Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Big Bang Theory, SOA, NCIS, Revenge, Once, Grimm, Bones and More!

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Question: I read that Penny and Sheldon will bond during Leonard’s absence on The Big Bang Theory – do you have any more details on this? —Emily
Ausiello: I can confirm that there will be some hugging (see photo, right). I can also confirm that there will be an exchange of classified information. “They [share] a couple of intimate secrets about each other,” exec producer Steven Molaro teases of the CBS comedy’s Sept. 26 opener.They have some really sweet scenes together.”

Question: What’s up with Sons of Anarchy? —Robert
Ausiello: Jax won’t be making any conjugal visits to his jailhouse bride when Sons of Anarchy kicks off its sixth season on Sept. 10. In fact, he won’t be visiting Tara, period (although it won’t be for lack of trying on his part). When the unhappy couple do eventually come face-to-face, expect “a deep sense of sadness on both their parts,” shares series creator Kurt Suttter, who describes the reunion as “loving but very sad.” As the SOA boss notes, “They’ve been through so much already, and how many more times can you say, ‘I’m sorry?’ How many more times can you say, ‘It’s going to get better?’ How many more times can you say, ‘It’ll change?’ It’s almost like there’s a certain amount of resignation that they both are aware of.”

VIDEO | Sons of Anarchy Season 6 Trailer Confirms Orange Is the New Black

Question: Can I get tapes of the past two seasons of the Sons of Anarchy? —Don
Ausiello: Sure thing. What format do you prefer — VHS, Betamax or 8-Track?

Question: Are there any Beauty and the Beast Spoilers? –Viv
Ausiello: I foresee a helper… and a headache. The show is currently casting the guest-starring roles of Zach, a cocky former soldier who uses a reunion with an old friend (perhaps Vincent?) for vengeance (against, perhaps, Muirfield?), and Beth, a high school pal of Cat’s who is now the hard-charging producer at a news station — suggesting to me that she’ll be the next one to get wind of the beasts now in our midst.

Question: Can you please keep us updated with the latest on Beauty and the Beast? It will be much appreciated! –Carol
Ausiello: Speak of the devil, here is the very, very latest: I can exclusively report that Bryan Dechart (Jane By Design) will debut in Episode 4 as Aaron Keller, a relative of Vincent’s (!) who is a street-smart arson investigator prone to being a (ahem) “hot” head. Hailing from a family of firefighters, Aaron is desperate to make his mark. And there you have the very latest!

Unknown Question: First time asker and I’ll keep it short and sweet — NewsroomNashville or The Originals? I’ll take anything! —Zara
Ausiello: Let’s head to Nashville. According to showrunner Dee Johnson, Peggy is determined to have Teddy’s baby. “She’s not going to run out and get an abortion,” Johnson says, adding that Teddy is “certainly not happy” about the bun in his mistress’ oven and that it’ll take a little while for Rayna to find out that Pegs is expecting. (Though, given everything that happened in the season finale, this whole mess is the least of Rayna’s problems, am I right?)

Question: Can we look forward to any substantial Snow/Emma scenes in Once Upon a Time Season 3? Also, is Snow finally going to get back to her warrior ways? –Christina
Ausiello: Yes, and thus yes. As mom and daughter brave Neverland together while still adjusting to their family dynamic, “In a lot of ways, Mary Margaret may not be able to bond with Emma, but Bandit Snow and Emma have a lot in common,” notes cocreator Eddy Kitsis. Meaning, going up against Peter Pan and his Lost Boys will bring bow-toting Snow to the fore. “David and Mary Margaret last year were saying, ‘We are both,'” Kitsis reminds. “But this year it’s, ‘We need Snow and Charming.’ That’s what this mission requires.”

Question: Do you have any new Bones spoilers for us? —Maria
Ausiello: Booth and Brennan have more than just a wedding to look forward to this season. Per exec producer Stephen Nathan, Bones intends to show the love-struck pair experiencing a number of pre-marriage trappings, including, presumably, bachelor and bachelorette parties. Although the rituals “might not be in the right order,” Nathan teases. “We want to continue to mess up tradition while kind of keeping it traditional at the same time.”

VIDEO | Bones Exclusive: First Season 9 Footage Tees Up Tension for Booth and Brennan

Person Of InterestQuestion: Since Person of Interest announced that Sarah Shahi would be a series regular, social media has been lit up by passionate fans who either love or hate her character, Sam Shaw. Are they sticking by their choice? —Casey
Ausiello: Absolutely — and the thing to keep in mind is that as a result, Shaw isn’t now some full-time member of Finch’s team. As showrunner Greg Plageman explained to Matt Mitovich as part of our Fall Preview Spectacular, Shaw’s betrayal by her own government “informed her opinion about belonging to anything or giving allegiance to anyone right now.” And as such, “She helps us out only when she feels like it.”

