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The Arrow Season 2 Poster: Slade > Laurel...?

The CW on Tuesday released the Season 2 poster for Arrow. And while the action-drama’s freshman run simply advertised star Stephen Amell/his abs, this time it’s a team effort — though some of the cast placement invites interpretation.

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Flanking Amell’s titular hero are new series regular Emily Bett Rickards and David Ramsey, as Oliver’s partners in crimefighting, Felicity and Diggle.

But it’s the staging of the next tier of costars that seemingly ranks Ollie’s gruff island buddy Slade Wilson (new series regular Manu Bennett) higher than his lithesome lady love Laurel (original cast member Katie Cassidy).

Meanwhile on the other side, you’ve got Thea and Roy (played by Willa Holland and new series regular Colton Haynes). And worry not: Susannah Thompson and Paul Blackthorne, while MIA from this group shot, are still series regulars.

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Do you think Arrow‘s Season 2 poster hits the mark?

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  1. Lee says:

    What lame poster.

  2. LaurenTVEA (@LaurenTVEA) says:

    Mia? You mean Thea? Although shes modeled after Mia lol. I just realized thats Laurel in the back

  3. courts says:

    The awkward photoshop is killing me

    • Playhouse says:

      This has been standard practice for the CW for years now. Don’t think it’s gonna change any time soon.

    • Delirious says:

      Yeah, and to top it off… I guess, if Matt says it’s her, I’ll have to believe it, but I would’ve said the girl on the far left behind Slade/Bennett is anyone but Laurel/Cassidy…

  4. Mila says:

    They need to get rid of Laurel. While I like Katie, the writers refuse to infuse her into Ollie’s story except when he needs sex. It’s ridiculous. It’s no wonder she’s relegated to the background in this poster. She’s such a non-entity.

  5. Jason says:

    So Matt, the concept of boy-girl-boy-girl is lost on you….is that what you’re saying? Nice try at creating a controversy where none exists.

  6. Laurel being behind Slade thing is a joke. The writers have just done a terrible job with the character. Judging from the poster, I’m assuming that’s not changing.

    “Meanwhile on the other side, you’ve got Mia and Roy…”

    I wish.

    • Maki says:

      I agree Lauren didn’t get enough focus but I hope they will dig deeper into her development with Sara appearing. Her standing in the background for me means it will be more about her and not her and ollie. What is okay if we get Olicity for some time.

    • Tess says:

      Assuming when the poster was being made that the showrunners or the CW or whomever was actually thinking about the placement of characters, they probably were thinking that Laurel’s not particularly favored by most fans since many either dislike the way the character is written or don’t like Katie Cassidy in the role, while Slade seems to be generally liked and hence his bump up to being a series regular. Same can be said about Felicity, while last year she was meant to be incidental at best, fans took to the character/actress and thus she got promoted. In essence, in spite of the comic book canon, the show has gone with fan response and pushed Laurel to the back in favor of more liked characters.

    • BrokenSinceJuly says:

      Don’t you mean Thea and Roy?

  7. Elyse says:

    Laurel sucks.

  8. Playhouse says:

    The placement was one of the first things I noticed, too. But it also looks like they are going for an alternating male/female pattern.

  9. Mary says:

    Could be better, but at least they use most of the cast. Once keeps on recycling images and doing solo pictures.

    • Christina says:

      Totally off topic with Once, but I totally agree. I’m sick of the same few images/individuals. I’d love a Charming Family poster.

  10. Nicotine says:

    If anything, I’m just satisfies seeing Felicity have such a prominent role on the poster. Hopefully that translates to the show. She’s my favorite character and she’s hotter than Laurel in my honest opinion.

    • Doug says:

      Felicity rules! (But bring back the glasses!) I would not miss Laurel.

      • liz says:

        Agreed! I love the glasses.

      • Olivia says:

        I love the glasses too. I really hope Felicity keeps her look. It’s nice to see a smart beautiful & quirky girl be a lead, regardless if she’s a love interest for Oliver. I hate when they take a normal- looking (by TV standards–she’d be considered gorgeous in real life) & make her suddenly super sexy. Why can’t smart & quirky be sexy–glasses and all. However, this is the CW, so maybe I’m expecting too much.

      • andrea says:

        Emily bett rickards said she won’t let them take felicity’s glasses, she maybe have better wardrobe and hairstyle but she still keep the glasses, except for undercover I think

  11. Laura says:

    Willa Holland’s character is named Thea. I was slightly surprised that Slade was on the poster at all, maybe we will be seeing him in present day?

