever appeared in the after show on Talking Dead was when in the promo they said there would be a surprise guest.

    • Dr. Matt says:

      I’m rooting for Walt also; I can’t help it … especially after Jesse ratted him out to Hank.

      Realistically, there is 0.0 chance of Hank and Gomez making it out of that shootout alive. Gomez had a pump-action shotgun that holds at the most, 8 shells. Hank had his service pistol, which is a Glock. Maybe he has a 19-round magazine and maybe he has 2 spare magazines on his belt. Todd and his uncle had handguns, but two members of the crew had fully automatic rifles and one had the AA12, a fully automatic shotgun, and appeared to have at least a 50-shell drum magazine.

      As Walt was being cuffed, I wondered to myself how he was going to get out, since we saw in the flash forward that he is on the lam a year later, using a fake name. Now, this might be why he’s free and on the run – he’s indirectly responsible for the killing of 2 DEA agents in addition to his former life as a meth kingpin. (Although admittedly, having to cook one last time for Todd’s uncle does remove the “former” from the equation.)

      • Hey Dr. Matt – thanks for the tip on the AA12 – I think you might be correct. But the magazine appears to be mounted with the axis parallel to the barrel – is that possible with the AA12? I’m still confused, need enlightenment. The barrel diameter looked more like 7.62 or something (I have not DVR’d it yet, need to stop some frames) Did you ID any of the other firearms used by Uncle Jack’s crew? Regarding Hank’s G22, we know he keeps spare mags, but I did not see him reload.

        • john says:

          the aa12 does not come in anything but 12 gauge hence the name aa 12, as in 12 gauge. there were two aa 12s a two assault rifles a full auto rifle and several handguns in the hands of the neo nazis, against a pump 12 gauge and a more than likely .40cal pistol.

    • Mary says:

      When Hank and Marie were saying their I Love Yous, I knew then that Hank would die. It was more like they were saying goodbye.

  3. TV Gord says:

    If I don’t see a Road Runner or Wile E. Coyote in a cameo on Breaking Bad before it ends, I’m going to start a petition or something…

  4. TV Gord says:

    Laura, I think Hank is done-fer, too. Telling Marie he loves her was classic foreshadowing.

    • meeee says:

      Yeah the whole ‘I love you’ bit made me think Hank was definitely a goner, I figured he would die in the last 10 seconds of the episode. But since he didn’t, maybe it was just that they were trying to make us think he was going to die? I kinda think he’s safe now since I don’t see them killing him off at the beginning of an episode.

    • Art says:

      Wasn’t Marie wearing black before talking to Hank. Hank us a gonner

      • Mike says:

        Yes she was wearing black…and the first sight of her was her looking down at a bloody mess…foreshadowing of poor Hank’s demise…then there were Hank’s words beofre hesaid “I love you,” which were… “It may be awhile before I make it home.” He is done.

        • Bmass87 says:

          Oh, totally! It reminded me a lot of that last cell phone conversation between (redacted) and (redacted) on Six Feet Under.

      • Liz says:

        I didn’t think she was wearing black. I thought it was dark purple. If you freeze-frame when she’s standing behind the counter with the phone in her left hand, her right half looks black, but her left half looks purple.

        I think they WANTED us to think she was wearing black.

    • tamihagglund says:

      That’s the genius of BB, though–going for that classic of a foreshadow feels cheap. Kind of like if Jesse died over a misunderstanding / misread of big dude in the public square. The writers and VG are so much smarter than that.

  5. That ending was a real nail biter. Gave me goosebumps. Down to the final three.

  6. Sarah says:

    Holy crazy intense ending!!! I was on the edge of my seat for the last half of the episode. This show is phenomenal!!! Sadly I think Gomez is definitely going to die… poor guy!

  7. AGM says:

    I agree the phone call to Marie was the typical sign that Hank’s gone…but then again, Breaking Bad has never done what I expected it to do. Jesse definitely survives this gunfight, because according to an interview, his most difficult scene is in one of these last few episodes, and I didn’t think any of his scenes in this one were really that difficult for him.

    Todd has to be the most disturbing minor character I’ve ever witnessed.

