New Intel on Burn Notice's Final Episodes and the Big Finale Death: 'Nothing Can Prepare You'

Burn Notice Finale DeathWhat you’ve been watching unspool on USA Network’s Burn Notice in recent weeks is pretty much on par with what series creator Matt Nix had in mind when he first pondered how the spy drama would one day conclude.

“What Michael (played by Jeffrey Donovan) has been going through this season, in dealing with James Kendrick (John Pyper-Ferguson) and his organization, was in my mind from maybe not the pilot but that first year,” Nix shared with TVLine during a conference call. “I had a sense that we needed to land in a place that wasn’t just about Michael fighting another bad guy but was really about Michael wrestling with the demons in himself and tempted in a way to become the very thing that destroyed him in the beginning of the series.”

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Perhaps the only deviation from Nix’s very early notions about the series finale and what viewers will see happen over the final two episodes (airing Sept. 5 and 12, at 9/8c) is the impact of friends and family. “Over the course of seven years you discover new things,” Nix admits, “and the emphasis on the team and the way that family came together … was a much bigger element than I anticipated at the beginning.”

And yet, there shall be a death in this family before all is said and done.
Burn Notice-Season 6Next Thursday, as Burn Notice fires up its final hour, Michael will need to face the last of his demons — and to do so, sacrifices will need to be made and lives risked. It all leads to “an explosive conclusion that one beloved character will not survive,” USA Network has revealed.

There’s probably no pat, “When you’re a spy…” tip to bust out that will make this blow easy for longtime fans. And yet, it’s true to the series’ DNA.

As series lead Donovan explains, “Burn Notice created a family for the audiences to watch, and though we’ve been humorous throughout the years, there’s always been an underbelly Burn Notice - Season 7of seriousness and tragedy — and I don’t think we could end the series with a bow tie and smiles on everyone’s faces. There has to be some sort of tragedy to show how important their journey was over the years.”

For Nix, the mission was to answer the questions: “’Why have the last seven years mattered? Are those things that we’ve addressed over the years real?’ I think the answer to that has to be yes.” And since burned CIA agent Michael Westen has forever juggled his “work” with “family” (oftentimes with harrowing results), “The final two episodes are about choices and sacrifices and not just about being sad or killing off the character,” Nix says. “It’s also about taking seriously the things that we’ve talked about.”

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How can Burn Notice fans brace themselves for what the series finale, titled “Reckoning,” is packing? Bruce Campbell, who plays Sam, has a bit of bad news: “There’s nothing that can prepare them.”Burn Notice - Season 7

But before Burn Notice can even tee up that shocking swan song, Michael must first escape from the dire dilemma he put himself in when last we tuned in. Having tipped off his CIA cohorts to James’ top-secret plans — yet ultimately for naught — Michael put Sonya (Alona Tal) in her boss’ literal crosshairs. And James was rarin’ to pull the trigger, until Michael ‘fessed up that the mole was him.

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Will another classic bit of fast-talking by Michael somehow save his hide? “I don’t think I’m giving anything away by saying Michael does not die at the end of Episode 11,” Nix answers. “But it’s not simply a matter of weaving another little web of lies.”

Instead, the super-spy’s salvation — in whatever form that now may come — will demand “a very different turn for Michael,” Nix teases. “I think it will surprise some fans, but it’s ultimately all about addressing these things that have emerged over the years and these elements of Michael’s character.”

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  1. Carm says:

    I don’t want anyone to die! Will miss Burn Notice

    • jerry shainock says:

      I agree.

    • phx valleygirl says:

      I want Fiona to die. She’s gotten on my LAST NERVE this season and now I can’t stand her when I watch the reruns. Bullet to the heart! Get her! She’s a cheating ‘ho and doesn’t really understand or love Michael unconditionally. She is a selfish brat….er……bee-atch!

    • Samm says:

      I don’t want Fiona to die. I want her and Michael to do the happily ever after thing somewhere in the tropics, hopefully with some ill-gotten gains split among the gang. I’m a sucker for a happy ending, and they really haven’t had much happy in a long time.. They’re overdue.

  2. Ashley says:

    The only plausible outcome I’ve seen, since the very beginning, has been the show fading to black with Michael’s death and his final voiceover.

