NCIS Exclusive: Meet Ziva's Successor

NCIS After ZivaNCIS has officially begun planning for life after Ziva.

TVLine has learned that the search for a full-time cast member to fill the void left by departing leading lady Cote de Pablo is currently underway at the CBS hit.

According to just-released casting intel, the new twentysomething female character — named Bishop — “is bright, educated, athletic, attractive, fresh-faced, focused and somewhat socially awkward. She has a mysterious mixture of analytic brilliance, fierce determination and idealism. She’s traveled extensively, but only feels comfortable at home.”

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The start date is listed as mid-October, which puts the newbie’s arrival around January or February.

Prior to that, the show will “rotate some fun people” through the agency’s doors. “The first two episodes are all about Ziva’s departure,” EP Gary Glasberg recently told TVLine. “And then in the third episode we introduce, for instance, a woman in her 50s who is a few days away from retirement and just needs to fill the desk time. She, in theory, knew Gibbs all the way back to the days of Mike Franks. So we’re going to bring in people like that and have some fun with different characters. And then, hopefully, when people are comfortable enough, one will walk in and be The One.”

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NCIS’ Season 11 bows on Tuesday, Sept. 24.

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    • Weezie says:

      Can someone please tellme if Dr.Mallard actually died on NCIS? I love his character.

      • Moxie says:

        No, he didn’t.

      • RoseD says:

        He did not die. He had a heart attack on the beach while at Jimmy’s wedding. He had received a cell phone call notifying him of the bombing at the NCIS headquarters building. While he was talking to whoever called him with the news he suffered the heart attack. Jimmy has filled in for Ducky but he’s back to work now.

      • megan says:

        he is alive and survived his heart attack xx

    • Mona torres says:

      Ncis writers have kept me entertained for 10 seasons, and while a lot of people have given some great ideas, I am going to trust the writers and producers to continue to do so. I am sure some of us will love the changes and some of us will not. One thing is sure this is one of the few shows on TV that takes me to watch each and every tues. Even repeats on usa cable. No matter what the changes or who shows up I hope it stays a great show that everyone continues to watch.

    • Jerry Parker says:

      My two favorite characters are Ziva and Abby. Tony was a tag-along. With the loss of Ziva NCIS becomes far less interesting and weaker competition for me for other shows on at the same time.


    • J. Lee says:

      Both my husband and I dislike the new character Bishop. She is not believable and her character does not add to the team. She is not quirky and cute. She is quirky and rude. They need another law enforcement person like Kate, espionage operative such as Diva, former military, etc.

      We did not enjoy the episodes with Bishop. The writing was disappointing, expecially the teams’ repartee. If she is the new character on the show, I don’t know if we will continue watching NCIS and we have watched every episode from the beginning of the show.

      • Theuresa Maven says:

        Besides the running around associated with Thanksgiving and Christmas, I’ve had a rough couple of weeks with Carter, Brody, and Mr. Harrow being killed off, so I only saw the first NCIS episode with Bishop in it. I actually like the character so far, very much like an obsessive/compulsive McGee. By basis for comparison is always how does this actress compare with Sasha Alexander, primarily because the original cast is usually the best cast. Heck, I still compare Gerald Jackson to Jimmy Palmer, and Palmer loses every week. I’m willing to see how the rest of the season shakes out before I make a decision about liking the Bishop character.

        • Lynda Nelson says:

          I think that they should have just had some really good guest stars for awhile like when they had Lilly Tomlin, Jamie Lee Curtis, Cheryl Ladd, and Dianne Neal. That would give them more time to get someone better than their current choice

      • Pamela Boynton says:

        I totally agree, Bishop looks and acts like a teeny bopper, and the men in the case act like silly boys around her.. she is no Kate or Ziva and i am done with NCIS, is more like a soap opera than a crime drama. Sorry to see Ziva go….end of show.

  1. Behzad says:

    In true CBS procedural fashion, the women keep getting younger.

    • Tav says:

      Was just about to say, all the guys on the show are pushing 40 at least (if not WAY older) and now they’ll have this newbie young enough to be their daughter.
      I wonder if NCIS fans will ~embrace~ her the way Criminal Minds viewers did “BAU Barbie” (forget her name, the JJ look-alike) a couple season back…

      • Dreamrose says:

        Ouch, that hurts! You’re thinking, I believe, of Rachel Nichols’s Ashley Seaver. I did think, back then, that she really did look a lot like JJ… It remains to be seen how viewers will react to Bishop on NCIS.

        I, for one, am willing to keep an open mind. Unless her being there totally destroys the show (which I doubt), I’ll probably continue watching.

        • Eureka says:

          Rachel Nichols would be a better replacement for Ziva (in my opinion) rather than the new very young Bishop, who is too good to be true..”she knows everything??????”

      • Amy says:

        It’s a different situation. The actress who portrayed JJ was fired and BAU Barbie suddenly showed up a few episodes into the new season. The actress who plays Ziva is choosing to leave and NCIS has a void to fill.

        • Tav says:

          Both actresses were pushed out over money issues. Difference is AJ was straight-up fired because CBS thought they could replace her on the cheap (and no one would notice/care). Cote was let go because they didn’t think she was worth the price (salary parity), and now they’ll hire some no-name actress for next to nothing. Same deal all over again $$$

          • Pennagirl says:

            No CdP left on her own accord per her live interview in France. Stop making this CBS and the producers fault. She was making more than some of her counterparts.

          • canadian ninja says:

            Seriously, they always say the actor chose to leave so neither the network or the actor look like they were bickering over a few dollars. It’s called PR. Stop making it Cote’s fault. It was just a negotiation that didn’t result in a contract renewal.

