Glee's Kevin McHale Talks 'Powerful, Emotional' Finn Tribute, Previews That 'One Scene'

glee finn tributeJust a few days into production on Glee‘s Finn Hudson tribute, co-star Kevin McHale describes an “extremely emotional” shoot that, at times, has been “hard to get through.”

Acknowledging that there’s essentially “no ‘right’ way to do it,” the McKinley vet says he was blown away when he first read the script for the episode, which is slated to air on Oct. 10.

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“There are so many incredibly well written and powerful scenes,” he shares, before singling out one sequence as being particularly moving. “When [the cast] got the script, we were all reading it together and we were like, ‘Did you get to that one scene.’ And when you see it everyone will know what that one scene is.”

McHale says reactions to Finn’s death will be both varied and surprising, noting that some castmembers “are having to play reactions that they obviously would not feel in real-life, and that’s a weird thing to play. Because you want people to know how you actually feel. But [Ryan Murphy & Co. are staying true to] the characters, and that’s the smart thing to do.”

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For example. several characters find themselves in a deep state of denial. “Some people aren’t dealing with the loss of Finn, and it’s a difficult thing because in real life none of us were like that,” he explains. “We were all very much dealing with it.”

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  1. Mel says:

    This will be very sad to watch. It’s hard enough to still read about it. RIP Cory!

  2. Stephanie Strain says:

    I don’t envy any of the cast (or crew or show-runners) and am very proud of the way they held together and powered through. Glee has always been a family, in many ways, so this could not have been easy, on a personal or professional level. I’ll always remember & respect Cory, because of what he did in life & how he always tried for the positive. So, for Cory and everyone else who died far too young, Celebrate LIFE!

  3. sw says:

    Didn’t this guy od on drugs?

  4. sasha says:

    I still dont understand why dianna wasnt the only one asked back

    • goodbye says:

      Probably contractual she seems to be the only one with no obligation to glee any more at all. The other even Jayma have mention still working n ti. Frankly I see no reason for her to be back she was so minor the past 2 seasons anyway. And we haven’t heard from Heather to know if she was asked or not.

      • sureeee says:

        Just because she wasn’t a big part of the last 2 seasons doesn’t mean she wasn’t a big part of FInn’s life. She was a girl who cared about him and who he cared deeply for. They may have had their falling out but you don’t forget your first love no matter what they did. They both did wrong but they got passed it and still cared for each other. Leaving Quinn out is a slap in the face for her. Now maybe DIanna can’t make it due to schedule or contracts or whatever but hopefully there is some references as to why Quinn isn’t there or that’s going to be a major strike in many fans book.

      • Natasha says:

        But the fact that she dated Finn would have tied her into the episode of being sad. Either way they should’ve had her back but I’m sure contracts got in the way.

  5. Asid says:

    Ryan Murphy is just upset by the fact that Dianna Agron is not in his hand anymore he likes having talented people without using them.That’s why she unfollow him on twitter

    • Gordon says:

      Stop making this about Dianna. This was never about her.

    • A says:

      Really now? What does that have to do with any of this?! This is about Cory/Finn and you’re bringing that into this? Oh, she wasn’t asked back? Too bad. And besides, did she SPECIFICALLY say she wasn’t asked back? If not, then shut it and move on. If she did, then oh well. That’s not why we’re here. This article isn’t about Dianna and her problems with Glee. Ugh. Some people..

    • Laura J says:

      Can people on this site please get a life? Dianna has a new movie coming out the family? I think? This has nothing to do with Ryan Murphy or what a “horrible ass he is”. She is promoting a movie that she worked hard on. Maybe her agent doesn’t want her to do glee while the movie is out. Ryan and everybody else had to do what had to be done under tragic circumstances. Quickly. I’d like to see any of you run a show better under such conditions. God what is with this fandom? Why are you all such hateful people?! Its scheduling that’s it period!!!

    • Lauren says:

      Am I out of touch, being a Glee fan older than 16? What does Dianna have to do with the story above??

    • rm says:

      What a laid of crap he let her go from the contract, he dismissed her. If he wanted to write for her she was under contract and he could have used her or not as much as he wanted. He had her under his hand and choose to let her go.

