Rookie Blue's Peter Mooney Talks 'Complications' for Newbie Couple Nick and Andy

Rookie Blue Season 4 SpoilersWill Rookie Blue‘s newest romance hit an ex-shaped road bump?

After a season of friendship — and a whole lot of hinting at something more! — Andy and Nick are finally a couple.

But Peter Mooney, who plays the latest of McNally’s paramours on the ABC series (airing Thursday at 10/9c), warns TVLine that their relationship won’t be without some challenges — as well as surprises that could bode well for Andy and Sam ‘shippers.

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TVLINE | Nick got the girl, finally!
Yeah! It’s not without its complications. There’s a lot more that’s going to come out in the next couple of episodes.

TVLINE | What did you think when you found out they were moving Nick toward a romantic relationship with Andy?
I sort of knew it was something they had potentially on the table for quite a long time. As it started to come out more during the filming of [this] season, it was surprising. We experienced it a bit like the audience. We have a little bit of a heads-up, but a lot of the turns we’re just finding out for the first time when we read the script. It was pretty exciting. I love working with Missy [Peregrym]. It was a lot of fun to shoot.

TVLINE | When do you think Nick started falling for Andy?
Little bits happened during undercover, but in that harmless crush way. But that’s where the seeds were sown. Coming back, Nick really did try to make things work with Gail. It’s just those six months really, really compromised the structure of that relationship. And that relationship had a lot of problems inherent to it, as well. Nick didn’t allow himself to really start falling for Andy until after that confession from Gail. Then it was free game to allow himself to feel however he felt.

TVLINE | As I’m sure you know, there’s a lot of really passionate Andy/Sam fans. What would you say to them?
Stick with it. There’s a lot more story to come. There’s some surprises that they might hate, and there’s some surprises that they might love. There’s a lot more twists and turns before we ever plan on wrapping this thing up.

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TVLINE | Does Nick suspect that Andy maybe is not completely over Sam?
It’s not an issue because it’s not really the nature of their relationship. It’s a young relationship, and it’s not possessive or dramatic. They’re just figuring it out. So it’s definitely not an issue, where we’re at in the story now.

TVLINE | We’re long overdue for a Nick-and-Sam scene, though, that confronts what’s going on.
Yeah, I think we avoid each other around the station. [Laughs] … They’re guys’ guys, too. They’re not going to sit down and talk about their feelings with each other. It’s a lot easier to avoid bumping into each other in the staff lounge.

TVLINE | Is Gail still an issue for Andy and Nick, going forward?
For sure. That’s going to be hanging about in the air around 15 [Division]. But it looks like Gail has her own thing going on, so that might be preoccupying her, in a sense.

TVLINE | Is there resolution, one way or the other, with Andy’s love life by the finale?
Are there ever resolutions in life? Things come and go and overlap. It’s messy. That’s what I like about the show. It allows for that reality, that things are messy and tough, and there’s hard decisions for us to make and things to figure out. Andy’s in the midst of that.

TVLINE | So make the case for Nick: What can he offer Andy that Sam can’t? Or do you support Andy and Sam?
There’s a definite argument for both, like it is in real life. There’s strengths that one has that the other doesn’t, and vice-versa. What Nick and Andy have is a lot of ease and stability. They make a lot of sense. They get along well, and things are easy. They’re open with each other, and they have a real honesty. There’s a lot of hurt in the Sam/Andy relationship, but there’s also a lot of history and passion. They’re just two different paths. Both have a lot to offer and a lot to sacrifice.

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  1. M3rc Nate says:

    Lol how many cops in the same precinct has Andy banged now? Lol three? Jeez. Its not truly fair but she would have a bad rep (slut, sleeping around, etc) on the force. That comes from first hand knowledge, my mother worked for 10+ years with police officers and has told a many a stories/info. The biggest hit to her rep would be the sleeping with her training officer.

    But anyways, i actually like Andy and Nick together the most, though im guessing her and that brooding, dark, “bad boy” (Sam) is her “real love” that she ends up with for good eventually…which is sad because i see very little chemistry there…ya they write them together and write them having sex and waking up in bed together, but i dont see the writers actually writing them having fun together, having great conversations…which is exactly what Nick and Andy have done many times since their undercover op. Tons of inside jokes and super close friendship and make each other laugh and all that.

    • It’s unfair that Andy would get a rep as a slut. In all fairness, she was engaged to Luke. He cheated. She moved on to Sam only for him to dump her over the loss/blame of Jerry’s death. Okay, the most recent one being Nick doesn’t exactly bode well and will cause a bit of a stir, but Gail cheated on Nick due to her own insecurities and then Nick dumped her and moved on. Nick and Andy are both victims to a cheating partner and have had to deal with being somebody else’s punching bag. I quite like the pairing of Nick/Andy and if it weren’t for Rookie Blue being only 13 episodes, it’d be great to see them explored and generate a fan base.

      • M3rc Nate says:

        I said it was unfair, but i meant more so unfair in a sexist way, because in reality women (in general but especially in male dominated places like on a Police Force and in the Military, etc) who sleep around (Falling in love and getting engaged to your training officer could still be used as ammo to trash her, then getting with Sam the dark, brooding former Undercover Cop, now Nick after being undercover with him. Your points about the men, like Luke cheating, unfortunately also unfair, wouldn’t be held against them really at all. The other men would either not care (not judge) or be proud of him.

