How Miley Cyrus Got Tongues Wagging -- for the Wrong Reasons -- at MTV's VMAs

2013 MTV Video Music Awards - ShowThe morning after MTV’s Video Music Awards spectacle, perhaps an American Idol summed it up best. Upon sampling the kudoscast, Kelly Clarkson tweeted: “2 words: #pitchystrippers.”

Yet for all of Lady Gaga‘s calling-card outrageousness, her show opener (including a costume change into a seashell bra/thong bikini) was demure when juxtaposed with Miley Cyrus‘ scantily clad writhing during a “We Can’t Stop/Blurred Lines/Give It 2 U” medley with Robin Thicke.

PHOTO GALLERY | The Best and (Even Better!) the Worst of the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards!

Over the course of the six-minute melange, TV’s fallen Disney queen thrust her tongue about 20 times, pointed you to her special place on at least nine occasions and engaged in multiple iterations of what we will politely call “a– play.”

If 20-year-old Miley had mimed the dismemberment of Hannah Montana and subsequent burying of parts in separate graves, and then did a lap dance atop each of the headstones, it would have been less off-putting.

What Britney did with the snake years ago on the VMAs? Positively quaint, by comparison. Hell, even Thicke’s controversial “Blurred Lines” video itself came away from this looking almost classy.

My twin 10-year-old sons are both into pop music, so over the weekend I had the chance to cue up on the DVR a (curated!) screening of this month’s Teen Choice Awards (where “Austin” and Maia Mitchell presenting was for them a huge highlight). When Miley came on stage, they were agog. “What happened to her?” one asked, pulling from his Disney Channel-fueled knowledge base. I fumbled for an answer, ultimately settling for the G-rated, “Oh, she’s just trying to look tough” — since bedtime was nearing and I hadn’t the desire to define “hypersexualized.” (Note: Save for maybe a few red carpet moments and Katy Perry’s “Roar” closer, I shan’t be screening for the lads these VMAs.)

VIDEO | Watch Lady Gaga’s Full VMA Performance

One (the?) message of Miley’s VMAs peep show seemed to be: I have sex now, y’all. And sure, we get it. Child stars grow up and, often, act out. They shatter conceptions. They twerk with furries. And yes, Cyrus got tongues other than her own wagging as a result — though the majority seemed to be clamoring for a shower to rinse off the raunch of her display. Even her peers in the audience, as evidenced by cutaways, were anywhere from appalled to ashamed of her. For all the talk of blurred lines, Billy Ray’s little girl failed to recognize any in her unabashed bid to be bad.

One silver lining to it all: At least we know Vanessa Bayer will have new material to work with on Saturday Night Live.

Do you think Miley went miles overboard in her explicit display of All Grown Up-ness? Or would her critics also be shocked to find there is gambling in the back of Rick’s?

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  1. A says:

    She’s such a mess! There’s a thin line between edgy/rebellious and trashy. She has crossed that line.

    • grey says:

      Well said.

    • JCK says:

      Her attempt to appear “grown up” resulted in showing her as an immature punk. And as for sexy, other then her youth which might appeal to some, there’s nothing sexy about her. So, in the end, all she seemed was “available”.

      • toni says:

        I absolutely agree! I used to like her now she disappoints me. I wish these young talented people could make the most of their gifts and not act like trash that should be committed in a crazy hospital.

      • ajintexas says:

        lol, she isn’t doing much for women’s rights when she gets up on stage and gets bent over in front of a guy. People shouldn’t wonder why young girls get the wrong message about themselves when these are the role models up there on stage in front of the world bent over for a man like she is taking it from behind. Disgusting.

        • Britta Unfiltered says:

          Yep. If you act like a b*tch in heat, you’re going to get treated no better than a dog.

        • ConcernedMom says:

          It would be good if she would choose to use her talents and popularity to make a positive and constructive influence on the youth especially the girls.

          • Ariel says:

            I totally agree that she could use her talents and popularity to make a positive and constructive on youth, look at what going in the other direction has done for our society, i.e. teenage pregnancy, single parenting, not to mention the damage it does to babies born which usually doesn’t appear until the child grows older and repeats the same kind of behavior. There is also the toll it takes on the youth’s family and the resulting economic impact it has had on all of us.

            I say, she needs to take a larger view at what her kind of behavior has generated and stop telling people they are making too much of it. This is exactly the kind of thinking that has created more destructive behavior and because she is popular, teenagers want to emulate her. We need to say no to this kind of lude behavior which borders on pornography. Just because she does it and then rationalizes it, doesn’t make it best for our children, our community or our world.

            Miley, your behavior speaks of someone who has no regard or concern for how you’re supposed a good role model (which because of the immense negative reponse from mostly the women in our society, has become ludicrous and not to be emmulated which translates to your losing money and popularity.

            Ms. Ariel Laman

          • Patrick says:

            Why does she have to be a role model. Good or bad. She is in entertainment. It is not her responsibility to be your kids role model. Its yours. Everyone thinks girls have changed. Sure they dress more slutty then when I was a youth. But the girls had their own way back then. Short jean mini skirts, always flashing their panties. Girls have always been easy (basically whores) since I can remember. You make us pay for sex in some shape or form. Dinner, clothes, jewelry. And most women are not faithful, and its been like this for years and years. I’m 51 so its been awhile. Sex was not hard to get at 15 and never has been. If you don’t want your kids to see this then don’t let them watch. What do you think your daughters are doing anyway. Do they have a cell phone with the internet and able to make videos. Trust me your girls are not innocent. Back to the main point. You be the positive role model. Why don’t you sell your unnecessarily large home, your extra SUV, quit your job, and raise your child like a real women used to do back in the day.

        • whatever says:

          what’s wrong with having sex from behind? My girlfriend and I do it all the time, she says she enjoys it. Doesn’t mean I don’t have respect for her. There’s much worse than that in Mileys performance.

