General Hospital Duo Previews 'Lots of Baby Drama' Ahead - Plus: Will Robin Return?

General Hospital Maxie BabyIt’s been the summer of baby-mama (and -daddy!) drama on General Hospitaland an inevitably sudsy climax is on the way, stars Kirsten Storms and Jason Thompson reveal to TVLine.

Lots of baby drama going on right now,” laughs Storms, whose Port Charles alter ego Maxie is currently carrying her own child but passing it off as the unborn baby of her best friend. “And the next few months are going to be pretty crazy for me.”

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Up next for the GH fave: “Maxie gives birth, which is going to be huge,” Storms teases, noting that Maxie’s little bundle of joy will arrive in the not-so-distant future. “There’s drama as soon as her water breaks, [when] things go awry in the midst of labor.”

And once Maxie’s little girl makes her debut, “The downward spiral of the truth [about the baby’s identity] coming out” finally begins, shares the daytime TV vet.

Thompson’s leading man Patrick, meanwhile, has some bundle-of-joy woes of his own — he just doesn’t know their extent yet.

“Sabrina still doesn’t believe the baby is Patrick’s, but he’s just trying to get her to back off a little bit,” the actor says. That said, “I’m just as interested as everybody else to find out how this is all going to be happen, because I honestly don’t know,” he jokes.

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One thing about which Thompson is sure: His desire to see Kimberly McCullough return to GH as his “late” love Robin — General Hospital Robin Returnsa prospect that looks likely considering recent storyline twists. (Various characters are searching for Jerry Jacks, the man — unbeknownst to them — holding the presumed-dead Robin captive.)

“There’s talk of her coming back for a little bit,” he tells us. “Selfishly, I hope it happens. I love working with Kimberly, We had a great relationship for six, seven years, and it’d be fun to do another story.” (With reporting by Matt Webb Mitovich)

Are you ready to all of the baby-bumpin’ goodness ahead? Do you think Robin will return? Hit the comments!

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  1. It would make my century if Kimberly came back. I love Robin and Patrick.

  2. Evie says:

    Love GH! Can’t wait to see this unfold, as well as the Sam/Silas drama.

  3. CC says:

    Nobody really dies on soap operas so Robin coming back would be okay in this world.

    • JBJ says:

      You know that they’ve been showing that Robin never died pretty much from the get go? Robin even called Patrick on the phone, once, but they were disconnected before she could speak. Anna even almost found her. The trick is that they cannot reunite her with Patrick unless Kim returns or Jason leaves. So even when Kim does a cameo, it’s rare that they get to act together :(.

  4. I Heart Damon Salvatore says:

    I can’t blame JT for wanting Kim back. His character has totally stalled in this ridiculous Cinder-Sabrina story.

    • Maxie says:

      AMEN! And imho, JT looks so miserable in his current storyline with Sabrina.

      • Used2luvgh says:

        I totally agree, that’s just being JT getting out of character, totally unprofessional, imo!!!

      • Used2luvgh says:

        Yeah, because, he is a fah, a follower, in character, as as well as in real life, don’t like him no more!!! Listen up! JT, you have no idea how much we really LOVE Patrina!!!

    • Used2luvgh says:

      Totally disagree, up until July 10th, he was all over Sabrina, always defending her, laughing, hugging her, having a great time, but, then, all of a sudden JT and patrick, got all serious and annoyed for one reason or another — totally unprofessional, very bad acting JT–WTF?

  5. wrstlgirl says:

    Patrick needs his Robin. Not a fan of the relationship w/Sabrina. But I think I know who’s baby Britch is carrying. Don’t want to spoil it though for those who want to know but it makes perfect sense.

    • Carolina says:

      SPUMOR WARNING!!!!!!

      i’m think were on the same page. Britch is actually carrying Lulu and Dante’s baby. Britch is gonna come clean either of her own volition or not and tell the truth. Then Lulu and Dante will have their baby and Maxie and Spinelli will have their little Georgie Girl.

      • jen says:

        That baby Britt is carrying is hers.

        • Used2luvgh says:


          • jennie says:

            k why do you think u have the right to curse and swear about other peoples comments. seriously wo do u think u r ? everybody has their own opinions. get over it.

      • Anon says:

        Yeah, they mentioned D&L had 3 fertilized eggs frozen. Since Maxie allegedly used a second one (her “alibi”) what are the odds an audit will see 2 used? Maybe someone will run a DNA test to show its not Patrick who is the father and notice Brit is not the mama? Or think they’ve mixed up the Maxie and Brit samples?

        Since soap is all about tear jerking dilemmas, it would be heart-twisting appropriate if Robin showed up just as Sabrina found herself preggers… But that would be overdoing the baby drama recently.

        • Julie says:

          I want Robin to come back! Not under the storyline with Sabrina being pregnant though. Even I have my limites with soap operas. I believe Britt is carrying Danta and Lulu’s baby too.