        From what i’ve been told its not like Police Precincts are holy chaste places, there is a TON of office romance/sex that goes on (though from the Men side its typically more with “Badge Bunnies” aka Cop groupies, its a pain in the ass to bang a Female Cop cause of the consequences when it ends badly)…but still im not a fan of watching a bunch of “good looking” 20-35 year olds on this show all bang each other and cheat on each other (etc) while at the same time letting it effect their work so much. There is a such thing as professionalism, which is why i LOVE and hold Flashpoint so highly. Yes there was a “wrong” relationship on that show but it was for Love and it eventually worked out amazingly well..and their reason(s) for breaking up when they did werent something melodramatic like cheating or w/e, but professional (we cant risk the team and keep being together, we have to end it).

        • G17est says:

          Clearly you haven’t watched from the beginning, which I should have guessed from your first post when you we’re saying how much McCollins belongs together.
          And I understand how people who only saw season 3and4 would think N/A are the better pair. McSwarek was kinda disastrous in S3, but I think there was a lot more going on underneath it all. As we learned this season, neither of them were quite ready for such an intense relationship.

          You should know though, that Luke was not Andy’s training officer, he was just a detective at the division. Sam was her training officer and although there was always an attraction between them, they did start as friends. They built a strong partnership over 2 years while denying their feelings for each other (with one minor indiscretion after Andy shot and killed somebody for the first time) because they knew how messy it would be (as all passionate loves are).

          Her relationship with Luke stemmed from issues with her father and instability growin up. She chose “the good guy” or so she thought and ignored her true feelings.

          I wouldn’t call Sam a “dark brooding bad boy” Sam was always there for Andy, getting her out of some pretty big messes, i.e. when her father was a murder suspect. In addition to all the times he saved her life, he also helped Andy get over her anger towards Luke when he cheated on her and then patiently waited for her to be ready. But as TV shows go, obviously as soon as Andy decided to go there with him, he conveniently left for UC, which is when the whole Brennan disaster ensued.
          there were many times he was sweet to her and tried to cheer her up with his corny jokes, i think lately thats been forgotten given the current circumstances. he’s had his head up his butt all season faking it with Marlo, but I don’t think it’s fair to forget how great he really is.

          Now I love nick and Andy as friends, it was refreshing and fun and I just really enjoyed it. I however don’t see any sort of romantic chemistry so I don’t see the point in wrecking their great friendship. Not to mention Andy’s friendship with Gail.
          Nicks obviously falling hard for Andy and I think he’s gunna end up heartbroken when their thing ends. By the sounds of this article I have a feeling Andy’s gunna prolong this thing with Nick going into season 5 because of again, that stability she’s after. Also, she’s not just gunna drop everything once Sam decides he wants her again (which is understandable) but I just wish this wasn’t the case because I don’t see how they’re going to mend things afterward.

          Ad I agree about Andy getting a bad reputation. Although 3 guys in 4 or so years isn’t that horrible the fact that they’re all from work would kinda rub ppl the wrong way. Which kinda sucks bc I don’t really know where she’d meet other people. Seems like all these people do is work and go to the penny, which is a COP bar, sooo she’s kinda outta luck.

          And to anyone who hasn’t watched from the beginning I highly suggest it, because you’re missing some really great stuff and some great insight on why these characters make these whacked decisions.

          • harlighquinn says:

            LOL. i have seen all 4 seasons from start to current episode.

            There is no comparing how awesome McCollins is to McSwarek.

            Everything about McSwarek is steeped in drama, angst and bad decision making.

            Whereas Nick and Andy are actually friends, trust one another, can make one another laugh, are super sexy together, and just *get* each other.

            Its effortless to love McCollins because they love one another so easily.

            We’ve had 3 seasons of McSwarek trying and epically failing and Sam Still can’t admit he misses her (to her face). I think that’s pathetic.

            She’s so much better of with Nick.

            Plus Peter Mooney is HOT.

          • M3rc Nate says:

            Ditto 100% what Harlighquinn said. Oh and btw I have seen every single episode since its pilot as well. Harli couldnt be more right and no one can legitimately argue against his/her point. When have we seen Sam and Andy have FUN? (besides in the bedroom). Its all drama and angst and him making bad decisions and her not being that great of a GF either and him brooding. I so completely agree with Harli’s comment i want to copy and paste it so you read it a second time…but i wont.

          • G17est says:

            Also M3rc,
            When I said it’s clear you haven’t watched since the beginning I wasn’t referring to the fact that you like McCollins just your utter reluctance to see it any other way, the fact that you said Luke was her training officer and that you think of Sam as a dark brooding ex undercover guy.
            And those very weak arguments with no evidence to back them are absolutely arguable.
            But I think I’m done with this because your last sentence has me wondering if I’m arguing with a kid, so I’m gunna stop.

          • harlighquinn says:

            I own all three seasons. I’m up to date on the episodes and I am FULLY aware of the history between Andy/Sam.

            I still think McCollins is vastly superior to McSwarek.