          • jay says:

            Go, have sex at a busy oxford street in London am sure you will go to jail. What is bad is bad. You don’t even respect your girlfriend

      • RobD381 says:

        Absolutely agree. And 10 year old kids saw the show. Once you see a train wreck and dead bodies or a porn scene you can’t take it back from your memory. Childhood lost. I am far from
        a prude but children who like music were watching – does anyone at MTV have morals or a sense of propriety that they would allow such a thing to go on? It could’ve been stopped.

      • seema says:

        she looked like an jerk and repulsive very shame full

      • me says:

        she is a pig slut problem is she had them all

      • Henri says:

        you are so right?!!!! there was nothing sexy about her performance, instead she came off as a child trying awfully too hard to appear seductive which she by no means achieved

    • Nick C says:

      nope. You all need to relax. It’s the VMAs. Madonna rolled around singing like a Virgin 25 years ago. Mothers have let their daughters dress like sluts and this is the result. Look in the mirror. I thought it was funny and kind of hot and at the very least entertaining.

      I don’t see you freaking about GaGa’s @$$ being on display.

      • outaline says:

        You using a hashtag was more offensive than anything Miley did

      • jestsaying says:

        But Miley wasn’t really performing. Was there an actual choreographed dance routine? No. She DOES seem to be going through a delayed puberty. This was not the performance of a 20 yr old seasoned professional. She couldn’t dance, walked around awkwardly on stage and kinda masturbated. Oh and stuck her tongue out like a 14 yr old would to show how “tough” she is. I’m sorry, Miley, you’re no Rihanna and you’re no metal god. It just looked pathetic, desperate, and like she’s hella horny.

        • Mary says:

          i agree. It looked like she was in heat and trying to relieve herself anyway possible! Man, lost respect for her and her entourage who is in charge of her lack of career now.

        • P says:

          Yeah what was with the tongue thing? How ODD!!! and the teddy bears? then add the rest of that mess., WOW. Awful, if she had something sexy and choreographed I could have lived with that, but she just looked stupid

          • Amie says:

            Amen! Have you ever seen a big ol giraffe with their big ol nasty tongues? That was by far a peformance that was just a mess! Im sure the bears had something to do with her current drug use. I hope the drugs are the cause of this mess because otherwise girl needs to be locked up in a big white coat lol

      • ginger says:

        GAGA didn’t masturbate on stage like a 2 yr old like Miley — she was totally disgusting.

      • Wen says:

        That you found this “hot” or “entertaining” tells me all about your taste level that anyone needs to know

      • RobD381 says:

        Miley, unattractive as she was, was imitating coitus on stage. Why do you think it’s okay? GaGa is her own problem. Miley spread it all out and communicated very clearly what she was doing.

      • nicolee says:

        Well that’s lady gaga, we knew that she would do something like that… Miley is getting outta control, ok we get it she wanna show that she is all grow up and everything but acting like a whore is not gonna take her anywhere.

      • Dave R. says:

        Nick C. – The difference between Madonna doing what she did 25yrs ago, and Gaga doing similarly sexually overt things today, is that they didn’t have a kid’s show on The Disney Channel called “Hannah Montana”, which was/is worshipped by millions of pre-pubescent ‘Tweens. Miley’s “obvious” pathetic attempt to break out of that mold was sexually WAY over the top (to the point of disgusting) and completely self-centered. So many of these female performs don’t “get” that, yes, they DO have great influence over their young followers. All younger kids, particularly girls, want to in some emulate the musical “heroes” in some way. Miley, whether or not she knew it, or cared; just gave the “O.K.” to all her young followers that it appropriate to act like a hyper-sexed slut. Something’s wrong with all these Disney kids when the try to “grow -up” (Britney, Christina A., and now Miley), as they all feel the need to use “sex” to establish themselves as an adult, and to be taken seriously. That “logic” is so far off the mark, it’s pathetic!

        • Patrick says:

          Dave R, girls have always been sluts. Nothing has changed. Its just more out in public now that everyone has a cell phone with the internet and can make videos. Boy I wish I had this technology when I was a teen. I guessing you have teen daughters and you personally were not so popular back in high school. If you were you would know young girls have always been sluts.

        • kat says:

          Britney and Christina didn’t danced with teddy bears on stage….all that makes all the difference. Miley is in T.S. Elliot’s Wasteland all on her own.

    • Cassandra says:

      This reminds me so much of when Christina went through her “Dirty”(or however she spelled it)days. Here’s the difference, Christina has actual talent so she was able to bounce back. I say this as a non-Xtina fan but I can’t deny the girl can sing, Miley’s talent is questionable at best.

      • Nat says:

        That’s actually a really good comparison. The difference is that Christina in her ‘Dirrty’ phase released songs like Beautiful, Fighter and The Voice Within, which hold up extremely well to this day, and she sounds fantastic on them. Miley vocally cannot pull that off, and her music is nowhere near that good. So when she’s performing in underwear…it is basically a stripshow.

    • Pérola Cardozo says:

      Rihanna’s face: “Hell, I’m so glad I passed this music, and… No, you’re not me Miley”
      I laughed!

    • Allyson says:

      I couldn’t have said it better than that!!!!! One day, and hopefully soon she will regret last night’s performance. I think she should be banned from performing at live shows until she can figure out how not to cross that line into trashy.

    • dude says:

      She crossed that line long ago. STD riddled hookers on streetcorners have looked classier.

    • mattie says:

      You need to watch once more and in its entirety for it was just a form of expression and people need to stop making more than it was. GET A GRIP PEOPLE

      • Peggy says:

        How does one talk “smart” about all the trashiness that’s on TV. As a society, we provide less and less reason for kids to want to excel. Where are any good role models for girls today? Bring THEM out on national TV….let’s see….who are those good role models, anyway?

      • tones says:

        and just what she trying to express?? that she can be a classless ho???

      • B Johnson says:

        I watched it from beginning to end again….TRASH, SHE LOOKED AND ACTED LIKE A SLUT…

    • Ron says:

      I so much agree, that was such a trashy performance. She has a voice, sell that instead of acting so slutty. Keep the sexual overtones to yourself, not when you have children in the audience that probably paid good money to see her performance. I am a very disappointed parent.

