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Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on New Girl, Walking Dead, Glee, Big Bang, Nashville, PLL and More!

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Question: I love the chemistry between Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira on The Walking Dead, but I do not want to see Rick and Michonne get romantically involved. That would be a jump-the-shark moment for sure. Please tell me the show isn’t going there. —Jeremy
Ausiello: Series creator Robert Kirkman says he “wouldn’t necessarily rule a romance out,” but he reminds us that Rick’s “wife did just die in a horrible way, so I don’t think any kind of romance is really on his radar just yet.” Kirkman does, however, concede that the two are growing closer. “They are definitely forming a friendship,” he acknowledges. “They have a very large mutual respect for each other because of their capabilities and their ability to trust one another, and I think that’s a lot of what was growing in the [Season 3] episode where they both went off on a run together.”

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Question: Begging you for any scraps of New Girl spoilers. Fat Schmidt, Nick and Jess, a possible Winston/Cece arc — I will take anything! —Sarah
Ausiello: Schmidt will find himself somewhat mojo-challenged in Season 3. “He’s going to slide a little bit and not be so on top of his game,” reveals exec producer Dave Finkel. Adds fellow EP Brett Baer: “He’s definitely on a journey to figure himself out this season. He’s going to be forced to confront himself, and get in touch with the little guy inside of him.” To that end, viewers will likely meet “some of his family members in the second half of the season,” Baer confirms. “You’ll get a vision of what his childhood and homelife were like growing up, the way we did with Nick last year.”

lucy and rajQuestion: Does The Big Bang Theory have any plans to bring back Lucy? I really liked her with Raj and was surprised the show split them up in the finale. —Missi
Ausiello: Exec producer Steve Molaro says “the door was intentionally left wide open” for Kate Micucci to return as Raj’s ex, noting, “Raj said at the end of Season 6, ‘I pushed it too hard. I need to give her some space.’ And he’s still heartbroken about Lucy and sort of picking up the pieces and trying to move forward… But I love those characters together.”

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Question: I am dying to know if Nashville is losing either Rayna or Deacon due to the crash! Please, can we at least have a tidbit of a hint? —Anna
Ausiello: There’s a lot more than a tidbit – and a direct answer to your question in TVLine’s Fall TV Spoiler Spectacular — so make sure to check that out. But before you go, how about a little extra Nashville intel, just because I’m feeling generous? From what executive producer Dee Johnson tells TVLine, it sounds like the crash puts a very definite end to Deacon’s season-finale bender. “God, if this doesn’t wake you up, I don’t know what would,” she says. “That doesn’t mean he comes out of it singing about sunshine and lollipops, but he definitely feels for what happened and takes responsibility for what happened.”

Question: With the premiere less than two weeks away, what else can you tease on the Bones front? —Rachel
Ausiello: As with the Castle premiere, you’ll be hanging on the next words when Brennan says to her almost-fiancé, “I have to tell you something…”

VIDEO | Bones Sneak Peek: First Footage from Premiere Tees Up Nail-Biting Episode

bones season 9Question: Thanks for that Bones preview! Do you have any more teases on Booth and Brennan? —Rachel
Ausiello: Booth’s priest-turned-barkeep pal (played by Mather Zickel) will serve as “somewhat of a touchstone this season for secrets,” offers exec producer Stephen Nathan, who reveals that both Booth and Brennan will seek his counsel as they attempt to resolve their seemingly insurmountable relationship issues. “He’s a neutral party that Booth can go to and talk freely,” notes the EP. “And when Brennan finds out about him, she feels she can talk freely with him as well.” Holy epiphany, Batman: This dude’s so going to end up officiating the B&B nups later this season! You know I’m right! What do I win if I’m right?!

Question: Everyone is still all frazzled by Miley’s VMA performance that they overlooked the real VMA shocker: Dalia Royce was snubbed for Video of the Year! “You Missed a Spot” was by far my favorite music video of the last year! Any idea what’s in the cards for Dalia this year? —Bryce
Ausiello: It’s funny you should mention Miley, because Dalia will actually take a page from the 20-year-old train wreck in Season 3. According to a source, Dallas’ hilariously egocentric spawn will find herself teaching a bunch of middle-aged men how to twerk. There’s no word if tongue will be involved.