Question: Anything new on the NCIS front? –Cheryl
Ausiello: If you are by chance among the McAbby fans who worry that Tim’s new computer geek girlfriend Delilah (played by Big Bang Theory brainiac Margo Hasrhman) will be some ersatz Abby, Gary Glasberg is here to set the record straight. “I’d like to believe that maybe he’s drawn to people like that and is intrigued by women like that, but I wouldn’t say that [Abby and Delilah] are that similar,” the showrunner tells us. “They have their differences, that’s for sure!”

Question: Any scoop on Grimm? –Jordan
Ausiello: The third season of the supernatural drama will feature “alligators in the sewer” and “a reemergence of the Bauerschwein-Blutbad feud,” show bosses James Kouf and David Greenwalt tell TVLine. A word to the wise: You might want to DVR the Wu-centric episode – in which the cop comes face-to-face with the Wesen world – and watch it after dinner. The baddie in that hour is “something so creepy that the last thing that creepy was the fly episode,” Greenwalt promises. “This is right on par with that.”

Question: First off, I love your column! I have been reading Ask Ausiello since you were on Entertainment Weekly! Second, do you have any 2 Broke Girls scoop? I’m dying! —Richa
Ausiello: Thanks, Richa, but to be precise, I was in Entertainment Weekly, not “on” it. I’m a stickler for details, oh yes I am. Moving on to your query, showrunner Michael Patrick King tells us that Steven Weber will “probably” be back as Caroline’s pop this season and that “you never know” whether Candy Andy will return to romance Caroline. “We loved Ryan [Hansen] so much,” he says, but acknowledges that Hansen’s casting on CBS’ Bad Teacher complicates things a bit.

Question: Any Rookie Blue scoop? —Holly
Ausiello: The show’s two-part season ender, airing Sept. 5 and Sept. 12, will play out in roughly real time, which exec producer Tassie Cameron says should “give some indication of the urgency and pace.” Also, it’s a good thing ABC’s summer sleeper was renewed since Season 4 ends on a cliffhanger. Teases Cameron with a laugh: “I wouldn’t have wanted to end the show on our finale.”

pennycanQuestion: I know it’s early, but got anything on my favorite show, Cougar Town? —Christopher
Ausiello: Season 5 will answer the burning Q, “What would happen if Penny Can became a worldwide phenomenon?”

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Question: Do you happen to have any news on Revolution to tide us over? —Carolyn
Ausiello: Things are getting darker, and not just because the power is out again. Despite moving to 8 pm, aka the family hour, all the characters will find themselves in “grimier situations,” previews executive producer Eric Kripke. “We wanted to explore more of our world – What does gambling look like? What do hookers look like? What does shadier nightlife look like? – and explore some of those corners.” Which, of course, is where they find Monroe.

Question: I have to say, the more I hear about Revenge Season 3, the more encouraged I become. Anything else you can share? —Melody
Ausiello: The weekly takedowns are back, but with a twist: They’ll play out over multiple episodes. They’ll also be less plot-driven. “We’re going to use them to explore who Emily is a little bit more than we’ve had a chance to in the past,” previews new showrunner Sunil Nayar. “We’re 44 hours into the show now. She’s experienced so many different things, culminating in the revelation of who she [really] is to Jack. We’re examining not just who she is and what happiness means to her, but what are the ramifications of her plans are. Because now there’s someone who knows. And that’s going to have an impact on Emily. So the takedowns are still going to be wonderful, but they’re also going to have a deeper meaning and a deeper effect.”

Question: Anything on HIMYM? —Nick
Ausiello: The final season’s ninth episode, titled “Mom and Dad,” will introduce us to Robin’s French-Canadian cousin, Claude, who may or may not have been involved in some shady hockey-related doings. (Ted’s pretty confident he’s guilty as sin.) Speaking of HIMYM, first Season 9 photos!

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  1. Bender says:

    Always love the penny and sheldon scenes, they’re always the best.

    • webuiltthepyramids says:

      yes! they def are. best chemistry of ANY 2 people on that show, ever. and that’s counting their respective insignificant others – leonard and amy should just get together and make incredibly nondescript babies together.

  2. Kwapple says:

    Brennan’s bachelorette party…oh dear god, this is going to be fun

  3. John says:

    Penny and Sheldon certainly surprised me with their obvious terrific comedic matchup. Certainly some of the best scenes. “Please don’t hurt my friend” comes to mind.

    On another show. LOVE Bandit Snow. That cherubic face is so against type.

  4. Amanda says:

    Such good news about Sheldon and Penny spend time together. They are my favorite episodes (like Adhesive Duck Deficiency)!!! Glad that they ate bringing those back since they are focusing more on Sheldon/Amy.

