Fall TV Preview

Fall TV First Impression: ABC's Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD PreviewThe broadcast networks have almost 30 shows debuting this fall, including a futuristic tale from the Fringe team, new sitcoms from Michael J. Fox and Sean Hayes, and a trip down the rabbit hole to Wonderland. To help you prep for it all, TVLine is offering First Impressions of the not-for-review pilots.

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THE SHOW | ABC’s Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Tuesdays at 8/7c; premieres Sept. 24)

THE COMPETITION | CBS’ NCIS, Fox’s Dads (new) and Brooklyn Nine-Nine (new), The CW’s The Originals (new) and NBC’s The Biggest Loser

THE CAST | Clark Gregg (The Avengers), Ming-Na Wen (ER), Chloe Bennet (Nashville), Brett Dalton (Killing Lincoln), Iain De Caestecker (BBC One’s Young James Herriot) and Elizabeth Henstridge (Channel 4’s Hollyoaks)

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THE SET-UP | Agent Coulson lives! In this smaller-screen follow-up to The Avengers/other Marvel movies, Gregg reprises his role as the commanding, quippy S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, who in the wake of “The Battle of New York” is fronting an initiative to monitor specially enabled beings while warding off a faction known as The Rising Tide. Dalton plays new recruit Grant Ward, Ming-Na is the mysterious Melinda May, Caestecker and Henstridge form the one-two, tech whiz-biochemist punch of “Fitz/Simmons,” and Bennet plays elite hacker Skye. Cobie Smulders (How I Met Your Mother) appears in the pilot, as The Avengers’ Maria Hill.

THE FIRST IMPRESSION | If you are at the very least up to speed on Marvel’s most recent big-screen endeavors, S.H.I.E.L.D. is fun, fun, fun, nodding at (and even picking up on…) a storyline thread or two. The pilot’s production values are excellent, while the dialogue is as playful as the action is solid (though perhaps in a way that would better trigger LOLs from a Cineplex crowd). Gregg and Ming-Na expectedly stand out amid a comparatively green ensemble; among said newbies, Bennet seems destined to “pop” while Dalton’s role could afford to be a bit more colored. Smulders helps segue the Coulson character/plant the seed for a larger mystery, though one can’t help but sense CBS is monitoring her involvement with an egg timer.

This pilot is very good, though something — I can’t put my finger on what — kept it from being ZOMG! great. Since show boss/auteur Joss Whedon has made clear this will be neither a weekly superhero hunt nor “Easter egg farm,” there is the question of how compelling or entertaining any given episode will be. But at first blush it would seem that when S.H.I.E.L.D. is firing on all cylinders, it’ll be pretty damn super.

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THE TVLINE BOTTOM LINE | S.H.I.E.L.D. will at least open big, even opposite the Season 11 premiere of TV’s most watched drama. But where it goes from there is the question. Will samplers arrive prepared to not quite get The Avengers: The Live-Action Series? Will NCIS in fact free up a few eyeballs when a longtime cast member exits? Can S.H.I.E.L.D. secure a foothold in the weeks before other competition premieres? ABC has much coin backing this venture, which leads off a night of all-new programming of varying quality — again, the pilot looks nifty, and Episode 2 is said to be even “bigger” — so the network will surely exhibit superhuman patience should the numbers ebb.

Watch a video preview for Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., then vote in our poll below.

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  1. Steve F. says:

    I was lucky enough to see the pilot at Comic-Con… it is awesome! Hope the second episode lives up to the first.

    • Alan says:

      ive been hearing nothing but great things from everyone lucky enough to be at comic con, makes me even more annoyed that i cant afford to go.

      • McVickers says:

        Honestly, every pilot shown at Comic Con is “loved” by the audience that saw it. It’s the whole “we saw it first yeah!” reaction. Not saying this show isn’t good, but it’s basically 100% that the pilots will be greeted enthusiastically and “loved”.

  2. Esaul says:

    I’ll check it out.

  3. jess says:

    this is the only new show that i am looking forward to seeing

    • Nina says:

      Ditto. Besides, most of my all-time favorite TV series (Buffy, Angel, Firefly) come from Joss Whedon, so I’d pretty much follow him anywhere.