  6. Katy says:

    I’m sorry but I gotta wonder why Dianna wasn’t invited back when everyone else was…..sounds like some drama went down.

    • S says:

      It’s hard on Dianna that she won’t be a part of the episode, definitely, but honestly, what would they have Quinn doing in this episode? Pretending to be all upset when in truth she felt nothing but disdain for Finn the entire time she knew him?

      • Frank says:

        So true. Why didn’t Di reach out to Ryan and ask? Two way street. Plus she was at his memorial so she had a chance to goodbye to Cory.

      • C says:

        Did you even watch the show? I was definitely not a big fan of Finn and Quinn dating but she quite obviously cared for him and the last time they interacted they were nothing less than friendly and happy to see each other. I would be happy to cite multiple examples.

        • Abby says:

          Doesn’t mean Quinn has to fly in from Yale for a funeral. Not everyone can/does when someone dies in real life, so it’s not like every single person who’s ever known Finn has to be in his memorial episode.

    • Gabby says:

      IMO this is exactly what Dianna and her team wanted by talking about this (the reporter of the article specifically tweeted that Dianna herself mentioned she was not asked back), to draw attention to her new movie coming out in a few weeks. This is what actors and their PR teams do to promote themselves and their projects.

  7. Corinne says:

    Dianna could just have scheduling conflicts (with her press for “The Family”) and even though it seems off that Finn’s ex-girlfriend won’t be in this episode, there isn’t time for anyone. I don’t think it is for personal drama. Since Dianna was close to Cory, I don’t think any personal drama would get in the way of her returning for this episode. So in my opinion it has to be a scheduling conflict. That said, I am both dreading and looking forward to this episode. And that “one scene” obviously has to belong to Lea.

    • Sean C. says:

      No, she specifically stated that she wasn’t asked back.

      • dude says:

        I know Glee is a family and Quinn has a specific bond to Finn but what could they have Quinn play that wouldn’t be a (weaker) variation of what Rachel is feeling? There’s just nothing really interesting for her to do and as we’ve seen with the season 4 reunions, bringing people back just to check a box off a list and give them nothing particularly interesting to do, isn’t really a worthwhile use of their time. They’re probably learning their lesson.

  8. A says:

    Omg people. This is NOT about Dianna. Leave her drama out of this. This article didn’t mention her in any way, shape, or form. So get over it and move on.

  9. A says:

    Okay people, this article isn’t about Dianna so why bring her problems with Glee into this? This is about Cory/Finn not her. Leave that drama out of this and move on. So she wasn’t asked back? Too bad. Did she even say they didn’t ask her to come back for the tribute? If not, then shut it and stop whining. But even if she did, this article isn’t about her. Take that stuff somewhere else.

    • Melody says:

      You’re such an idiot, we’re talking about Dianna cause she was an clos friend of Cory’s and her character were important to Finn. So having her in the episode would be great, this isn’t just about fans. And you’re also an hyporcite, going in every’s comments saying that we should forget about Dianna and focus on Cory, what are you trying to achieve? Make everyone look bad cause we care more about Dianna than Cory? First of all idiot, that is not true. Everyone who’s talking about Dianna here just wants her in the episode cause she was important to him, and what’s the big deal of talking about this in the Cory tribute article? Is it wrong? Huh, don’t act like you’re the most important Finn/Cory fan ever.

      • A says:

        Oh darling, you’re so misinformed. First off, how the heck was I acting like the most important Finn/Cory fan ever? I was just stating that its stupid to bring her problems into an article about FINN/CORY and his memorial episode. Sure, people can be sad that she’s not in it but why mention it where its not needed? You call me an idiot when you don’t even know what the freak you’re talking about. Make you guys feel bad? Make it seem like you guys care more about Dianna than Cory? Telling me that I’m saying to forget about Dianna? CALLING ME A HYPOCRITE? Really now? All the points mentioned are invalid seeing as my comments didn’t mention any of that. I’m just saying that this isn’t about her so why do you guys bring it up? Go find an article about her and talk about it there. And before you try and put more words into my mouth, I am also saddened by Dianna not being in the episode but guess what? I’m not going to bring it up in ever article about Glee or a character or an actor/actress from the show. Leave that drama out of this. (Btw you might want to go look up the word hypocrite.. Just saying..)