    • katstone says:

      Cheez, look at the number of comments on Miley…221. That means 221 people are talking about her so far just on this blog or whatever this is. How do you idiots think Madonna got herself going? by everyone talking about how slutty she was, how disgusting she was, what a pig she was, etc., etc. and Madonna laughing at you all the way to the bank. One nasty concert after the other…I love Madonna and everything she did to get where she is now, a beautiful, seasoned performer. So, maybe Miley is doing the same thing? Ya think?

      • mcb says:

        I agree. Get over it everyone. It was an outrageous performance, and there have been plenty of other more outrageous performances in the past. So what! Unfortunately in that kind of business the more outrageous you are the more famous you become. She’s not a little girl on the Disney channel anymore. I personally like her and for now she’s just doing what she has to do to survive in that business. Until she goes down the road of the likes of Amanda Bynes or Lindsay Lohan, and there’s no guarantee she will, I think she’s just doing her thing to make a statement. Actually, it was pretty gutsy. Give her a break!!!

    • SuzyQ says:

      Tell you what. People here in the states are hypercritical. Or, hyper-critical. Miley could keep that tongue in her mouth. That would be cool. But her antics aren’t any worse that any of these other performers, black or white. Male entertainers grab their crotches all the time. Case in point, Michael Jackson, Justin Bieber, etc. Some of the other performers did it too just after she did and I didn’t hear anything about that. Men and some women are into porn and that includes lots of husbands. (It’s a billion dollar bizness) Check out your magazines, they cater to the voyeur. Sex. Sex sells cars, motor cycles and everything else. Lady Gaga, is to me, ga ga. She can’t wait to strip and show off her body. She is a mediocre singer at best. Her show is all flash and no substance and people praise her. Ever heard, “comparisons are odious?” That’s what people love to do. Wonder what your bible-thumpers do in private. Probably with their clothes on and the lights out. Or, maybe not, huh? My point is, you have right to your opinion but that’s all it is.

    • MPD says:

      The term “porn queen” comes to mind. That wasn’t talent, it was trash. I feel sorry for her dad.

    • Dave says:

      She is trying to change her image from “Child Star”

      Sanky Ho Bag comes to mind. She needs some new advisors.

    • bob says:

      I bet daddy Billyray wishes he could turn the clocks back. Lol. I think she’s so nasty, I thought ladies GaGa was bad, she’s got her beat. They should not show her on TV. I can smell her from here.

    • Dalley says:

      I feel very sad for her father. He managed to keep her God given talent together all her Jr. and teen life. He did well. Now she is held responsible for all she does. She could end up like Whitney. Great gifts taken away and given to someone who will appreciate it and understand just how great they are. I pray for Miley. She’s a victim like Paris, Lindsey and Nicole,well, she is’nt anymore. Clean up Miley . Get back to business that’s what your good at! Shame on the married man!

    • africa says:

      she´s a star in her own right, don’t mess with a girl that has all her youth in the bag of honey and bunny’s when actually the immature twenty’s offered everything from self blame to self liberation, she still has the time of her life to go on and meet her mild judge. if anything shes sexy and naive and thats something you can blame all twenty year olds of.

    • This is our body we can do what we want? Thanks Miley for raising 30 million preteen whores. Hey parents what do your kids watch and who do they idolize. Trust in the arm of the flesh and its weeknesses will become you.

    • tery says:

      I totally agree….does she actually call what she was doing “dancing” or singing or even performaning?? I mean what tha………such a dissappointment to not only her fans but to her own self….I fell sorry for the girl…..

    • Harry says:

      Maybe if you and the commentator Matt liked girls a little more, you would have enjoyed her performance more. Lighter up girlie men!

    • M.G.Austin says:

      Yeah well; BET, MTV there isnt much difference between any of them anymore. This country knows that sex sells so they pitch it. Dont like dont watch is what my family and i do. There is lots of good music still being made, but that camera does things to some people.

    • annette says:

      Totally agree and I used to work in a strip club. Kind looks a lot like a feature except the feature showed more class.

    • laloba says:

      Agree. Making a fool of herself. Trying too hard to seem hard core or whatever. Maybe she is trying to stay relevant. Otherwise, she might be doing drugs too. Bizarre. Pathetic. Embarrassing. What wll she do next? Porn probably. I can see the poor thing dying of something bad in the next couple of years unless she changes her slutty image. Perhaps she should get an education or something-cuz the beech aint sexy-she’s a gross parody of desperation. Yeah, she must be taking drugs or something, I think. She must be f—-d up to get on a stage a act like that.

  2. Screw you Hollywood says:

    Ugh what about Alan Thicke’s man child… yeah Miley might’ve been a bit crazy but blaming a 20 year old girl for everything is low when you got that 36 year old married man with a kid but hey no one says a thing about that dude, it’s all Miley’s fault. OMGzzz look at what she’s wearing, omggzz look at what she’s doing… screw you. While Robin Thicke is just a poor angel in all this. Geez I hate the media. Screw you.

    • meme says:

      No one is saying Robin Thicke is an angel–FAR FAR from it. But he didn’t do ANYTHING last night except sing. SHE’S the one who ground her butt up against him. SHE’S the one who stuck that foam finger between her legs. She made an absolute fool of herself long long before he even took the stage! No one could make Miley do any of the moves she did last night. That was ALL ON HER.

      • Steve F. says:

        Yeah, plus Robin Thicke actually looked a bit uncomfortable with MIley’s “twerking” and whatnot. (Psst, Miley – twerking is when you grab your thighs and stick your butt out and wiggle. If you’re going to do that, at least do it right… and have the booty to do it!)

        • Carrie says:

          She doesn’t have a butt, so she wouldn’t be able to do it

        • jb says:

          Big deal I didnt see anything wrong with it. shes of age ,let her have fun its was her part in the show. She although needs to town her booty was a little saggy for a young girl.. Who cares let her have fun ,shes young.Geez !!!

      • B says:

        I’m sure both parties practiced this during the rehearsals so shame on both of them. She felt she needed to prove herself that she is no longer a good girl, but now a highly sexualised bad girl. She almost reminds me of Britney Spears by shaving her hair off being out of control and not having much self respect for herself.

        i still dont understand why she sticks out her tongue all the time and I do wonder what the thoughts are of her family and her poor fiance if she still has one. After the performance she gave she almost doesnt seem like she has much to lose, maybe she is already single.