  4. John says:

    I’m loyal to NCIS, but will definitely watch this via Hulu. Looks pretty good.

  5. CBWBDK1 says:

    I think that the expectations are so high, it can only dissapoint.

    • Ben says:

      I agree. Every fall, there is another “big” new serie, with high expectation, which is nothing but disappointment (in quality and/or ratings), like FlashForward, Bionic Woman, Terra Nova, etc…
      I really hope SHIELD will be an exeption, with some really great Whedon mojo, and great ratings (that’s up to you USA viewers!).

    • cat says:

      Yeah, I saw it at Comic Con and while I loved it (it was by far my favorite at the con) I get what the reviewer said about not going crazy over it. It’s Whedon and his last two projects, Avengers and Much Ado were instant favorites of mine. But it was still awesome. BTW, obviously it helps to have seen the Marvel movies, but definitely make sure to watch Iron Man 3 before you see it.

  6. Susie says:

    Yes, simply yes :)

  7. BGM says:

    I watch very few scripted shows regularly, but this one is going right in the DVR from the get-go.

  8. My money’s on Agents of SHIELD over NCIS. Looking forward to this series when it debuts September 24th. Two of my faves are Fitz and Simmons.

    • Alex says:

      In my opinion, anyone who thinks agents will do better than ncis is being a bit naive, ncis averages 14 million viewers every week, I hardly think 7 million are going to stop watching ncis to start watching agents, 8 million people are not going to go “wow the pilot was good,I’ll dvr ncis and watch this instead”,that’s just not going to happen, first because even if ncis has been on for a while and granted stories aren’t as good as before no long time fan (no matter how old) is gonna stop watching his/her favorite show just because a kind of ok one is on, and second, many of the people who watch ncis are over fourty and while i can see some parents or older demographic enjoying a show based on a comic, I just don’t see the vast rest of them leaving a show they’ve loved for years for it, yeah, they might dvr it, but won’t watch it “live”, I’d say they’ll dvr it or not watch it at all, so agents winning?, I don’t think so, lost battle, well I think, but that’s just me, I could be wrong

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        NCIS actually averages closer to 18 million/week. But since SHIELD will likely skew younger, it could put up a fight in the 18-49 demo.

        • Amber M says:

          NCIS has always been weak in that demo compared to total viewers though. As a 26 yr old NCIS fan I will be giving SHIELD a chance once Cote de Pablo leaves. She was what drew me into NCIS. I might DVR NCIS after she is gone to see if NCIS is worth watching but I doubt it will interest me once Ziva is gone. Nothing against the rest of the cast but it just wont be the same.

        • lana says:

          Matt are you going to give us your impression on The Originals?

      • Jon says:

        nailed it alex; i will call myself and average fan…i feel like they are taking a TV star from a blockbuster movie with all this energy, and trying to parlay it into something its not…it feels like a spinoff…if i dont get a steady diet of iron man or hulk, then I probably dont care at all…there is wayyyyy too much other TV that I need to get caught up on; but spot on with NCIS…the marvel show is hype

      • Mrs Rita Deikos says:

        well one opposition will be tape one watch the other and if the new one is good !!!well keep taping

  9. Mike R. says:

    I’ll definitely be watching, hopefully it does well.

  10. Susan says:

    I love that Agent Coulson is back! We will definitely be watching this at our house.

  11. Scott says:

    I understand Cobie is contracted to CBS for HIMYM’s final season but if AOS is going to be the next big thing and there’s the possibility of her joining the second season, if it is renewed, as a full time cast member then the tie-ins could be huge. I hope she can make some guest appearances during the first season and not be in the pilot only (like Damon Wayans Jr on New Girl although that was a completely different set of circumstances and DWJ is going to be season 3).

    • Cherry says:

      Cobie has confirmed that she won’t be starring. She wants to focus on a movie career and has moved to New York recently, so she things the commute to AOS set would be tricky.

  12. Elyse says:

    I can’t wait :) I hope it lives up to the hype!

  13. “The Rising Tide” I’ve always thought that the Zodiac was a more appropriate counterpoint to SHIELD, and would really like to see them show up in the show sooner rather than later.

