Game of Thrones Scoop: Nashville Bad Boy Joins Season 4 Cast in Super-Secret Role

Game of Thrones Michiel HuismanMichiel Huisman is ditching Nashville for Westeros.

The Dutch actor, who played Rayna’s edgy producer-with-bennies in the ABC drama’s first season, is joining Game of Thrones in a recurring role, TVLine has learned.

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Very little is known about Huisman’s character. Scratch that — nothing is known about Huisman’s character. (Speculate away in the comments, why don’t you.)

The gig brings Huisman back into the HBO fold, following his four-year run as drug-addled musician Sonny on Treme (the drama’s final five-episode season launches on Dec. 1).

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Game of Thrones started production on Season 4 last month; the fantasy series will return in 2014.

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  1. Penny says:

    Ser Hyle Hunt fo sho!

  2. Steve F. says:

    The only role I can think of off the top of my head would be that guy Satin who helped the Watch defend the Wall during the wildling siege.

  3. Tim says:

    Lots of options. Are all the Greyjoys cast? Kettlebacks? Any number of Stannis’ Knights

  4. Joann says:

    The kingsguardman who goes to Dorne with Mrycella that gets seduced by one the Sand Vipers!

  5. nana says:

    Aegon Targaryen/Young Griff?

    • Faster says:

      This was my first thought/hope…

      • Josephina says:

        He is to old to play Aegon. Dany is sixteen and was born only a few months after Aegon. Michiel Huisman is 32 so I doubt he will play Aegon….

        • nana says:

          It’s the only explanation for having such a mystery around who he’ll play…

          • Josephina says:

            No it’s not. He could be a recast of Benji Stark/coldhands. According to deadline he is replacing someone. On top of that Mark Gatiss has filmed a role as well and nobody knows who is playing him. They have not been forthcoming with their castings this season at all so I wouldn’t be suprised to not know who he is playing for another month…

          • whitewalker says:

            As long as he’s not replacing Anguy I’m okay with it

  6. Josephina says:

    I’m hoping for Euron Greyjoy. It would be possible with the fact that he isn’t supposed to aged one bit according to Victorian. And he looks like him. But frankly I don’t care I’m just happy that he is cast. As a fellow dutchie I have to say that he’s come a long way and that he only is getting better as an actor :)

  7. Whatever says:

    I don’t care who he is cast as I’m just happy that he will be on GoT.

  8. Clark Matthews says:

    The actor is a pretty boy musician? Sounds like Symon Silver Tongue.

  9. melinky says:

    I agree with Euron Greyjoy!

  10. Aleksa says:

    Maybe a singer who fits into the Eyrie story line? (Can’t really say anything else more specific without being spoiler-y.)

  11. EWJ says:

    Love Michiel and it’s cool to have a second Dutch actor in GoT, but I was really hoping he would return to Nashville. Liam was awesome

    • KD says:

      I loved Liam and was hoping for his return as well, but good for him being cast on GoT. It is quite a step up from Nashville (which I love dearly, but is soapy as hell!)

  12. Erika says:

    He resembles the actor cast as the Red Viper enough that I’m wondering about Doran Martell… but it might be too early for that.

    • Tim says:

      Major disappointment if they make Martell to look like that.

      Whoever said the singer at the Eerie, that’s a great idea.

    • J. K. says:

      He could always be Trystane, the son Tyrion sent Myrcella to marry. After all, the actress doesn’t look 11 and neither should her TV fiance for that matter.

      Since they are supposed to grow so close he would notice the difference between Myrcella and any other girl, I suppose it would make sense to introduce Trystane early on. Plus, they could take over Arya and Gendry’s plot while they are separated.

  13. Margeux says:

    He is playing the character of Styr, Magnar of Thenn according to my friend over at NY Mag.

  14. cant wait for next Nashville. got there 2 albums wow.
    when is Nashville coming back.

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    and war child, played on Brett Birks new music on wm radio.
    tell me what you think, still got a lot to learn, about everything. thanks.

  16. joyce bender says:

    please discontinue my emails

  17. joyce bender says:


  18. Connor says:

    he’s replacing marillion

  19. juan says:

    I’ve been told by reliable sources he is playing Quentyn Martell.

  20. danielle a says:

    I loved him on Nashville! Excited to see who hee is going to play .

  21. Lina says:

    nop – it’s just the new Daario Naharis :(

  22. My guesses:
    1) Quentyn Martell
    2) Griff / Jon Connington (too young?)
    3) Victarion Greyjoy
    4) Any of the Kettleblacks
    5) Hyle Hunt