NCIS Boss: Why We're Not Killing Off Ziva

NCIS Ziva DeadNCIS fans dreading the looming departure of leading lady Cote de Pablo, we present you with some blow-cushioning good news: The show isn’t shipping Ziva off in a body bag.

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Executive producer Gary Glasberg confirms to TVLine that the actress’ two-episode swan song (kicking off in the Sept. 24 season premiere) will not culminate with her alter ego’s death.

“It’s not what this character deserves,” Glasberg shares. “Also, [we killed off] Sasha Alexander’s Kate character [back in Season 2] and I like the idea of doing this one a little different and respecting who [Ziva] is.”

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To that end, Glasberg promises viewers will get a rare peek at “what makes Ziva tick” in the two-part swan song, adding, “In the second episode we learn why she’s going to make the decision she’s going to make… We put a lot into that storyline, so I hope it works for people.”

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  1. Killing her off is far more justified than killing Kate was. Kate was a good, loyal character. Ziva is a serial betrayer, liar and generally horrific fictional person who deserves death many times over for her crimes. Kill her. Kill her now.

    • msstargate says:

      Wow! Really???? I don’t see Ziva like that at all. Still hoping she will change her mind.

      • hlots11 says:

        They lost me when she pulled her gun on her unarmed partner (I don’t care if she was just “demonstrating” – guns are dangerous weapons, not props or toys) and then they just took her back like it was nothing. Final straw in a series of bad character actions. We had characters with established trust issues being written extremely OOC to justify horrendous Mary-Sue behavior on Ziva’s part. Honestly, I have no idea if that’s improved since Brennan left, because the horrible writing for Ziva (and subsequently everyone else) is why I stopped watching the show. I am looking forward to what she does next, because I thing CdP is a talented actress, but I’m glad to see that Ziva’s leaving NCIS. With a new character created by the current showrunner, they might do the replacement character justice.

        • 4luvofncis says:

          Wow haven’t heard this one before.

        • Mary says:

          Please tell me: what is “horrendous Mary-Sue behavior”???
          Seriously! It is not a common name and I have no frame of reference for the comment. Can you describe it to me?
          Thank you!

          • Lucie M says:

            This is a term used by readers and writers of fan fiction. A Mary Sue is a character that is an obvious stand in for the author. They are typically annoyingly perfect. What this tells us is that the person who wrote this post is a fanfiction writer. The core group of people who hate Ziva are all fiction writers who prefer Tony/Gibbs as a couple.

          • Alisa Neely says:

            let me make something CLEAR: not all ziva /tiva haters are FANFIC WRITERS or READERS….they just DON’T like ziva or want tony with her…..so DON’T PUT IT ALL ON FANFIC/SLASH people…..not everyone wants tony with gibbs either.

          • Mary S says:

            So, if a woman’s true name is Mary Sue, then she is “a character that is an obvious stand in for the author. They are typically annoyingly perfect. What this tells us is that the person who wrote this post is a fanfiction writer. The core group of people who hate Ziva are all fiction writers who prefer Tony/Gibbs as a couple.” (I am certain you did not mean what you typed!)
            I always saw them as bickering siblings… this idea of “Tiva” is so far beyond Gibbs’ Rules that it would NEVER happen. Yes, they flirted, but Tony’s MO is to bed (or try to bed) every attractive woman he sees, and Ziva would NEVER get involved with such a man. Though she does mock him for it and occasionally leads him on as if he could win her. But she has seen too much of his behavior to actually consider it. They are partners and friends, and as team members will do whatever necessary to protect each other… but their personalities are too different for a relationship beyond work.
            Take it from me: I really am a Mary Sue! There were two other Mary”s in the family so my mom wanted me to use both names to avoid confusion, and it stuck. My college roommate was “Mary Suzanne” – and I had a friend in high school also named Mary Sue. NONE of us are fanfiction writers, unless you want to think that my comments here make me one.
            Some of my friends have told me I am annoyingly perfect and are tired of me being “right” all the time…does that count? :))

          • Mary S says:

            I did not thank you for the explanation…I was so surprised at being “annoyingly perfect” that I forgot my manners! I see a lot of words and phrases here whose meanings I do not know. I am grateful for definitions, when someone is kind enough to provide them.
            I bet you can tell me this one, too: what is a “shipper” and from whence did this meaning come? Usually a shipper is someone (or a company) that moves objects or packages from one location to another. I know that is not what is meant in these comments!
            Could it be referring to fans who want to see a romantic relationship between characters in a show? I do not understand this desire to turn a really great cop show (or whatever label you put on it) that has all these wonderful elements of crime solving, forensics, friendships, humor, politics (yes, there have been some serious military/political issues covered!), and “RULES” into just another soap opera! Why would anybody do that? It just makes no sense! If you want romance with your crime-solving, watch BONES.
            If you want to see what an office romance does to a crime-solving team, look at The Mentalist, when Rigsby and Van Pelt were almost fired over it. Since they are leaving the show this Fall, maybe that will be the excuse: they are in love, they don’t want to be in different offices, so they will leave the force altogether.
            Actually, that may be how they take Ziva out, if they are so sure the fans will like it. Personally, I never saw them as a couple… Ziva is too smart for that and I always thought that he was still in love with the doctor. (I always thought Scarlett was an idiot for chasing Ashley, too!)
            Oh, well, we all interpret things differently. We can do that when the show is as well-written as this one.

          • as524 says:

            Lucie – you’re throwing more outright lies and suppositions around again.

            Mary Sue characters can be found anywhere, not just fanfic. & according to the test, ziva definitely fits the bill.

            As far as the poster – you have no way of knowing if they write or read fanfic. & I know plenty of people, both on line & in life, that can’t stand ziva and have never seen tiva who also have nothing to do with fanfic

          • JC says:

            Mary, here’s a good link to explain the Mary Sue thing, if you’re curious. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/MarySue

          • JC says:

            Also, “shipping”, to answer your question above. The term apparently according to this link originated in the X-Files fandom….I didn’t know that. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/Shipping

        • Deborah Tucker says:

          If your not watching the show how can you comment on anything going on in the show, Ziva has proven herself to Gibbs more than once

          • BJG says:

            How? & don’t tell me it because she killed Ari. She told Gibbs she killed Ari because he was going to kill him BUT (1) she was ordered to kill Ar to gain his trusti & (2) she would have killed Ari whether it was Gibbs or Tony or McGee or … That’s not proving to Gibbs, it’s proving to her father. She LIED to Gibbs in the elevator in Silver War when she said no one but the two of them knew who killed Ari and kept that secret for 4 years and then it wasn’t even Ziva who told Gibbs it was all a lie, that Eli (and Ziva) played him, it was Vance. Then she had the guts to ask Gibbs to choose HER over Tony, to transfer Tony from the team. Tony who from day one proved his loyalty & trustworthiness to Gibbs. And to top it off she was in NO position to ask because (1) she wasn’t an NCIS agent. (2) she wasn’t an American citizen & (3) she was still a member of Mossad, a foreign agency. And don’t even get me started about accusing Tony of murder and then attacking him, again, Gibbs’ most trusted member of his team.

          • Julie Merritt says:

            to BJG she has saved their lives been a good agent, saved Gibbs life. Yes she killed her brother, on orders from her father, but she tried not to, but he gave her no choice. If she had not Ari would have killed Gibbs.

        • Julie Merritt says:

          We all make mistakes. She learned and grew.

          • Alisa Neely says:

            that was MORE then a MISTAKE…..she does NOT know how to CONTROL herself…..she strikes out in ANGER….weither it be at her SFA or a SUSPECT…..she NEVER should have EVER been with ncis to begin with….and she has NOT LEARNED OR GROWN….she STILL lied and with held VITAL INFORMATION…..until she felt it was the right time…..had she TOLD THE TRUTH this last time right away, maybe just MAYBE mrs. vance would STILL BE ALIVE……i’m THRILLED be rid of her…..as is ALOT OF NCIS FANS.

        • Julie Merritt says:

          Ok people for one this is a show not real life. Enjoy it and two Ziva pulled her gun on I think Malachi who deserved it, she has grown and become a good NCIS Agent and we all make mistakes. Stop the Ziva bashing. Enough is enough.

        • Josefina says:

          From what planet are you from?

        • Julie Merritt says:

          Ziva never drew her gun on her unarmed partner. What planet are you from

          • BJG says:

            Maybe you should re-watch Aliyah.

          • Alisa Neely says:

            i agree 100% …..do rewatch that eppy…..because, ziva DID pull her LOADED weapon on her INJURED partner, after THROWING him to the ground……she has ALWAYS treated him, like he was a piece of gum stuck to the bottom of her shoe…..acting as if she was BETTER then him, simply because she had been MOSSADE.

          • Julie Merritt says:

            I watched and she did not. Also she has grown up. Leets stop the Ziva bashing

          • Alisa Neely says:

            i DON’T know what you were watching…..but, YES she did….they were in her HOME COUNTRY…..i believe, it was AFTER tony got daddy “david” to admitt to something…..it was outside, he had a “sling” on….and she THREW HIM TO THE GROUND AND SHOVED HER LOADED GUN IN HIS CHEST….and said, if the order was given….she’d be HAPPY to put the BULLET in him…..she NEVER treated him as her SFA….she LIED to him about IMPORTANT information….HELL she wouldn’t even tell GIBBS, who she saw as “another father”…..and YES, that was ALL ABOUT RIVKIN.

          • BJG says:

            Excuse me? What Aliyah did you watch. Did she not throw an unarmed and injured Tony to the ground and then draw her guy on him. And then jabbed him with this gun????

            IMO she has not grown up, she hasn’t changed. And I’m basing this on A Man Walks into a Bar when Dr Cranston brought up Kate, Ziva showed no remorse whatsoever. She was Ari’s handler and she didn’t stop him. Ziva, who many of her fans throw around how sad her life is because her sister died, her mother is dead, Michael was killed, could not show any emotion, & again many of her fans tell us what an emotional person she is, for an agent that was killed and she admitted it had an affect on the team. That itself shows me she hasn’t grown or changed.

          • Julie Merritt says:

            She has grown up and become a good agent and she and Tony are close friends and this is the last post. Move on to the posts of season 11 and stop the Ziva bashing.

          • BJG says:

            Nice non-answer.

            As to S11 I’m really looking forward to 11.03 & on. #ANewBeginning!!

        • Julie Merritt says:

          This is a show not reality. Her partner asked her about her training. she was showing what he Mossad training was.

      • Kim R says:

        I keep hoping she’ll change her mind as well. :) I’ve enjoyed all the characters that have come and gone on NCIS.

        • Sina says:

          I am not looking forward to Sept. 24th. I have watched NCIS from day “1”. I am going to miss Ziva terribly. I think every actor portrays his/her character to the “T”.
          I wish you well, Ziva. I am glad to hear they are not going to kill you off. Maybe some day you will return to the show, again. I only wish I was young and gorgeous, (hell, I’ll be glad with just gorgeous) to take your role, but in my opinion, no one can.

      • I agree with msstargate… I hate to see Ziva leave the show.

      • Toni Ryan says:

        I see the show like you do. I love each of their characters and would hate to see any of them leave. I’m hearing of Ziva leaving for the first time today. I’m in shock! I’m glad their not killing her off. I would love to see her again on the show in the future. Why is she leaving? NCIS is one of the few shows that I can watch re-run after re-run and not get bored with it. I hope it continues for many more years.

        • Donnie says:

          Toni Ryan, it is shocking!! if you missed it, she is going back to chili to be with her boyfriend basucally!! she had chilian roots!!! but she will be missed by all!!!

          • Julie Merritt says:

            Donnie Glad you said this. Everyone who has been ganging up on CBS has been told she wanted to leave and don’t want to believe it.

      • karan says:

        If she does leave, I hope she comes back. They all go together so well. And tejas,you are an idiot and I’d love to put you in a show just so we can KILL you. Of course I have been in love with Mark for years and years. I still dream about his Coors ads.

      • Beckie says:

        I agree with you. I never saw her in that light and I also hope she will rejoin the cast soon.

      • Donnie says:

        me either, to me she has been a great addition tgo the show, she has moxy and is very exciting to watch, ziva charactor was very likeable , but questionable at times, but thats was the beauti of her!
        i just hope who ever replaces her, has some of the same qualities!!!
        i really hope hope she changes her mind, but i bet her bf in chili will help make up her mind, lets hope for the best

      • she ziva is so hot the show will not b the same without her

      • Gloria C says:

        I totally agree with the above statement….Not killing her off to me is justified.. she is a terrific actress and I really hope that she has a change of heart and mind and does return.

      • Elmer Fudd says:

        I agree and no one can replace her. The actors before her did not hold a candle to her performances . She will be dearly missed.
        I just hope after a break she will come back.

      • Julie Merritt says:

        Cote/ziva chose to leave, she is happy and pursuing other roles. Maybe she will make appearances every so often.

    • Wanda Bankson says:

      Letting Cote go over 25,000$ is a mistake. Ziva does those stunts she deserves the money. Keeping her salary under the men is the dark ages!!!

      • John says:

        Given there’s no public access to those negations any specific dollar figure is fantasy, much like any hope Tony and Ziva would get together after they had their try at it in Paris and went away , apparently, unimpressed.

        While the character always felt to me like a forced fit in a United States Navy institution, being she was Mossad and that was revisited many, many times so that force fit stayed current… I like the actress and give her the respect that this is her decision. Whatever that may be.