        • Daven says:

          You can’t blame either of them…sort of. Blame the choreographers. This is as stupid as the Adam Lambert blow job dance from the AMA’s (I think it was the AMA’s anyway).
          Robin, for sure, just did what he was told, but I can’t see all of Miley’s performance being the choreographers doing (the tongue was a bit overdone).
          While Miely wants to appear ‘grown up,’ she’s getting very bad advice about how to go about it.

          • jestsaying says:

            You think someone actually choreographed this? There was no actual DANCE. Just walk here and do something weird, walk there and do something raunchy. Stick your tongue out. Repeat.

          • jestsaying says:

            That wasn’t choreographed. Walk, be raunchy, stick your tongue out, repeat. Oh and sing in there somewhere if you get around to it. The girl needs some dance lessons to learn how to move her body less awkwardly, especially if she wants to try to do the whole “sexy” thing. It looked like a performance a 15 year old would post on youtube- an imitation of what she thought a pop star would do instead of actually BEING a pop star.

          • Corinna says:

            Thank you! Finally the mention of the choreographers. Why doesn’t anyone put the blame where the blame belongs? They are at top fault. It is not like Miley chose to have oversized teddy bears dancing around her. I think it is disgusting to associate teddy bears(or any child product), with sex! Whoever was in charge of creating that performance should be in prison with pedohfiles. As for the music industry, It is insane what they get away with these days! They are leading Miley down the wrong road with her music, videos, and her performances. She is probably so confused that it would be next to impossible to stay grounded and /or remain strong enough to keep her true identity. I presume that the majority of the people that have posted comments are not christians? Because if you are, you would be suggesting prayer for Miley, also for the perverted, greedy people that make up most of the music industry. Instead we are sidetracked and our hearts are faulty which leads us to hurtful and negative criticism. Do not misunderstand my message. I too was shocked, disgusted, angry, and highly disappointed when I first viewed this performance. I could not quit thinking about it! But then I set aside my emotions,and took all factors into consideration, to get to the root of the problem, and this is what realized! Look at the amount of time everyone (Including yourself), has spent thinking about, reading about, talking about, and posting comments about Miley Cyrus and this performance! When instead, each and every one of us could have turned to Jesus with Prayer and we would have observed a change in the world that we might not ever see. Why? Because , once again we, myself included, let the evil one win by distracting us from the ways of of The Lord and causing us to fall into the ways of the world! How easy was that for him to lead us down the wrong road? With that being said, Now stop and rethink how, if we were in Mileys shoes, or any other star, we could be so easily distracted into going down the wrong road that leads to the evil ways of the world!! Now what are you going to do? As for me, I am going to PRAY, not only for Miley,and the people in the music industry. I will pray for them, but I will also Pray for you, and for myself, for us not to be so easily distracted into the ways of the world, but instead, to stay focused ways of The Lord, and on the treasures in heaven. <3

          • D. H. says:

            Looked like whoever did her hair was tweeking. She didn’t seem to be able to walk very well, either. As far as her performance, what does everyone expect? She doesn’t want to be considered a GOOD DISNEY GIRL any more and doing a very good job at totally ruining her reputation as one. She’s determined to have a bad, nasty, slutty girl reputation and she’s succeeding. I feel sorry for the one’s that had to perform with her, but of course they could of said no. It’s MTV, HELLO there will always be some outrages performance from a wild child trying to act in a bad adult way.

        • RobD381 says:

          It was reported the rehearsal was a “G” rated run-through, nothing like the final product.

    • Sami says:

      I agree with you. Anyone remember Christina Aguilera’s ‘Dirrty’ vid? I still don’t understand what the fuzz is all about. But you know, the media loves to jump on the next thing. With Lindsay Lohan on a clean path and Amanda on treatment, the media has pounced on Miley calling her a hot mess.

    • Jules says:

      Agreed the people goin on about how she is so ‘slutty’ and how she should be ashamed. Who gives cares about how sexual she is. That’s not even the issue with Miley, it’s actually about how she is being super appropriative and its really really obvious how fake she is so focus on the important part.

    • I don’t see anybody calling Thicke a poor, little angel but last night’s mess was all Cyrus. Thicke just stood there while she imploded around him.

      • Robin Thicke Sucks says:

        Uh Robin Thicke, he’s practically middle-aged, has been doing this for a long while and he knew exactly how it would look when Miley was grinding against his striped suit and grabbing his crotch in front of millions of viewers. He made the call to do it because he knew we’d be talking about him the next day. But no one says a peep about Robin because “he just stood there” “it was all Cyrus”

        • jen says:

          Wow, you must be a kid who grew up on Hannah Montana if you think 36 is “practically middle aged.”

        • S. says:

          Are you kidding? What are you? 15? Since when is 36 “practically middle aged”? I went from thinking Miley was trying too hard to noticing Robin’s face. He really seemed awkward which says something because this is the guy that had naked women dancing all around him in the video. THIS felt wrong to him because it’s not nudity or being sexual that’s the problem, it was the intent of her behavior. She’s trying too hard when she could get there just being herself. Organically sexy vs. making everyone feel like they needed to get a VD exam afterward. The cuts to the audience were hilarious. You have to remember, they all know the game she’s playing. It’s that shock value, attempt to be sexy thing that they’ve either done themselves or seen done by teen stars before Miley ever had a career. They know all the moves and were not impressed. Speaking of which, could someone please photoshop McKayla Maroney’s famous ‘not impressed’ face into a picture of Miley’s performance?

          • ajintexas says:

            Since 40 to 60 is defined as middle aged and for all of us who don’t have to count on our fingers 40 – 36 is 4 years away. So that’s practically middle aged.

    • CBWBDK1 says:

      Cry me a river miley fangirl. She looked like a cheap stripper!

    • ginger says:

      You didn’t even have the guts to post with your name — proves what your comment is worth — nothing!!!