          • DL says:

            @canadian_ninja – Interviews on both sides have made it pretty clear it wasn’t about money, or “negotiations.” Cote decided it was time to move on. That said, I don’t think anyone’s making it her “fault.” She’s dedicated many years to the show, entertained millions of fans, and she’s under no obligation to continue if it’s something she’s not enjoying, or if she feels it’s holding her back from other opportunities. I haven’t seen anyone begrudge her the decision.

          • D.R says:

            Producers “Say” it’s Cote choice ,which I don’t believe. CBS has a thing about wanting to hire women at lesser salaries,till they complain. They only gave Cote a 2 yr contract while others got 4 yr. I Think the producers are full of themselves .CBS just 2 yrs ago did trimming of women who complained..Paget Brewster, A.J Cook from Criminal Minds till viewers complained , CSI let go Marg Helgenberger cause she wasn’t getting what other male leads got. CBS is Misogynist. There are a lot more examples that were never shown light of day. Keep going to CBS site and complain to bring cote back.

          • Lucie M says:

            oh jeez, Anna, you have THREE socks in this thread!!!!! DL is Anna. I know you anywhere. Matt please look at the IPs

          • michele says:

            money my cable Time Warner does not even have a contract with CBS because they are asking to much money for CBS which with ziva gone I might not watch it again the reruns with kate I do not watch my husband watches all but he loved Ziva it should not be over money she is rich she does runway gigs maybe she does not want to be tied down for so long these shows take a full day alot more then we put in and an hour show also more time even

    • CJS says:

      You say it as if it’s a bad thing ;)

    • The Rookie says:

      They should have cast a peer to McGee, like in S1 when both Kate and Tony were late 20’s early 30’s. She is younger than Kate was in S1, and almost Ziva’s age in S3. And there are good suggestions out there suggesting that she is married. I also think it could be very cool if she was a young mother, a military wife or that a sibling is in the Armed Forces.

      • Sheila says:

        Well, that might involve McGee getting more than five minutes of screen time per episode, which hasn’t happened in a long time!

      • Ooh! That’d be cool if she was a military wife. Maybe her husband is deployed? That’d be a great storyline and character to develop, without forcing the only female member of the team into a love -interest role.

        • Maria says:

          That would be cool, but of course no one (except Palmer) is allowed to be happily married on this show. I guess that’s too “outside the box” for NCIS…

  2. Just make it like Murphy Brown’s secretaries and keep it like that until the show ends, heh.

  3. She sounds like she could be fun as long as they don’t A. make her a Mary Sue or B. try to shove another romance down our throats.

    • John says:

      Oh my YES, by all the gods let her have a ‘romantic’ life, as she will, way way out of the cube farm.

    • Stacey says:

      Sounds like McGee is already taken by his girlfriend Deliah. And there is always a chance they will bring Abby into that realm. I am hoping it means Tony is taken, with Ziva. They are just committed to be together, off screen. So the new girl doesn’t instantly have sparks with Tony or Michael so they can ignore that, and say Tony is now serious, committed agent.

      • No, Tony will need to be a free agent to be a viable character. They won’t leave him connected to a character that’s been written out of the series.

        • Stacey says:

          He can be a committed man and still be a viable character. It’s already going to be a different atmosphere in NCIS with no Ziva. Tony will instantly will be different. And especially given eight years of push and pull with Ziva. I think he needs to be taken, so that the show doesn’t try to do the “Will they” with the new girl when she arrives. I don’t think it would work after eight years with Ziva. Tony doesn’t need to be single. And there is always a chance to bring Cote back later if she agrees, and Ziva or for the series finale to take Tony off. But in year 11, nothing wrong with having Tony tied down after camera. Then fans who didn’t want it, will be happy because they don’t have to see it with their two eyes. Doesn’t mean it will actually happen. But who knows.

          • Couldn’t disagree more. Tony being committed is a dead end for the character. As for “serious” now that the albatross is gone he can go *back* to being the “work smarter, not harder” Tony we love.

          • as524 says:

            Ugh – absolutely not. They’ve ruined Tony for 8 years by having ziva hang off him arm like a tumor. Tejas is correct – to be a viable character, the last thing for Tony is still have a written off character hanging around like a pus filled zit.

            Bishop sounds interesting – so long as they remember that she needs to have a college degree plus not be super-woman with her backstory.

          • I agree. I think it’d be really smart to put Tony and Ziva together as the actress is leaving, because then their relationship won’t be a focus of the show (thus not “ruining” it as so many delusional people claim it would). Just because Cote is leaving, doesn’t mean Ziva is. We just won’t see her onscreen. I’d like Tony to be in a committed relationship and have some happiness. Tony being a single player with a good heart was endearing for a few years, but he’s not exactly a young guy anymore and the longer it goes on, the sadder it seems.

        • yes, she's gone says:

          I hope they don’t tie him down with that albatross. Give him an off screen relationship, maybe we can find out he and EJ are seeing each other. No need to tie him to z, that would be a big mistake.

          • Lucie M says:

            ok this is tejas. hi tejas!!!
            how DO you do that? how do you always show up within ten minutes of any story about Ziva? do you have some kind of super alert? do you just sit her and refresh the page all day? i honestly want to know.

        • Angela with a broken heart says:

          Julia julia julia. Julia Julia Julia. I’m worry about you. That ,uch hate toward a fictional character it’s not healthy, Chica.

          • I also hate bad grammar, mushrooms and sour cream, but I don’t generally confuse fictional characters with real people, nor do I invest enough emotion in them to be brokenhearted no matter what happens to them. If consuming fiction causes you this much pain, you might want to consider cutting back for your own mental health.