    • Considering Sam and Jesse are in the Spin-off, I think will be Mike or Fi

      • Mata says:

        Whats the spin off?

        • Sam says:

          TV Line reported back on July 26th of this year that USA Network approached Bruce Campbell and Coby Bell about doing a potential “Spin off” of Burn Notice that will follow up the original series. Since that is the case, anyone who says that they are dying is probably off since that is still being investigated (in other words, those two characters are safe). Matt Nix is also on board for doing a sequel series. This would be cheaper and profitable for USA Network as after 7 years despite its very good ratings for USA, it is getting too expensive to keep everyone around. Matt Nix has already said the “fade to black” for Michael is not happening. That means, the gunshot at the end of the last episode may be for Fiona. I say “maybe” for it might be that it kills no one, but she dies before the episode is over. It makes me sad that this show has no happy endings at all, but it is staying true to Matt Nix’s image of it.

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            But as of a week ago, Matt Nix said there is absoluetly nothing in the works on the spin-off front.

  3. It won’t be Fiona, it won’t be Jesse or Sam (spin off rumors), so it’ll be Maddie or Michael.

    • Mike Hammer says:

      ENOUGH, ALREADY!!! The series died several seasons ago so please just put this tiresome repetition out of its agony. PLEASE.

      • theMicronian says:


      • lovemesomeburnnotice says:

        Ok to everyone who’s saying the show should’ve ended in season 5, you’re crazy. It could have ended then, but it wasn’t the right time. Micheal still didn’t know all then. Secondly them going from light to dark was inevitable. Even Monk went from light to dark and I loved it. My only complaint with Burn Notice is that it’s leaving! I love the show and loved it from episode 1. No one should be killed off but if someone has to die I’d prefer it be Madeleine, so that Michael and Fiona can raise Charlie. Who better to tell him about his father than his uncle? But since I’m not the creator of the show I think Mike is gonna die:( So sad boo hoo Any I’ve I will miss you Burn Notice the best show on T.V.!! Thanks for seven great seasons. Too bad USA now all you have left for me to watch are SVU reruns.

        • Sherry says:

          I love this show I can’t wait for Thurs. Night. I must admit I liked it more when everything would wrap up that same night. Now, if anyone has to die why can’t it be that stupid blonde. And if it has to be Fi couldn’t she just be shot but lives ! I’m not ready to say goodbye to “Burn Notice”

        • Jim Cumber says:

          This show takes me back to my own days, 40+ years ago, in “covert ops,” and I REALLY liked the “trade tips” that Michael gives in every episode: reminds me of my own “trainers.”

      • Kay wood says:

        Your a a total looser I’d you didn’t like this show, evidently you like reality shows so go back to them so we don’t have to listen to you.

      • Who knows. In 10 years, they might revive Burn Notice with a series of reunion movies, or a new show, like they did…Mike Hammer.

      • Veronica says:

        If it died already….Why are you still watching it??? You are crazy…This is the one of the best series on TV today. I am disappointed it is over….What would you rather have…another reality series UGH!

      • Melissa says:

        If it was dead several seasons ago in your eyes, why the heck are you on here reading this and adding to it..leave it to those who still like the show and care enough to comment..Moron

    • What bothers me about Michael’s turn to the dark side is that it goes against the reason he took the mission in the first place, which was to keep his friends and family out of jail. Doesn’t he consider that if the CIA found out about what he did they would void their deal and toss the other four in prison?

      • Jorge Aponte says:

        The turn is obviously showing how hard of a position he is in. The mission is clouding his judgment and he is losing sight of what is right or wrong. Plus, in his eyes, taking over the organization is still “protecting” everyone.

  4. GTS says:

    OK, who actually voted that Michael would die? The creator literally said he wouldn’t. Not even just implied it. (Although it would make a cool ending, Michael dying to save someone, all symbolic of finally forgiving himself for murdering all those people, I don’t think it’s going to happen.)

  5. JH23 says:

    I think it will be Michael, with the talk of possible spin off’s with Sam and/or Jesse it makes sense… but also makes me sad. :(

  6. Castle Lover says:

    I think it will be Maddie. And then Michael and Fi will raise Charlie.