        • Melody says:

          Still your comment shows nothing concrete that we should stop talking about Dianna. Stop with the drama? Please… Dianna is part of Glee, even if she is not in the cast anymore. Finn and Quinn were a couple in the show, Cory and Dianna were friends in RL. So casting her aside just because someone doesn’t want more “drama” it’s plain ridiculous. BTW you’re some kind of admin in TVline? To tell us what we should and should not comment? No, so keep quiet please.

          • A says:

            I’m not going to keep quiet. Its stupid how you people bring in things that aren’t relevant to a situation because you think it needs to be in the spotlight. She wasn’t asked back? OH NO! Tell us more. Its irrelevant and doesn’t need to be mentioned. This article isn’t about her or her problems with Glee! If she wasn’t asked back, too bad. I’m not going to dwell on her not coming back even if I’m sad. Like come on. So move on to another site that actually talks about it and stay off of articles like this, just to stir up more drama. Also, things can change. They JUST began filming the tribute. They can put her in, even if she just has one or two lines they added in. No one can really tell the future. Like seriously? Calm down and be quiet.

          • Meredith says:

            So you’re rebuking A for telling you “what we should and should not comment,” and then immediately follow it up by telling here to keep quiet? That right there? Is what hypocrisy actually means.

        • Christian says:

          Hey guys. Just gonna jump in here and offer my opinion. This article isn’t just about Cory/Finn, it is mostly centered on the tribute episode of Glee. Therefore, discussing cast and crew of Glee are appropriate in this article. Cast and crew of other shows are off-topic, but surely talking about people with a strong connection to the show at hand is very relevant?

          By the way, never ever start a comment with an insult. Just… Never. Ever. In fact, using personal attacks at each other are more irrelevant than what we are talking about and it’s cheap tricks in order to try to win an argument. Be mature in your language and present as many convincing and strong facts as you can.

      • dude says:

        Hey Melody, first rule of a rational debate is: starting any argument off with an insult such as “you’re such an idiot” immediately invalidates anything you say after that. Learn how to handle differences of opinions and discussions maturely before you jump into them. You just end of embarrassing yourself.

      • Jum says:

        Quinn was no longer important to Finn and Dianna got to say goodbye to Cory at the Memorial.

        • Audri says:

          I disagree. Finn and Quinn may have dated briefly on and off a few years ago, but by now everything with all of that has been long resolved. Rachel and Quinn really are good friends and so were Quinn and Finn. They have known each other a long time and as long as we are still just talking about the characters, they all got to grow up together. Finn, Rachel, Puck, Quinn, Tina, Mercedes, Mike, Brittany, Santanna, Artie and Kurt. They all joined the glee club as strangers who thought very little of each other and they became a family. Isn’t that why we fell in love with glee in the first place? Because begind all the drama they really just all love and support each other. And regardless of what’s going on behind the scenes and who isn’t there, when I turn on my TV on October 10 to watch the tribute episode that’s what I’m going to be thinking about. Not some alleged behind the scenes drama.

      • JT says:

        When did Dianna fans start to care so much about Finn and Cory? I’m laughing so hard because a very large section of her fans hated Finn viciously and couldn’t wait to bash Finchel every chance they got. AND NOW THEY WANT HER TO COME BACK. LMAO.

        • Penny says:

          It is more because their characters had a history , and even though they broke up and moved on in the event of a death… I could see Quinn coming back to Ohio to pay her respects to someone she had loved when she was young. It’s about story telling. It’s about staying true to characters. They had a relationship. He was a major part of her youth. Not having her character there is a really odd choice, and one that reeks of behind the scene problems. (Which I really don’t care to ever learn about). It’s really weird, especially if Dianna confirmed that she could have done it. *shrug* just my 2cents.

      • Abby says:

        Wow, did you take the original comment the wrong way or what!

  10. Asid says:

    It’ right is about Cory but we can be sad that every peoples who matters to finn is not present

    • A says:

      You can be sad or mad, but take it somewhere else. It isn’t needed here.