          • Lucie M says:

            I can’t figure out how you are always there to post how much you hate Ziva within the first ten minutes an article that mentions her appears. Do you do that on sour cream message boards too?

          • Maxwell says:

            Actually LucieM, I believe it’s a high pitched whistle (like a warped bat signal) that once an NCIS article is posted causes the same demented people to appear each time and endlessly post ad nauseum their “hatred” of a fictional character–or jealously of Cote–either way they are seriously annoying. (Plus, judging from the know-it-all attitude, are very “obviously” in the know about everything that will happen on NCIS–yeah, right……that clicking noise you hear is me rolling my eyes.)

      • AngelMoon Girl says:

        I agree, Tony and Ziva have had too long a storyline going on about their romance for it to just *end*! I really hope they are together offscreen. Only then will I have the desire to even keep watching. But it’ll be painful either way. My favorite character will be gone :(

        • There *is* no romance. Nothing is canon and if we’re very lucky it will stay that way.

          • John says:

            To give them credit they gave it a trial run in Paris, were apparently not impressed, and as reasonable adults and teammates simply moved on…. and I’m okay with that.

        • yes, she's gone says:

          There was no romance between Tony and z, Tony wouldn’t be caught dead with a creature like her, and if she would have had her way, he would have been dead, or she would have killed him. If that is your idea of romance, pleae seek help before it’s too late.

          • There is dense, then there is delusional. If you don’t *like* the fact that Tony and Ziva have a relationship with romantic undertones, then just say that. But you trying to pretend it’s not blatant in the show, is ridiculous.

      • Gene McWilliams says:

        Tony is old enough to be serious, but I doubt it

    • Dreamrose says:

      Completely agree – we don’t need a super-perfect character to stand toe-to-toe with the team; uber-characters are, quite frankly not only boring, but also annoying. (Wesley Crusher, I’m looking at you!) And we definitely don’t need another in-team romance, either.

      • John says:

        uber-characters just like uber-villains. Pelant and Wilcox for instance…… annoying on their good days.

        • Dreamrose says:

          Ugh, can’t stand Pelant. I’m on the fence with Wilcox.

          One of my favorite villains of all time is Christopher Heyerdahl’s Todd from “Stargate: Atlantis” – he wasn’t out to take over the galaxy, he was frankly more interested in just surviving. If that meant working side-by-side with the heroes, so be it – of course, you couldn’t trust him beyond knowing that he was always looking out for Number One. He also had, shockingly, a sense of humor. Put this together with ‘life-sucking space vampire,’ and you get a good idea of what he was like!

          • John says:

            Yes, re “fence”; Wilcox last night was a bit less omnipotent and I liked that.

            I’m not very optimistic about Pelant in that regard, they’ve written him WAY over the top to retreat now.

    • yes, she's gone says:

      Agree with you there, but no one can be more of a mary sue than, “she will not be named”. Sounds like she could be a military brat, that might be fun.

    • Laurel De Mello says:

      From LDM in Hawaii. I am disappointed that Ziva is leaving the show. I watch every episode of NCIS and all the repeats. It is such a great show.
      My only thing is not to give Jamie Lee Curtis a regular part on the series. She is too showy and bossy. Leave Gibbs single, he still loves his first wife. I know all about being in love with my first boyfriend and now he is gone.

  4. John says:

    How about Josie Loren (did a guest spot on Castle and killed it)

  5. Annie says:

    She sounds a bit too young to be a romantic interest for anyone on the team, thank god

  6. Midori says:

    How about Amber Tamblyn? she lies joining shows nearing their ends. :)

  7. Carol says:

    Will watch first 2 episodes, then be done. Show will never be same or as good wants Cote leaves.

    • John says:

      I’m just the opposite, I’ll (at best) dvr the first two and ride on from there. If the big “romantic” payoff are some flashbacks to their one and done in Paris I’ll get around to them eventually.

    • It’s going to be MUCH better without her.

      • Addicted-to-Caf-Pow says:

        It’s not that I’m saying that you cant’ have your own opinion because everyone have their own opinion, but why would you say the show will be better without her? I love her character, she’s an amazing, crazy ninja, that is really special! Why you think the show will be better without her? Because all the romance that has with Tony will be over? (I’m in pain about that) Do you really think that if they would have put another character, they wouldn’t make it have a romance with Tony? What do you think it would have happened, if Sasha was still on the show? THE SAME. However, she has a beautiful interaction with all the characters, and I’m going to miss her, a lot!

        • John says:

          Well, for myself, the jarring mis-fit of having an active Mossad assassin on an American Naval agency team will be removed. Constantly having to dismiss the “WHY is she even there?” thoughts get’s tiring. As for Tony’s love life? There’s a lot of life outside the cube farm. McGee has by all evidence done just fine in that regard for example. NCIS, from what I can tell, is not a lonely hearts club, it’s an investigative Navy agency. And getting further back to that would be an improvement to me.

        • Ziva has been a dead end from a storytelling standpoint for years. She was a one season character at best and never did fit in well with the rest of the characters. She stuck out like a sore thumb. That aside, the show needs new blood. As MH has said several times, they get better every time someone new comes in. Dealing with a new character in the mix; a new actor in the mix, sparks everyone to new heights. So yes, I do think the show will be even better without her. Hopefully, the new cast member will be able to act.

        • Pepper says:

          “What do you think it would have happened, if Sasha was still on the show? THE SAME.”

          That’s kind of sad that for Tony, the only requirement for a romantic relationship is that the other person is a woman. That means there’s nothing special about Ziva. Or Tony. It only means that no one’s paying attention to the procedural part of the show, only the few minutes after the credits roll and they are “goofing around” until Gibbs shows up behind someone.