Question: How long into Grimm‘s new season will it take for the crew to settle the zombie problem and save Nick? —Ole
Ausiello: You remember how Rosalee said she could only cure the zombie problem when the afflicted person was in the rage stage, right? Well, Nick gets there quickly – within the first two episodes of Season 3, creators David Greenwalt and James Kouf say. On a scale where “kitten” is 1 and “Bengal tiger” is 10, “He’s about an 11,” Kouf adds – and it leaves a mark. By the time the credits roll on the season’s second hour, Monroe and everyone will have Nick back – “but there’s kind of residual damage,” the EP says.

Question: Any new details on Glee‘s Finn tribute? Maybe something about song selection? —Jen
Ausiello: Although I don’t have any confirmation of this, rumor has it an iconic track from Glee‘s Season 1 setlist will be revived for the Oct. 10 farewell. Additionally, I hear Santana is featured somewhat prominently in the special episode, the script of which is garnering rave reviews.

VIDEO | Glee Promo Touts Happy Ending for ‘Klaine’?

Question: OK, I’ll bite: What happens at the start of Sons of Anarchy Season 6 Episode 3 that’s so shocking it made your hair stand on end? —Julie
Ausiello: All I’ll say is it involves Donal Logue’s vengeance-seeking lawman. (And for the record, the SOA twist didn’t do that to my hair. The six-hour Labor Day nap I took did.)

the mindy project season 2Question: Hey! Will we be seeing Anna Camp on The Mindy Project at all this season? – Billie
Ausiello: Hey! It’s not looking great for any of Mindy’s girls this season, mostly because rom-coms rely a lot heavier on the “rom” than the “com.” (After all, it’s called When Harry Met Sally, not When Sally and Marie Hang Out and Marie Has That Funny Scene With the Folded-Down Index Cards.) “There are not a lot of plans to see Mindy’s girlfriends,” says EP Jack Burditt. “But I also think we may touch upon the fact that she doesn’t spend a lot of time with her girlfriends, either.”

Question: Any Mindy Project scoop? What kind of time jump are we looking at since the last season? Thanks! -—Mary Kate
Ausiello: Not a huge one – but enough time for [Spoiler] and [Spoiler] to have moved to the [spoiler]s.

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Question: I recently became addicted to 2 Broke Girls. Any scoop on Season 3, particularly involving Nick Zano and/or Ryan Hansen returning to woo my favorite broke girls again? –Nikki
When we asked co-creator Michael Patrick King that very question, he said both of the broke girls’ former guys were likely gone for good – or, at least, for the foreseeable future. “My whole thing is, [men] come in and they go,” he said. “At 25, they’re in, they’re out. They’re a memory. You maybe see them. Maybe you don’t.” As for the hot new pastry chef who’ll show up this season, King notes, “At this point, we’re hoping for a different guy who can bring out different things in Max than Johnny did.”

Question: Camp is my favorite summer show! Any news on if it will be back next summer? —Kristen
Ausiello: I’m afraid I have bad news for you, Kristen. According to my spies at A.C. Nielsen, you are the only person still watching the show. So… no. It won’t be back next summer.

Question: I will happily take a Middle scoop off your hands, Aus. —Jordan.
Ausiello: ABC’s stealth hit will celebrate its 100th episode this fall with — what else — a parade, celebrating the Orsontennial and featuring no less than the fourth-best John Cougar Mellencamp impersonator in all of Indiana.

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caryQuestion: Can you give me some scoop about The Good Wife? —Ilone
Ausiello: I can. And I will. The law offices of Florrick, Agos and Assoc. will share little in common with Lockhart Garner’s tony digs. “We want to suggest more of a start-up quality to it,” exec producer Robert King says of Alicia and Cary’s fledgeling firm. “Lockhart Gardner has a very polished look. [Florrick, Agos and Assoc] may not be up to the financial standards of Lockhart Gardner’s architecture.”

Question: Is it too early to ask for Pretty Little Liars Season 4B scoop? —Cora
Ausiello: “We will pay off” that top-secret meeting between Mona and Shana in Liars‘ summer finale, executive producer Oliver Goldstick assures. “I’ve always said, Mona is a viscous little dumpling and no one should forget who she was in Seasons 1 and 2 — even if she has ‘redeemed’ herself or ‘absolved’ herself of some of those horrible deeds. She was still capable of them, and that’s important to remember.”