    • Louie says:

      Maybe he survives the initial gunfight… but I don’t think he gets out of the desert alive. A friend predicted that Walt will finally kill Jesse after Hank and Gomez fall and tell him about Jane as a final nail in the coffin before shotting him… the emotional outporing from that part may be what Aaron Paul was talking about

  8. chief4211 says:

    I would like to see Hank, Jeese, marie and Gomez to die. Walt and the kids leave town.

  9. Mike R. says:

    Look how happy Jesse was when he thought it was all over, but that is the show for you, Noone is ever really happy for long. I hope he survives at least the next episode, I’d hate to have no Jesse for the last three episodes, but u don’t see how they can get out of this.

  10. billy Boots says:

    Just watched this new episode after I freaked out. That was so epic. And btw… how many bullets does it take to hit 2 people? Youtube: /watch?v=BJOc_wLeaZM

  11. Justin Burnell says:

    Reblogged this on thehiltonburnellfiles and commented:
    The last scene where Jack and Walt were in the car with their hands cuffed and the cops started shooting. Intense.

  12. Kat says:

    I predict that Jesse will sneak away unnoticed and Walt will live (obviously). I think Hank’s a goner. As for Gomez and Todd…their fates could go either way. Gomez heard Walt’s confession, so if he lives, that could pose a problem for Walt. But even if Gomez dies, there’s still two people that want to see Walt behind bars in the mix…Jesse (most likely) and Marie.

  13. Mjan says:

    Honestly walt has to get away with this. He has not killed any innocent people.

    • AnnieM says:

      I’m not sure about that – did we ever find out if any other nursing home residents died when he blew up Gus? Also, he was pretty cavalier about Creepy Todd having killed that young boy. :-/

      • debra says:

        You can’t reason with people who make statements like that. I think that the news report said 3 people died in the explosion. But the OP would just say something like they were old & would have died soon anyway. “He has not killed any innocent people.” is a ridiculous thing to say. Who in this show is really innocent besides the friggin baby?

    • neha says:

      He did poison Brock. He did allow the death of a child to occur without batting an eye. I do think that Walt is fundamentally good (sacrificing himself for Hank), but he is the reason that a child is dead and another one could have been.

      • Nixon says:

        What death of a child? Brock is alive and Walt could not have stopped Todd from shooting that kid. Did he get emotional about it? Nope. Was he supposed to? But he didn’t want that to happen. He has no connection to the death of any child. Walt is the only reason Jesse isn’t dead. Remember when Jesse went to face down the 2 gangbangers who killed Tomas and Walt ran them over before they could kill Jesse?

        • neha says:

          I never said that Walt could have stopped Todd from killing the kid, but to see an innocent child being murdered in front of your eyes and not having any reaction to it? That’s cold. Plus, Walt is the one who set things in motion that killed the child. I’ve never argued that Walt doesn’t care about people. He was just willing to sacrifice himself to save Hank.

        • Angie S says:

          I think nehe is talking about the kid that was killed at the railroad tracks. Not Brock.

        • Anne says:

          Walt has been making and selling meth for a year. How can you possibly say no people have been hurt? How many people have o.d.’d or robbed and killed to buy it. Making and selling meth has spread misery in many, many forms to lots of people. Are you a crazy? Walt is not a good guy.

          • pinktheloser says:

            sorry to disappoint you but jesse was first on the cooking thing except he was doing in a retarded way which is normal for a crackhead he is.. was a loser before, and shows up as a loser and a coward after..

            all your considerations about the product walt was producing are a non sense in this situation

        • Rich says:

          Nixon – The child in the desert died as a direct result of what Walt and Jesse set in motion. He is responsible for that child’s death. No other way to see that.

          • allxsecrets says:

            Rich, I must point out that your terms “direct result” and “set in motion” don’t correlate (i.e. you can’t set in motion something that causes a direct result). The child DID die from what Walt “put in motion” and he would be charged under the felony murder rule. However, even though he was closly involved in the actions that lead up to crazy Todd pulling the trigger, it was “In Direct” because Walt did not pull the trigger and he also did not order Todd to pull the trigger..

          • Rich says:

            allxsecrets – What’s your point? Walt is resonsible, as is Jesse and Todd. And everything you set in motion has direct results. What are you talking about? You make no sense at all.

