True Blood Recap: Die Another Day

true blood recap season 6Though Sookie gnaws open her own wrist to revive Warlow in “Life Matters,” this Sunday’s True Blood – the season’s penultimate – she refuses to allow Bill to take her fiancé away to save all the series regulars from the Sun Parlor of Doom. “Get Eric to give everyone transfusions,” she suggests (not verbatim) before blasting her ex out of fairy land. “After all, since his attack on Warlow, he has more of the half-fae, half-vamp’s blood in him than Warlow does.” But it doesn’t turn out to be Eric who gets drained and plays the hero. Who does? Read on and find out!

THE MORE, THE BURIER | After Sookie Star Trek beams into Terry’s funeral – possibly the longest memorial in recorded history for a B player (I loved him, too, but half the episode? Really?) – we catch up on the latest gossip (Hoyt’s mama reveals that he has a homely new girlfriend), flash back to the deceased’s first encounters with Arlene, Sam and Lafayette, and get treated to a somber musical number. “I really don’t see,” Grandma Bellefleur remarks afterward, “what was the point of that.” Priceless.

REVENGE IS SWEET | Meanwhile, Eric daywalks into Vamp Camp, turns loose the prisoners and rips! the! junk! off! of the torture doc who infected Nora with hep V. Later, happening upon Jason looking particularly anemic, he heals the hunk with his blood and teases, “When you dream of me, dream of nice things.” Next, Eric’s about to kill the resident shrink… until the sleazoid brags that he’ll die happy because he got to bang Pam. Hearing this, Eric decides to save the “honor” of dispatching him for his firstmade.

true blood steve dies season 6DON’T LET THE SUN GO DOWN ON ME | Just outside of Vamp Camp, Sarah – blathering Bible quotations every step of the way – scales the Sun Parlor of Doom and exposes Jessica, Tara, Willa and Co. to the light. But aha! She’s too late. Bill has already made his way to Vamp Camp, finished what Eric started with the torture doc (by stomping on his head) and realized that he doesn’t need Eric at all, he can use his own Warlow-saturated blood to feed and thus save everyone. The only fanger not spared? Steve. Thrust into the glare by Eric, Sarah’s former husband looks up at her and yells, “I love you… Jason Stackhouse!” Classic.

LIVE TO TELL | Being fed on by a roomful of desperate vampires takes such a toll on Bill that Lilith’s version of the Supremes – you know, the three bloody, naked Lil Liliths – show up and tell him, “Your time on earth is over.” To which he responds more or less, “Hell to the no!” And luckily, all it takes to perk him up again is for James to feed him back some of the blood he so generously shared. (Gee, that was easy!)

THE TURNING POINT | Upon apprehending Sarah, a furious Jason yells that if she can talk to God, he can talk to Jesus, and “he says to tell you you’re an average [bleepin’] lay.” Aca-ouch. Jesus also says it’s okay for Jason to bring a permanent end to Sarah’s reign of terror. But when push comes to shove, he just can’t pull the trigger. Nearby, Pam and Eric exchange a meaningful look. “Don’t you dare leave me,” she whispers. Yet he does exactly that, flying off into the wild blue yonder.

OK, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Did you enjoy the funeral? (I was a big Terry fan, but did he have to be eulogized by even cousin Portia?) Were you relieved or disappointed that Jason didn’t do away with Sarah? Do you think Eric is really gone for good? Hit the comments.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. katrina says:

    Grossest ep ever!

    • TK says:

      Best human moment, in a very human funeral, amongst the human residents of BonTemp.

      Its so rare to watch a show about vampires that actually focusses on the human condition every now and then.

  2. mk says:

    Great Episode IMO! I’ve loved the Vamp Camp storyline this season, and crazy Sarah Newlin is the best!

    • Alrisha says:

      The only thing that could made this the best episode of the season would be see Sara Newlin for good. Most annoying character ever.

      • KevyB says:

        I’m with you there. Though there is another episode. I thought her NOT killing Jason meant she would come back next episode and kill him (maybe) or maybe kill someone else (Eric), which would make Jason upset that he didn’t kill her after all. Or she can be the Big Bad next season… somehow. But she’s more pathetic than scary so I don’t know how that would work. But she is the only human left that knows what went on in Vamp Camp so she could always be the brains behind the brawn. Again.

