Mistresses' Alyssa Milano Previews Finale's Big Cliffhangers, Offers Season 2 Renewal Update

Mistresses Season 2ABC wouldn’t dare put Mistresses to bed, would it?

The frothy summer guilty pleasure is heading into its season finale Monday (9/8c) with growing ratings and buzz but without a Season 2 renewal.

But fret not, Mistresses fans. In the following Q&A, leading lady Alyssa Milano offers a somewhat optimistic assessment of the soap’s pickup chances, and also makes a strong case for why you should watch Monday’s closure-and-cliffhanger-packed finale.

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TVLINE | Why hasn’t ABC renewed the show yet? What are you hearing?
We all hope it happens. Everyone is pulling for us. We were supposed to find out about a pickup by August 15. And the network extended our contracts until September 30. So they have until September 30 to make a decision. It’s tough to imagine that they won’t pick it up, only because the response has been so great from fans and the media. At least that’s where I’m keeping my mind at so I don’t completely stress out about the possibility of it not coming back. But these are the chances that we take when we choose to do television. It’s all such a crapshoot. You just don’t know what’s going to hit.

TVLINE | I hear Monday’s finale ends with a few cliffhangers…
Yes, there are some cliffhangers. But even though there are cliffhangers, there are some moments of closure that will satisfy [viewers] that hung in there with us throughout the season.

TVLINE | Anything specific you can tease?
Karen thinks she’s done with the Greys, because the trial is over and everything seems neat and tidy, but that gets opened up again. April has a choice that she has to make between her dead husband and her boyfriend. [Laughs] No easy choice there. And we do finally find out who [Savi]’s baby daddy is.

TVLINE | We saw a gun being raised in the promo – can you tell us who’s in peril?
No. [Laughs] I can’t. I’ll tell you this — it’s either Karen, April, Savi or Joss. [Laughs]

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TVLINE | Joss already declared she was Team Harry, not Team Dom. What is your hope for the outcome of Savi’s love triangle? Does the paternity of the baby make a difference to your opinion?
I’m trying to think how to word this without giving too much away… I hope that if the show does come back that Savi has some closure in either direction and is able to forgive herself for the mistakes that she’s made.

TVLINE | One thing viewers seem to love is the camaraderie of the four women. How has it been forging that chemistry?
It was pretty instantaneous. We all met for the first time at the table read, which was the Thursday before the Sunday that we started shooting. So we didn’t really have a lot of time; it was pretty quick. They’re all really smart, really funny, strong, talented women that are so inspiring to be around all day.

TVLINE | There are some nice comedic moments mixed in to break up the heightened drama. Do you enjoying playing those as much as it seems?
Absolutely. My favorite thing to do as far as acting goes is to find the humor in those moments. And the writers make it very easy to do it, because they have the same mindset about the tone of the show. I think anyone that’s ever watched Charmed knows that that’s a big part of anything I do — I have to find the humor in it. [Laughs]

TVLINE | For folks who haven’t hopped on the Mistresses bandwagon, give a 30 second pitch for why they should watch the finale.
I have a 30-second pitch for why they should get caught up before the finale. All of these women are relatable and they’re all on a very specific journey. And the sisterhood between the four characters is something I think people will enjoy watching. We also make a social statement about the businesswoman that seemingly has everything together with her career and is very driven, but her personal life is completely unraveling.

TVLINE | Should the renewal go down to the wire, do you have any suggestions for what fans should send ABC to encourage them to do the right thing?
[Laughs] There are so many things they can send…. I think one item from each character, [including] a pregnancy stick from Savi and a whip from Joss. They should definitely get creative.

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  1. Jen says:

    ABC stop screwing around like Savi and renew Mistresses already! :)

    • CJH says:

      I agree 1000%!!!

    • Brooke says:

      I was soooo hoping it would be Harry!!! I’m so upset that it was Domique!!!! Season 2 she needs to go with Harry…have a flash forward one year… Loose the baby with Dominique and get pregnant with Harry baby. I hope someone at Abc is reading this!! :)

    • Nico smith says:

      Yes, I would not want to see Mistresses taken off so quickly. I enjoyed each character and the intrigue it left you with for each coming episode. I do not watch mini series often but this one has been very interesting and loving to watch. I Savi does not loose the baby.

    • Sara says:

      Agree ABC renew it already.

