Cop, Out: The Glades Cancelled By A&E

The Glades CancelledTalk about a lousy (non-)wedding gift: Just days after The Glades scored season-high ratings with its Season 4 finale, A&E has officially cancelled the Florida-based procedural.

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The series on Monday night wrapped up its fourth season with an audience of 3.4 million total viewers, with 1.1 mil landing in the 18-49 sweet spot — also marking all-time highs for a finale.

Sadly, that season-ender also left groom-to-be Jim’s life in flux, shot as he was by an unseen assailant.

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On Thursday, A&E’s other Monday-night drama, Longmire, took a big step toward seeming a Season 2 pick-up when exec producer John Coveny claimed as much on Twitter — though the cabler has yet to confirm the good news.

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  1. WayneInNYC says:


    • Dee says:

      What WayneInNYC said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • michelle says:

        I totally third WaynelnNYC …

        NOOOO>. that was totally .. just NO

        • Annie says:

          I fourth it!!!!! This news makes me very sad!!!!!!

          • JD says:

            We get no closure for The Glades, but A&E keeps Schmuck Dynasty going. Just another disappointing network move.

          • Ruby says:

            The Glades was a really good show! I and my husband loved it and thinks A&E made a grave mistake by ending it with a cliff hanger! It really isn’t fair for those of us that never missed an episode for A&E to leave us hanging so BADLY! A&E should make a movie to give is an actual ending!

          • Me too, i hate this..

        • S.britton says:

          What can we do to get it picked up some where else? Its a great show. Whats wrong with A&E have they lost their minds. I guess because they have so many rotten shows britton.257they can’t deal with a great show…

          • glori says:


          • Jeanne says:

            A&E sucks! But, its too late to do anything! Matt Passmore has already moved on to another contracted project!! I’m so sick of “reality” shows. I look at TV to get away from “reality!”

          • D Quinn says:

            Why why, since reality tv sucks

          • C.Gonzalez says:

            This is just so, so very wrong. I really liked this show. It was the only reason I got roped into watching Longmire, which I ended up enjoying, too. So, I guess that will cancel soon, too. The whole A&E network has slowly gone off-track. Guess they forgot what the E stood for…

          • Mystified viewer says:

            Once again A&E defies logic. It seems like any classy, intelligent or amusing show gets tossed into the trash heap after a year or two with this network. I got burned big time a few years ago when they did this same thing with the Nero Wolfe series, now The Glades. Guess Longmire, though picked up for a third season, should make provisions to be cancelled as well when the third season finishes.

          • Jeanne says:


          • Deb says:

            Who’s idea was it to cancel The Glades in the first place. Do they not realize how many viewer they have out there. And to at least not have a series finale what’s up with that. I say bring it back.

          • I say bring back The Glades it is a terrific show I am so sick of reality shows they suck just bring back The Glades

          • ZINA B says:


          • Hazel H says:

            Now I’m afraid to watch Longmire for fear they might yank it off after a cliff hanger!!!!! So Wrong to do your viewers this way!! Bring back a 2 hour ending…..THAT would be fair!!!!!!!! {;>/

          • P.partin says:

            I agree A&E has last it’s mind and thinks nothing about it’s viewers. The Glades was a terrific series. Why do we keep losing Great show to “reality” TV. Why end a show with a cliffhanger if you are going to cancel it? If any other station could pick it up it would have an instant major HIT!!!!

          • Camille Smith says:

            Every time a good show comes it’s gone in no time. What’s wrong with networks. Theres so much garbage out there. We up, we all don’t want reality shows.

          • jo delorenzi says:

            I have watched every episode on Netflix. I feel that I have lost a good friend. So Sad.

            get him a new girlfriend. That would certainly help.

          • I totally am very displeased about the canceling “The Glades” there was nothing wrong with the show!! I loved it! Seriously you can’t leave is hanging. At least offer it in DVDs or something. There are plenty of other shows on A&E that are totally ridiculous. Bring back the good one!!!! “The Glades”

          • carl says:

            Who the heck are those freekin morons who cancled this show. Don’t these idiots watch these programs. I guess they don’t care about the viewers who watch A&E. They’ll be in for a rude awaking when they start losing viewers . They better wise up or they’ll be out of a job.

      • Leroy says:

        You cancel Glade and you leave that lousy Bates Motel on your A&E schedule. Where do you get the people who okay programs like Bad Ink, , Modern Dads, and Bates Motel? Shame, Shame, on you people for doing these kinds of things to your loyal viewers.

        • lorinda says:

          Yes, SHAME ON YOU guys !!! Ending a truly great show, and then leaving us hanging with that ending.I also agree with JD (who needs Ducks) not me.No more A&E for me !!

          • Debbie N says:

            I agree totally! Put it back on. At least wrap up the story line. That’s a terrible thing to do. I suppose you will cancel Longmire next. You guys suck!

          • Lindamo says:

            Totally agree. Who needs Ducks. I love the Glades and Longmire. Every time I like a program and get engrossed in the plots, they up and cancel it and put on stupid, stupid, stupid shows with retards. If Longmire and the Glades don’t come back, I will not watch A&E anymore.

          • JEANNETTE GARTRELL says:

            I agree! Too many stupid reality shows. If I wanted reality, I would not have a TV!! I signed the petition — everyone needs to do that! 10,000 signatures needed.