  12. Lu says:

    1. How can Slade be more important than Laurel?
    2. And why, in the name of God, isn’t Stephen Amell shirtless?

    So, yeah, I didn’t like this poster.

  13. Nicole says:

    Slade or rather his portrayer was definitely made a season two regular so I can see him getting a spot on the poster. Also given his potential future importance from comic book canon, he’s a player in the world of Arrow.

    What makes me sad is that he took Tommy’s spot. Still not over losing him.

    Love that it’s Felicity and Diggle flanking Oliver as they are his crew-even to the exclusion of Laurel, LOL.

  14. LPala says:

    Yeah, boy/girl/boy/girl isn’t very creative, is it? On the other hand, crop the photo a little and voila, Laurel disappears altogether!

  15. Kayla says:

    Some people should do some research on who Slade Wilson is (spoiler alert, btw) in the Green Arrow universe.

    • Yas says:

      I won’t spoil (for those still learning), but he’s MUCH MORE important in the Teen Titans universe (at least in the comics).

    • The character in the comics is a blonde (though that tends to be a wig…)

    • Playhouse says:

      They’ve lightened her hair this season. It’s not full-on blonde during episodes but lighter brown with blondish highlights. A visual allusion to her moving toward becoming Black Canary.

      • Christina says:

        Except they’ve decided she’s not Black Canary in this universe…

        • M3rc Nate says:

          No, from what i know they are saying shes not Black Canary FIRST in this universe. They said at Comic Con that the person coming in as BC in the actions shots and stuff isnt Katie, cause how would she go from regular lawyer to super hero so fast? Oliver needed his 5 years on the island being taught by multiple people. So what seems to be the story is she will take up the mantle of BC and be taught by someone (maybe the BC that shows up).

          • person says:

            Theories abound that the current Black Canary seen in the promos is in fact Laurel’s sister Sara, and that Sara will train Laurel and/or die, causing Laurel to take on the Black Canary identity. The show has also shown at times that Laurel knows how to fight and can fend for herself since her dad had her take self-defense classes.

          • Christina says:

            Interesting theories – first I’d heard of them. I could see them going that route though, and having this BC train Laurel. That would at least give Laurel a storyline somewhat related to Olivers right now, since she doesn’t have the Tommy connection anymore (RIP).

          • Ava says:

            Jacqueline MacInness Wood as Black Canary (Sara) first sounds very fitting. I’d love to see that! Her eventual death spawning Laurel to take up the BC personna sounds plausible.

          • JC says:

            @Ava, it’s not going to be Jacqueline MacInness Wood (I had to look up who that was). They’ve recast – Caity Lotz is going to be playing that role.

          • Rajat Singh says:

            i thought Summer Glau was supposed to be the first BC. On the other hand it makes sense to make Sara the first BC. It would remove the final obstacle in the path Lauliver (Olrer?) as well as neatly justifying that maybe Sara was getting another type of training the entire time.

        • Temperance says:

          Actually, they corrected that… she’s not the *first* Black Canary in this universe….

    • Ryan says:

      Her hair color isn’t the worst thing about her appearance, although the false part I’m referring to is just as bad as an obvious wig. I don’t know if they thought to appeal to guys, but it’s annoying, when compared to Supernatural.

  16. John says:

    Interesting necklace on Felicity?

  17. radar says:

    no glasses on Felicity and Arrow with all his clothes on i noticed

  18. Dominique says:

    well tbh i think slade’s a much more interesting character than laurel. i like katie, but the character just doesn’t fit in, they need to get rid of her.

    • John says:

      As she evolves they will, in effect, be “getting rid of” the old character…. that’s seemingly in store for a number of them. Heck arguably transformation is the show’s central theme.

  19. Quinn Mallory says:

    great show, meh poster

  20. lll says:

    The only thing wrong with this poster is Slade/Laurel. Thea/Roy do have their own storyline as does Team Arrow in the front. Putting those two together just for the sake of this poster is a hot mess. They are not connected at all. And I agree with everyone about Laurel. Love Felicity more than her.

    • Yas says:

      Only connected in the idea they are Oliver’s main antagonists this season. Both of them will gunning for the hero.

  21. Cherry says:

    I can’t believe Laurel is taking a backseat to Felicity. What’s up with that? Felicity is a great character, she really is, but Laurel is the female lead! they need to make her more bad-ass. Not have Felicity go from her former self to simply a love-object for Oliver.

  22. what! says:

    Yea, I’m surprised it wasn’t an ab fest team effort poster! I tried to enjoy S1, just couldn’t do it. Hope SHIELD can pull it off, unless it’s a ALPHAS 2.O version.