          • keydazy says:

            I miss being interested in the actual cases.The ‘goofing off’ and family moments cannot make up for solid story telling. I’m still waiting for some fresh ideas from the writers.

        • Pete says:

          Those of us who understand real life romance, rather than just a fantasy love affair, don’t see chemistry between Tony & Ziva. Yes, Tony cares for his team-mate in exactly the same way he cares for McGee and Gibbs and no one is claiming that there is a great romance between Tony and either of them. (Yes, there are Tibbs and McNozzo shippers, 99% of whom are polite enough to enjoy their ship without forcing it onto any of the other viewers, unlike the Tiva shippers).

          Ziva doesn’t even seem to like Tony, she has no respect for him and treats him as something that should worship at her feet. That is no basis for a relationship. And that is without even delving into her anger management issues: she has attacked him and others before and shown virtually no self-restraint, especially when it comes to following orders.

          I liked what we appeared to be getting when Ziva was first introduced, but it went downhill from there, she is not a good role model, nor an example of a strong woman. In fact she has been badly and inconsistently written, to my mind. But then the whole lot of them have been inconsistently written especially in meekly accepting her back into the fold when she admitted to being something other than she had claimed to be.

          Many of the viewers who have been watching since before Ziva was invented are actually looking forward to a season that doesn’t revolve around her.

          Dear Lucie, before you go accusing me of being Anna again, remember that I KNOW I am not her – and if your powers of deduction are so blinded by the belief that everyone loves Ziva/Tiva to the point that you deduce that anyone voicing an opinion that doesn’t agree with yours must all be one person using aliases, it doesn’t bode well for your powers of deduction over what has actually happened between CBS and Miss de Pablo.

          I have no worry about Matt checking my IP address because I have only ever posted here under one name – and no reason to do any different.

      • yes, she's gone says:

        Agree, no more drama, no more spoiled brat, no more snark, no more put downs. A fresh start for a great show.

    • Frank says:

      Couldn’t agree more, Carol. MAY watch a couple of the new episodes w/o Cote/Ziva. But doubt I ‘ll be as loyal a fan. NCIS will have one viewer.

    • Austin says:

      I totally agree. Cote De Pablo’s absence from NCIS will leave an Unfillable hole. Pay her the money, She’s Worth It!!

      • Elizabeth says:

        I agree 100% Austin, the show will never be the same without Cote. According to an article I read about a week ago, money had nothing to do with it, Cote just no longer wants to do the show. She was offered more money and turned it down. Doesn’t really matter, it’s going to take someone really special to fill the void.

  8. MJ says:

    Well I won’t be sticking around to watch this casting addition happen, so I guess it’s irrelevant. Will be interesting to see what happens to the ratings…

  9. NoChance says:

    By her description I like her already. McGee, though senior to David always seemed junior to her even before she became an agent. It looks like he’ll be getting his own “Probie”. I’m definitely excited to meet her and see how she fits in with Gibbs, Tony and Tim. And by extension Abby, Ducky, Vance & Palmer.

    • I really do hope she’ll be a complete probie. That’s what they’ve needed on the team for a long time.

    • ncis4evr says:

      I like the idea of a fresh-faced, idealistic Probie. I just hope they write her character better than the show has written females in the past. And I hope they get back to a team that actually respects each other and acts like they have each other’s six.

      • Pete says:

        Once they have cast a woman, maybe they should just write her as one of the team, rather than “the woman”. They might just manage to write a believable character then. And, please, no romance, the first 2-3 seasons with aimless flirting between them all worked much better and was more realistic.

  10. ragincajun says:

    They should cast Bex Taylor-Klaus (Bullet from The Killing).

    • John says:

      At 19 or so (IMDB says she moved to LA “at 18” in 2012…) she’s at the very low end of “twenty-something”. Haven’t sen her in anything so can’t judge her acting fit.

      This is a lead agent team as I see it so someone too obviously green would be an awkward fit to me. College interns don’t start with the first string. Then again, ARE they the first string anymore given the season finale? Maybe not.

  11. ME says:

    Alona Tal would be the perfect Bishop

    • Lucie M says:

      How ironic would it be to replace Ziva, an Israeli character played by a Chilean actress, with Alona Tal, an actual Israeli?

    • thra says:

      I had quite enough of her show destroying ways with her unwelcome and ultimately terrible appearance on Burn Notice, thank you.

  12. Emily Rose says:

    I would hope the next agent is as believable as Ziva. She’s the first actress playing a law enforcement officer that does NOT wear 4 inch heels, tight skirt and dangerously low cut top to chase the bad guys over hill and dale, single handedly catches, arrests and handcuffs without messing her hair or spoiling her manicure. Ziva was totally believable as a tough ass kicking NCIS agent. Please get another just as believable!!

    • yes, she's gone says:

      z was not believeable as anything but an abusive, spoiled brat, that never took responsibility for anything she did. Violence was her answer to everything. Hopefully they will get someone totally believeable, someone completely different than mary sue david.

    • Sylvia says:

      Agree that the character should be believable, attractive, 30 at least and enough fun to fit in. Please don’t overdo the last one. Keep it balanced!

  13. Jena says:

    It would be nice if they get a female character of color instead of the same old same old of CBS casting.

    • John says:

      Hence: Josie Loren. And unlike that embarrassment on RED, she could actually speak Spanish…..

    • klia says:

      Yes, please! I keep hoping CBS will diversify, because Elementary is a hit with Lucy Liu and Person of Interest is a hit with Taraji P. Henson, but those characters started with those shows. When they introduced Lori on Hawaii Five-0, she was appalling AND she took screen time away from Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim, so it was a huge FAIL.

  14. AngelMoon Girl says:

    No. Just no.