    • RobD381 says:

      Whether it is true or not, it was reported that Robin Thicke had no idea she was going to pretend to have doggy sex with him. It distracted everyone from his song and performance so he couldn’t have gotten anything out of it. Besides Miley, direct responsiblility would have to fall on MTV for not having “technical difficulties” and pulling her obscene body off stage.

  3. Ant says:

    what an attention wh*re

  4. alistaircrane says:

    If Miley Cyrus didn’t give you a boner, you’re not a man.

  5. I can’t believe I passed on this to watch Breaking Bad.

    No, wait, yes, I can.

  6. holly says:

    well just puke, nothing else will suffice.

  7. Alisa says:

    I was positively disgusted from start to finish. If she is trying to prove that she is an adult, there are way more tasteful ways to do that. It was an absolute wreck, and I was embarrassed for her.

  8. Carrie says:

    Was she high? Sad.

  9. Kim R says:

    I don’t ever want to see another foam finger as long as I live. And for the record, I wouldn’t have wanted to watch this performance from a non former child star either. It was not sexy. Miley needs to learn less is more and let’s start with the tongue!! :(

  10. grey says:

    I’m soooooooooooooooo glad I skipped watching this entire show. I’m sre I slept better than most of American because of it. Ewwwwwww.

  11. TL says:

    I’m still amused that people think the VMA’s are still relevant.

    • Mary says:

      I do not think they are relevant, in fact I usually don’t watch. I tuned in last night to see Justin
      and NSync. Should of just stuck to watching him on you tube.

    • Delirious says:

      If you don’t think all the chatter/uproar/controversy stirred by Trashy C there is “relevant”… Yeah, the awards themselves are a bunch of crap, considering the current state and situation of the “music” scene, or how popular voting defines winners, but the gala itself seems to be relevant, judging by how everyone seems to be talking about it. Hell, I bet even Ben Affleck is thanking her for taking some heat off him.

      On a sidenote, I never thought it would be possible to feel dirty thanks to transatlantic telecasts. I still feel like I need a thorough bath almost a day after watching it, all the way across the pond, here in Spain. Hooray for trash globalization.

    • RobD381 says:

      Interesting to note an awards show for something they don’t do anymore – have music videos all the time.

  12. dcl says:

    Oh please she looked like a crack whore who just got back home from working the streets all night. The way shes been going is shes gonna either end up in rehab soon or join the 27 club in near future. MTV VMAs were never a classy type of award show, but c’mon… too much is just to damn much.

  13. Jules says:

    The slut-shaming Miley is getting because of this, just shows how f**ked up this world is. What’s worse is that women are shaming her. Terrible.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      Excuse me, but women who respect themselves do not act like that. So yeah, shame on her.

      • Jules says:

        LOL “women who respect themselves”… Man I hate today’s society, all these mighty high preachers telling “women” how to respect themselves. Puhhhlease.

        • Mary says:

          So women who respect themselves do this too? I must have missed when Hillary Clinton and Condaleeza Rice did this.

        • Miss Mel says:

          Yes, women who respect themselves. Women who understand that growing up and being seen as a mature adult is in no way related to taking off your clothes and touching your private parts in public. The girl talks about wanting to be seen as a serious performer, but instead of working on her craft by taking singing lessons or writing her own songs, she continues to grab for attention by pulling stunts like these. What’s going to happen when she’s not 20-years-old anymore and her body can’t get her by? If she had respect for herself, she would think about bettering herself and preparing for the future.

        • wrstlgirl says:

          There’s nothing high and mighty about it. A little self respect goes a long way. If being trashy gets you the attention you need then by all means go for it. That kind of attention I don’t need or want.

        • mags says:

          We women know that we have to respect ourselves first if we want others to respect us. Women who act like Miley did are not mature, no matter what their age. They don’t understand that you can be sexy without being sleazy. They are desperate for attention because they are insecure and lacking in self-respect. We see women like Miley and are sad for them, and don’t like to see them making such fools of themselves.

      • Bob says:

        She was performing no different than Spears or any other of the women of TODAY that are singers and performers…I thought she looked really cute and sexy even if she was a little over the top (agreed) but she’s young and doing what she does best…

    • Annie says:

      So women aren’t allowed to criticize other women for being a horrible representation of their own gender in Hollywood? Whatever. Surely Miley can “express her newfound sexuality” in a more tasteful manner. There ARE ways to do so.

    • B says:

      No she is shaming herself, Miley save that ass grinding, tongue flicking and finger bashing for the bedroom.

    • WWP says:

      Sorry dear, this wasn’t a private video that someone stole and posted on youtube without knowledge and permission. This was all voluntary on Cyrus’ part. Any slut shaming going on is totally earned. She’s the one shakin’ it for attention, not Thicke

      And let’s not forget that because she IS a pathetic & desperate wanna be, this was exactly what she was hoping for. She doesn’t have enough talent to make it on, like talent. So she has to go with the time-honored I’ll just be “controversial” routine and with enough smoke and mirrors no one will notice that she have no personal creativity, everything she do is manipulated and manufactured by others. Yes, it’s tired but it works. So really, save your slut sympathy & outrage for someone who actually deserves it. Cyrus does not. This was planned by her handlers.

  14. Patrick says:

    She obviously wants so much to be taken seriously as an adult. And it just isn’t going to happen. You are frozen in time when you ride the Disney train. So few of the headliners are able to move beyond those roles.

    • jen says:

      Plenty of former Disney stars grow up into normal adults. Timberlake himself. It’s fine that she wants to grow up beyond Disney, no one expected her to stay a kid, but she doesn’t have to do a 180.

      • Bob says:

        All the former Disney “women” think they have to do something outrageous to dump the Disney image. They end up looking pathetic. Cyrus last night, Spears for the last decade.

  15. wrstlgirl says:

    Disgusting and unattractive. The fact that she rehearsed and performed that routine just shows how classless this girl is. A performance like that does anything but prove you are an adult.

    • exBFF says:

      the fact that she clearly rehearsed this and no one…no one…had the decency to talk straight to her. At first I felt disgusted by the performance, but now I actually feel kinda sorry for her. She clearly has some major issues she’s working out very publicly.

