Dexter Spin-Off Theory Snuffed? Odd O.C. Pair? Devious Killer MIA? Colbert Saved? And More Qs!

Dexter Season 8We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Dexter, Falling Skies, Major Crimes and The Colbert Report!

1 | Anyone else relieved that the in-the-works Dexter spin-off will not revolve around cartoony creeper Zach Hamilton? (At least that’s how we’re interpreting this piece of news.)

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2 | How much more effective would The Killing‘s killer reveal have been had the show not telegraphed it to us throughout the final hour (His random scene with the daughter? His vanishing act? Packing up things at home?) Still, can we all agree that in spite of the occasional misstep, Season 3 was a riveting, emotional and satisfying piece of television featuring some of this summer’s (if not this year’s) finest performances?

3 | Was a part of you dreading that Falling Skies would return Anne with a rapidly aged daughter? Screams of being a cheat to avoid toting a toddler around for Season 4, right?

4 | Did you think something far different and/or worse had happened to The Newsroom‘s Maggie in Uganda?

5 | Is the idea of Drop Dead Diva‘s Owen being Stacy’s baby sperm donor freaking you out, even if Jane is OK with it?

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6 | Seven episodes into Devious Maids, do you have the foggiest clue who might’ve killed Flora? Or, putting it another way: Do you think we as viewers have even been introduced to the culprit?

7 | If Rodney wins Food Network Star, will you vow to quit watching the show, or take it a few steps further and boycott the entire network?

8 | Approximately how far into the Bachelorette season finale did you get before realizing that, nope, Brooks wasn’t going to storm back to Antigua and whisk Desiree off into the sunset? (For us, it happened at about 9:45 pm.)

The O.C. Ryan and Alex9 | We love The O.C., and nothing made us happier than the plethora of interviews celebrating the show’s 10th anniversary, but Ryan and Alex? Seriously?! And doesn’t Taylor deserve better than Nate Archibald? If you’re going to pair her with any Josh Schwartz non-O.C. creation, it has to be Chuck Bartowski, who’d surely understand her love of animé.

10 | Is Switched at Birth‘s Regina being too much of a cool mom with Bay?

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11 | Stiles’ dad, Scott’s mom… Is it a really bad time to be a Teen Wolf parent or what?

12 | Was there anyone who didn’t predict the circle of life would take its toll on Under the Dome the second that pregnant lady showed up on Julia’s doorstep?

13 | So how ’bout it, TBS? Can we take this week’s TV-icon guest stars from TNT’s Major Crimes and give them a sitcom spin-off about, say, the security force at a retirement community?

Suits Season 314 | Does any show currently on TV have better clothes than Suits? Donna and Jessica’s dresses this week alone…. Wow.

15 | Can Wilson Bethel be on every episode of Whose Line Is It Anyway?

16 | How would you describe Nigel Lythgoe’s decision to send Jenna, not Amy, directly to safety at the top of this week’s So You Think You Can Dance? Was it clueless (since it killed any sense of suspense for the episode) or cruel (since it turned Malece into Dead Woman Dancing for two hours)? And if he really just wanted to see Amy’s solo, why not make all three women “dance for their lives”?

17 | Was anyone else extremely (but pleasantly) surprised to see Lisa Bonet kill it as Mary Ellen Pleasant on Drunk History?

18 | To Colbert Report fans: Given the hilarity of his opening monologue, the star-packed dance sequence (Bryan Cranston on roller skates?!) and another chance to hear Robin Thicke croon “Blurred Lines” live, aren’t you almost happy about Daft Punk’s last-minute decision to bail on the show?

19 | Is The Bridge‘s Linder the absolute worst murder scene clean-up guy you’ve ever seen? Did you think for a minute that the runaway daughter was going to find her way to Seattle and hang with The Killing’s brooding homeless kids? And does Marco’s wife Alma deserve props for keeping her composure after Sonya called her cooking “not good”? (‘Cause you just know it’s in fact damn tasty!)

