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Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on NCIS: LA, Once, Covert Affairs, Five-0, Big Bang, Haven and More!

Once Upon a Time Regina ArielDoes Once Upon a Time‘s Evil Queen have a fish tale to tell? Will Five-0 flounder without Kono? Will NCIS: LA‘s Callen get a clue? When will Eyal engage in new Covert Affairs with Annie? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

Will Once Upon a Time explain how Mulan and Aurora helped Philip get his soul back from the wraith, before they found an injured Baelfire? –JJ
In a word, kinda. “We’ll hint at it, but we probably aren’t going to show that [back]story for a while,” says cocreator Eddy Kitsis. For one, it’s not like Neal has reason to raise it as a conversation topic. But more importantly, Kitsis explains, “One of the things about Season 3 is we’ve really tried to focus on the core characters, including the six people on that boat and Neal. We do eventually want to get to that [Philip/wraith] story, but we’re coming out of the gate with the people on that boat.”

Is there any way that Once Upon a Time‘s Ariel and Regina already met? Assuming that the “certain mermaid” Regina referred to in Episode 1×12, “Skin Deep,” was Ariel? –Mirza
I suspect you are onto something, though cocreator Adam Horowitz will only say that “we might” flash back to that aforementioned encounter during JoAnna Garcia’s turn as the Little Mermaid.

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Last year, OUAT ran a one-hour special to recap the season before the new season starts. Do you know if they will be doing that again? –Bernadette
Yes, they shall. Once Upon a Time: Journey to Neverland will air Sunday, Sept. 29 at 7/6c, leading into the Season 3 opener.

Can you give us any hints on how Deeks’ mom will come into play this season on NCIS: Los Angeles? –Anna
Actually, somewhat interestingly, she won’t – meaning, I hear that at this time there are no plans to introduce her. (This topic, on which I have received multiple reader emails, is apparently the result of some game of “Telephone.” Sorry!)

On NCIS: LA, will we learn more about Callen’s past? –Molly F.
Oh yes. As showrunner Shane Brennan shared with me, “You know that little tea tin sitting on the mantle in Callen’s house, filled with little pieces of his past, pieces of that jigsaw? Well, he adds another very significant piece of the puzzle to that box” early this season. “It’s incredibly emotional.”

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Have you heard anything yet about Oded Fehr’s “secret” Covert Affairs return date? – Jo
A) It’s still a secret, because B) Eyal’s appearance is designed to catch you – as well as Annie – quite off guard. Teasing the encore, Piper Perabo told me, “Something happens, a door opens and it’s him — and when this door opens, you are not thinking about him at all. There is no reason he should even know where she is.” In fact, Perabo says she was slightly distracted when first reading that script, and thus was startled herself to see Eyal pop into frame! “It’s so shocking when he appears,” she reiterates. “For me to be reading one of the scripts and be so like, ‘W-w-what?’ is really fun.”

Any info on the remaining Graceland episodes? –Hayley
Only on, like, you know, the season finale, which airs Sept. 12 and finds Jangles taking a resident of Graceland hostage. The rest of the house thus must band together to (hopefully) rescue one of their own.

Is Grace Park returning for Season 4 of Hawaii Five-0, or is she really gone? –John
I fielded a version of this question recently, but now have new intel from show boss Peter M. Lenkov, who stresses that Kono will be seen “in a bunch” of early Season 4 episodes, yet independent of the Five-0 team she left behind.

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Any fresh Big Bang Theory scoop? –Aleksandra
Sheldon and Amy’s unorthodox romance will continue to move at a glacial pace, despite their Dungeons & Dragons-themed canoodling last season. “That is the constant challenge in the writers room,” offers showrunner Steven Molaro, “to keep them growing and moving forward but a pace that’s comfortable and that doesn’t change the show too much.” In other Big-ish news, Molaro confirms that Kevin Sussman’s Stuart will be a semi-regular fixture this season, beginning with “three out of the first six Season 7 episodes.”

Do you have any scoop on Haven? Will Nathan and Audrey be reunited early in the season? –Stephanie
Early might be stretching it. Granted, I’ve only seen the season premiere thus far, but there are obstacles a-plenty standing in the way of them finding each other. For one, Nathan is kinda persona non grata, seeing as his actions in the finale failed to do squat. (Jordan, for one, is very much not a fan of his.) Secondly, Audrey doesn’t believe she needs to be “found,” wherever she now is. In fact, she seems pretty content just kicking back and schmoozing Colin Ferguson’s charming mystery man.