  16. KSM says:

    It was weird, but I still don’t get why people are so upset about it. She is an entertainer going for shock value. This conversation is exactly what she wanted. She did a pre-show interview where she said she wanted to give a crazy, memorable performance. She achieved her goal. Because of the reaction this has gotten, people are only going to strive for even crazier acts in the future, so buckle up.

  17. Mary says:

    My husband said *exactly* what you said about her performance. Yeah, she gets laid, she loves it and has to let everyone know. Who cares. I also heard her mom was in the audience and gave a standing ovation. I hope that’s not true. Scary.

  18. Steve F. says:

    Well said, Matt. I always thought Miley was trying too hard to shake the Hannah Montana image. She should take a page from Hillary Duff and let the work speak for itself. (And a word to the wise to Liam Hemsworth – RUN LIKE HELL!)

    Just curious, but would your kids be okay with the JT/NSYNC performance? I thought that was rather tame for the most part?

  19. Terry says:

    So, Miley Cyrus as far as I’ve heard danced provocatively and America has grown a “social conscience” overnight and is mad about it. Have I missed anything?

    • Kim says:

      I’m not a big defender of America’s social conscience, the music scene, or hollywood in general. But this was not “dancing provocatively”. This was not Britney Spears with a snake or Britney/Christina/Madonna kissing and singing Like a Virgin. This was just bad. Its one thing when you put a routine together for the purposes of entertainment. Again I say its pretty sad what we call entertainment but still. This was a girl basically trying to have the closest thing to sex (and the over exaggerated porno kind of sex) on stage. The singing was absolutely terrible, the theme? I’m not sure teddy bears and tongues? I don’t think the guy was much better but at least his sounded alright. Miley sounded out of breath and like a 5th grader who was forced up there knowing they have no talent for singing so they just belt it. There was no entertainment value, it wasn’t even the shock and awe value. It was literally just the shock and ewww. Since America is left with nothing to comment on except what she (and he) just threw in our faces “Look at me! I’ve got sex sex sex”. If she’s all “I went through puberty and this is me grown up” why is she dancing with teddy bears and doing her hair like a deranged five year old?

  20. d4h8a15r16m23a42 says:

    I don’t see a problem with it. She can do whatever she wants, it’s her life.

    • Anne says:

      Not one person here is saying she can’t do whatever she wants. What are you talking about? They saying whatever she was doing or trying to do, she did it very badly.

    • mags says:

      Yes, she can do whatever she wants. It was a public performance, and we, the public, have the right to comment about it.

  21. John Anderson says:

    Unfortunately, I did not watch the MTV awards show. I only heard the reviews this morning news and also comments from David Maines from 100 Huntley Street TV talk show in Canada. David was really disturbed at Mily’s performance. It seems that Mily at the very beginning of her career was a very upright teenager, growing up in the church and getting her start in the church to show biz. She has had a good upbringing from her parents and now it seems she has reverted to being not a very good example for our teenagers. Mily, if I may advise if it means anything to you, please go back to your roots and aim to become a good example to the young people following you. Please do not allow money and fame lead you to a path you will regret in your future. Let the Lord guide you in all that you do and you will not go wrong. I want to let you know I do not condemn you in any way and just want to see you succeed in being an example to others.

    • gdv says:

      Um, you don’t have to go to church to know that performance was a bad idea. It’s called common sense. But then again, you’d think that believing in science was also common sense.

  22. Robin Thicke Sucks says:

    Is no one going to talk about Robin’s “rape song” so what we just given him a free pass on the morals and social conscience. Also if this was choreographed before hand, then why didn’t Mr. Thicke just stop a girl much younger than him from grinding on him. But it’s okay we’ll just say it’s Miley’s fault cuz you know she was dancing around sexually because hey we don’t see that in America today with all them shows, music videos, movies.

  23. cinthy says:

    what happen to her??? she is a great singer and a very pretty woman but does she have to do this??? It´s sad to watch

  24. B says:

    Zounds. That was a train wreck, but I’m more offended by her ruining the start of Blurred Lines with her awful singing.

  25. AstaIsaacs says:

    We can’t have double standards, rap music that Jay Z and the rest of them made is hateful, mean spirited and misogynist. I’d rather having her “performing” as a little slut than have Jay Z now be the bastion of goodness. Talk about hypocrisy. The VMA’s are like the Real Housewives of NJ, just the lowest common denominator of humans, people with no education and only the need to shock.

  26. I’m still trying to understand the point of her tongue hanging out of her mouth like a Saint Bernard on a hot day.

  27. Chicago Dan says:

    Good grief. A “shocking” performance is as old as when Elvis had to be shown from the waist up because his hips were doing things they weren’t supposed to. It’s all performance and entertainment. You’d think that 30 years after Madonna burst onto the scene, a generation of people wouldn’t be “shocked” by stuff like this. However, it got the job done. Oh, in case, you think Miley isn’t the real-deal – check out the ballad she released yesterday – “Wrecking Ball.”

    • alison says:

      I think I’ll wait to hear this amazing ballad of hers live, cuz she sounded okay in the video and what not for we can’t stop, but sounded horrible last night. Anyone can sound good with a decent sound guy which is exactly why she sounds better on the radio and pitiful in real life

    • Rich says:

      If she can’t do it live. She can’t do it. Anyone can sound alright with autotune. She is horrible live. And ugly, also.

  28. Lia says:

    The problem was not that it was “hypersexualized”. Everybody from Madonna to One Direction has tried to push the envelope on the “sexiness” in videos or on stage.

    The problem it that it was just so bad. The music, the singing, the costume, the styling, the dancing. It was all just so bad.