      • pinktheloser says:

        well yea, in that kind of business , you need to make moves..

        and honestly , with such a brother in law, with no kids, I wouldn’t have problems myself putting a bullet in Hank’s head.. the guy is a hater.. and let’s not speak about his wife.. just a true bitch that goes to the church after stealing in shops..

    • jen says:

      Uh hello, jane? The only thing she was guilty of was being a druggie

      • Not SO Fast... says:

        And he absolutely did NOT kill her. She died of an overdose, bought on by herself. Why should he have lifted a finger to help her? She hated him and wanted to turn him in.

      • Kat says:

        He killed her. He is reason Jane was on her back when she began to vomit. Also, he could have easily turned her over when she started choking, but he didn’t. Also, Walt is basically responsible for Gale’s death. He didn’t give Jesse much of a choice, now did he?

        • Not SO Fast... says:

          He did NOT kill her. She rolled over when he was trying to wake Jesse. He did not intentionally put her in that position to die. SHE was responsible for her own death FAR MORE than he was. Could have helped her? Yes. Should he have helped her? Yes. Did he KILL HER? No.

  14. Mike says:

    Incredible show and episode…I immediately called my son who also was watching. Hank and Gomez die, Jesse is forced to cook, Marie poisons herself, Skyler loses it disappears with the kids…via “Saul’s guy” who makes that happen….so the only “family” Walt has left is Jesse….final episode is Walt finding his soul and going to get Jesse and kill Lydia. Why does it have to end???!!!!! Uggghhhh.

  15. Paul says:

    I think Walt will be the only one to survive but not for long because they need him to cook one last batch for Todd uncle and then they will shoot Walt.

  16. AnnieM says:

    As far as the very end, I just hope Jesse makes it out alive. I do think that if Walt survives the finale, he will have lost everything and be alone.

  17. RJ says:

    Well, remember the first episode of the season: he revisits his house at some point. It can’t be until the final episode (at least) given the home was a total dump. It would take some time to get to that point, and I don’t see it happening anytime in the next two episodes.

  18. Just a passerby says:

    There’s an error in the article. Jesse is placed in Walt’s car, not Gomez’s. Gomez came in the SUV with Hank and Jesse, and the only other car there belonged to Walt.

  19. Stuart says:

    I want Jessie and hank to live. I hope Walt is caught and skyler dies. He can’t be allowed to get away. He really is the devil

    • JBC says:

      I want Walt and Skyler to both go to jail. Walt has become such a baddie, he needs to pay. I want Hank and Marie to take the kids. I want Jesse to go into witness protection with Brock and Andrea.

    • pinktheloser says:

      lol you are so retarded.. the evil lol.. people understand nothing apparently.
      If Walt was the evil.. jesse as well as Hank would be dead for long time by now,… and actually this would be more realistic..

      Do you see Hank’s face (and Marie) when they speak of him? they are sick people wanting revenge (what for btw, did ever Walt did anything to them except running from Hank’s investigation)

      You have no idea what the good is.. you are just a basic person.. Only Hank has the true value of family and friendship. period

  20. Justin Burnell says:

    Correction: Walt and Jesse was in the car being handcuffed by the police. I was wrong about Walt and Jack though.

  21. neha says:

    My prediction is that Hank and Gomez both die. Walt kills Todd/Todd’s uncle to avenge the deaths. And, Jesse makes it out somehow. I don’t know how, but I can’t believe that the writers would kill Aaron Paul’s character with two episodes to go.

  22. Fernando says:

    Man that was INTENSE!!! At this point the only thing i´m pretty sure it´s that marie is the one responsible for writing down heinsenberg in walt´s home, after his husband dies. Marie´s character will take more protagonism in this last 3 episodes.

  23. Nixon says:

    I’m hoping Walt lives long and prospers. Jesse IS a coward. Anyway, I predict Todd’s uncles gang kills hank and Gomez (did I mention I’m rooting for Walt?) but kidnaps Jesse and forces him to cook for them, using threat of killing Andrea and Brock, as leverage. Walt gets his family to Europe but comes back to save Jesse. He knows he’s dying so he tries to do the right thing. He gets the machine gun for a last stand with the bad guys. It’s the heroes journey, completing the circle, from good guy (seasons 1-3) to bad guy (seasons 4-5) to good guy (current season) and he goes out saving someone he has said is like family.