          • Teri says:

            I agree with all… My friends and I love The Glades. Have you people all gone crazy . I feel like many of the shows I like you cancel. Bring it back….

          • Kat says:

            The least A&E could do is a 2 hour movie that wraps up the show & tells what happened to Jim and who shot him! I agree, they leave on stupid shows like Duck Dynasty & 3 versions of Storage Wars. All 4 shows have obnoxious people that I couldn’t care less about. It amazes the kind of money people can make just by acting like jerks. What even amazes me more is that people actually watch such stupidity.

          • connie says:

            Pathetic morons…. im so sick of losing outstanding shows

          • jmccallar says:

            I always looked forward to a new Glades season. It was an awesome show. The show to cancel is that ridiculous storage wars. Who cares about junk in a trunk any how.


          • Anette H. says:

            I agree, shame on you, Leaving everyone hanging, this is unheard of. I would like for a&e to explain why they did this.

        • PANSY SHIMOIDE says:


        • Cheryl says:

          I totally agree. I can’t believe A & E did this! They will be losing me as a viewer. People need to start boycotting what is not acceptable to them!

          • lynn says:

            a&e was my favorite television channel,now all the good shows are gone,no more a&e for me…the glades was the last straw

          • Billie Jo Lane says:

            My only question is WHY ????? I just HATE the idea of no more Glades!

          • SherryB says:

            Supposedly A&E refuses to even comment as to “why” the cancellation..They did the fans dirty with the way it was handled and I immediately deleted the A&E channel from my line-up and haven’t turned to the station again, for anything, and have no intentions of doing so..I can cancel as well..

          • Ron says:

            F the ducks bring back glades this is just plain stupid

          • Brenda says:

            I totally agree Cheryl!! They have lost me as well even thou I like Longmire I will NO longer watch A&E.. They could have at least brought it back for 5 episodes to give closer to the shooting and their wedding and the beginning of their lives together.. Instead they keep Garbage shows like Duck Dynasty and Bates Motel!!

          • Jeanne says:

            I so agree! The petition didn’t help, either. It was the dumbest decision I have ever known a network to make, and to replace it with a show that is now going to put out their own gun line. Like we need more guns!! A&E sucks. I don’t know, yet, if I’ll continue to look at Longmire!!

          • shasta says:

            i agree. a&e can kiss my @#% i’m done with them

        • Ms Krusty says:

          I have watched this series from the beginning, they shouldn’t leave you hanging. . Sure hope A&E reconsider!

          • mary says:

            I agree!!!!!!

          • Bonnie Ufert says:

            Absolutely agree, Bring it back.

          • Gary S says:

            I agree 100% that this show should have NEVER been cancelled. BUT I dont want A&E to bring it back Lets all hope another channel will pick it up and take better care of such a good show so A&E can watch from a distance and not be rewarded any longer with all us viewers

          • Lee Hartman says:

            I am just sick about this. What a lousy Christmas Eve present. They sure did not publicize cancelling it. The case had such chemistry and Matt Passmore was so great in the part. I sure will miss the program. A&E used to be my favorite channel. Now I have not looked at it since that horrible finale. Agree that a 2 hour TV movie would be a nice present for the loyal viewers but doubt the cast would be available. Will miss all of them. Anybody know what Matt’s next project will be? Thanks for the hours of pleasure.

          • Dedra says:

            I have watched from the beginning too. I hate getting into the shows leave you hanging and end it. If they are going to cancel put an end it it. Like they did with Monk. Please A&E reconsider!

        • Connie says:

          You are sooo wrong to cancel a good show, and leave these crazy shows on which ONLY appeal to a small sector of the population and cancel a show which has a wide appeal for the public. Shame on you A&E.

          • Lisa O'Neal says:

            I agree – that was a terrible way to end the show and leave a loyal audience hanging! At least close the story with 6 more episodes if you don’t want to make a full season. If this is the way A&E treats their tv audience, then maybe a boycott of their channel would be a consideration. A loss of viewers will certainly get their attention.

        • scott says:

          I agree they cancel a great show and keep garbage on their programming. Well looks like i’ll be watching another channel cause their line-up is getting worse instead of better

          • JEANNETTE GARTRELL says:

            We need to get 10,000 signatures on the petition to send to A&E.

          • Wendi8 says:

            Amen!! Unless “The Glades” is brought back A&E network has lost me for good. As if the crap they have on now could even be considered “art”… it’s only entertainment for the ignorant and white trash.

          • Marta says:

            Ditto!!! Really….keep the cramp on A&E and cancel The Glades after one of the best finale EVER… Well, won’t be watching A&E.

          • Kathy Evans says:

            I can’t agree more about A&E making a hughe mistake if they take off a great show. I can vouch for at least 10 people if you want them. We all agree to stop all the junk with nudity and sex. Sept.20,2013 Kathy E.

        • Mike says:

          I’m reading up and down we should boycott A&E unless they bring Glades back, which I agree with but unfortunately this will not work. First, I myself would not have to boycott ’cause only shows I watch on A&E is Glades and Longmire. Next, if there actually is someone that watches all the other HOT GARBAGE that A&E puts on, duck dynasty, storage wars, bad ink, and possibly then watches Glades this boycott will never get to them ’cause I’m sure in their lil corner (trailer park) of the world, THEY DON’T HAVE COMPUTERS, let alone know how to use them. Good luck A&E with your S#!T lineup

          • Jeeane says:

            I agree wholeheartedly! Those reality shows are taking over and we need shows like Glades!! I’m only going to look at A&E because of Longmire!