            McSwarek is all about drama, Sam is always ready to bail when ever something

          • Kmar says:

            I’ve watched the show since season 1, episode 1. I’ve never thought Sam was good or healthy for Andy, and to be honest, she’s not very good for him either. They can keep trying to write them back into some romance, but it’s always destined to be a mess. I think if the writers keep doing what they’re doing, which is being true to reality in the show, the fact is that the person you might feel the strongest for just might not be the healthiest or right person for you and you need to find a person who can give you everything. For Andy, that’s more likely Nick. I was pro-Luke up until he cheated on Andy (and the way Sam openly flirted with and pursued Andy, got into jealous fisticuffs with Luke, etc. while knowing Andy and Luke were in a relationship, always made me very prone to question everything Sam does, because that was shady… and not letting Andy off the hook either; she instigated it too, I know..). I always cringed at the chaotic, awkward, unstable and overly-possessive relationship between Sam and Andy. Like Gail said, “You only get one big break up,” and then the romance is dead in the water. Sam and Andy have exhausted their quota. Time for Nick and Andy to have the healthy, happy, stable relationship on the show.

            Also, for those who ARE Sam fans, I’d like to think the writers at least wrote into him a sense of putting those he cares about before himself. So if he sees Andy is happy with Nick, I think he’d probably back off and let her be happy. Besides, I think he has serious feelings for Marlo. He clearly cares about her and worries about her. He seems to want to protect her and wants her to let him in and be there for her. Sam seems to need someone who needs him to be over-the-top and protective and the writers really paved the scene for Marlo to need Sam’s support this season, whereas Andy is in a much more settled and empowered place with Nick. Plus, I like that with Nick she’s going back to the moral standings and ambition she had in Season 1, before all the Sam drama, than how she’s been since she and Sam made their first inappropriate flirty eyes at each other outside the bar.

        • Bianca says:

          I couldn’t agree more!
          It’s funny Mooney says these messy relationships allow “for that reality, that things are messy and tough…”
          I like this show, it’s entertaining but not realistic at all. It’s so unrealistic how people *always* meet potential lovers in the workplace. The fact is it’s easier to shoot that way.
          It’s unfortunate but we do live in an unfair sexist world. Gladly this show is better than the real world in this aspect. I wish it would educate a few people not to badmouth people on their sex lives, specially women. Again tho, Chris was allowed to sleep around with girls he met online (practical to shoot again!) when he was single.. Whereas Gail had a few brief dates her mom arranged – ’cause of course (irony intended) girls are less interested in sex outside relationships.. unless they’re insecure and wanna have a reason to break up.
          The difference between this show and Flashpoint is the focus. Rookie Blue is clearly about dramatic romances, relationships and friendships that are so common in television. Storylines that will divide fans into rooting for one couple or another. I’m glad, at least for me and in my circles, life is much more simple in those areas – even with all the mess and tough decisions. Flashpoint didn’t focus on that TV bs, as a result its relationships were much more deep and easy to relate. But anyway, everyone deserves some entertainment!

  2. Gina says:

    Nick just needs to go away… blah. Nick/Andy are so boring…

  3. Apparently we’re due to end this season on a cliffhanger. With that, I’ll can see is the season finale to Grey’s Anatomy back in season two where Meredith and Derek sleep together (which will be Andy and Sam), while she’s dating Fin/McVet (which will be Nick). It’ll probably end with them all standing there with Sam and Nick saying, “Andy?”, “Andy?”

  4. lilyg says:

    I’m a Andy/Sam shipper but I actually find that I like Andy/Nick too. I didn’t like him last season because he was way to cocky but since this season premiere, I really like him. And also, I never liked Gail to begin with. Though her developing relationship with the medical examiner is interesting.

    • With Chris/Denise over, I’d like to see Gail and Chris again. As much as the relationship between Gail/Holly explored, I thought they’d moved past the tension after Holly kissed Gail at the wedding and said, “there! Thought we’d just get that out of the way already”.

  5. Grant says:

    Really enjoying Nick and Andy. Glad the show went this way, they got spark and it’s refreshing.

  6. Beth says:

    I Love Nick & Andy!!!

    used to be a Sam-Andy Shipper.. but i got tired of them..

    Andy deserves someone like Nick..

    • ampslove says:

      Someone like Nick, Sam is way better for her. He loves her and yes he has a hard time expressing it but it doesn’t mean he don’t feel that way. McSwarek chemistry is off the charts and they Ste the endgame. When she finds out about how Sam really feels nick will get hurt. Just read peter’s words again Sam and Andy will get back together

  7. K. says:

    Well I do like Nick but for someone else, I’m a Sam and Andy person! Please put them back together, plus I really didn’t like Andy sleeping with one of her friends ex’s after what a week or two break-up….

  8. Amy says:

    I just want a Sam and Andy reunion. I don’t find anything great about nick or nick and Andy. That’s ff material for me.

  9. Sparky says:

    From the featurette for S4 it looks as though Sam gets shot towards the end of the season. Is that the cliffhanger that they end the season on? I have to say as playful and cute as Andy and Nick are together I loved That Sam admitted he missed her and thought about the two of them with kids last week. I’m back on the McSwarek wagon!!!

  10. Harligh Quinn says:

    I LOVE Nick and Andy together!

    They bring such a wonderful, warm, sexy, funny, sweet, charismatic dynamic to the show that we haven’t seen that’s also very realistic. I truly think the are OTP worthy. Especially with how messy all the other ‘ships on this show are.

    I would LOVE Nick and Andy to be the couple that wins out in the end.

