Exclusive: Pretty Little Liars EP Promises Ezra Reveal Is 'Very Real,' Teases Jekyll/Hyde Twist

Pretty Little Liars Ezra AIf you’re hoping that the gut-punch of a reveal that took place in Tuesday’s Pretty Little Liars  summer finale was yet another of the series’ misleading twists, you’re out of luck.

Turns out, the addictive ABC Family drama plans to stick with (to some degree) the shocking notion thatSPOILER ALERT — Ezra is ‘A’!

“I assure you that there is something going on here with Ezra,” Liars executive producer Oliver Goldstick tells TVLine exclusively.

But that’s only just the tip of the iceberg. Here, Goldstick discusses surprising details about the Rosewood fave’s “double life,” how this twist will put Aria (among others) in danger and much, much more.

TVLINE | I’ve got to be honest with you, I feel like this is the same situation I was in a year ago with you right after the big “Toby is ‘A'” reveal…
You’re not. I promise you you’re not. I assure you that there is something going on here with Ezra. There is something very real going on here. I can’t give you too much information, but I can tell you it plays out quite beautifully in Season 4B. And Aria’s in danger — well, they all are, but Aria in particular.

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TVLINE | So, are you confirming that this is not a red herring?
Yes, there is something that is about to be exposed and revealed in 4B. I guess what I’m saying is that this is going to escalate and be more explosive and mind-blowing.

TVLINE | And this all begins in Season 4B or before that in the Halloween special?
Because of the nature of the Halloween episode, the mystery of [Ezra] doesn’t move forward that much; it’s a standalone episode… As far as the explosive revelation of last night, it builds on that without giving you explanations. It builds on Ezra’s culpability of being ‘A,’ but it doesn’t explain a lot of questions you’ll have as an audience. You have to wait for 4B for that.

TVLINE | Should we have come away from the finale with the idea that Ezra is ‘A’ or is on Team ‘A’?
I can’t give that away, I will just say you’re really in hot territory and very close.

TVLINE | For me, this all could make sense because ‘A’ began his or her torment once Ezra came to Rosewood. What doesn’t make sense though is how decent he’s been and how much he’s loved Aria.
I hear you and we can answer that in an emotionally satisfying way. Everybody here is very aware of that, too, because this is a relationship that’s deeply romantic. They’re soulmates, and we’ve invested so much into them. We’re going to be able to explain some things to you.

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TVLINE | ‘Ezria’ has been touted as “endgame” since Day 1, so what can you say about that now? It seems this will definitely impact that–
Oh, it impacts it — in a big way! [Laughs] Not right away, but you’ll stand by and say, “Gee golly, gee whiz, what is going on?! How can this person be living a double life?” What you’re really going to find out is this whole Jekyll-and-Hyde factor about Ezra — it’s going to blow your mind.

TVLINE | Talk about the evolution of the idea to go in this direction with Ezra.
We knew from the beginning of this season. When Ezra and Aria weren’t together, we sort of tracked and mapped them as a couple — he’s basically microchipped like a dog! He’s had it since we started the show. So, we know where he’s been, and it’s not always a good place. Sometimes he’s eaten out of a dumpster! [Laughs] We really have tracked this.

TVLINE | Are the fans who have gone back and tracked why Ezra is ‘A’ onto something?
That I can emphatically answer: Yes! That is not bull; those things have been planted. We were subtly putting things in and you can track them, and hopefully in 4B you’ll be able to help us solve this puzzle.

TVLINE | Since Aria won’t be in on Ezra’s secret immediately, what does this mean for them as a couple in 4B? Also, what does this mean for Jake?
Jake is returning, and it’ll be very complicated. We know he cares for her and she cares for him, and more than anything, he’s concerned for her welfare because when they met, she was under duress… So her duress escalates in 4B, and he wants desperately to protect her, but she won’t let him — because she’s got Ezra, right?! [Laughs]

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TVLINE | According to Mrs. Grunwald, Alison is alive. Was that meant to be a definitive reveal to the audience?
Not definitive, just a suggestion from someone who had dealings with her on that night…

TVLINE | Will the girls be on a mission to find Ali moving forward?

TVLINE | What can you say about the identity of a second Red Coat?
That is indeed still an issue. People have come to the conclusion that there has to be more than one person; there has to be an ‘A’ team, ultimately. But we’re not saying that’s necessarily true either, it’s just a very valid theory.

TVLINE | Talk a little about what happens, once Caleb is in Ravenswood, to keep him there permanently.
At the end of the Halloween episode, there’s a twist that provides a compelling reason for Caleb to at least stay there temporarily to explore what the hell something is. It pertains to him; it’s not about Alison or Hanna.

TVLINE | What else can you tease about the Halloween special?
It’s really fun and it’s juicy. you’ll get more episodes regarding Mrs. Grunwald and Alison — some great answers. You’ll get some escalation of whether you suspect Ezra of being The Devious One! [Laughs] There’s a really good pursuit of Alison because the Liars have every reason to believe now that she’s still with us. If she’s going to be in this town on this holiday, they’re not leaving here until we find her.

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  1. Pll says:

    I don’t trust anything they say ever because they’ve admitted that all they’re interviews after the Toby reveal were all lies. I personally hope that this storyline sticks this time.

    • itberice says:

      It sounds like it will stick. I highly doubt they would do the same thing twice.

      • ajintexas says:

        Spoiler, it’s not Ezra. It’s his evil twin brother! Really i don’t know but I can just see it going that way. I remember reading something about the books where Alison was dead but had a twin that had been locked up in an Asylum or something that ended up being A. I can see them switching it up for TV and making it Ezra and a twin no one knows about.

        • Camille Stokes says:

          I totally agree cause even Sasha said they’ll do a twin scheme but not Allison’s so I think it’ll be Ezra’s twin

          • Kam says:

            I like that theory…perhaps that may even tie into Maggie and Malcom. Maybe the evil twin is the father??? *head spinning*

          • Jen High says:

            Lucy hinted to this is season 1 or 2 on twitter. Posted a photo that appeared to be herself and herself and said she’d love for Aria to have a demented twin who was A

          • Sandeep says:

            @Kam: If Ezra’s twin were the father, the paternity test would have said Ezra was the father. There’s no difference between the genes of identical twins. And I feel like the twin theory, if it gets explored, will not pertain to Ezra. It will be a character whose siblings have never appeared on the show for the simple reason that siblings would usually let something like that slip.