          • Dory says:

            If you really want to burn your retinas try tvland and that lineup of B listers. What the hell are we paying for.

        • Randy M says:

          The Glades and Longmire are the only shows I watch on A&E. Longmire stands alone. Maybe another network will wise up and pick up The Glades! Hey, it could happen.

          • S.britton says:

            I only hope someone else picks up the Glades, its a good show..It seems to me A&E has gone to the dogs or should I say to the ducks.. Shame on them.

        • proms says:

          thanks screw A&E

        • Ann says:

          How can you leave your viewers hanging like that. For the past 4 seasons I have been happy to see the start of the next season of Glades and you decide that we don’t deserve to have it. What audience are you playing to? This is a great show.

          • Coastalks says:

            It is time to stop watching A&E. If no one turns the channel on then the advertisers will not make the money from the channel. It is time to strike A&E.

          • Simone says:

            I agree, me & my husband looked forward every night to watching the glades, it was such a refreshing series, all the actors were great and felt like family to us. they will all be missed so much. Terrible to end a show that way, no more A&E for us .

      • Katie Z says:

        Doesn’t surprise me. Every time A and E actually gets a good show they cancel it.

      • Helen says:

        Please bring the show back, it sucks you cancelled it, you leave stupid show on like survivor, hoarders,etc,,,,, army wives,,,,

      • Do not throw our hope on something good like this show please…bring it back!!

    • Judy says:

      How can they leave Jim on the kitchen floor? Hopefully, there will be a movie to wrap everything up. I’ve watched the show from the beginning and really like. Would A&E reconsider? PLEASE!

      • Maribeth Campbell says:

        Glades….one of my favorite shows. how dare they cancel. Good ratings…and leave Jim on the floor? Please reconsider.

      • Lyn says:

        I have watched this series from the beginning. Sure hope A&E reconsider!

        • lorna says:

          Same here. Watched since the premiere, yes I am way behind, but I’m a female in my mid 20s who loved this smart show. I hate reality tv shows. Plus, Jim was hot and such a smartass.

      • Jeri Gaulding says:

        They need to renew both shows Glades & Longmire do away some reality shows,what are they thinking and also older people like good shows.PLEASE reconsider!

      • My thoughts also. They can’t leave the loyal fans with no wrapped up conclusion. Even if have Jim die (never) but at least have the wedding or something good for the loyal fans.

      • Laura Aliaga says:

        Does anyone else think Ray’s mom shot Jim? Now I’ll never know if I was right!! (sad)

        • Laura, I absolutely think Ray’s mom is the shooter. I really REALLY hope there’s a 2 hour wrap up show or something so we can find out if we’re right!

        • Liz Dansie says:

          Yup, I think it was Ray’s mom as well.

          • Michelle says:

            I really don’t think it was ray’s mom, I think it was the marshall that was watching Ray in witness protection. No o e else knew Jim bought the house but that guy. (Except for his close friends at the police station) and we know they didn’t do it.

          • Ed says:

            I think it was Ray himself. I think that Rays mom knew what Ray had been doing and that’s why she’d been so emotionally off in the episode; and why the episode took the time to show that something was off with her…

        • Jess says:

          She did not know that Jim had purchased the house. The only people that *did* know were Tony, Daniel, Detective Manus, Carlos and the Realtor.

          I still believe Tony was working for Ray, and Tony is the shooter. He mentioned that it would take a week to get the paperwork processed to make sure that Jim’s new house’s neighborhood was “clean” of Ray and his associates.

          The day AFTER he said that, he told Jim the neighborhood was fine. That night Jim was gunned down.

          Tony knew he would be there, as did Carlos.

          Carlos would not have shot his best friend in the back (nor could he have, as he was at the Wedding).

          Therefore, the shooter is either Ray, or Tony (as Tony could have lied about Ray being in Washington still).

          • Stella says:

            I totally agree with you on this one. However, the lady that drove Jeff to the wedding was a little shakey about something…

          • Tammy says:

            My thought on this is…Tony offed Ray but isn’t telling anyone. I think it was Rays mother that shot Jim. And this was the most stupid way to end a show. I am so mad!!! This was my favorite show ever.

          • Lee Hartmanll says:

            Agree with Tony as shooter but in “my world” Callie went looking for Jim and used her new medical skills to save his life. Then Jim solved case and brought shooter to justice. I will sure miss this show, almost as much as I missed Diagnosis Murder. Does anyone know if Matt Passmore or any of the other great cast members have been cast in 2014 TV series? Unfortunately by the time we find a good program, it is usually already janked off the air. In the day, there were 9 months of new shows and 3 months of summer reruns. You got a chance to find the shows you liked before they were cancelled. No more.

          • Ripley Quinn says:

            Matt has been signed to star in a new drama by Sean Jablonski – as yet untitled – not much more is known at this point – google Matt Passmore and keep track – that’s what I’m doing – I watched the whole Glades series over Christmas break – including s4 that I have pvr’d until I can find someone who is selling the s4 set.