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20 | What’s with all the unanimous eviction votes on Big Brother this season? Can’t any of the house guests think for themselves?

21 | Whose educational demonstrations are more likely to cause bodily injury: Franklin & Bash‘s Jared and Peter (like the bean-bag gun incident this week) or Bones‘ Hodgins and [insert squintern name here]?

amber-tamblyn-two-and-half-men22 | Who do you most feel for: Two and a Half Men‘s “lesbian daughter” Amber Tamblyn, or Anger Management addition Laura Bell Bundy?

23 | Did anyone besides our Vlada Gelman pick up on the fact that CBS’ Hostages has traded one Burton for another?

24 | How funny was it to see David Meunier — aka Justified‘s vile, in-control Jonny Crowder — play a nervous nellie of a “consultant” on Burn Notice? But has the soon-to-end show reached its limit yet on how many times a Bad Guy can invade Ma’s home? If only she had a son who knew a thing about security….

25 | Wasn’t it surprising to see Battlestar Galactica‘s Alessandro Juliani pop on ABC’s Motive — and not wind up being either the victim or the killer?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Lynn says:

    I reject the idea of Ryan and Alex dating. Why would he date someone who dated both his brother and ex-girlfriend? (And I also can’t see Julie naming her son after her dead husband and ex-husband, so I reject that too.)

    And no to Taylor and a guy from Gossip Girl. Ryan/Taylor all the way.

    • Kaw says:

      Hold up… Did you just say Chuck Bartowski is from Gossip Girl!?

      • Lynn says:

        No, Josh said Taylor and that Nate guy from Gossip Girl were together. TVLine suggested Chuck, which I still wouldn’t like because of Chuck/Sarah (and Ryan/Taylor, but still).

    • Winston Mize says:

      Yes. Ryan/Taylor is the best Ryan pairing there is and will ever be. I’ll always think they found their way back to each other.

      • sarah says:

        In the final moments of the show, you see a wedding in The Cohen’s new back yard and it is Summer and Seth’s wedding and Taylor and Ryan are there together so the way it ended was with Taylor and Ryan as a couple. I am not sure if I would like an Alex and Ryan pairing.

    • I agree! The idea of Ryan and Alex dating is ridiculous. I always believed that Ryan and Taylor were together in the end and that will continue to be my headcannon.

    • Laur says:

      I think Josh Schwarz imagines it this way, because Olivia Wilde was originally tapped to play Marissa, which in my opinion would have been SO MUCH BETTER.

  2. Schmidt says:

    Umm, Chuck Bartowski already has a woman, and her name is Sarah Bartowski…

  3. GeekGirl13 says:

    11) I fully expect, before the Darach storyline is up, that Papa Argent might join Papa Stilisnki and Mama McCall. Definitely a bad time to be a Teen Wolf parent. Of course, if anyone can get themselves out of trouble it’s the three of them so I will be extremely disappointed if any of them are killed. And by disappointed I also mean devastated and annoyed.

  4. Patchi says:

    09 where are all these OC interviews I haven’t seen one

  5. S says:

    What do you mean “almost happy” about Daft Punk cancelling on Stephen Colbert? That show could not have been better if he planned that cancellation.

  6. wrstlgirl says:

    #20 No! All these people are being lead around by their nose by HelAnda.

  7. Bruce_F says:

    3. I will welcome the “rapidly aging baby” every time. Babies on sci-fi shows are almost always a drag.
    17. Lisa Bonet was great on Drunk History and Winona Ryder was great last week as well.
    19. I’m guessing Alma has already picked up on the fact that Sonya is a little off, so she deserves much more credit for keeping relatively composed when finding out her husband nailed that widow.

  8. Andy says:

    15. Yes, yes he should. Watching him Tuesday night almost got me to go on Netflix and check out Hart of Dixie. I’ve never seen HoD and I don’t know how much he Is in it, but he was great on Whose Line.