          • Heather Stokes says:

            I thought that Ezra being evil was hot but the idea that there could be two Ezras is even more appealing.

          • Caprise says:

            @Sandeep, actually identical twins DO NOT share the same genes so that pretty much renders your entire argument invalid. Anyone could figure that out by simply googling it. That’s like saying identical twins have the same fingerprints as well. Give me a break…

          • I. P. says:

            @Caprise Actually identical twins DO have the same genes. You should be the one googling it. They do not have the same fingerprints (phenotype), but they do have the same genes (genotype).

          • VGPHD says:

            @ Caprise- As a geneticist in training, I will assure you that identical twins have the same genes and the same exact DNA, therefore if Ezra had a twin, and he fathered Malcolm, it would still show in paternity tests that Malcolm was Ezra’s.

            I can’t wait for all the twists in the Halloween episode. It’ll be so alluring! Very curious how Caleb will tie into Ravenswood… Do you think he’s done with PLL for a while? Or will he still be working with the Liars when they come back?

          • Allen says:

            Not sure where you all are getting your information regarding genes, but identical twins do NOT have the exact same genes.


          • G says:

            @Caprise I have a Master’s degree on Genomics and Molecular Biology and I can assure you that identical twins share the same DNA and fingerprints… without googling it. I’m sorry to report that your google search gave you incorrect information. It is actually pretty logical if you consider it, identical twins are the result of ONE fertilized egg that divided in TWO, it is impossible for their DNA to be different because they come from one original cell.

          • mooshki says:

            @Allen Re-read the article. It doesn’t say that they have different genes, it says that they may have more or fewer copies of the same genes.

          • Jo-Ann says:

            There’s a holloween episode in season 2 that indicates that Allison had a twin that she stabbed. Not sure if that twin tied or not. But Allison was the first person to get texts and threats from -A.

            I also think that Ezra may be the other older man that Allison was with during the summer when she went to visit her grandmother down south.

        • she has a twin sister in the books

          • I. P. says:

            Actually identical twins DO have the same genes. You should be the one googling it. They do not have the same fingerprints (phenotype), but they do have the same genes (genotype).

        • Laylee says:

          No, I do not think that Ezra is the one with the twin but rather Cece. I think that Halloween episode in season 2 ( the prequel episode) reveals exactly what is going on. My theory is that Cece had a crazy twin that tried to kill her when they were young girls ( the story that Alison was telling at the very beginning of that episode) and they subsequently locked her up in Radley. I also think she is the evil blonde girl that probably killed Toby’s mom or drove her to the point where she did it).

          In that episode they show a Radly car in front of the abandoned house and I think that it was Cece’s crazy sister that they were trying to catch. Soon after, Alison got the message “I’m watching you”.

          The reason, in my opinion, why the crazy twin started to torture Alison was probably because Ali and Cece got super close, to the point where they were interchanging personalities ( Ali’s mom said that to Emily) and the crazy sister somehow found out and was jealous of their relationship. SHe probably thought that Ali took Cece away from her.

          As for the Ezra thing, in that same season 2 Halloween episode, when Aria goes to Hollis college where her dad is teaching, she runs into Ezra, at that point of course they did not know each other. I think Ezra dated Ali and he was probably the older guy she was referring to. I also think that he is not main A, but rather just part of A’s puppets, like Mona was. I think that the real A, is Cece’s crazy sister, initially locked in Radley.

          • Heidi says:

            Out of all the theories that I’ve read I probably like this one the most.

          • Laura says:

            Yep, I think you might be in to something. Remember the Halloween story that Ali told the little kid Hanna was babysitting, the one twin try to kill the other?

          • Tanea says:

            I like this theory.

            hmm. so what about the story that Ali’s mom told. the one where she got a call that Ali was in Radley, but when she got there it was CeCe. maybe it wasn’t actually CeCe, but CeCe’s twin sister?

          • Suzzie says:

            valid theory but Aria knew Ezra from season 1 at the pub where they first met. I also do not think that Ezra dated Ali….beach guy being Ezra? No way. That looks more like Wren. Now what about Melissa? Her fake pregnancy? Working with Wren?

          • Carah says:

            I love this theory. It also makes perfect sense, maybe Ezra has split personalities, that’s why he’s on the A team.

          • Natasha Thomas says:

            there’s also the little girl (poss Ghost) that visited Hanna’s mom in one of the Halloween Episodes, remember she was saying that her sister was really mean, and told her mom that she had ran away. I’m thinking maybe Cece had a twin that she killed, which is why she wanted Ali as a twin. Maybe Cece has multiple personalities.
            Another thing, with Mrs Grunwald pulling Ali out of her grave, Who was the body they found then? surely they would have done a DNA test to confirm the identity (I’m not positive, but I’m pretty sure you can’t make a positive visual ID on someone that’s been buried for a year). That leaves either Mrs Grunwald pulled out Ali’s ghost, remember she said she was psychic, and she did just disappear -OR- Ali went back and put her identical twin in the ground.

            And for those arguing about genetics. At the moment of conception, when the single fertilised egg splits to form 2 separate cells (That will grow into fetuses), the DNA is identical. Assuming that the fetuses experience the same environment in the womb (i.e get the same nutrients) the DNA will be predominantly identical. For the most part a set of adult identical twins will have the same DNA, however, it is subject to environmental factors such as pollutants and radiation which can cause DNA replication to occur incorrectly and mutations etc to occur- this is usually what causes/forms as cancer. But, in general, if a DNA sample is taken from each Twin, unless the swab is rubbed on a cancerous mouth ulcer, the DNA is going to be identical. Environmental factors affect blood/saliva/urine/sweat etc ie. the antibodies, contents, etc etc which is how identical twins are distinguished between in a forensic setting.

          • Rebekhhh says:

            I think the twin idea is true and that ali told them that and other things on purpose hoping they would figure it out. I think all the flashbacks they have of ali telling them things she told them for a reason and was trying to clue them into what was going on without actually telling them because she knew she was being watching.

          • Pat says:

            But why would she be doing this? Also why would strong people like Toby and Ezra do what A says? I also don’t know where Allison (if she’s redcoat) would be staying all this time. I mean she needs food, clothing and shelter, right? Sometimes I don’t think the writers think things through.

        • Nicole says:

          That would be brilliant!