  3. alistaircrane says:

    Loved this ep! Best of the season, and one of the best ever.

  4. Janie says:

    I just hate how far Sookie is from the vamps- it’s like she’s on a different show at times. Also what is the point of showing us scary Warlow and then abruptly changing into sweet and loveable Warlow? Will we get more info on that? It was that easy for Billith to save the vamps and then get better again? Don’t get me wrong, this season is far better than last year but still not as good as it used to be. And Jason should have killed Sarah.

    • nancy says:

      Would have liked Bill to reach out to Sookie for help – bring them back together and get the story line of Lillith gone for good.

      • Jewels says:

        I’m over both Team Bill and Team Eric. The show has destroyed both vamps for me. Neither are likable. Sookie and Warlow are intriguing. This is the first time in a long time that I have craved to see two characters on the screen together on this show.

        The show needs to move forward. Honestly, I loved terry but wanted to fast forward through the funeral parts. It was a bit much.

  5. Alrisha says:

    The funeral goes forever. So pointless. Bill only took a vial of blood and he’d been walking around for days and also gave blood to the others, so not buy it. Bill killing the doctor? stupid. If he wanted him to suffer should let him blood out to dead. Please, let Sarah be gone for good. I can’t stand her. Hope the show finally find it track again, kind of been lost for a while now.

    • Brigitte says:

      What drove me crazy was how quickly they would switch back and forth from funeral to vamp camp. Gave me whiplash!!

  6. Ruby says:

    I love this show with my whole heart. This is my favorite season since season 2. Absolutely love it.

  7. ashley says:

    Best line of the night goes to Ginger near the end when all the vamps went to party: “Drinks on me!” she says! Gotta love her!!!!

  8. S says:

    Come back Eric.. come back! Eric and Jason were my favorite parts about this episode.. I loved how Eric saved Jason and then they were working together <3 Eric saving the day yet again! I hated how the vamps were practically worshiping Beel yuck. Also, I liked Terry don't get me wrong but did they really need to waste all that for a funeral?

    • ken1313 says:

      This Terry stuff is leading to some big shock in the finale…….Terry must not really be dead. I kept expecting him to pop up out of th ecasket

      • wrstlgirl says:

        I read an interview with Todd Lowe in TV Guide. He said he was relived it was over so he didn’t have to keep it a secret anymore and also talked about some of his new projects. Seemed pretty definite to me, I don’t think he’s coming back.

  9. Toby says:

    They had better not rob us of Jason’s dream of Eric!

  10. L says:

    I liked the vampire stuff.. but fast forwarded through the endlessly borring funeral… happy Terry is gone.. no more stupid B plots involving smoke monsters… the show needs to get rid of a few more extraneous characters.

  11. Kathy says:


  12. Kathy says:

    Loved this episode do much. What was the name of the song??

  13. IMHO says:

    The season already had 2 episodes cut it seems stupid to waste almost an entire episode on Terry’s funeral.
    I was hoping that BOTH Sarah and Steve Newlin would make it out of this season alive they are hilarious. RIP Steve.

  14. I liked parts of the episode. Im glad that they are changing the direction of the show because the bulk of the episode was on Terry’s funeral it should have been on Vamp Camp,how can you tease the death of Bill and let it seem like an after thought. It was just a waste of time. That funeral was like a real funeral, which is not good. I really hope that we do not have to look at Lilltih and the sticky and sweet triplets again i’m sick of them. Can the writers squeeze in a bikini wax segment Jesus.

  15. Whatever says:

    I hope James is still alive after feeding Bill , I didn’t see him leaving Vamp Camp with the others.
    The funeral was too long.
    Move on already !
    We only have 10 episodes this year instead of 12 the whole funeral thing seems like such a waste time.

  16. aurae says:

    They’ve turned true blood into walking dead by letting out all those daywalkers!
    Not the game changer I’d like to see ( or at least I hope it isn’t the gamechanger they talked about.)

  17. aurae says:

    Best part of the episode Eric, Jason and Ginger.