    • Egadz65 says:

      Exactly what will happen and exactly why this once great series should have ended after season 5!

    • AgentVee says:

      This is exactly what I’m thinking as well.

    • Lisa Smith says:

      If it must be anyone I hope it will be Maddie. And then Michael and Fi will raise Charlie.,,,,AND I DON`T WANT THE SHOW TO BE CANCELLED!:(

    • Todd says:

      When it was hinted some time ago that someone would die and there was talk of a Sam & Jesse spinoff, that was my first thought. Maddie will die to save her son. And as much as I enjoy the show, I really wish it had ended about two years ago. This season has felt less like a victory lap and more of a trudge to the finish line.

      • Michael says:

        I think that the problem was season 6. I really could not stand season 6. It was at the bottom of my watchlist, and I would go for weeks without catching up again. At the core, the problem was that they went too long and too far with the “Who burned Michael” deal. First, it was Phillip Cowan, then Carla, then Management, then Vaughn, then Anson, and I think that Anson was the straw that broke the camel’s back. In seasons 3, 5, and 7, the show was less about who burned Michael. Towards the end of season 5, it was back to the “burn notice” shenanigans and I know that it quickly finished, but I did not like the episodes where they were chased by Olivia. I know this sounds stupid, but they just weren’t winning enough. It became hard to watch for me, and the last thing that ticked me off (and I know this really doesn’t matter; I guess I’m just nostalgic) was that they changed the end credits song. The old song, no matter if it came after a happy ending or a cliffhanger, kinda cheered me up, and reminded me that this is still a fun show. Then they switched to that dark, ominous music which I just didn’t like. Just my two (or like five thousand) cents.

        • Chris says:

          Yes. I feel the same, not winning enough, whi burned him drawn out too long…. just yes.

        • Cassidy Quinn says:

          I agree and disagree. It should not have ended at season 5. I personally think the show can keep going for a few more episodes. I feel like this last one tonight will be rushed. I know shows do have to come to an end (except Doctor Who) but I could honestly see it going for another seasons or two. Anyway, season 6 was a problem. It angered many people. I feel like they could have took another turn, but it didn’t need to end there. I don’t think they dragged out the burning. I think it was an interesting thing that kept people watching and wondering what would happen next and using their brains. And in between there was a lot of spy knowledge thrown out. I liked how they helped people. I think they did a good balance.

    • Anne says:

      I thought the same exact thing :)

    • Kate says:

      This is what I have been thinking since they introduced the idea of Maddie raising Charlie. The second she started fighting for him I realized she would not make it through the season, in addition to the fact that the only other real constant is his life is Fiona.

  7. janis wierzbicki says:

    What happened to the still shot titles?? I miss seeing them and getting a little laugh!!!

  8. ange says:

    I think it’s Michael also. I’ve actually thought someone would die since about last season midway and figured it was Michael and the story has been told in his voice but by his friends to an older Charlie.

  9. sladewilson says:

    I’m hoping it’s not Michael, Fiona or Sam. I actually think it might be Jesse…

    • Lyn says:

      Yeah, after the big buildup, they’ll likely kill off the cast member who’s been there the shortest time. I don’t really see how Michael has a life, after double-crossing absolutely everybody, but I do want him, Fiona and Sam to survive!

  10. prish says:

    They lost me when they killed off Nate. After that, it wasn’t the show I watched and loved for years. I wonder if they can redeem the mood for the last episode. I’ll read TVLine to see if I want to see that last episode. Love this site.

  11. Melody Paris says:

    As much as I want them all to make it, I think Michael will unfortunately not make it through the finale.

  12. DonnaG says:

    I would love to see a spin off with Sam. I want Fi and Michael to finally get their happy ending and I don’t think Maddie will die b/c Nate died and that would just be cruel. It’s gotta be Jesse.

  13. Burntoutgivinnotice says:

    Because of the jocularity of the characters and their interactions in previous seasons this final season is a bipolar ending. I would’ve liked it light or dark, but keep the whole series consistent Nix!