    I don’t know if I’ll even continue watching once Ziva leaves, to be honest. It’s all about how she goes and how they leave Tony and Ziva. If they get together and let a relationship continue off screen I’ll be okay. If they leave it open and let them be together in the final episode, I might be okay with that and just watch the show when I have time. But if it ends badly, and on top of that throw Tony together with this new girl… NO. That’ll really be the end for me :/

    • as524 says:

      and the entitled faction is still…entitled. Really hope they leave T&z where they were in the finale – friend -zoned. Of course she still belongs behind bars or deported but the last place she belongs is in Tony’s arms.

    • lucimorland says:

      You could come up with all sorts of rationale for Tony either being with or without Ziva. But from her perspective, if she’s leaving (not just the show, but leaving the DC area — maybe to Mossad, or just back home, or god only knows), there is no way SHE would be in a relationship with him.

      She’s already lost so many family members that I doubt she would take another job in the war on terror but maintain a long-distance relationship with Tony.

    • Pete says:

      Please, I am trying to understand why so many people who seem to want the great Tony and Ziva soap opera were even watching a crime procedural with, you know, actual cases to get in the way of all the soppy soapy stuff. Why?

      I watch for the crime drama and what were once beautifully drawn characters – most of which have been sacrificed to this Tiva faux romance. Because even if they haven’t “done it” onscreen, the emphasis on the pair of them has already had exactly the same effect on the team dynamic as two people from a group of friends pairing off.

  15. Grace says:

    I am hoping that the new agent is married. It will be a nice change where she is worried about spending all her time at work instead of at home. Then Tony can find love somewhere else. It is sad that Palmer is the only married one of the group. NCIS LA is the same way….everyone is single except Sam. It gives the character a different perspective on cases when they have a family at home.

    • John says:

      If not married (and the character seems written a bit too early in her life for marriage) at least anchored out of the frame of the team. That seems to be something a lot of writers have trouble with, everything has to be within the frame of the show. Nothing leading outside the box….

      • Lucie M says:

        twentysomething is early for marriage? not in real life. certainly not in the navy, they marry young.

        • JC says:

          I agree, but we’re talking TVLand here, not real life. Main characters who are married (on or off-screen) are few and far between. Especially younger ones.

    • The Rookie says:

      Or with a child, it would be awesome to get that mother’s perspective and see someone who can relate to the families. Focus more on cases and on military families. In my opinion, NCIS’s DNA still JAG’s but they should try to get better storylines, get the families more involved and change the teams area of investigation more like on the first 3 seasons.

  16. Marty says:

    If comedy doesn’t work out for Mary McCormick, bring her in! Same for Diane Krueger, she is great on “The Bridge”, but that one will probably continue to be a cable hit…

    • JC says:

      Aw, I miss In Plain Sight. It would be hilarious to see Mary Shannon go head to head with Gibbs and Tony (McGee, I think, would be smart enough to stay out of the way).

  17. DeeKaye says:

    I just want the care-free, FUN Tony back. The unattached, free-spirited happy-go-lucky DiNozzo was and always will be my favorite of the team. And Gibbs too, of course!

  18. tangolightly says:

    How about Cote de Pablo? She’d be great at playing that character.

    • John says:

      She’s not available.

      • Lucie M says:

        Anna, when you use your fake accounts, and you try to pretend you’re different people by replying to the same posts, it’s still not convincing.

        • John says:

          You really should try and respond with more accuracy. Not that I haven’t been there with the size of cellphone screens eh?

          Beyond that I was the ONLY reply to that post so once again multiple replies to “the same” post under different names???? Good luck with that.

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

          Once again: Talk about the show, not each other.

          • Lucie M says:

            Matt, please check IP accounts, they don’t lie. Anna is a multiple personality offender.

          • John says:

            OR simply block whoever this “Lucie M” harasser is and be done with it. Endlessly doing that “Anna” thing on so many of my posts is rude harassment. IMHO at any rate.

            I had started coming here to discuss a bit a show that’s part of a lineage I’ve greatly enjoyed since the first JAG where Bud’s future dad and brother (?) were dressed up as fisherman to pull the crime of the week out of the “Med”. (that repertoire aspect of the lineage has always been something I was fond of). Getting followed from post to post with repeated “replies” unrelated to anything I can see is extremely unwelcome.

    • as524 says:

      she was never able to do ziva convincingly….beyond that, here’s hoping she never casts a shadow over the set again

    • Leslie Leonard says:

      I don’t understand why go to so much effort to making NCIS the number one just to let it go over money CBS is making there money I don’t think you can keep jacking around the fans who make everybody rich and then blow them off I agree with above Criminal Minds, NBC is trying real hard with there line up fans can get fickle and pissed off when you jack with a show too much

  19. Kathy says:

    Oh goodness. Tony and Abby are 50 and Gibbs is 60. Isn’t time for these people to retire. Now they are going to bring in a 25 yr old and think people are actually going to think that she is going to want to hang with these people.

    • yes, she's gone says:

      She doesn’t have to “hang’ with them, she’ll be working with them. Not all agents are as blessed as the entitled david, with everything handed to her on a silver platter. You have to start somewhere, a BS degree, an American citizen, and have gone through FLECT.

      • blw says:

        I love all the characters on NCIS. Actually, ZIVA was requested to join the team, and when asked to take the shot, she did (as Gibbs requested). When Tony shot Michael, and ZIVA left for a while and came back, she apologized to Gibbs and Tony. And, in one episode, she became a US Citizen – remember? To those of you who didn’t like ZIVA for whatever reason, it is the way her character was supposed to be and the way her storyline was written. I think Cote did a great job portraying that character and will miss her.