      • Pennagirl says:

        She wanted to leave. An interview on French TV, she CdP wants to spend time with her grandfather (89) in Chile.


          • GloriaC. says:

            Theabove by Donna Metzier is the only post I am going to respond too. I also Like and Respect Ziva and Cote very much and I really hope that whatever her reasons for leaving… may she find whatever she is looking for, even if it is spending time with a dying relative, that is her choice.
            However, in time I would love to see her return…

            Much respect from me to Cote and Ziva…

          • Wendy says:

            “… this is not about my job, this is about my family.” In so many ways that statement by Ziva captures the relationship between this group of people who have become a family to each other … and to us, the fans. Truly hoping she’ll be back but whatever the case, Godspeed & blessings on Cote/Ziva.

          • michael moriarty methuen mass. says:

            i truly believe the show will fall without that spark tony and ziva gives it , also the crazy she adds to with lets not forget the sexy oh my she is hot

        • Plum says:

          Gotta respect her wanted to be with her family, and her grandfather. And it leaves the window open for her character to guest, plus to bring in a new agent and fresh blood.

        • Lucie M says:

          I saw it. He’s not “dying”. She said she was looking foweard to spending time with him, now that she has time off she did NOT say it was the reason for leaving. People are twisting the interview as they do everything else.

          • as524 says:

            Looking in the mirror again? You & your lot have twisted every single word printed since the announcement that she’s leaving was made.

          • Pennagirl says:

            Did I say he was dying? I said that in the French (TV?) interview she wanted to spend time with her grandfather (89ish) in Chile. Didn’t say he was dying.

      • AllanB says:

        It’s not about having her salary below the “men’s” as you put it, since Abby (pauley Perette) makes the same as Tony. Quit trying to make it sexist…..

      • Todd Dobbs says:

        amen she wants to leave kill her ass! then if Rizzoli and Isles isn’t coming back bring back Kate. It could always have been a faked death! Also she will go on to do nothing anywhere else! She is committing career suicide

        • Julie Merritt says:

          Glassburg isn’t killing Ziva. and CBS tried to keep her. They offered her more money and she wanted to leave. kate can’t come back, she is dead.

    • Linda says:

      Seriously. What is your problem? Ziva is a good person whose had some bad deals thrown at her. She to kill her own brother to keep him from killing Gibbs, she’s been beaten and tortured and betrayed by her own father. She had to watch him die. So get over yourself. Your not going to find very many people who want her dead.

      • Darlene says:

        Fine by me if she lives, but Linda, you do realize that, according the show, it later came out that Ziva was tasked by her father to assassinate Ari. Period. The fact that she waited to do so (because she didn’t believe her father and wanted to know for herself whether her brother was a monster or not) was the only reason Gibb’s life was put in danger in the first place…and, perhaps, why Ari had the opportunity to kill Kate.

        • Danielle says:

          Wow excuse her for not wanting to kill her own brother! Jesus!

          • Classic NCIS fan says:

            1/2 brother – and for much of her run, they weren’t even raised together

          • Sarah says:

            “Classic NCIS fan”, I’m not sure where you’re getting the idea that they weren’t raised together. There’s been nothing in the show to indicate that. In fact, there’s been plenty of evidence to the contrary, namely, the photo of them together as children and the flashback to them, again, together as children.

        • 4luvofncis says:

          you still have no clue. “when you’re wrong, you’re wrong at the top of your voice.”

        • Leela says:

          She didn’t “wait” to kill her brother. She went so she could prove him innocent, because she honestly thought she was. When she did kill him, it was because she realized that it wasn’t so, and that him being dead was the only way the madness was going to stop.

        • Ari was Ziva’s half-brother

      • Classic NCIS fan says:

        # 1 – she was ordered to kill Ari…just took her sweet time doing so.
        # 2 – no evidence of torture or being betrayed by her father
        # 3 – he was ALREADY DEAD when she got back to the house. She did NOT watch him die

        Really gotta have your facts straight if you plan on defending a character who should have been written off many seasons ago

        • Sarah says:

          Have you watched “Aliyah”, “Truth or Consequences”, “Reunion”, or “Good Cop, Bad Cop”?

          • Classic NCIS fan says:

            Yes, every time they are on. I am a fan of the show, not a character. Therefore I do not spin what is shown to suit my wishes and needs for my favorite character. No where in any of those episodes did they say she was tortured. Nor did they indicate that she had been abandoned by her father or Mossad.

          • Sarah says:

            Really? Her face being beaten nearly beyond recognition and her not being able to walk on her own wasn’t enough of an indication?

            And Eli knowingly trying to make her the scapegoat for the death of a marine she didn’t kill doesn’t count as a betrayal?

            Gibbs confirmed that Eli “left her to die in a desert”. Cote de Pablo confirmed in interviews that he sent Ziva on a suicide mission. She also stated that “bad things” were done to Ziva in Somalia, and that the show avoided depicting it explicitly due to the nature of the subject.

        • 4luvofncis says:

          Wrong. Oh, my, Gosh. Seriously? Facts straight? That’s pretty hilarious.

          • Pennagirl says:

            Yeah, fact about a fictional story and character. WAYYYYYYY into the belief that these characters are real and exist in the real world.

        • Julie Merritt says:

          Yes there was. When he sent her on that mission he betrayed her to the guy she was sent to get and he and Mossad were going to leave her to die, Eli also tried to frame her for murder. They just did not count on Gibbs stepping in.

        • Julie Merritt says:

          Yes Eli was already dead when she got back to the house. She had no idea he was shot.

        • Kathi says:

          Are you watching the same NCIS? WOW you are so wrong about your facts yes her father ordered her to do a job knowing she’d fail knew where she was and left her out there to punish her. She shot and killed Ari to save Gibbs and watched him die and it took her 4 days to set up an plan with Gibbs to kill him. Open your eyes and watch the re-runs

      • Pickle8182 says:

        It seems like you don’t follow the show 100%. She killed her brother because her dad told her to so she could gain Gibbs’ trust. To get in with NCIS, not because of any loyalty to Gibbs. My HUGE question of her loyalty was when she told Gibbs to make a choice between her and Tony. Really?! But they later took her back with her tail between her legs. No, I don’t want her to be killed off, and I’m shocked she’s leaving. But I’m not heart broken. Tony, Gibbs or Abby I’d be heart broken. Let her go run Mossad and she can make guest appearances if she deems us worthy.

        • Angel says:

          Vance, at one point, theorized that Ziva killed her brother to gain Gibbs’ trust but that is not why she killed him. She killed her brother because if she didn’t, Ari would have not stopped until Gibbs was dead. And Gibbs never believed she killed Ari to gain his trust. Eli David sent Ziva to stop her brother, not kill him. Gibbs covered up the fact that Ziva had killed Ari because Ziva never wanted her father to know she was the shooter. And it clearly broke her heart to have to kill her brother, he was the only sibling she had left. And as for Ziva asking Gibbs to choose between Tony and herself, Ziva was going through a very emotional time. Her partner, whom she trusted completely, shot and killed her boyfriend. Trusting people is not something Ziva does easily, so for Tony to do what he did (whether it was right or wrong) was the ultimate betrayal. As she told Gibbs later, he was right in choosing Tony. Ziva needed time to get her head on straight and see the situation for what it was – that her boyfriend Michael Rifkin was a rogue agent that needed to be stopped.

          • BJG says:

            Eli KNEW that Ziva killed Ari, he ordered it. The whole elevator scene in Silver Wars was a lie. & why is it that is it always someone elses fault when Ziva doesn’t something wrong? It was Tony fault that Michael was killed – MAYBE, just MAYBE if Ziva told him to leave Washington like Tony and Gibbs both asked of him, he would be alive. MAYBE Ziva should take some of the blame for Michael’s death. And as a Mossad agent she should be able to control her emotions and not act out on them… Attacking Tony, Attacking the guy in Jeopardy, not “standing down” in Cloak, just to name a few. And the thing that drives me CRAZY is that Ziva had the nerve to ask Gibbs to transfer Tony from his team when she wasn’t even an NCIS Agent, she wasn’t even an American Citizen. It seems that EVERYONE forgot that little tidbit.

          • Amber Lyttle says:

            This comment is for Angel. My daughter said to tell you finally someone with some sense

          • Aqueelah says:

            Boy the writers have really gotten all of you twisted, Ziva’s character is complicated thats what she’s all about. Season 6 final 5 or 6 eps was a game changer it showed up Ziva’s flaws and everyone must admit that while she felt scared and betrayed she did some betraying herself, the writers change their minds about things and don’t necessarily keep track of everything the characters say, like in the ep where Gibbs called his dad to say Merry Christmas and then in a follow up ep he visited the town and it was like they hadn’t spoken since he left home. So Ziva did get orders to kill Ari as well as to gain Gibb’s trust and she did whether it was hard for her to do or not is arguable since she never shed a tear over it until Gibbs lost his memory and she was tryna show she cared, hence she also told the truth when she said Ari was her brother and she wanted to believe he was innocent and realised Gibbs was a great man. As for Tony killing Michael and Ziva battering him he did it because he had no other choice, not betrayal at all, it was as he said kill or be killed, Tony went there so Ziva could explain why the evidence he’d discovered led to her and while he probably was in love with her and wanted Michael out of the picture that isn’t why he killed him, so again Ziva was both right and wrong in her initial judgements like abby pointed out in “Reunion”. Got to say though watching over “Aliyah”, “Truth or Consequence” and “Reunion” the writers sure turn Tony into a sucker risking his life to go save someone who thought him to be a traitor when she was, there is no way in hell that could happen in real life but I applaud them cause that just made me love Tony even more. And y’all need to just love the characters for their contribution to the show whether they be antagonistic or protagonis cause without each individual character the show wouldn’t be what it is. Love NCIS and for all who dislike the heep of emotions without it many people wouldn’t watch people like to be able to identify with the characters. Will miss Ziva hope Cote comes back

          • Julie Merritt says:

            Eli David did send Ziva to kill Ari because he was out of control. She did not want to but had to to save Gibbs and the others

      • cookie kirk says:

        Thank u Linda, I was so hoping the writers DIDN’T KILL HER!!! I was so devastated when they killed Kate. Just when u thought the crew was safe then boom Kate gets a bullet to the head. And the season ended. So I’m glad Ziva lives. Yeah. Much love Cote, go be with ur family and shine on their love.

      • Julie Merritt says:

        Linda I agree with you. She has grown. She was trained by Mossad and then betrayed and from that she grew.

    • dolcevita says:

      You are SO incredibly rude. That’s messed up. Ugh i can’t believe people talk like this.

      • Classic NCIS fan says:

        Why not talk like this about a character….it’s not like this is a REAL PERSON

        • Sarah says:

          Then please at least try to respect the feelings of the “REAL PEOPLE” who are very upset right now about this turn of events.

          • Classic NCIS fan says:

            This is a FICTIONAL character. I find it absurd and disturbing that some are acting as if there’s been a death in their personal family.

          • Sarah says:

            I think you missed the point of what I said. Ziva is fictional, but a lot of people are sad right now over her being written out. Please try to respect their feelings.

          • Pete says:

            The Tiva fans who have called for more and more romance in what was once a crime drama series – and who are still claiming to speak for ALL NCIS fans, not just the Tiva ones – have never shown any respect for the people who don’t want romance in the show, and even less for those who are supposedly anti-Tiva, nor any respect for THEIR feelings. So why should these people that have been insulted, belittled and ignored show any respect for a group of people who believe that they are devastated by something that will have absolutely no material affect on their lives, and which will be forgotten as soon as the next pretty thing comes along.

          • Andrea says:

            @Steph, here’s my issue with respect. It has to run both ways, and in many cases, people who don’t like Ziva aren’t receiving respect in this thread. It has been said that many people in this thread are sad because Cote is leaving. I AM trying to respect that. However, in this same thread, I, as someone who dislikes Ziva, have been referred to as someone who’s a bigot and a homophobe. it has also been suggested that I get with it because Ziva is amazing. It is not my opinion that Ziva is amazing. It has been suggested that there is one person in this thread who doesn’t like Ziva and is posting under multiple names. That may be true, but I am not that person, so there’s at least two people in this thread who don’t like Ziva. I’m me and only me.

            Between those who like Ziva and those who have no opinion, I’m being made to feel as though a) How dare I express a non-Ziva loving opinion in this supposed time of sadness or b) how dare I participate in and perpetuate this argument? I have a HUGE problem with being referred to as a racist, a bigot, and a homophobe because I don’t like Ziva. I’m apparently not supposed to respond to that?

            I want to make it clear that I know that you did not say all of these things. Your comment was the one I chose to globally respond to this issue. I’m not sad, but I do respect that Tiva fans are sad, but I wish that Tiva fans and neutral fans would understand that people don’t like Ziva and are within their right to comment and respond to offensive remarks. I wish Tiva fans would understand that their opinion does not represent the whole, just as I know that my opinion does not. if a Ziva fan is sad, by all means say so, but please represent yourself accordingly. Please don’t say “NCIS fans” or “we” because your opinion does not match mine. It does represent yours and probably most Ziva fans, but it doesn’t represent me and it belittles and negates my right to have a dissenting opinion that I believe I have posted with respect.