    • Winston Mize says:

      Watch HART OF DIXIE. he’s a scene stealer and one of the male leads.

    • Angela says:

      Yeah, I’ve not seen “Hart of Dixie” either, but his appearance did make me a little more curious! He was hilarious on “Whose Line”, I’d be all for him showing up as often as he wanted.

  9. Kim R says:

    2. Other than the last hour, it was a fantastic 3rd season. I’m hoping for a 4th.
    7. If I hear “pie style” one more time I may boycott TV. (Not really)
    8. 9:45
    13. Excellent idea! I’m in! :)
    14. Right?!!?

  10. ggny says:

    Josh Schwartz ruined the great last season of The OC imo with the 10 years later stuff. Seth and Summer having no kids yet(Wouldnt they be closing in on 35?) and Ryan and Taylor not being together are lame

    • The montage at the end of the OC never said how far in the future it was; Sandy and Kirsten’s daughter looked like she could have been seven or so, making Seth and Summer about 26. Even if it was ten years later, Seth and Summer would be no older than 30. I’m not sure where you’re getting that they were 35 at the end of the series.

  11. Leah says:

    20. BB is my summertime trash obsession. Let’s talk. Heck yes, this unanimous voting is annoying. I think I’m more frustrated by this season than any other in recent years. I HATE this “house alliance.” Silver Lining: the numbers are getting so small, that it is going to have to break soon. The people drifting between Helen and Amanda (Aaryn, GM, Spencer) are going to have to pick a side for realsies. That’s when the real show will start!

  12. April says:

    #15 – the guest star portion of Who’s Line is the weakest part of the show because half the time the guest just stand there and don’t know what to do. Wilson was great. He is welcome back anytime.

    #17 – Winona Ryder has been the best so far but Lisa Bonet was really good too. It took me a while to figure out who she was.

    #19 – LOL! I agree. When he threw the body out the window and it crashed on the car I flinched right along with him. Then I just shook my head and said “Dumb a**!”

    • Matt says:

      15- Bethel was good, but I miss them pulling audience members. I don’t think it’s been as funny with the celebrity guest. WB was one of the best, but it didn’t blow me away.

  13. sarah says:

    9)Taylor did not love Anime. It was Anna played by Samaire Armstrong.

    14) I do love the clothing on Suits

    16) As soon as Malece was named to be in the bottom 3, I knew she was going home.

    • Peng9803 says:

      Actually, Taylor did love anime. Anna loved comics, manga, graphic novels, and most likely anime. But Taylor explicitly loved anime, especially some that had a little sexual bend to them.

      Taylor ended up with Ryan and Chuck has Sarah, come on! Nate is too young for Taylor. She likes them older or manlier. Nate is none of these things.

  14. Babybop says:

    5: Yes!! I don’t know why Stacy thinks that’s appropriate. And it’s not like he’s a perfect donor considering he has a history of heart problems.

    7: If Rodney wins, I refuse to watch Food Network for at least a couple of months until he’s wiped from the channel.

  15. kat says:

    #2. The Killing would have been better if we were blindsided, but it was still pretty good.

    #4, I didn’t really think about Maggie’s trauma at all. Because I can only focus on her ridiculous hair when she is onscreen. I get why she cut it off/dyed it. And yes, it was sad, etc. But what stopped her from getting it fixed? She is so annoying, I can’t even feel bad for her.

    #6. No clue at all who killed Flora. Que lastima!

    #14. Donna was on fire this week all around.

    #19. Sonya is a little over the top with how rude and juvenile she is. No way she could be an effective detective with how abrasive she is.

    #20.These BB contestants are such sheep. No one makes their own decisions.