    • Alan says:

      i expect zodiac to come up sooner rather than later, same for a modern version of hydra and the remnants of a.i.m. and any other evil organisation you can think of, no way would they pass up on an opportunity like that.

      • Matthew says:

        “The Rising Tide” is probably a name that S.H.I.E.L.D. gives the group they’re fighting in the show early in the season. I imagine by season 1’s end, it will be Zodiac, H.Y.D.R.A., A.I.M. or one of the other organizations that S.H.I.E.L.D. is battling.

      • Fanamir says:

        You won’t be disappointed. You will indeed be seeing the premiere of (or at least the first hints at) Zodiac come September 24, but not in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. The short film that comes with Iron Man 3, Agent Carter, is about Peggy going after the Zodiac Key, and possibly coming face to face with the first iteration of Zodiac (or one of its members).

  14. Badpenny says:

    My personal feeling is that NCIS will easily blow away SHIELD for the first couple of weeks until the Tiva swan-song is done. At that point SHIELD will pick up steam as it skewers to the younger demographic.

  15. Paul says:

    There’s an old saying “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. ABC is going to be moving this show to a less competitive time slot like Wednesday against Survivor. If they don’t look for Agents to be gone by Christmas. There is no way NCIS will shed that many viewers to watch this. Wednesday however would be a safer bet for runaway success.

    • Badpenny says:

      It’s not about viewers. It’s about demographics. For example, a show like Castle has 12 million viewers but only a 2.1 demographic rating whereas a show like New Girl only has 6 million viewers but a 3.2 rating. You don’t need to pull a lot of viewers. You just need to pull the 18-49 viewers to your show. NCIS could have 10 million more viewers then SHIELD but still have a lower rating.

      • Indeed. It’s not about the show, it’s about the commercials and the people that watch them.

        • Jon says:

          yeah, bad ideas = no viewers = nobody watching commercials…so yeah its still about the show

          • the question is how to determine if an idea is bad. Is Fifty Shades of Grey a bad idea? Probably, yet it has a large audience. Are there people who hate Twilight? Of course, but it’s still a hit.

      • Todd says:

        Exactly. There are quite a few shows on TV that have low overall ratings but in specific demographics, destroy top rated shows. I think there is plenty of room for both shows but NCIS is quite vulnerable once Ziva leaves.

    • Chris says:

      NCIS doesn’t have to lose viewers to Shield for Shield to succeed. It can simply pick up some of the many (the majority of!) viewers who don’t already watch NCIS. Both shows can easily draw big numbers while airing opposite each other. I’m not saying they definitely will, but it’s very possible.

  16. Drew says:

    I predict big numbers for the premiere with a steep drop in week 2. While my faith in Whedon has been ob a steady decline since Firefly went off the air, my prediction is more based on the material and audience. Scifi is tough. Comic books can be tougher for TV. It is a niche audience that they’re going for, so anyone expecting this to be bigger than Lost isn’t being realistic.

    Arrow isn’t the highest rated show on TV and Green Arrow is pretty big in the comic world. AoS can’t be The Avengers every week and even if it could, would people want to watch that every week?

    The biggest question for me when it comes to ratings will be how much of the scifi and comic book base it will hold onto over time. It is unrealistic to think that the majority of the NCIS fans will jump over. (Not that I buy into those ratings anyway. The whole system is a sham)

    • jestsaying says:

      I personally don’t know anyone who watches NCIS. Ok, well, my mom does. But almost everyone i know is eagerly anticipating AOS. And, yes, I fall in the 18-49 demo.

      • Drew says:

        Like I said, I don’t actually believe that CBS’ ratings reflect the actual number of viewers. I think their ratings reflect the number of viewers who don’t DVR or stream shows, which is a much older audience. The only person I know who watches NCIS is 60+ years old. So I agree with you there.