      • estefania says:

        agree dolcevita, people don’t agree or don’t like character or actresss , but they should better words and don’t so rude

      • Tav says:

        Don’t be surprised, most anti-Zivas are vehemently sexist, racist, anti-semitic and xenophobic (a lot of that hate extends to Cote as well). They probably haven’t fully reared their ugly heads on TVLine because the comments are monitored, but elsewhere they’re easy to find.
        In their minds Ziva doesn’t deserve anything good and cannot hold a candle to the precious Gibbs/Tony/McGee/Ducky/Palmer (hmm, what do those characters have in common??).
        So I’m glad Ziva won’t die, she deserves better than being fridged like Kate/Jenny/Paula/Michelle Lee/Lara Macy/Jackie Vance; actually they warranted better too.

        • Classic NCIS fan says:

          And the insults come because many of Ziva’s fans can’t handle the idea that the entire fandom is not madly in love with the character.

          • estefania says:

            we know whole fandom don’t love , but almost this , yes and for this reason , you don’t love her , but you can’t do offensive with actress, because don’t like character, you can say the same ,but good words

          • Classic NCIS fan says:

            Then perhaps estefania you should turn your words to your fellow fans who condemn, insult, belittle and ridicule real fans and not a fictional character.

          • Tav says:

            HA, calling a spade a spade/pointing out bigotry is an insult now? But of course, because the only thing worse than actually BEING sexist/racist etc is being CALLED that.
            Well considering the bulk of the Ziva vitriol goes something like “that crazy b*tch whore deserves to die” and “they better not replace her with another foreigner”, my assessment is very accurate.

            “Why not talk like this about a character….it’s not like this is a REAL PERSON”
            Right, because I’m sure you’re SO respectful of women (or minorities) in reality. This is just a TV show, not like your values and beliefs are connected or anything…

          • Steph says:

            Excuse me for butting in but Im finding you and your needless nattering annoying. Okay so you don’t like Ziva, fair enough that’s your opinion. Is there any reason to slam the opinion of someone else just cos they miss Ziva and want her back? He’ll no! Everyone is entitled to an opinion and no one gives you the right to insult someone for there’s. it’s no wonder you receive insults back.

            I suppose your parents didn’t reach the meaning of the phrase “treat others as you wish to be treated”. Grow up and let people have there opinion.

            Personally I will miss Ziva and her chemistry with Tony. But I respect Cote’s decision and look forward to seeing her in any thing else.

        • Actually, Classic NCIS fan, you might want to talk to your fellow fans and tell them to stop insulting, demeaning, belittling and ridicule of a fictional character and a real life actress before you lecture us on this. :-) Thank you.

          • as524 says:

            Now this is rich – Try examining your own side of the fandom, Zoya…there’s been more abuse coming from those who act like ziva is the only thing on the show & the whole point of it is tiva since S6. It’s appalling how you guys rear up like lions being hunted when someone calls your group about the crap you’ve dealt out for YEARS yet don’t say a word to a ziva/tiva fan when they let loose with a bunch of insults about real people (note – ziva is NOT a real person). When ziva/tiva fans learn to police their own fandom with the glee they expect those who don’t like the character/pairing to police theirs then they can ask for and expect to get the same treatment.

        • pj says:

          I resent what you say about antis. im very much anti ziva and tiva. Never liked her kept wishing her gone. I am not anti somatic half my family is Jewish, love my family. homophobic him better tell my 2 bffs who are gay couple love them to death would be lost without them. as cote is concerned dont know her all my dislike is for a character whi dhould have never been on a team in ncis.

        • BJG says:

          And who’s being rude?? This is very offensive to all NCIS fans.

        • marc says:

          Thank you!!! You are absolutely correct!!!….Some of these (not all of course) Ziva haters are your typical anti-semites. They can’t stand the role of Ziva…a strong self assured Jew and Israeli, molded by Jewish history. Having been to Israel numerous times it amazes me how well she portrayed todays modern Israeli. Allot of these anti Ziva haters are also Mossad haters as well…making Mossad out to be some kind of Israeli Mafia rather then what they are Israels, main intelligence agency.. their equivilance of the CIA (along with Shin Bet…their version of the FBI). I’m sure this will generate a few anti-semitic posts…but that’s OK…it only exposes their bigotry.

    • Robert says:

      My goodness, you skipped your meds this morning didn’t you? With “fans” of the show like you, I honestly do not blame Cote for wanting to leave. I’d seek some professional help there tejas–your rantings seriously are alarming……….

    • Tejasjulia, yes, we know just how you feel about Ziva, you’ve stated it time and time again for years everywhere…..sadly you’re not gonna get your wish. I’m so brokenhearted for you! *sarcasm intended*

      I’m just glad this leaves the door open for Ziva to come back. As for Kate being killed after only 2 seasons, that was DBP’s idea after he found out Sasha wanted to leave. Either way, having Cote joined really boosted the show even more and the loss of her presence will be felt in Season 11.

      • Classic NCIS fan says:

        No, Marla, her presence on the show will not be missed. Perhaps now the GG can dump the soap opera storylines that are written only to boost her and get back to some actual character development. & now that you and the rest of the tiva fans will no longer be watching & bleating their demands all over sites like this one, perhaps other non-tiva spoilers will be revealed and the show can be what it once was before tiva was pushed forward.

        • Good luck on the character development after Ziva leaves! Oh, and who said I wasn’t gonna be watching it after Ziva leaves???? Don’t make assumptions you know nothing about.

          • Classic NCIS fan says:

            The show has given the other characters NO development that doesn’t involve propping up Ziva. It’s past time they were allowed to break out of the restraints they were forced into so Ziva could be the best & the brightest on the show.

            Beyond that, seen the tweets & posts where you and your buddies are still in tears every time you read or see something new about Cote’s Choice and how none of you will watch after she leaves & hope the show fails and how you all plan on watching and rooting for Agents of SHIELD.

        • I’m the person who ruins the party -You can call me “Debbie Downer” – right now.
          As much as I would wish the show got back on tracks, I’m going to keep being a pessimist, and say that since the show is still run by the same people – CBS, GG, and everyone else involved, the people making the decisions about where the show (and it’s story lines) is going and how it’s marketed, and all that, are the same, I do not believe the show will change it’s course much. The ideas and people coming up with the NCIS universe and stories are the same, so the way they are telling it all will most likely stay the same. Or at least similar.

          Though, yes, since one character and ship do not exist in scenes anymore, other characters (be it main or guest cast) will be seen more on screen.

          You can all tell me “told you so”, if I am wrong, and they use this one characters departure, and one ship’s screen time gone to write about other things, and kind of re-boot the show, but sadly I don;t think that’s gonna happen. For everyone’s sake who will be watching the new season…and beyond…I truly hope the show will use this sudden opportunity well, and stop being so “soap opera-ish”. ;)

        • estefania says:

          you know one procuderal has mix of different of ingredients, including romance and this will, you know ziva bringing a lot young people to NCIS as other characters in there, NCIS is what it is, because they mix many things and special personal lives of charcaters, but this show will be as others, but altought people will angry with me , ziva david is the most complex charcater in NCIS that gave mysterious, drama, funny, and show how one person can fight against bad things in her life , ziva and whole cast is a DOPPELGÄNGER of many people around of the world, I don’t want to say people is exactly as them , but having traits …
          I support always to cote de pablo , she is a wonderful, besutiful and talented actress and deserve the love people show her

          • elana says:

            Does she deserve the Hate her fans are showing in her defence too? Those so called fans who are harassing Pauley and others for not showing their grief the respect they think it deserves.

        • amorebondade says:

          Soap opera? LOL! I guess the upcoming love triangle with McGee/Delilah/Abby isn’t an element of soaps? Plus, Mike Franks coming back even after he’s dead is something you see on soap operas A LOT. Ziva’s presence WILL be missed; no doubt about that.

        • Teddy says:

          Classic NCIS Fan and your mates… You lot keep nattering on about character devlopment. The bloody show has been on for 10 seasons, how much more “development” do you want from a characer? The charaters are established we all know who they are, it’s the storlines that hack you lot off… that’s not down to the character or the actor… have a go at the right people the plonks with the pens who write this bollocks… no need getting your knickers in a twist love it really is just a TV show in the end… and I do love watching it AND Ziva and i will keep on watching even after she gone.

        • mewofford says:

          Lucky to bring in 10 million viewers an episode?

        • Ags Po says:

          Hmmmm! #1 scripted show. I guess someone was watching and even liked it.

        • Stevie says:

          ClassicNCISFan you fool,
          This show is done when Ziva’s gone.

          • Alisa Neely says:

            WRONG….the show would be OVER if gibbs, tony or abby were to leave….especially if it were gibbs/mh that were to go……MH/GIBBS is the TOP character for the show…..the show will be just FINE, without cote/ziva.

          • Lucyblack says:

            I think you are right,the NCIS recipe will be incomplete without her.I am really going to miss her alot

          • Julie Merritt says:

            Don’t think so. Ziva isn’t the show, they all are. I miss Ziva also, but it is time to move on and let it go.

        • Lynn says:

          You are an insult to NCIS, and should NOT use “Classic NCIS fan”!! You need to re-watch and try to get the facts straight before shooting off your mouth.
          As for me, I love ZIVA and wanted TIVA , and although Kate was ok, I think Ziva was so much better as a character. Kate couldn’t kill Ari in the morgue because of his eyes….REALLY??? I wouldn’t want her as a partner!
          Sasha fits her new character much better and I enjoy her in her new show.
          Soap Opera? I don’t think so. There is still plenty of acting,even with Tiva.
          You sound like a very bitter person.I’ll keep you in my prayers.

      • Delayna says:

        Love it, Marla!! :) Same person or 5 people being horrid and nasty on all media outlets… It gets old. Glad we know that her departure will be good for both she and Tony.

    • 4luvofncis says:

      Blah blah blah, same old thing. We’ve heard a million times already.

    • JLB says:

      This seems like a really good time to point out that Gibbs has lied, twisted the truth and killed people (and unarmed ones too) to suit his own sense of justice. But, because you happen to like that fictional character and agree with his sense of vigilante justice or particular moral code that makes it all ok…. Interesting point of view – right hand meet left.

      • There ya go!!! This is interesting about Gibbs because that’s what the Season 10 finale arc was all about, right???? But hey, Gibbs can do no wrong in anybody’s book. Saintly, perfect Gibbs.

        • Pete says:

          The Gibbs of earlier seasons learned from personal experience that revenge is not the way to go: it solves nothing, it does not make you feel better and it creates a whole lot of new problems. Even in ‘Shiva’ he indicated to Vance that revenge was stupid. The whole finale arc for season 10 was dumb and has taken a bunch of mostly law abiding LEOs, who sometimes bent the rules for the greater good and turned them into selfish vigilantes. Ziva going off on her own just proved that she has regressed from the investigator she was becoming in ‘Shalom’. At this point none of them are saints and all deserved to answer for their crimes.

          • Oh, would Season 7 be considered earlier seasons when Gibbs let his mother in law walk away from a murder charge????? That really wasn’t so long ago.

          • as524 says:

            Zoya – so nice of you to let your true colors show, instead of the moderate you claim to be on twitter…
            Since you obviously pay no attention to any plot line outside of Tiva, let me remind you about the outcry from many Gibbs fans over that ep.
            The whole point of the post, though, since you missed it, was to point out that the Gibbs from early seasons knew revenge wouldn’t give closure to the deaths of Jackie & Eli since he already walked that path. He tried with Leon but then turned a blind eye to Kelly 2.0 and let her very obviously do whatever she wanted. But then that’s the story of ziva’s tenure on the show – Daddy #2 never could call his precious adopted daughter on the crap she did.

          • Lucie M says:

            Anna, it is so nice to see you here, with your real initials.

          • as524 says:

            Lucie, I’m not like you – don’t use things other than a derivative of my actual name to post. What I say, I’m willing to claim as my words & belief. Are you?

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            FOLKS, ENOUGH. Talk about THE SHOW, not each other, or I have half a mind to check into everyone’s IP addresses and block all multiple-personality offenders.

          • msstargate says:

            Thank you!!!

          • Pete says:

            @zoyaroses The episode ‘Mother’s Day’ did a character assassination on Gibbs in much the same way as ‘Recoil’ did a character assassination on Ziva. I don’t much like either episode because of it.
            Perhaps the difference is that whilst I felt that it was out of character for Gibbs’ to do something like that for virtually personal gain (and yes, I believe that there is also another similar instance), and for Ziva to fall apart because she had to kill someone, Ziva has continually been written and portrayed as selfish and undisciplined, doing what she wants, when she wants for personal gain – rather than just occasionally for dramatic impact.

      • amorebondade says:

        McGee has hacked, Vance shredded the file that could’ve landed Gibbs in jail, and Abby kept Gibbs’ secret when she found out that he killed a guy. They’re being very hypocritical. They would love if Ziva was slaughtered for her wrong deeds, and not the others. Yes, Ziva pulled a gun at Tony – this seems to be the reason why they hate her – but I understood, and felt the emotions she was going through. People need to move on past that, and realize it happened in season 6. Tony and Ziva are going to bare their hearts and souls to each other, and there’s nothing the antis can do to change that.

        • Pete says:

          But the Tiva fans don’t get it.
          It’s not the purely the fact that Ziva not just pulled the gun on Tony but pointed it into his chest and thigh, it’s the fact that those dreaming of a ‘perfect romance’ want to put them together after that incident. Ziva has never shown any of the discipline that Mossad supposedly instilled in her, instead she loses her temper and lashes out when things don’t go the way she wants. And there are currently a lot of people claiming her as a role model who are doing exactly the same thing in real life; they are not getting their way anymore so they are lashing out at anyone connected with the show.