  14. With the talk of a spin off with Jesse and Sam i doubt it will be them. I think it will be Michael. I loved this show in the beginning. But since they added Jesse it has never been the same. If this wasn’t the last year I probably quit watching, I feel the same about Dexter.

  15. 1 of the best shows on T.V. is fixing 2 go off the air. Why does anybody have 2 die on Michale’s team. Why has the show have 2 end. A lot of people love this show. I think it is a BIG mistate 2 take this show off the air. I know I will really miss it.

    • AT says:

      It’s not like it’s being cancelled by the network. The decision to end it was on the creator/cast/crew’s part, not USA. It never ceases to amaze me how many people can’t seem to understand the difference.

  16. Rose says:

    If Michael dies I’m gonna be pissed!! After all he’s been through, to watch him die, even as a hero, would ruin all 7 seasons for me!

  17. Pat says:

    It will be sad, if it is Maddie. That poor little guy, Charlie not only lost his father but now it could be his Grandmother who has been raising him. I really do not want to see any of these characters die. I have watched Burn Notice since day one and I just want to see a peaceful ending. Not to much to ask, from a very loyal fan.

    • Chloe says:

      I still think it’s going to be Maddie who dies and Michael and Fiona raise Charlie.

    • LadySidhe says:

      I agree. I’ve never understood why series writers always feel the need to have some kind of tragic ending when they conclude a show. But no, someone ALWAYS has to die. And it’s never the people who deserve it. It’s always the people you love.

      I don’t think BN fans would be upset with a happy ending, considering that the characters have all been through so much that they deserve one. But that would probably kill the powers-that-be.

  18. Cheryl says:

    Glad now I never watched and invested myself emotionally in this show As its just another show using this now clique ending of killing a major character off when its not necessary and trying to justify it as necessary. When its done for sensationism (listen to that clique promotion they replay constantly) and not a thought given to the fans All that is necessary for a proper series finale is to replace this easy out of killing of a major character with good and imaginative writing and giving a thought to the fans who have so heavily invested in this show.

    • yvonne says:

      1) Is there really any reason to dump on a show you’ve never seen before? If you had, you would realize that the death of the main character might actually make sense in ths context. I wouldn’t like that ending, but it wouldn’t be out of left field.

      2) I think you clique and cliche confused.

      • tabecka says:

        I think it’ll either be Maddie or Michael. Michael does make more sense. He’s betrayed the CIA and he’s in cahoots with the other crowd. His only way out is to be killed off. Will be seriously pissed off though!

    • Mark says:

      I’ve been watching this show since USA replayed season 1 to hook more fans for season 2. I’m with you. Killing a main character in the final season/final episode is a cheat and a slap in the face to fans. It can be done well, but all it makes me want to do is skip the final episode.

      I watch shows because I want to root for characters I love to win. That won’t be happening with this show now, and it makes me sad.

  19. I need to say this: I absolutely hated, hated, hated the transition from light to dark. Before you reply and abuse me: I’m just one viewer, and I’m not even saying that I matter, but it’s like they bit the hands that fed them.

    Within the last year of two every USA series were FORCED to move from light to dark, making most of them Unwatchable with a capital U. I do not for one minute believe that this is the ending he had in mind at the beginning. There’s just no way.

    TV show creators and producers and writers need to learn one thing: sometimes character development is the WRONG choice. Sometimes the best TV are self-sufficient, formulaic episodes with little or no progress at all. You can do character development but it has to be warranted, and not done just because A) it’s in vogue, or B) when you were young you got sick of the old shows and decided you’re better than them.

    I feel like Matt Nix, and especially USA, threw me, the viewer, under the bus, robbing me of the shows I had originally signed up to watch. So yes, I know I’ve just composed a very angry response, and this is absolutely the last time I’ll give them the time of day.