          • Used2luvgh says:

            I really wish that Kim hadn’t said that she wasn’t coming back for a long time, if ever. The writing staff had to create another s/l for Patrick and move on (oh, so hate the britch s/l & so don’t care that Patrick is finally finding out next week about the biotch (who cares) — I feel sick to my stomach that Patrina is not going to live happily ever after. ugh!!! I truly feel sad, but, no more GH for me — kind of feel like I have lost a friend.

        • bella says:

          I think if robin came back abd she was preggers it would be fantastic

        • lauri says:

          They already said one was missing, Spinelli’s girlfriend Ellie was the one that found it missing if I remember correctly. It was a few months ago so can’t remember how it was explained.

      • Judy says:

        I can’t stand all of this waiting… let’s just get everyone their own baby and move on.. get Britt out of there.. this show has totally gone strange and out of the scope of what anyone could believe can happen… I like suspense, but come on… Britt’s mom needs to be dead.. gone forever… get Luke and Laura back together… I like Sabrina with the doctor… let them have a great life.. what will they do with her if Robin comes back now??? why don’t people like “good girls”??? Why can’t she and Patrick be happy together?? I feel for the situation with Sonny… let’s work on that and at least have some happiness even if for a short time.

      • niva stine says:

        i hope maxie isn t carring Spenilli s baby.I hope it does turn out to be Dante and Lulu s baby. Not ready for her or Spin to have kids.

      • niva stine says:

        I hope that there is a twist and Maxie isn t carrying Dante and Lulu s baby!

      • CoCo William says:

        Oh I hope you are 100% correct that would be perfect…..I love this story idea…..hope it happenes!

        • CoCo William says:

          I was trying to reply to the post where Britch is carrying Dante & Lulu’s baby and Maxie is really having Spinelli’s and her baby girl…love that spin…hope it happenes…then Robin can come back to Patrick…Dante and Lulu have there baby, Maxie and Spinelli keep there daughter and Sabrina can either get involved with Milo or they create a new storyline…for her and Ellie!!!

          • Used2luvgh says:

            Thank you, so happy that you want Sabrina to stay with…not Michael or Morgan or milo, but with a hot latin lover or Boris Kodjoe (so obsessed – God help me please!)

      • Putrrmom70 says:

        I’m so glad Robin is coming back Patrick and Emma deserve their happiness. As for Sabrina goes she does not belong with Patrick, she’s completely out of her league. I think Sabrina will end up back with Carlos and since Carlos is working for Sonny there will be another story there. I believe the Britch is carrying Lulu and Dante’s baby, trying to figure how they will get the baby to Lulu and Dante yet. BUT spanelli implied he may go for custody of his and Maxie’s baby (another story there). I really wish they would do away with Ellie, can’t stand her. It looks like something may happen with the Britch and Nicholas maybe they will become an item. As far as Sabrina and Patrick go they are a miss match. Patrick and Robin belong together.

    • linda says:

      i think it is lulu and danta she took their extra egg

  6. Poppy says:

    Sabrina is such a boring character! I really hope they bring back Robin!!

    • Used2luvgh says:

      No she is not, Robin is!!!

      • willwillswifeyforever says:

        I totally agree…. I am sooo disappointed with the spoilers saying that Patrick chooses Robin… I have never threatened to quit watching GH since I have been watching forever however, I believe this is where my exit gets off… I have had it with losing Jason , everyone was so heartbroken losing Robin that they brought her back, what abt Jason?? Robin was soooo boring before she left and shes only been back what a week and still boring… I love Sabrina with Patrick… They could be sooo good together and I feel that they deserve a chance after all they went through with Britch….I am soooo over GH rite now!!! I will not even DVR it any longer…Its just not the same anymore…

        • marian blue says:

          i think if it dont work for patrick and robin it will loose it rating like luke and laura i lived in upstate new york in the 80s and i raised my oldest daughter watchin geaeral hospital that child is 37 yrs old now and and we have done move back down south and she is so happy to see all the old stars return she can’t believe it when she stop at my house at 2pm its like she and me is like anna and robin patrick you got a very smart women like my daughter she’s a doctor with 3 kids of her own we love all the old star you should feel great full for robin she is strong like that and sonny i just can help myself at i need get to meet luke in a mall when i lived in new york maybe you don’t want to work for gh because she is going to become chief of the hosptial like it or not she work on that show amost all her life she is beautiful work your job robin girl comment by marian cook savannah ga jan 15 2014 love my general hosptial the only soap i mke she i watch iwant if the writers dont give fans what they like even down to monica and leaslie good to see you and luck and all

  7. DeeDee says:

    Love to see Robin and Robert again. Patrick just belongs with Robin. And Robert Scorpio makes GH must see tv again!

  8. Elyse says:

    haven’t watched GH in years… gotta know… who is Maxie’s baby daddy??? thanks in advance!