  18. Jj says:

    I loved that episode! Alcide is back… I thought we lost him for good!

  19. Truefan says:

    Much as I liked Terry, I thought the funeral went on too long. Sookie and Warlaw still annoy me. Eric was terrific as always. After the vamps had been tortured for so many episodes, I felt great satisfaction in seeing them get their revenge. I think the effects of the Bill’s blood will wear off and the vamps once again will burn in sunlight. I was actually rooting for Bill to survive.
    One thing puzzled me. Where did Eric go and why? It’s as if that scene came out of nowhere. I didn’t see it coming. It better be for a good reason and he’d better come back.

  20. kristin says:

    Where did eric go? Loved this episode i hope true blood doesn’t get cancelled for a long time!!

  21. Jonesy says:

    My favorite line of the night was Eric to Jason, “when you dream of me, dream of nice things”. I saw it less of a tease, and more of a wish. He wants a nice version of himself to exist, even if it’s only in a dream. It was so beautiful, and it definitely caught me off guard.

  22. Aurora. says:

    True Blood has run its course and needs to be put out of its misery. I see no story arc at all. It almost seems like the writers are just making it up as they go along. There are good scenes, but this season is a disjointed mess, IMHO.

    • Mymy says:

      This season so far has been so disappointing. I really don’t understand why people are saying that it’s the best season ever. They need to make up for it by having a phenomenal final season next year. The writers have ruined my favorite show, it’s missing something, like the ingridients aren’t right……

    • Ruby says:

      Shut up. You’re wrong. If you don’t like it anymore, don’t watch, but don’t wish it out of existence because there are still plenty of sane people who still love the show.

      • MK1234 says:

        I missed the part where they “wished it out of existence”. They just said they hoped the next season would be better, the exact opposite of wishing the show was cancelled.

        • O-Town says:

          I suppose every comment section needs a handful of blowhards who want to cancel a show, despite knowing there are people who actually like the show. It’s like sitting next to someone and hearing them say “I wish you were dead” and naturally, the person they’re wishing it to will get offended and here’s another yahoo going, “Well, you’re not dead, so I don’t know why you’re still offended.”


      • Mymy says:

        Ruby get a life. It’s not that serious. I am allowed to have an opinion. Stop taking it personally.

  23. Loved Eric and Jason together, and Jason’s reaction when the doc tells Eric he had sex with Pam. Also loved Jason’s reaction when Ginger started screaming after Steve’s true death.

  24. Gary says:

    I sure hope Eric isn’t dead if so it would ruin the whole show. I love that the vamps got there revenge but I hate that Eric took off I was really hoping I would get to see his safe being since bill seemed to be after him this whole episode hopefully nothing happens to true blood and I can look forward to watching it for along time!

  25. Charles says:

    Surprised nobody posted to say that it is obvious why the funeral lasted so long (which I loved Btw) was because they had to run the course of the vamp camp story to get them in the daylight. Have a feeling the ‘blood bath’ that had been teased as the finale is the day walkers attacking the funeral. Why else have every single non-vamp character in the same scene with vamps out in the daylight? Loved this episode so hard! Can it be Sunday and next July already?!

  26. jmkboyer says:

    Bad season–wow I miss Alan Ball. They’ve gotten so far away from the intense relationships that made every scene a must-watch in previous seasons. And where are the surprises? I couldn’t believe that they’d devote half an episode to Terry’s funeral without something surprising happening (Warlow shows up? Big John is actually a medium and channels Terry? COME ON!)

    Best part of this episode was Steve Newlin’s “I love you…Jason Stackhouse!” We’ll miss you, Steve.

  27. K says:

    Eric is going to destroy the true blood that has the hep-V in it! At least that is what I am hoping. The show will suck without him!

    • S says:

      Agreed. If Alex is really done with TB then they should have just ended it this year. I can’t see TB surviving without Eric. I mean don’t get me wrong I do love other characters but my top favorite is Eric and then Jason… TB without either of them just would not be the same imo. I hope Eric won’t leave or be killed off :(

    • Deborah says:

      that’s what I been saying where Eric went to destroy all the tainted trueblood

  28. Miles says:

    Not happy about wasting half an episode on Terry’s funeral with the shortened season. Arlene’s grieving throughout the has been borderline and this sent me over the edge. Carrie Preston is fantastic though. So glad Sarah Newlin made it out of the episode alive. Hopefully they bring Anna Camp back next season because she is brilliant and without a doubt this seasons acting MVP. Can’t stand Violet all over Jason, true death next week for her please. Eric, wait, what? Where did you go? Can’t wait for the finale!