    • Lisa B. says:

      I agree please bring back another season of Mistresses I love this show. I love the friendship between the ladies and the bond that they have. As for the baby I had a feeling it would be Dom’s. While I love both characters of the Dom and Harry I feel that the passion is there between Savi and Dom I just feel it so. Savi truly loves Harry it is obvious and I think she loves Dom. Either way it will be a difficult decision and whomever she chooses who knows if it will work out in the future? The fact is that there will always be someone who gets hurt. So whatever you bring back for season 2 I look forward to watching!!!!!!

    • Lisa B. says:

      I agree please bring back another season of Mistresses I love this show. I love the friendship between the ladies and the bond that they have. As for the baby I had a feeling it would be Dom’s. While I love both characters of the Dom and Harry I feel that the passion is there between Savi and Dom I just feel it so. Savi truly loves Harry it is obvious and I think she loves Dom. Either way it will be a difficult decision and whomever she chooses who knows if it will work out in the future? The fact is that there will always be someone who gets hurt. So whatever you bring back for season 2 I look forward to watching!!!!!!

    • Berna says:

      I really hope that this will continue, and not leave us viewers hanging. I am really into this show every time that I watch this I cant wait to see what happens next. I would be disappointed if this show don’t go on. Because so many other shows such as honey boo boo should be cut I don’t think this show is entertaining at all. Mistresses at least there show gets viewers excited for the next episode.

  2. SK says:

    I can’t wait for Monday’s season finale. I’m glad we finally get to know who is the father of Savi’s baby (Harry, I hope). I certainly do hope it gets renewed.

  3. sladewilson says:

    I’m hoping Dom is the father. Harry gets on my nerves. I definitely want another season of Mistresses!!!!

    • thabang says:

      I am hoping that Dom is the father too, he is soo great and harry is just a walking stick with a cute accent, he’s just not doing it for me, his character can die. ABC should serious renew this series it is the best thing made.:)

    • Janet says:

      So glad Dom is the father I think her husband is lame, Dom and Savi would have a better romance.. It seems to be another hit like Scandal.. Renew them or lets all protest..

    • Julie says:

      I also would like it to be Dom’s because Harry gets on my nerves also. But ABC, it would be a mistake to cancel this show. The only character I don’t like is April’s suppose to be dead husband. she needs to dump him.

  4. melinda says:

    I only watched the first episode so I could see Brett Tucker aka Harry, whom I had really enjoyed watching on McLeod’s Daughters. I was instantly hooked for the entire season within watching the first 5 minutes, and I’m not usually into dramas but the writing and especially the acting has been superb. Here’s hoping it’ll renew!

    • Jenn says:

      Brett Tucker? How did I miss that? I loved him on McLeod’s Daughters.

    • Tiffany says:

      Its only cuz of savi and harry that i watch the show!!!!! I hope she picks harry to be with her in season two…. I would actually stop watching if she picks dom because they don’t seem right together!

  5. Danna says:

    Never thought I’d say it but I’m on the Dom team. Harry is so unlovable and I like Savi better when she is with Dom, he makes her smile.

  6. Martin says:

    Not to go all Kelly Taylor on it, but she should be Team Savi.

  7. Mako says:

    well since this is following the original show… u can find out who the baby daddy is by just watching 5 episodes of the british one…

  8. YLI says:

    I hope they renew I am team Harry hope he’s the father It’s an amazing show and the entire cast is amazing.

  9. Please, please, please renew!!!! My #1 favorite show!!!!

  10. Whatever says:

    I like the show but I don’t know if I could stand another season of Karen being so frakkin stupid.
    That woman has to wise up for season 2.

  11. MadamePom says:

    If it gets cancelled, find the UK version of it, that got a full run :)

    • JulesR says:

      The UK version is sublimely better than this…I desperately hope they drop it before they ruin the source material more. I find this version to be so soapy and melodramatic. So gratuitous too. Some actors are just awful in it. I hope it drops and they can bring the real show over here.

    • Brooke says:

      Who was the father in the uk Verizon? Did Savy get in car accident in that version.

  12. Sandy says:

    Okay warning: i thought the finale was really disappointing. I won’t say spoilers unless ppl want them, but the “climax/cliffhanger” was such a let down, and oddly predictable. I serious don’t know where the writting went, or the acting for that matter. It may get a second season, considering this kind of tv sells, but im now kind of hoping they don’t renew now and try again with something more consistent and better acted.. Sorry, I’m not an expert or anything, just a disappointed and really pissed ex-fan. This article just made me so frustrated seeing Alyssa hype it up like ABC does, and theyre trying so hard–if youre a fan, just Adjust expectations appropriately please cause mine were high.

