Fall TV Preview

Castle's Season 6 Premiere: A Crash, a Comeback and 8 Other Things We Can Just Barely Tell You

Castle Season 6 Premiere SpoilersLet the pigeons loose! The first returning show season premiere screener is upon us, and it comes courtesy of ABC’s Castle.

However… it also comes with the caveat that two major plot points — the pair of offers Beckett received in the finale — not be discussed. So…. :-/

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I can say that, as revealed in previous reportage and as indicated by this promo TVLine gave you the other day, the action picks up right there at the swings, where you’ll be hanging on every word. Especially when Beckett interrupts, “There’s something I have to tell you….”

Moments later we get a time jump, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by how the rest of the episode was structured, how it shook out, who shared scenes together. The more cynical fans out there will (or, you know, should) be surprised, too.

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Annnnd… I’m out of things to say. Except for these 10 bullets:

• Impractical footwear alert! But we’ll totally allow it.

• Castle returns from a 12-city/11-day book tour to find not one but two surprises waiting for him at the loft.

• A major character gets shot, several times.

• A major character is involved in a car crash.

• Ryan is determined to be a master swaddler.

• As previously scooped by the Inside Line: Tory’s back!

• Alexis’ new, fruitarian boyfriend Pi makes a damn juicy papaya steak.

• There’s a pretty jarring (if pretty improbable) fake-out.

• Apparently there is a particular red wine that puts [spoiler] in a particular “mood.”

• The premiere ends with a major character’s life in tremendous jeopardy. “To Be Continued….”

Castle opens Season 6 on Monday, Sept. 23.

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  1. Lee says:

    I wish I could be excited but after what happened last season I’m not expecting anything substantial to happen. I just need caskett to finally talk to each other… Please let them talk sh*t through, instead of sweeping things under the carpet for cheap gimmicks… *sigh*

    • Arlene says:

      Precisely this!

    • Guest says:

      Yup, pretty much this.

    • iammusic says:

      yeah, this.

    • Christina says:

      I’ll agree for the 9th time…this.

      • Jun says:

        Ugh…. I cant stand when people just say “this”! Are you all the same person? What is so bad about saying “I agree”?

        • Franfry says:

          Ha ha, I don’t get that one either. I guess we’re stuck with it for awhile though!

          • scooby says:

            I think they’re so used to tumblr or FB where they can like something or reblog it. You need to add to what’s being said, folks. One coherent sentence with a new thought. Heck, an interesting fragment. I’ll take a stream of digits of Pi that you remembered without looking it up just to get something besides “this” out of you. Anyway, back to the matter at hand. Love that Castle was first out of the gate with a screener. I really don’t know what to expect from this season, so I’ll be more on the edge of my seat than usual. Most anything they’ll do will surprise me. Glad to have Terri back on the staff full time!

          • John says:

            It’s a posting convention. FAR better than using “u” in place of you, IMHO.

        • Daniela says:

          I think they are just commenting on what Beckett would say since she has a hard time talking to Castle

          • Carl Nesbitt says:

            What could be so hard to say? It’s either YES or NO. Forget seasons 1 through 4, season 5’s last three episodes tips the scale in the negative direction. You know what I mean?

    • Alie says:

      Way to put that attitude out in the universe. It’s so nice to see some many people are excited about the season. My philosophy about anything entertainment wise is, if I don’t like it/it makes me mad, I don’t watch it/listen to it. There are enough things out there to piss me off, TV is supposed to be an escape and personally, I’m EXCITED.

    • Just one thing says:

      I’m pretty intrigued by this information, and it looks like they’re coming out of the gate pretty strong as far as action and drama are concerned. But I agree with you. Those dummies need to talk. :-P
      Though, judging by these details and others that we assume to still be true, it sounds like maybe they don’t get to REALLY chat until the second episode. And I can wait for that, as long as it actually happens.
      Also, I hope it’s Castle’s life in jeopardy this time. Beckett has already used almost all of her 9 lives. :-D And it would be nice to see her reaction to Castle in peril.

      • Christina says:

        I can’t resist…this.

      • alieh86 says:

        I think it’s going to be Ryan or Espo whom get shot. It’s too soon in the season for something like that to happen to Castle. If he was ever going to get hurt in such a major way it would most likely occur at the end of the fall, the two-parter, or the season finale. Plus, we know he’s in subsequent episodes and you don’t just go back to “work” after being shot up.