          • Alisa Neely says:

            not only that, but she does NOT follow orders very well….like when they were looking for the MOLE….and they were told NOT to fight the GAURDS if they were found….she could have gotten herself and tony BADDLY HURT or even KILLED….she was told to STAND DOWN by BOTH gibbs and tony…..she does NOT know the meaning of working as a TEAM…..for the last season, she has acted as if she was the SFA….i.e. GIVING ORDERS to tony and tim……….ooooohhhhh and let’s NOT forget her calling tony “DEAD WEIGHT”….and people want to put her with tony?….there has GOT to be something WRONG with them imo.

          • amorebondade says:

            Whether you like it or not, a lot of people want to see a tiva romance, and no matter how much of a tantrum you throw, or insults, it’s going to happen. What about forgiveness? Tony forgave her, so did Gibbs. I mean, they did go to Somalia to avenge her death. People make mistakes. Tony provoked Ziva; he even told to get it out of her system. He did kill her boyfriend even if it was self defence. If you are a Ziva hater, no matter how much people try to show you that the others have done terrible things, you will never listen. Your judgement is clouded by too much hate. Right now, people are just angry about the situation; about being blindsided, and some of that anger is being shown to some of the casts, which is wrong, but antis seem to be angry and hateful all year ’round. I mean, there are characters I don’t like, but I would never, ever go to such lengths to prove how much I dislike them. Majority want tiva, and that’s a fact.

          • Pete says:

            I suspect that this is the root cause of most of the animosity.
            Prove to me that the ‘majority’ of viewers want Tiva – because the law of averages indicates that the actual majority view will be “don’t care”. What I do know is that for most blokes Tiva is a soapy pollution of their crime drama, but then they tend to just quietly walk away when they have had enough without making a fuss.
            I’m pretty sure that the pro-Tiva group and the anti-Tiva group, combined, are a very small percentage of viewers (although I have no means of validating that view; but all of the people commenting online worldwide amount to a tiny percentage of that 20+ million US viewing figure) and I also believe that those who don’t want an obvious romance such as Tiva, or even any further McAbby, in the show are a bigger group than the pro & anti groups put together.
            But acknowledging that there are plenty of viewers with other opinions undermines the argument of the fans claiming that they are entitled to Tiva just because Tony & Ziva are the pretty couple on the show.

            This show used to have wonderful interaction between all of the characters, providing a starting point for viewers to imagine any relationship that took their fancy and offering tidbits to feed the imagination whilst doing nothing to ram any relationship down the throats of viewers that didn’t see it. All of that has been lost in the drive to show Tiva onscreen for a loud group of people selfishly claiming, as you have just done, to speak for the majority of the fandom and who also proclaim that they have no imagination so every detail of the relationship must be played out onscreen – no matter how jarring or incongruous to the script or to the viewers that just can’t see any chemistry between the characters – and then calling for more, more, more.
            If ‘Tiva’ had remained as subtle as the interactions between all of the characters in the early seasons, and not stomped all over those other interactions, I don’t suppose there would be any antis because they’d have no trouble ignoring the relationship.

          • as524 says:

            amorebondade – here are the roots of your issues:
            most fans who have issues with ziva/tiva know the other characters did crap too. They aren’t happy with it and want them to pay for it; the people throwing tantrums over not getting tiva have long been the small group of core fans who advocate for it on every spoiler site and to every person they think is associated with the show on twitter; Aliyah – not sure how anyone who has outgrown the cranky toddler phase can claim to understand ziva’s emotions & needs in that scene. Tony might have told her to get it out of her system, but there’s no way he expected to be assaulted by an armed, out of control, spoiled brat; TorC – the trip to Somalia is simply what they do & who they are at the core. Honorable unlike their teammate; there is absolutely no excuse or reason that can be given for the crap the spoiled, entitled ziva/tiva fans are currently dishing out to the cast on twitter – none. the fact that other members of their little fanbase are not calling them out on their crap, encouraging them to stop it but in fact many are feeding the fire is absolutely idiotic and a main reason why at this point ziva/tiva fans have no right to point any fingers at those who hate the character or the pairing. clean your own house first folks; last point – prove that a ‘majority want tiva’ as in the spelled out disgusting romance …bet you’re wrong.

          • Julie Merritt says:

            Pete she has shown discipline. Especially that Mossad instilled in her.

        • BJG says:

          And then Ziva will be gone and life will go on and there’s nothing you can do to change that. October can’t get here fast enough!

    • Heidi says:

      Are we watching the same show? Ziva is the most interesting character on NCIS. Very complex, but caring and supportive. I can’t imagine the show without her.

      • Alisa Neely says:

        excuse me, but when has she EVER been caring and supportive of ANYONE on the team?…..and i mean HONESTLY…..she probably thought tony WAS guilty of KILLING that woman he was FRAMED for…..then there was the deal with NOT supporting tim, when he possibly killed the undercover cop….it was TONY, that went over to tim’s to try and HELP him….ziva PUTS everyone BEHIND herself…..ziva is NOT that great….she LIES and resorts to VIOLENCE, if someone gets on her nerves.

        • Lucie M says:

          take a deep breath and take your hand off the shift key.

        • Mary S says:

          First, the WRITERS created all those things. The actress learned the lines and played them very well. Second, the CHARACTER was reacting to her father’s murder.
          When my dad was killed (6 years later, the jury found the nursing home to be “100% the legal cause of death”) I went as crazy as Ziva – but I didn’t have the means to track down and identify the individuals responsible; plus, in real life we don’t do things like that! (and that is a totally different discussion about who “we” are) All I could do was fantasize about he things I would do to them.
          Ziva had the resources available and the anger and pain to fuel her actions. I think they wrote the part very well, all things considered. It is not a matter of someone “getting on her nerves”- she was pushed to the breaking point and beyond. I wouldn’t have backed off, either.
          I hate to see her go. I loved the combination of beauty, brains and Mossad skills that took bad guys by such surprise when she fought them. It always made me laugh with delight! I’m guessing that a lot of women also wished to be able to take care of themselves so well…
          I am glad to know why she is leaving and am pleased that it is for such a loving cause. I also have a friend aged 89 and I have often wished I could spend more time with him…but he is 1500 miles from me and I do not have the means to just pick up and go visit him.
          I wish both Cote and her grandfather a long and loving time together…and hope that at some point she will return to us.

      • amorebondade says:

        Ziva is indeed the most interesting on the show. She’s a dynamic character. People can’t help but love her.

        • Alisa Neely says:

          NOT ALL NCIS FANS LOVE ZIVA and or TIVA…..imo, she RUINED a good show….the OTHER CHARACTERS had to TAKE a backseat to her for far too many years….tony had to be DUMBED DOWN, to make her look good…..the ONLY people who will miss her, will be HER FANS…..the rest of us will be CHEERING.

          • amorebondade says:

            True, but most do. Hey, I know sometimes the truth is hard to accept; it’s a hard to pill to swallow, maybe if u crush it, it will be easier to consume – or u could not take the pill, which means u will be denying the truth, thus leaving you to continue to live in this alternate universe of lies. You know what that means, don’t u? It means you’ll always appear bitter, and hateful. If she ruined the show, why is the ziva centric episode the most viewed of the series? Your train of thought/logic, just does align with the facts – the ratings – show me otherwise where she did not improve the quality of the show, and I may just believe ( ok, maybe not believe, because you would have to do an immense amount of work to do that) u. .

          • Elvin says:

            I’m glad she is going. MW was the first to sign on for “NCIS”. He is the second lead, and since Ziva took over the show. Tony (MW)might as well be a background actor who is brought out for some slapstick, now and then. Those scenes get to be very hard to watch. Maybe now Tony can be a real special agent.

          • Julie Merritt says:

            Alisa she did not ruin a good show.

          • robert ford says:

            Why not just recognize this young lady as the talented young actress that she is and respect her for that. Try to remember , she was playing a role from a script and I think she did it darn well Best of luck to her in whatever she choose to do Hope she continues her career in acting

    • scoop says:

      Sasha Alexander WANTED off the show. That’s why she was killed off. If she didn’t want to leave the the writer were going to kill off McProbious.

      • as524 says:

        And now Cote wants off the show. At some point her fans need to accept that

        • SAM says:

          Anna, did you ever accept that she was hired to be on the show, that her character, whether you liked it or not, was a part of the show? If you did, then all of this was one hell of an act.


    • Chelsea says:

      Ziva is not a betrayer she’s one one the most popular characters on the show and everyone wants to see what happens between ziva and toni

      • Alisa Neely says:

        NO NOT EVERYONE wants tiva to get together….ONLY their fans do…..PLEASE, DO NOT SPEAK FOR ALL OF THE FANS……and what do you CALL with holding VITAL information from her NCIS BOSSES, to do with RIVKIN…..she wouldn’t even TELL gibbs…..i call THAT being a BETRAYER.

        • Julie Merritt says:

          No she is not a betrayer. She has held info because that is how Mossad trained her. And she saved Gibbs life. Stop the Ziva bashing.

    • Angela with a broken heart says:

      You are so full of hate. It makes me sad. I”m sorry anything bad that ever happened to you, and I’m worried how you react toward people that is mourning and grieving as we Tiva shippers are. It’s not healthy for you nor the Human Kind. So sad.

      • as524 says:

        It’s a fictional character and a pairing created by some fans and places like this one…grieving? seriously? now that’s not healthy

    • pfoggy says:

      Ah, but Kate was a Serial Whinner. As such, I was completely OK with a bullet being put between her eyes….

    • emily says:

      Ziva não é um traidor, tudo que ela fez foi para seu pais israel e um pouco para os Estados Unidos. Kate era uma boa atriz mais Ziva é bem melhor que ela. E que bom que não vão mata-la

      • jm says:

        it is an site from the USa, it should be written in english (or spanish if u are in New Mexico).

        I dont Ziva is a traitor to Israel for working to the States or having citizinship of the states. Many people change their nationalities for several reasons but they still feel being part of the previous nationality. I may be wrong but you cannot live in the states for more than a number of years if you dont get its citizinsenship (i hate this word) or you marry a person from there

        I did love Kate. ( i love the actress since her time in Dawson) and at first i find Ziva a bit annoying… but i grew up to like her. I am very happy for keeping her alive.

        Strange cause we know how CBS unfairly deals with their women… Criminal Minds anyone?

    • rose amato says:

      are you out of your f ing mind. there would be no show without ziva unless of course your against all israeles. she does have heart and maybe you should to.

    • Lou Hurley says:

      Whoever wrote this is stupid. I don’t like it that Ziva is leaving. I think she is a good main part of the NCIS team. If any one of the team leaves NCIS will not be the same. I think Tony is running her off, he cannot keep from antagonizing her and getting into her personal business, which is none of his business.

      I am also glad that McGee is finally standing up to Tony.

    • Stevie says:

      Tejasjulia you freakazoid, you got anger management issues.

      Love da Ziva. Love da Cote, she’s hot, smart and sexy.

      She’s the best on the show.

    • Gary Lee says:

      The choice to kill off Kate was due to her request. She did not want to come back to the show. She said that she couldn’t take the commitment that a #1 series requires. She got tired of working 12-16 hr days.
      I have the feeling Cote is leaving due to being pregnant. She kind of hints about it in a couple of interviews.

    • Bob says:

      Folks: Remember that this is entertainment. Fiction! Get a life. I watch it all the time but it is only a TV show, not real life.

    • Julie Merritt says:

      Ziva is not a serial betrayer or liar. she has done good. And killing would not be justified. Enough Ziva bashing.

    • Sonia says:

      you are an idiot.

    • Julie Merritt says:

      tojas it is not. Sasha who played Kate wanted her character killed off. Ziva is a good loyal character. She did not betray. No she does not deserve to die. It is time to stop the Ziva bashing.

    • Dennis Jackson says:

      Are you out of your mind. Killing “ZIVA” would kill the show. Cote is so much more talented than that wanna-be Sasha Alexander ever was or will be. I was glad to see her killed off; she brought “ZERO” to the series or her character. It was the best move the NCIS-head-honcho’s did. And if Cote was so bad for the show, why has the show lasted as long as it has. I’m hoping they don’t kill ZIVA off at all. She’s very important to the show and if she does leave, I’m afraid “NCIS” will not last another year. So, beware guys’, don’t shoot yourself in the foot and screw up, because the show will go with you. “DOWN AND OUT”. I’ve been a very devoted fan over the years and I don’t want to see the show go to the toilet.

      • John says:

        There is no “if”; the actress has left the show. It’s been a long time since a prime time show has just sent in another actor to play the same part to continue a particular character but that’s the only alternative “if” the Ziva character is to continue. Do you have some suggestions?

        • Julie Merritt says:

          Read the Interview with Glasburg in TV Guide. He is sending Ziva off in a Jet Plane and another Actress will replace her but not as Ziva. She is mid twenties, Athletic. He iis not going to kill Ziva.

      • Frances Wilkie says:

        I agree with Dennis, Ziva was good for the show and I think it will go down the tube. I didn’t even watch to see how they got rid of Ziva and I am through with the show.