  16. Babygate says:

    2. The Killing started out great. By the last episodes I wanted someone to kill Linden. Sleeping with the married guy. Entering into someone’s house uninvited. Demanding that everyone puts their life on hold to follow her… It just became too annoying. She still doesn’t have her priorities right, IMO. I think it was a mistake to kill Bullet so early and the Seward character started great but then the writing lost steam. The killer’s reveal was shocking but the way they revealed it was ineffective, IMO. I couldn’t wait for the episode to end and swore this is it for me. Even if it comes back for S4 I’m not interested in watching anymore.
    5. Drop Dead Diva. I can’t even believe that Stacy would go there, let alone that Jane would agree. Stacy has screwed over Jane before and that baffled me. How are they still friends? This has been a reply disturbing turn of events.
    10. Switched at Birth. Regina is being way too flexible as a mother. But more surprisingly, how is it that her parents have allowed Bay to be away this long and that Regina seems to be fine without Daphne? And is that apartment even big enough for all three?
    14. Suits. This is the best show. Period. Not only because of the complex and intriguing stories, or the amazing dialogue or the twisted turns it takes or the fact that it has such a hot cast, but the wardrobe! And they kill it. Harvey is a dream. Jessica is so elegant and sophisticated and Donna is the queen of all beautiful and graceful. And Mike and Rachel are not too shabby…

    • Dewatering says:

      Jane is going to die in the series finale of DDD – it’s the only reason the writer’s would have Stacey get pregnant with Owen. She’s going to “go straight to heaven” as stated in the opening credits for having become a good person as Jane.

      *Side note re: Maggie on Newsroom, I also thought her experience in Uganda would have been worse. She wasn’t even there for a day. The hair-thing was ridiculous and hackneyed. Read Charlaine Harris’ Shakespeare’s Landlord series or her book “A Silent Rage” and Sorkin might’ve had some insight into what really makes a woman cut her own hair off.

  17. CJ says:

    14) I agree that Suits has THE best wardrobe on TV right now, with the exception of whatever that crumb-catcher monstrosity was that Katrina wearing last week.

  18. Karen MT says:

    #20. I was yelling sheep and baa’ing at the tv all last night

  19. Peng9803 says:

    Wilson Bethel was on The O.C. as the male counterpart to Rachel Bilson’s Summer at the kissing booth. I think he auditioned for Seth as well.

  20. Angel says:

    7 – The show has been pushing “pie guy” and “pie style” since the beginning. I can’t see why since he’s had only 1 decent pie this whole season and most of the test audience members can’t understand what Rodney says most of the time. In addition, he does not seem to carry any food authority, which has been listed as a reason the judges have kicked off most of the contestants so far. Stacy deserves to be in the final three in Rodney’s place. The main complaint against her was that she was too fake, which in Giada’s case, is the pot calling the kettle black. Hopefully, Demaris will win since she is real, warm, and doesn’t freeze in front of the camera like Russell.

  21. Daisy says:

    4. [SPOILER] I think holding a child that took a bullet that was meant for you is pretty horrific. Sure there are lots of other really bad things that could’ve happened to her but that’s also really awful. Jeez.

    • Meredith says:

      I agree. Given the two terrible choices of being assaulted myself (where I think most people thought the story was going) or feeling personally responsible for the death of an innocent child, I think I’d probably choose the former.

    • c says:

      How insensitive can people be anymore to think that what she experienced in Uganda was no big deal? The whole story was a traumatizing experience. From all the kids screaming when they saw the camera, to the horrific ending with the kid that she was carrying on her back being shot.

    • Aleksa says:

      Thank you. I don’t get why people are treating what happened to her like it was no big deal. I’d be completely shattered by that.

  22. Britta Unfiltered says:

    18. Oh my gosh, Cranston disco roller skating was the best part about that segment. Though Matt Damon in the Matt Damon Booth was pretty great too. Overall though, still not as funny as Stripper Bears from the show a few nights before.

    22. Hah. Let the train wrecks commence.

  23. John says:

    #15 would make for awesome tv
    #17 Lisa Bonet was just amazing, Winona Ryder was great last week, and Lisa just kept it up.