Any word on whether NCIS will bring back family members of the team? And if so, do you happen to know which? –Daniel
Thus far, both Ralph Waite and Robert Wagner are likely (though not double-secret confirmed) to again play pop to Gibbs and DiNozzo, respectively.

A question regarding Hostages: Do you know how many episodes Hilarie Burton is signed on for? –Silva
CBS is mum, due to the thriller aspect of the 15-episode series, but I’m hearing that Hil will appear in at least three of the hours, playing an assistant to Tate Donovan’s character.

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Longtime reader, first-time email… SOA me, please! –Candace
I’m three episodes into Sons of Anarchy’s coming season and, man, nothing is going right for the boys. Seriously, like no (theoretically) good deed comes without a dead body (or several) in its wake. And between Clay’s arrest, more brutal blowback for Juice being a snitch, Bobby pursuing his own agenda and Chibs and Tig not always agreeing with Jax’s calls, it’s not a good time to be in SAMCRO

Is there a 100-percent chance that Monroe’s son is revealed during Revolution Season 2? –Jack
Definitely 97 percent, I’d say. Series creator Eric Kripke tells us that while that reveal will be “a slow burn,” “It does become a storyline this season” – one that offers “some twists and turns” along the way.

Robert Sean Leonard was great (although almost unrecognizable) on Falling Skies. Any word if he he’ll return in Season 4? –Sue
Yes, RSL was almost unrecognizable, and yes, at this early stage, he is confirmed to appear in at least one episode of the upcoming season.

Is there any hope that King & Maxwell gets renewed for a second season? I was just getting to know everyone! –Susan
Show boss Shane Brennan says he hopes to get the good word next month – “perhaps in early September” – about any possible Season 2, adding: “Fingers crossed!”

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  1. courts says:

    Man do I wish Neal had not been introduced on Once. Baelfire was such a GOOD character that it feels like such a shame we have to have all the focus on Neal, who doesn’t resemble his younger self at all. Such an acting disconnect.

    • bigby_wolf says:

      This criticism is silly. He’s a 30-some year old man now that’s traveled through different realms and time periods, of course he’s not going to be some doe-eyed, naive kid anymore.

      • courts says:

        He’s a 100+ year old guy who took advantage of an underage teenage girl, that’s true. Whereas you can see the teenage Snow White and Regina within their adult portrayals as well, but there is literally NOTHING of Baelfire in Neal. It’s probably just bad casting.

        • JC says:

          You can see teenage Regina in her adult portrayal because both versions are played by Lana Parilla. That doesn’t count. With Snow, they started with the adult actress and then found a child actress to play her younger self. But with Neal/Baelfire they had to go the other way, and I think it was probably more important to them to find an actor that worked in the role than to ensure that he looked like young Baelfire. Which I totally get. On the other hand, I can’t say that I don’t sympathize a bit with those that feel like it was bad casting. As much as I Neal, and like MRJ in this role, I can’t say that it isn’t a little jarring sometimes going from Baelfire to Neal and stretching my suspension of disbelief to believe that Baelfire grew up to look (and sound) like Neal.

          • courts says:

            What does him looking like him have to do with anything? It’s his ACTING we’re talking about. His mannerisms, tone, style. There’s nothing connecting the two at all.

      • A says:

        I agree. I don’t get that particular criticism of the character. Dude has been through a lot since he was Baelfire. It would be weird if he was the same person.

    • Louise says:

      I feel the same way about the casting. I will give it another chance in season 3, but in season 2 Neal was always like a completely new character to me and not at all like an adult Baelfire. When I think of Baelfire I always think of the young actor who plays him in flashbacks, not of the adult they have cast.

      It sounds also repetitive that someone is stuck in the present day fairytale land and wants to get back to Storybrooke again and Mulan and Aurora have to help. That’s like the same story that Emma and Snow White had at the beginning of season 2.

      • courts says:

        I’ve thought the same. That it was bad casting.
        I totally agree about the repetitive nature of Neal being in FTL. It’s probably what I find the least interesting aspect of the new season.