  29. Fran Cominsky Henderson says:

    I’m surprised people didn’t like Terry’s funeral. I thought it brought a much needed human aspect back on the show. I miss seeing that.

    • twilight123 says:

      Agreed! I thought the somber human tone of the funeral paired really well with the campy violence of the vamp camp outbreak. It grounded the episode for me, and let me appreciate the gleeful gratuitous blood of the camp storyline this week.

      • Lucy says:

        I agree as well and thought that the flashbacks were especially heartbreaking. And kudos to Flying Dog for the product placement, Raging Bitch is an awesome IPA.

    • Jenn says:

      I agree! I kept saying it’s like that amazing Godfather scene when Michael is Christening his sister’s sons while simultaneously having all of those guys killed. The scene kept going from religious to murder! I loved it last night!!!

    • JustJulie says:

      Add me to the list of peeps that were totally happy w/the juxtaposition of funeral and vamp-camp. I wanted more of the funeral and less of the skipping/happy vamps high on fairy blood. We get it, it rocks, you can walk in the daylight….zzzz.

      It did add some much needed humanity to the show. Plus Lala in the purple suit? Love it! And I loved seeing Tara’s mom again, she’s such a wacko!

    • Zach says:

      I agree! It was definitely a much needed change and it added some heart back to the show. I don’t understand why people are complaining about it?

  30. Jim Hubbard says:

    Don’t forget, Eric still has to mourn for the loss of his sister. That was the last room he visited before we see him looking at Pam and taking off.

  31. M3rc Nate says:

    I still dont get the red head banging the random punk band looking vampire. I mean wasnt she like in love with Jason? He went in there to rescue her, he tells her a bunch of stuff as they talk, they seem like they are good and then she calls in that guy and bangs him? Wtf…did i miss something? And what happen to sex being painful and not good cause she always heals to being a virgin? That plot device go away since Hoyt left and now she just bangs like crazy and its never mentioned again?

    • Jules says:

      You mean Jessica. In all fairness Jason was pretty nasty to her when she tried to turn to him. I think shes embracing her vampire side. And they did mention her being a virgin- before she did it with James she said it was going to feel like she was a virgin but she wasnt. I would imagine after awhile she would be used to it…

  32. Tori says:

    this was probably one of the best episodes this season….but overall, this season is all over the place. le sigh….after spending so much time w terry last season, i thought this season would be SO MUCH BETTER now that they got that out of the way. i was wrong. i did like the funeral part though. if you’re going to send a regular off, you might as well do it nicely.

    there was someone else that posted about warlow being all evil and now he’s good- yeah huh! and why was sookie such a ho??? i don’t get it. why did she start stripping and getting it in w him a few episodes back? how do you just do that? smh. i don’t get it.

    “i love you…..jason stackhouse!” awesome friggin line!!!

  33. Gaz says:

    I liked Terry’s funeral, but it should’ve been cut a little shorter. What is dissapointing is how they left the witches storyline. That was my favourite season because for once vampires had something to fear. Laffayette is supposed to have this Bruho magic in him, that initially looked like he could’nt control, then come season 5 he was out of most of it, and then it’s never spoken of again. I think they shouldve explored that more because there were plenty of times Laffayette couldv’e used his magic to protect himself/others.

  34. Talia says:

    Loved everything with the vampires but hated the funeral and fast forwarded most of it. Terry wasn’t important enough to deserve a funeral that went on the entire episode.