        • Mary S says:

          Frances, you are doing yourself a disservice by not saying goodbye to a character you obviously love. I watched the premiere; it covers a lot of territory, but Ziva doesn’t leave until the next episode. IMHO, I think you will feel better if you do watch…
          Everyone else is still here, and the truth is, even though I adored that character and will miss her terribly, we still have Gibbs, Tony, McGee, Abby and Ducky. And Vance. And they all miss her, too and are worried about her. We’ll see how the writers dealt with her departure tomorrow. The best I can guess, based on last week’s premiere episode, Ziva is somewhere in Israel (??) in a safe house hiding from those who want her dead. Tony will go there to protect her…and say good-bye.
          It will be touching and yet hopeful for her future. At least, that’s my guess. And I will be recording it for future viewings.
          Please give yourself this gift…then make a decision about the series. Personally, I will not miss an episode; I have not, yet, and do not intend to give up Gibbs or Abby or any of the rest of them just because Cote needed to leave the show for her own reasons.

        • Julie Merritt says:

          They are all good for the show and it won’t go down the tubes.

        • What part of “She wants out” don’t you get? She had an interview as was asked for millionth about her decision. She mentioned in that interview,” there are personal and lets leave at that”.

          • Julie Merritt says:

            You are right. These people need to let it go and if they want to abandon the show it is their loss. Ziva isn’t the only one good for the show, they all are

          • Mary S says:

            Kenneth, I realized several weeks ago that there are idiots out there who will cut off their noses (as in, give up Gibbs, Tony, McGee, Ducky and Abby) just because Cote wants a life away from the 12-18 hour days of network television. They are the ones who will be losing out and all we can do is pity them!
            There really are more pressing issues in real life to object to, than one actress who wants to move her life in a different direction.

          • Julie Merritt says:

            Mary you are so right. There are more pressing issues then about Cote leaving like the Government Shutdown. These people need to let it go.

    • Julie Merritt says:

      tejas. I am going to say this one more time and comment no more. Ziva is not a betrayer. She killed her brother on orders from her father. He betrayed her on a mission and was leaving her to die. Gibbs rescued her, then Eli tried to frame her for a murder she did not do. Gibbs cleared her. As for XCaitlin the actress wanted to leave the show and wanted her character killed. Lets stop the Ziva bashing.

    • Earl says:

      your comments are upsetting at best. This show is the best liked on TV. You are one of a few who don’t like and want to run down Ziva to spread your foul feelings. Get a life

    • Julie Merritt says:

      tejas You don’t have to watch

    • Bill Reutert says:

      No don’t kill Ziva off.

    • lori says:

      I disagree Ziva is AWESOME and I will MISS her very much and HOPE that one day she will return

    • olderisbetter says:

      Finally, a breathe of fresh aid. do I like the Ziva character… yes!!! But she is conflicted and confusing. As I watch the older NCIS, I find that I REALLY like(d) Kate! She had ‘spunk’ (apologies to MTM) but was definitely feminine. ALSO, in the older NCIS episodes, Gibbs actually acted and interacted with his team… now he mostly stares and shrugs.

    • mrs says:

      Wow chill out! Ziva is loyal and kind and a butt kicker! I will miss her character.

    • Ralph a Fragoso says:

      you must be out of your friggin’ mind. It goes to show you how many sick minds are loose out there!

    • Just think of the possibilities should Tony and Ziva have a farewell nite of magic, and in the ensuing nine months, as a result…parenthood finds the two…opportunities to have periodical visits from Cote would be doable, like a Christmas message and so on…instead of this being the end it could be a beginning…Will

      • Jeox says:

        Will, that sounds truly awful. Absolutely hideous to be honest. NCIS is a fun procedural drama – if you want to watch a soap there are plenty out there but please don’t turn NCIS into one. This idea is also horribly unfair on Tony – so what, he gets to see his child occasionally and be chained to an absent Ziva who won’t be there because the actress has left? Way to tie the character into a dead end plotline. No. Just no.

      • Julie Merritt says:

        I agree

    • Bfrench says:

      Wow, I disagree! Zivas character was unique and complex with incredible skills contributing to Gibbs team. We welcome all the characters and I look forward to what will come.

      • Mary S says:

        There for a minute during “Oil and Water” I was hoping that the Coastie would move over to NCIS…at the moment my mind won’t let me pull her name…Diane Neal’s character…but I guess that would make for more complications for Gibbs, wouldn’t it? This way he can still flirt with her in that non-flirty way he has.

      • Julie Merritt says:

        I agree. Ziva has grown and she and Tony are in love. She has contribute.

    • ShelbyJean Chitwood says:

      I like Ziva and hope she will come back to the show. It is not the same with out her, you are missed very much. I don’t think she is like what you said not at all. Please come back

      • Julie Merritt says:

        We all miss Ziva, but she was not the only intracal part of the show, the whole cast is. Ziva/Cote won’t be back. She is moving on. I read that she is going to be in the Feature Film, The 33 about the rescue of the 33 Chilean Miners.

    • The Actress who portrayed Kate wanted to leave, she married and wanted to start a family and approved of them killing the character. They did not kill Ziva.

  2. This is the best news I’ve heard since we found out the gorgeous & talented Cote de Pablo was leaving. I hope this means we’ll see Cote guest star on NCIS from time to time. Thank you, Michael & Matt, for all the good NCIS scoops you’ve brought us the last few weeks. :-)

  3. That’s great news, considering…. I keep hoping the actress decides to check back in, or at the very least, shares with her TV family WHY she opted out. So many questions since her original statement, more questions than answers, and Cote de Pablo owes her Ziva audience an explanation as to her decision. At least I for one would like to hear what her decision is based on.

    • Meg says:

      Cote doesn’t “owe” her fans any explanation at all. She chose not to renew her contract for her own reasons.

      • John says:

        Agreed. IMO, One of the unintended consequences of the Twitter aspect of current entertainment: even more intrusion into the actor’s private lives as if that’s some sort of right.

        • Lucie M says:

          Celebrities go on twitter of their own volition. Cote is NOT on any social media. I dont’ think she owes anyone an explanation either.

      • 4luvofncis says:

        NEWS FLASH: Cote wanted to stay another year. Her reasons? Not being bullied by a network & being bribed w/a “truck load of money.” However much that is.

        • Classic NCIS fan says:

          Where is the quote of her words that says that?

          • 4luvofncis says:

            it’s the lack of one that says it, & the tv guide article. that will be all. i’m not engaging any further w/you. there is no point.

          • Classic NCIS fan says:

            Jumping to many, many assumptions. Until you have that exact quote posted/printed somewhere you are spreading lies and rumors about the actress.

          • 4luvofncis says:

            Oh, please, get over yourself. Lol. You could care less about the actress. Cote knows full well what we’re saying, and she’s allowing us to say it.

        • Pete says:

          She’s been hinting in interviews for the last year that she was thinking of moving on – I am surprised that anyone is surprised by this turn of events.
          We have no idea exactly what transpired in the negotiations, nor why she chose to leave. What we do have is a lot of rumour and speculation about something which is basically none of our business.

  4. Amanda says:

    I love Ziva, she’s my favorite, so I am SO glad to hear they are not killing her off!!! That means she could always come back. :). Hope lives!

  5. sima says:

    I dont think I will be able to stomach a consummation and then separation…. this was the only pairing on TV, in my opinion, that deserved to be together 2 seasons ago. TPTB got greedy or whatever.. the loyal fans arent likely going to get a truly happy ending by the sounds of what GG and MW are saying… Hopefully I am wrong.

    • Pete says:

      No, it looks like the loyal fans are going to have to sit through yet more personal drama, faux romance and further belittling of DiNozzo, in the hope that the writers can dig themselves out of the plot hole that was the end of season 10 and allow DiNozzo to get back to being Gibbs’ second in command rather than just the lesser part of an onscreen romance. They will still be there for episode 3 of season 11, if the final ‘gift’ to the departing Tiva fans doesn’t put them off the show too.

      • agentscully514 says:

        Anna, is this you again?

        • Pete says:

          No, I am not ‘Anna’.
          As always, the pro-Tiva fans are unable to comprehend that it is more than just a handful of viewers who don’t want Tiva romance on NCIS.

          I am a viewer who thinks that romance has it’s place but that a crime drama, such as NCIS started out, is not that place.
          On the assumption that it was and is over, the ‘McAbby’ relationship was handled well (the ongoing ‘jealously’ between them has been tedious, though), as was the Palmer/Breena relationship – they both fleshed out the characters without being pushed in our faces or getting in the way of the stories.
          I also enjoyed the sort of adult, aimless flirting between the characters that characterised the early seasons – that all seemed so true to life and refreshingly different from most TV shows where it always seems to be either all or nothing with onscreen ‘relationships’.

        • as524 says:

          ROFL you really do have issues if you think I wouldn’t sign in under my own name, Lucie

          • Lucie M says:

            you realize that you say the exact same things over and over when you use the fake names, right? I can spot you instantly.

          • as524 says:

            Lucie….yet again you fail miserably in your inability to realize that there are more people that have the same negative opinion of ziva & tiva than just the ones you seem to think you can identify.

          • SAM says:

            It’s happened before. And you have denied being on Twitter when it’s been pretty much shown that you have been on it in the recent past.

          • Stevie says:

            As524, rotflmao look who’s talking about having issues. Some body needs to 5150 you as.

  6. Nicole says:

    They don’t want to get in trouble for being a women killer. They have killed off Kate, Paula Cassidy, Jenny, Michelle. No women is really safe on NCIS.

    • Mark says:

      Time to kill a male lead off I vote Tony, he is just irritating. They must either develop his character and get him to start growing up or kill him off.

      • The irony of that is they DID develop the character. Much of the plot lines of seasons 3, 4, & 5 (but especially 4) were centered on making the character grow up.
        Then Season 6 happened, and all the progress that was made in the character arc of the previous 3 seasons was erased and the character was returned to the way he was in seasons 1 & 2.

    • Amanda says:

      You are right. I had completely forgotten about Paula Cassidy and Michelle. I guess I’m lucky that they didn’t kill Ziva. Even if it is a pipe dream that she’ll return to the show one day.

    • Julie Merritt says:

      The actress who played Kate wanted her character killed. They are sending Ziva off in a Jet Plane.

  7. Molly says:

    Um, did Glasberg just flat-out admit that he didn’t respect Kate’s character? LOL, sounds like he and Sasha still have some issues there.

    • Amber M says:

      He was not in charge when they killed of Kate. That was all DPB.

      • F.M. says:

        That was all Sasha. She’s the one who asked for an ending with no possibility of a return. She didn’t even wanted to go back for the 200th episode, they had to edit a lot the never-aired scenes they already had.

        • Classic NCIS fan says:

          AFAIK, she did not ask for a no return possible ending. She was as surprised as the others that they killed Kate. Plus she couldn’t go back for the 200th as she’s under contract with R& I

          • Sarah says:

            She was surprised about Bellisario killing Kate off, though I do remember an interview in which she said that she was happy with the “no possibility of return” outcome.

        • Pat D. says:

          No, Sasha said she “wanted to be in the 200th ep” (alt. timeline, obviously) but couldnt due to scheduling conflicts. She then gave the show permission to digitally insert Kate into the delivery room scene.

      • Mercury says:

        Plus how they killed Kate was in a way respectful to her. She was in the Secret Service before NCIS. She was trained to give her life if needs be to insure who she was protecting stayed safe. Granted she didn’t died protecting Gibbs, but it was because she took a bullet for Gibbs that they were standing in the middle of the roof when she died.

    • The Rookie says:

      Was GG on the show in the earlier seasons? I really dont know.

      BTW, I think he has actually being the one that has kept Kate’s memory alive. She was not mentioned for quite a few years until de S8 episode, also bringing in her sister and the 200th episode. As a Kate fan, I respect his effort in keeping her in the NCIS universe

      • Darlene says:

        Well said, Rookie. Thank you! After nothing being said about Kate after her early 3rd season appearance, the episode, ‘A Man Walks Into A Bar’ was a wonderful tribute. I appreciated Gary’s acknowledgement of the character. He wrote that episode beautifully.

    • um….as far as I know GG wasn’t working on NCIS during first two seasons, He only joined the NCIS show team around season 7 or so. He was working on other TV shows back then when Kate’s character still lived on the show, so I do not know what issues you could mean.

  8. Katie says:

    So glad she won’t be killed off… I am hopeful that maybe her character can return a time or two over seasons to come. Watching NCIS won’t be the same without her, and if they killed another female off, I would have to stop watching all together.

  9. And unless/until we hear from Cote de Pablo, Moonves’ idea of “a LOT of $$” and the actors’ take on that are rarely the same… I’d love to see what they offered her vis a vis what the other regulars make… and I still think Mark Harmon could have saved this, since he has been exec producer for a LONG time on this CBS cash cow.

    • Esaul says:

      And you’re basing this assumption off what? Do you think CBS would risk doing anything to upset the amazing chemistry that NCIS has? Why would they? It’s the most watched show that constantly brings in strong viewers and ratings. The idea that this was about money is absurd. CBS stated that they offered her money, and when she refused, they offered her even more. Clearly they wanted to keep her. What’s hard to understand that? And if that version isn’t the truth, then why hasn’t anyone spoken out about it? Pauley Perrette has been on the show from day one, and she hasn’t mentioned any sort of money issues. If a show is doing successful like NCIS, I think they want to keep everyone happy. Keep in mind the amount of hours these people put into the shows that we love. We take it for granted the long hours they pull. Eight years is a long time, and it’s nice to just relax. It’s not always about the money. And she doesn’t have to answer to anyone but herself as to why she left. I find it admirable that she’s keeping to herself on her decision, and I doubt it was anything controversial as to why she left.