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to askausiello@tvline.com. (Additional reporting by Kim Roots and Meg Masters)

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  1. Helen says:

    SO excited for Bones season 9!!

  2. Esaul says:

    Not surprised by camp.

  3. Leah says:


  4. Romy says:

    Who wanna bet the Season 1 song on the Finn tribute is going to be Faithfully?

    • F.M. says:

      If Rachel sings it, I will drown in my own tears. I’m already crying now. OMG!!

    • Andy says:

      I could totally see that.

      • girlinmd says:

        My comment ended up below but it was meant as a reply to this comment

        I was thinking the same after reading this from the fall tv preview article from earlier today on tvline

        COMING UP NEXT | The Oct. 10 Finn tribute — which reportedly will be Rachel-free until the final gut-wrenching act — will be an exploration of “grief on every level,”

    • Erika says:

      I sorta thought we’ll get I Can’t Fight This Feeling again… since that was his singer opening on the show. But I’m sure whatever it is, I’ll start bawling my brains out.

    • dude says:

      As long as it’s not Don’t Stop Believing.

      • Kat says:

        I wouldn’t mind Don’t Stop Believing being revisited as long as it’s done in a completely new way. An acoustic version would be cool

    • amelia rose says:

      I have to go with either Keep Holding On or I’ll Stand By You. Either of them can fit with the idea that some are having trouble believing that Finn is really gone.

    • Cheri says:

      THE scene in that episode I’m sure will be at the end, when Rachel sings her heart out. Oh, if Faithfully is the song, then all the wounds of Cory’s passing will resurface and be felt as deeply as the news of July 13th.

      • Audri says:

        I’ve been hearing its faithfully. But whatever it is, I’m gonna need a whole case of tissues from start to end of that episode. Oh who am I kidding? From start to end of the next two seasons……..

  5. Wrstlgirl says:

    Kristen has some company because I am watching Camp. It’s a fun little show even if is a bit campy :-) But not surprised it’s not coming back.

  6. Wrstlgirl says:

    A healthy friendship between Rick & Michonne would be good for Rick, but not sure I would like a romantic one.

    • Meh says:

      I’m just curious but what exactly would be the problem with them having a romantic relationship. They are both adults of the same species with physical needs. So…

      • BabyFirefly says:

        My personal problem with it is: it’s too soon, and I don’t watch Walking Dead for romance. I enjoy the limited Maggie/Glenn bits, but I don’t want the show to be about romance. Physical needs is one thing, and I agree with that point, but please no sappy stories. Plus I feel anyone our core cast gets involved with is marked for death soon. Michonne is such badass character that I almost feel Rick is a little too wimpy for her, at least on the show so far. No one seems worthy of her at this point, but I might be mixing my mediums with that.

      • DB says:

        -Walking Dead thought of the day–If I was running for my life, on a daily basis, I would find someone to hook up with too. Seriously–wouldn’t you?

  7. bigby_wolf says:

    I’m pretty sure Michonne and Rick had a relationship with each other in the comics, so it’s probably going to happen. Maybe not right now but certainly down the road.

    • Cheeky says:

      They never actually got together in the comics but they are close. Rick ended up with Andrea currently which was why some people were steamed they killed her on the show. It never seemed to hint there on the show anyways, so it made no difference to me

  8. July Lark says:

    hmm, Aldo around for all season maybe, a total win, anything to get away from the squints hating towards Booth is good in my book. It makes me so sad, they were all such good friends. Guess there is something to it when companies discourage romantic liaisons between coworkers. :(

  9. wat says:

    Sorry. Did I miss something? Why is Santana being featured prominently? Can someone explain?

    • Sean C. says:

      She’s one of the better actors, and remaining grad characters who are regulars, I would imagine.

      In theory you could do a lot with her conflicted thoughts about him, what with the outing, but the show would never address that.

      • OR it could also be because she’s a lesbian.

      • Lyla says:

        I’m sorry, Colfer is a better actor and Kurt is Finn’s step brother so I don’t see the logic in this.