    • Amanda says:

      I understand what you are saying, but there was no way this show could stay light after they un-burned Michael. If the show had just left him burned, then they could have just rode off into the sunset and been alright, but once that door was opened, there was no going back. And I think that is why they had to un-burn him, if the show had stayed light and awesome like in the beginning, it would have gotten boring after awhile, because how many times could they play Robin Hood and save everyone before the storylines started to repeat themselves? Look at Leverage (don’t know if you ever watched that show), they ran out of story to tell and then it got a little boring after awhile. Though I don’t appreciate how dark they made the series (I think they went too dark too soon) I think it was time they made the transition…

    • Chris says:

      Completely agree. Four years of watching Mike and the gang successfully overcome all obstacles without compromising their values, be super resourceful, always win…. Fi eventually got out of jail, but….. Prison for Fi, killing off Nate, and now this entire season? I feel robbed as well. Why couldn’t they have simply kept helping clients using their cool spy stuff and develop the characters’ personal lives? Mike and Fi could have had interesting charcters from their past target them. Oh well. Of course I will watch the finale, I am dying to know what happens, but if it’s like the rest of this season I will probably be disappointed and pissed off.

  20. Breck says:

    Maybe “kill” off Michael, by having him fake his own death and leaving everyone to live their lives. Fi clearly wants to be with Carlos, Sam and his lady friend, Jesse is fine with his company/job and Maddie has Charlie. With Michael “dead,” the CIA won’t have a need to lock up the others and they can move on. Just end the series with a voice over of Michael and show him in some remote place with a beard again.

    • Intriguing. I kinda like this one.

    • Mallory says:

      YES. this is what I’ve been saying since this final season started!!!!!

    • Robyn Lane says:

      OH yeah I hadn’t thought of that perfect ending, good thinking, maybe you should write for some of these lost shows with little to no direction,that ending has been done, but it is more appropriate in this case than any other, and my comeback in 4 years idea would be cool Charlie would have to be about 12 or 13 though, and the opposite of him as a kid like a 170 iq type of kid smart but a loner,needing a man in his life, that works for me.

    • Chloe says:

      Fiona wants to be with Carlos????? Are you kidding????? NO WAY. There is only ONE person she wants to be with and that is Michael!!!

    • Chris says:

      Best ending I’ve heard yet, except I think Fi should fake her death too and go with Michael. If you look at the promo there are two coffins….

  21. Ben says:

    Ever since they announced this would be the last season, I just had a feeling Michael was going to die. The writing is on the wall for him to sacrifice, willingly, or save someone and lose his life. This I feel is what Matt Nix wanted from the beginning but the journey to get to this point has been amazing. Without Michael around, everyone will get their lives back. It’s extremely sad to think about but I love this show from day 1 and have been at the edge of my seat all season. Bravo Burn Notice, can’t wait for tonight and next Thursday.

  22. mikey says:

    Sam is too popular to kill off, there would be backlash from the fans. I always felt Jesse was the expendable one, but he wasn’t there at the beginning and Michael has the least connection to him. If they were going to kill him, it would have had more impact at the end of last season, or the beginning of the current one. So I don’t think it will be Jesse. Maddie has been through so much, that I can’t see it being her. It would really be cruel to her character to kill her off. So I’m guessing that it will either be Fiona or Michael. Either one would work with the storyline this season, that they have been apart. There will be a grand reunion of these two, then one will die, which would be a very dark ending, but would fit the whole “When you’re a spy..” theme. At first I felt it would be Mike, but now I’m thinking that Fiona is more likely, that way Michael Weston would live the rest of his life paying penance for being a spy.

  23. holdyoear says:

    Do not kill off any of the main characters. It has to end, regrettably. I have watched from the beginning, and killing any of the main characters just makes no sense. They deserve better than that. Ride off into the sunset, and let Michael and Fiona get their happily ever after. They deserve it.

    • Chloe says:

      Shades of House faking his own “death” and going off to spend time with his best friend during his final days!! Yeah – Michael and Fiona on an island (with Mom and Charlie close by – since Michael will never abandon his mother!!!)

  24. Barry says:

    Mike will be the one who will die ………..But ………it will be a Staged Death to 1. Get James and his Network and 2. Get the CIA and the Gov off his back . The last scene will be him on a Island with Fiona and you will hear the monologue you hear at the beginning of every episode ..My name is Michael Westen and I used to be a spy !