      • Lucie M says:

        No one can comment on contract negotiations for legal reasons. The few comments they have made are clearly very carefully worded.

        • Esaul says:

          Or she just simply chose to leave the show on her own volition. It isn’t unbelievable that she chose to leave amicably walking away from the money CBS offered her. It may be carefully worded, but they offered her money twice which she declined.

          • Lucie M says:

            then why would she even have bothered negotiating? let alone negotiating for months?

          • Esaul says:

            Or it could’ve been in the back of her mind all this time. It’s called reservation. Maybe she was unsure about leaving until the last minute. Or maybe CBS did the talking and she listened. We’re not flies on the wall when it comes to these negotiations. We can only speculate. But CBS wouldn’t risk upsetting the cast of the number one show. It doesn’t make sense. Let’s think about the logic before jumping to greed.

          • Lucie M says:

            so she knowingly kept the show runner in the dark about her planned exit, until just a few days before shooting? That would be extremely unprofessional and nasty, and to say she did that is an attack on her character.

          • Esaul says:

            Do you know what the word reservation means? She probably didn’t realize she wanted to leave until the last minute. If it was about money they would’ve given it to her. Plain and simple. I mean look at the money they gave Charlie Sheen when he was on Two and a Half Men.

          • 4luvofncis says:

            are you kidding me? you have no idea what you’re talking about.

          • Esaul says:

            And what do you know exactly? I’m not claiming I know anything. I’m talking practically and logically.

          • 4luvofncis says:

            i know that Cote just said in June how invested she is in her character & show. i know how close she is to her most of her cast mates. i know her character. she doesn’t negotiate for months & then up & decide to leave 4 days prior to production. i know that she told everyone at NCIS she wanted to stay. i know that GG wrote scripts based on her renewing, then had to toss them out & start from scratch. i know that all the cast members are due to renew next season. i know that with Cote, having her sign a multi year contract would prevent collective bargaining power, which is logical & practical, & scares the living crap out of a network. and, now, it doesn’t matter, because they still do. but CBS made the decision hedging their bets that they would lose less money not signing her one year, have the 7 member cast have bargaining power, then risk the 8 member cast the ability to dictate their terms. they know EXACTLY how powerful she is, which is why they tried to negotiate her into submission by throwing truck loads of money at her. i know that CBS omitted every other contract term that’s involved in re-signing someone, because they failed to meet Cote’s wishes. And that makes them the bad guy, not Cote. I have a feeling she accepted the salary they were offering, but wouldn’t back down from the 1 year she wanted. why didn’t she back down? who knows. life goals likely. why didn’t CBS back down? because they think she’s expendable. because she’s a woman. because they don’t realize that she’s just as important as Mark Harmon. for reasons i’ve already stated.

          • Esaul says:

            As much as I love her, the show can continue without Cote. If Mark Harmon left, I don’t think that would be so likely. They won’t give up their most valuable asset when they generate a lot of money from this show. If we were talking about NBC and one of their shows, then that’s a different conversation all together.

          • 4luvofncis says:

            i respect your opinion, Esaul. And I think you’re right to the extent that the show would end more abruptly & clearly if Mark Harmon didn’t re-sign. The contract of a new season & MH’s contract seem to be linked. However, i don’t agree that not having Cote will allow the show longevity. This is something that happens behind the scenes. Cote imo is someone who glues the cast together & creates a joy on the set that no one else can. And her character is so interwoven in the deeply rooted framework, relationships, story lines, & path of this show, that with her missing will eventually snuff out the magic & chemistry of the show, for the majority of fans, whether they know it or not. It will just leave them gradually unsatisfied. For me & many others, however, this happens immediately the moment she is gone.

          • Esaul says:

            I have nothing but respect for Cote. I love her dearly and wish she decided to stay. I wouldn’t call her the glue per se, but she definitely did add to the show more so than Sasha did. I’ve always enjoyed the chemistry Ziva had with her father, her relationship with Gibbs, and especially her relationship with Tony. Even though a lot of shows pull the tiring will they/won’t they, I honestly never got sick of it with these two. I’m not normally one for shipping either, but they’re perfect for each other. I’m looking forward to the premiere, and I’m sure if given the chance, Cote will return if the show continues on long enough.

          • 4luvofncis says:

            I hope so too, in the event the fan backlash doesn’t make CBS get their heads out their asses & do the right thing by agreeing to her terms & re-signing her.

      • She is on Huffpost and in this month’s LATINA – chillax, dude. Like Gibbs always says: FOLLOW THE MONEY…!

      • 4theloveoffilm says:

        Well said.

    • If you really want to know what the NCIS cast/actors make, just google it. You (fans in general) are not gonna get any more accurate information than google tells you unless you work for NCIS/CBS or know the actors personally. A persons salary is kinda personal thing, at least for me and in my opinion. But the internet has information about what the NCIS cast makes (supposedly). And what was supposedly offer to CdP to get her to stay on the show, and what she supposedly asked for.

      They offered her more than Pauley or Sean make for example, and she supposedly didn’t take that offer, say the rumours. But also remember if you so wanna know about cast members incomes that most shows have a central cast member, who is the hook (Mark in NCIS), who is a well known actor, and kinda the shows main character. This actor usually earns the most. Then come other cast members, whose past career and involvement on show (also directing besides acting for example, like Michael), gets them a bit higher salary.

      PS. I am using the term “supposedly”, because I do not have inside information (don’t work for CBS/NCIS or know any cast members personally), so I do not know the whole truth.

    • continued…as I hit “post” too soon. Also..the amount of scenes the actor/character is in aka the amount of work (not hours, but work, cause they all work such long hours) might be a reason for some cast members on shows getting higher, some lower salary.

      And I do not know about you, but for me, and everyone I know personally, the amount of money a job pays is not the number one reason to stay on the job. Other factors usually are more important when choosing a job, but most people I know don’t work for JUST the money, and won’t automatically choose the higher paid job, when they have two options.

      With this show and CdP I believe she really just needed to move on, because honestly…8 years is a really long time to play the same character, and have such a demanding job (long hours, etc). And I like that she (like Mark, like Sean) is private person, and does not talk much aka share much with the world. Because even as a fan of TV I would love to hear more from/about some of my favourite actors, I am a very private person myself, and I don’t expect other people (like actors who play my fave characters) to do the things I would’t do (interviews, press things…). I would hope more fans of entertainment industry people would think “Would I do it? Would I share personal, work contract and salary information, and reasons for changing jobs with the world?” before wishing their fave actors do so. Try putting yourself in their shoes first.

      But…in short …I agree 100% with Esaul ‘s post/reply to you.

    • Julie says:

      I don’t know why she ultimately decided to leave but I question Moonves’ interpretation of “a lot of money” when using the phrase in context with its actresses. It’s happened twice now on Criminal Minds. In 2010/2011 CBS fires two popular female leads on CM but did nothing to the male counterparts and replaced them with a cheaper model. Then this most recent round of negotiations with AJ and Kirsten almost had disastrous results again because they weren’t being paid comparable to the male counterparts. And I’m not referring to Joe Mantegna but you can’t tell me that AJ and Kirsten shouldn’t be paid comparable to MGG or SM. maybe CdP was getting the same treatment.

  10. amorebondade says:

    Thank God they’re not killing her. I don’t think I could deal with that. I love the Ziva character so much. I am going to miss her immensely. I hope something can be worked out where we are able to get her back full time.
    As to what makes Ziva tick? Hmmm… Maybe someone threatens Tony?

  11. Amber M says:

    I MIGHT be able to continue to watch my favorite show now. Sill not sure.

  12. Andrea says:

    Ziva doesn’t have to die to satisfy me, but she definitely has to leave. It’s fair for her to be mentioned occasionally like Kate is, but I do not want a constant litany of “We miss Ziva, How would Ziva have done this, Ziva used to, etc) Multiple episodes should go by without any mention of her at all.

  13. Greg says:

    I’d like to see her come back from time to time, i’m glad she won’t go like Kate.

  14. The Rookie says:

    Good luck for Maria Jose, I hope she gets a new show soon. But this departure can help the show grow in other directions, TIVA, was getting too much focus and it was affecting other characters development. And that relationship should have been developed by S7, so anything now is too late.

  15. Maureen Justiniano-Eich says:

    I don’t care if this idiots kill Ziva.
    I am too excited to see the new moves of Cote de Pablo.What a fantastic actor and singer.
    Hollywood adores her!

    • estefania says:

      she deserves the best and she is so taleneted, gorgeous, sexy , beautiful voice and she is private person, her fans we love her so much and support cote forever

  16. Lucie M says:

    I love her and am still outraged that CBS would not work with her to give her the contract terms she wanted. The character does NOT deserve to go out like this, after 8 years.

    • John says:

      Had Cote wanted to stay wouldn’t she have?

      • Lucie M says:

        I believe she would have, if they had offered her an acceptable contract. it’s not just about money.

        • John says:

          Ah but that is the point: she made a decision as to what was acceptable: and decided to leave rather than accept what was available. Ultimately her decision to leave then. They did NOT fire her. Now that would have meant the responsibility was solidly with the company: but that’s not the case: she walked of her own accord, quite probably for reasons she judged as valid. Good enough for me.

          • Lucie M says:

            no one said she fired her. I said they didn’t give her what she asked for (most likely a one year contract), and they should have given it to her. It obviously matter to her more than the money.

          • Sarah says:

            I agree with Lucie on this one. It makes no sense for her to negotiate for five months if she wasn’t interested in staying.

          • estefania says:

            she was brave , because she fighst for what she thinks and wants

    • Classic NCIS fan says:

      So it’s all about CBS giving her what SHE wanted? What happened to her compromising so that both parties have a fair deal?

      She’s lucky they aren’t killing her off!

      • Lucie M says:

        oh there you are, Anna.

      • Sarah says:

        Half an hour ago you were talking about it being okay to trash Ziva because she’s not a “real person”. Now you’re putting down Cote, who is very much a real person. That is both offensive and very rude.

        • Classic NCIS fan says:

          Saying that Cote and network BOTH needed to compromise is not trash talking. It’s common sense and one of the first things one learns in management classes.

          • LucieM says:

            so you were there, Anna? You know she didn’t compromise on anything?

          • Teddy says:

            Common sense goes out the window when it affects profit… that is the first thing you are taught in business management… profit, with out it you have no business. Management always trumps in a “comprimise” with employee whether you want to believe it or not.

          • Alisa Neely says:

            they offered her ALOT of money….she aparently THOUGHT she deserved MORE then MW and around the amount of MH…..she doesn’t deserve to make MORE then MW….no matter WHY she is going, i’m THRILLED that she is.

          • Sarah says:

            Alisa Neely, no one knows for sure how much she asked for/was offered. The only report going around that gives any indication regarding the specifics says that she asked that her salary be raised so that it would be “closer to” MW’s. No one has said anything about her asking for more, and certainly not “around the amount” as Mark Harmon. Please check your facts.

          • Well, if she was offered a lot of money and walked away….sounds like she didn’t think she deserved more than MW or even MH. Reports do indicate that she wanted one year contract and CBS wanted 2 years, among other terms that we don’t know, and she chose to walk away from that.

          • as524 says:

            Obviously Teddy since they bumped Mark, Michael, Pauley and Sean up in pay plus signed Brian to a contract, common sense did not fly out the window. Now one of two things happened with cdp: either she never had a thought of returning and the network didn’t make it official til the end or she asked for the moon & stars (equal pay and billing to Mark) and refused to budge

    • Julie Merritt says:

      Lucie they did. Bottom line is she wanted to leave, but I think Glasberg is leaving the door open for her if she wants to come back

  17. I suspected as much, but I’m very glad to hear it directly from Gary. Personally, I’m really hoping they’ll go the off-screen relationship route, as that’s the only ending I can think that might give real closure, but I guess we’ll find out in September. No matter what happens, Ziva as a character and Cote herself will be sorely missed.

  18. ncis4evr says:

    Oh goody, yet another NCIS spoiler on…Ziva. Are there even any other characters on the show anymore? I feel badly for the other cast members, and the rest of the fans. And we get to see “what makes Ziva tick”. What, like we haven’t already seen enough? I’m just so tired of the constant, in your face Ziva drama.

    • Barbie says:

      OMG, finally someone agrees with me. A character is leaving a show. We see that here weekly. The big deal is..? Just let the woman go already! This is starting to get on my nerves! Can’t wait to see who replaces her!

  19. I’m so glad she is going to get the ending she deserves but I really wish she didn’t have to go. I LOVE ZIVA!

  20. Open ending for Ziva to return. One, Ziva has been to hell and back, for her not to get her happy ending is unfair and unjust. Two, that squad room is her home. That team is her family.

    To be fair, I would be sad by anyone leaving that NCIS family, but the character of Ziva is what made my Tuesday nights. Her and Tony have a chemistry like no other pairing I have seen.

  21. mamalyn says:

    I don’t blame her for leaving. Her part had been so watered down.

  22. Marina says:

    I’m glad the they’re not giving her a permanent send off. I don’t think I could live through that. Her character has been such an inspiration to me and to millions of other girls around the world. She shows that girls can kick butt and look good doin’ it. I’m going to miss her a lot and hopefully I can still watch after she’s gone.