    • Happicat says:

      I wish people would stop picking this show apart and being so critical. Just relax and enjoy a fun little show….it’s a SOAP! Not an academy award movie…sheesh…..

  13. Valentin says:

    I WANT THE SHOW TO BE RENEWED. Team Harry all the way! I love that series even though the pilot was not that great, Mistresses evolved and I LOVE IT!!!!!!! Fingers crossed (+ I’m french haha)

  14. Stacy says:

    Can’t wait for the finale but hoping they pick up the show for season 2 & many more. Love the wonderful job everyone is doing Good Luck and thanks for keeping us all on the edge of our seats.

  15. Happicat says:

    RENEW!! It’s my favorite show!!! The world needs shows like this! If I have to watch another murder show, I’ll SCREAM!! Enough already!!

  16. You must renew! It’s entertaining. Team Harry!!!

  17. bbjlawyer says:

    I agree that TV needs more quality scripted programming (because I just simply refuse to watch “reality” TV), but I’m sorry, this is just not it. I have watched all summer (because the majority of the truly good scripted shows, aka Homeland, Parenthood, Mad Men, etc. are on hiatus), and the over-the-top, soapy melodrama just doesn’t do it for me. The necessary suspension of disbelief is equalled only by daytime soaps. I like relationship shows — I loved Friday Night Lights, and even Gilmore Girls — but this just doesn’t do it for me. Give me credit for just a LITTLE BIT of intelligence. Psychiatrists don’t sleep with their patients (and then their sons — ewww) — and they don’t get their licenses yanked based on a single interview. And that’s just ONE character. The others are just as bad, and I can’t say I would be crushed if this show got the axe. Sorry.

    • plum says:

      That’s why it is called fiction and is a soap, not real life. You either like the overdramatized genre or you don’t. So apparently you don’t, that doesn’t mean there aren’t those of us out there who do. Go find some reality tv to watch and stop criticizing actors just because of how the story was written. There’s no accounting for taste. Sorry.

    • Nadene says:

      Lighten up! – It is romantic, suspenseful and I hate to say it but it is all about life and the choices people make. Take a load off. This is one of the best shows ABC has ever launched and if they don’t renew, I hope another network will snatch up the opportunity so I can follow! Besides, I see it all the time – the battle of “ethics”. Glad to hear you still have yours intact! – just a little difference of opinion :)

  18. Shannon says:

    Please renew this show!! It’s so good

  19. Terri says:

    Please renew Mistresses for a second season. I adore Alyssa Milano. I have since she was a child actress. I love the concept of the show. Girlfriends, problems, therapy and so much more……that I won’t put on paper, so please renew. Love it!

  20. ms m. says:

    I hope they renew this show, great season finale!!!!!!

  21. crystal says:

    I love this show!! Please renew it. Team harry all the way I love him and savy! This show is the best !

  22. KGC says:

    Please please please bring this back… I’m living for it!

  23. Kelly says:

    Please renew mistresses that was such a cliffhanger and I can’t imagine not being able to see what happens even if it is only a few episodes I would be happy but I will freak if I don’t have a conclusion

  24. Brittany says:

    What a cliff hanger!! This show needs to be renewed!!

  25. Rose says:

    ABC always cancels good shows, if they cancel this show I’m boycotting ABC altogether. They need to stop doing that and get their act together people are so sick of them doing that to almost every new show it’s almost pointless to get Into a show on ABC cause chances are its not ever getting renewed. Remember summer is a hard season to watch a late night tv show people are usually out and about cause of the nice weather but I bet in the winter ratings will go up so they really should hang in there and see what happens Instead of pulling the plug!!!! I love mistresses and so many people do too!!!! ABC STOP SCREWING AROUND AND RENEW IT ALREADY!!!!! I’ve heard from numerous people that they are getting sick of watching anything new on abc because of their crappy renewal rates no one can get into something without giving it a chance to grow!!!! Start listening and stop doing that to every damn show you air!!! Another good example is deception and 666 park avenue. At least we got closure to 666 park avenue thank god!!!!