      • Nick says:

        A, you are NOT the board moderator. Stop telling people to take it somewhere else u have no right to stay that! Why don’t u just go away if ur so upset with these comments then stop reading. Yeesh u are horrivle

        • A says:

          “Yeesh u are horrivle” I think you meant to say horrible, which I’m not. Also, I don’t have to be a board moderator. You guys are bringing in something irrelevant. This article wasn’t about Dianna and her problems. Why bring it up? It’s Cory/Finn’s tribute episode. So she’s not going to be in it, big deal. This isn’t the place to talk about it. I’m also not upset about it so that was invalid. So, how about you and all the others who want to talk about Dianna go somewhere else? Okay? Good.

          • scooby says:

            This is actually the EXACT place to talk about Quinn not being in the episode–the why part could go down a rabbit hole so it’s probably wise not to go too far, but if the TVLine moderators don’t care, why should you? It’s their business. They don’t need your help. This is a article about the tribute episode, reactions of castmembers vs. their characters, and talking around scenes that are in it so as not to give it away. Your argument would have more sway if you said the Dianna/Ryan info was unsubstantiated gossip, and I have no idea if it is or not. I haven’t paid attention to Dianna and Glee lately. You’re telling people what to talk about over and over. You ARE acting like a board moderator which you are not. State your opinion, analyze what people are saying and reply, whatever, but talking about talking about the article is way too meta. Let it go.

          • Meredith says:

            I couldn’t care less about Quinn/Dianna, but this is the place to talk about the tribute episode for Finn/Cory, so who does or does not appear in the episode is pertinent to the topic-at-hand. It’s my understanding that Dianna was at the cast and crew memorial, so that covers the real-life people, in my opinion. If you think the character of Quinn is not necessary for the episode, by all means, make that argument, but I fail to see where you’re showing that her presence in the tribute episode does not relate to the tribute episode.

  11. Melody says:

    I just heard the news that Dianna wasn’t asked to be in the episode. I can’t believe that RIB didn’t even invited her, I seriously hope that it isn’t because of the rumours that Dianna and Ryan aren’t too kind with each other, because if it is… I can’t believe that they would let a discussion get in the way of the celebration of the amazing person that Cory Monteith was and will ever be.

  12. Matt says:

    Kevin’s up all night to get lucky… Dianna too.

  13. Irene says:

    It’s Naya Rivera who has the one scene, E! already spoiled that. I find it ironic that the actress who took selfies almost nude, while enjoying the good life in Italy, just a few days after Cory died gets that focus. She’s shown so much respect for Cory after he died after all, by not even showing at his memorial.

    • Melody says:

      Yeah, Naya Rivera would have a powerful scene. But the way that Kevin said, it doesn’t look like it’s the Naya scene. Probably it’s another.

    • dude says:

      People handle grief in different ways. When asked about Cory she’s always spoken nothing but kindly about him and seemed genuinely hurt in Italy when she was asked about him and refused to answer the question. My best friend just lost her father and reused to attend the funeral because it was too difficult for her to go. Don’t just assume her not attending was because she doesn’t care, it may be because she cares too much. She was already scheduled to attend that event and probably thought it would be a good distraction seeing as most people don’t enjoy sitting around their homes crying and being depressed. You know nothing about these people so don’t assume things you have no grasp of.

    • Laila says:

      It’s clowns like you nitpicking the way these cast members grieve, that makes me wish for this media circus surrounding Cory’s death to be over.

    • Bugs says:

      I was thinking the same thing. I really was disappointed at Naya when she started tweeting those things only 3 days after Cory died. Everyone on my timeline was going WTF Naya!

  14. dude says:

    For all the people building this idea that she hates Ryan Murphy and Glee. This is Dianna’s exact quote about whether she’d like to move on from Glee taken from the same interview. “I think moving on might be the wrong choice of words because [“Glee”] is always going to be a part of me and with me and I would always go back,” she says. “So it’s not necessarily about a departure. It’s about what it’s imparted in me and what it’s given me.” That doesn’t sound like someone who’s bitter or holding any resentment towards the show.

    • Frank says:

      So, she isn’t going to publicly say she hates Ryan Murphy.

      • dude says:

        Why do you guys seem so intent on her hating Ryan Murphy? Why does it matter? Because you’re mad that she isn’t being invited or you’re mad how her character’s been written, you think she should hate the person responsible? At the end of the day, we don’t know these people and it shouldn’t matter to us what their feelings for each other are. Everything I’ve heard about this episode is that it’s a beautiful tribute to Finn Hudson and Cory Monteith and that’s all that matters. Paying tribute to a wonderful character is what this is about, not the politics behind it.