  24. Yo Haji Lee, bitch! says:


    Walt, as we all know, survives the shoot out. And thanks to a CBS Sunday Morning interview with Cranston on Aug 11th we know he ends up with at least 1 barrel of cash in the back of a really old pickup with that blue shirt & beige jacket…filthy from, apparently, digging up said barrel. He’s seen in his driveway with Skyler & Jr. slinging suitcases into the bed of the truck yelling at them that they are leaving immediately.

    So. I surmise that after the shoot out Walt goes with the Nazis to do a cook to pay them back, takes one of their trucks, goes & excavates a barrel of cash, loads up the family (or tries to), calls Saul(TM) and then heads to New Hampshire. There he plots his revenge against Jesse & the Nazis.

  25. Yo says:

    Come on. Anyone who thinks Walt is evil isn’t a true fan. Hank and Gomez die. It’s not that hard to figure out. Jesse might get away (the ricin is for him) and the m60 is for Todd and his uncle’s crew. You’re welcome.

  26. David4 says:

    Some people here need to watch Homeland, every episode is just as insane as this, and it’s only in season 2ish.

    I hope everyone is dead besides Walt. Then Walt spends the next few episodes walking in the desert thinking of what he has done and then just falls. Dead. Cancer. His family never gets the money.

  27. Bmass87 says:

    That’s why Breaking Bad is so brilliant– with one hand, the show delivers and episode fraught with tragic conversations and beautiful character nuances, then with the other hand, we get episodes with profound tension that force us to do a forty-five minute kegel to keep from crapping ourselves. If Walt lives or dies, I’ll be crestfallen.

    • Bmass87 says:

      Oh, and did anybody else see the creepy way Todd thumbed that lipstick print on Lydia’s tea mug? Todd will survive the gunfight, if only to do something horrible or chivalrous to ol’ LR-Q. And can I imagine making Lydia’s tea was no doubt harder than the cook.

  28. Michael says:

    I think Gomey is a goner, Hank may be injured, but I don’t think he’ll die (just yet). I can see Todd getting injured or killed here, too, which would obviously ruin the aryan brothers’ plans of cooking, which brings me to……they kidnap Walt for the cook(s). He probably will come up with some way to get the drop on them in the lab (a la fulminated mercury style, etc). This will lead him and the family going on the run, until he remembers one last thing sometime down the road, the ricin in the wall socket. He gathers as much ammo as he can, as he knows the DEA, the aryans, Lydia and who knows who else is searching for him. It’s the last piece of the life he left behind, and you know how he is about loose ends. This is all just theory, of course.

  29. Randy Steele says:

    I still don’t understand what they arrested Walt for. Someone explain that to me please. They didn’t have anything on him. His confession to the murders and crimes didn’t matter because they had no warrant. If they found the money all he might get is Tax evasion and a felony for the gun. Anyway I believe that Hank and Gomey do end up getting killed. Not so sure about Jesse but I have a feeling he ends up dead. I don’t want him to but he done some terrible things. Walt refuses to cook and pisses the aryans off and they either kidnap his family or plan on killing his family. Maybe he even fakes his own death which is why he has a fake ID and a crappy car. It would explain his neighbor acting like she’s seen a ghost when Walt goes home to get the ricin. After that I’m not sure what happens though but it then leads up to him buying the gun. I’m really rooting for walt but we know he’s dead. It’s going to be sad for Walt (and Hank, Gomey most likely Jesse) to die but both Walt and Jesse have done some terrible things. I just hope that Walts children get the money. Everything he did would be for nothing if they don’t get it.

    • neha says:

      They were presumably recording his conversation with Jesse on the phone, where he admitted that he killed Tuco, poisoned Brock, buried the money, etc. Plus, when you uncover 7 barrels of money (worth tens of millions of dollars), it’s not just tax evasion. They are going to look into how you made that money, and they will find something. And, they have Huell’s testimony. There is more than enough circumstantial evidence for him to, at least, get charged.

      • Randy Steele says:

        I’m sure they were recording the phone call but it’s just hearsay. They certainly didn’t have a warrant and without one it’s hearsay. It’s still not a crime to have alot of money though.