        • Sonja says:

          I agree. The interview says he is gonna have some sort of “Jekyll and Hyde Side to him”. If you guys know Jekyll and Hyde, you’d know that Jekyll has another side to him that is completely insane and evil. Maybe this whole “double life” deal is literal- there is double Ezra-twins, one being psycho.

        • dude says:

          My thought was he literally is Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde. He loves Aria but also has an evil split personality that loves Allison. Maybe that’s a little too ridiculous?

        • I love this theory so much, I’m actually leaving a comment for an article concerning a guilty-pleasure-show. Let’s hope it’s this and neither that he’s actually “A” nor that they’ve just written a really bad script. Again.

        • maddy says:

          Ezra never opened the paternity test, all we know is maggie has confirmed he is not the father. By having Ezra not open the envelope even if twins do have the exact same genes that opens up so many possibilities. ALSO all we know is that Ezra’s mom payed off a girl who carried the child of her son to disappear. Maggie could be a completely random coincidence and Ali could be that girl. ALSO we werent told that the man following Ali was or is A. Now theres many possibilities with this information. here are a few of my favorite theories A) The twin theory, the show has hinted at this numerous times and they’ve also followed the book while at the same time adding their own twist. Ezra could have a twin especially with this whole Dr. Jekyll Mr.Hyde “complex”. This twin could have gotten maggie pregnant, but more than likely gotten Ali pregnant and HE could be A. B) The man following Ali is not A. Ezra could very well be “board shorts” but that doesnt mean he is “A” Just because the girls think board shorts is A doesnt mean he is, they have been wrong numerous times in the past. ALSO grunwald never said the man following Ali ever called himself A nor do we know if he was harassing her. Ezra could be following Ali not even to harm her but to find out if his child is alive or not.

        • Mack says:

          It is true that it is a twin, It is Ali’s twin. the story from the third season that ally (sorry if i spelt that wrong) had told about a twin getting killed by the other was true. Throughout the series it has showed that Ali killed her twin sister, but her twin was not dead. She was the found and tried to run away but her twin sister killed her. She is now pretending to be Ali and is still running around trying to cover up her tracks… Or at least thats my theory of what is happening. :) Please reply back soon foor anything that happens and new theories!

        • Jacqui says:

          Spoiler alert** I definitely agree! my best theory so far is that Ezra has an evil twin -or just as likely- that he may have split personality disorder. the twist in the books that Alison had a twin was very good and I think they’d be silly not to somehow take this and tweak it for the show and it looks like their gunning for Ezra to either have a dark side or a psychotic twin..I really can’t decide if it’s split personality or twin though but an fairly convinced it is one of the two!

    • Carrie says:

      It was all just a bunch of double talk, anyway (as usual). I get the feeling that Ezra knows more than he’s let on, but he’s not A or the mastermind of this whole thing. At least the Toby reveal was genuine. He was on the A team, but he was doing it to protect Spencer. Just because Ezra showed up wearing black and then got angry, that doesn’t make him A. It only shows that there are things we don’t know about him. I’d actually like to know who was hiding behind that wall, watching the girls while they went through A’s stuff.

      • I agree with Carrie. As awsome as it would be to have a sexy, twisted, demented but hot Ezy twin, I dont think he’s -A. He most likely got a message or something and decided to be a hero and go save Aria. He was genuinly shocked with what he saw. You can see it on his face. Do I think he’s becoming obsessed with Aria? Yes. Do I think he’s acting slightly inappropriate and creepy? Yes. Do I think it was wrong of him to have brought Aria into something he knows she cant understand, Malcom, and fatherhood? Yes tottaly. But do I think he is capable of being -A? No. He loves Aria, I dont think he would do anything to hurt her.

        • Madison says:

          I LOVE this explanation! This is what i was thinking!

          • Jacqui says:

            I thought for ages they might bring in Alison’s twin but I don’t think they’ll go there because of the books-they still want to be kind of unique and surprise us with the show..I think I have to start rewatching the entire show from the start again at least it will give me something to do now that I finished rewatching all of Charmed (totally worth it btw lol)

        • Natasha Thomas says:

          But remember on the ghost train, when they were all being held after Ali’s body fell out of the ice tray. Ezra appeared, and said he got back into town early and was going to surprise Aria at the last stop, but heard something happened so drove down the tracks til he found her? Coincidence much (similar to how Toby mysteriously found the therapist just in time, but was later revealed to be A) Also Melissa Said the other person on the train trying to get rid of Garrett was Wilden, but we never saw the other person’s face, she could have been lying, and it could have been Ezra. I’m guessing the NAT club are actually separate to the A team and were just trying to cover things up (regarding, Ian, Melissa, Garrett and Jenna) but did Mona actually say she put Aria in the box with Garrett’s body or was it blamed on Wilden? It could have been Ezra all along, and Wilden was just an Ass.
          I mean, like if he is the dark-broody/super crazy type, then he would be pissed that Aria lied about her age when they first met, then he could have planted the exam answers in Noel Khan’s locker that time (did mona admit to that?) plus he is always hanging around/ appears where Aria is- I know rosewood is a small town but still, Aria had to go to an Arthur Miller show to purposely bump into him-
          Plus Aria’s parents got him fired which gave him a lot of free time, if he signed on for unemployment benefit

      • VGPHD says:

        Did you read the prior interview, I’m not sure which site it was on, that stated that final scene of the show is not always what you think it is. Meaning, it’s not always “A” with the black gloves doing things. Also, remember the scene when the hand was pulled out of the ground (we found out that was Ali being pulled out)? That supposedly happened the night Ali went missing, but it was a scene that was shown right around the time they made the memorial (I think… either way it was revealed way after the night she went missing). My point is, I was thinking the same thing. Perhaps Ezra followed Aria (he is aware of A, as Aria has told him about him/her/them in the past), trying to check on her, walked in this room after they left and was upset seeing someone was busting into their private lives and ruining the lives of Aria, her friends and their families…

      • Marquia says:

        I was thinking the same thing, who was that person behind the picture looking in on them. I’ve watched the teaser for the Halloween episode and he’s standing behind the girls dressed in all black and not that weird suit. He may have a personality disorder as well, just a thought.

      • Mia says:

        I was thinking the same thing. It isn’t like the Toby situation because Ezra isn’t on the A team at all. He probably was angry because he realized that A is back at it and the girls are lying about it…again. The person who was watching the girls is definitely more important to the storyline than Ezra.
        Slightly off topic: I still think that Jake is the one who smashed that kid’s car and we’re supposed to worry about Ezra’s dark side?