  35. Bree says:

    I really hope that its eric and willa tht share a love scene in episode 10 and not jason and eric dont get me wrong a jason and eric dream awesome but I really hope that its willa

  36. Liz says:

    Well, that was some episode! And Terry deserved that funeral! And now, I just can’t wait to know what’s going to happen to Sookie & Bill, Pam & Eric etc…

  37. Michael says:

    It’s good to be down to two story lines, and the vamp action was excellent, if not always logical (or maybe I’m just not quick enough to follow who’s got whose blood in them and what it can do). But I thought the funeral was overdone. And, I think it shows up a lack of proportion. Andy had THREE daughters murdered, and the show barely paid any attention at all. Granted, they were 2 weeks old (though in their late teens physically), but they were still sentient beings. Is supe life cheaper than fully-human life? Does being killed by a vamp make a death less tragic? Where were THEIR funerals?? I don’t need a half episode for them (I didn’t need a half episode for Terry’s), but were they buried? Do fairie-human hybrids melt or turn to dust or simply disappear? Again, what bothers me is some lives are a lot cheaper than others.

    • Aprilcot says:

      We’d only known Andy’s daughters for 5 episodes. We’ve known Terry since the beginning. I don’t think it has to do with supe death vs. human death; just the fact that Terry was an established character. I thought the funeral was beautiful.

    • Jules says:

      Yes it’s definately not c

      • Jules says:

        Sorry- it’s definately not comparable. Terry was a major character from the beginning so of course he’s going to get a funeral. Hardly anyone even knew about Andy’s daughters and like mentioned, they were only around for a few episodes. It has nothing to do with being supernatural vs human.

    • stars says:

      Also, after they brought back Adilyn (before Andy gave her all of her names), Holly said, “as far as anyone knows, those girls went back to their momma.” therefore, having a funeral for girls they are acting like they ran off, wouldn’t make sense.

  38. Lois H. says:

    I liked this show . I hope Eric will be back I like him. Is Warlow good for Sookie? He said that he loved her for so long. C/n wait till next week.

  39. Mymy says:

    I feel like I’ve been watching a practice season, that wasn’t supossed to be released to the public. It’s been horrible. What happened to the Pam & Tara Romance? Why are they using Lafayette just for funny one liners, where are his powers? Why has Sookie gotten attached to this Walow so quickly, there is absolutely no chemistry between them. Why did Sam hook up with that girl so quickly? No chemistry there either. Pointless. Why did Alcide behave like a huge A-hole most of the season? Why did Terry have to die so stupidly like that, & why was his funeral so long? Really, True Blood. I don’t like how neither Bill or Eric have an emotinal connection to Sookie. Oh and this whole Billith thing, I cant. They have ruined that story line as well. However, I love Eric more & more every season. Although, I am still a Trubie I ask myself, “What the heck has happened to my favorite show?” If it was going to be like this they should have ended it with dignity when Alan Ball left last season.

    • Liz says:

      You’re obviously NOT a Trubie, as you hate everything about the show besides Eric! You’re a whining Eric fan, so I suggest you just stop watching and just read fanfictions… you know, just about Eric.

      • Mymy says:

        I am definately a Trubie because I watch despite my dissapointment. The writing is off this season. They have only written powerfully for Eric’s character. It lacks depth this season. Period.

      • Jules says:

        That was so not necessary and really rude. They bring up very valid points and fans should be able to see that there is still a lot of work that needs done with the show.

      • ylanda71 says:

        Who’s your favorite band/singer? Have you liked everything they ever recorded or found they sometimes missed the mark? Has your favorite actor done a movie you didn’t care for? I’m sure the answer must be yes. A fan is a fan and to say someone is not a Trubie because they have dislikes or feel something is lacking is a bit rash . I love the show and will continue to watch till it goes off the air but Mymy brought up several valid points.

        • Mymy says:

          Thank you Ylanda71. People have been verbally attacking me like I said something offensive about their mom. I absolutely Love True Blood, and just wish it would get better. I remember when I used to crave this show. I have been going through those grueling 9 months of Trueblood withdrawal for years. But this time around I am disapointed. I never said I would stop watching. Just not happy with it right now & that’s allowed. Sheesh people! Lol.

    • Jmkboyer says:

      Completely agree about this season lacking real power. I went back and watched a few episodes from season 4 (loved Eric as innocent with amnesia) and they reminded me how good the chemistry was between many of the characters. The only time I’ve felt that this season was when Nora died. I know Terry was an original character but that funeral was *way* too much. And Sam loses Luna and a few days later is in love with new girl?

