Exclusive First Look Photo: Is The Mentalist Staring Down Red John?

The Mentalist wastes no time, people.

Patrick Jane will face off with more than half of the Red John suspect in the second episode of the CBS drama’s sixth season (premiering Sept. 29), and TVLine has a first look at one momentous meet-up.

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In this first look photo from the episode “Black-Winged Redbird,” Jane sizes up (from left to right) CBI director Gale Bertram (played by Michael Gaston), Sheriff Thomas McAllister (Xander Berkeley) and G-man Reede Smith (Drew Powell) — three of the names that were on the very short list revealed at the close of Season 5.

CBI agent Raymond Haffner (played by Reed Diamond) also appears in the episode. Check out the photo then read on for more, and vote.

Black-Winged Redbird

Photo credit: Colleen Hayes/Warner Bros.

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Will Jane cross all of the above off his list, leaving just Bret Stiles, Bob Kirkland and Brett Partridge as possi-Johns? As previously reported, The Mentalist will reveal Jane’s longtime tormenter this season, and sooner rather than later. “It’s less like ‘Seven little Indians’ and more like Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy,” show boss Bruno Heller told us of the manhunt. “Some of [the seven] will knocked out as suspects early on, others will remain.”

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  1. Nerwen Aldarion says:

    Team Haffner!!!

  2. Michelle says:

    I keep going between Haffner & Bertram.

  3. Andy says:

    Matt, do you have any idea if they will reveal Red John to the viewers, to the characters of the show, or both? Also, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, unless that isn’t a typo.

    • Mattjimf says:

      Not sure where you think the typo is, but it’s a reference to the classic John le Carre novel in which the main character has to work out who the mole is in a group of five. If you think there’s a typo it’s probably due to it being a Queen’s English title.

  4. zaza says:

    I think it’s Bret Partridge and furthermore, I think he’ll turn out to be Brett Stiles son, nephew or younger brother.

    • DL says:

      I’ve thought it was Partridge since the moment we heard Red John’s voice. He also has the proper build. Haven’t heard the theory of him being related to Stiles before, though. I like it!

  5. Karen says:

    Even though I hate this, for some reason I’ve suspected Rigsby being involved in some way after he asked Cho to cover for him not being near the Red John-accomplice who was killed at CBI. I sincerely hope it’s not true, but with him also leaving this season, when Red John will also be revealed makes me wonder even moreso.

    • prish says:

      Well, he did have the crazy father. Not very cool to have him be redjohn, especially for viewers who help youth climb out of bad environments. I do hope they thought it through. I like Rigsby too much to have him be rj.

  6. My money’s on Brett Partridge.

  7. Ed says:

    Bob Kirkland

  8. Kristen says:

    It’s Ellis Mars

  9. Sherrif thomas mcallister (he is mar = he is mcallister)

  10. Jackie says:

    What about Patrick Jane….it would be terrific!!!…but an interesting final

    • armando a. says:

      This was my theory during Season 1 & 2. I mean, the face that Red John always paints, it’s basically Patrick’s face, so that always seemed suspicious to me. But of course the longer the show went, I think the more improbable that theory is now.

      • Nerwen Aldarion says:

        Bruno Heller has stated definitively several times that Patrick Jane is NOT Red John. Red John is one of the 7 suspects and no one else.

    • A says:

      I’ve been thinking this for awhile now and hoping against it, but it seems to me this scenario is becoming more and more likely. . .

      • Seuss says:

        The gimmick of having the main character be the killer is so overdone! (E.g Identity, Shutter Island, Secret Window, High Tension, Hide and Seek, Perfect Stranger, and on and on the list goes) Please have more clever writing. It might have been clever for the first person who ever thought of it, but all the other copycats after that are so annoying, not to mention lazy, to the point where it takes the fun out of watching the “cat and mouse” chase anymore.

    • ANTOSP68 says:

      I think so! He has double personality

  11. My money is on Malcolm McDowell, and has been from his 1st episode

  12. avaui says:

    It is Vanpelt because her hair is RED……. xD;;

    • prish says:

      I thought of that, and she could be a dark person, but her fiancee was Red John’s guy ordered to kill her. It would be a stretch for him to be under such power, yet not know she was Red John…not very good story telling.

  13. DarkDefender says:

    I always thought it was the CBI guy they killed in the limo when Jane tried to meet up with RJ in Vegas (and he faked Rigsby and Lisbon’s deaths).. But then they killed him and RJ was still around. So now.. I am not sure any of the 7 are clever enough to be RJ.. And Styles is too obvious.