        • Rebekhhh says:

          I’ve always thought that it was Ezra who smashed the car because he seemed really upset when he figured out what happen. Also when the guy was running away something about the way the person looked reminded me of Ezra.

      • Jessie May says:

        sorry if im wrong but i watched that scene about 3 times to get over the shock about Ezra, but the person behind the wall watching The Liars i think was a girl as she was wearing mascara. earlier in the series it was mentioned that Ali was always 1 step ahead of everyone. so could it have been Ali watching the girls? For the Ezra being A thing. all the theories are amazing and well thought, and i honestly don’t know, but we all know Ezra loved Aria and when he first found out about A he was angry that A was messing with Aria and the girls because he feared that A could find out about their relationship. When Aria breaks up with Ezra he is obviously devastated maybe he decided to his own investigating into “The A Team” Maybe Ezra is the one who is 1 step ahead of A and the girls. if he loved Aria surely he would want to find A and protect Aria and the girls from A. there is one theory. Another theory that has crossed my mind is that reading some of the other theories about Ezra being A is his “Evil Twin” or “Split Personality” BOTH OF THESE THEORIES ARE GREAT! but maybe there’s more to it than what were all adding up. We have seen one of his relatives already Wes, was wes hiding facts from Aria? could he be linked to A? my friends have also said that Caleb could be working with A because in season 4 the girls see that A is watching everyone The Police, The Girls. could A have hired Caleb to learn A how to do this? and possibly he stopped helping and that’s why A went after Caleb’s mum? it has been said that Ezra is deffo something to do with A, notice CeCe was standing outside Ezra s apartment watching and listening? was she making sure Ezra didn’t say something he shouldn’t be saying? Maybe A has something on Ezra and is forcing him to do things he doesnt want to do to stop information getting out? maybe Ali was dating Ezra and what if Ali was the girl Ezra got pregnant in his college years? hmmmm…. In the lair that the girls find here was a timeline for each of them, A has to have always been extremely close to the girls to know their background or at least close to Ali she has been known to talk about the girls so much. Maybe redcoat and the ali masks are the people working for ali to lead “The A Team” away from her? Ali clearly doesnt want to be found. Is A using the girls to get closer to them so when they get closer to finding ali A will be right on their tail so A can get their first? Ali was manipulative and is in hiding, Ali has got to know who A is to know who she is hiding from and that could be why the girls are having “Dreams” about her knowing who A is. The A Team is using the girls. Controlling them like puppets and using the secrets they have against them. A is everywhere. its defiantly got to be more than 2 people. so we have The A Team, Red Coat, The Girls. The NAT Club and Jason is the only member left.. the girls have no proof that Ali is alive so going to the police would mean nothing. all they have is the clues they are given either from A or from people who knew Ali. everything leads down to Ali so if Ezra is A the question is not why he is A but how and why he is connected to The A Team or Ali right? hmmmmm bring on season 4B!<3 some big theories to consider here… hateful comments will be ignored. sorry its so long. needed to get this off my mind

        kisses – J

        • Brianna J says:

          I know I’m posting this like really late but I don’t think Ezra could have gotten Ali pregnant because when she was still alive Ezra was dating Jackie in Italy. The we engaged and he didn’t come back to Rosewood until a whole year has passed. That is just a thought I don’t know if it is right or not but I just cane across my mind.

        • Rebekhhh says:

          I think this may be true because Ezras mom payed someone to keep quite about having a baby it could have been ali since her brother found a ton of money hidden in her stuff.

  2. Katy says:

    So basically Ezra will get off the hook just like Toby sigh same ole same ole.

  3. Jules says:

    AWESOME interview!!! Good questions and good answers!! Very excited for the Halloween special and 4B!

    • A says:

      Good questions. Definitely not good answers IMO. They are not trustworthy interviewees at all especially after the whole Toby cop out.

  4. itberice says:

    I loved this reveal. Ezra was so irrelevant for so long that it was a great twist. It made me think back to all of the times Ezra has been shady and it actually makes a lot of sense. Definitely interested to see how this plays out, how long he has been doing this, etc. They did a great job at actually shocking me!

    • It certainly paints their first meeting in a different light, like Ezra knew who Aria was, perhaps lobbied to get a job at her school and knowingly seduced her. If he’s the one who was boinking Alison too (perhaps getting her pregnant) then it puts his character in a seriously bad, sexual predator-y light.

      • tvhs14965 says:

        Well what if Ezra is “the older guy” ali was seeing, and it doesn’t look so bad since she told him she was 18.
        So what if Ezra had some sort of obsession with Ali, and when he didn’t hear from her in a while he moved to rosewood (because she would have mentioned her school)and then found out she was murdered- took a job at rosewood highschool-and was determined to find ali’s killer. Falling in love with aria was just chance.
        Idk just a theory

        • xx says:

          And that scenario *isn’t* predatory??

        • tom girl says:

          If he was really obsessed with her positively, why would Ali freak out and tell Cece about how he will kill her if he finds out she’s pregnant in that flashback?

          • Rebekhhh says:

            Maybe she thought he’d find out about her real age if he found out about the pregnancy. Also it makes since that Ezra was seeing Ali because hes obviously into younger girls.

  5. alistaircrane says:

    So again, not much is really happening. More backtracking and red herrings, from the sound of it. I expected a major reveal from this finale, like finding out FOR SURE that either Allison has a twin or is alive. Ezra being bad isn’t the big shocker the producers want you to think it is.

  6. D. says:

    There it is she practically has already saved Ezra impying he’s not THAT bad to be the actual A, which in some way comforts me as i really like him, but otherwise i’m really tired of being misled, especially on a finale (of every sort).

  7. A says:

    Lies. All lies.

  8. Azerty says:

    Am I the only who have the feeling they have no idea where they are going? The Jekyll/Hyde for Ezra and his motives, the second Red Coat, Ali’s murderer, it seems they still don’t know what to do with that.

    • Alex says:

      I agree. That’s why there’s so many unanswered questions and plot holes.

    • meah says:

      True.the writers are confused.she said they thought of Ezra being A during the beginning of 4A..are they not suppose to know who A is from the begininng of the show?even if they make it stick,its still lazy writing..its like every year they make someone A,who knows in 5A it could be byron.SMH

    • fany says:

      I completely agree. They have no idea where they are going, they just make the storyline up as they see fit. They probably came up with the idea of Ezra being A due to all the speculation going on online. But no matter what they say or the alleged ‘clues’, all the facts in previous seasons and in this one show it makes absolutely no sense that he’s A. Not buying it.