          • Vicky says:

            I want the Season 5 the glades back on live again

        • Dee Brown says:

          Yes I thought it was her that shot Jim I hope a&e change their minds. The glades is an awesome show

        • Jo says:

          me too!! Ray’s mom so did it! BRING IT BACK!!

        • jenn says:

          Never considered that! Would have been a great twist! Sadly we will never know :(

      • Joan says:

        please don’t cancel The Glades.

      • Sherrt says:

        A&E. what are you thinking??? The Glades is a great show. Please reconsider and renew this show and let Jim survive

    • Amy says:

      Ridiculous. Shame on A&E

    • That really sucks! I have watched this show from the start. One of the better ones on air. Why?

    • Daisy Masminster says:

      This cannot be a very good business decision. A&E does not have that many shows that are any good. Do they really think they are going to stay afloat with just reality shows? Personal feelings but I think running ‘Duck Dynasty’, ‘Storage Wars’, ‘The First 48’, all evening long all week, does not measure up to shows like ‘The Glades’. Thank God they have the sense to renew ‘Longmire’. It would be nice if this move dug their grave and ‘Longmire’ was pick up by another station that has some business sense.

      • Bruce says:

        Daisey I agree. Longmire would go well with Justified or Hell On Wheels.

      • Carolyn Dyer says:

        I and my husband totally agree. Glades and Longmire are the 2 best shows on A & E.

      • JC says:

        OK Daisy, I understand you’re upset that one of your favorite shows got canceled. But implying that it’s bad business sense to cancel the network’s lowest rated drama while keeping their high rated (and cheap) reality shows is just plain crazy.

        • lorna says:

          The ratings were still great.

          • JC says:

            An average demo rating of 0.6 is great? Obviously your definition of “great” and the network’s definition are two different things. And in the end, only the network’s definition counts.

            In any event, I’m sure that A&E knows more about the profit/loss on this show than anyone in this comment thread. So please stop with all of the nonsense about how this is a bad business decision for the network, because none of us knows how much money this show makes or loses for A&E.

        • Marc says:

          It makes little business sense. They only have three scripted dramas. If they make more money on reality, then they should just have reality. They got rid of the off-network drama reruns a while ago. Biography got its own channel. Three dramas–two in the summer and one during the regular season–will never be hits if people don’t think to watch A&E for dramas. These days, a casual viewer who doesn’t watch A&E’s other fare, would never think to look for scripted dramas on A&E any more that they’d look for dramas on Comedy Central or TV Land..Either they need more scripted originals or they should just put them on sister-network Lifetime and go all reality.

          • Bernadette says:

            Now that’s a thought. Maybe Lifetime could pick up The Glades. Just sayin’.

          • genise says:

            I so agree. I will personally never watch reality, but so enjoyed The Glades and Longmire but the gods that be have decided we no longer needed anything that needs a brain to watch, but I am still hoping one of the sister networks will pick it up if enough people complain. However if we only complain and do not write in it is of no good what so ever. We really need to let A&E know or nothing will happen. We can do it without using bad language or words, we only want our show or show back plain and simple. We want a scripted show not reality – it is okay to have for people that love that stuff but it is plain to see everyone that has voiced an opinion does not care for it and you at A&E do not seem to be interested in any of our opinions only if it is a reality show and you have said over and over ‘WELL IT DOES NOT MAKE MONEY!’ Well sell it to another sister network half the stuff on the air puzzles me how it says year after year expect that it follows a great show and hangs on its coat tail, well The Glades nor Longmire does not have to have support from another show nor hang on anyone coattail. Just saying….

          • Dory says:

            The finale had good ratings because fans were expecting a wedding IMHO.

        • Tlc says:

          We have to much reality, we watch tv to get away from reality to escape. Just for a little while did network forget this?

        • Colleen says:

          Do you work for A&E?

      • ktempleton says:

        Let’s hope that if A&E doesn’t reconsider this that another network will pick up the show… know, maybe that is what A&E is looking for? I bet the could sell the rights to Glades for a pretty penny because it is a very popular show! Who knows…..

      • Antonio Fernandez says:

        If A&E does not respect its public, we should not respect them either. As far as I’m concerned, i will not trust them any longer and never again will watch any series they would present in the future. They are no longer in existance for me. Bye, bye baby!

      • Personally I hope The Glades gets picked up by another Station, it worked for JAG.

      • Ann Edwards says:


    • Darlene Poole Sanders says:

      no way, i totally love this show, and i almost feel of my couch when he was shot, hope they will at least let us know what happens

    • D.R says:

      Call A & E and scream your discontent on what the are doing to Glades and maybe Longmire..: .A & E Television Networks LLC
      235 E 45th St, New York, NY 10017
      *(212) 210-1400
      Call them..Leave a message with operator,IT Will get to them..I’ve done it to other shows It works!

    • D.R says:

      Call A & E and scream your discontent on what the are doing to Glades and maybe Longmire..: .A & E Television Networks LLC
      235 E 45th St, New York, NY 10017
      *(212) 210-1400
      Call them..Leave a message with operator,IT Will get to them..I’ve done it to other shows It works!

      • sue and scott says:

        There is an online petition to bring back The Glades that we just signed.please look for it as they need 10000 signatures and there are over 5000 now. If A&E does not bring back The Glades and keep Longmire, their executives are crazy. Those are the only shows good enough to be called arts & entertainment.