    If it had been a good performance (like when Madonna did Like a Virgin) it would not have generated that much controversy (maybe some religious and family groups but the internet would’ve been on her side)

    • THANK YOU! I’ve been sitting here reading these comments and thinking people just weren’t ”getting” it. I didn’t watch the show and I just watched the video and couldn’t believe it. It’s just so BAD. She is a stick thin little girl who is trying to show off something she doesn’t have. She is about as “sexy” as a 12 year old sneaking into her mother’s lingerie drawer and making a music video with her stuffed animals. If she was trying to show her maturity all it did was make her look like the dorky girl in her room dancing to rap music trying to be sexy. She has no coordination, her singing was horrible and she was about as provocative as paste. It was particularly bad when she was dancing in front of the women in the white costumes because those are super sexy dancers and she is out there bouncing in front of him like a drunk straight guy in a club.
      My brain can literally not comprehend this being put on air. Stuff like this is rehearsed, it’s screened. There are producers, directors, agents, managers… etc that all see this before it ever gets near a camera and was there NO ONE who liked her enough to tell her that she was about to humilate herself in front of the whole world? Not because it was too sexy but because she just wasn’t sexy enough to pull it off.

    • jestsaying says:

      Exactly this. I wish people would stop talking about the sex factor, because she’s going to just write that off as “haters wanna hate” and “people won’t let me grow up”. When what she really needs to hear is “you suck! go take a voice class and ESPECIALLY a dance class.” And she needs to know that the rest of us have had sex too and know where and what a vagina is so she doesn’t need to teach us. Seriously, she may want to be taken seriously as a grown up, but she still performs like an out of control teenager.

  29. MarciTwitches says:

    While I don’t disagree that Thicke merits his own discussion, men do not have to suffer the consequences that women do, sexually. We know it’s unfair, but pretending not to know it’s true can be dangerous for women. Rape is never the appropriate or fair result of a woman dressing provacatively or flirting etc, but to pretend that she still doesn’t need to be careful when she’s alone with a new man is silly. While Miley is an adult (if only technically) and is oh-so-freeeee to dress and act as she likes, it’s still idiotic to pretend she (and women in general) don’t suffer the consequences of that – everything from not being taken seriously to being considered trash to even worse. And it’s not just the nudity – this isn’t prudeness or women judging women for daring to be what they want – oversexualized, barely-legal, and unimaginative acts like this from girls whose maturity and intellect are nowhere near their behavior is what’s dangerous. Compare to Gaga: an actual adult, a freak (this is great), talented, doing theater, with things to say…she should do whatever she wants because she’s a conscientious adult who can be responsible for her behavior. Miley’s unique and unfortunate upbringing has clearly left her unprepared to do the same.

  30. PepperJo says:

    Horrible performance. Just horrible. Hypersexualized. Yes. Trashy. Yes. Slutty. Yes. Disrespectul to herself. Yes. Unwatchable. Yes. (I did stop watching it in the middle.) Embarrassing. Yes. Unredeemable. Yes (the performance, not the girl). Someone needs to speak some truth into that girl’s life. Or maybe they have and she just won’t listen.

  31. Angela says:

    For me the problem is that she made millions from a specifically cultivated fan base–young girls. Now she is spitting in their faces as far as I’m concerned. Look at Selena Gomez, she was a Disney kid and is now breaking into the ‘adult’ phase of her career. She is sexy at times but tasteful.
    Robin Thicke is an adult with an adult fan base and makes adult music.

    • Lia says:

      To be fair she was very young when she began the whole Disney thing. How many choices (creatively and etc) does a 15/16 year old has at that point? Yes, she made millions, but so did her parents and so did Disney. Should she forever be held into that high expatiation of what a “role model” should be? And is she going to be forever forced to do music to tweens?
      That’s why child stars end the way they do. Because when they grow up they have to make decision by themselves. And, like most 20 year-olds, they usually are bad/wrong decisions. And we, the public, decide that we don’t like them because they are not so adorable anymore.
      Miley needs to stop and decide what kind of artist she wants to be: if she just want to be on the news because of the shock factor or if she wants to be someone who makes a statement based on talent.

  32. Grant says:

    Sure, Alan Thicke’s son is a 36-year-old man dressed as Beetlejuice, but lets all shame Miley Cyrus. BTW I don’t give either of them a free pass. They both knew what they were doing, and in the end they got people talking. That’s what you call cheap publicity. This is not the first time it’s happened, so lets stop pretending this is shocking.

  33. trainwreck says:

    Venturing into the dangerous zone of a Disney-dosed teenager, I think Selena Gomez was everything we want to see in a grown-up Disney star while Miley was the absolute anti-thesis to that concept!

    • Brooke says:

      Selena has done very well, and so did Hillary Duff. Demi Lovato had some big bumps in the road but seems level headed enough to work it out responsibly. Miley seems to be looking at the wrong Disney teens to emulate.

      • Mikael says:

        To be fair, Demi Lovato’s issue was an actual mental illness, not a child star lashing out when they become an adult.

  34. DreamRose311 says:

    Robin Thicke was already starting to creep me out a little, now I’m really creeped out by him.

    As for Miley, I think there’s a big difference between giving a sexual/provocative stage performances, and saying ‘hey look, i’m sexual’. It’s the trying too hard factor. I think that’s part of what makes it come off so trashy.

  35. pfoggy says:

    Oh Miley, sad little Miley, your stink of Eau de Desperation just permeated the room like five day old fish. She’s so puerile. And so desperate to be taken seriously, and therefore all the more laughable. No matter what calculated and transparent stunts she pulls, she’s never going to be a tough rocker chick because she’s not creative personally, she merely and only a product. She’s always going to be a little girl playing dress up.

    • jestsaying says:

      This. You either rock or you don’t. She looks like she’s going down a checklist of how to be cool and badass. Clothes from Hot Topic? Check. Ironic props? Check. Stick my tongue out like KISS? Check. Spiky hair? Check. etc..

      • tripoli says:

        Yup. There is absolutely not an ounce of authenticity to this girl. If she wasn’t trying so hard in such an obvious manner, it wouldn’t be quite as annoying. That said, this performance just solidified my opinion that she can barely sing. That vocal performance was far more offensive to me then her desperate attempt at being sexy and mature. Take a seat, get some lessons, then try figuring out who you really are and want to be. Maybe then, the grown ups will take you seriously.