        • Sean C. says:

          Acting talent is subjective to a degree, but in any event, you’ll notice I said “one of the better actors”, and nowhere in the article was it stated that Santana is the primary focus, just that she has a notable part.

        • dude says:

          I’ve never found Chris Colfer to be a good actor. Being good at crying, does not make someone a good actor.

          • twilight123 says:

            I think it’s a combination of the fact that Naya is one of the better actors, one of the few originals left, but also that they don’t want to lean heavily on Lea (obviously) and need a female lead to step up and fill in those gaps in the episode. From what I have read, Naya wasn’t as close to Cory as perhaps Lea or Chris. So maybe it’s a service to let her do some of the heavy lifting so that others who were closer to him can mourn more. I don’t know- just my theory.

          • carrie says:

            Which ,of course, is why he won a Golden Globe, had two emmy noms, and made Times 100.

      • twilight123 says:

        I posted this in the wrong place earlier (why won’t tvline let us delete our messages!), but I think it’s a combination of the fact that Naya is one of the better actors, one of the few originals left, but also that they don’t want to lean heavily on Lea (obviously) and need a female lead to step up and fill in those gaps in the episode. From what I have read, Naya wasn’t as close to Cory as perhaps Lea or Chris. So maybe it’s a service to let her do some of the heavy lifting so that others who were closer to him can mourn more. I don’t know- just my theory.

        • camussie says:

          It doesn’t make sense, logistically or otherwise. As I said below it makes sense that for obvious reasons LM won’t do the heavy lifting in this episode but if they felt they needed another character to step up and do it the best choice is Will. After all he was the character’s whose relationship with Finn was given the most focus after Rachel’s. It didn’t have to be another female lead. It should be who makes the most sense given the time Finn was on the show. Then after Will it should be Finn’s family. Then Puck. Then Santana. They can still have Santana and Mercedes fill in the female parts in the group numbers but that shouldn’t equate to Santana having a large prominent role when it makes more sense for other characters to have that role.

    • Rob Jensen says:

      So you don’t remember that Finn lost his virginity to Santana? It was a little hard to miss, considering that it was depicted in the song (and episode) titled “Like A Virgin.”

      • Jim says:

        Oh yeah, and that’s totally the reason to feature her, instead of, oh I don’t know, say Finn’s half brother and the best actor of this show. Will, who had connections to Finn since the start, and another fantastic actor, also way better than Naya will ever be. Oh yes, lets give it to Santana … but then Hodgson is still around and there is our answer. I wonder who her next leg up will be.

        • dude says:

          Can this “Kurt is Finn’s brother” crap die? I know Glee doesn’t exactly reflect reality but in real life these people would never see each other as brothers. They’re classmates that were forced to live together. They may become better friends from it but they’re not brothers. At least when Murphy did this plotline in Popular he didn’t make Brooke/Sam the closest sisters two people have ever been. It made them better friends but didn’t bond them for the rest of eternity.

          • Nat Hawkins says:

            Okay, just because some step brothers or sisters don’t connect and feel like family, others can. And considering what happened between Kurt and Finn it would be surprising for them not to. Finn stood up against the guys who were making Kurt’s life hell in the first season. Even dressed up in a red shower curtain for him. This is just one of the freaking amazing things that Finn has done. Both of them had been through though times, together and not together. They are both loving and caring guys and heck they had to share a bedroom, though that didn’t turn out exactly well… But as Finn said at the wedding, they actually are brothers from another mother now. And even if they didn’t actually feel extremely brotherly towards each other, they were still super close..

          • flutiefan says:

            this did happen to me in real life and i absolutely call them my brothers.

    • Nina says:

      because Finn outed her to the whole school DUH.

      • T says:

        I sincerely hope that they won’t go with a route where Santana in retrospect is more or less thankful that Finn outed her to the whole state, that would leave an extremely sour taste in my mouth and I don’t want that to happen in an episode that is about his death.

      • mezzalenko says:

        Nina, all the characters have done bad stuff to each other. It was so clearly and blatently obvious throughout the show when Mr Shue would always emphasise that no matter what happens, at the end of the day, they are family. That could not ring more true than when they lose one of their own forever. Petty squabbles mean nothing when you lose family. Finn inadvertently outed her to the school. It wasn’t on purpose – someone overheard what he said and THEY spread it around the school, not him. It wasn’t some evil plan of his. Besides that, I believe he broke down her walls when he dedicated that class to her and sought her forgiveness. To me at least, it certainly appeared that they made up and were fine after that. So, what’s with the “DUH”? Just because you would hold a grudge and not forgive someone even in death, doesn’t mean others are like you.