    • Dottie Atkins says:

      This can’t be true!! Watched reruns while on sick leave for 10 weeks, then the new programming and feel in love with both Glades and Longmire. Extremely excellent shows and if A&E wants to compete, they need better than the stupid reality shows like Duck Dynasty. Please reconsider!

    • Barbara says:

      Ack! You must be kidding me! This s a great show! Can’t you morons at least do a wrap-up movie? Oh, Glades gang. I will really miss you…………

    • Grady says:

      I am angry about how it ended. WHAT A FLOOOP…… I will never watch A&E again. It’s supposed to be entertaining not disappointing. Surely the network could do better.

    • JoAnn says:

      How can they cancel “The Glade”. There may be murder and mayhem, but it’s so refreshingly clean and enjoyable. What a mistake if they cancel it…..

    • Ellen Horton says:

      Makes me sick A&E not picking up Glades and leaving it so unfinished.

    • Becky says:

      PLease do a movie to wrap this up. Never missed an episode. A terrible way to end a great series

    • Landy says:



    • Carole says:

      What is wrong with you people at A&E. My husband and I have watched Glade since the start and you just decide to stop this in the middle of a storyline. You seem to want programs that are loud and crazy and made for the nuts of this country. Glade & Longmire are two of the best programs on. I also need to tell you that Bad Ink and Modern Dads both STINK, STINK, STINK!!! If you want to cancel anything these are the first 2 to start with. Leave my Glades & Longmire alone!!!!!!!!!

    • judy says:

      Totally wrong. They just left the show and it was getting really good.

    • Melinda Sain says:


    • AJ says:

      Reconsider A&E!! You can’t just leave it like this.

    • Lisa says:

      Does anyone know the real reason it is canceled? are they really going to leave us all hanging
      This has got to be the worst way to treat fans of the Glades…..
      WE Deserve a conclusion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Why do you keep canceling good shows and keeping mediocre ones? Very disappointed in this decision. Could you reconsider?

    • Robin says:

      you suck … you at least could finish what you started with the finale ending before you cut the show…your aren’t looking out for your true patrons that were there from the beginning of teh series. boooooo!.

    • Diane says:

      NOOOOOOO,,,Is Right…..That is like shooting JR and Cancelling Dallas….What was A&E thinking leaving are hero shot like that..? Is there another network that could pick up The Glades series..?????

    • Wifranklin says:

      I just started watching The Glades and loved it so much, I watched all the seasons on Netflix. Now I find out its cancelled. I watch A & E a lot. Not anymore! Extremely pissed off! My son loves it too. It was a program we could watch together that wasn’t all gore

    • cobaber says:

      You took the words right out of my mouth. No more A&E for me unless I see the news that The Glades will be back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • cobaber says:

      Wayne took the words right out of my mouth. I love The Glades. I now have no reason to watch A&E unless they come to their senses and renew this show.

    • angelstorm says:


    • Ray Noble White says:

      – what is it ??????????? cancelling the “GLADES” – that and “Longe” is the only reason I wath on Monday nights – A & E picks out one of the best shows they have going and cancells it??? MAN I do not understand this – and I am not going to watch A & E ever again over this – the only 2 other shows I watched was Longmire & the F.B.I. show – guess I just want ever see Longmire again and you can always watch the F.B.I. show reruns on any # of channels – goodbye a&e and good ridancefo u !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Diane Coull says:

      I cant believe they canceled this show , I am so sad , I really enjoyed it (BRING BACK THE GLADES AND TAKE OFF SOME OF THE STUPID STUFF , PLEASE !)

    • Gerald Blake says:

      You build up to a great cliff hanger finale, fine,so why is there not an ending in another series, you do not seem to care about your viewers at all.I am very dissapointed in the people that cancelled the show.
      I am an Englishman so my thoughts will not carry any force but I am still a viewer who thoroughly enjoyed the glades. so sad

    • Kim3000 says:

      I can’t believe they cancel this great program!! Keep

    • Saar says:

      het slaat echt nergens op, dat einde :o you shouldnot have cancelled the show! ik hou van de show en het einde is open, dat is niet leuk :( nu weet je helemaal niet hoe het eindigd!! beter doen jullie het weer officieel herstarten van het maken ervan :O

    • Judy says:

      This is terrible that you idiots are going to cancel this program. It makes me very upset!! This was a program I never missed. How you can put on programs like Duck Dynasty and cancel The Glades is so stupid!! Who is the idiot running this network??? They should be fired!!!

    • Helen says:

      That really sucks It is such a great show, please bring it back!!!!!Why does this happen??, so many shows get cancelled and it really does suck!!!

    • It’s sucks..The Glades was a good show…with high-rate…bring’it back…

    • jblain says:

      Just realized The Glades has been cancelled. Very disappointed. Found out searching summer programming. I’m crazy busy during the fall/winter and look forward to this show during the summer months. Must say though, I’m not surprised. A&E is catering to those needing numbness repeatedly, reruns (Criminal Minds) and so called reality shows which no person living in reality can relate to. Let’s face it, we can all act like idiots in “real” reality. Why let A&E challenge our intelligence with shows like Duck Dynasty? We can all use a laugh but not at the expense of our intelligence. Isn’t that what sitcoms are for? Let’s go BIG BANG THEORY!!!