        Since Ryan is a father-to-be it would be an MAJOR deal to be shut at the this point.

        • Just one thing says:

          That’s a good point! Though I think the fact that this is a two-parter(?!) means they really want to rope the audience back for the second episode.
          I don’t mean to suggest that Ryan or Espo’s life isn’t worthy of viewers being concerned, but I think many people would come back — even knowing he’s the title character — just to see how Castle makes it.
          I’m still in shock that the screener was released this early.

      • JC says:

        I too hope it’s Castle’s life in jeopardy. But I suspect alieh86 is right and it’s probably Ryan or Esposito.

      • Carolina says:

        I think it’s going to be something like a paintball game.

    • S. says:

      None of “this.” They aren’t cheap gimmicks. Realistic relationships where people can love each other and navigate things the way mature people do are so much better than fan fiction. That’s real romance. *Not saying this applies to the people I just responded to, but to anybody who reads TVLine and also said something nasty to Terri Miller on Twitter yesterday for giving us that deleted ‘are we dating’ scene, you really need to get that poison out of your system. The correct response is ‘thank you for showing us this, you didn’t have to do it.’ Some people are so ungrateful.

      • Just one thing says:

        What did people say to her? Were people mad that it didn’t air?

      • Samuel says:

        agree with u on the relationship stuff.That’s why I didn’t read as much fanfic as i used to. Some of them are great, and I love to read them, but some of them bend the characters so much as to fit a certain storyline. Those are really out of characters.

    • Tom Benson says:

      Definitely this. If not, then AMF.

    • Tom Benson says:

      I agree

    • Shawn says:

      Please turn the channel… I think some of you have completely overlooked their dynamic from the beginning and aren’t comprehending the steps taken to get them to that place where both are secure enough to verbalize their thoughts and feelings to each other. I feel the momentum leading them to that stage and for the show to continue, they can’t give us everything at once. I love the pace Marlowe has going, as slow as it is, I still feel anticipation for more. Caskett rock! I love how they are growing closer in each season and overcome the challenges to continue to grow and evolve and learn. They’re flawed characters, but I love them even more for that. Okay, i’ll stop gushing over them. I have yet to be disappointed! Even when something happens I don’t agree with or like what the characters are doing, I see it from the character’s POV and it makes sense to me and still entertains me. It still baffles me when people are so unhappy with this show. This is one of the best ever!!

  2. Laura says:

    Good Lord..Can’t wait.

  3. ayra says:

    WHAAAAAT ?!?!?! omg i am already scared for this major character..CAN’T WAIT FOR SEPT 23 !! :)) i am literally counting the days :)

  4. Cuffed says:

    Thanks Matt. It sounds exciting and I think Marlowe is going to surprise us in a positive way, as always. I can’t wait to see the premiere, now more than ever.

  5. JC says:

    Sounds fantastic!! :) Looking forward to it.

  6. Kate says:

    I didn’t think it was possible to be more excited for the new season to start, but now I am! I’m relieved you liked it. I seriously can’t wait! Thanks for the scoop.

  7. Lois says:

    Freaking out. Can’t wait for September 23rd!

  8. If you guys haven’t seen the Season Six promo a few days ago, it is can’t miss TV at its finest but still 50/50 on that season ending cliff hanger but where does Castle and Beckett go from here? :-(

    • Katherine says:

      After everything is said and done. The only thing they can go is forward as a couple. Half of the fandom sees Kate taken the job in DC as a bad thing. I have to admit I was one. But after consideration, maybe, she need to take this job, this will maybe help her to realize that no matter how good something look on the other side of the fence there’s really no place like home.

      Kate has evolved as a woman through the years. She has gone through a transformation such as being a no nonsense that played by the book to being this person who comprehends that not everything is black or white. Maybe this job in DC is what Kate needs to finally understand that through the day it’s not all about solving cases, it was getting answers.

  9. Maria says:

    Thanks, Matt, for being so quick with a review of the premiere, and for not spoiling TOO much for us.

  10. Arlene says:

    Communication is what I want from Castle and Beckett. I’m beyond sick & tired of their juvenile behavior in that aspect of their relationship. Yes, it was alright a few seasons back but now it’s annoying, frustrating, & insulting. Be done w the subtext and allow them to communicate like adults this premiere & this season & I’ll be a happy fan.
    I don’t think that’s asking for too much .. at all.