    • Anyone else thinking split personality…Ezra doesn’t even know he is doing it…and that is where the good/bad, Jekyll/Hyde comes in…

      • Anne says:

        That was I was thinking, too! Multiple personality disorder, perhaps?

      • Ya know, My horse is like that. So, while it may be slightly rare for people to have actually come across someone like this, I know what you mean. I think it would be more of a, twin thing though, since it has been hinted that they ARE going to continue the twin story plot that was given to us by the books, but they aren’t going to do that with Alison. Maybe Ezra has a twin? Maybe he has a second personality in him. I dont know. Time will tell.

  9. Alex says:

    Disappointing summer finale yet again. Ezra needs to be A for real.

  10. B says:

    Aria is A. Ezra loves Aria and that’s why he’s on team A.

    • Rachel says:

      Aria can’t be A. I don’t think any of the girls are. How could one of then send themselves the texts simoltaniously without doing it in front of them?
      I think Ezra was set up. He was led to the layer and it didn’t show what happened when he left.. Someone could be waiting for him or maybe he got a note aria was in trouble and he went to save her and is going to be pinned for something? Ezra can’t be A, I won’t allow it. :D

    • Kay says:

      I would love that!!! That’s been my hope for a while now.

    • roberta says:

      marlene king said that none of the 4 girls are A. spencer was A but the girls knew and it was to get information on redcoat and to find Toby

    • Jen says:

      Aria being A makes a lot of sense. We don’t know a lot about her relationship with Ali and A barely taunts Aria.

    • she is not intelligent enough t be A

  11. jess k says:

    I quit watching this show after season 2, but I have to ask: how many “A”s have there been now?

    • the girl says:

      Thank you! Geez louise. I am not sad I stopped watching this. I will start watching in another season or two when we really look like we’re getting close to the end.

      • jess k says:

        It was too frustrating for me that every week there were more and more questions and very few answers. I’m sure I’ll go through and catch up on netflix one day.

    • Lissa says:

      That’s the point in the “A-team” concept, which was introduced in season 2 when you were still watching.

    • lele says:

      There are multiple As in the book so it only makes sense there are multiple in the show.

    • A says:

      I hear you! I love the show but I hate the show! I watched it, then I stopped watching it, then I caught up on Netflix, and watched this season and now I just want to stop watching it again it’s so frustrating!I wish they would just get to the point it’s been drugged out too long! And maybe someone could shed some light on this: why do they care so much about a girl that ended up being more of a frenemy than a friend? It seems to me that the four of them have a better friendship than they did when Allison was around. Why is she portrayed as such an innocent victim when she was really a vindictive, manipulative, mean girl.

  12. Dani says:

    You can’t keep f*cking with the audience like this. It’s going to hurt the show and it will effect the ratings. So many people are p*ssed because there comes this reveal out of the blue. You have a shocker. But then you move away from it again, try to justify it & make this person “good” again. It seems to be similar to the Toby situation. Again, the writers have given us a whole lot of nothing. Just more and more questions that play out in one ridiculous plot twist after another. It’s sad, because I really used to love this show. Now I’m questioning if I should even bother tuning back in. And with interviews like this, I don’t feel that I’m going to.

    • LOG says:

      PREACH! Couldn’t have said it better myself!

      • Pyl says:

        Trust me, you’ll tune back in. Every person that says they will stop watching the show are the ones that jump to watch it when it comes on! So shut up. They have given us such good twists. You must realize that if Ezra is NOT A or he turns out to be good, then there is a bigger much more malevolent twist coming. Just enjoy the show or don’t but it is rude to the cast and staff and devoted fans to say such things.

  13. Sarah says:

    Please, for the sake of God, please realize that you sometimes have to do things that are unpopular for the sake of quality! LET EZRA STAY ON AS A, please!

  14. Meg says:

    We got the same response last year when Toby was revealed to be on the A team. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice…

  15. Eric7740 says:

    All I know, is that Ezra better have a twin brother that is “A”!!! Aria and Ezra are soul-mates!!! Ezra woud never torment the woman he loved like this!!!

  16. Ugonna Wosu says:

    lol, :”there is something going on” doesn’t mean he’s A. And I recall them “reassuring us” that Toby is part of the A team last year. So, I’ll take their word with a grain of salt and wait.

  17. Tina says:

    So Jekyll and Hyde? Maybe Ezra is the one with the twin here.

    • the girl says:

      Jekyll and Hyde is about split personalities. Sounds more like he has a personality disorder, rather than him having a twin.

      • Tina says:

        I know :) just saying I hope it’s not literally about DID and more like an inspiration. Evil twin Ezra vs reg fitz. Oh well

  18. Whimsical says:

    There is more than one “A”.

    The “real” A always signs her stuff with “Kisses- A”.

    Anything that is just marked “A” most likely comes from “fake” A, which is almost certainly Ezra, though I’ve no idea why.

    Given that CeCe works for Ezra, and CeCe saved Emily( and iirc, saved all four of the girls and Mona from the fire) it’s clear that Ezra and his team are working to thwart “real” A, and her team.

    • A says:

      I’m sorry but if that is the case, it would SO LAME!! If they make him start out shady but turn him into a good guy then that is just the laziest writing I will have ever scene. I would have rather they just not show his face at all in the finale and to go on thinking he was a good guy than have a stupid fakeout

    • -A says:

      CeCe DID NOT save Emily. CeCe ran up the stairs of the sawmill and got into a fight with Aria and fell off. The other red coat(who is believed to be Ali) saved Emily and ran off leading Spencer to A’s Lair.

      • Whimsical says:

        Thats a good point. I got my redcoats mixed up.

        Still doesn’t explain the difference in the signatures, though.

      • Whimsical says:

        I mixed up the redcoats but it doesnt invalidate my point, just reverse the name: Ali “A” and her team are working to stop Ezra”A” and his team….

    • Amber Grace says:

      No the real Allison saved Emily because there was two Red Coats. and Allison lead them to their lair

  19. Elyse says:

    fool me once shame on you… I don’t believe anything they say after they lied again and again about Toby.

    • neha says:

      Exactly. Other writers have misled in their interviews, but to straight up lie? That means that no one is ever going to trust you again. And, it’s interesting that the writers never said “Ezra is A”. They just said ” I assure you that there is something going on here with Ezra”.