    • Jim says:

      There is no reason in canon. So look for reasons outside … she was doing Hodgson for a long time after all, maybe he’s throwing her another bone.

    • dude says:

      Because the people at Glee are smart enough to know Santana should be the focus of everything, everywhere until the end of time and forcing Lea Michele to do most of the grunt work in this hour would be cruel.

      • camussie says:

        I agree expecting LM to do the grunt work would be cruel. I disagree that means shifting the load onto NR/Santana. To me the character to shift the load onto for this episode so that LM doesn’t have to do the grunt work would be Will. He was the one whose relationship with Finn was given the most focus after Rachel. He was the one who got Finn into Glee thus changing the course of Finn’s life. He was the one Finn went to when things were at their bleakest. If Santana gets more focus than him or even Finn’s mom that will be writing malpractice.

      • Marissa says:

        Perhaps Santana steps up in a big way by making arrangements and organizing things for Finn’s family and friends. With her character now being roomates with both Kurt and Rachel…maybe she is doing some of the heavy lifting as far as getting them home to Ohio quickly. That’s one of the ways this makes sense to me. Otherwise it will just feel contrived.

  10. jfur says:

    been enjoying camp also sad about it not coming back

  11. Emily says:

    I love camp, it can’t get cancelled! It was one of the shows that got me through the summer well I waited for my fall shows to start!

  12. Sarah says:

    I love Camp as well and am very sad it’s not going to come back. But the one that blew my away was The Glades…..Still not over it :( weepy face. That is the suck!!

  13. celeste says:

    Im going with “on my own” rachel sang it episode one! The lyrics fit perfectly. Im also calling it that “seasons of love” from Rent is in the mix somewhere.

  14. FatherOctavian says:

    I also enjoy “Camp”. Most of the cast slips back into their native Australian accents at least a few times every episode, and I’ve never seen a real summer camp that operates like Little Otter.

    But the show knows its tone well, and the characters and dialog pop. More importantly, it’s FUN and never takes itself too seriously. Every time it looks like it’s going to get preachy, like the gay wedding episode, it takes a turn and refocuses things on the characters.

    One of the pleasant surprises of this summer.

    • Jamie says:

      Agreed! Camp has become my new favorite summer show and I look forward to it every week. I wish more people knew what a gem this show really is. Ausiello is usually right, but in this case, I hope he’s wrong. LONG LIVE LITTLE OTTER!!!

  15. Ana says:

    Santana wouldn’t be my first option to be featured on a Finn tribute. Finn’s family Carole, Burt, and Kurt and his on and off girlfriend are the more reasonable to be featured, but this is Glee and I’ll certainly take Santana over newbies or worse, Blaine.

    • Erika says:

      I think it’s important to show Santana’s reaction. After all… she did take his virginity. She hides her feelings about most things pretty deeply. But I think she’s gonna have a really hard time dealing with losing him. And it would, and should, make sense that it hits her more than even she expects.

      • Sean C. says:

        The fact that he outed her would seem like the more relevant consideration, though there’s no way they’ll mention that, since they’ve been doing their best to pretend that never happened.

      • Ana says:

        I understand this as possible. In fact all characters that actually interacted with Finn, like Puck, his best friend, could have interesting reactions but it remains that they are not the closest or the ones that should be more featured than family and partners. Being glee I fear they are going to go for something completely unrelated. They are known for that.

    • camussie says:

      Santana wouldn’t be near my first choice. I have a feeling the character’s whose role in this episode I am going to disappointed with is Will’s. I think after Rachel that was the Finn relationship featured most prominently on the show so my thought is that if anyone, after Rachel, has a prominent role, it should be Will. After that Carole/Burt/Kurt. After that Puck. Then Santana.

  16. Sokratis says:

    Such a shame about Camp. It was easily the best comedy of the summer. Plus being an Australian, thoroughly enjoyed a lot of aussies getting American screentime.