    • Gailkate says:

      Killer! I love this ending! The whole notion of the seriousness of what they’ve been doing all along (as Nix said in the interview) is revisionist history. It was a comic thriller from the beginning, and it could have stayed that way. They weren’t running out of plots till they got bogged down in the burn notice quicksand with Anson. Until then there were various bad guys from the murky CIA connection and we never minded letting those guys or assorted other villains get killed off. Only really really bad guys got killed or neutralized. Meanwhile we could happily pursue the Robin Hood plots with lots of homemade concoctions, glorious explosions and insane car chases. I’m with Barry – the best ending would be on a note of irony that leaves all options open.

    • Anna says:

      This would be the best way I think. If I could like or upvote your comment I would.

    • Annie says:

      This would be my wish too! As a fan from the beginning, I would love this ending.

    • Marianne says:

      This is an excellent idea! I would only add that Maddie, Sam, and Jesse should know the truth as well. This would leave the idea of a Burn Notice movie open. Matt Nix has put the audience through enough torture these past 2 seasons.

    • Amen, and Cheers to that!! *smiles like cray and dances a bit*

  25. Justin says:

    I don’t want anyone to die, but if i had to choose, i would pick Maddie because of the closer family bond. I’m definitely gonna miss this show. Its been on my top 10ten list of best shows since it began. Its transition from “light to dark” was handled very well. As for those so-called fans that didn’t like it, wekl, i pity them for not appreciating good drama; i repeat DRAMA!!! If tthey couldn’t see the change coming from the season one finale, fhen they really need to.get their facts straight, cause Michael’s line of work doesn’t allow sunny skies all the time!!! His work is dangerous and should be reflected accordingly in the show, which it most certainly was. Well done Matt Nix and Burn Notice.

  26. Kurdt says:

    If they are sadistic they’ll kill the fans’ favorite, Sam Axe.

  27. lovemesomeburnnotice says:

    And Sonya keep yo hands off Fiona’s man. And Mike needs to kick Carlos’s behind cause Fiona is using him as a distraction because she know she wants Mike.

    • Chloe says:

      Carlos is gone and is not returning. It was obvious in the episode when he DID leave Fiona. Michael is the only man for Fiona.

  28. Quinn Mallory says:

    Who’s going to die? How about just Michael’s desire to be a spy.

  29. Jim Sullivan says:

    I’ve been hoping they would kill off Maddie for years now. So if she’s gone in the last episode, I say “too little, too late.”

  30. tabecka says:

    actually Jeffrey did tweet at one stage when they were filming the final episode that is was time to say goodbye to the brilliant Sharon(Maddie). Maybe it is her?

  31. Kat says:

    Jeffrey Donovan ‏@Jeffrey_Donovan 5h

    Tonight is a special goodbye to a character. Can’t say who but truly the sweetest on set and will go on to bigger and better things. RIP S

    So… does he mean S – as for character name? (Sonia? Sam?) Or actor name? (Sharon?)
    Tonight’s not the series finale, it’s next week, but the character will die tonight or what?

  32. redjane12 says:

    Neither Fiona nor Jesse are generally ‘beloved’ characters (though I personally like them) and it is unlikely to be Mike so that leaves Maddie and Sam but Mike already lost his brother so I think it is more likely …. Sam… he is a ‘soldier’ so his dying in the ‘field’ would be perhaps less of a shock if still a huge loss to Mike and everyone?

  33. Tbw says:

    Wow can’t believe so many people think Michael will be killed! I’m with the loyal fans who don’t want any of these awesome characters to be killed or Burn Notice to end for that matter. Super disappointed! With that said, remember Charlie’s mother is in rehab. Theoretically, she could demand Charlie back at any time… If James does something to Maddie, it may be the only crushing blow that will open Michael’s eyes to the loyalty of friends and family and to motivate him to get rid of James. Then he can tell the CIA to, well rules are no frakkin’ on here…

  34. June says:

    I started watching this show about a year ago. Don’t know how this one escaped me. Have seen every episode now thanks to the reruns. It is an awesome show and find it very entertaining and well written. The casting could not have been any better. Very strong characters and I am sad to see it end. Each character brings something different to the table. Sorry someone has to die. My guess us that it will be San – and I really love his character. 2nd guess is Maddie.