  20. Liz913 says:

    Ezra cant be A!!!!! In the previews for 4B, last scene… hes standing behind the PLL cast. He is (in my opinion) revealed as “board-shorts”(not A). Which i believe we will definitely get more information on later on in 4B and really see if he got her pregnant or not. Also more ties to Detective Wilden. Another reason he cant be A,….. A led Spencer to his “lair” where he had info on what happened from start to finish with each girl including Ali. If hes A, why would he be so upset when its revealed its his lair? just my thoughts on how this is coming together. i do agree Ezra isnt who we think he is… but i do believe the writers will want him and Aria together and will eventually write him off as not being A. Tell me your thoughts :)

    • Ambria says:

      Ezra didn’t lead Spencer to A’s lair. Redcoat who saved Emily, believed to be Ali, led Spencer there. Not Ezra.

  21. mollymalone says:

    Please, please, PLEASE let Ezra remain bad. PLEASE. If the show ends up not having any real bad people in amongst the original characters first introduced, only misunderstood or whatever or secretly good, I’m going to flippppppppppppp :( If they redeem him purely for the sake of Ezria I will be one unhappy camper.

  22. Jared says:

    I wish they would bring in Allison as part of the clique and have her return to Rosewood. This show continues to go around in circles and I really don’t understand the A/Ezra reveal. Kinda stupid but still addicted!

    • A says:

      Agreed. Bring in Alison’s character & quit going in circles! As far as addicted; not so much! They’re losing me because they’re driving me nuts!

  23. Paula says:

    Okay are all you complainers serious?? Them jerking us around is what makes this show amazing and keeps us coming back for more! If you are all so unhappy or bored with the story lines than why are you watching?? Whatever…..I loved last nights finale and as usual I cant wait to see what happens in Oct. Keep up the good work cause there’s nothing better than PLL and their crazy ways of making us want more. I NEED PLL REHAB ;)


      This is basically my whole viewpoint of PPL: Let’s say you’re told to get in a car because you’re being taken to this wonderful place. The driver doesn’t tell you where you’re going, but he does gives you hints. Whilst giving you hints he’s driving in circles. Yes, at some point people would get fed up and just be asked to go home, but somewhere in the back of your mind you still wanna know where you were supposed to go. This is how I feel about PPL. It’s annoying the hell outta me that we’re just driving in circles. Every other episode reveals a new plot that isn’t talked about 5 episodes later. We keep getting hints about little things, but it doesn’t ultimately help us figure out who A is. Trust me, if I could drop this show, I would. But by natural curiosity, I’m forced to watch this ferris wheel of a show and wait till they reveal who the ACTUAL A is, not some fake A.

      • tiak says:

        Wow, you explained that quite well. I am unfortunately in the same boat as you. I need at least ONE question absolutely answered, not some half answer that, 96% of the time, they don’t come back to. It’s driving me insane.

  24. alexis says:

    I love the show,but I agree with what people are saying! Please give us some actual facts and answers instead ofddragging it on like it has been! Alot of people are going to stop watching

  25. Holland says:

    This makes me so angry. Making everyone fall in love with Ezra and Aria as a couple and then making Ezra “A” is just cruel!!

    • Agatha says:

      I used to think Ezria was boring. I also used to think Ezra was a dull character. But after having them NOT shove the couple down my throat every two seconds, I have finally become attached to them. Making Ezra part of the A-team makes things even better.

  26. Lucy says:

    A is Ezra’s brother. Remember how he was at the apartment and had to disappear because people were looking for him? Ezra’s mom paid off Maggie to disappear when she was pregnant. Maybe Ezra’s brother aka board shorts got Ali pregnant. So if she is still alive, this explains how she is able to exist. But like her mother told the liars, Cici Drake wanted to be Ali’s twin and copied her. So Cici went after Ezra’s brother. Then they teamed up for part of the A team to seek revenge on the girls for whatever happened to her on the stairs and her getting kicked out of school.

    • Lucy says:

      Continue..l this explains the scene in Cici’s boutique when Aria kissed Little Brother after the wine spilled. It was all a setup. And now Ezra has been pulled into the lair… He didn’t know what to find. He was being blackmailed with the photo of him kissing Aria in the cafe. He followed an A trail to probably try to win her back or protect her or even to find his brother and help him…. What he did find explained a lot. He looked more shocked than anything. So at some point he will have to choose between his family and Aria. That’s how he will be involved very closely, without actually being A. And little bro has the family money, so that explains the bank account.

      • Lucy says:

        Side note…. Whatever happened to Byron’s mistress? The crazy girl who attacked Aria? Didn’t she just disappear? Maybe now we will see her as red coat #2 and she is working with Cici. She wants revenge for aria stealing Ezra from her. Everything about the way A messed with Ezra was purely emotional, where things with other characters was just evil. Perhaps it is a hole to look into….

    • Ana says:

      Good theory about Ezra’s brother being A! I agree with all you said.

    • A says:

      Wesley can’t be board shorts… board shorts is an “older boy” and Wesley is as old as the girls are, so he’s not older than Ali…

  27. Queerbec says:

    I am just so over the fact that there is absolutely NO continuity on this show. The plots have such big holes that you can drive the entire field for the Pocono 500 through them. Characters disappear without explanation while new characters come on to take the plot in new directions in a sort if deus ex machines sort of way who have never been seen but somehow knew some key characters in the past. I also like hoe Spencer became an excellent magic expert. I wondered if Exra was the magician for a few ments. Hey, maybe Ezra’s kid belongs to his alternate personality!

  28. Lissa says:

    What baffles me is the following… A: How many of you are complaining about the show after stating that you have stopped watching. If you don’t watch, why do you care? Let those of us who do enjoy it continue to enjoy it. I personally feel that all the questions are part of the charm of a mystery show. If everything was tied up in a neat little bow, there wouldn’t be anything to continue the show from. B: If you still watch the show and hate it as much as you claim to, why do you keep watching it? C: Did any of you read the interview? They *are* sticking with the Ezra is A thing. The very first question stated that Aria especially is in danger. Obviously it’s because she’s the one closest to him. If they were going to turn him into being good, Aria would be the safest.