    • webuiltthepyramids says:

      i just hope the “secrets” they share aren’t of their partners – i can kinda see how the writers’ minds work at this point: throw a bone to the sheldon and penny fans + keep all the other couples’ fanbases happy = bigger ratings.

      • Patrick says:

        Sheldon and Penny are the perfect frenemies. They have no romantic tension. Both are exasperated with various aspects of the other person. Shel with Penny’s lack of education and illogical behavior, and Penny with Shel’s selfish and illogical behavior.

        He is too cold to ever be a good partner for her. She is simply not educated enough to be a good partner for him. They are united by friendship and the love they have for Leonard. It is a great dynamic. I never got the romantic relationship stuff that has been completely imagined by a chunk of the fanbase.

        • John says:

          Definitely agree. A terrific comedic partnership with awesome timing that is simply discovered between two actors, never directable.

          Katey and Jim work wonders with their timing off each other.

          • Patrick says:

            IMHO the actors get too much credit for this. The writers created two characters that are essentially different despite coming from similar origins. Both are from small/rural Midwestern (small town texas counts) towns. Penny was the attractive, non-studios, popular jock. Shel was the outcast nerd.

            The two characters just spark. They are the opposite sides of a coin. The writers did a great job of making them exasperated with each other, rather than hating each other. That could quickly have devolved into a scenario where it didn’t make sense for them to interact all that much without other characters as buffers. But the writers nailed it.

          • John says:

            Just how do you write timing?

            You can’t that is the actors.

            Otherwise the premise is hand a BBT script to two high school drama club members and the results would be the same? I disagree.

  5. Sarah says:

    hope tara and jax break up. he’s better without her!

  6. Ryan says:

    Sam Shaw is a great addition. With her and Reese, it sounds like they’ll have to take on more skilled or multiple enemies in order to make it challenging for them to protect/catch people.

    • Kel says:

      I like it too. I think most people are over reacting because they think her being a regular is somehow going to eliminate the need for Carter and Fusco. I fail to see how, they don’t have the same skill set or do the same job. Plus I think there is room on the show for more then one gorgeous butt kicking lady. Well, three now, because we cannot forget Zoe!

    • bobbi says:

      I am so happy that Sam Shaw is added to the mix

  7. iMember says:

    BRB buying some new Red Sharpies for Revenge this season. SOOO EXCITED!

    • ZmaX says:

      haha YES!

      The best thing about the show is the raw emotional turmoil Emily has experienced and pushing that back on her enemies. S2’s Initiative were faceless people in the shadows, so going back to very personal take-downs will help a lot :D

  8. Terry says:

    Some of the best scenes on BBT are the ones where Penny and SHeldon interact. They are fun to watch and believable as friends. The sometimes over the top obnoxious Sheldon is a perfect match up for Penny. I have had enough of Amy FF in fact to much. Thank you for giving my 2 favorites more of the spotlight. And please don’t make Raj such jerk. I know he has to be a nerd but to much guys way to much.

    I love this show it has been my favorite since the first season.

    • kaleidoscopeworld77 says:

      oh good god, thank you for reminding me that i’m not the only one fed up with amy farrah fowler. the writers haven’t done her uncharismatic looks any favors by making her personality so unbearable. hence, she has gone from tough to take to simply detestable. i’ve resorted to merely fast forwarding or switching channels when she’s in a scene.

  9. Christina says:

    Thanks for answering my Once question! Double thanks for answering it with great news!

  10. Sam says:

    Well, my name is Sam Shaw and I want to work in television, so Sara Shahi’s name on POI is even trippier than when Shaw kissed Sarah (Sam) Walker on Chuck.

  11. AngelMoonGirl says:

    Woo! So excited by the Bones scoop (yay for getting to see pre-wedding parties and etc) as well as the OUaT scoop (Snow and Enma’s complicated mother/daughter relationship has to be one of my most favorite on the show, and I’m LOVING all the indications that we’ll get much more of them… And bandit!Snow :D).

  12. Sparky says:

    Sam Swarek on his death bed in the season finale of Rookie Blue??? That would really have sucked if the show was killed off on that ender!!! So hooked on the show this season…love it!!

  13. mew says:

    Glad to see Sheldon and Penny having a little special time together. I have to say I think this show has just gotten better and better! The addition of Bernadette and Amy Farah Fowler have been awesome. Not sure where TPTB are going with Raj though. It’s like they’re really not quite sure what to do with him sometimes.

  14. 1mars says:

    Fun, fun, fun ahead for Booth and Brennan……if we can only survive the first few eps. Finally, something to look forward to.

  15. AshleyRae says:

    1.I’m not HAPPY that Mcgee has a new GF it’s suppose to be ‘ABBY’ damnmit!-McAbby!
    2.That’s SAD………i guess it’s the end for jax and tara SEASON 6 is going to be INSANE.
    LOVE NCIS AND S.O.A!!!!!!