    • NoChance says:

      Uh, Gibbs is about 54 (around 18 when he joined the Marine Corps in 1976). Tony 43 (was 32 in Season 1). Abby 40-ish (put her turning 30 in Season 3 when Gibbs told her “I even remember how old you are” when she though he forgot her birthday). Tim around 35 since he said he was 12 during the talking teddy bear episode.

    • Alex says:

      Thank you! it’s like no one in this show grow up! Abby looks like a geriatric Gothic (let her dress like an adult please!) and Tony’s jokes and behavior are too stupid for a middle age man. The show is over, nothing interesting happens anymore. And before some ask, I watch it because my husband kind of like it, but he is also getting tired. The only funny thing about Ziva was his language mistakes, the rest… too cartoonish: “I’m so strong, I have no feelings, I feel no pain”. Uggghh. So tired of those too perfect characters. And now they´re bringing a Barbie?

    • Andrea says:

      We’ve had Kate who had some experience with working with the Secret Service and Ziva the Super Action Figure. Why not go to the other end of the spectrum with inexperience? This way Bishop is neither like Kate nor Ziva, and she can hopefully carve her own professional identity from there.

  20. sccates says:

    I know this won’t be popular, but the rundown of the new person sounds like it is made for Sutton Foster, late of Bunheads now canceled pn ABC Family.:

    • Andrea says:

      Aubrey Dollar from Women’s Murder Club and Point Pleasant comes to mind as well, but she has red hair. Since that’s often been associated with Gibbs and relationships, the hair color gives me pause. I would definitely NOT want the writers to go there with Bishop.

  21. Fan says:

    NCIS is an aging show and it was showing. Week after week of the same stale plots, characterizations, everything was becoming same ole same ole.
    A character leaving and a new one coming on board is going to be a great. A new life. A new beginning.
    The writers will be challenged, finally. The cast can have something new to work with, so they will be challenged. It’s all very exciting, and once we get passed the first 2 episodes, the new season will begin.

    I really, really, really hope this new agent won’t be ziva 2.0. Didn’t like the first incarnation – at all.
    Please let her be someone new and different.

  22. Jason says:

    I think they should give Shelley Hennig an audition. She had a great quick guest spot on Justified, and her most recent MTV show – a comedy I think – was cancelled. So she has drama and comedy on her reel…and whatever The Secret Circle was (just kidding). <3

  23. grant says:

    andrea parker

  24. JCK says:

    IMO the writers for NCIS simply can’t write for female characters except Abby. I’d like them to bring Tea Leoni in as a non NCIS mate for Gibbs, but I doubt the writers would make her likable.

    • Lucie M says:

      Abby is a horrible character. she is FAR too old for the part as written, and her episodes are terrible. She is lucky she has a job.

  25. TVDIVA says:

    I like the idea of a revolving door for characters until they get the “right” one. I remember all the temps and secretaries on Murphy Brown being hilarious. On NCIS, there could be lots of fun.

    • Pete says:

      Yep, I liked the idea that they would try different characters until they found one that seemed to fit, but if they are already casting for the permanent character then it looks like it isn’t going to work like that. Sadly.

  26. Andrea says:

    Margarita Leveitra (Fauxmanda on Revenge)

  27. JC says:

    “Twentysomething”? :( Why not thirtysomething? Or fortysomething? I was hoping for an older character, not a “probie” youngster.

    • Kate says:

      McGee’s the thirtysomething. Tony’s the fortysomething. Gibbs is the fiftysomething. So it makes perfect sense to introduce a twentysomething into the team. It’s the perfect situation to have someone to teach, and someone to make the mistakes without looking like an inexperienced fool, and will balance out the hierarchy of the team.

      • JC says:

        Each to their own, but I just don’t like the idea of the only woman on the team being the green rookie. I’d rather have a female character that’s on an equal footing with the boys (Tony and Tim). Someone more along the lines of Abigail Boran (not her exactly, but some one like that). But whatever. I stopped watching the show last year anyway. I keep looking for a reason to come back, because I did enjoy the show for a lot of years. But it doesn’t look like the show is going to give me any, between the very-Tiva Ziva exit, and now this.

        • John says:

          Sure, more JAG’s Mac, but the hierarchy doesn’t have that slot available… leaving the newcomer desk to fill. But given the list of attributes, in particular “analytic brilliance, fierce determination and idealism”, they can easily write her holding her own much like they did with Kate: a newcomer but not a “newbie”. Just takes the right backstory and given this (at least has been) the first string, adding someone with heft simply makes sense. The person getting added just HAS to bring a lot to the team or it will be jarring and a distraction.

          The analytic brilliance looks to play off McGee a bit, which could be fun: I like that character’s development and depth.

          • JC says:

            “they can easily write her holding her own much like they did with Kate: a newcomer but not a ‘newbie'”. That’s true, but having her so much younger, plus the “freshfaced…idealism” screams rookie agent. Maybe it’s not, in which case I would rethink my opinion. But i do not want a young female probie to play tag-along little sis to the older boys (with all the accompanying pranks and harassment that you might imagine would go along with that particular dynamic). I respect that others may like the idea, but it’s not my cup of tea. Give me an older agent with some experience under her belt that the guys would respect.

          • JC says:

            Which is to say, I don’t disagree with you about what the team needs. I’m just a whole lot less optimistic about how it’s really going to play out.

          • John says:

            Agreed. Which is why they have to play the game.

    • Pete says:

      Actually, a probie doesn’t have to be a youngster. Gibbs must’ve been early thirties when he became a probie – after his career in the Marines.

  28. Pennagirl says:

    As long as EJ Barrett doesn’t come back that will be fine. How about the woman that played on Hawaii 5-0 and 10 Things I Hate About You (movie); she was Julia Stiles sister.