        I think that AoS is a highly anticipated event show, but we get a lot of those each season. The shows that are supposed to be the next Lost-type phenomenon, but few of those shows end up living up to the expectations. Being a comic book show actually hurts AoS in my opinion, because while geeks like us will check it out whether we think it looks good or not, the comic book element will actually turn off a lot of the average viewers. Right now it gets a lot of Avengers buzz (mainly because the trailer keeps playing up The Avengers), but that won’t last once it actually premieres and people realize that it isn’t The Avengers. Then it’s just AoS… The stories will have to be great, which I’m no longer convinced that Joss can do. And one concern I have is the look of the show. In the trailer, a few of the scenes looked like sets and backlots. It’s going to be hard to sell a comic book show that looks anything but real. If it looks even a little cartoonish, it will be rejected.

        I’ll be giving it a chance. I’m just not getting my hopes up. I also had low expectations for Arrow, Buffy and Veronica Mars though. So I’m open to being pleasantly surprised.

      • Julie says:

        I fall in the middle of the 18-49 demo and I watch, as well as know a lot of people besides my parents, that fall in the demo that watch NCIS. I don’t know anyone that’s interested in AOS. I would watch Mark Harmon, Michael Weatherly, etc over super heroes any day.

  17. Amber M says:

    The big question I have is are the making a mistake putting SHIELD against NCIS??? Wouldn’t they be better off putting it on an easier night to get it started and then once it has a following then see about moving it if they really want to try and take down NCIS?

    • ajintexas says:

      Personally I don’t think these two shows share much of an audience. NCIS does well in the demo for sure, but it skews old. The same people that I said below won’t want to watch a comic book tv show weekly.

  18. Sareeta says:

    I am by no means a die-hard fan of universe this takes place in, though I did enjoy Thor, Captain America, and The Avengers. Hopefully I don’t have to have much knowledge of the universe to enjoy the show. I’m hoping for something as good as Heroes’ first season and am praying this isn’t just another Alphas-type show.

  19. ajintexas says:

    Personally I think that it’s one thing for comic based movies to do well and an entirely different thing for them to do well on TV. I don’t think a lot of people on the upper end of the 18-49 will want to watch such fare on a week in and week out basis, but I could be wrong. I will give it a try, but I have a feeling this won’t do as well as people who comment on this site think it will.

    • Badpenny says:

      It’s somewhat important to keep in mind that SHIELD isn’t really a superhero tv show. It’s a spy tv show about a team of normal agents dealing with some superhuman issues and unusual threats. It’s kind of like an updated Man from UNCLE.

  20. Janie says:

    I’ve never seen the Avengers or any of the other Marvel movies…, so I guess I won’t be watching this! I don’t watch NCIS either so I guess I’ll be the small (very, very small) percentage to watch The Originals, lol.

  21. Maria says:

    This “old” tv watcher (I’m 43) will definitely drop NCIS once Cote leaves and will DVR/watch SHIELD from the beginning because I’m a Joss Whedon fan.

    • Amber M says:

      I am a 26 yr old fan and am in complete agreement with you. Once Cote is gone I don’t see any real reason to watch NCIS any more but SHIELD sure looks interesting!!

  22. Mike R. says:

    I definitely see it beating NCIS in the coveted demo for at least the premiere, the real question will be if it will be able to stay ahead.

    • ajintexas says:

      I think you are being entirely over-optimistic. NCIS does better than a mjority of the shows on TV in the coveted demo. I don’t see a superhero show knocking it off it’s pedestal (Heroes, Alphas, . Alas, Joss Whedon shows ALWAYS have a very small, very vocal fanbase on the internet and it usually ends with lots of tears and boo hooing over what should have been and how unfair network tv is.

      • Mike R. says:

        I don’t think so, I would be shocked if SHIELD doesn’t at least get a 3.5+ rating for its series premiere, and that’s will surely beat NCIS. The hype for this show is very high, and it will surely do well in its beginning weeks. NCIS will still of course win in overall viewers, but the network cares more about the 18-49. The real test will be who is ahead at the end of the season, after the hype has died down. This is very different from Alphas and Heroes and other Whedon shows, this universe has a built in fanbase already from the movies and that should have a positive effect on the ratings.I honestly think you are being too pessimistic.