  16. What the heck kind of spoiler is that about McGee and Abby? Tell Glasberg and Audiello that the fans of this pair are mighty ticked off that they’d bring in Delilah at all. The only way I want to see her is if she’s the victim at a murder scene. Now GET THEM TOGETHER NOW!!!

  17. Fan says:

    I would love to see McGee and Delilha have a happy relationship and Abby being a supportive friend to Timmy and maybe some kind of friendship between the girls.
    The whole “love triangle” thing is over used and over done on NCIS.
    It’s time to try something new and different.

    • JA says:

      What other love triangle was there on NCIS? I don’t ever remember there being anyone serious with either Tony or Ziva, and that’s the only real relationship possibility on NCIS, and even that’s over now. McAbby is barely there, canon is almost completely friendship, as much as some of us want it to be more, and it’s never been a “triangle” of any note. I’d hardly call it “overused and overdone.” There’s a whole lot of other shows you could say that about, I just don’t see it for NCIS.

  18. Nina says:

    don’t care about Shaw, but gimme news about Root!!! *grabby hands*

  19. Babybop says:

    I want Candy Andy back!! I love Ryan Hansen… but I just can’t see “Bad Teacher” being a good show.

  20. alistaircrane says:

    Dear Revenge, it’s not really a “weekly takedown” if they play out over multiple episodes.

  21. MJ says:

    Any info on “FROST” from Rissoli and Isles??? Saw a little blurb about suicide and a memorial after last weeks show.

  22. hipper says:

    haha.. Someone boast reading you since EW? I’ve been a fan since TVGuide with you and Matt. lol

  23. Azerty says:

    So Margo Hasrhman is going to be on NCIS? Great I loved her on Even Stevens and was suprised to see her on BBT last year. So that means Alex is gone in BBT?

  24. courts says:

    So OUAT is going to try to erase all of S2 in regards to Emma/Snow? They started the ‘We are Both’ stuff and then ignored it and we haven’t seen a single bit of Mary Margaret at all. The entire first part of Season 2 was Bandit Snow and Emma, and then the whole second part of the season was Blindly Self Righteous Princess Snow, so Emma has basically seen all of Snow’s personalities but very little of Mary margaret

  25. James Butler says:

    Rayna shouldn’t have anything to say about Teddy and Peggy since she and Deacon have been during the you know what since the show begin. She sould have come to the realization by now that Deacon is a total train wreck and nothing good will come out of there relationship. If she doesn’t want to be with Teddy than move on, but not with Deacon…….

  26. GAIL WOLFE says:

    “GLADES” finale was a shocker, expected to see a beautiful wedding!! Any info on when it will return? A year is way too long, love that program.

  27. Nancy says:

    If Shari S. is going to be on another show, will she still appear on CHICAGO FIRE as the ex and pregnant of Severide’s?? Thank you!

    • Katiki says:

      I kinda hope she does leave the show–I liked her character and her story with Severide, but it’s getting in the way of the very interesting story with Shay.

  28. Nancy says:

    I think 8 p.m. is too early to air REVOLUTION considering what they plan on showing during this coming season. I would not let any child of mind under the age of 16 watch this show. It should air at 10 p.m. Parents should ALWAYS know what their children are watching.

  29. Euromillions says:

    An outstanding share! I’ve just forwarded this onto a friend who was conducting a little research
    on this. And he in fact ordered me lunch simply because I discovered
    it for him… lol. So allow me to reword
    this…. Thanks for the meal!! But yeah, thanks for spending
    time to talk about this issue here on your site.

  30. Nikki C says:

    So happy for more Sheldon and Penny. I love thier love-hate relationship. I’m also really looking forward to Shamy becoming more closer since the big D&D scene ;D Been a fan of this show for awhile and it just keeps getting better and better. Cant wait for Season 7 !

  31. Katiki says:

    Sounds like Cat’s friend is going to be a hindrance rather than a help–a journalist is bound to keep digging for the truth and let the cat (in this case, the guy with the cat DNA and not Cat) out of the bag. I’m curious to see how the soldier friend fits in. It’ll be fun to have new characters add new blood and new headaches to the show.

    • Katiki says:

      Just saw the second Beauty and the Beast spoiler–it’s really cool they’re giving us more of Vincent’s background. We know Cat’s family, but besides telling us Vin is from a family of firefighters and his two brothers died in the two towers, we don’t know much about his past and we’ve never met any relatives. So I look forward to seeing his cousin the arson investigator and his friend from the military.

  32. kath says:

    Yay for the Emma spoiler. I was worried she was going to be back-burnered even most than she was last year to prop Regina and Rumple.