  17. Gail says:

    Santana was Finns “first”. Maybe that will be why she is featured. That plus Kurt and Rachel may be too broke up. I hope Quinn & Puck get a lot of screen time too

  18. Tiera says:

    I was thinking Keep Holding On is going to be the song revived; it’s a great song that applies and was sung at the peak of Finn’s relationship conflicts. As he was the one singing it in season 1, I think they’ll flip the script and motivate themselves during this tough time.

  19. Meredith says:

    I love Camp!! NBC should keep it around. What could they possibly replace it with that would be a bigger hit during the summer months?

  20. neha says:

    It’s stupid that, just because The Mindy Project is supposed to be based on a rom-com, that her girlfriends not have a strong role. It seems like the writers are just introducing love interest after love interest, and not paying attention to the core group and their relationships. They should take lessons from New Girl.

  21. wordsmith says:

    I kind of feel like a horrible person for saying this, but I’m kind of hoping that Grimm has zombie Nick go on a homicidal rampage and accidentally kill Juliette. The show has always struggled to make her interesting, and her death would do really interesting dark things for Nick’s character.

    • Aprilcot says:

      I don’t hate this idea. Nothing against Bitsie Tulloch, she’s a great actress, but you’re right. I don’t think the writers know how to make her compelling.

  22. B says:

    The second spoiler for the mindy project isn’t a spoiler – one of the cast or writers already said who and who was moving where- I think it’s on YT in one of those fox interview things

  23. Teag says:

    Siberia scoop!

  24. cyclone says:

    If the Finn death episode features Santana prominently AND from a previous spoiler said Rachel only appears at the end I could see them doing the episode from Rachel’s POV where she’s holed up in her room and we only see Santana coming in to talk to the “Rachel” telling her what’s going on.

  25. jennkyle says:

    Nooooo I love camp they need to renew it was one of my new favorite summer show they can’t cancel it it seems like I find a new show that I really like they cancel it

  26. Adah says:

    Really looking forward to more of the Rick/Michonne dynamic. At this stage a growing friendship makes sense but it almost doesn’t matter what form their relationship takes because they have such vibrant and intense chemistry no matter the dynamics.Their scenes simply crackle.

  27. Pat says:

    “We want to suggest more of a start-up quality to it,” exec producer Robert King says of Alicia and Cary’s fledgeling firm. “Lockhart Gardner has a very polished look. [Florrick, Agos and Assoc] may not be up to the financial standards of Lockhart Gardner’s architecture.”
    IKEA? Obviously they don’t want to waste money or time on a set they’ll likely dismantle by the end of the season. And obviously that doesn’t count like a spoiler about Cary and what the hell they have in store for him that season besides his doppelganger with an “E” and besides turning him and that storyline into a catalyst for the nth exploration of willicia affair. Oh, yeah, I forgot he also not getting a shred of love interest that season too. Exciting.

  28. Alex says:

    No one in PLL can be trusted.. So saying Mona is still sketchy isn’t exactly surprising.

  29. I love Camp! I hope they won’t cancel it ! It is truly funny and great!
    I need Mac and Cole together like- Now !

  30. L says:

    Imo I can actually see Santana’s character as a larger storyline than others in Glee. She took his virginity, he outed her, but she also called him and told him about Brody, and we know he came to NY for that one. She would be in denial given how she hides her feelings for everyone, so her character would be a good sounding board for what people feel.

    That’s not saying Kurt isn’t a good choice, just that given the storylines between Santana and Finn show how difficult things could be. Rachel in the last scene, better have the tissue ready for that one.

  31. Courtney says:

    I love Camp! She is not the only one watching it…..I watch it every week…I hope it keeps going or at least gets a nice wrap up.I am so sick of getting “cliff hangers” or shows left open ended and they do not come back the next year…..It was a cute show to watch over the summer and kept me laughing….

  32. cas says:

    While I really like Michonne, she’s just not pretty at all so I can’t picture Rick with her. I’m not saying that to be rude either. And people keep talking about their chemistry which I also don’t see considering she barely talked until the end of the season.