  36. WWP says:

    Oh Miley, sad little Miley, your stink of Eau de Desperation just permeated the room like five day old fish. She’s so puerile. And so needy. She works so hard to be taken seriously and in the end, is even more laughable. No matter what calculated and transparent stunts she pulls, she’s never going to be a tough rocker chick because she’s not creative personally, she merely and only a product. She’s always going to be a little girl playing dress up.

  37. Louise says:

    Obviously her goal with this performance was to create controversy and generate buzz around her soon-to-be-released album. It’s too bad her goal with this performance wasn’t to show that she is a capable singer and a self-respecting, strong young woman. She must not think that is enough to sell her music, which is unfortunate & downright depressing.

  38. Zoe says:

    Whoever the heck decided to make teddy bears her new tableau, or to throw Robin Thicke up there for no reason? (who I do NOT consider innocent in all this. I hate “Blurred Lines”. It’s a sexist, rape culture-promoting piece of trash.) And who decided to give her those ill-fitting spandex booty shorts? THOSE are the people to blame here.

    Miley’s clearly going through an excessively wild phase- she’s 20, people! I am not denying that the performance was horrendous- but I feel like the priorities are out of line here. Here Miley’s dropping the names of different drugs and attempting to twerk for the sole purpose of seeming grown-up. The problem here is not that she is going through a wild phase- it’s how she’s handling that phase, and how she believes the world will think her an adult for it. All it’s doing is making her look more immature. The tongue wagging, the twerking, the teddy bear onesie- those are not going to promote any maturity.

  39. Alex says:

    It’s not like she’s going to stop acting like this. Everyone is talking about her – that’s what she wants. whatever.

  40. I think too much is made of this silly mess. It’s a mildly amusing trainwreck to watch and amusing to read about people’s reactions. But I’m not sure ‘hypersexualized’ is the right word. It has this trying too hard vibe to it (watch that episode of Mary Lynn Rajskub’s Dickie where she’s trying to make a sexy video). The skimpy outfit, the thrusting, the Michael Jackson/Madonna crotch fixation, it’s all a bit too on the nose. And it’s just damn weird and so not sexy.
    For me, sexiness isn’t directly referencing or gesturing sexual things, but suggesting them with subtlety. You kids under 21 probably don’t know anything about this, but a good example for me is Garbage’s video for the song Queer. Shirley is mesmerizing in it with just her eyes and her singing.

  41. Allison says:

    People really should cut her some slack. We should be more concerned about her clear allergic reaction to something that prohibited her from keeping her tongue inside her mouth…

  42. Liam says:

    When Adam Lambert. Did the same thing but less provocative on the American music awards with another male, ABC banned him.

  43. Robby says:

    So if Miley didn’t wear a skimpy outfit or act suggestive, we wouldn’t be calling her a whore. Maybe she needs to dress like a good girl and smile for the camera like Taylor Swift…who just so happens to have a career based on songs she’s written about her 8 million ex-lovera. . Cause there’s nothing whorish about that…

    • wrstlgirl says:

      I’m no Swift fan and yes, she does seem to date a lot of guys but nothing anywhere says that they are ex-lovers. Just because you date someone doesn’t automatically mean you are sleeping with them :-)

      • Robby says:

        My point precisely! We would be ridiculous to jump to THAT conclusion about Taylor Swift. Yet, Miley, from what I know has only had one serious boyfriend in the last few years, yet she MUST be a slut because she dresses provocatively. That bothers me. Calling her desperate because she dressed provocatively bothers me. Saying she has no talent because she put on a provocative performance bothers me. And calling her a train wreck? Because of her performance? She’s a twenty something woman working through her identity and having fun. The labeling is annoying as hell.

        • Mari says:

          Umm… not calling Cyrus names, but if it looks like you’re doing the private touching of yourself and your teddy bears on stage? While not staying on-key? Or dancing well?

          It wasn’t just the ill-fitting nudewear.

    • tripoli says:

      People have said pretty awful things about Taylor Swift for years. Any assumed relationship she has is set in stone and added to her roster of exes. No one really knows if she actually dated or slept with many of them, but none the less, she is called a whore and such, time and time again. Miley seems to think her new found image is oh so mature and sexy. It’s her version, not ours. She’s free to do as she likes and the rest of us are free to offer our judgements since she’s putting it all out there and begging for us to comment. Your comment just illistrates that it doesn’t really matter what soemone wears, or how they act, the harsh judgement will be there regardless.

  44. i only have one question (and no, i’m NOT a Miley Cyrus fan):

    who is everybody talking about today?

    she got what she wanted, didn’t she?

    • Thyes says:

      If she wanted to lose the respect of, well, everyone… then yes, I do believe she got what she wanted.

      • RIP morality says:

        Who needs respect when your album (that isn’t even out yet) as well as 2 singles off it are all in the top 5 on the i-tunes charts. Yeah Miley, you go girl. (please read that last sentence with extreme sarcasm and disdane)

  45. Xime says:

    Well She have got what she wanted… Attention and controversy

  46. Notafan says:

    Miley is the female Justin Bieber and vice versa. They need to just team up and call it a day. They are both on this “I’m an adult, look how bad I am!” kick.

  47. She was officially ridiculous: bad concept, bad costumes and bad performance. From the pink pedo bears to the nasty-looking tongue lashing, it seemed like a Spinal-tape style parody of ludicrous award show excess. Talk about trying too hard!

  48. kelly says:

    If Miley Cyrus wants so demonstrate how “grown-up” she is by acting slutty, that’s her business. If she thinks that that tongue makes her “edgy and provocative” and “envelope-pushing” like Simmons, Jagger and Osborne were in the 70’s, that’s her right. But please, please, please, leave the teddy bears out of it. She wants to be seen as a grown up but keeps “playing with” (mast**bating) kiddie toys and that’s just gross.

  49. Silver Surfer says:

    I could care less if she was slutty or not. One thing she wasn’t was sexy, the other thing she wasn’t was talented. Sticking her face up that black girls big booty while appropriating black culture, was classless and tasteless.

  50. cjeffery7 says:

    she’s clearly going through a newly realized independence stage in her life, a la Justin Beiber, where she’s gonna do some crazy sh*t. go through the motions all you need girl, just dont expect me to be along for the ride. yikes.