    • Tom Benson says:

      I agree. From the looks of the promo, Beckett is still at the swings as we speak, stuttering and sputtering her life away.

    • Shawn says:

      Yeah because everyone always says what they feel in a relationship. Seems some viewers are the juveniles to expect perfection and full disclosure all the time.

      • Tom Benson says:

        I expect better than what we had in the last three episodes from last season.

        • Carl Nesbitt says:

          The last three episodes changed the dynamics of the relationship between Castle and Beckett as she started drifting away from him. So I think that she will say NO to his proposal but yes to a continued relationship because she says “Castle, I’ve something to tell you” and that’s she is not the marrying type, she likes her independence but at the same time she likes being a PARTNER to Beckett. So she’s headed to Washington and I think she’ll be slowly written out of the series. Why then would they bring in two new Detectives? I could be wrong but given her history with men, Washington will consume her in more ways than one. Remember, the wall hasn’t really been completely taken down and won’t be until she nails the Senator. And once that’s done Beckett is history.

          • TAP says:

            I’m guessing you’re a glass half empty kind of guy, huh Carl. Thank goodness you’re not a writer, I’d have turned you off after the 3rd episode. Love castle, Beckett is not leaving permanently, they’re relationship is still very much “on”, and the fun is just beginning. No more doom and gloom. Love you m&m (Marlow and Miller). Do glad it’s September!

  11. JCK says:

    All I need is for her to say “No” to Washington and “Not now” to Castle.

    • Castle Fan says:

      One, she’s in D.C. And two, there’s a clear answer given. So…. um… yeah.

      • alieh86 says:

        The “Deadly Heat” dedication is, “KB: May the dance never end, and the music never stop” so I don’t see Castle writing that dedication if her answer was no.

        • Just one thing says:

          Oh, cool. I don’t read the books, but that’s a nice little Easter egg for the fans.

          • c-mo says:

            I love the books, they’re a fun weekend read while you’re avoiding doing housework or anything else that needs to be done around the house. I recommend them highly!

  12. Andrea says:

    Thank you for this! Such nice little teases but you didn’t give anything huge away, which I appreciate! Despite other spoilers, I didn’t see a lot of these teases coming and that’s very exciting!

  13. Andy says:

    Even though we’ve had two seasons now with Captain Gates, I can’t say it would be hard for me if she were the character to get shot several times, get into a car crash, and have her life in tremendous jeopardy at the end of the episode. But I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the several shots at a major character is the fake-out and the car crash is what has the major character’s life in jeopardy. Clearly all major characters will be back after the premiere. This isn’t a finale. They’re not going to kill Montgomery again. And anyone else dead would just make the show too sad.

  14. Lisa says:

    Omg I soooo want to see 6×01 right now! Too bad I’m gonna have to wait so long..
    Sometimes I hate living in the Netherlands.

  15. leigh says:

    Wow. This says so much and nothing at all. I am trying to avoid spoilers but this is making it harder to wait for the season premier. :D

  16. PEL says:

    I am still a little unsure about this ep, but this give me a little hope.

  17. Christina says:

    Not gonna lie, in an ideal world I would love for this to be Castle’s life in jeopardy, which reminds Beckett that she can’t do without him. She seems to be called to action by life-threatening situations (e.g. bullet to the chest, falling off a building), so maybe a car crash would wake her up/bring her to working with the AG out of NY.

    • Just one thing says:

      Yes. :-) And just as an overall series note, Beckett’s life has been seriously threatened way too many times over the last few years. It’s someone else’s turn. :-P

    • Samuel says:

      I too agree with Christina and Just one thing on this. I too believe Castle is the one in the car crash, or the one whose life would be in jeopardy.

      • alieh86 says:

        Very true. Castle might be in the crash and Ryan might be the one shot. Being in a crash can bang a person up, but they could spin it somehow that Castle is OK for the next ep. However, Ryan would probably end up in the hospital after being shot multiple times. Both events could happen at the end of the episode leaving us with two HUGE cliffhangers.

        • scooby says:

          There could be someone who gets shot while driving and the passenger gets hurt in the accident.

          • Just one thing says:

            I think you may be onto something, considering what I read elsewhere. This is part of the fun of having multiple TV bloggers preview the episode. There are some puzzle pieces that fall into place and some that still need more clues. :P

    • Melanie says:

      I agree! I’ve been wanting them to play the ‘Castle gets shot/kidnapped/tortured’ card for the past three seasons. (And no, 3XK tying him up doesn’t cut it, I’m talking about mortal danger played out over a couple of episodes.)

