What to Watch: Your Guide to 40 Labor Day Weekend Marathons, Specials and Finales!

Labor Day MarathonsCouch potatoes, get ready because a whole lot of TV is coming your way this Labor Day Weekend. There’s three Law & Order marathons, trips down memory lane for House and Boy Meets World fans, and new episodes of several current TV faves, including Under the Dome and Mistresses. Plus, FXX kicks things off in style with a Parks and Recreation fest! To help you wade through it all, we’ve singled out the best fare for holiday viewing.

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6 am – 6 am Sunday Law & Order: Criminal Intent (Cloo) | We’d never let you down by not including a L&O marathon. To top it off, there’s two more below! It’s like the world’s most obvious game of Where’s Waldo… with corpses.

6 am – 3 am Sunday Survivorman (Science) | Adventurer Les Stroud ventures into the wild with no food, no water and no crew. So he’s like another Bear Grylls? When does he drink his own urine?

8 am – 6 pm The Game (BET) | It’s survived two networks and is going on its seventh season. This show has game.

11 am – 3 pm Boy Meets World (MTV2) | Confession: This TVLine reporter’s new Saturday morning ritual is watching reruns of the cult fave, and honestly, they hold up better than some currently airing shows.

6 pm – 4:02 am Sunday Storage Wars (A&E) | We hear America has an obsession with this show.  (Also airs Monday, 9 am – 8 pm.)

9 pm Doctor Who: The Doctors Revisited (BBC America) | Paul McGann plays the eighth incarnation of The Doctor in this 1996 TV movie.

9 pm The White Queen (Starz) | Revisit the first three episodes of Starz’s latest sexy historical epic.

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6 am – 3 pm Arrested Development (IFC) | If you weren’t crazy about the Netflix episodes, may we suggest some original flavor Bluths this weekend? (Also airs Monday, 6:15 am – 5:15 pm.)

6 am – 6 am Monday House (Cloo) | The cranky doctor is in.

7 am – Noon Hatfields & McCoys: White Lightning (History) | It turns out the legendary families are still squabbling in this reality series.

11 am – 2 am Monday Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (USA Network) | We told you there was more L&O!

1 – 6 pm Property Virgins (HGTV) | We see what you did there, including the word “virgins.” Nice try, HGTV.

1 – 10 pm Ray Donovan (Showtime) | Catch up on the first nine episodes of the new Showtime series.

4 – 11 pm Oprah: Where Are They Now? (OWN) | Queen O gives us an update on Hanson, Molly Ringwald, Columbine survivors, Mary Jo Buttafuoco and other memorable guests

8 pm – 1:50 am Tuesday The Bond Collection (Encore) | Bond, James Bond — all weekend long.

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6 am – 6 am Tuesday Ghost Whisperer (Chiller) | Melinda, spirits from the beyond and outfits — lots and lots of outfits.

6 am – 6 pm Law & Order: Criminal Intent (Oxygen) | Even more L&O: CI, this time on a different channel!

6 am – 8 pm SpongeBob SquarePants (Nickelodeon) | Something for the little ones. (Don’t say we never did anything nice for you.)

7 am – Midnight Parks and Recreation “Treat Yo’ Self” Marathon (FXX) | The FX offshoot opens its first day of programming with 34 episodes of the NBC comedy. Selections include the pilot, “Pawnee Zoo” and “Andy and April’s Fancy Party.”

7 am – 5:30 pm Two and a Half Men (FX) | A marathon of earlier, simpler (?) times on the CBS comedy, starting with the pilot.

8 am – 8 pm NCIS (USA Network) | The other holiday weekend marathon staple. Can you guess the third? Hint: It starts at 11 am today.

8 am – 4 am Tuesday Stargate Atlantis (Syfy) | Feed your belly with burgers from the grill, feed your sci-fi cravings with this set of Stargate eps.

9 am – 10 pm Fast N’ Loud (Discovery Channel) | The guys from Gas Monkey Garage — nice name, dudes — search for and restore run-down cars.

9 am – 2 am Tuesday The Haves and the Have Nots (OWN) | If you’re wondering what happened to Papa Kent, aka John Schneider, he’s on this Tyler Perry soap.

10 am – 8 pm Back-to-School Marathon (Starz Comedy) | Two doses of Lohan (Confessions of A Teenage Drama Queen, Freaky Friday), a classic (Dazed and Confused) and some Channing Tatum action (21 Jump Street), and you’ll be ready for class.

10 am – 10 pm Castle (TNT) | Will they? Won’t they? (Spoiler alert: They totally did.)