        • ajintexas says:

          You know NCIS AVERAGED a 4.0 last season right? That’s second only to Grey’s Anatomy 4.1 average. At least get your facts straight before you try handing out lectures on ratings lol. Good luck pulling over a 4.0. Movies have no bearing on TV ratings or built in fanbase either. This post is a prime example of how out of touch Joss and comic book fans overall are.

          • ajintexas says:

            Hell, this show wilkl be lucky to beat Once Upon a Time if we go with your numbers. Is that good enough for a renewal? Yes. Is that good enough to take out the single most watched program on TV? Nope, nopt a chancve. Your only hope is that they don’t share an audience, which I said is entirely possible above.


          • Mike R. says:

            And your posts are prime examples of how condescending and disrespectful NCIS fans can be. I don’t know where you are getting your ratings, but NCIS only broke 4.0 once last season with the rest if the season ranging from 2.8-3.9, so yes NCIS should surely beat Shield in the demo, but SHIELD will surely put up a fight in the early weeks, and it may even beat NCIS for the premiere. Just because there haven’t been many successful super hero shows before, or Joss Whedon shows haven’t found mainstream success before doesn’t mean SHIELD will have the same fate. People said similar things about Comic book movies in the past, but then Spider-Man was a huge success. If SHIELD is a success. There always has to be one show and a genre can take over the airwaves or cinema. I haven’t seen AOS, so I can’t tell you how it will do following week 1, but I’m pretty confidant, it will do very well week 1.

          • Mike R. says:

            Thanks for posting those ratings, but NCIS peaked last season at 4.0, not averaged.

          • ajintexas says:

            I got those ratings from the link I posted. Are you blind? Those are the averages posted by TVLine. It’s possible that they are only for May sweeps but the article wasn’t clear on that. Either way, this show isn’t beating NCIS on premiere night. I’ll bet anything you would like on it. Yet another kiddie comic book show that irrational adults think millions of other irrational adults watch.

          • Alan says:

            yay a condescending ncis fan, how novel to see someone with that attitude as a fan of that show/

          • Justin says:

            If you add DVR, maybe you’re right re: NCIS and Grey’s, but in live ratings, they were trending in the 2.6-2.8 range at the end of this past season — no where near a 4.0 rating. SHIELD has a very good chance at hitting a 4.0 for its premiere. Even if it doesn’t, it still has a great chance at beating NCIS, which I predict will premiere around a 3.3 based on its trend last season.

          • LaLa says:

            TV is serious business y’all.

            To be fair, any one that spends more time sitting in front of a TV than living life is out of touch. Pretty sure it’s all those NCIS viewers that have to play couch criminologist every time there’s a real life mystery that makes headlines. Now THAT’S out of touch.

            In any case, ABC has a lot riding in on the show. ABC, Disney and Marvel are all very closely affiliated. Speaking of which, the show isn’t competing with Once Upon a Time. Same network. Also closely affiliated with Disney (obviously.) Very much not competitors.

          • Matthew says:

            I don’t give a crap what NCIS’ ratings were last season. Anyone with more than half a brain cell will see that NCIS did well because it had relatively no competition, When faced with a truly powerful beast like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., I wouldn’t be shocked to see NCIS ratings nearly cut in half by the end of the season. It won’t happen quickly, but it WILL happen. Avenguers and the Marvel Cinematic Universe have a massive hype machine behidn them that NCIS can’t even begin to come close to. This is where Whedon’s other “big shows” have failed. Ones mentioned above like “Bionic Woman,” etc, etc haven’t had this either, they aren’t based on BILLION-DOLLAR movies.

            Every Marvel movie that opens gets huge ratings. Do you really think all those obsessive die-hards will just shrug Agents of Shield off? That’s so completely ignorant to think that just because you’re blindly loyal to a terrible, TERRIBLE TERRBIEL ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE, crime procedural that’s so inane and predictable it makes the moron masses that watch it feel like geniuses.

            Also, Heroes did amazingly well ratings-wise in it’s first season. It only crumbled when it started to suck. So yes, there’s a HUGE precedent for super hero shoes being succesful on live action television.

            Now cheers to the impending demise of NCIS, one of TV’s biggest black marks of all time!