        • neha says:

          When it’s unaccounted for in your tax forms, it is. And, it’s not hearsay. Hearsay is when Jesse says that Walt said something. This is an actual recorded conversation. Lawyers can argue the legitimacy of it, but it would definitely be enough to get someone arrested. Not convicted, but arrested.

    • j says:

      They can’t be arresting him with the money as evidence since they don’t have it yet. Why wouldn’t they just have him show them where it is. Plastic barrels won’t have as much of a heat signature as metal so using infrared probably would not work. They would have to use the recording from Jesse’s call. But then again in the season opener he was not in jail.

    • allxsecrets says:

      Here is why they arrested him.

      1. His phone confession IS valid. It was made in a phone call with Jesse who consented to the call. New Mexico is a one party consent stare as are 37 others.

      2. Jesse’s statements. It is not heresay because Jesse is a direct 1st party witness. He saw everything that Walt did and can testify to it. Heresay would be if Skylar told Marie something witnessed Walt doing, then Marie told Hank. Hank could not use Marie’s heresay as evidence.

      3. Huell’s statements backed up Jesse’s statements. Huell directly witnessed a lot of things including the ricen vial.

      If the prosecutor takes those 3 things to a grand jury a grand jury will say there is probable cause to have a criminal trial. They don’t say he’s guilty, only that there is enough evidence for a trial. Plus, it doesn’t take a unanimous vote from a grand jury, only a majority. AND, a grand jury only hears the prosecutions side, so Walt would not be able to give any defense to a grand jury. So no Walt blaming hank video would be seen at that time.

      • AGM says:

        Really interesting information. For #2: my concern/curiosity is whether Jesse really did give a full, complete, honest statement of Walt did. We never saw it. Do we really know what he said? I feel as if this may be a factor, especially concerning whether Jesse really is a coward or a rat.

  30. Yoki says:

    More foreshadowing: Todd told his uncle to put the mask on because of the fumes. Remember how Wakt killed those guys in the very first episode?

  31. Frank says:

    I want Hank and Gomez to die, but the episode ends with ZERO deaths. Strange… makes me think Hank lives, despite the foreshadowing (phone call with Marie). Also, one would think that 6 professional hit-men could kill 2 unprepared cops with little cover. Todd’s team-members all had great rests too. If you’re a hunter like me, you realize how pathetic that shooting sequence was.

    For the record, I have always been team Walt and nothing has changed. Yeah, he poisoned a kid, but Brock is still alive. He killed a bunch of criminals, but that’s just part of the game. No innocent men are dead by Walt’s hand. Mike’s death was tough to watch, but that was a crime of passion; not premeditated. He still cares about Hank, even though we all know he’s a complete asshole. And Jesse IS a coward and a rat. And he’s just as cold-blooded as Walt. He straight up murdered Gale. Walt is just stronger, and has more to fight for. The only psychopath in this show is Todd!

    • Anne says:

      I really does scare me how some on this sight try to say that Walt hasn’t hurt anyone other that criminals who deserved it. I understand pulling for the bad guy – in this story or others like Tony Soprano. If they didn’t keep getting away with it, the show would end, so we keep pulling for them. But, to try and justify it by saying Walt hasn’t hurt any innocent people, that only criminals died, that it was a crime of passion, etc, ad nausem, makes me fear for your moral compass. Walt and Jesse have hurt lots of people in lots of ways. They cook and sell meth, for God’s sake. They hurt people. They both need to pay in one way or another. And I do pull for them to get away with it for as long as possible for the sake of watching an excellent show. I don’t want it to end. But to say they aren’t bad, don’t desever punishment is just wrong.

  32. Admiral Crunch says:

    It turns out a Native American saw Walt burying the money and the barrels are actually gone with a note “Payment for our land…accepted!” :-)

    Then Walt gets the money back the next day as he wins the Powerball with the GPS coordinate lottery tickets!

  33. i really don’t want hank to die :( i have a feeling jesse won’t die … but hank? man… NO! WHY, WALT CAN’T KEEP GETTING AWAY WITH THINGS /ugly crying jesse style.