    • A says:

      To respond to C: yes they did say that, however, from past experience in reading their interviews they are not the most trustworthy showrunners/writers. Last year, they had said that Toby will in fact be “bad” and then they completely took the easy/boring/lazy way out and made him be good and actually helping the girls out–totally LAME. Yes its called Pretty Little LIARS and its okay to tease fans here and there and sort of have them guessing, but to flat out lie in interviews and having the audience waiting and expecting something and completely going opposite direction is just annoying especially when that opposite direction wasn’t good to begin with. I did enjoy this season but one thing that was pretty bad was all the Toby/Spencer interaction. He put her through hell last season and she went crazy and was in Radley and all of a sudden everything is back to normal because he was actually trying to help her and her friends. Total copout.

  29. neha says:

    For people that don’t want Ezra to be A because he’s Aria’s love interest, you do realize that if one of the good ones isn’t A, all’s left is someone that’s already bad (Melissa, Shauna, Jenna, etc), someone we don’t really care about (Wren, Noel, etc) or Ali. That’s freaking boring. If you want to watch a love show, watch something else. PLL is supposed to be a mystery and thriller.

    • Ambria says:

      LoL EXACTLY!!! I love huge twists, so I’m glad a good one gone bad. If it were Jenna, Shana or someone already known to dislike the girls, that would be boring, they,’d lose viewers and the show would be cancelled. People need to suck it up & stop living through fictional characters, getting upset & all emotional. Please. All the complaining looks pathetic. If these writers gave some of us fans our way, it would be a Disney show where everything is all sugar coats & gumdrops. I like Ezra, too, but it wasn’t surprising anyway from a productions view. Simply because after him & Aria split, they continued to give us exclusive Ezra scenes, so he had to be very relevant to the storyline. Saw it coming a long time ago.

  30. Amber Grace says:

    Why, did Mrs. Grunwald mean when she said that to Hanna.

    Mrs. Grunwald- Till she can find someone whom she can trust…
    Hanna- She can trust us. She knows that.
    Mrs. Grunwald- I wouldn’t be so sure……

    What did she mean?????? I must know, what she meant! Please.

    • A says:

      I thought that she meant that because when they found out the truth they would go out looking for her, they might ultimately end up leading the guy she was afraid of to her

    • Myrthala says:

      I remember reading some time ago that one of the liars could be A, I personally think that Mrs. Grunwald was referring to Aria. It kinda makes sense.

    • Sam says:

      Well I think alli suspected that one of her friends was working against her.. And the fact that she said it to Hanna might actually be hinting shes the traitor. You remember in the Final episode when they went in the lair? Hanna grabbed the notebook off of the desk and hid it in her purse to make sure no one saw her.. then, she looks around to make sure no one saw her. Hanna is in on it, and I think she was trying to protect A (Ezra). That was probably a journal or something, I think Hanna is protecting A.

    • Brittnay says:

      I think Aria is involved in this A thing. One thing I noticed in the last episode was on Aria’s magic 8 ball it said A on the fortune part.

    • A says:

      Maybe, Aria doesn’t know it yet that she won’t be able to be trusted in the future. Because once she finds out the truth about Ezra or his side of the story she may have to pick where her loyalties lie: with Ezra, her “soulmate” or her friends.

  31. heather says:

    I think he is the “missing person” that was on the flyer when we first heard about ravenswood. That was my original thought the first time I saw it, that it was ezra.

    • Shawna says:

      I thought it would be Calib that was the missing person. Maybe thats how they bring him into the Ravenswood show.

  32. melinda boyle says:

    If the show didnt drag out then we wouldnt have a show period. The end of last nights show didnt make sense to me and i am hoping against all odds of the others and pray that Ezra is NOT the bad guy like Toby wasnt. i keep playing it over and over in my head and things dont add up.

  33. Tina Osteen Yaw says:

    The show is called pretty little liars. That’s why you get all these lies. I love the show and I have never missed a single show. I know they made it look like Ezra is on team A. But I also have faith they will prove he’s not. So many people have been blackmailed to do bad things for A. I think Ezra is another victim. I will never stop watching the show. Its awesome. I think the writers are doing a great job. They are making the series based on the title. Some people don’t see that, I do. All I want is Ezra and Aria back together.

  34. A year ago it was Toby and now Ezra? When PLL comes back, I’m hoping to see Aria and Ezra breaking up because these two weren’t made for each other since the beginning. :-(

  35. Ang says:

    I don’t understand why everyone is so upset that the writers don’t choose who “A” or the “A Team” is and stick with it? Once all is revealed there’s nothing left to write about, the mystery stops and then no show. This entire show revolves around the fact that no one knows who “A” is and that “A” (or the “A Team”) can play these girls like this all because of Allison. These girls were all suppose to be best friends yet they really knew so little of Allison and her life away from them (yet she knew all about them). I love the show. Don’t like that they’ve now fingered Ezra as (a possible) villain because I love his character but we’ll see where it goes. And there are viewers who think it would be amazing to write for a show where you can twist and turn it so many different directions and never have an actual ending. If you want an ending stick with all these book trilogies they’ve been making movies out of. As for the rest of us keep on twisting and turning PLL writers. Some of us LOVE a non-stop mystery.

  36. Brandy says:

    Who saved Spencer from Ian on the bell tower and later drug Ian away?Whose blood was on Alis anklet?If A wants to kill/hurt/torture the girls, why would A save Spencer on the bell tower?Maybe A wanted to be the one to do the damage.Could Ezra have found out Ali thought she was pregnant /seeing Ian, then tried to kill her but later had reason to doubt she was dead and dug up her body?Why would there two red coats characters,one of whom was working for A?I think CeCee was spying on Ezria for Ali, cause Ali knows hes A,As become more evil and dangerous and cause Ezras “beach hottie/borad shorts”& Ali knows Arias in danger.Why would Ali fake her death and go into hiding,putting her friends and family through what theyve gone through greiving and being targeted by A cause of her?She couldve come clean.If Ezras A and “board shorts/ beach hottie” that Ali was afraid of, he more dangerous and psycho than we knew.If Ali was so afraid of him that she faked her death and went into hiding, hes capable of being A too.Why would he try to kill Aria as well as bully,stalk,torment,torture her and her friends if he really cares about her?Hes several years older, why would he care about a bunch of teenage girls and what was going on in thier lives?Why does who Grumwald says “is here,is watching them,wants them to lead him to Ali” want to find Ali soo badly?to finish the job?

    • Brandy says:

      If Ezras A, why/how would he gulit trip Aria over the knoweledge of Malcolm being his son but not telling him?