  23. Cory says:

    Yes I’ll watch and I love love love Joss Whedon, yet despite thinking this surely must be a great series I still haven’t seen The Avengers, and superhero stories in general seem overdone lately, so I will set up a series recording on DVR, I intend to watch it, but I’m not excited for it… At all. Super sick of the scenes repeatedly use for the promos, especially the Lola scene… Ugh. I’m much more intrigued by Sleepy Hollow and Almost Human and even Once in Wonderland but despite assuming I’ll be entertained by this series, my excitement is basically nonexistent. I kinda wish Joss would go back to creating original material like Dollhouse… Now THAT was a great and exciting series.

  24. Katie_Mead says:

    Unfortunately, this video is not available to everyone, as the uploader has accidentally uploaded to The Internet, a video they wish to post only on a nationally restricted intranet. When, oh when, will these companies remember the difference between the World Wide Web and any other domain (that is, not www)?
    Also, when is this ruddy bidding war going to end, so we can find out who’s won AoS for the UK? Now that The Blacklist has settled next to Dracula with Sky Living, AoS is certainly the biggest fish being reeled in, and I’m hoping ITV1 can beat down Sky1 and the lesser competitors, though that’s not overly likely.

  25. Joanne says:

    I too was able to see the pilot at Comic Con and it was SMASHING! Yes, those who are familiar with the Marvel verse or the The Avenger’s movie will be pleased, but I believe there is enough of the snappy dialogue and opportunities for great character development that makes a Joss Whedon show everything with love. I see a long future for this one…which makes this JW fan a happy camper!

    • Len says:

      Like all the other long running josh shows…

      • Steve F. says:

        If you’re going to get snippy about it, at least get the man’s name right. It’s JOSS, not JOSH.

      • Maria says:

        The difference is, all of those JOSS shows (not Josh) were before Avengers hit movie theaters.

      • Allan says:

        Yep…seven seasons of Buffy and five seasons of Angel….Firefly…pilot aired as last episode..imagine Lost or other shows that rely on continuity starting with episode 2… other episodes aired out of order …moved around in the schedule…that would destroy the chance to succeed for most shows.

  26. Jenn,a.k.a.TR says:

    Given the treatment fans have had from NCIS, I will be happy to tune in to SHIELD. I’m really looking forward to it.

  27. Len says:

    Watched NCIS since season 2. I’m perfectly happy with the show and don’t feel mistreated. I also have a very, let me emphasize that, a very strong comic background, and I’ll be watching NCIS.

    I have no faith that AoS will last a season, based on Josh track record other than Buffy, and I will not pass over a show I’m perfectly happy with, in a gamble.

    My friends are all the same opinion and we are slightly old for the demo being 35-42 so we will be ignored anyway :). Of course it helps than none of are ‘shippers, nor believe in the concept for any show.

  28. Joey says:

    I’m glad the first episode is good. I’m excited to see this show.

  29. prish says:

    My husband and I watch NCIS, and I plan on watching SHIELD. We watch NCIS via dvr. My husband does not plan on watching SHIELD, and he was a comic book fan in his youth. He says they do not look like superheros in the picture, above. We are very mature and not in their coveted age demo, but maybe this is a gender thing. They may have caught the women via long-term dvr plans, while the guys had better get action from the very first seconds to keep their initial viewership, or this could end up like SMASH (did anyone re-think that name?).

    • cas says:

      That is because they aren’t superheroes.

    • Badpenny says:

      AoS is set in the Marvel movie universe but it’s primarily about a team of government agents that work for SHIELD and deal with unusual, and occasionally superhuman, problems. AoS is probably more like a futuristic Man From Uncle or Mission Impossible team.

  30. Jared says:

    I’m personally not a huge superhero fan and haven’t seen The Avengers so im not sure how id like this pilot but I said the same thing about Arrow last season and that became one of my favorite series last year.

  31. cas says:

    I think some people just don’t know what the show is suppose to be about. It’s rather clear to me but apparently people are still thinking it is a show all about superheroes. Also, wow at NCIS fans. You guys are getting pretty angry and upset over this. Is it not okay for another big TV show to be on at the same time? I am not going to say which show will beat which show as I don’t care. I just hope SHEILD succeeds because I think it probably has tons of potential and we could use another good network show.