    • prish says:

      I studied mystery fiction writing. One thing they tell you about readers is that the reader, really, wants to figure out “who done it”. The reader likes to feel smart. I go with the forensic guy because the clues have been there for the viewers. That is, if that’s the one who had that bedside scene. Maybe, that was the FBI guy. It was one of those two, I’m sure.

  14. Gabriel Maia says:

    I think Red John’s Ardiles.

  15. Bruno Heller says:

    It’s BERTRAM!!! jgv

  16. J says:

    That is one interesting photo! I am truly not sure who it could be…they all seem like viable candidates. It is going to be really engrossing to find out who Red John actually is and see what happens to the suspects that don’t “make it” to the end.

  17. Brandi says:

    Stiles is the most obvious candidate. I’d be seriously surprised if it’s not. Him. Second place is a tie for me between Haffner and Kirkland. I’m betting Partridge dies early on-perhaps episode one this season.

    • Patti Emmett says:

      It’s taken for granted when Stiles gives advice where C Frye is, that he knows RJ. Yet Stiles leaves the country. Stiles while in jail at CBI works on ‘their’ red head Grace. Grace’s boyfriend doesn’t introduce himself to her (via car crash) until they investigate Stiles’ organization. Stiles pathologically enjoys Patrick as his equal in the open (and covertly)? And RJ’s smile on the side of the barn on property owned by Stiles’s organization at least links them (& Haffner?). Yet famously Patrick says to Stiles “You? You wouldn’t hurt a fly”. Stiles has the $,power, control, & armies of possible wacky recruits. Yet what is Homeland doing in murder investigations, asking for scoop on Jane, and looking evil; he remains one of my choices. He and Bertram were allied in one episode with Bertram as his minion. He was over the female lawyer who demanded favors of CBI. Tommy Volker, that evil sadist, could have been RJ and his minions could still kill for him from jail. But the forensic guy screams crazy and was my first choice, size wise too, after he focused on Jane even slightly. Just seems lazy, powerless. Followers, him? Same with Bertram – we’ve been given no evidence for him. And Reede, sheriff – they must be filler on the list. Haffner seems passive but I’m intrigued – just need more real info. And Patrick? So not. Patti Emmett (love Jane’s smile)

  18. Seon says:

    At first my money was on Virgil Minelli (the first CBI boss). Still surprised he isn’t on the list.

    To me Bertram, Kirkland, Partridge and Stiles are way to obvious.
    I think it`s someone most people don’t reckon with.

    My money is on Sheriff McAllister. He appeared in episode two. I like that idea.

  19. James says:

    Why do people still think Kirkland may be Red John? It wouldn’t make sense.
    Lorelei is found dead at the end of episode 16, hence her message was recorded before. Kirkland has Jane’s office thoroughly “checked” in episode 19 (by that time Red John already knew Patrick had narrowed his list down to 7 names).
    So it can be anyone except Kirkland

  20. Joseph says:

    Bob isn’t Red John because he doesn’t put the famous smile at the wall when he killed Lennon,but he has a connection with him

  21. Alex says:

    I thought one of the clues Heller gave was that Red John was in the first episode of the show. Were any of these actors in the first episode?

  22. Laz says:

    It wouldve been so cool if Patrick was Red John, split personality disorder the whole shibang.Honestly after all Red John has done it would be rather underwhelming if his any of the 7.

  23. Zakaria says:

    Hey ! Please Can u Google “Red partridge ” ?? Such a coincidence ? dn’t know ! he’s definitly red john

    • Seuss says:

      The gimmick of having the main character be the killer is so overdone! (E.g Identity, Shutter Island, Secret Window, High Tension, Hide and Seek, Perfect Stranger, and on and on the list goes) Please have more clever writing. It might have been clever for the first person who ever thought of it, but all the other copycats after that are so annoying, not to mention lazy, to the point where it takes the fun out of watching the “cat and mouse” chase anymore.

  24. Gaetano says:

    Patrick is not Red John! Heller has already said it’s not him. And this personality disorder stuff wouldn’t be cool or genial, or similar; it would be repetitive, monotonous, trite, because I’ve already seen this twist ending at least in 20 different movies and when I’m watching any stuff, I always hope they didn’t make it finish like that. Just stop, it’s enough; we ‘ve already seen this twist ending too much time.
    Moreover, in the plotline of the mentalist and in a lot of scenes of the series this solution would make no sense and no explanation.

