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Hawaii Five-0: Melanie Griffith Is Danny's Mom

Hawaii Five-0 Season 4 Melanie GriffithDanny Williams’ mom is a Working Girl — of sorts, in that she will be played by film vet Melanie Griffith.

CBS announced the Hawaii Five-0 Season 4 casting on Tuesday, via their network Twitter feed. Could Mom be in town to check out her little boy’s new doctor-honey, Gabrielle (played by Autumn Reeser)?

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In addition to her long film resume — I’ll single out Body Double, just because — Griffith’s recent TV credits include Raising Hope, Hot in Cleveland and Nip/Tuck.

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H50 opens its fourth season on Sept. 27, now airing Fridays at 9/8c (sandwiched between Undercover Boss and Blue Bloods).

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  1. laura meakin says:

    Who is doing the casting for this show? I give up!

    • Daven says:

      Why? She was 21 when he was born (1957,1976). It’s a much better fit than Angelina Jolie being the mother of Colin Farrell in Alexander. She’s 11 MONTHS older than he is.
      Also, we know nothing of Danny’s upbringing or much about his family at all. She could have been a good mom, smart woman, not the slightly ditsy females Melanie usually plays (at least I hope she’s not ditsy. Typecasting 101!). We need to know more about the character before we lament the casting.

    • the dude says:

      I read that it was Scott Caan’s idea to cast her/

      • miracle says:

        That’s right. She also played his mom in his play “No Way Around But Through” they performed in LA during summer hiatus 2012. I heard they had great chemistry, and lots of fun. Let’s see how it works on H50.

    • Sharon Jensen says:

      Not only that- who writes for this show (no, I’m serious!)? But, to put it bluntly, Melanie Griffith is the last person I would have had in mind to play Danny’s mum. And they really
      should get rid of Catherine. She is all wrong for Steve. He needs a woman who will challenge him and refuse to give in to him (yes, let’s have plenty of sexual tension until
      the viewers start screaming at the television: “Would you two just do it already????”). Now
      THAT’S a “Five-0” I could enjoy!

  2. ” I’ll single out Body Double, just because”

    Cherry 2000

  3. Robin says:

    I’m getting tired of the stunt casting on this show. Wish I could be more excited about the coming season, and I’ve never missed an episode.

    • Linda says:

      Every show has guest stars. Why is it ‘stunt casting’? Would you rather see unknowns? Stop complaining about stuff that doesn’t matter and instead, hope for a good Season 4 and beyond, with better writing.

      • Robin says:

        A Jonas brother. Bruce Willis’ daughter. James Caan. One of those Jenner kids. Now Melanie Griffith, who hasn’t worked in years. this isn’t stunt casting??

        • Robin says:

          Oh, and I forgot Sean Combs. The majority of these people aren’t even actors.

          • miracle says:

            They might not be actors in the first place, but they all did well. I’m looking forward to Rumer Willis recurring in her role as Sabrina, and I’d like to see Sean Combs again.

            Now I’m curious about Melanie Griffith and her interaction with the cast.

        • Zeph says:

          Perhaps you should check your facts before spouting off. I’m not personally a major Melanie Griffith fan, but if you bothered to pay attention you’d know that she has in fact been working steadily both in TV and on the stage. The only other one I’ll bother addressing is James Caan. One, he’s Scott Caan’s father, and two, a major TV actor in his own right. So how exactly is this bad or, to use your term, “stunt” casting?

          • Robin says:

            My facts stated that the majority of them are not actors. Obviously i know James Caan and Melanie are actors. I’m entitled to my opinion, as you are yours.

        • libby says:

          melanie played caans mother in a play in 2012, HE asked that SHE play his mom on h50

  4. Lyn says:

    Sooooo … this means annoying troll Danny on “Hawaii 5-O” and cute little Sabrina on “Raising Hope” are brother and sister???

  5. Huba Buba says:

    I dont watch Hawai 5, but I guess I´m gonna have to start now..

  6. Linderella says:

    She’s a good reason to watch this show!

  7. Aloha - and good luck. says:

    Somewhere, Jack Lord is turning over in him grave. My goodness, what they have done to this new rev of Five-0. What next? A dog for Danny? Sad.

  8. Ella says:

    I’m still waiting for Danny to get back together with Rachel :( They were adorable, no clue why the writers broke them up.

  9. Linda says:

    LOL. This show is so stupid that all actors that have not worked in years or people that are no actors at all end up as guest stars.
    Next time Honey Boo Boo or Ronald McDonald will be cast.
    They would not be needing so many “guest stars” if the show had a good lead man, the wooden actor cannot carry the show.

  10. Sharon says:

    I’d like to have one of Danny’s sisters visit Hawaii and fall for McGarrett- but to act
    like she doesn’t like him. Nothing like a bit of ULST (Underlying Sexual Tension) to
    make things interesting. ‘Sides, McGarrett needs a new love interest. He and Catherine have NO chemistry whatsoever!

  11. Bonnie says:

    Who is the actress that plays Steve’s Mom?

    • Sharon says:

      Melanie Griffith, which I was rather surprised about. Isn’t she taller than Scott Caan? How’s that gonna work? I think Jacki Weaver (another Aussie!) or Talia Shire (since Danny
      is supposed to have some Italian blood in the family) would have been a better fit for the
      part. Just saying!

    • Sharon Jensen says:

      Christine Lahti- who is definitely of the right age to be McGarrett’s mum- and at least SHE’S not taller than Alex. But the storylines really leave a lot to be desired. You know what this show really needs? ME. I could come up with much better stuff than this sub- zero crap they call “entertainment”. Again, just saying!

  12. Elaine Braaksma says:

    Why are so many of the shows,Hawaii Five-0,for one, overpowered by the background music? It is so frustrating to not be able to hear what the actors are saying!!!