10 am – 8 pm Roseanne (WEtv) | Joss Whedon’s first TV writing gig was on this show, so you have to watch it!

11 am – 3 am Tuesday Criminal Minds (Ion) | If you guessed this show as the third holiday weekend marathon staple, you win… the chance to stay on the couch all day.

Melissa & JoeyNoon – 4:30 pm Melissa & Joey (ABC Family) | They flirt, they bicker — we think they secretly like each other!

1 – 10 pm Dexter (Showtime) | If you missed any of the first nine episodes of the show’s final season, this marathon is your friend. Your creepy, slightly off friend.

1 – 8 pm Love It or List It (HGTV) | Just make up your minds!

3 – 8 pm Animaniacs (The Hub) | Bill Clinton playing the sax is part of the theme song. Can you imagine a current kids’ cartoon doing something like that?

7 pm – Midnight General Hosptial (SOAPnet) | Missed the last six episodes? SOAPnet has you covered.

9 pm Mistresses (ABC) | The judge delivers a shocking ruling in Grey vs. Kim, and that’s just the beginning of Karen’s problems.

10 pm The Comedy Central Roast of James Franco (Comedy Central) | Roast master Seth Rogen (Knocked Up) presides over the verbal flaying of the multi-hyphenate former Freaks and Geeks star. Roasters include Bill Hader and Andy Samberg (Saturday Night Live), Aziz Ansari (Parks and Recreation), Natasha Leggero (Burning Love) and Jonah Hill (Superbad).

10 pm Under the Dome (CBS) | Big Jim turns the town against Barbie when the truth about his past is revealed.

10 pm The Writers’ Room (Sundance) | Season finale: American Horror Story creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, writer Tim Minear and star Lily Rabe dish behind-the-scenes details about the disturbing FX series, including what type of scenes pique the FCC’s interest (and what type doesn’t) and the one thing Jessica Lange asked never to do again. (Not yet renewed.)

11:05 pm Summer Camp (USA Network) | Season finale: The summer’s final battle takes the form of The Campathalon, a two-day, multi-event Color War culminating in Capture the Flag and one team taking home the $250,000 prize. (Not yet renewed.)

Which of the above is a must-see for you? Also, hit the comments to offer your own tune-in suggestions.

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  1. Eliz says:

    You do realize that there are lots of people who don’t have cable or satelite, don’t you? How about Antenna TV’s Jerry Lewis movie marathon on Monday, September 2nd?

  2. Wrstlgirl says:

    Redbox it is :-)

  3. iMember says:

    Revenge. Season 2. Netflix. Goodbye world! Already on episode 7 and I’m enjoying watching it even more than the first time!

    I’m actually rewatching Season 2 in prep for Season 3 and I have to say watching the episodes back to back changes Season 2 for me. The story lines run more smoothly and it all feels right. Whereas ABCs on and off scheduling last season made it feel longer and choppy. Season 2 definitely isn’t as bad as people thought it was. EXCITED ABOUT SEASON 3!!!

    • ZmaX says:

      YES! exactly my thoughts! I’m almost done with season 2 on DVD right now.
      All the different plot-lines from the beginning of the season slowly merge together into a single story arc during episode 14 “Sacrifice” that push Emily back to her original plan to take down the Graysons. It was planned out very nicely (the only big issue is that Emily didn’t have much of an emotional tie to the Initiative.)

  4. Mindy says:

    Every holiday I wish USA would marathon their own shows rather than the boring NCIS and L&O marathons.

    • cjinsd says:

      Totally agree…USA has such good shows. I am so sick of L&O. Way too many stations show a version of it endlessly.

    • Steven says:

      I will never say no to an SVU marathon. When there’s nothing else on, I’ll always love Law & Order. But why in the heck do they always market it as a two-day event with L&O AND NCIS? Each day is a different marathon, and the “themes” they promote just lead to the same dang episodes being shown over again every two weeks.

      And I’d agree that they should marathon their own shows sometimes. Show the whole last season of “White Collar” in advance of the new one. Do a “season-to-date” marathon of “Suits” before the midseason finale. Heck, even if they just want to set aside a primetime block and show the three episodes of “Graceland” where Aaron Tveit shows his abs, I’d be on board.

  5. TV sounds boring this weekend.

  6. GeoDiva says:

    It is a college football weekend!

  7. JCK says:

    Leaving for the UK on Sunday. Four days in the Cotswolds [Bourton on the Water] then off to the Isle of Wight for the Bestival with Elton John, Snoop, Franz Ferdinand etc. And seeing what’s on offer here, it’s perfect timing.