    • Amber Grace says:

      I agree, I always thought he was fishy from day one. He comes to Rosewood when all this is happening. On the Halloween ep last year when Aria hugged him, his face looked shock like your alive (which to me look funny not happy, but like you shouldn’t be alive) from there on I never trusted him and on the pic when Emily found that pic in the police with dectotive in one of the guys in that pic look just like EzriA (to me anyway) and why was he helping the girls out one on one, I always thought it was fishy, when Emily told him about Zoey (for the collge) I was DON’T TELL HIM…He got intel when Aria told him everything, so he knew whats going on, and while “helping” the girls, he knew how to hurt them more than he has already. I do not like EzriA, I really don’t, but I did feel bad about his son not being his (Buts that is it). So ya, I always thought he was well as I said before fishy!!! Tell me what you think.

  37. Beja says:

    I love the show but its gotten to the point to where nothing makes since. Like why would Ezra be A? Why would he tell Arias parents on himself and why would he try to break them up? So many unanswered questions and its starting to get old.. GIVE US SOME REAL ANSWERS! NOT JUST CLIFF HANGERS

  38. Tamara says:

    I think Ezra was angry because, he realised that the girls had found the A lair. Him and Cece probably work together she was in the same lair as the girls were.

  39. Bre says:


  40. sazzigirl3000xx says:

    I reckon PLL will probably be one of them annoying storys that gets multiple endings. Anyone can be ‘A’. In the end they’ll probably just do multiple endings to suit multiple A’s and try to keep as many fans happy as possible. “/ I think it would be a great twist if it turned out to be one of the liars though. Don’t know how they’d work that plot twist but be one hell of a shock!!

  41. Jennifer says:

    People are so addicted to sentimentals that they forget the main point of the show. Ezra being connected as A makes perfect sense. He was always sketchy. He is not as involved. Of course he has been “hurt” because if he did not set himself up here n there, but yet continued setting up everyone else it would look suspicious. Think about it. There is something about the looks he gives or how he goes into heavy thoughts. Yes, they pulled Toby in and pulled him back. But Toby was not always good. Just because he turned out to be helping them doesnot mean he did not have to be bad for a short while. The complainers have to go. If any of the girls are A you would cry. They are not going to make A who you wish it could be. That would be too easy and A does not like easy. Just because Ezra is standing behind the girls that does not mean hes innocent. It was a 2 second clip. He could have showed up maybe because Aria filled him in regaining closure with him. He could be acting till he can grab aly. When he is behind them, the girls look towards something or someone and so does he. He cannot come out right away but he is def up to something. They said the hallowee episode will not reveal him to the girls yet but signs will be there. If you do not like the show move on.

  42. April says:

    Ezra’s reaction in the scene supposedly pointing out that he is A was not an “I’ve been found out” reaction. That reaction was more like he followed Aria for some reason and saw that the girls are still being tormented by A

  43. victoria says:

    I don’t understand why its so hard for people to comprehend that Ezra is bad news. The clues have always been there! I’ve sure noticed them since season one.

    If you pay close enough attention to this show. All the clues make sense of what was revealed last night. I suggest you get looking up Ezra theories that have been going about for ages. Also big hints with Ezra having french posters, Ali having french posters. The whole Lolita Vivian Darkbloom thing older man – Ezra. Plus that letter last night in the lair from Ali and I quote “. But you’re better with words than me” do we need say no more.

    Ezra reaction was to the fact he over heard the liars and discovered they’d be in his lair hes obviously going to be angry when he has some weird personality disorder going on!
    He isn’t going to like the idea that he was so close to being caught.

    I don’t think hes any involvement with Jenna,Shana,Melissa etc. He has his own AgendA! He is a different league of A.

    I wish people would accept where this is going. Stop being boring just because you wanted it to be someone predictable Melissa,Wren,Shana,Paige etc….

    I’m glad they’re actually going with this story I didn’t think they had the balls to go with it due to upset 14 year olds feeling betrayal. Thats the best part they have been building it up the past weeks to make you feel sorry and bam they ripped you’re heart out. Deal with it :)

    • Azerty says:

      Hum, I’d like to be as optimistic as you are but they clearly said that they only decided to make Ezra A at the beginning of this season. I’ve read a lot of theories about Ezra being A, even before this episode but I guess what we considered as “clues” in season 1 to 3 are not because the writers had no plans going there at that time.

  44. venus says:

    This is so ridiculous I mean how long are you going to drag this out I love the show and the cast members but im so tired of watching this show and getting nothing can we just figure out who the A is already????????

  45. t86 says:

    man, seriously, i really hope they will do different this time. No like Toby’s reveal in S3, that turn out to be nothing. Unfortunely, these interviews looks like the same they did about Toby. But i don’t think they will do the exactly same thing, so maybe the theory about Ezra have a evil twin could be true lol

  46. Amber says:

    I think Ali is A. Remember when her mom told the liars that her and cici always played games and that was the last game they’d play(she got a call to pick ali up from radley and got there and it was Cici)she said that girl would never be allowed back in that house. I think this is their sick idea of a game and what more perfect way to play A if your “dead”. I bet ali made up most of the lies before she faked her death to make it all make sense. Just a possibility.

    She could have a twin sister also like in the books and that’s who really died or visa versa; the sister broke out of the asylum and killed ali and is now living as if she’s ali. Another possibility. ..

  47. Lindsey says:

    None of it makes sense to me, but that’s just part of the show. I know I was very shocked when I saw Ezra in A’s lair. That doesn’t mean he is A, but something is definitely going on with him and hopefully we will find out what that is real soon. I hate I have to wait until October now to see the next episode. I will just have to be patient and wait lol. I love this show and can’t wait for more :)

  48. Jackiw says:

    i doubt ezra has a twin. if he did it wouldve shown in the paternity test. I think he is bipolar-and i hate using that as its used all the time in real life-or something. dr.jekyll/ mr hyde wasnt twins.

    • MissC says:

      Just to let you know, bipolar and multiple personality disorder are two totally different things. I could see him having MPD but there is no way he’s bipolar.

    • Kimberly says:

      I think you mean multiple personality disorder. Bipolar doesn’t do that to you. It makes you depressed, then ramped up.

  49. Okay. i have feeling that ezria’s not A, I think ezra is “boy short” or “beach hottie” or whoever Alison got prego by.

  50. Franny Kash says:

    I think that Ezra is gonna be A