        • Christina says:

          Yea, when I think about Season 3 I regularly forget that that’s even an issue. I’m glad they specifically said they want to focus on the core characters though, and that they’re almost all in one place. Splitting them was hugely annoying last year.

      • Freaks says:

        I personally liked Snow and Emma being in the EF why – coz Emma got to see and understand her life she could of had and what her parents did and see her nursery and connect with Snow on that level, and then also meet Hook and who in turn looked past her walls and connected on the beanstalk and read her so well – no other man has done that!

        • Louise says:

          It’s not that I didn’t like that season 2 story. I just don’t need a repeat of it. And I was a lot more interested in Snow, Emma and Cora than I’m interested in Neal. So if it is a repeat of the season 2 story, the character they picked maybe won’t help. Although I think they will introduce Robin Hood in this story and I am somewhat interested in that.
          I disagree about Hook and I can think of at least three characters (male and female) who have made a connection with Emma that is, in my opinion, much more genuine and progressed naturally as the show developed over time.

          • Mike R. says:

            Not that I’m a Neal fan or “ship”(hate that word) Emma with anyone right now, bit I can’t agree more on Hook, I never saw any connection between Emma and Hook, not saying they don’t have chemistry, just that it is too soon to tell, not to mention the fact that Hook was only using her, and she was using him. I’ve only ever liked Emma with the Sherrif.

          • ls1 says:

            They connected on the beanstalk who else got past the walls and knew she was abandoned – read her like an book (the whole Emma centric episode was basically telling us why Emma and Hook were making an connection and her past) and asked about love and trust – that is the connection they made and as well as Emma understanding the real reason for his revenge – loss love.

          • A says:

            I think it needs to be reiterated to the people against any possible Hook/Emma connection, that it is still a DEVELOPING story. Regardless of whether or not you see Emma having an already existing connection with another character on the show, should the writers decide to go the Emma/Hook route, they will most likely explore the relationship further and provide a deeper foundation (hopefully) for a possible romance. Some may not be able to see the way Emma/Hook fit together and they may need further interactions between the two over the upcoming season to open up to the idea of a possible relationship or if they don’t like the pairing, they may at least come to understand why it might work.

          • D52TD says:

            Agreed on both accounts, Louise.

          • JC says:

            I do like Neal, but I agree that having his storyline separate from the rest of them could end up being kind of tedious. Last season Emma and Snow carried that storyline – I’m not sure the audience is invested enough in Neal by himself for us not to be constantly going “ok can we get back to what the rest of them are doing?” But I’m hoping they figure it out. Their mention of focusing on the “core characters” gives me hope that they realized one of the major problems with season 2(IMO) and are working to fix it.

        • courts says:

          LOL. I love how some people can streeeeeetch anything to make it about their ship, no matter how much silly it is. Especially when we’ve seen the same thing from multiple other characters on the show.

    • Freaks says:

      I just dont like Neal as a person and his disrespectful ways to Emma in talking to her and putting her down!!! He is the least likeable person on the show for me – shame i wish i could like the actors acting as well though MRJ seems cool in real life just not in the show and character lol

      I did like Little Bae though

      I think some ppl find it hard to connect Bae and Neal together as one person.

    • the girl says:

      I don’t see why there would be a resemblance. Like someone else mentioned, there has been over 100 years between the stuff we’ve seen with Bael and Rumple, and when Bael/Neal and Emma hook up. There’s no way he’s the same boy, not even close. I think the casting was just fine.

      • JCK says:

        Ok, but Rumple still looks the same. And the biggest problem with Neal is his Detroit street pronunciation. Bae was 14 and set in his speech patterns when he went into the whirlpool. He popped up in London, also known for precise elocution, then went to Neverland [listen to Hook]. So, where did he morph into a thug? It doesn’t work. I can accept that he didn’t age well or got knocked around enough to rough him up, but nothing accounts for his diction.

        • Mike R. says:

          That truly is castings fault, or MRJ’s acting.

          • DRO says:

            I think its because everyone one else in the cast are pretty much great at their characters and acting – bringing out elements and MRJ lacks that in the character (because he really hasnt done much then be smug and douchy to Emma and just basic acting for Neal as the character)

        • Mary says:

          Of course Rumple still looks the same – he’s the Dark One. And it does work. Whenever he appeared in this world he did what he had to to survive (he was already exhibiting that behavior when he met Wendy or don’t you remember him sneaking in to grab some bread?) Stealing to survive is hardly the same thing as being a thug. Thugs are guys who go around intentionally hurting people because they can and want to.