  24. Aviram says:

    Re: Devious Maids – My money’s on Olivia, Michael’s ex-wife

  25. dan says:

    6) Truthfully, I don’t care who killed Flora! I keep forgetting that is a major plot point for the show. Parts of the show are clever and funny, while other parts are dreadful. Any scene with Rebecca (Flora’s former boss) is hysterical; any scene with Carmen is dull as dirt (and I like Roslyn Sanchez and the guy who plays her romantic foil). More Susan Lucci!
    7) If Rodney wins it will be a “jump the shark moment” for FNS.
    12) I knew from the moment the pregnant woman showed up on the journalist’s door (Julia?) that somebody was going to die. And in true “Dome” fashion I knew it would be one of the recurring guest stars (it isn’t good to be a guest star on this show…they get picked off week by week).

  26. Cesar88 says:

    6) Clearly it was Michael Stappord (Goodwin from Lost), that tape in episode five must be of him raping Flora. Following Marc Cherry’s M.O this season will end with him trying to kill Marisol but failing.

  27. Ram510 says:

    6. Most days I forget/don’t care who killed Flora. This murder mystery is nowhere near as intriguing as Desperate Housewives season 1.

  28. Matt says:

    15- Bethel was good, but I miss them pulling audience members. I don’t think it’s been as funny with the celebrity guest. WB was one of the best, but it didn’t blow me away.

  29. GeoDiva says:

    3. While I agree a rapid aging child is better than dealing with that spooky baby, I hope we are not venturing into V territory.
    6. Have no idea who killed Flora, but certainly am enjoying the show.
    13. Their group confession was so hilarious. I want to see more of the “Shangri-La”.

  30. Angela says:

    #18: While I do like the few songs I’ve heard by Daft Punk over the years, that’s really all the more I know about them, so I wasn’t all that fazed one way or another about them appearing on the show.
    That said, however, yes, their not appearing definitely helped make what Colbert DID have to do as a result that much more entertaining. You can never go wrong with him having a dance-off :D. And I loved his jabs at MTV and the bozos behind the illogical reasoning as to why Daft Punk couldn’t show up, too. It’s stuff like that that proves why I’m a fan of him and his show.

  31. Jacqi says:

    14. I whole heartedly agree! Love the womens clothing and I dont mind watching the dashing men in their suits either! 😉
    20. Agreed! This season is a waste of time if the houseguests dont stop thinking as a group and think as a person playing to win 500K!

  32. Katie says:

    9. Absolutely in no way would I ever accept anyone but Ryan/Taylor for either character. Josh Schwartz is just wrong. ;)

  33. JB Smooove says:

    20 | What’s with all the unanimous eviction votes on Big Brother this season? Can’t any of the house guests think for themselves?

    Yeah, but….when they do think for themselves, either racist, homophobic or pedophilic comes jumping right on out. and we don’t want that either.

  34. Midori says:

    Was a part of you dreading that Falling Skies would return Anne with a rapidly aged daughter? Screams of being a cheat to avoid toting a toddler around for Season 4, right?

    Makes me not care that it got a season 4.

  35. Sarah says:

    5. Everything about this storyline is awful, especially to viewers who supported this show. Bringing the show back for this storylinenis worse than the show being cancelled.

    7. YES….yes I will.

    22. I love both actresses….I guess a tough economy means you take what you get.

  36. Sarah says:

    How about some love for “Unforgettable”. Switching up the format hasn’t stopped the show from being intriguing, funny, and interesting each week. Take note “Drop Dead Diva”, when you get a second chance, don’t mess it up!

    Was Sandro’s exit on “Project Runway” crazier than Sue’s process and the dress she sent down the runway?!? And will the gimmick of “manage your own money” serves greater purpose in a future challenge???

  37. tstephen51 says:

    16 – The judges seem to be the ONLY ones who like Jenna. How Amy ended up in the bottom six to start with was a mystery, but to not get the auto-save?? Come on!!