    • Henry Abbott says:

      i canceled direct tv because they have a&e i went to cable and i said if you have a&e i dont wont you so my cable service does not offer it any more to there customers because A&E

    • gary says:

      I agree if the glades and Longmire do not return to tv I will stop watching A&E

      • Brigitte Taylor says:

        I totally agree there are much more shows that could go that are really stupid and The Glades is a great show that husbands and wives can both enjoy which is saying a lot which there are lots of shows no one would really care if you got rid of them. Please bring the Glades back please.

    • Johnny says:

      Why does A&E cancel a great show like Glaes and keep junk on , there or way to many reality shows on now. And Glades was great.

    • Brigitte Taylor says:

      You can’t leave people high n dry like that another network has to pick the Glades up we love this show someone please.

    • Bobbie kelly says:

      No aim not happy

    • Jenny Ftacek says:

      I love the Glades. You are stupid for leaving on Dumb Duck Dynasty. > I have a good following on Facebook and most are upset that you canceled GLADES. I hope another channel picks up The Glades. You know what you can do with Psycho. I can’t believe this is happening. I am so sick of reality shows that I could puke.

      • Teddy says:

        I agree, why not have another station pick it up. Look at Unforgettable, Bones, Supernatural, they were all brought back, and are doing great. To get a hike in ratings, and leave such a cliff hanger is way beyond me. Were the T.V. watchers. Don’t you care what we think? The hell with A&E I hope the new Management gets what they deserve, A SINKING SHIP. Bring back the Glades.

      • Peggy says:

        This is truly on of the best shows on. I’ve been screaming to my family we need to bring family time back into the house!!! It actually happened! The Glades brought family time back in our house. We all had dinned and sat down as a family and watched it. Seriously who wants to watch Duck dynasty!!!! The other show we all got into was Longmire. Bring back shows the whole family will watch!!! Not one person picked up there cell phone , iPad or laptop. So leave well enough alone and bring back Glades!!!! Keep Longmire going and get rid of the REALITY shows they’re really freakin stupid!!!!!!!!!


    • Linda Winter says:

      I agree. I looked forward to watching The Glades!!! You suck A&E!!!

    • Donna-Lynn says:

      Are you kidding me.. This is a great show. I so cannot believe this. A&E you always take away great shows. Every time you start a series you just drop it, and leave all of us fans with nothing. Please return this show.. If not i will be like many and stop watching anything you put on your channels and cancell your service. Why get so interested in something to just say not happening.. Very Disapointed..!!!!!!!

    • tina says:

      This isn’t fair.. i didnt know this.. here i was wondering and getting excited for the new season of the Glades to start, and searched for air time to find out it was cancelled… unbelievable!!! all the stupid shows like duck dynasty and sister wives and honeyy boo boo gets to stay… makes me friggen angry and i hate those shows, cant even tolerate the commercials… damn A&E what are you doing???? c’mon bring it back… maybe try a fall/winter season instead May – July…. feels like we are losing all the best shows i luv watching….the good wife and SVU…. bring it back !!!!!!!

    • Sylvia says:

      Really?! Taking away the Glades from us!!! Seriously??!!! I don’t get it….such a good show and leaving it up in the air like that. For shame!!!!! That sucks. One of A&Es best shows and insult yo injury, you leave it on a cliffhanger. At least give an ending. Please!!! I will not watch this network if thus is the way you end shows. Pitiful /:-(

    • P.Lang says:

      The only two shows worth watching on A&E Longmire and Glades .Enough said!!!

  2. 8daysaweek says:

    Well, damn. I liked The Glades. Sure, it wasn’t Emmy winning material but it was a fun show for summer.

  3. Nelly says:

    They can’t finish a season the way they did and then cancel the next one! They should have talked the finale before!!!

  4. Nerwen Aldarion says:

    Damn what a crappy way to end it! Who shot Jim????

  5. Heather says:


  6. That sucks! Especially without a good ending for this show. Don’t get it. The ratings weren’t that bad.

  7. Catherine says:

    This does not really surprise me as the show has gone down hill this past season in terms of storyline, but….but…I need to know what happened to Jim!

    • filmex2000 says:

      You’ve got that right. Never missed an episode but this season it all seemed so tired. They had a format and they really seemed to be going through the motions.
      Plus, the Jim character seemed to morph over the seasons from a funny smart aleck to a guy who just wasn’t all that pleasant. It’s one thing to be a dick to a killer, but he started being that way to anyone who was a possible suspect.
      Like the actors and hopefully will be able to catch them down the line.

      • Ro says:

        Agreed. There was this smarta$$ formula he followed – spewing out ever-changing assumptions to whoever was across the desk from him.

        • s murray says:

          too right….we started counting how many people he sassed and cuffed in the 55 minutes preceding the arrest… to be a fun drinking game!

      • Dory says:

        Yes in one of his interviews he was a real dick by praising an actress who couldn’t act and not a kind word for Kiele who always praised him to the skies.

  8. Garrett B says:

    Shot on his wedding day AND cancelled? That’s cold.

  9. wrstlgirl says:

    Not surprised but damn the end of the finale’ was great, guess we’ll never know now how it turned out. Oh well.

  10. lore says:

    Why would they cancel it if the ratings were strong?

  11. Elyse says:


    • Nelly says:

      Yeah, they’re kidding you, me, everyone!! No respect for the public after four seasons. I know it was not that great but they can’t do this!!