    • ampslove says:

      What great scenes has nick and Andy had? Okay the break up buddy scene, the pool scene, and Friday the 13th scene. That is nothing compare to amazing scenes her and Sam shared. Truly McSwarek is the Superior Couple here and Tassie and Noelle have said they are the Endgame

      • ren says:

        that’s because they’ve only been together for a few episodes and because nick is a new character. sam has been there since the first episode so of course he has a lot better and more scenes than nick/andy. give it time. mccolins shipper all the way!!

      • Carrie says:

        I’ve never disliked a scene between Andy and Nick & there are many I dislike with Sam and Andy, how about that. Sam is a jerk, a gorgeous jerk but still a jerk. He told Andy he’d love her enough for the both of them and when push came to shove, he didn’t. He moved on, he deserves to live with that. In a the real world he would, in tv-land he might not but I’ve got my finger crossed for McCollins.

  11. G17est says:

    It seems you’ve made up your mind on that, I wish you could elaborate though and give some examples on how exactly that is so I could understand your perspective.
    I don’t see any evidence of the *getting* each other any more so than the other friends on the show.
    And I’m gunna have to disagree with you on McSwarek being steeped in only drama, angst and bad decision making. There’s such a strong connection there. I’d say it was more steeped in passion and love and also pain, but when you love someone that much the stakes are always higher, there’s always an ambivalence of; was this the right thing, am I going to get hurt ect.
    Not to mention how a persons decision making skills go out the door when they’re in love. You don’t and can’t think rationally when you’re in love, so that point is moot.

    And I’m sorry, but I think McCollins in love is a bit of a stretch…….

    And in regards to Sam being pathetic by not being able to admit he misses Andy, I think that’s a little harsh and closed minded.
    Sam grew up in an environment which he had absolutely no control over what went on. His father was abusive towards him and its very possible he grew up feeling unworthy. He even said in his webisode that he’s so closed off about sharing things because he’s in need of some sort of control (hence his other control issues; driving..)
    When you’re young and don’t get that sort of nurturing your parents should give you it’s often hard to be in a relationship later on. Then you add in the fact that he cares more about Andy than any other person and he’s gunna be protective of his heart.
    I think he constantly felt like Andy’s second choice; to Luke, to her job in s2 and again in s3, so when he poured his heart out and she took off he was crushed. Although I get why she did what she did it, can see why he was so reluctant to try again when she came back and chose instead to stay with Marlo where he had no chance of getting hurt.

    McCollins seems like just friends with benefits to me. There’s no passion whatsoever imo and its kinda boring to watch. It’s too easy, it’s boring tv.

    But I do agree that Peter Mooney is gorgeous.. That smile *drool*

    • harlighquinn says:

      check out my Tumblr. it will provide you the MOST IN DEPTH ANALYSIS as to why McCollins is the superior ship


    • harlighquinn says:

      Also, Nick COllins lost both his parents.

      He doesn’t use that as an excuse not to tell people that he cares about them or be there when they need him. Lets stop blaming Sam’s environment

      Sam is damn near 40 and Andy is the FIRST person he can even say I love you (and at a very inopportune moment too). He can’t even admit he misses her. And oh, BTW he’s already IN a relationship with someone else…

      He is nothing but an overgrown man-child. Hides behind his own short comings and blames other people.

      Andy and Marlo both deserve better.

      • G17est says:

        Being abused and loosing your parents are two completely different things. they both mess you up of course, but they are still much different.
        Being abused especially at a young age changes how you perceive the world. It’s very difficult for a person who was severely abused- as I believe Sam was- to have a successful relationship. They have trouble understanding emotions and lash out. They often blame themselves for things/ failures, which we know Sam does as per his webisode. He in no way uses his past as an excuse for why he can’t express himself. He didn’t even tell anyone about it until Marlo, and he did that to try and grow, do the right thing, open up.
        Maybe lets not stop blaming anyone’s past for how they act. Your early years are the foundation of who you are as a person. Doesn’t mean you can’t change, but the things that happened to you as you were growing and learning how life is certainly impact who you are as an adult.
        Which is exactly why I think nick also has some issues with commitment. Everyone claims he’s this great solid guy, but he did leave Gail at the altar in Vegas bc he got scared. I’m sure that ties in to his own issues that he has bc of his past.
        That’s what’s great about this show, they’ve created such complex characters with real back stories which influence their every decision. It makes it that much more interesting to watch and that much more relatable.
        I believe Andy- although needs to do her own growing- is the right person for Sam. She’s helped him learn what love is. She’s made him feel worthy and normal and good.
        Now in regards to who’s right for Andy, I do believe that it is Sam and that Nick is just bump in the road. Which is extremely unfortunate bc I really wish I could have got the best to both worlds, S/A relationship and N/A friendship, but now I don’t see that as a possibility.
        I don’t believe Sam was right for Andy in season 3 though, I think he needed to grow and realize that he wanted a real honest adult relationship and that he needs to open up and do certain things that make him uncomfortable, but ultimately are worth it. And I think he still has more growing to do, but he is the person who is right for Andy. He challenges her, he pushes her buttons makes her go after what she wants. He made her confident a police officer bc he believed in her so much. Once he’s more emotionally stable, which I think he’s on the road to becoming, he’s exactly the right person for her.

        Nick and Andy I still just don’t understand it. They don’t make each other better. They don’t challenge each other. They’re just kinda friends having sex.