  8. Justin Burnell says:

    Reblogged this on thehiltonburnellfiles and commented:
    Best way to start on Labor Day Weekend is to watch a marathon of tv shows.

  9. c-mo says:

    The only thing I’d wish for on my birthday more than the Castle marathon of season 4 eps would be for them to start showing the season 5 eps. Oh well, a Castle marathon is a Castle marathon…yippee!

  10. Katie_Mead says:

    Hatfields & McCoys: White Lightning (History) | It turns out the legendary families’ ancestors are still squabbling in this reality seriesAre they still squabbling in the afterlife, or are the living descendants the ones still at it tooth & nail?

  11. Danie says:

    Actually, they’ve replaced the Stargate Atlantis marathon with shark movies I do believe. I’m seriously bummed…. Way to screw over your base for the flavor of the moment SyFy (oh wait, they did that when they changed themselves from Sci Fi to SyFy…)

  12. Beth says:

    I will be watching OUAT season 2 and Scandal season 2 both on NETFLIX. I also think there is a Waltons marathon on Hallmark starting Monday in case

  13. Maryann says:

    Viewing for Saturday night:

    -Back to back episodes of DO NO HARM, which has actually gotten quite good in its later episodes, and is starting to make sense, and believe it or not, the numbers have been climbing recently. Too bad it is way too late to help, but it does highlight how bad the trend of networks is that pulls shows before they can even air their initial order of episodes.

    -DEBBIE MACOMBER’S CEDAR COVE – This Hallmark Channel series is surprisingly good. I also watch very dark shows on cable, but this sweetness and light show is anything but boring. It has a pair of romantic leads with very sexy chemistry despite its G rating, and it just makes a dark day much brighter.

    -HELL ON WHEELS on AMC – Very dark protagonist who has finally let his revenge agenda go in the new season, and is getting on about building the railroad, but that has not changed the gritty nature of the show.

    -Starz’s THE WHITE QUEEN. Reign for grownups. Based on true life Medieval history, embroidered a bit for the drama. A king marries a commoner, and to make matters worse, one is from the House of Lancaster and the other is from the House of York, the two houses on opposite sides of The War of the Roses

  14. Maryann says:


    Low Winter Sun
    Silk (PBS) UK Crime Drama


    Siberia (getting better and better!)
    Under the Dome

  15. Broadwayfan says:

    Somewhere a couple of weeks ago I saw there was going to be some new program pertaining to 9/11. It was going to be aired this week. The 3rd or 5th sticks in my mind. I can NOT recall the channel or correct date.

  16. Joey says:

    Sunday viewing Breaking Bad, Low Winter Sun, and Talking Bad. Monday viewing some Melissa and Joey, Under The Dome and the season finale of Writers Room.

  17. Sick of Big Media and Big Government says:

    I would love to watch college football on CBS and/or the Dexter marathon….but alas. I am caught in the morass that is the Time Warner / CBS fight. If that impact to us paying consumers (of Showtime at leas) isn’t an indictment to get rid of the FCC (they keep allowing this stuff to continue), then I don’t know what is.

  18. Colorspink says:

    I love that y’all are bring back Sons of Anarchy!!! I can’t get enough of it. I didn’t get to c last season of it but I am watching the reruns every Thursday morning n boy are they good. I want them to just keep them coming.

  19. Colorspink says:

    I don’t see where there is a marathon on for The Haves n The Have Nots on Tuesday. Bcuz OWN doesn’t have that show on, on demand I can’t watch it there. I missed 2 wks of it when I went away on a V-Cate I didn’t see those two show so I need to no if they will have one plz? Or was the marathon on last Tuesday?

  20. Gail says:

    I was really looking forward to the Atlantis marathon. Syfy never replays that show so I should have known they’d change the programming:-(

  21. cookie kirk says:

    I wish I understood Do no harm better. I can into the show half way,why does Jason have 2 personalities? And why does he have to surrender to his evil side @830 pm? It seems that the girlfriend has more answers which is why she ran. Can somebody help me understand. Thanks Cooks

  22. Carole Lewis says:

    Our favorite show is “The Closer” on Sunday nights for two hours on CW20. But why oh why can’t the stations repeats in order? Seinfeld and the Office are the worst some shows airing every few weeks the same episodes. The Closer shows the episodes in order, except the second hour is a season after the first season. Any Closer repeat is better than most regular programming,

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