    • KittyJules says:

      What Elyse said!! That Finale was awesome!! And I was worried about having to wait until next summer to find out. Now I never will. I’m really being to hate all TV!! All my favorite shows get cancelled without closure!!! GRRRRRRrrrrrrrr………..

      • Bernadette says:

        There is a petition to “Save The Glades”. You can find it at Please sign! Hope it makes a difference.

  12. is there anyway we the fans can convince A & E to reconsider renewing the series, it was good and I enjoyed it.

  13. Daisy says:

    That is seriously bogus. Especially given the way the season ended. Who shot Jim? Who finds Jim? Who tells the bride that the groom is missing? Who tells the bride that the groom bought her her dream home? Not cool A&E. Not cool at all.

    • johnhelvete says:

      Some blame should be placed on the writers of the show for having the hubris to end the season on a cliffhanger.

      • Daisy says:

        I’ll give you that. Also, the writing this season wasn’t as good as it had been in past seasons but still sucks. And I think A&E could do what the CW did for Nikita and just give the viewers a really abbreviated season to wrap things up. Especially with this particular cliff hanger. Oh, well.

        • Weezy says:

          I agree Daisy. Somehow it went from of my fav shows before this season to me abandoning it with 3 episodes left. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but something about the show changed…

          • Kim R says:

            We always liked The Glades but for me, this season, Jim just annoyed me. Always flippant, always a smart alec but never any deeper development of his character. His voice and that tone started to drive me crazy. :) I am not surprised it got axed but you think they could have given us a 2 hour finale just to tie up the loose ends.

  14. mrwalker1 says:

    that’s so mean!! we had to end on a cliffhanger?!! bummer…

  15. Adikeo says:

    What?! A&E I am pulling the plug on you. The Glades was one of the best shows on tv and to cancel it leaving viewers with such a cliff hanger?! You’re cancelled! Thanks for nothing.

  16. Didn’t they share production with Burn Notice?

  17. I haven’t seen The Glades since s4 aired and I got distracted after the…3rd episode I think. So I have no idea whats happened this seasons but from Jim being SHOT AT A WEDDING. Sounds a bit like CSI: Miami when Horatio’s wife of like 2.5 seconds gets shot. Huh. Well not…entirely surprising it did get cancelled. Not happy about it but it’s not surprising.

  18. Anice says:

    This is so not cool, so many fans are disappointed by this!

  19. csr says:

    at least finish it off with a 2-hour movie!

  20. skbell1 says:

    I sure want Jim to live, but I quit watching this year. Just don’t care about the love life arc it has taken or the ex-husband in witsec or the kid’s issues, etc. I liked the original premise of a rouge big city cop taking on the weirdness of Florida. Then it got all soapy. I’ve caught the end of episodes this year when I turned it over to see Longmire, but haven’t watched a full show in months.

  21. Rose says:

    Gutted they can’t leave it up in the air like that

  22. karenh43 says:

    Dayum…..I really liked Glades. Sure, it was a bit of a slow starter but I thought it picked up. If the PTB had any idea that the program wouldn’t get a 5th season, why do they end S4 the way they did? That’s just wrong.

  23. You’d think that if there was even a sliver of doubt that they wouldn’t be renewed that they would have gone with a different ending. After four years, that’s a really crappy way to end a series.

    Now we’ll never know what happened to Jim, if Callie would have found out right away or thought he left her at the alter, if/how Ray was involved with everything, etc.

    I’m SO very disappointed in A^E right now. :(

    • Alexis G Johnston says:

      I agree, that is certainly not a way to end a series. A&E, what about us viewers that are invested in the Glades, we want to know what happen to Jim, who shot him

  24. Charissa says:

    NOOO!!! Can we please at least get something to wrap it up?!?

  25. knd says:

    Wow that blows

  26. Alexis G Johnston says:

    I love the Glades, how in the world can A&E cancel this show.

  27. Linda says:

    I wouldn’t be so upset if they had ended the series properly. At the very least they could film a two hour movie that wraps the series and gives it a more fitting ending.

    • Stella says:

      I whole heartily agree with you. A & E could save face with the fans if they had let us know they were not going to renew and give everyone closure. Hopefully, someone is listening and reading all of these comments.

  28. To be honest I stop watching this season , it seemed to be recycling alot

    • SAM says:

      Me too. I used to really enjoy this show but stopped watching it the middle of this season. Initially I thought that Callie’s character was uninteresting and then she just annoyed me to the point that I fast-forwarded through all her solo scenes. I had becoming bored with Jim’s investigation technique of “oh, let’s arrest someone who will talk his/her way out with a flimsy excuse”. It had lost its charm for me but too bad for the fans since it ended on a cliff-hanger.

  29. Tookie Clothespin says:

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I’m done with A&E. Not because the show didn’t deserve to be cancelled, the ratings being what they are. But, after 4 seasons I feel that they owe me a wrap up of some sort. A TV movie, a short story posted on their website, a picture book, something. Just wrap it up and I would be fine. I already watch way too much TV as it is to waste my time with a station that doesn’t wrap up it’s shows and leaves it’s viewers in the lurch.

  30. PjvTraveler says:

    A&E just lost a viewer. They need to change the name from Arts & Entertainnent to CRS (Crappy Reality Shows) oh wait that’s almost every other channel! You suck A&E!