          And it does account for his diction if the place he entered into this world from Neverland was Detroit and he spent a long time there. We have no idea where he ended up when he left Neverland. Wherever he ended up, he would have made an effort to sound like he belonged there instead of having to explain to people that he was originally from the Enchanted Forest, spent a bit of time in London\ centuries ago, and then spent time in Neverland. I’m sure he learned very quickly to keep that kind of information to himself.

      • courts says:

        Ah, I apparently used the wrong word. When I meant ‘resemble’, I meant in mannerisms because all they needed was a brown haired, brown eyed guy to play an adult Bae, which they did. But his acting choices have been awkward at best.

    • Alice says:

      I am so happy the writers don’t agree with you and that we’ll be seeing plenty of Neal. I very much enjoy his interactions with the entire cast.

    • Leigh says:

      I couldn’t agree more. The actor who plays Neal is a good actor…for a totally different show. He doesn’t fit in OUAT and it’s distracting.

    • Thanh says:

      Exactly! I thought the same thing. I don’t really like Neal. And even though they SAY he’s Baelfire, Neal is nothing like the young Baelfire we’ve seen onscreen, in looks (bad casting for adult Bae, btw!) or in personality. Once Upon a Time did such a great job casting the child Snow White, that adult Bae compared to child Bae turned out to be such a disappointment.

  2. ninamags says:

    Yay!! Daddy Gibbs and Daddy DiNozzo again this year.

    Amy is creepy and weird. Don’t like her character at all.

  3. John says:

    Pa Gibbs & Pa DiNozzo should get their own show.

  4. the old proofreader says:

    “They shall”? Sigh. That’s almost as upsetting as King (of & Maxwell) pronouncing “cache” as a two-syllable word a few weeks ago.

  5. mooshki says:

    I miss Haven! Under the Dome doesn’t have anything on StephenKingSmallTownHorror 1.0.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      You make a good point — the HAVEN premiere certainly has more unsettling moments than anything on UNDER THE DOME to date.

  6. taran63 says:

    Well count me as someone who is NOT looking forward to the new season of Haven then. From what I’ve heard, I think at least the beginning of the new season with all the changes is just going to tick me off. I might just wait until the season is halfway or all the way through and watch a lot of episodes over a long weekend.

    I’m torn on this show. On the one hand, I really liked it and I’m glad it was renewed so I can (maybe) keep watching it. On the other hand, I almost wish it hadn’t been renewed at almost the last minute, because it seemed like it was building up to a pretty satisfying season finale, and I think to be a really good story, you have to have a really good ending. But with the late renewal and all the potential changes to keep the show going, I feel like viewers have been almost cheated out of a potentially really good, satisfying conclusion to the Haven story.

    • Simon Jester says:

      Um, sure. Viewers have been “cheated” by getting another whole season. You Syfy bastards!

    • Are you kidding me – what do you mean last minute renewal? It isn’t the way I saw it seeing it was clear they had another season several episodes before the final. The very fact they wiped out the guy more or less in charge of Audreys comings and goings should have been a clue that the 27 year time lapse was a done deal. It also helps to be one on one with the actors themselves who let us know their contracts were renewed long before the network brought up the fact they were renewed. The beauty of just expanding ones horizons and not just following TV guide or tv period for that matter. In fact my only problem with the cliff hanger was how they were going to pull it all off by letting the barn and Audrey successfully disappear and how she would get back seeing I knew when it ended she was coming back as was Duke and Nathan.

  7. iMember says:

    Is Revenge getting a recap special too!?!?

  8. LK says:

    I was so disappointed with King & Maxwell… the characters had little in common with the people in the books, the actors had little to no chemistry and the storylines were dull… Hoping it doesn’t come back.

    • Maryann says:

      Have never read the books, but tv shows and the books they are based on are often quite different. That said, I loved King & Maxwell, and the chemistry between the main characters. I would be very disappointed if the series did not return.

      • Mel says:

        Glad I never read the books because I thoroughly enjoyed King & Maxwell “The Show”. Would love to see a renewal happen.

        Regarding TBBT – love that we will be seeing more Stuart! He’s such a sweet, nerdy guy. The thing about TBBT is that everyone is actually someone I would love to be friends with…well…Sheldon is questionable, but everyone else, yes!