    • Bill&Sookie4ever says:

      Totally agree with everything you said. I miss Bill & Sookie so much. Lala’s suit was FABULOUS!!!! I loved the gray was classy, the purple brought out his “sassy” side, and the eyelashes…kill me now were perfect. (By the way I’m a straight female but I luv me some Lafayette !)

  40. T'challa says:

    In a show where dead only needs a mop and bucket. It was nice to see one of the few “humans” of the show have a legit goodbye this episode had one of the biggest orgies of dead ever, body parts everywhere, junk rip, face stomp, sun splat,scientist torture and all and snug in the middle a very uncommon but necessary human moment the show now has so much supernatural elements and death terry’s funeral was a fast forward button to most which us too bad

  41. LaLa says:

    I too did not think the drawn out funeral was necessary. Look, instead of droning on and on about how awful TB has become – I’m just going to say that I think it’s “jumped the shark” and it’s time to bid it farewell. I really wanted to say, however, that Nelsan Ellis (Lafayette) ROCKED those pinstripes – with the matching brim! Man, that suit was !so! fly on him (purple eyeshadow, falsies and all!)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ronda says:




      Definitely Must convince my HUBBY to try that—–MINUS THE EYE SHADOW, AND LASHES!!!!!!!!!……


  42. mac says:

    Is…is…is Eric really gone ?! no…no this can’t be.

    Don’t go Eric, at least kill Warlow before you leave

  43. Shauna says:

    I thought Terry’s funeral was nice. It was a nice sombre part to the death and destruction of the vamp camp. This season was better than the last couple but I’m still disappointed that the writer’s have strayed so far from the books… Jason as a were panther was a great storyline and it was killed off even though they nearly went there. I think this episode played like a finale, so I can’t wait until next week to see what the actual finale will be about… does Sookie become the vampire/fairy bride??? Does Eric save the rest of the world’s vampires from hepatitis v? And will Andy’s remaining daughter get to have the conversation that was cut short with Sookie??

  44. DavidSask says:

    I was grosssed out at the penis removal and close-up and all extra gore in this episode! The funeral was ridic, a shortened season and we get half episode of that as you said minor character. What I am mad at is the next episode best have some deaths of some legit main characters as this cast needs to be bleed out some and was this not promised at some point?

    • orhan94 says:

      Well they did kill off Steve Newlin, Nora, Terry, Luna and Governor Burrell, and sent Hoyt, Emma, Martha (and probably Jackson) away. They also offed 3 of the hybrids, leaving the show with a (manageable) single Bellefleur halfling, and did away with the faery and werewolf side-plots by killing off the faeries and removing Alcide from the pack. So they did some needed trimming already.

  45. RichieS says:

    I can only hope one of the game changers is Sarah Newlin being pregnant with Jason Stackhouse’s baby. Can you imagine the hilarious possibilities with those two sharing a child?

  46. Aleksalynn says:

    Steve Newlin will be missed. I loved his last line, though.

    Does anyone know the name of the actor who plays Big John? I loved his song at the funeral.

  47. WA says:

    What’s with the hate for the funeral? Obviously it wasn’t just about Terry, it was about everyone who lives in Bon Temps coming together and reminiscing and and it was about their characters – Andy is bumbling but has a good heart, Sam always tries to do his best, Lafayette uses his fabulousness in the best of ways, etc etc

  48. Troy says:

    Who is writing this show now?its such a mess and is almost unbearable to watch at this point.
    It is jumping all over the place and so many characters have become so unlikeable. The funeral was one of the worst things I’ve ever witnessed on television. What was the point?! Lead actors hardly ever get that much airtime when they die!

    I honestly doubt I’ll watch next season now.

  49. I really hope they clean house at the end of this season… Side characters need to be side characters — they don’t need plots that take up as much screen time as the main story.

  50. David says:

    I’d just like to know.. who were all the other dancing vampires in the sun at the end. Weren’t there just our core vamps (including Willa) with Jess and Jasons new loves feeding on Billith in that room.. yet when they were all dancing in the sun acting like idiots on their way to party more at Bill and Jessica’s house… there were a few other vampires in that group that I did not recognize.