        I checked out your tumblr and I didn’t find anything in depth on there, only a lot of Sam and Gail hate and incredibly biased opinions. As I kept looking though, I noticed a post where you said you liked Gail and I got confused as to when that changed. Prob when ppl starting saying McCollins was wrong bc of Gail. Suddenly she was the meanest character on the show who deserved what she got. And N/A were some sort of karma…. Convenient.
        Then I kept going and I noticed you said Sam/Andy were in the wrong too in comparison to nicks emotional cheating on Gail which I completely agree with.
        So I kept reading and I got to a post where you said Oliver was your least favourite character on the show and I just couldn’t go on…… I couldn’t… Just no.
        I won’t get into that though bc this is about A/N/S … But xbhxjb :(

        Anyways in short. Sam and Andy are so much more interesting to watch then nick and Andy. And I think that they should have avoided that whole mess because even though they are together now it still seems like they’re only friends… There’s no romance there. Like what Peter described is a friendship…
        And when it’s done we won’t even have the friendship part and that sucks because they have such a cool dynamic.

  12. Rebecca says:

    I like Nick. I just don’t like Nick and Andy. I like my couples to be passionate and sexy. These two act like they will give each other a wedgie before they make out. I’ll pass. I’ll wait for Sam and Andy. Angst and all, they are the real deal.

  13. Diane says:

    Never liked Nick. Sorry to the actor, but I miss the old Rookie Blue dynamic of the original cast.

  14. jenn says:

    Although they are playing out the Nick and Andy relationship this season, I still have my fingers crossed for Sam and Andy.. This show has built a story line that I know many people love, but I can’t get enough of Sam and Andy’s romance! I think Nick is a great character but I’m not liking the whole storyline between him and Andy.

    • Carol says:

      I totally agree, I so want Andy and Sam to get back together. Nick is cute, but there has been chemistry between Andy and Sam since the first episode.

  15. Kali says:

    What troubles me the most with this season’s developments is that we obviously have a Sam who simply cannot love anyone but Andy while Andy yet again (!) is capable of falling for someone else. I have loved Sam and Andy ever since they first smiled at each other in “Mercury Retrograde” and have admired the depth with which their story has been told. Those two are the mmost epic couple I have experienced on a TV show ever.
    However I am very worried that with last season’s and this season’s storylines we’re being given the message that strong women can be loved unconditionally by “their person” while tgey themselves have neither to forgive nor to love them back in the same way.
    I would love for Tassie Cameron who created this beautiful and epic OTP (one true pair) to clarify what Andy’s part was in her and Sam’s problems during S3. It seems that Sam is shouldering all the repsonsibiliy for the failure of their relationship and Andy is getting off too easily. While Sam is doing an amazing amount of growing this season in trying to become the person Andy needed him to be, I don’t see Andy making any such effort. Does Sam not deserve to be with the person he needs her to be? Be obviously made a big mistake in walkibg away from Andy in S3 but when he beared his soul to her and rendered himself completely vulnerable to her in 313, that should have counted for something. I will never understand how she could have left without even a word of explanation to him. How is that a “strong choice” for Andy to not acknowledge Sam’s great gesture if that is what she supposedly wanted for three seasons? How could she have left determined (!) to move on from the love of her life without even considering to give him another chance? Especially after she gave her mother one after she abandoned her when she was a teenager? And the man whom we saw for over 2 seasons always put Andy’s happiness ahead of his own didn’t deserve even a look back?

    I really wish Tassie would answer some of these questions.
    Andy’s ability to be happy with someone else – first Luke and now Nick – whilr Sam cannot be happy with anyone else in spite of trying really hard to accomplish just that this season, is very hard to watch for a dedicated McSwarek fan. If Andy doesn’t choose Sam yet again in this season’s finale and puts work/career/another man ahead of Sam while all he has ever wanted is her , it will not just be a repetition of already seen patterns but it will make it very hard to keep on believing in the epicness of Sam and Andy that the writers convinced so many of us of during the first seasons with their amazing storytelling.

  16. Amy Leigh says:

    I never thought I would ever care about a couple on this show as much as I do Nick/Andy. I agree 1000% with Peter on how he sees the Nick/Andy relationship. I like that they make each other smile and laugh but can also be serious and open up to each other as well. Plus Peter/Missy have this amazing chemistry. I, for one, hope the writers give McCollins a fighting chance.

    • ampslove says:

      You just discribed a great friendship which I think will suit them better. I like Nick’s character but I do believe once Andy finds out how Sam really feels he will get hurt because Tassie and Noelle already voiced that McSwarek is the endgame

  17. Bella says:

    I liked Gail & Nick :(

  18. robinepowell says:

    Sorry, but I’m still rooting for Andy and Sam. Should have left Nick and Gail as a couple, they were good together.

  19. Katie B. says:

    Personally I love Nick and Andy. I haven’t ever been as invested in Rookie Blue as when they started hinting at a romance between the two of them at the bottom eginning of the season. I actually watched the last episode live (which is something I almost never do).

    There’s a lot of relationships with the push/pull, hot/cold, passion driven romances but I don’t think I’ve ever really seen a relationship quite like Andy and Nick’s. The friends fall for each has been done before, yes, but not quite with two people who have so much fun, are so honest with each other, respect each other, and can truly be themselves with each other.