      • Just one thing says:

        I think that would be a great arc. It would be good to see how Castle handles such an ordeal, particularly being kidnapped or tortured, and how Beckett/Martha/Alexis handle him being gone as a sort of blended family.

  18. Emma says:

    For some reason, I think Ryan will be shot but protected by vest, and it’s Espo who’s hurt in the car crash. Hopefully, the redwine bit will be about Beckett or Castle and we get to see that cuteness!

  19. april-ann says:

    Let the fun begin! Love Alexis, and fruit Pi sounds hilarious. Can’t wait to see Castle biting his tongue in Pi’s presence – or not!

  20. KerryLynn says:

    I bet the major character getting shot several times is Castle but I bet its playing Laser Tag with Alexis.

  21. Mary says:

    I´m even more excited, anxious and intrigued! And glad that apparently it is good (I´m trusting you, Matt:))
    The premiere is too far away for my liking:(

  22. Astrid says:

    Thanks for the spoilers Matt! Very excited to see the premiere!

  23. tahina says:

    I’m excited because one of few shows I watch is almost here! This hiatus has gone really fast. :)

  24. Samuel says:

    Since (at least) the first three eps of this season would be an arc, i won’t be surprised if the premiere was ended with a cliffhanger.

    • Just one thing says:

      That’s true. Castle has just followed a pattern over the years: two-parter in Feb and cliffhanger in May.
      It’s good to see them change it up!

      • alieh86 says:

        There will probably still be a two-parter during fed sweeps because that’s how the industry works. There’s nothing written in stone saying that a show can’t have more than 2 two-parters.

        • Just one thing says:

          Oh, yeah. I suspect there will still be a Feb sweeps two-parter. Though I think that’s more an ABC network request/order/mandate/thing.

        • Castle Fan says:

          No Feb Sweeps for Castle this year. Check your year. :D 2014. Then think NBC. :D

          • Christina says:

            Gotta love those Olympics man.

          • Just one thing says:

            I could totally be wrong, but I would think ABC would still program competitively against the Winter Olympics. It’s not like there isn’t still ad time to sell or new programs to promote. :-)
            The other networks aren’t just going to lie down and let NBC take the reins. If anything, they’ll all try to semi-aggressively counter-program.

          • Quite possibly. Just as GREY’S, ONCE, SCANDAL, REVENGE and NASHVILLE are all on hiatus until Olympics end: http://tvline.com/2013/08/28/abc-split-season-schedule-shows-scandal-greys-anatomy/ Or, will they rely on CASTLE (and SHIELD, and the comedies…) to hold down the fort?

          • Just one thing says:

            Oh… I thought that was just because those dramas were more serialized than Castle and Agents. And that they were experimenting with limited series.
            I totally didn’t connect that schedule change with the Olympics. Guess it makes more sense now.

        • Castle Fan says:

          Nope. Check your calender. It’ll be 2014. What happens in Feb 2014. Think NBC. No Feb Sweeps for Castle

          • John says:

            Will everyone really just roll over and run repeats? Given Sochi could be snowless given how far south it is (they’re storing snow in caves!) that might be a mistake. I guess the other consideration is whether it’s convenient for live coverage or everything taped.

          • alieh86 says:

            I HIGHLY doubt CBS, ABC, and FOX will air reruns.Not right when February and March is when they do sweeps. I’m not sure if it’s just in my family, but the winter olympics are not nearly as fun to watch as the summer. Shows on competing networks might take a hit, but it would be across the board, which would be taken into account when looking at ratings.

          • t.j. raines says:

            Actually, if you look at Castle’s 2010 schedule in February, they only ran 1 episode during the Olympics–that was at the beginning.So the networks can and will run repeats during the Olympics.

          • For those who haven’t guessed the Olympics are on.

  25. Marine says:

    Tory…what the hell?! Lol. Who cares about her, honestly? And not Matt, don’t you dare answering me “Esposito does” ;)

  26. Jenny says:

    I watched it this morning, and it was a REALLY great episode! I hate cliffhangers, but I loved this. Can’t wait till it airs on TV!

  27. John says:

    If she were going to D.C. I’d have expected exterior shot location work in Washington would have been all over the internet and somebody would have brought it up here. Anybody see a “Do Not Park Here. Project: Castle shoot” traffic sign anywhere in D.C.?