  32. shump says:

    All I have to watch on Tuesdays are the two CW dramas and I’m going to check out The Goldbergs and Trophy Wife. This is the weakest night of the week for me.

  33. John says:

    This looks like a good live view while I DVR NCIS until after I’ve watched NCIS:L.A.

  34. Kenny says:

    Would I enjoy the show without having seen the Marvel films?

    • Badpenny says:

      Yes, though there will be some inside information that makes more sense if you’re familiar with the various films. But as with most new shows they make certain to explain it all to you in the pilot, so it’s not necessary to know what SHIELD is before going in. Beyond that, AoS is really a spy series about a group of government agents who deal with unusual and superhuman threats.

  35. Chris says:

    Coulson SUCKS, but I’ll check out the show despite his boring presence. It has potential.

  36. Joe says:

    WHEEEEEEEEEDON!!!!! Looks like this will finally break the curse of Whedon shows on major networks. I so can’t wait

  37. Butch Fralia says:

    I’ve glad I’ve got AT&T 4 channel TVR! I wont miss NCIS but can keep an eye on this show as well. With Joss Wheadon and Ming-Na, the only way this show can go wrong is horrible writing. If they keep it camp it should be good.

  38. Lisa says:

    After Castle, this is the only show that will be appt. TV.

  39. Belinda says:

    While I understand that there is competition between NCIS and AoS, but just because NCIS has a higher rating doesn’t guarantee that AoS will be a failure or somehow not be successful – ABC isn’t coming into this expecting AoS to suddenly take a whole chunk of NCIS’ audience, that is unrealistic in every way – all AoS needs is to premiere in the 12 mil range with at least a 3.5 rating and then stay steady for the whole first season to finish around 11 mil overall and it will be okay – in today’s TV landscape, that is considered a success, especially taking into account that both CBS’ Elementary and ABC’s Once Upon A Time both lands in those same ranges during their first season and are considered successes by both networks, with Elementary earning the #1 new show title, so if we are working on that standard, as long as AoS keeps to that line, it will get a second season.

    And people also seem to forget that when NCIS first started, it was a tiny small show airing against American Idol’s giant viewership over 22 mil but because of the demographic differences and shifting viewing trends, NCIS was able to survive the “death slot” for the last decade while other shows fell and gain steam from its starting point of 13 mil to the over 20 mil it has now – in a way, this is essentially the same thing that NCIS and the SHIELD show now, AoS is looking for that younger demographic while NCIS has always been attracting the older ones, this demographic difference can offset much of their competition towards each other, thus both shows can co-exist in their own worlds and prosper respectively.

    AoS just has to aim for that high premiere number and an above 10 mil overall first season viewership just like Elementary and Once Upon A Time and it will stay successful and steady enough against NCIS which is slowly but surely winding down now with Cote leaving and likely to take quite a bit of the viewership count, though NCIS will at least be around for another 3 to 5 years as long as ratings hold – AoS doesn’t have to hit over NCIS, it doesn’t even have to smash records or hit big, it just has to keep steady between the 10 to 13 mil mark and the show will run its episodes without worry of NCIS.

    There is enough viewership for both NCIS and AoS to do well on Tuesdays, they are different enough in story and world and fan base that neither will be taking much from each other in viewership count – not to mention that concerning AoS, ABC will not be as quick to pull the show with Marvel and Disney looking over their shoulders and will be pushing for the show to stay on longer than most new shows will ever get a chance to – Marvel and Disney wants to keep Joss Whedon around and happy considering how much of their film success relies on him, so they won’t be that quick to let ABC stomp over the new show, if nothing else, the show will get at least a second season before a decline of support.

  40. John says:

    Saw the show tonight and it was great. The problem is the commercial breaks felt very long and drawn out, leaving little time for the show to build up much substance. I’ll definitely be watching future episodes as downloads instead of on network tv.

  41. Didntlikeit says:

    As soon as Agent Coulson stepped out of the shadows, I thought “Well F— this show…” but I decided to keep watching to the end.

    Yeah, big mistake. To quote Sheldon, “Firefly will be on forever!” And SHIELD, too.