  15. Wouter says:

    I understand that Dianna won;t be there, but i’ve got to admit it’s kinda weird Mike and Mercedes are in the episode while Quinn is not.

    • Dani says:

      But Mike and Mercedes were much more apart of the show last year. I think some still have some contractual obligations to glee whihc Di no longer does. Even Jayma says she has some episode still to do.

      • abz says:

        Regardless of whether or not they were part of the show more last year, Mike to me was always more of a background character who was given a little more to do and a few extra lines in the third season and Mercedes, while a significant original member of the show, was not really a HUGE person in Finn’s life. Quinn’s absence is really weird. She was a significant part of his character’s life and his development and to just have her not be there and grieve for him or even to help Rachel cope with the loss since they have become good friends just doesn’t really seem right.
        It looks like it won’t happen, so I would at least hope that they would mention why she’s not there or have her show up in a later episode as I really hope this tribute is not the end of things. If they make this tribute a one and done episode and have everything return back to normal by the very next episode, I think it would be an insult and a disservice to one of the main characters that made this show what it was. It’s really nice that they are doing a tribute episode, but they should also show the after-effects over a couple of episodes. Glee has never valued the need for reality in situations, but even then this is a situation that should not be glossed over in just one episode.

      • Jillian says:

        Right, but Mike and Mercedes were two characters who didn’t interact with Finn as much as Quinn did. Let’s not forget season 1. The memorial should be about bringing EVERYONE together to mourn him, not just select characters. Quinn and Finn’s relationship was pne of the main focal points of seasons 1 & 2. It was/is wrong of the writers to not include Quinn in the episode at all. They’re including the new kids who had minimal contact with Finn but aren’t including his ex girlfriend. It’s just ridiculous! I say this as a fan of the show, not as a Dianna Agron fan. I would also prefer if Brittany were included in the episode (as for her and Quinn are the only original characters not in it) but because of Heather’s pregnancy that is not possible.

        • Real says:

          But recently Finn connected with the new kids, he was their leader. They all looked up and admired him. Quinn never did. I’d rather Marley be there than Quinn and I hate Marley and unique and jake. This isn’t season 1 anymore. Quinn has moved on and finn has formed relationships with other people who should get more screentime than Quinn. That said, newbies and blaine should still get the least focus. Rachel, Carole, Kurt, Will, puck, Sam, Santana, mike, Tina, and Mercedes and arty need most focus.

  16. Cathy says:

    “So don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse, and be gone with your offers of discount leather goods. Talk smart about TV!”

    What I’ve liked about TVLine’s boards, for the most part, is that people are civil and don’t resort to name calling. Maybe that needs to be added to the above phrase, because things seem to be getting out of hand lately. To make your point, you don’t need to resort to name calling; everyone has an opinion, and you’re entitled to disagree, but I’m thinking people on here aren’t in the third grade. You’re not talking smart when acting like that, and let’s face it: an argument about a tv show should not get people this riled up.

    • dude says:

      I haven’t seen a ton of civil people when it comes to Glee. Usually the same wave of repetitive, negative comments.

      • A says:

        Kind of ironic seeing as Glee is trying to promote positivity.. Yet a lot of the fans (not all though) are so negative and rude. -_-

        • scooby says:

          From what I read up above, you’re talking about yourself there, A. Let TVLine handle their own board. I’ve seen far worse on other show discussions here actually. I’d say Glee tends to have plenty of positive people participating in the fandom. I’ve never seen such a groundswell when an actor passed away mid-show. I think the tribute episode is going to be pretty amazing. Get your tissues ready.

          • A says:

            How the heck am I talking about myself? I’m not trying to be negative and hate on anything like a lot of these other Gleeks. Like, come on now. Its just sad that people bring in irrelevant behind the scene drama into something where its most definitely not needed.

    • Sheila says:

      Actually, this site is routinely full of rude, obnoxious comments.

      • Cathy says:

        It’s gotten a lot worse in recent months; when the site first opened, people actually paid attention to the policy. It’s still better than most sites, though.