  26. Janet says:

    team Dom all the freaken wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  27. Beverly Burks says:

    Please renew for more seasons. I have been hooked like this in years! Great cast, compelling storylines….except for Karen, no one could be that dumb.

  28. felicia says:

    i love this show and i watch it every Monday night its a great show please please bring it back :)

  29. Sandy from Texas says:

    Please continue with the Mistresses, we just love this show. We looked forward every Monday to watch it!! Can’t wait for it to continue! Thanks!

  30. Sabrina says:

    You have to renew this show …..!!!! Team Harry all the way !!!! Love the show ! Did care for it at the beginning but now I can’t wait for it. Bring it back!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Dee says:

    RENEW RENEW RENEW. Love this show.

  32. lauren says:

    I want more!!!!!! My fave show in forever!!!!! Bring it back better than desperate housewives ever was!!!

  33. Stefanie says:

    Please renew the show!

  34. Carly says:

    Please please please renew this show! :) Loved the season finale…hope they renew it!

  35. I really love this show it is so good and I love Alyssa I really hope her an the baby are OK I think her an Dom would be very good together they have that spark between the two of them kinda sad the way it ended because I want her an the baby to be OK an healthy also I’m so happy April kicked Paul’s sorry lying ass to the curve I’m a little disappointed that she broke up Richard the were cute together I think harry an savi would part ways but still be civil as far as Kim an the disaster area she had in her house that was ridiculous I think it was Sam who got shot I really want this show to stay on an make another season I’m tired of all of my favorite shows getting canceled y’all can’t take this one from me too I really want savi to end up wit Dom but if y’all let the baby live I’ll over look who she ends up with.

  36. Shelly shell says:

    Mistresses is a great show! The entire show has a great cast that leaves the viewer wanting to watch more. I have really enjoyed watching this season! Come
    on ABC renew!!

  37. Amanda says:

    Please renew! I am hooked!

  38. Jane Dow says:

    I hope they have a second season of mistresses best show ever:))))))

  39. Jane Green says:

    Please renew best show ever

  40. M says:

    Enjoyed this show , it’s what I looked forward to after a late day of work. I think Harry is sexy but Dom! Omg sexy cant say that about to many shows. I hope and look forward to next season.

  41. Kari says:

    Team Dom, always liked him when he was on Grey’s Anatomy!

  42. shay says:

    In episode 11 full disclosure. If u palse the scene when Harry goes to the paternity agency it says positive for harry being the father cuz savi only took harry’s hair from his hair brush.

    • Lori says:

      Maybe Harry thought the test was run with Dom’s DNA? So when it came back positive he figured he wasn’t the dad? Can’t remember if she ever told Harry exactly whose DNA they performed the test with.

      • shay says:

        Yes thats what im thinking happened. I watched episode 11 again last night to make sure DOM’S name wasnt mentioned in the computer but harry names wasnt mentioned either but i remember savi only taking harry’s hair.

  43. i glad it was dom own,but yall just spoil the fun when she lost the baby,thats stupidness. I can’t wait for season 2, this series is so awesome best ever

  44. Miranda says:

    Love this show! Please renew it! I hope Savy and Harry stay together!!!

  45. Wayne Smith says:

    I hope this show gets a second season, it is a really great show. I hate to get roped into any show lately and then be disappointed when it gets cancelled too soon. I would hate it if ABC decides not to bring this show back.

  46. leanna says:


  47. lilithlerma says:

    Omg I just watched and I’m
    So hooked!! Too many shows have not made it, that I really enjoyed. I would hate to see this one go! I watch religiously and just have a fun connection to each woman’s struggle or stupid choice!!!! Renew!!!!

  48. Aprell says:

    Team Harry all the way!! He is so hot and sensitive. Dom is doing a married woman and doesn’t have a guilty bone in his body…meaning he will drop her without a second thought. Hopefully Karen got shot and is a mute…she is so irritating. April needs to have her head examined for even considering getting back with loser Paul. And Joss is just a confused slut. There has to be more episodes ABC…don’t leave me talking to my TV.

    • MizzB says:

      Team Dom. Savi is just as guilty as Dom. They both knew she was married and they both know what happens when you have unprotected sex. There is always someone out there who will give your spouse the attention their not getting at home. I’m soooooo glad April sent Paul packing, he doesn’t deserve another chance after the stunt he pulled. I LOVE this show and I hope it is renewed !!