    • anya says:

      I’ve never read the books but I really liked the show. I think sometimes it can take more than just 10 episodes to really get to know characters and be able to develop better storylines. I hope King & Maxwell gets renewed for a second season. And I absolutely love Edgar!

  9. Grace Park filmed those scenes, Peter Lenkov is talking about after season 3 wrapped, so before the show went on hiatus. So sure Kono will be back for a bit..but Grace Park is not back. And in the way he keeps dodging this question..I have my doubts she will be back. Would love to be proven wrong, but in the way he answers this question…

    • Alisa Neely says:

      i hear ya….i want to know WHY we haven’t had any word as to weither she IS pregant, after seeing the picture of GP with a pregnancy belly?….and WHY does he keep DODGING the questions?…..is this his way of FORCING catherine on people or what?

      • Maryann says:

        I really like both Kono and Catherine. I would be very very disappointed if Catherine were to leave the show, perhaps even enough to stop watching. She is my favorite character at this point.

        • JC says:

          I too would be upset if Catherine were written off the show. She may not be my favorite character…that’s Steve…but I really like her and I really enjoy the Steve/Cath relationship. And Kono’s awesome too, so I hope Grace Park eventually returns.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Keep an eye out for our Fall Preview Spectacular coming soon – more Kono news there.

  10. I hope Graceland deals with the Odin plot this season,. I really don’t want them to spend five years playing that mouse and cat game. It’ll get really tiresome really fast.

    • Alan says:

      its definitely not worthy of a multi season plot so i hope it does end and the gang take on something new in season 2 but i love briggs and i dont see how he could stay on the show if the plot is wrapped up so im a little conflicted about what i actually want.

      • He could become an overt villain.

      • The Squatch says:

        For some reason I keep thinking that we will find out that “Odin” is actually a really deep cover assignment that Briggs had from the FBI and that only a few people know about it and that is why other members of the FBI are investigating him. Other than that, I agree, I can’t see him staying on the show full time. Not even if he does become a main villain. Part of what makes the show so great is his interactions with the rest of the folks at the house and they would lose all that.

  11. Lysh says:

    Thanks for always giving Once so much love! I enjoy reading them.

  12. H5O needs Kono badly and the series is still 50/50 on the future of Grace Park and her character. Moving to Fridays this Fall should help or hurt its chances now that it’s going up against Grimm in the 9 p.m. time slot.

  13. Daniel says:

    So now it’s 13 episodes for Hostages? Other sources say 15, then 13 again. This keeps confusing me.

  14. Patricia says:

    I really like Crossing Lines. It is like reading a good Spy book. What are the renewal chances??

  15. omnikey1 says:

    I knew this was not going to be an easy season for Nathan and Audrey. It never is for canon couples on TV .I will just be patient and believe they will reunite before the season is over lol.

  16. templetalk45 says:

    I do hope “Crossing Lines” will be renewed! It is such an exciting show; never a dull moment!

    • Maryann says:

      I love Crossing Lines as well, and am anxiously waiting for news about renewal. It really has a refreshing, continental vibe to it, and is different from the run of the mill detective shows we usually see on tv.

  17. A says:

    While I’m glad they’re not rushing into showing Phillip’s soul being restored, I don’t really get why its something that needs to be shown. The trio are not core characters and we know it happened what is there to see?

  18. Jorge.G says:

    Is There any Crossover in preparation for CBS ???
    And what about the animated version of Person Of Interest and the Elementary’s spin-off ???

  19. Cat says:

    I really do hope that King & Maxwell gets renewed. Love the show, and Edgar is awesome.

  20. arial2 says:

    King and Maxwell was the only TNT series playing opposite a new (and hugely successful) major network drama (Under the Dome). Given that, K&M’s ratings were not bad. Hope TNT is wise enough to take that into account before cancelling a really good (and funny) drama.

  21. Cass says:

    Nice to know that Kitsis isn’t even pretending any longer that Belle is a core character or that we’ll see much of her.

    • Lloyd says:

      You Belle fans can be so overdramatic… Adam Horowitz has reassured fans countless times on Twitter that she will be seen in the Storybrooke story. It’s obvious they don’t want to spoil that story. So how about Belle fans, just like everyone else, just wait until the show comes back?