    Not to mention that they the writers don’t bring angst into the relationship (or at least not yet). They didn’t drag out Nick having feelings and trying to hide them, Andy felt bad about Gail but didn’t let it stop her from being with Nick, etc. There will probably be drama down the road, but so far it’s refreshing to see a relationship not driven by it.

    I really hope the writers give them a chance and didn’t just write their relationship to move Sam/Andy forward. They’ve actually gained a large majority of the fan base (and growing each episode), so I hope the writers are aware of this and considering it when they’re thinking about how to write future episodes.

    • Natalie says:

      I’m 100% with you Katie! I’ve always looked forward to Rookie Blue summers. But this is by far the best season because of McCollins! I’ve also started to watch LIVE & save on my TiVo all key Nick & Andy eps! I really want the writers to give them a chance as a couple beyond this season. I don’t want them to toy with us because I’m fully invested in this pairing. I did ‘ship Andy with Swarek but this season has really changed that for me. I see the chemistry between Missy & Peter and LOVE them together. Really hope the writers pay attention to the McCollins team!!!!

  20. Tina B. says:

    I fell for McSwarek hard during the blackout episode in season 1. That episode, correction that part of the episode was sooooo hot! She was upset, Sam was helping her get through it and she went running to his house in a blackout, not to Luke. I was so upset when Andy started thinking and just left. I was like dear god that was hot and Sam’s shirt was off and the way he was kissing her was like all consuming, all over her body kiss, man it was hot! The kiss between Nick and Andy was like a teenage love you try at a dance or something. Nick and Andy feel more like friends to me, I don’t see love at all and absolutely no chemistry and I am trying to see it but I can’t. The actor that plays Nick saying there is a lot of hurt in the Sam/Andy relationship, there actually isn’t. No one cheated on anyone, just Sam was in a very bad place when Jerry died, he lost his best friend, Andy should’ve stuck it out longer with him and tried to be there for him. She should’ve realized that he was in so much pain but he would come to her when he was ready and he did and she left. Sam and Andy have all the chemistry and a deeply rooted passionate love for each other, they have so much fun together and they both know each other inside and out so well. I melted when Sam FINALLY talked about his feelings about Andy (Thank you!!!!!) The way he talked about her and the look in his eyes, and the fact he did it with Oliver (love their friendship) and the look in Oliver’s eyes as Sam talks about the love of his life and his dreams for the future with her, I was gone, loved it! Nick and Andy are just friends, maybe even more like brother/sister, not lovers, it’s awkward.

  21. ampslove says:

    I see everyone saying that Nick is not across of expressing his feelings for Andy and how cute they are together I think that is bill. Nick didn’t care that he Andy to choose between her friendship with Gail or him, and please don’t even bother saying Gail was never a friend, but she was it is just the way she is but it never stopped them from being friends. Nick & Andy were wrong. McCollins can never compare to McSwarek passion and love they have for one another. Sam was Andy’s breakup buddy with Luke, and being there for her their love started out of friendship. Also Sam never left Andy she was the one always leaving they are off course and I truly they will get back on. I do believe Andy is only being with nick because she thinks Sam doesn’t care but once she learns the truth it will change everything. I like Nick character I do but not as a romantic one with Andy because he will only get hurt in the end and another friendship destroyed

  22. Gerald says:

    NOT an Andy and Sam Shipper.
    Go Nick. They have an honest relationship. She should totally choose him…. or Luke

  23. Sarah says:

    I think that Nick and Andy are covered in chemistry. So much is said in their silences and they connection. I used to be a McSwarek shipper, but Nick and Andy are SO good together, I don’t want it to end. Sam doesn’t deserve Andy. Nick and Andy have just made this season so much more than I was expecting. Go, Nick/Andy!

  24. sarah says:

    I love Peter, and loved this article!.
    I am a Sam and Andy shipper but as end game.
    Andy deserves a relationship that is fun and Nick really likes her and is super sweet so I say go for it for awhile and then in the end we all know Andy and Sam will get married!

    • Tina B. says:

      As a McSwarek shipper, what chemistry are you seeing between Nick and Andy then cause I’m not seeing it?

      • Carrie says:

        You choose not to see it because Nick isn’t Sam. If you re-watch the episodes with an open mind you will. Especially if you re-watch all the seasons continuously. Right from the first time they are paired to work together, the on screen chemistry is noticeable. Besides, I think Sam lost his last chance when he told Andy he’d do anything to be with her and he’d love her enough for the both of them. All he had to do was wait and it’s not like he didn’t know she was an assignment. He choose to move on, and now he’s got to live with it. I hope Andy is done with him just like she is with Luke. McCollins all the way! Btw, I’ve been watching since Season 1 first aired on tv. I shipped McSwarek but I’m over it, the timing is always off and the relationship unhealthy. Though, I hope Sam isn’t killed off, I still want him on the show – he is good eye candy.

  25. Kimberly says:

    Having just watched every episode again, I must say that I am 100% behind the McSwarek endgame scenario. While it’s great that Andy is in a stable relationship, I don’t think Nick really has it all together. He left Gail right before they were about to get married, and he bailed on her after trying to get her last season. He really was emotionally unavailable. I don’t think that suddenly changes because he’s now into Andy. After their honeymoon phase, I think Nick’s commitment phobia is going to make an appearance. Then where will she be? Pining over two men who have commitment issues?