  31. Andrea says:

    Well crud! I’ve been watching The Glades on DVD. I’m up to the Season 2 finale and haven’t spoiled myself until now (which is an extraordinary accomplishment for me). I’ll still finish the series because I like it, but I’m bummed to read that it will end with such a dramatic unresolved cliffhanger.

  32. Randy P says:

    A&E can kiss my A$$. If your going to end a show. End it the right way. The Glades was the only show I watched on your Channel so Bye Bye A&E.

  33. 1mars says:

    Boo, it was a nice change of pace, a bit of fluff, interesting characters. Not a “can’t miss” but defo enjoyable. A&E better not start another series with a serial killer theme. ugh.

  34. NOOOOOOO!!!! The Glades was one of my fav Summer shows and have been watching faithfully since it premiered!!! These network folks don’t have a clue about what people want. Everytime I get into a show, they cancel it! Only show I watch on A&E so I guess they just lost ALL my viewing time!!

    • Lisa says:

      JJust found out the show was cancelled. What the hell I watched it faithfully. How & why did they cancel it. Didn’t like callie much anymore but I loved the show now what will I watch in the summer? These stations always get rid of the best shows. Everything I enjoy watching. Gets cancelled too soon

  35. sharon says:

    who do we start begging to change their minds. I love the Glades. And they can’t leave it like that

    • Nora England says:

      I can’t believe you would cancel this show . It’s the only good show you have on A&E You have to let us know who did it..

  36. Pat Perdue says:

    My friend and I love this show. Why, why, why?

  37. Tazzy says:

    I think I am going to find quiet, dark corner and cry. Shame on you, A&E!

  38. S. says:

    Sucks sucks sucks. I hate it when this happens. This is just horribly crappy, considering how the season/series ended. Crap.

  39. Ruth says:

    Maybe as fans we can do what the fans of Drop Dead Diva did and start a petition and get it back on A&E or hope another network picks it up!

  40. Jane says:

    It really wasn’t a very good show any longer. The stupid way he just arrested everyone and had to handcuff them just to bring them in for questioning was sort of dumb. However, having said that, they still really should at least give them an hour or two to close things out.

  41. Steve F. says:

    And on a cliffhanger, too? Bad form, A&E… I knew they had to make some changes after the pay increase for the Robertsons of Duck Dynasty, but at least give the fans some closure with a 2-hour movie or something!

    (At least this helps improve the odds of Longmire getting renewed – I hope!)

  42. mommaknowsbest says:

    Give me break, A&E!! At least give us a movie to tie up loose ends!! Jeez!!

  43. Trista says:

    Please tell me that A&E is planning to be respectful of the fanbase by ending the show.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      They better be, at the very least let the cast/writers/showrunner or whoever be interviewed and let them say what was going to happen and who shot Jim and where the show was going and how it was going to end.

      And TV wonders why its slowly dying? We are getting tired of this cycle. They come out with a show and beg us to watch, we watch, it goes 1-3 seasons, they are so grateful for the ratings and passionate fan base, then they cancel it giving no closure, leaving every fan who was there for them and spent hours of their life watching the show, feeling burned and wronged…so what are the odds that these huge groups of TV watchers that have had this happen to them over and over, will start watching a show when pilot season comes around? They are now bitter and jaded (rightfully) and avoid pilots and shows with small viewership, not because the show doesnt look great, but they dont want to get burned again and the show (like a rug) be ripped out from under them.

  44. Alienate says:

    Ummmm, don’t you mean Season THREE of Longmire?

  45. Alex says:

    Son of a bitch!!!!!!!!!

    • diane sprinkle says:

      I stop watching A&E because it was the only show I watched on A&E was The Glades. All the other shows are really crap. They are all mixed like I though before I hear about it like storage wars. Are they show low class trash and I hate that crap. I hate the way they ended the show they needed to have the wedding. I would have hated that the show ending but I wound not thing what asses the writers are. I was so mad and unhappy I will not A@E any more not even the shows I watched only on reruns that network shows. On shoud change your name to H@E (Hate and Entertainment) because all their shows are about hate even Longmeyer. They didn`t like a show that was not ahout people that get along and and has some fun. I `m was never so unhappy about a showing ending and the ending. You suck and so do the stupit people who wrote and decided to end the show the way they did. They should have put the show on another network that didn`t like hate shows so much.

  46. DJ Doena says:

    ” took a big step toward seeming a Season 2 pick-up”

    Don’t you mean season 3?

  47. Debbie says:

    dont bother sending me anymore updates to any of your shows im soo upset about the glades that im going to cancel my A&E subscription

  48. Rachelle says:

    Seriously? Rather have the Glades then some of your reality shows A&E…

  49. Laura says:

    That’s why I hate cliffhanger endings. Da*n A&E. If they got record ratings, why the hell would they cancel it? Very stupid, in my book. So, what’s going to replace it… a stoopid reality show?

    • mary says:

      who needs Ducks and shows like that. Seems that type of show gets renewed…..and great shows like Glades….don’t..when they should. Maybe it is cheaper to produce shows like Ducks..etc.

      • Alex says:

        Of course it’s cheaper to produce reality shows. MUCH cheaper. BTW, in one recent week, Duck Dynasty drew a 5.0 in the demo, which is miles better than The Glades has ever done. Which show do viewers really want? Clearly it’s Duck Dynasty.