  23. estefania says:

    this is reall great news , thenaks so much matt and michael for bringing it to fans, and I know and Gary Glasber and writters stuff are creative for doing diferent departure , al so how he said ziva/cote is one og the important part in NCIS family and show, also they love each other , they real respect their own decision and cote de pablo is so talented and gorgeous and her character doesn’t deserve this out , I respect who thinking different, but I ask for don’t attack actress, sometimes people who posted agaisnt cote I feel they don’t know to do diferent between actress and character, we know that NCIS CAST AND CREW are really family and they support each other and love it and I support COTE DE PABLO and whatever she wants to do , forever her fan and I’d love if she can do guest appearences , THIS IS REALLY SO GOOD NEWS AND THANKS MATT AND MICHAEL, kisses and hugs

  24. Alisa Neely says:

    ziva should be CHARGED with a LONG LIST OF CRIMES….she is a TERRIBLE character and the other characters seemed to have to take a BACKSEAT to her…..they had to DUMB down a strong male character ( and YES, i’m talking about TONY), to make her look good….she with held information from NCIS that could have possibly SAVED agents lives….she LIED about micheal rivkin and WHY he was in the states…..she accused her partner of MURDER, threw said injured partner to the ground and shoved her LOADED GUN into his chest….and said, she’d GLADLY put a bullet in him for killing her lover…..WHY anyone would want to put her with tony in a romantic way, i have NO IDEA…..and i sure as HELL am SICK OF “TIVA” and not ALL NCIS FANS love the pairing for reasons that have been mentioned a BILLION times.


    • Del-boy says:

      Clam down dear it’s only a TV show it’s not real.

    • amorebondade says:

      I guess Gibbs, Vance, McGee, Abby, and Tony should be charged as well. They haven’t done a lot of things by the books.

      • You’re so right about that! Let’s not forget Ducky either. Seems Palmer is the only one that hasn’t done anything wrong, yet.

      • Classic NCIS fan says:

        ahhh divert conversation to the other characters. Well at least you are playing by the same script as Ziva’s other fans always do.

        • Stephanie says:

          It’s called being fair. If you’re going to judge Ziva by one standard, it’s only fair to judge the others by the same standard. But clearly logic is a foreign concept to you.
          As for the script comment, you should talk; I haven’t heard a single original comment from you or the rest of the Ziva haters for the past 4 1/2 years.

          • as524 says:

            Actually it’s quite funny because most other fans like Classic regularly discuss how the other characters have been written to step over the line far too much. It’s only when the discussion turns to all the BS that ziva has pulled over the years that her fans wig out and act like everyone is picking on her

          • Stephanie says:

            Really? That’s the first I’ve heard of it. All I ever see is, “Ugh, Ziva screwed up again. Why hasn’t she been fired/killed yet?” If people were saying that all the time about your favorite character you’d get annoyed too.

          • as524 says:

            Stephanie, you really need to get out more – there’s more than just a spoiler site comment page out there for discussion on NCIS

          • Stephanie says:

            Oh, I know. And you seem to find every single one.

        • Oh, really….this is news to me. In the meantime, I’ve heard nothing but the same ole comments from you and haters for the last 4 years….Season 6 ended then, get over it.

          • as524 says:

            Take your own advice zoya – the tiva tease was never headed anywhere – period. Quit crying

          • Pete says:

            Actually it’s quite offensive that anyone who has a mind of their own and doesn’t fawn over Ziva/Tiva is automatically labelled a ‘hater’ for not thinking the way they are ‘supposed’ to think.

    • Nathan says:

      Honestly, throw some water on your face, your continuous, repeating of the same statements over and over and OVER are giving me a migraine! You are as bad as a dripping faucet–have a little respect, truly you are one pathetic nutbag! DAMN you are annoying!!!

    • Angela says:

      and i sure as HELL am SICK OF “TIVA”

      Know what I sure as hell am sick of? Seeing you post like this on every single article related to this show. Is there any chance you could find a new, less obnoxious way to type out your thoughts?

  25. The character was a MOSSAD agent – not a school marm… she was an assassin when she was hired by Jenny. Gibbs and Tony and the ElfLord and Ducky and Abbs all humanized her. You expected a Mossad agent to be all politically correct and defer to the “strong male agents” around her…???


    • pj says:

      And do you know many Mossad agents? i can assure Ziva is not. What a woman Mossad is.

    • BJG says:

      She was in the military and should understand the “chain of command”. And if that is being “all politically correct and defer to the strong mail agent around her” so be it. Remember, she was the PROBIE on the team.

      • Alisa Neely says:

        and BOY did she HATED being called a “phorbie”…..she thought being she’d spent sooooo much time with ncis….that she SHOULDN’T have to put in her time as such…..and she STILL didn’t know HOW to follow orders….she likes GIVING them, as if she is the CO or SFA.

    • marc says:

      Love NCIS but don’t agree with the way they portray Mossad…of course they have ordered hits in the past (ie. tracking down the Palestinian terrorists that murdered the Israeli atheletes at the Munich Olympics etc). but like the CIA and other countries intellegence services most Mossad agents gather intell and keep eyes on threats that would harm its nations citizens. Mossad has an amazing history and its exploits over the years are absolutely incredible. To just veiw them as assassins diminishes what they have done to not only protect Israel, and Jews world wide, but has also protected free nations (including our own) across the globe.

  26. TooCute says:

    I think it’s so cute that the ziva obsessed take it so personally when someone who doesn’t like the character speaks up.
    I would swear you guys are all related to her…oh wait, you can’t be related because, you know, SHE’S NOT REAL!!
    Cote quit!! The End!!

    • kajar says:

      Gotta say, just as an impartial observer here (whose getting mighty sick of all the trash talk going on from all sides lately), that the anti-ziva (or anti-tiva, or anti-Cote, or all of the above or whatever you call yourselves) are the ones that are making the most obnoxious noise here. This comment thread even started that way with a rather nasty post IMO.

      It certainly has taught me to stay away from comment threads for NCIS in the future. You people (and I’m talking about the majority of the so-called fans that have been posting here) don’t know how to be civil.

      • kajar says:

        Okay, maybe not the majority, but enough to ruin any expectation I might have about participating in any kind of rational discourse among the fandom, be it kind or critical.

      • Pete says:

        The anti-Tiva, anti-Ziva, anti-romance people say ‘nasty’ things on message boards like these. The Cote/Ziva/Tiva fans have reserved their really nasty comments for the cast and crew on twitter.

        • agentscully514 says:

          Let it go, Anna.

          • as524 says:

            Lucie…I’m amazed. You must think I have all sorts of time like you to play on all these articles. But the taxpayers don’t pay my salary so I don’t have time to just play around trying to ‘bring cote back’ like you do

      • Angela says:

        Finally, a sane post. Honestly, I don’t care what side of the debate you’re on, people on this site have had to read this ridiculousness for god knows how long now, be it in articles solely devoted to the show, or articles that talk about other shows alongside this one, and it’s really, truly gotten beyond insane.
        Fans who are harassing the cast/crew/etc.? Stop. That is unhealthy and disturbing behavior and will not make people want to listen to you (and if anyone’s sending death threats then they…desperately need to be removed from the internet altogether).
        Fans who are harassing the Tiva fans for their behavior? Why? If that behavior from those fans bothers you so much, why are you stooping to their level? Why not, I dunno, try taking the high road?
        Everybody, and I do mean everybody, who is involved in these fights needs to seriously chill out and grow up.

  27. Mkatek says:

    Sometimes I see how closed minded and crass people are about Ziva, and I’ll be forever grateful they are in the minority. There is a difference between disliking a character and stating your views/feelings with class, and being completely rude and uncaring about fellow viewers’ feelings.

    And regardless, whether or not you are sick of Tiva, it was stated clearly by Gary last year that ‘we will get there’. Holding on to such hate of the inevitable is unhealthy.

    I’m glad they are not killing off my favorite character, and I’m glad Tiva fans will get their resolution, even under such sad circumstances. And yes, Ziva David is BELOVED by many millions of viewers, most even. And we do hope she returns, even if just for a final arc.

    Because Ziva Is not replaceable.

    • Sarah says:

      Completely agree with everything you said.

    • Len says:

      Ziva is pregnang and refuses to raise a child in the lifestyle of being an agent.

      Her whole family was in, she knows it’s time to get out and not bring the next generation in.

      • Ceres445 says:

        She did look pregnant for several episodes last year. Good thought she doesn’t want a child exposed to the same life that she had!

    • elana says:

      Has it ever occurred to anyone that the only way she can return in a final arc is if the actor is not able to find work elsewhere. Are Tiva fans really that selfish that they want the actor’s career to fail just so they can get their fictional happy ever after ending?

      • Mkatek07 says:

        Absolutely not are they selfish for wanting a return in any capacity, especially in a final arc; and I’m sorry, but the only way Cote could return is NOT only if she is unable to find work elsewhere.

        That’s absurd.

        Case and point: George Clooney came back for the finale of ER, and I’m fairly certain there was never a point where he was unable to find work.

        Same with Ian Somerhalder who was a cast regular on the Vampire Diaries, and returned for a multi episode arc as a guest star on LOST. He’d been a cast regular before his character was written off, and he juggled BOTH shows on two separate networks.

        So no, again not selfish; also, NOT OUT OF THE REALM OF POSSIBILITY.

      • Stephanie says:

        Are you kidding? This show is what put her on the map. I don’t think she’ll have any trouble finding work after she’s done with NCIS (though I do hope she comes back, assuming the show doesn’t crash and burn, of course).

    • estefania says:


    • 4theloveoffilm says:


  28. I love NCIS I have watched it from the start. When Kate was killed I didn’t know how Ziva would fit in but I REALLY LOVE HER she IS NOT REPLACEABLE!!!!!

  29. I’m glad :) She could always return for an episode of something .. sometime.. Hopefully :)

  30. opus says:

    I am just amazed at all the Ziva hate. I thought she was one of the most popular characters on the show. While I am upset that Cote is leaving, I love the character of Ziva, and am very sorry to see her go. I am also delighted that Ziva will not be killed off.

    • LucieM says:

      She is very popular. There are about half a dozen people who all race to any article about Ziva, and they always say the same things. They want Ziva dead.

    • dmac says:

      I don’t think everyone is hating on Ziva, there are some of us who liked her character but who could care less if she left or not. Apparently if you express an opinion that you don’t believe that Ziva is the Second Coming you get hammered on this thread. Ultimately it was her choice to leave and to blame CBS, the producers or Mark Harmon is ridiculous. Her followers act like she is this innocent, naïve girl that the big bad studio picked on. She has become very rich off of NCIS and doesn’t have to work so she chose not too, her choice her decision…apparently, her fans care more about Tiva than she does.

      • Pete says:

        Actually if you mention that you don’t want NCIS to be full of Tiva kisses, Tiva weddings and Tiva babies (not to mention the Xrated bit as well), or have the temerity to suggest that not every NCIS fan wants those things, you get piled on anywhere and everywhere online by all these teenagers (and even some that are not) who mostly seem to be women after their Mills and Boon romance in what was once a crime procedural.

        • agentscully514 says:

          Anna, you don’t even sound like a man. just give it up and use your real name.

          • Pete says:

            I’ll give you a tip, agentscully514: don’t go into a job that requires investigative powers.

            It would seem that I share an opinion and a planet with ‘Anna’, but I assume that is all.

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            FOLKS, ENOUGH. Talk about THE SHOW, not each other, or I have half a mind to check into everyone’s IP addresses and block all multiple-personality offenders.

          • BJG says:

            Thank you!!!

          • as524 says:

            Lucie Lucie Lucie seriously? did you get any work done today, hon? or was it all your quest for justice for a fictional character, a fake pairing and an actress that doesn’t even know you guys exist all on our tax $$ of course

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            FOLKS, ENOUGH. Talk about THE SHOW, not each other, or I have half a mind to check into everyone’s IP addresses and block all multiple-personality offenders.

  31. I hate to see Ziva go and I hope that she leaves with dignity. She is so much apart of the show. I hope that my love Abby stays with the show. I love her character as she is a mix of daring, a little mysterious and just plain cool. Ziva is a little like a stick of dynamite as you don’t know what she is thinking a lot of the time.

  32. ZivaFan says:

    I’m very relieved to hear that Ziva’s character will not die on NCIS. As long as the door to return is open, it will give CBS time to come to their senses and realize that Cote de Pablo is not replaceable.

  33. It’s really disappointing to see this much negativity and anger for a character. Ziva, like every member of NCIS, has her faults. She also has incredible strengths. I think she really brings something special to the show and to the team, and I’m glad they will be leaving the possibility for her to return at some future point. Ziva is important to everyone at NCIS, and has a relationship with each member of the team. They will all miss her, and so will I.

    • estefania says:

      totally agree, you know when one character and who potrays to achieves people love and people hate you, this does so hard and hot discuss , this makes to be more popular to this actress, because she wants this, because she doesn’t one dimensional character and his creator either.
      of course the job is made brilliant , because scriptwriters created those character for letting a mark in history of television, but this doesn’t achieve if actress who plays it , this isn’t good , but COTE DE PABLO is a wonderul, talented , gorgeous and special actress that made this reality together to great and talented of DONALD P. BELLISARIO.