  38. kirads09 says:

    #3 – Not sure what to think of Alexis. Creepy or cool???
    #7 – already there. Food Network has gotten so off track and away from what could make it great. Not sure even the incredible Alton Brown can save it any more.
    #25 – He is wonderful and enjoyed seeing him on Motive. Loved seeing him on Continuum as Kiera’s on board therapist too.

  39. H.Houston says:

    4. (Newsroom) I did for a moment think something worse happened to Maggie. However, she was actually a very fragile female character before and something physically happening to her would have been mind breaking. She is not a character that is written in such a way as to sustain their mental state after what has happened to other women there. This was something that could happen to her, would break her and remold her into something stronger without destroying her core.

    8. (Bachelorette) It took until Juan Pablo (yummy) was introduced as the new Bachelor. I continued to worry about Brooks being more of a douche.

    13. (Major Crimes) I loved this episode. It didn’t really push the story forward in major ways but I LOVED seeing it. [As a side note: I am not thrilled with the speed of the letters issue with Rusty. I think the writers have placed them in but they haven’t given us enough info about what is actually happening with us to make the watchers of the show care – tsk tsk, writer’s 101 on story line there folks)

    14. (Suits) I LOVED the women’s clothing this week. Just stunning.

    20. (Big Brother) I am so very very disgusted with this season. I have just started reading the spoilers and staying away from watching it. I understand CBS can’t really just dump the show… but I really think they need to put something in their contracts that states if a player does something unforgivable (looking at you Aaryn, GM, Spencer) then they can be removed by the network and replaced with the most recently evicted player.

    21. (Bones) Hodgins of course.

  40. Adriene says:

    Please boldface the names of the shows like you usually/used to do. That way I can easily skip over the questions for shows I don’t watch. :)

  41. Beth says:

    I don’t want a Dexter spin off, it just could not be the same without the Whole cast! Let it end and take its place in great TV history.

  42. Bobbi says:

    #2 – I absolutely loved this season and really didn’t mind the reveal of the killer. Seriously hoping The Killing gets a Season 4!
    #5 – I think it is an awful idea and really hope it doesn’t work out that way!
    #6 – Pretty sure the culprit is in the mix. We just don’t know who yet.
    #7 – Will not bother with Food Network Star if either of the guys win. This season has seemed so strange to me.
    #8 – I never expected Brooks to come back.
    #12 – No that was pretty easy to see coming.
    #13 – What a fantastic idea!
    #14 – I’ve given up trying to figure out why Nigel does what he does, but yes, it was pretty stupid.
    #19 – I’m a bit surprised that there hasn’t been any real attempt within the show to explain what is going on with Sonya. If it were real life, people would definitely be pushing for an answer.
    #20 – Big Brother this year is the absolute worse season of this show in so many different ways. Your example is just one of them. They’re not playing the game yet!

  43. Alichat says:

    2) I have determined that “the expected” for this show is that the finale will be disappointing and/or predictable. Fantastic season…..disappointing finale.

    12) I felt that death was completely unnecessary.

    13) That might be a more entertaining show than what we’ve been presented with this season. If I see one more dropped scene concerning Rusty….the most compelling character on the show…..or if I have to see that new PITA D.A. one more time, I’m going to scream.

    19) I thought the better scenes for Alma were when the wallet was returned and her confronting Marco later in bed. Was seriously disappointed in that character when he just hopped into bed with the widow.

  44. Beans628 says:

    LOL on The Bridge! My first response to Sonya’s “It’s not that good” comment was “AREN’T THOSE HOMEMADE ENCHILADAS?!” Haaaaaa!! Too funny :-).

  45. Frank says:

    I couldnt agree more with Beth, I would not want to see a spinoff from Dexter either. What a way to devalue such an amazing show!

  46. you can see all the Dexter Series on Netflix now.