  34. YL says:

    The only way I see Hank getting out alive is if Jesse in the other car rolls up and they dolphin dive into the car, and run away. However, you have to remember the earlier episodes where Hank bought that m60. All the sudden the word “revenge” comes up in my mind. But, revenge for what? The shootout with the cousins really solidified me as a team Hank guy.

  35. tanmoy says:

    I think jesse’s lyk a dog,,before it was walt who gave him the bone n now its hank doin the same,,hank actlly beat him to death n dnt even cares if he lives or dies,,,walt on the other hand,has never actlly hurt him ,,infact he saved his life on many ocassions
    jesse on the other hand always had the tendendency to betray walt n now he has done that
    so i think he shud be punished for that,,,about hank and gomez,,i dnt really care for them,,they’r goner anyway

  36. Admiral Crunch says:

    I’m a little bit confused as to how Hank tracked Walt in the final sequence. If he had told others at DEA and got a warrant, he could have gotten the info from the cell phone company, but that didn’t happen. So had Hank placed another device on Walt’s car, or was Walt physically followed by Hank’s SUV?

    Also, given how paranoid Walt is about tracking devices, how is it that he didn’t search the van for a GPS? Walt is smart and would’ve known that some rental places use it, and thus searched under the hood (for an non-convert tracker) and also for something Hank or Huell placed. Having done this and found nothing, he should have found it suspicious when it’s claimed the Van had GPS. (Or you’d think Walt would just have bought a GPS jammer by this point.)

    It’s sad to see all Walt’s planning go up in smoke. Perhaps it’s just that I’m a Libertarian and don’t believe drug enforcement does anything but create violence and erode the Constitution. The actor playing Hank does a good job, but I just can’t love the character.

    • j says:

      I’m surprised walt would have Huel rent the van – except that he didn’t want his name in that mix. Huel would not know to get a van without gps. This seems like a real gap in the logic. My husband and I figured that rental companies take the beginning and ending mileage on vehicles and Huel mentioned taking it to a car wash. If you took the begin mileage and then figured loosely the mileage of the car wash they used (walts!) to the rental you could loosely figure out a circle of where he might have gone. If part of it was not desert that hones it in more. They could have been laying in wait for him to pass by.

    • MM says:

      I was just assuming Hank put a second tracking device on Walt’s car. I don’t think Walt suspected Hank would use a second one and was in too much of a panic to think he was being set up when he got Jesse’s phone call.

      • Russell says:

        They tracked Walt through his GPS on the phone, which is why Jesse told him he would burn all the money if he hung up on him. He needed to keep him on the line to pinpoint where he was through his GPS. It is also why Walt ripped the battery out when he arrived and realized he was set up. When he saw the car pulling up he went and put the phone back together to call Todd’s Uncle.

        • Admiral Crunch says:

          How could Hank/Gomey do this without a warrant? The phone company doesn’t just give out your GPS location (or tower triangulation, if GPS is turned off) to anyone that asks. Since no one else at DEA knows about Walt, and therefore no warrant, where would Hank be getting Walt’s GPS info? Did he get Hank to install a virus on his phone that illegal transmits the info? :-/

          • Faster says:

            Because it’s a TV show and they were clearly planning on asking for forgiveness rather than permission.

          • Admiral Crunch says:

            Wait, it’s a TV show? That’s not what my dog tells me when he gives me telepathic commands! :-)

      • MM says:

        I’m wrong – Walt is still hiding out at the hotel, right? Hank wouldn’t know where his car is. How DID they track him out to the desert?

    • allxsecrets says:

      Here is my theory… Walter is like Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde. Walt is smart but not a criminal genius like Heisenburg. Walt’s #1 concern is keeping his family financially secure and safe. Heisenburg’s is hell bent on empire building and not letting anyone take what’s his. I also don’t think that Heisenburg cares that much about Walt’s family.

      Anyway, Walter did not setup the van rental, Saul did using Huell. You could tell that it was “Walt” taking control of the money because when he looked at the barrels of cash in the cargo van he knew that some was missing. Walter simply said to Huell “close enough” because he knew that Huell had skimmed some off the top. Walt was just thankful that Huell was “trustworthy” enough to bring him most it. Heisenburg would have never stood for this.

      Ever since Walt left the business, Heisenburg has been dying a slow death. Therefore Walt is making mistakes that Heisenburg would never make.