      It can be so dear charcaters, but which provoked amount of agaisnt feeling are which people are going to remember FOREVER

      cote de pablo is so talented and deserve all love people give her

  34. Malin says:

    Reading the comments here just make me sad. Everyone claim they’re such a massive fan – Cote and/or Tiva fans or not, and still the only thing we can do right now is argue?! We are going around in circles here. Okay so some of you might not like her character, well I don’t like Vance. I think that character is overrated and gets too much focus personally. I think the spoiler released for S11 that stated the season will be great because we will get more insight into “Vance’s personal life” sounds like the worst thing EVER. So fine, I can understand, that to someone who isn’t into Ziva, having a season quite focused on her personal life is annoying but we will all bond differently with the different characters. No one can be right or wrong here BUT it feels very wrong to be as nasty about it as some people are.

    The facts are that a lot of people like Ziva. A lot of people are upset to see her go, just like I am sure some people would be upset to see Vance (for example) go. You can’t argue against someone when they say they’re upset and that in their eyes the show won’t be the same FOR THEM. That’s like arguing against someone saying they don’t like apples by constantly telling them “yes you do!” It doesn’t work that way.

    Some people will still watch, and find that they’re okay with the change. Some people will just make a personal decision (just like Cote did) to not continue to watch. Some people will watch S11 and feel like it is their favourite season. Some people will catch the odd episode here and there. DOES IT MATTER?!

    Feel what you feel, think what you think but there is no need to be mean about it. No need to attack anyone or any of the actors or characters.

  35. TJ says:

    Damn, was hoping they would actually have the balls to kill her off. And before anyone gets all crabby yes I am a fan of the show and have been a fan of Ziva. However, have never wanted Ziva and Tony together so.I want Ziva gone so that Tony can move on…

    • pj says:

      That is an assumption on your part penty have been said about Gibbs and how he did some thungs was so very wrong and i liked gibbs dont like the vigilante thugs they are now.

    • JC says:

      I’m pretty much in the same boat. While part of me cringed at the idea of NCIS killing another female character, I did find myself hoping in this case that they would kill her off. Not because I have anything against Ziva – I don’t – but the whole Tiva thing was part of why I stopped watching NCIS in the first place, and I was hoping for a decisive and permanent end to it. As long as she’s still alive, they can still tease it out in the background, helped out by possible guest appearances here and there. I do respect the feelings of her fans – I don’t like to have my favorites killed off either. But I just do not like that ship, and as long as they keep it alive, NCIS won’t be returning to my watch list. :(

  36. Ceres445 says:

    Ziva was an excellent. Reading the comments show how much interest and emotion the character has generated. Mark Hammon only signed a one year contract….her insight may be telling her that the show may be coming to an end.

  37. evildeb says:

    I have never watched NCIS, so therefore have no horse in this race….but dang, I’m so sick hearing about Ziva that I’m wishing the new t.v. season away before it’s even begun. Just kill her and get it over with – please!

  38. 4theloveoffilm says:

    Thank goodness!

    I LOVE ZIVA. I love the character. Love. Is she perfect? No! But none of them are. Not one. We won’t agree with every plot twist or character development. It isn’t realistic. And it isn’t our show. It’s theirs. I am very sad to see Ziva go. But she will always be a character I admire and enjoy.

    I honestly have difficulty understanding people’s antipathy toward series regulars on any show they label a favorite, unless that character is obviously the antagonist. Every series regular is part of the fabric of the show, and when the other characters have great affection for him/her, I find it difficult to outright hate any main character.

    Ziva was, overall, beautifully and intriguingly written and portrayed. That’s my opinion, and I’m not silly, stupid, or any other negative adjective for having it.

  39. tangolightly says:

    I am really glad that Ziva will not be killed off. She is my favorite character on the show. It’s hard enough to imagine watching NCIS without her there. At least now there is a glimmer of hope that she might return. I appreciate the effort Gary Glasberg is making in her farewell to respect Ziva as a character and her place in the lives of her team mates.

  40. swag says:

    I wish Cote well, I am sorry to see her leave NCIS. It is a shame the negotiations dragged on for months, but I do believe that CBS did offer Cote an insane amount of money to stay, and for reasons known only to Cote she declined. As far as I know Cote only gave a generic “I loved being on NCIS and it’s time for me to do other things” kind of statement that actors normally give when leaving shows. Cote, nor her representatives have given any kind of statement of substance to any media outlet regarding her departure. Ratings wise, I am sure NCIS will have a huge audience for the first 2 episodes, and then after Cote’s departure the ratings might be flat until a replacemnt is found. I have confidence that the PTB will find a kick ass replacement. The NCIS fans have to give the actor/actress a chance.

  41. G. says:

    Ok, listen up. Ziva David is an amazing character, yes, she made mistakes but she is human. Humans make mistakes sometimes, and she changed a lot. She is a really good character and she WILL be missed. A lot.
    You know what? Even if you don’t like her, her character is really important; every other character has a really strong relationship with her, and they’re gonna feel her absence.
    (And seriously you’re still thinking about the gun on Tony’s chest? It was in season SIX. SIX, guys, get over it. Things changed. And as I said, she changed).

  42. Leslie says:

    Ziva is a character, played by a awesome lady. She plays a role and follows a pre written script given to her. Just like a job. Geez…. good luck Cote in what ever you choose to do with your life. I for one do not want to see you go, but totally understand that sometimes you just have to move on.

  43. JoAnn Kimball says:

    Ziva’s/De Pablo’s departure now is anticlimactic to the show’s future success. I, too, was/am a great Ziva fan and looked at her (even flawed as a character and actress) as a good role model for young girls. However, I believe that CBS did their part to keep DePablo and it was (until I hear differently from HER) entirely her decision to move on. That being the case, I, for one, am looking forward to new adventures for the remaining cast and know they are more than imminently qualified to keep me entertained for yet another “can’t wait for Tuesday night” season. This could actually be fun :)

  44. Ron Matrisch says:

    Personally I am glad not killing her off.Could leave with a possible return if she ever decides that other offers away from NCIS weren’t so good after all

  45. 4theloveoffilm says:

    I loved Kate. I love Ziva. But don’t compare them so closely, people. Kate was on for two seasons. Ziva, for EIGHT. Of COURSE the show would give a bit more reverence to the character of Ziva. She was a vital part of the show for six seasons longer. The team had time to attach more deeply and permanently to her character. It isn’t a slight to Kate or to Sasha Alexander. It’s logic.

  46. Amanda says:

    You know what I’m worried about as a Tiva fan? That the reason for Ziva leaving will be that she’s carrying David’s (or whatever his name was that she hooked up with in Israel) baby. Tony says he’ll help her raise it, we have some kind of wierd Tiva moment and then she leaves. Yuck, yuck and yuck. Hopefully they won’t do this, but I’m having a hard time figuring out why “Ziva” would leave the group of people she called “family” in the season finale. Please, please do not have her be pregant with some other dude’s baby, like some soap opera.

    • gatorgal says:

      Uh, by the time the premiere starts, remembering the timeframe is set four months after the events of Damned If You Do, Ziva would be giving birth since she had her moment of weakness in January. Even if she had gotten pregnant then, it would absurd to think she held on to it after the car accident, she would have been four months at that point and it wasn’t even an issue; and the beating she got fighting with Bodnar. Still, the car accident was ludicrous as well. I seriously doubt this will be the case. Oh, and his name was Adam Eshel. I think people are thinking she slept with Adam in Berlin. It was at the time of her father’s funeral.

  47. you're not getting my name because you're all idiots says:

    jesus. why don’t you all just shut up and enjoy the goddamn show. if you don’t like a character, good for you. keep your rude ass comments to yourself. if you do like a character, again, good for you. there’s no need to start anything by replying to the dumbasses who started the hate in the first place. everyone just shut your mouthes and watch the show. not that hard.

  48. Samara says:

    I wasn’t going to say anything here, but I really feel the need to say this: I have had a lot of characters I love leave different shows recently, and so many disappointments in TV that I’m seriously thinking of not watching and investing in any new shows anymore. I’d rather wait and be able to see how the show bosses end everything and if everyone is there at the end, etc., But in all of the times I’ve had this happen recently, never have I seen *any* showboss handle it better than Gary Glasberg. He has remained kind, understanding and compassionate throughout and I am not only impressed but it’s just so nice, and such a relief, to have a boss care about his fans and not just say they care. I really believe to most people in the biz that all they want from us is our money and our adulation and unwavering loyalty, but we get so little in return, less and less as the years go by. I was going to quit the series completely, because it’s just really hard being disappointed yet again and to have to watch after the void left when she leaves, but now, because of the great way Gary has handled this whole messy situation, which was not of his making in the first place, I think I’ll just take a break and probably return after awhile. Thank you, Gary. If you read this know that you guys all affect your fans a great deal more than you realize and you are a rarity in my experience.

  49. laura meakin says:

    How many people here who are complaining about CDP have given reasons for leaving their own jobs to hundreds/ thousands of people? None I bet so why should CDP have to explain her reasons for leaving her job- her reasons are of no importance to any of us. Her leaving is no excuse for haters to hate!

    • as524 says:

      but but but it’s ziva and without ziva there’s no tiva and most of them really want to see tiva dates and tiva kisses and the tiva wedding and positive tiva pregnancy test so cote just has to stay otherwise there’s no tiva and if there’s no tiva there’s no purpose in their lives so they need to know exactly why she’s leaving and it had better be the truth and not some line that awful network cbs is just making her say because they know her and they’ll know the difference. yep yep (& the saddest part is, this is what they believe)

  50. Vollisar says:

    Ziva is a fictional character, but fictional characters capture our imaginations, and get us through bad times. After 8 years of watching her in 182 episodes, she is a part of her fans’ families, and it is something akin to grief we feel because she is leaving. If you don’t understand, that’s OK. I probably wouldn’t understand things you are obsessed with either.

    I don’t watch many TV shows, but I never miss NCIS. People are not allowed to schedule anything or call while the show is on. I never even looked at the show until Ziva came along. Now it’s like a novel I can’t put down. Ziva’s story and Tony and Ziva’s relationship are my passion. I am gutted to think about the only character and the only pairing on TV that I REALLY care about no longer being there. My life will be empty without them.

    I am happy that GG is not killing her off. I want her to come back and finish the story, mostly with Tony, but also with Gibbs. NCIS needs to go out on top with the Great Eight and that includes Cote.

    Tony and Ziva have been written for each other for 8 years, but the showrunner waited too long to put them together. Old School Hollywood’s fear of the Moonlighting Curse became the NCIS Curse. If you wait too long to put a TV couple together, one of them will leave. I am not 100% that leaving is what she wanted. TV Guide first reported she wanted a year contract before they reported she was offered a ton of money. In the Latina article, it sounds like she was expecting to do Season 11. It was her decision not to take the contract offered, but did CBS refuse to give her anything but a traditional 2 year, we own you 24-7 contract? She wants to have children. She wants to see her family more. She’s knows what is most important in life. When CBS wouldn’t grant her work-life balance request, she had to turn them down. Her fans would be happy with less Ziva or lighter story lines if we could still have her on the show, but apparently CBS couldn’t think outside the box. I hope both Cote and CBS reconsider. We need Ziva!

    • agentscully514 says:

      you put it so well! this is a huge thing, and it breaks my heart. please CBS make it right. We are not idiots. we know you screwed it up.

      • Alisa Neely says:

        when are you cote/ziva/tiva people gonna GET IT???????……IT WAS HER CHOICE TO LEAVE…..SEND HER FLOWERS IF YA WANT….BUT, SHE’S GONE… BY HER CHOICE.

        • 4luvofncis says:

          this is going to fun. i feel like being just as childish as you. what can i say, you’re rubbing off on me. WHEN ARE you GONNA GET IT?!?! You are right, it was her choice. IT WAS HER CHOICE NOT TO BE NEGOTIATED INTO SUBMISSION & TO BE USED AS LEVERAGE TO PREVENT COLLECTIVE BARGAINING. Sorry, that might be too big of a concept for you, oops. AND TO HOLD HER GROUND TO NEED A CONTRACT FOR ONE YEAR. AND PERHAPS, MAYBE, ASK FOR MORE MONEY THAN THE “truck load” THEY WANTED TO PAY HER, because, maybe, JUST MAYBE, she’s WORTH MORE THAN THEY WERE WILLING TO PAY HER. and yes, thank you for giving us the idea of flowers. THAT’S SWEET OF YOU. but actually, we’re sending a lot more than you can even imagine, because we actually love her & support her, and RESPECT her decision TO NOT SWALLOW THE atrocious LOAD OF CRAP CBS DISHED OUT TO HER.

          • Julie Merritt says:

            It was Cote’s choice. Lets wish her well. This is all I am saying on this. I am now on the season 11 post. It is going to be good.

          • Elizabeth says:

            Why is it that when a woman character excels you need to kill her off. We are the fans once in a while listen to us. Ziva needs to STAY. Why because she is a the complete package. We will stop watching pay her and stop this nonsense .

          • Alisa Neely says:


          • Julie Merritt says:

            Enough Cote bashing. Cote is a good actress and Glasberg is leaving the door open for her if she wants to come back.

          • Julie Merritt says:

            Enough Cote/Ziva bashing Cote is a good actress, Ziva was a good addition to NCIS.

          • Julie Merritt says:

            Elizabeth Ziva is not going to die. Glasberg has already said he is not going to kill her

        • Julie Merritt says:

          Alisa I am with you