  25. Seuss says:

    I personally think Jane might have an evil twin he doesn’t know about. Of course, if I’m right, it probably won’t happen now because I put it out there. And then again, I could be dead wrong. It’s also not the most original idea in the world either so … who knows.

  26. Chiara says:

    1) Red John is Ellis Mars (he is mar). He tries to hypnotize Jane and pretends to be psychic (season 3, Red Moon).
    3) RJ is Patrick Jane (sociopatic, manipolator, sleep disturbs before murders, cruel, borderline type, lover of Lorelei… bla bla bla)
    2) RJ is Sean Barlow. He hate Jane’s family. RJ’s friends are in the same clan gypsy. Lorelei is killed near a carny caravan

    RJ’s moles: Ron is the CBI, Alexa Shultz is the FBI.

    Other opinions:
    During the last episode of the season 2 Jane don’t meet RJ but Partridge masked. Partridge is the biggest fan of RJ and he want see Patrick killed by RJ.
    Patrick kills Panzer (drastic solution to stop the killer)
    No happy end Jisbon (Acab is Lisbon)

    Bruno Heller please I want a spinoff with James Panzer…
    Bruno are you Red John?

  27. Dan N. says:

    As I’ve said all along, Red John is Timothy Carter. When Jane shot him he was wearing a kevlar vest and did not die. Two security guards carried him away, and we know that one of them was crooked. Maybe they both were bad. When Jane had the idea to bring the blind Rosalind to the morgue to see if she could “feel” Carter’s face, she claimed she didn’t know him. But Rosalind was in on the con and may not even be blind. It’s strange that no one — I mean NO ONE — has mentioned the fact that the morgue attendant was found dead and wrapped in plastic, in Rosalind’s closet. He had to be silenced, to protect Carter’s secret.

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  29. TheUsualSuspect says:

    The 7 are all too obvious or too stupid. The forensic guy seems the most credible to me. Always had a feeling it was a woman and Darcy stood out but still fancy a twist from Heller.

  30. Lets look @ the 7 suspects and how many times they have been seen (Bret Stiles 4 Episodes) (Gale Bertram 12 Episodes) been seen to many times so he’s not rj (Ray Haffner 2 episodes ) maybe (Reede Smith 1 Episode) (Bob Kirkland 6 Episodes) way to obvious (Sheriff MCallister 1 Episode) Brett Partridge 4 Episodes) My bet is mcallister think about it he is (M)(c (A) lliste(R) = He is mar plus red john is older than jane comment if you agree

  31. rocknrolls says:

    My money is on Brett Stiles..
    Reasons..1) He has great power, position and connections
    2) He works on ‘their’ red head Grace..great luring capacity..
    3) Jane also admires Brett Stiles..He does not admire any other person in the suspect list..
    4) Previously when Jane killed another innocent person, after he was so sure that it was Red John, based on the physical description given by the blind woman. We know for sure that Red John is slightly shorter than Jane, and the suspect list has only 2 people who fits the frame (Brett Stiles and Reede Smith(he’s just a dark horse))..hence Brett Stiles is the perfect guy for Red John.

  32. ahmad seifeddine says:

    we didnt get season 6 yet in the middle east, i just read that partridge is dead, so i say it’s 100% mcallister. not because of anything or any clue, just because xander berkely is the perfect man as red john

  33. Richie says:

    It’s still a debatable likelihood, but I continue with the assumption that Partridge is NOT DEAD as his death was never totally confirmed and given the history if either A) missing “dead ” people or B) Assumed and reappearing dead people in the shows history, a dead body- double is still feasible as is Partridge bring RJ

    • Dan N. says:

      I continue to think Red John could turn out to be the man who actually admitted it was he. That means Timothy Carter, and I believe he faked his death. I’ve even commented on the curious fact that no one — NOBODY — has ever tried to investigate the death of Baris Acar, the morgue attendant. His body was found in a closet belonging to Rosalind Harker, of all people! I cotinue to lose faith in Bruno Heller, if he insists on ignoring these clues.
      But now, since Brett Partridge was supposedly “killed” in Season 6 ep 1 and nobody investigated to make sure he’s really dead, I guess Partridge could turn out to be RJ. In any case, he is somebody we have been told is dead.