      It’s also very hard to check for a hidden GPS on a rental car. They are tiny and can be hidden anywhere. Plus, to save battery life, many of them only transmit once every hour. Just enough time for a rental company to find a stolen or lost car.

      So, when Walt saw Jesse’s pic of the cash in the barrel, his mind went into “Walt-mode” thinking only of the financial loss his family face. He was so distracted thinking about the money that Jesse was burning that he would not have noticed anyone following him.

      Also, at this point in time, Hank has access (because he now heads his department) to any tracking equipment he wants, even for off the books missions. He could have a tracking device on Walt’s car and it would be something better than that consumer-grade piece of crap he bought online when he was disgraced and on leave.

      Don’t forget… Walt is a smart genius, but he’s not perfect. If he was he wouldn’t be in this spot.

  37. Paul says:

    My predition is gomey dies. Hank throws up the white flag and shows his badge. Walt negotiates for Hanks and Jessie’s lives by agreeing to cook. Marie tries to expose Walt and writes Heisenberg in the house. Walt needs the rison to kill Jack and crew.

  38. zigzagzoey says:

    I could not believe how LONG it took for Walt to realize he had been duped!

  39. j says:

    Gomea is doa.

  40. j says:

    Walt in the end will not make it. To make it a true tragedy all that he has done will have been in vain. The money will either be seized by the government or never found. The house looked to be fenced in which indicates it was impounded by the police. His family will have less than they started with in the beginning and he will die. The family relationships will have been destroyed.

    • Lyn says:

      Kind of can’t believe how many people want this to end with Walt free & victorious and his family super-wealthy. The most interesting thing to me — hard to explore on TV, I guess — is the question of how much of the megalomaniac this mild-mannered schoolteacher had inside him all along. I find it weird that so many people are captivated by the idea that just having cancer entitles a man to become a murderous thug and his family to be billionaires.

      • Cate Amos says:

        I don’t think it’s just the cancer that drove Walt over the edge. I believe in season 1 (or 2) there was mention of his work as a chemist with some big company/corporation. For whatever reason, that didn’t work out so he got into teaching. Apparently that wasn’t keeping him and Skyler living at a the socioeconomic level they wanted, so Walt took a second job at the car wash. Dealing with adolescents during the day and an a**hole boss in the evenings can make someone feel pretty impotent. Quite a few of my chemistry teacher colleagues say (in jest) they can easily see themselves making a decision to cook to make extra cash. No mention on if they would leave a trail of dead bodies in their wake.

      • JBC says:

        Agree with you Lyn. Walt needs to pay for his evil choices. He is a serial murderer and has put his family at risk, and will do whatever he has to do to get himself out of jam. The tape about Hank , the hit on Jesse, Killing Mike, Poisoning Brock and all the other killings etc.. Horrible!!
        Hard to believe anyone would root for him to be free and rich.

        • Admiral Crunch says:

          Everyone Walt killed was already involved in the drug business. Either working a “cover job” at Gus’s lab, distributing Meth on the streets, protecting it (Mike), or acting as a bag man for Mike (the lawyer). Walt’s never killed anyone not already deep into the drug trade.

          If Hank killed all those people you’d just say he was doing 10 years of DEA work in one afternoon, right?

        • pinktheloser says:

          the tape on hank..
          he is just trying to protect himself and his family.. if he was a bad guy, hank would be gone in a matter of hours.. you guys have no thinking at all about what a bad guy is..

          but me, when i see hank and marie hating so much ahha , i know who are the bad guys..

          • Anne says:

            I think “pinktheloser” is a sociopath. All your comments here taken together are really scary. You don’t really believe all this crap you’re writing do you? Walt, Jesse, Todd, et al. are all bad and deserve to be punished. Granted, I’ve pulled for them to get away with it for years so I could keep watched this really excellent show. But, OF COURSE, they have to pay. They should not get away with it in the end. Try to think about what you’re saying, pinktheloser.