  35. All I know is that I love every one…I am so sad that the show is ending, it was the best thing on T.V. And I looked forward to it every week. The cast is fabulous together, each so unique. I love, love Michael and I don’t want anyone to die. Shouldn’t the good survive for a change?? Hopefully the writers will come up with another show with this great cast..

  36. lizzy says:

    If you think about it Jesse is the only one who hasn’t really had real play in this movie. Also for one who are the main character in this show. Michael fye and Sam. And it couldn’t be the mother cause she is the only family Michael has. And more than likely when a character is not is the show or has major plays in the show they get sent bye bye..

  37. stacey culbreth says:

    Hate to see my favorite show end. I love this show but I guess all good things must come to an end unfortunately.

  38. Eudora Heath says:

    I voted that Sam would be killed off, but I really hope not. I loved the show (all seasons), and wish that nobody would get killed off; however, the writers do what writers do:write! Everybody’s theories are good: Maddie raising Charlie; Mike and Fi raising Charlie; Sam and Jessie with a spin-off…. Michael dying in Fi’s arms (sniff, sniff). I can see all of ’em! Another good show gone! God Bless to all the great actors: I hope they’ll keep us updated on their new endeavors: “Love You Fi” (“I say we shoot ’em”)…. since Cagney and Lacey, been a fan of Maddie; Jessie is hot, and Sam is just Sam, and resourceful….

  39. Barbara says:

    Very sad to see this program end, but I think it will be maddie. Hope Michael and Fi live for ever they have been through so much as well as Sam. Hope one year they will bring it back.
    Don’t want any of the cast to die except for Sonia, never liked her. Thank you Matt Nix for 7 years of enjoyment. Never missed an eposide.

  40. hurdingkatz says:

    Given that there was word of a possible spin-off with Sam and Jessie (from which I thought Maddie was the conspicuously missing element), and with Michael remaining alive post episode 11, the only two “big” candidates for a significant death in the family would be Fiona and Maddie. Ouch! (Unless it’s…Charlie.)

  41. slayme says:

    Watch out cause for some reason a spoiler pic is out there showing the outcome of tonight’s ep. I’ve seen it and for that reason can not comment on who I think will not survive the finale.

  42. I blog often and I truly thank you for your content. This article has truly peaked my interest.
    I’m going to book mark your blog and keep checking for new details about once a week.
    I subscribed to your Feed as well.

  43. Mallory says:

    am i the only one who thinks Michael will “die” and go completely off the grid forever so that Fi, Sam, Jesse, and his mom will be safe??

  44. Gina says:

    Elsa will fly in with sam and it will be elsa. People with money and cars always die on this show. Lol probably maddie. She always screws something up trying to be brave mrs westin.

  45. Wow! Just one more Burn Notice episode to go! I am holding my breath on this one! Thx for sharing!

  46. Robyn Lane says:

    I think killing anyone is a big mistake.Killing Sam wouldn’t matter too much, he almost died last season,no big,killing Jesse is fruitless not enough emo connection now Fi, that would inspire shock at first then rage, from Mike and who doesn’t want to see this man use all of his skill set to avenge the only true love of his life.James Bond lost his woman and became a womanizing, carefree, vessel of destruction with no regard for love or pain,good spinoff called WESTIN in about 4 years,his mom dies he has the little boy, he’s trying to start over in another city, and so it begins P I work, J bond meets Magnum, or kill Maddie it wouldn’t be as good as Fi but a close second,then he and Fi could be called occasionally on Sam and Jesse’s spin off that I don’t will do well at all,just don’t kill Michael.

  47. Dc says:

    I would actually like to see a spinoff where Michael is working with James to expose/dismantle the CIA

  48. cj says:

    I am wondering if the fake bullet with the tracker in it that was placed in Michael’s gun by Fi will cause one of them to be killed. Not clear what would happen if that gun if fired, whether it would misfire or what. One of them could be shot because that gun does not fire correctly.

    • Lee h. says:

      I think it has to be mike ding because it showed a flag over a grave in the clip and you have to have served in the military for that and their is only 3 characters that can receive that and mike is right there! So mike gets shot and died saving Fiona!

  49. cubuckeye says:

    I’d like it to be Jesse. Always a useless character in my mind. Would be nice to bring it back around to the original “family”.