  17. Ian says:

    What’s the most terrible thing, is I’m sure Ryan is going to find some way to make this episode more about Blaine than anyone else. He and Finn weren’t that close, Rachel was the LOVE OF HIS LIFE, Kurt was his BROTHER, Puck was his best friend, and so on, but you can be sure Blaine’s going to take lead in the biggest ensemble tribute song and they’re going to fabricate some closer bond he had with Finn then was ever the case.

    • DK says:

      Yes, let’s attack the show for something they probably won’t even do with no evidence to support the contrary before the episode even airs. People are grieving. Give it a break.

      • Grief? This is business, not therapy. says:

        It‘s what‘s been happening for the past two years, so it‘s not that far fetched to assume it‘ll be true for this episode as well. It‘s already pretty clear that the Beatles tribute will basically be a Blaine tribute, so it‘s easy to assume Murphy & Co will find plenty of unnecessary opportunities to excessively showcase him in the Finn/Cory tribute as well.

        • Penny says:

          ugh, one day I hope RIB stops riding the Blaine train.

          Cause its mediocre at best.

          • Sil says:

            The worst thing Fox and friends has ever done. The Blee show. Glee is so wrong now. I just don’t care to watch it anymore. Finn/Cory is gone now. Finn and Rachel were Glee’s metaphors and leads, season 4 they were back up characters. Love The Beatles and their music. Glee should do an excellent tribute to them, I just don’t have the desire to watch Blaine having the dominance in this tribute. We all he will. Glee sucks. A PSA every chance Glee can give is not entertainment. It is a teen show now. A high school musical with social statements.

  18. Real says:

    Dianna fans please go away. We know you just have an ulterior motive. Stop pretending like you give a damn about Finn. She’s escaped from terrible glee. You got your wish for her to be free so stop complaining. Quinn was nothing but awful to Finn and looked down on him. Her SL is wrapped. She’s not important anymore. A majority just want Faberry and achele interaction which makes me sick.

    • Bobbie says:

      I don’t understand Dianna fans. First they’re so happy that Dianna has moved on from the terrible show called Glee and has become a “movie star” and act like Dianna is too good for Glee. But now they want her back??? And some of Dianna’s Achele fans are the one who bashed Cory the most when he was alive. And tweeted HORRIBLE, VILE stuff to him about PR romances (monfake, anyone?) and drugs and so much other stuff. The ones who are so outraged on twitter are the very ones who did that. Did some of you really forget?

      • Katy says:

        You don’t get it to you? Dianna Agron was singled out by RM he did not ask her back for a reason more than likely bad blood and lets not act like achele fans are the only ones who like Dianna or tweet awful things by saying Quinn isn’t important anymore I must point at the characters of Mercedes, Mike and Puck who are not important either LBR they barely had any interaction last season. Put it this way EVERY single person from season one ND was asked back for a tribute to Cory/Finn (aside from HEMO who is pregnant) except Dianna so yes its fishy and yes something is up and no I don’t blame Dianna fans for being pissed.

  19. Audri says:

    Okay, I read every comment here and just have one thing to say: Just Wait. I understand each and every one of your points without agreeing with most of them, but the fact of the matter is that until October 10th we have no idea what the episode will hold. I have read every article and spoiler I can find but we don’t know what’s going to happen so at this point, until we have seen it, we need to stop and know that Ryan’s intentions here are to help all of us celebrate and mourn Cory/Finn. So know matter who is in it when I sit down (tissue box in hand) on October 10th to watch this tribute episode I’m only going to be thinking about the ND/GleeClub family and the love and support they all have for each other. Every, single one of them.

  20. Bob says:

    Whoever commenter “A” is – get a life already.

  21. Natasha says:

    Rest in peace Cory. I had the honor and joy of meeting him. He changed my life with a hand shake, a conversation, and that smile of his. I’ll always remember that moment. Love you buddy.

    • Sil says:

      Jane Lynch said the nicest thing in a recent interview. Finn was the quarterback of Glee. Cory was the quarterback of the behind the scenes on Glee. He Finn and Cory will be greatly missed. An enormous shoe to fill that no other could or can ever do. Just my opinion. Glee will forever be changed into a new direction. Of which I could less about. More NY please. No Lima please.