    Sam is actively attempting to work on his issues. Yes, he’s seeing someone else though he’s admitted his love for Andy. Yeah, that’s probably not the best thing he could do. But he thinks Andy has moved on; should he spend more years of his life waiting for her?

    It frustrates me that the writers have decided to derail the McSwarek train because “real love is messy,” but I’m holding the hope that their relationships this year fulfill a need within them that they couldn’t fill with one another. I’m not one who thinks your true love has to complete you instantly. For McSwarek, they each have issues they need to work out before they can come together and work.

    Even though many of you McCollins shippers think that Andy and Nick have a stable relationship where they compliment one another and are completely fulfilled, I don’t think they are. That’s a personal opinion, as are all notions to the contrary. Whereas others see love and maturity, I don’t. I don’t see romantic chemistry with them, and personally, I still find Nick to be too impulsive to actually nurture a relationship for any real length of time.

  26. unanimous says:

    Please do not ruin another series with the inclusion of same sex relationships.

    • SC214 says:

      I like where Gail’s story-line is headed. She’s always acted so perfect and superior, even after cheating on Nick. Not that I mean same sex relationships are a flaw, but (and not even in a religious way) common sense says if the union doesn’t result in a baby, something isn’t working the way it should. You can’t have 2 air conditioners but no outlet to plug them in to, for example. You might take pleasure from the union but it’s not what nature intended, procreation is key to survival. But, Gail liking girls, makes her character more likable. There is nothing wrong with same sex relationships as long as enough people procreate to keep the human race alive. Heck from what we’ve seen she obviously likes boys too, so then she’s not just gay – but bi. Which isn’t a big deal either.

  27. Kmar says:

    The reality of life is that you don’t always end up with the person you think you will initially, and once a relationship ends as harshly as Andy and Sam’s did, you don’t see too many people in real life try again or come back from that. Most people opt to take what they can from the relationship and then move on. Sam did it. It’s only fair that Andy gets to do it too. Sam and Andy are not good for each other. Their relationship has been chaotic, messy, intense (not in a good way), full of lies and possessiveness (mostly on Sam’s part), infidelity (let’s not forget what nearly happened the night the power went out — poor Luke), and just generally bad timing all around. If it’s that difficult for two people to get together and then that much more difficult to stay together, then they shouldn’t be together. Relationships take work, but not that much work, and all it led to were fights, break ups, hurt feelings, lies and some good sex. ”

    With Nick, the relationship is still taking effort. They have their difference of opinions. They’re protective of each other and concerned for each other. But they also share a lot more stability, openness, and the foundations of their relationship began on all the values of a healthy, good, trusting, friendship — note that the foundations/values we prize in friendship are also the values we seek and prize in the foundations of a solid romantic relationship. Nick and Andy clearly have the better chance. I’m tired of the Sam drama cutting into her chances at happiness, first with Luke (granted Jo didn’t help with that one — but to be fair, I think Luke is a pretty observant guy and he could see that Sam and Andy had ‘something’ hinky going on while he was with Andy — plus, she did sort of nearly cheat on him with Sam, so she’s not entirely innocent. Oh, wow, see, Sam corrupted her even in season 1; that was the beginning of her ethical decline.) and now, possibly, with Nick. Hoping the writers go the route of the most realistic outcome here and have Sam be a decent guy and back off, and for Andy and nick to have a real chance at a full fledged relationship.

  28. Carrie says:

    I’ve been watching since Season 1 first aired and I have to say, this season has been my favorite over all. I love Sam. He’s a complex character and you know – very nice to look at. But, I don’t love him with Andy. I do like McSwarek’s on-screen tension but I’ve never felt real passion between the characters, there timing has always been off. I felt like their relationship is kind of like a car accident, you can’t help but look at the wreckage as you pass on the road. Before Andy left, Sam told her he’d do anything to prove his love for her and he’d love her enough for the both of them. He failed, all he had to do was wait – it’s not like he didn’t know she on a undercover assignment. I’m glad she chose her career over their relationship. At the end of season 2 when Sam took the UC-OP, he didn’t stop to consider where things would go with Andy. So really – why should she. Seeing Andy with Nick makes the show fun and lighter, in my opinion. I find myself looking forward to their relationship further developing, more then anything else. I also like the person Andy’s character is when she’s with Nick.

  29. susan says:

    I love Andy and Sam together. I do not like Andy and Nick. Sam has more passion for Andy and confessed it to Oliver. I hope with Sam getting shot that Andy runs back to him and realizes that he does love her. I wish the writer would stop her sleeping around with other officers though and give her a solid relationship with Sam.