    • TPJ says:

      Well that’s the thing isn’t it? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and Danai/Michonne is attractive to a lot of people. Also, what makes you think Rick is so handsome that he would automatically be too good for Michonne? Some people don’t find Andrew Lincoln all that handsome either. The fact is–their characters have a lot in common, and Michonne is a really caring character which is just what Rick needs after being married to such an uncaring woman (Lori). Michonne is also very good with Carl, and one of the most capable characters on the show. Rick would be the lucky one in that relationship for having found a woman who will actually care about him.

      • Jenell says:

        Agreed! And whether or not someone finds Michonne attractive, it doesn’t really matter, because Rick CLEARLY does.

        RICHONNE ftw, BITCHES! !!!!!!!

  33. Rain says:

    So disappointed, I really love Camp, it was so cute and a really fun show to watch!

  34. Mark says:

    Well, there were at least two of us watching Summer Camp, but I could go either way about another season.

  35. Doug H says:

    Ratings are what they are… It was a classic cheap summer fill-in show… One of many interesting summer shows that pop up from time to time but only get one season… One of my favorites was “Swingtown” from 2008… Camp is far lighter fare and I love anything Rachel Griffiths is in.. And I think some of the younger actors started to slip later on in their accents… I do agree with comment how family camps in the US don’t last all summer…. Typically these days, kids summer camps convert to family camps for a week or so at the end of seasons..

  36. Magically Suspicious says:

    I love Camp. It’s a much better show than Mistresses, which I’m also watching, but with a considerable amount of eye-rolling. Camp is a lot of fun and I look forward to it every week.

  37. Amanda says:

    I cannot stand Lucy on TBBT. I hope we NEVER see her again. I used to fast forward through her scenes she stunk so bad. No hate on the actress, but the character was lame. Raj should be with someone gorgeous, that way it challenges Penny’s role as “the pretty one” – would be hysterical.

  38. jennkyle says:

    There are at least 7 of us that watch camp not 3 of us the whole family watches it

  39. marcee says:

    Is the scoop getting lamer or have I lost my love of TV. Of all the shows mentioned, I watch only two. Mindy Project? 2 Broke Girls? Camp? Really!? Blegh.

  40. Lucy says:

    Questioner Bryce,

    I love you. Because Dalia’s video is the best. And I sing that song all the time, without even realizing it. Dalia totally deserved an award.

  41. twilight123 says:

    I think it, logistically speaking, it makes a lot of sense to focus on Santa. It’s a combination of the fact that Naya is one of the better actors, one of the few originals left, but also that they don’t want to lean heavily on Lea (obviously) and need a female lead to step up and fill in those gaps in the episode. From what I have read, Naya doesn’t seem as close to Cory as perhaps Lea or Chris (or even the actors who play Burt and Finn’s mom). So maybe it’s a service to let her do some of the heavy lifting so that others who were closer to him can mourn more. I don’t know- just my theory.

  42. I agree with you. If you look at the lyrics for ‘On My Own’ they are so incredibly fitting. If this is the chosen song then I admire Lea’s strength even more than usual because there’s no doubt about it, that the song would be so difficult to sing, not just as Rachel but obviously as Lea too. Lea is the best of the best, and I expect this song will be sung with such enormous passion yet sorrow. Whatever song is chosen I KNOW Lea will do it justice!

  43. Ali says:

    I hope Camp doesn’t get cancelled… I really like it!
    Anyway if it gets cancelled I hope in the last episode next week Mack and Cole will get together at least…

  44. Mena says:

    I don’t care who if Santana will have focus in the 3rd episode of Glee. All I want is for it to be done right. Glee doesn’t do that often. Lea Michele is obviously taking a backseat for a while, especially this episode. All I know is that this episode will my last watching Glee, excuse me, Blee.

  45. Jill says:

    Camp is fun and silly and perfect summer viewing. I want to go to Camp next year! Long live Little Otter!!!

  46. pfallsgirl says:

    I’m sorry to hear about Camp. I really enjoyed the show! It was good, simple fun – great actors embodying realistic characters in (mostly) plausible story lines. I really want to know how all of the characters fare over winter, and what they’ll be up to when they return to Camp next summer. NBC should rethink this one. It’s perfect summer entertainment!

  47. Ella says:

    I still want Sheldon’s sister on TBBT to come back as a love interest for Raj. Lucy was UGH.

  48. man…i love camp! sad to see it go