  29. The Rookie says:

    How about moving Emily Prentiss from the FBI to NCIS.? Paget Brewster would OWN this show! And her interactions with Gibbs/Tony would be epic.

    • bladewalker says:

      I think your idea of Emily Prentiss moving over is great. Also I would love to see Abigail Boran be in the spot. Or how about Olivia Wilde? I really don’t want Cote to leave but they had already changed her character from the wise cracking, self confident, able to hold her own character she was when they had first brought her in. I think that made her character weak and too soft. But I hope whoever they bring in will be strong, focused and they let her shoot and fight. Of course thats just an opinion and everybody has one. Thanks for letting me post.

      • bladewalker says:

        Oh, just thought of something. How about the actress that played Faith on Buffy the Vampire Killer, Eliza Dushku?

  30. Kate says:

    Hooray! I finally get the probie I’d always wanted. I just hope they get someone fun, loveable, but above all else, a terrific actress. NCIS being in the no.1 position will have the pick of the crop as far as actresses go and I’m sure the new person will have a ball with this amazing group of actors.

  31. Jack D.Wahl, Jr says:

    I know this is kinda out there… Hallie Hirsch as Mattie Grace Johnson, the adopted daughter of Captain Harmon Rabb, Jr USN .

  32. CBWBDK1 says:

    This is terrible! She will be replaced by some twenty year old bimbo.

  33. real sparkler says:

    Sure hope they end up casting someone based upon obvious chemistry w/ the team and not a forced PC choice for the sake of it. Vance always reminds Gibbs he wants the team to look more like him (background-wise) and less like Gibbs. Got to be a smart combo of attributes. McGee still needs to be smartest kid on block IMO. She should be understatedly pretty, idealist, fit, intelligent, but not know-it-all. Eager to learn, maybe even lean on McGee behind Tony’s back in a positive/endearing not romantic way. Should have some special skill or particular trait she does really well that the other 2 don’t have and Gibbs will come to rely on her for. Hope they don’t make her flip or arrogant rather more spunky and quirky but cool and not have a climber mentality but a team player at all costs. Above all, she has to have ultimate respect for leader Gibbs…not like EJ who obviously didn’t appreciate him ’till her time was up! For those of us still watching, guess we’ll see,)

    • JC says:

      Ultimate respect for leader Gibbs? You mean like Gibbs treated her with so much respect? I didn’t even like EJ, and I hope she never comes back, but the way Gibbs treated her was absolutely obnoxious. I don’t think I’ve ever disliked him more (and he used to be my favorite character).

  34. ZivaFan says:

    I doubt it’s a coincidence that this casting news comes on the heels of Cote de Pablo’s behind the scenes video with Latina Magazine in June where she did not at all come across like someone who had one foot out the door. She could have given vague statements about the show but she came across as looking forward to the new season. First CBS claimed that Cote did not return due to contract length, then it was that they offered her tons of money but she refused. Which is it? Also, this casting news sounds like they are going for an unknown and likely “inexpensive” replacement. I think we have our answer as to why things didn’t work out. CBS, you’ve lost a diehard NCIS fan over how you’ve treated Cote. You’ve dragged her through the mud in the press and made her out to be greedy. While I still love the rest of the NCIS team and the actors that play them, my love of NCIS has been tainted and I can’t watch it anymore.

    • as524 says:

      They’ve done nothing that you are saying they’ve done – CBS has treated cdp like a queen throughout this and cdp has remained silent – with no statement or anything, which could carry a lot of weight with the small faction of lunatic fans who have more conspiracy theories about her leaving than were seen for Pearl Harbor or JFK’s assassination.

    • Lillian says:

      Perhaps it’s both. She wanted a one-year contract at more money. They offered her a 2-year, at less money per year. She still would have had a raise. If they had offered her one-year, at the 2-year rate, would she have accepted? They may well have done that, but we’ll never know. Also, since she was keeping these private, if she had hinted she was leaving in the interview, she would have given away her cards. Of course she’d express what she’d like to see in a new season; doesn’t mean anything. I’d say she overestimated her worth and CBS wasn’t willing to give her the keys to the castle, so she walked. She’s not in the same league as MH when it comes to negotiating. Or MW, for that matter. She simply acts and does little promo. Why pay her more?

      • Lucie M says:

        is this the same “Lillian” who found the obscure Salt Lake City article and said the same exact things? because, once again. Anna. Never saw so many socks in my life. Matt, once you block Anna, the Ziva haters will magically decrease by half. she has done this for years.

        • Lillian says:

          Matt, I beg you to check IP addresses because this Lucie character is getting ridiculous. I assure you, I’m a real person, unlike Ziva David.

    • Cathy Hudson says:

      This will cause a lot of Ziva fans to stop watching the show. Either give her, her own show or give us a new Director. I lot everyone else on the show. She makes the show. I don’t know why they(CBS) wants to put more stupid trash on like BIG BROTHER, rather than pay her whatever she is asking. She is well worth it. Pay the woman. She is an excellent actress. Is her pay in accordance with the men on the show. I am just wondering. No CBS wants to put more dumb shows on. I will stop watching CBS period if they let her go. Oh well that is why they are not very high in the ratings.

      another Ziva fan

      • Judith Scott says:

        NCIS is my favorite program. It came as quite a shock when I heard the announcement that Ziva was not returning this season. It really does not make a difference to me as to why she will not be back, I will just miss her aggressive ways and her air guitar. She was a private person and I could identify with her tomboy persona. I hope her career goes a long way. I just liked her.
        a comment by Judy from Texas

  35. AFan says:

    Beth Riesgraf, I know she once played Max(Gamer) but shows bring back a one episode character all the time as a completely different regular character. “Bright, educated, athletic, attractive, fresh-faced, focused and somewhat socially awkward” how could it not be Beth Riesgraf, she can play that description perfectly. Plus, she is a great actress and was great as a member of a team on Leverage.