  41. Sean Anderson says:

    I’m convinced I have figured out Walt’s demise. This whole thing started when Walt was diagnosed with cancer. The cancer will kill him in the final episode. It’s a full circle thing. The very thing that started this mess, ends it. The phone call before the shootout with one last “I love you,” was sweet, but a dead giveaway of Hank’s demise. Until Jack’s crew rolls up, I was convinced Walt would find a way to get the cuffs in front of his body and strangle Hank to death on the way back into town. There was an ominous feeling boiling over–and when Jack’s posse rode up—I knew, this was it for Hank. I believe Jesse survives. Hank and Gomez are dead. I’ve never been into a show like this….ever. I don’t even have TV at home. I have Netflix—watched every episode of Breaking Bad there–and I invite myself over to a friend’s house for the new episodes…
    My next plan is to travel to Albuquerque for a weekend soon and take the Breaking Bad Tour!

  42. Walkie says:

    I don’t think Hank dies because it’s too obvious after his phone call with his wife. It was obvious that the writer’s want you to think that Hank is going to die after that call.

    The show isn’t that obvious.

  43. methlomania says:

    if Hank goesn’t buy the farm, this time, I’m gonna feel cheated. Hank is a stereotypical, cop asshole. He nearly beat Jesse to death, with impunity, and then got promoted. Unlike Gomez, Hank showed callous disregard for whether Walt intended to Kill Jesse, and actually thought that might be a positive outcome. He gloated over the arrest, showing that it was all just an ego thing for Hank, who didn’t like being made to feel stupider than usual, by his “egghead” brother-in-law.

    As for Walt, I do still want him to get away with it, but only because of his kids. They should get the money, and Walt should die. Then Skylar should go to prison. Face it, Skylar is a self-righteous, conrol-freak, punishing shrew. Walt has turned so many corners, it’s hard to keep track. But Walt was right to keep what he was doing from Skylar, even if he was wrong to do it, in the first place. Some women are okay with “I can’t tell you everything,” but not Skylar, who would’ve immediately told her sister and Hank, anyway, if Walt had clued her in, from the start. Walt’s no good at lying to her, though, so he either should have come up with a better cover-story, like religious counseling, to prepare for death, or just told her there were some things he had to do, to make sure she and the kids would be okay, when he was gone, things he couldn’t tell her about. Problem is, in the second scenario, Skylar would’ve immediately enlisted Hank to talk Walt out of whatever it was (which, upon reflection, might not have been a bad idea). From Walt’s perspective, he had no choice but to do what he did, and to lie about it.

    Anyway, I want Walt dead, before he kills again (Carol, for instance). Jesse’s should be sold into meth-cook servitude, to Todd’s uncle. Lydia and Skylar should share a cell in federal prison. Hank and Gomez (sorry, Gomey) need to die in the fire fight. Walt Jr should become an international playboy, on Walt’s laundered drug money. Holly starts a charity to counsel underachieving cancer victims.

  44. Angie S says:

    Walt will survive to cook for the nazis but his cancer will get him in the end. Jesse also makes it out alive. Gomez and Hank are goners. Poor Gomez- he should have taken that job in Texas. The Ricin is to kill the nazis or Lydia or both.

  45. el_baron says:

    This is one of the most poorly written articles in history (heh). It’s like reading a forum post writ large.

  46. Cate Amos says:

    I really don’t see any way Walt could survive the finale.
    1 – Todd and his uncle probably think he is trying to renege on the deal to cook since he tried to call off the hit on Jesse. Even if they do manage to get him out of the desert in one piece for one more cook, he won’t be doing it willingly. This will end up putting another target on his back.
    2 – Even if Hank gets out alive, Marie will open a serious can of whoop-ass on Walt the first chance she gets. Remember, she’s been researching poisons. Just think of how she was the first time Hank was shot; if he dies, there will be Hell to pay.
    3 – Jesse can be a huge factor if he can get to a gun before Todd’s goons take him out. I wonder what he’s planning on doing as he’s opening the door to the car.
    4 – Walt has been walking around with a death sentence from the beginning. It’s only a matter of the cancer taking its toll or someone in the business killing him first.

  47. FreeRyde says:

    The ending reminded me of Quentin Tarantino’s sense of humor…
    All those bullets flying and nobody got hit….yet.

  48. cj says:

    Gomez will die. Walt Jesse and hank get away and have to work together.

  49. Not SO Fast... says:

    Marie accidentally poisons everyone BUT Walt.