    • John says:

      There’s actually Twitter feeds about this and they post photos of the signs. Quite colorful.

    • Just one thing says:

      Stock footage is often purchased and used for those establishing shots of the city. Scandal takes place in DC, but shoots in LA. With stages and savvy location teams, it’s fairly easy to fake.

      • John says:

        Oh sure and I expect shots like Becket meeting in an office with a window view of the Mall is easily a green screen shot. But productions do shoot with actors on location, White Collar has been all over Courthouse Square and Central Park in NYC for instance with people posting photos of the actors on the street (or park bench as the case may be). The Same with Person of Interest.

        Granted offhand I don’t know if Castle ever shoots their actors in NYC so maybe the production is simply in the habit of mimicking the location? In which case whether it were D.C. or NYC they’d just do what they usually do.

        So the signs would evidence for her spending time in D.C. but, agreed, their absence is probably meaningless.

        • John says:

          Where are those swings?

        • Kevin W. says:

          PoI, and White Collar actually film in NYC so that’s why they’re all over it. Maybe it’s not economically feasible to film outside of L.A. for Castle?

          • John says:

            Thanks, so their studios are in NYC? That’s interesting, I guess studio work is spreading out from Los Angeles these days.

          • Badpenny says:

            Castle is filmed entirely in the LA area. The actors occasionally go to NYC to shoot some B footage but the rest of the time they’re filming at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood.
            When you see Beckett in the spoiler shots that ‘s all LA too, though there is B footage shot in DC for scenes that Beckett and her new team aren’t in.

  28. John says:

    • Castle returns from a 12-city/11-day book tour to find not one but two surprises waiting for him at the loft.
    PI and an agent.
    • A major character gets shot, several times.
    Beckett, she will be fine of course.
    • A major character is involved in a car crash.
    Castle, nothing serious.
    • There’s a pretty jarring (if pretty improbable) fake-out.
    • The premiere ends with a major character’s life in tremendous jeopardy. “To Be Continued….”

    • Christina says:

      They’ve done that to Beckett far too often though.

      • John says:

        New job, stakes are high and she is the cop after all. Nor Ryan neither Esposito are “Major character”. Castle, if that happened to him how the writers can keep the idea of following Beckett around solving cases? She would not want him in danger, neither Alexis or Martha.

        • Just one thing says:

          I think Esposito and Ryan still count as major characters, as do Martha and Alexis.
          In this case, I hope it’s Castle, though. The premiere sounds like a different episode than the Castle norm, so maybe putting his life in jeopardy right out of the gate is warranted.
          ABC has already released two vague promos. I’m assuming it’s too much to ask for them to release a final promo that showcases all of this action. (And I like the guy who’s cut them, by the way. They just lack substance, which I’m sure isn’t his doing.)

          • John says:

            “I think Esposito and Ryan still count as major characters, as do Martha and Alexis.” I don’t. I agree with the rest of your post.

          • Samuel says:

            I do think Espo and Ryan are still major characters, just not having that much screen time in this 2 eps as the others.

            But since in ep3 Kate would return to NY, and ep4 & 5 she would work with NYPD, as spoiled with those bts photos… I do think Espo and Ryan will have more screen time than in the first 2 eps…

  29. Kevin W. says:

    I think they’ll get engaged, but she’ll take the job in DC. How long she’s down there for though…..

    • Carl Nesbitt says:

      It’s a given that Beckett will take the job in Washington and it looks like Castle will follow her there. However, Castle returns to New York because things are going to well between him and Beckett. Then in a tweet it was said that Castle and Beckett will be seeing far less of each other this season which would indicate that perhaps Beckett commits to staying in Washington and their relationship is over. Looks like Castle will find a new love interest and the show will go on without Beckett. Should be interesting this season. ( I’m just pulling your chain ) Enjoy season 6.

      • Tom Benson says:

        Going ahead without Beckett would be great. She needs to be taken down a peg or two and Angie Harmon would be just the person to do it. Actually to replace Beckett you wouldn’t need Angie, just a simple girl who is looking for love from a man, without being a dominatrix Castle deserves more than he is getting from Beckett.