  23. M3rc Nate says:

    Im happy with the poster except for Green Arrow. Where is the bow? an arrow? his hood? lol…at least have him holding his bow down by his waist or something. He just looks like a dude in green with his hands almost in his pockets lol. As for his companions, i love me some Felicity and Diggle. They are the coolest and best and its awesome that they are original.

  24. Drew says:

    The people who make the poster probably have no inside knowledge about the show’s writing or the importance that anyone will play this season. They’re probably told who to put on the poster and then try to make it look pretty.

    The artwork is not really impressive, but it promotes the show. Not much more that it’s supposed to do. I wouldn’t go looking for clues in it.

    As for the Laurel character… she wasn’t central to season 1. The Oliver/Tommy relationship was really where the season came together, which was done because of the Dark Archer story. Obviously, the character will become more important as the series moves forward.

  25. Luis says:

    What, no bow and arrow?

  26. I love how prominent Team Arrow is! I love the dynamic between Oliver, John, and Felicity. I would love to see some romantic development between Oliver and Felicity, but I understand that it may be a while until we see it (if ever, but I’m an optimist). I’m excited to see how Slade works as a series regular, and am also excited to see their plans for Laurel. It was unfair to her character, I think, that so much of her arc and development had to do with Oliver and being an emotional chess piece. I really admire her as a person for working within the system to help people and Starling City. Thea and Roy are an interesting pair, and I’m curious to see just how much about Oliver/Green Arrow they find in season 2.

  27. K. says:

    I love this poster, having Team Arrow up front is great, of course I’m a Oliver/Felicity fan and for Laurel she just bores me, hope they do something with that character! Also kind of interested in Thea and Roy being together and maybe finding out about Oliver…I don’t maybe in the pic Laurel is looking a little evil…or maybe she’s mad she’s not up front…lol

  28. Garnet074 says:

    Love the new art for Arrow’s 2nd season. It’s fun to see all the new people they bumped up to regular cast. I’m a big fan of Team Arrow and I’m looking forward to seeing the show delve more into the back-stories of them, particularly Felicity Smoak, who we know next to nothing about. I also really enjoy Oliver and Felicity, so I’m looking forward to seeing how their relationship expands, especially after that comic-con sizzle reel!

  29. TL says:

    Talk about over-thinking things…WOW.

  30. mrwalker1 says:

    I think the poster looks fine, poor Katie Cassidy got screwed in the photoshop dept though, that almost doesn’t look anything like her!

  31. Pepper says:

    That Colton Haynes guy is probably the worst actor I’ve ever seen. I’m not even sure he should be called an actor. A guy with a good jaw maybe.

    And Katie Cassidy, oh god. Every show I’ve seen her on, she looks like she’s trying to squint a tear out of her eyes but I have yet to see the day when she manages to.

  32. Mary says:

    Well, this poster clearly shows that the “Arrow” TPTB have listened to the fraction of the viewers who are involved in the Internet fandom, and maybe specifically the “shipper” fandom. I can see no other reason why the show’s leading lady and future Black Canary is hidden so far in the back that you need a magnifying glass to see her, while fan darling Felicity is standing right beside Oliver. That gives a pretty clear message to the fans/viewers concerning the direction the showrunners are taking the story…more “Olicity” fan pandering, more Felicity/Oliver storylines, while fan “unpopular” Laurel is relegated to a subsidiary storyline and her “not-so-dead” sister takes on the role of Black Canary. Judging by some comments here, they might as well get rid of both Sara and Laurel already and turn “Arrow” into “The Oliver and Felicity show”, with Diggle as their POC sidekick. If that happens, this viewer is going to jump ship-if the writers don’t have the integrity to tell the story they planned, I’m not going to bother watching anymore.

    • Kristina says:

      I’m not sure if it’s the actress or the character, but Laurel is flat and uninteresting. Small surprise Felicity, with her one-liners and awkward charm, took over as the fan favorite. I’m not sure I’m interested in an Oliver/Felicity romance, but I’m all for more screen time for them and less for Laurel. Sorry.

    • While I agree that pandering isn’t great, I also think that you may be simplifying the decision. Sometimes you plan to tell a certain story, but then you introduce characters who surprise you with how compelling they are. That has to do with actor chemistry, character dynamic, etc. It doesn’t necessarily mean the show doesn’t have the “integrity” to tell their original story, just that the story has changed in an organic way. I personally hope they develop Laurel’s character in a positive way. I like her character, I just don’t see her and Oliver being romantically compatible anymore.

      • Natasha says:

        This. Even if Felicity wasn’t even here, Laurel and Oliver and just terrible. Why would I want them together when he cheated on her, with her sister no less. And that, in turn, was responsible for her death. I’d rather Laurel have her own storyline that didn’t include romance with Oliver, because I just can’t root for them – too much has happened.