  30. Jeff says:

    I’m a big fan of Andy and Sam getting back together and yes I agree he behaved like a jerk the way he left her. Has anyone thought of how the writers will bring them back together. Nick comes across as a boy scout and I think they need to tarnish him in Andy’s eyes.Here is a scenario that if the writers are reading the blogs feel free to use this.
    Andy and Nick were undercover for 6 months. In one of the episodes it was found out by Gail that Andy and Nick had a free weekend during the half way point in the undercover operation. Gail was mad that Nick didn’t come to see her and that’s part of the reason she cheated on Nick. This free weekend was standard operating procedure and Sam would have known this too. What if Sam wanted to meet with Andy during that weekend and work things out but didn’t know how to contact her. Sam then asks Luke Callahan to give a letter to Andy thinking she would want to meet with him. Luke doesn’t see Andy but gives the letter to Nick and tells him to give it to Andy. Nick secretly has feelings for Andy, otherwise why did he spend the free weekend with her instead of Gail. Therefore Nick hides the letter from Andy. Sam shows up at the rendezvous point and Andy doesn’t show up. Sam is devastated, thinking Andy wants nothing to do with him and goes into a deep depression. Then he meets Marlo who brings him out of it and now Sam feels that since she helped him he is obligated to sticking by her even though you can tell he misses Andy. After Andy and Nick finish their undercover assignment she returns to work to find Sam has moved on. She in turn comes to the same mistaken conclusion that Sam did, which is that he wants nothing more to do with her.
    In the preview for the season finale it shows Sam getting shot. I think that during this time Andy will find out that Sam tried to contact her during her undercover operation. She then confronts Luke to ask why he didn’t give her the letter. Luke then tells Andy that he gave it to Nick Collins with instructions to give it to her. Andy then confronts Nick!!!!!
    Again, I think Andy and Sam are way better together. Their relationship has passion and fire and the writers should bring them together. Let them face trials and tribulations as a “couple”. To me Andy and Nick are kind of like Mike and Carol Brady of The Brady Bunch, or Ward and June Cleaver for the older viewers.

  31. isabelle says:

    I have to say Nick is hot, but the relationship with Andy though healthy is not giving me any goose bumps. Sam and Andy however do. I don’t feel any passion with Andy and Nick nor did I with Luke, even though he was HOT, there was no goose bumps. There was not enough adversity to bring Nick and Andy together. I don’t find myself looking forward to seeing them or hope for a connection. Boring is all I can say…I do want Sam to get his girl back because he truly loves her dearly

  32. SamFan says:

    Sam&Andy Rock forever! Also I agree w/unanimous, please do not ruin a go

  33. SamFan says:

    Sam&Andy Rock forever! Also I agree w/unanimous, please do not ruin a good series by injecting Gail in a same-sex relationship. Can’t there be at lest one show one can view without forcing this storyline, please..

  34. I am afraid that if the train wreck of a relationship between Sam and Andy resumes, I will not be around to watch it. I enjoy watching the characters but not a train wreck!

  35. Jessica says:

    This show is just not as good with Sam and Andy not together.

  36. Lia says:

    I like LUKE!

  37. Catherine says:

    I would prefer andy and Luke get back together he has loved her for ages now and they have both grown since they both made there mistakes Sam is no good for andy he has had her lie and place a false report to cover Marlowe going of the rails now Oliver is missing and young Perez is in hospital because of SAMs bad choices all Luke has ever tried to do is help and protect her and he’ll do it again when it comes out about the report books so no to andy and nick but also no to andy and sam

  38. Sam says:

    I think that andy and nick should stay together. I have been a fan of Rookie blue since the very beginning and, although andy should not get a bad rep, she did sleep with her training officer. Totally not realistic in the way her coworkers react to this. I actually don’t like Andy and Sam together at all. Don’t hate on me.., but Sam is too serious for andy, she’s had a lot of struggles in her life, with her dad, mom, being cheered on. Sam is way too unstable! Nick makes her laugh, comforts her and is her best friend!!

    Plus nick is way better looking than Sam! <3
    I'll be a Andy/Nick fan forever!

  39. Jj says:

    I love this show because I love nick and Andy! They are perfect for each other! they make me happy to see the connection between those two! They better have a chance because that’s the main reason I am waiting for the next season!!!

  40. May says:

    I love Andy and Nick very much. They are matched and worth for each other. I want them to go together (no breaking up please…). I feeling very sad to saw Nick sad at the end of episode 13 of season 4. I will stop watching Rookie blue immediately and absolutely if Andy & Nick are breaking up. So, please don’t make the audience feel sad for the next season. Thanks a lot.

  41. Hungarian fans says:

    Nick and Andy already crossed the threshold of friendship. Their relationship can not be reversed friendship – I think. Andy is best mate Nick in love. Sam in the past, Nick is the future!

  42. aisyahazmi says:

    you know what.. I’m a malaysian.. And here this show is not done yet.. Huhuhu..(i’m sorry for the broken english).. But honestly, majority of person around me loves watching rb because of andy and nick.. And personally, a watch rb because i love watching nick and andy too.. But at first, as a close friends… But there sometime i think that it must be really great if andy and nick are together.. And when i watched rb s4, it feel like wow, my dream come true… I know why Sam’s fans get mad because of nick/andy, but dont u notice that andy and nick have the chemistry each other. When nick is sad, andy who go and comfort him.. Do not think that friends cannot be a couple.. It doesn’t matter how hot and sexy a person is.. Like ‘uww..look the way sam kissed andy..the shirt is off and so on..’ u know what, my friends here and i hope that andy and nick will end as a mariage couple.. Because when i watch the episode where frank and noelle married, andy was so sad because she can’t go to the wedding ceremony.. Adnd nick call dov and ask him to activate his loudspeaker.. And that time i wonder it would be very great if at that time nick ask andy to marry him.. Hoho.. But i realise that that was too early. Lastly i just wanna say that we here in malaysia want to watch andy/nick couple or become a married couple.. Honestly, we didn’t like sam and andy relationship.. It is not ‘sam’ who i don’t like. Do not misunderstand.. Ok.. Go nick/andy.. We will support you guys.. Rookie blue.. Go go go.. Sorry for my broken english..