  30. James D says:

    i’m guessing at the end of the “there’s something I’ve got to tell you” beckett will say something like “that was the worse purposal ever, do it again” knowing AM he’s going to fake us out a little bit. Whose going to get shot i wonder? will Bracken appear somewhere? I’m loyal to this show no matter what, but with that said Fillion and Katic are going to need to bring it this season especailly Nathan who towards the last season seemed uninspired too me, part of that could of been where they were taken the character, but still Castle needs to shake some stuff up this year IMO.

    • Robert says:

      This first Arc of season 6 will be about Beckett, her decisions, her new job, her new team, etc. Sure Castle will be there but not as equal in this stage. Of course some people will say it is because he isn’t interested on the show or whatever.

    • Just one thing says:

      I agree that the show has needed to shake it up, and it looks like they’re giving it a go. I’m still weary of so many new faces, but it may be handled well.
      I personally like the Bracken angle, as they’ve really developed him as a sort of Batman-esque villain opposite Beckett, and there’s a lot of potential for one last hurrah or two before they put that arc to bed once and for all. Still, I don’t think Bracken will factor in until later.
      I’ve never supported the theory that Bracken was behind Beckett’s job offer, because I felt it undermined the notion that she would be worthy of such an opportunity by her own merits. Having Bracken orchestrate this big job move would muddy the waters and call into question Beckett’s abilities to move forward in her career.

  31. Ana says:

    “The show might still be named for the author who tags along as what should be a major liability partner for “research” (and love), but “Valkyrie” is most certainly a moment for KATIC TO STAND ALONE AND SHINE.” BECKETT SEASON YES!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tom Benson says:

      “Katic” has been standing alone and shining. Where have you been the last year, especially the last three episodes of last year?

      • Ana says:

        Sarcasm? Because she is the show, you know.

        • scooby says:

          I’m so over the Beckett-haterz I can’t even tell you. Resenting how many arcs involve the show’s female lead makes no sense. She’s the love of his life and the reason for his involvement with these cases. If her personal issues involve dealing with her mother’s death: 1) so be it, you can’t just decide not to like that, it’s the character you signed up for if you’ve watched this whole time, 2) if anybody you know lost someone this way, it would resonate throughout everything they did in their life, and 3) she’s been the center of his professional and now personal life for such a long time now so why people mind something that Castle himself welcomes is weird. We’re supposed to be looking at Nikki Heat through HIS eyes, not turn things back around on our author and essentially focus on him. Beckett’s the star of the narrative in Castle’s head. He’s the very center of the show. We’re not seeing less of him. It’s just that as he’s more openly “with” Beckett, we get more of her. Again, it makes sense for the character of Castle to focus a lot of attention on Beckett.

          • Erin says:

            Criticizing a character or the way is writing / portraying doesn’t make people a Hater. Some people really need to back off with “Hater” thing, I don’t really see the benefit of it.

        • Tom Benson says:

          Keep up that line of thinking and you’ll find out that it takes two to make this show go.

        • Tom Benson says:

          Nope, no sarcasm at all. If you watched any of the last three episodes from last season, you should know that Beckett has been standing alone and ‘shining’, if that is what you call lying and cheating.

        • Tom Benson says:

          She is??? We’ll see about that. There are a number of fans who think that she is too much of the show.

  32. Becca says:

    Thanks Matt! Can’t wait!!!

  33. Astrid says:

    Looking forward to the premiere! Also very excited to see Lisa Edelstein on Castle!

  34. Fanny says:

    I love this show! But now that the sexual tension has somewhat abated, I would like to see something edgier and passion between these two. This couple is becoming boring and blah…c’mon writers, add some spice to this show.
    I would also like to point out that tonight’s episode (10-7-13), irked me to no end. Ramon Russo or Ruzzo? Seriously? I take umbrage to the fact that an Hispanic first name is believed to be Italian. There is no such name in the Italian language. Please keep in mind that we Italians are Caucasian , that is, white. Antonio Sabato is as Italian as they come….he is the typical Italian, born and bred. My point? We are NOT hispanic…so, get the character’s names right. And, Hispanics are not Spanish either, so I do not understand why they are referred to as Spanish. Also, Hispanics seem to have a perpetual accent regardless of the fact that some have been here for generations. I am sure that they do not want to be confused with being Italian, French or Spaniard (from Spain). Our coloring and features are as different as day and night….take a good look. We are European! The name Esposito is also an Italian name, found mainly in Naples. But, you have an Hispanic protagonist with that name. Perhaps his “father” is Italian?….just stop doing that. Would you have an Irishman play that part?