        • Exactly! Especially now with Tommy’s death. They just have too much baggage, and the way the writers have written the relationship makes Laurel seem like all she brings is drama. No wonder the audience reacted so positively to Felicity. I still would love Laurel on the show- I’d even still love to see her as Black Canary- but that does not mean her and Oliver have to be together. Arrow isn’t a live-action reenactment of the comics. There is no reason to believe they will follow them to the letter. And it would be beneficial to the show, in my opinion, if they didn’t.

    • Yas says:

      For that POC comment, you can jump ship…..with cement shoes!

  33. Kristina says:

    More Felicity and Slade/less Laurel is ok by me!

  34. Alan says:

    holy overthinking things batman, felicity is front and centre for the same reason diggle is front and centre, they are the ones who are going to be fighting crime with oliver from the beginning of the season so obviously they would be put at the front due to their prominence. anyway based on the quality of writing and acting for the characters last season deathstroke in front of laurel makes sense; people really took to slade so why not show him prominently so people can be interested to see him again?
    my only problem with the poster is felicitys lack of glasses, she better not lose them this season because they are a big part of her charm and help her to stand out from the crowd on the cw.

  35. JC says:

    Very interesting! Just my opinion of course, but I do think the relative positions of Laurel and Felicity mean something. Laurel is, or was, (supposedly) the lead female character and main love interest, yet she’s relegated to the very back corner, while fan favorite Felicity is right up front. Yeah, you can say it’s Team Arrow, but I still think it reflects a change in Laurel’s status in importance to the storyline. That positioning is a supporting character positioning, not a lead character positioning. I’ve said before that Katie Cassidy has been this show’s one big casting misfire. She’s really not working in this role IMO, she and Arnell have possibly the worst chemistry I’ve ever seen in a TV couple, and the character and pairing seem to be, at least from what I’ve observed, extremely unpopular, except among the comics diehards. Now I’m wondering if this is a response to that. Playing up Felicity, downplaying her, bringing in another character as the (first) Black Canary. Honestly, if they can’t get the character to click with the audience this season, I wouldn’t be surprised if she was written out. Killing off Tommy I think showed that they’re not locked into a particular storyline.

  36. abhishek says:

    i think Black canary will be played by Caity Lotz at first (as Laurel Lance’s sister) but something will happen to her in last of season which will force Laurel Lance to become Black canary…

    • JC says:

      I’ve seen a lot of comments saying something like this, and maybe so, but it makes me think about how last season it seemed like almost everyone expected Tommy to start going dark side in response to Oliver killing his father. But instead Tommy died. So I’m hoping they’ll surprise us again. Laurel becoming the next Black Canary after Sara dies is the completely predictable, see-it-coming-from-ten-miles-away storyline. I’m hoping they have something else in mind,

      • cas says:

        Well by something else in mind, I hope it helps Laurel’s character. Because I like her and I would love to see her play Black Canary.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      That’s my thinking, too.

  37. Eve says:

    I would write off this poster for the awkward leather folds alone.

  38. Bella says:

    As long as the show is worth watching who cares about a poster. Neither love it or hate. Though definitely love Felicity being up the front :)

  39. nflcruz says:

    Celina Jade (Shado) will enter in 2nd season???

  40. A fan says:

    What it looks like to me is they put Ollie up front and his team/the people who know about him next, and they didn’t want it to look like they were staging Slade and Laurel together, so they layered them. Although I’m having trouble telling that is Laurel. Perhaps it’s my bad eyesight mixed with unfortunate photoshopping. I always liked Katie as a blonde (I thought she was the superior Ruby) so the fact that she is going lighter is a good thing IMO.

    It appears Sara is going to be the first Canary, by what people are saying. That’s kinda depressing, I was looking forward to River Song (Laurel’s mother) being the original Black Canary. Just seems like kind of a waste to have someone like her on the show just long enough to freak out, cry, and never be seen from again. (That would be like if all John Barrowman did on the show was cut his son off and make a ton of money, and by that I mean the character.)

  41. everyone in the poster is their character, but “felicity” just looks like emily bett. won’t even get into the placement or the poor writing and misjustice done to/for laurel and katie cassidy but the poster is a character poster for everyone BUT “felicity”. sign 1 of how bad this show’s going to jump the shark tbh

    • andrea says:

      I think this mean felicity will have more field work, if you look back, felicity always take of her glasses every time she went undercover
      Everyone said felicity will have more action, so this kinda like her superman picture, they save her ‘clark kent’ persona for the show