      It’s not like fans of other characters know much more about what’s going to happen to their favorites. All Snow fans know is that she will have to restore hope to others – whatever that means – and Charming fans know literally nothing about what his story is this season. And Emma and Regina are limited to love interests.

  22. sarah says:

    I never ever worried like people out there that Grace was gone from H50!

    We all know that Charlie will be the one Jangles takes hostage on Graceland! Mike will save the day and I think Briggs will either turn himself in for the murder of Juan or something else major will happen to Briggs.

  23. suzi says:

    I’m pleased to see there will be more of Stuart on TBBT, I love the character.. I enjoy Sheldon and Amy as friends, but I hope they don’t eventually end up changing Sheldon just to please fans who think he has to be “fixed” by developing an interest in sex.

  24. David Santos says:

    I’m glad that Jon Tenney found a show in King & Maxwell. I liked him since he started in The Closer.

  25. Marie says:

    Thank god some news on King and Maxwell!! I’ve been trying to get someone to answer this question for awhile and finally an answer. I am really praying it comes back. i love this show!! It is my new favorite show now!!=-)

    • bobbi says:

      I miss king and Maxwell. praying that the show gets renewed. Burn notice had 7 seasons and I couldn’t watch the last three episodes. Sad that it is off the air.

  26. Hooray for Graceland scoop! That show turned out to be a great summer surprise :)

  27. A says:

    EYAL EYAL EYAL EYAL EYAL!!!!!!!! Yes! Thank you for the wonderful news!

  28. dannymills says:

    Doesnt it bother anyone but me that burn notice has been taken off the air. To me its the greatest show that I have seen in a long time. Dont know why they are taking it off the air after just a few seasons . It was a really great show, & it was getting better as it went along. Its always been a great show from season 1. Its hard to believe that they are going off the air so soon. It was by.far the best show on t.v. graceland cant even come close to mathing it, so how is it going to beat it.

    • John says:

      Perhaps the underlying premise just didn’t fit all that many seasons? The “Burned Notice” part, what had sold the show, had run it’s course, IMHO, a year or more back….

    • Meg says:

      Burn Notice is in its 7th season, which is hardly “a few.” From everything I’ve seen, it seems to be a mutual decision between the network and the producers.

    • JC says:

      Seven seasons is a good run for any show I think. I can’t think of a long running show I’ve watched that didn’t start showing its age story wise around the seven-season mark.

  29. Bouncy Castle, UK says:

    I wouldn’t be in any hurry to go anywhere either, if I had Colin Ferguson by my side!!

  30. Mikael says:

    I just hope Once doesn’t pull another “combo character” and have Ursula be Regina. They wasted Maleficent, arguably Disney’s best villain, and I’d hate to see them waste another by combining Ursula with the Wicked Queen. With Cora/Queen of Hearts gone, they could use another villain, especially if Regina continues her journey to redemption.

    • JC says:

      Actually…..(I’m sorry!)…I’d never thought of that before, but now that you mention it, that sounds kind of interesting. Having Regina be Ursala puts an interesting twist on things, and helps explain her comment about a “certain mermaid”. I completely agree that they wasted Maleficent though.

    • JC says:

      Although….on second thought, having Regina be Ursala means there’s no Sea Witch. So maybe I agree with you after all.

  31. JC says:

    – I’m starting to get excited for OUAT to return. While I was definitely nowhere near being ready to give up on the show, the second season really did feel unfocused, especially the second half. I’m glad that it sounds like they’re trying to narrow the focus to a few “core” characters – I think that will help. And I’m getting excited for the Ariel story.
    – Also looking forward to NCIS LA. And I hope we learn soon what’s going on with Grace Park on Hawaii Five-0. (I know it’s rumored that she’s pregnant, but I can’t find any confirmation of that, and that includes this alleged photo that people keep talking about.) I would not be opposed to a storyline of Kono and Adam having a baby though.
    – I will be quite happily surprised if King & Maxwell gets renewed. It was a fun summer show, and with Eureka gone and Warehouse 13 ending, my light fun summer shows are starting to be in short supply.

  32. Mirza says:


  33. kelly says:

    I don’t remember seeing anything on TBBT about Stuart moving out of Raj’s apartment. He’d become roommates with Raj and hung out with the guys when Howard was on the space station. Remember that hysterical old-school game of D&D? Those bells?