  36. Dee says:

    It’s funny how everybody jumps to conclusions and automatically assumes that she will eventually be a love interest for someone.

    Newsflash: NCIS was never about romance or people getting together. It was a crime procedural with interesting characters working for the Navy.

    • John says:

      Absolutely. That the characters could have emotional anchors outside the office was firmly established in the very first episode with none other than GIBBS closing the episode, for the first of numerous times over the early years, by getting greeted and picked up by a stunning woman in an even more stunning convertible!

  37. Guest! says:

    Everyone who is interested should watch the Behind the Scenes video on You Tube of Cote at her Latina Magazine shoot. She answers questions about Ziva and season 11 and it doesn’t sound to me or look to me that she was planning on leaving. Something definitely must have happened in negotiations on CBS’s part. They said they did everything to keep her-well if they felt that way, they should have offered her the year contract that she wanted. That way all of the cast would have been up for renewal at the end of season 11, including Mark Harmon who only signed a one year contract. All of them together would have had more collective bargaining power, so I can see why she wanted to go with a one year contract. What most people do not realize is that the contract is with CBS, not NCIS. If the show would have ended at the end of the year, everyone else would be free to pursue other projects but not Cote. CBS would have owned her for however long they wanted the contract to be. Pretty shady on CBS’s part if you ask me. So, I really do believe that the fault lies with CBS even though Cote made the decision to leave. Her hand was forced.

    • Lillian says:

      She wanted the year with more money. I wonder if she would have accepted if they gave her the year with less money – the amount they offered her for a 2-year contract. Even if she had a 2-year contract, she could have negotiated an out if the show ended before her contract ended. The good thing, though, is that CBS could have put her in something else. Imagine having a network insert you into shows so you didn’t have to audition. Pretty sweet. As for the video, she played her cards close to the chest. While she made noises in the past about possibly moving on, she gave no indication of that to anybody. That’s why GG was so certain she would be back. She would have certainly entertained hypothetical questions about a Season 11, even if she were considering leaving. No need to burn your bridges early. She didn’t make her decision until the very last minute. Perhaps she overestimated her worth. Only MH gets a one year contract, she’s not in his league by a longshot.

  38. Spot13 says:

    The question is – who can give Tony a run for his money? Who’s going to handling the fight scenes – Gibbs? Will Tony suddenly develop skills? What exactly is so horrible about a romance? Love her or hate her Ziva created a passionate response. You would think a NCIS Field agent would be a woman but looks like the “Boys” at CBS are going for eye candy. Always loved Tony’s big happy smile – don’t see that happening any time soon thanks to CBS’s policy of never paying women what the guys make.

    • John says:

      ” new twentysomething female character — named Bishop — “is bright, educated, athletic, attractive, fresh-faced, focused and somewhat socially awkward. She has a mysterious mixture of analytic brilliance, fierce determination and idealism. She’s traveled extensively, but only feels comfortable at home.””

      ALL you got out of that was “eye candy”? FYI? twentysomething females ARE “women”.

  39. Lucie M says:

    I don’t mind a new character at all, and a little youth would be a good addition. How about casting someone non-white?

  40. fan1 says:

    People need to stop speculating that Cote was asking for a ridiculous amount of money. CBS said they offered her a lot of money and then some more money. Maybe it wasn’t about the money. It seems that it had more to do with the contract length. I do not believe that she would hold out until the last minute and leave the cast and crew hanging like that. I think she had every intention of returning. I believe that this was just an unfortunate screw up on CBS’s part. If you have a desire to do movies or theater you do not want to be forced into a television project that you are not interested in doing because you are bond to a contract. To imply that she is a prima donna or a diva or greedy is insulting.

  41. Sharon says:

    I agree with Lucie. I am really sad about Zva leaving, but since she is let’s get a character of color.

  42. John says:

    Not to back off my support for Josie Loten but in honor of Franklin & Bash being on tonight how about Dana Davis?

  43. I have watched and enjoyed NCIS from the very beginning and watch the reruns and marathons to this day every day they are presented and will continue to watch them.I enjoy
    All the actors that appear on the show. Sorry to hear that Ziva is leaving and I wish her well
    in the future. So far the originators of show have done very well, being #1 proves it. I have every confidence they will make the right choices in choosing a replacement and we will continue to enjoy NCIS.

  44. michele says:

    this is really blowing my mind I loved Ziva plus our time warner cable does not even have CBS on there cable they say it would be to much of a raise on us if they buy CBS so we get a dumb pay for view to replace it come on time warner make a deal so I can see a great Actress go off in a nice way I do not watch shows with kate in it It just did not do it for me I may no longer watch the show as I am picky about what I like if they bring in someone that clicks I watch if not I could care less if time warner buy CBS this year CSI does not get it for me any longer so we shall all see what we get????

  45. This is such a great show. I have full faith that CBS will cast someone who fill Ziva (Cote’s) shoes well! Now for those of us who want to audition…. I wonder how we would go about that!

  46. judi says:

    why is she leaving

    • John says:

      The actress and the production company couldn’t reach an agreement on a contract.

      • John says:

        Added: That’s the reason the actress is leaving, they’re going to keep why the character is leaving under wraps until the very lat moment of reveal I expect to build the suspense.

  47. I hate to see Ziva go but she is not the heart of that wonderful show ,never was, the original cast ,Gibbs ,Tony, McGhee,Abby , Duckie and Jimmy are the backbone of this great show . I will continue to watch this show and enjoy.each and every episode. Goodbye Ziva,will miss you.