    • wrstlgirl says:

      Spinelli (not sure if I spelled that right) :-)

      • Kristin says:

        And the Britch has to be carrying Lulu and Dante’s baby.

      • Elyse says:

        woah woah woah! the same one whose been in love with Maxie for years?! so much has changed!

        • Maxie and Spinelli almost got married a few years back, but she wasn’t ready to get married and then she cheated on him with James Franco.

        • Angie D says:

          Maxie dumped Spinelli – cheated on him with Franco and also married Matt Hunter, Patrick’s 1/2 brother. By the time Maxie divorced Matt, Spinelli had fallen for lab tech Ellie. She dumped Spinelli out of jealousy of his prior relationship with Maxie. Spinelli asked for a 2nd chance and told her to meet him up on the rooftop of GH. With Maxie’s encouragement, Ellie headed to GH, but was hit by a car. That same night, Maxie tripped and miscarried Dante and Lulu’s baby. Spinelli got drunk and headed over to Ellie’s (she and Maxie are roommates) and found the recently returned from the hospital Maxie. They slept together. Spinelli didn’t recall the night and when he woke up there were messages on his voicemail saying that Ellie was in the hospital.

          Shortly thereafter, Maxie realized she was pregnant with Spinelli’s baby. She thought about telling the truth several times to Dante, Lulu and Spinelli, but something would occur each time.
          However, Ellie does know since she suspected something was wrong with the baby.

  9. renebeenie says:

    I would love to see Kimberly come love them together

      • Tom says:

        Love to see Robin/Kimberly back. Kimberly McCullough and Jason Thompson are amazing together that people believed they were dating, that is how natural and realistic. Even Jason Thompson as an actor knows his character and thinks he is not written right. He would know his character which proves it is not just viewers.

        • I want Robin Back, I do like Sabrina.. But I just love the Scrubs dynamic.. I could see her returning while Patrick Plans to marry, and the story of Him having to choose between his soul mate and the woman who he felt brought him back to life.. Loving them BOTH but deep inside he knows there is only ONE choice, But Also cuz he does love them Both he is tortured at the thought of causing either any pain… But in the end, Ofcourse Sabrina makes it easier for him, she loves him enough to let him go where his heart belongs.

        • Used2luvgh says:

          Forget JT and KMc — if they were so close, maybe they should have had a heart to heart before she decided that she wanted to leave for a long time — WTF? Not liking either one of them right now — may they live in boredom forever and ever!!! Btw, wardrode must have really hated him the day that robin threw him out (those big, gray pants — what?

    • Used2luvgh says:


  10. C.C. says:

    I want Steve Burton to come back as Jason! Seems so weird not to have that character on anymore. I think I’d even be open to a recast!

    • Carolina says:

      I miss Jason too. Why did they have to cast RH as Franco? I love RH. He was actually able to reform the character of Todd even after he raped Marty and made Blair believe her baby was dead. If anyone could redeem Franco, it would be him. But this character is too far gone.

      • Tess says:

        Well isn’t that also the point of Franco’s recent brain tumor? I mean, it makes for such an easy “reset” post surgery to say the tumor caused him to behave how he did and now that it’s out and whatever Patrick had to do to remove it will change his behavior and he will now be a better man… course, once he learns Kiki’s not his daughter that could affect just how much better he actually winds up being…

      • Jane says:

        One Life to Live threatened to sue GH if they used him as Todd manning a character that belnged to OLTL. So GH had to write the three characters in different roles.

    • Julie says:

      Steve Burton is not returning to GH.

    • Shelley says:

      Steve Burton is on young and the restless he’s not going back to GH

      • TVfan says:

        And I do not like him on Y&R I’m still giving him a chance because every time I see him on my TV I still think of him as Jason but I know I’ll get over it because when Maxie came on I still saw her as Belle and I now I just see her as Maxie lml I watch way to many soaps hahaha

    • I would love a re cast of jason there needs to be a JASON, he would still have to be hunk!

    • CoCo William says:

      I would love to see Jason come back as well….Sam needs her Jason especially now with what they have going on with Danny….Jason please come back! But only Steve Burton can play Jason….it would be devastating for them to cast Jason by someone else….they can Have Sabrina and Silas connect in some sort of way…just let Robin and Patrick re-unite….and Jason and Sam…..that is just how it needs to be GH!!!!

      • danielle says:

        I miss Jason too, been watching gh sense the 80s if the britch is carrying lulu’s baby, means one thing DNA test hope Patrick does one! I love robin too more so sense stone died! & I do hope maxie gets baby Georgie, I’ve been a fan of hers sense her heart transplant!

      • Jane says:

        Steve Burton moved away and would have to fly in to do his old character. He won’t be returning as our jason unfortunately.

  11. Des says:

    Kimberly coming back would be a dream!!

  12. Anonymous says:

    When was Kirsten Storms TVLine’s performer of the week? I clicked on the link, but it leads to someone on Switched at Birth.

  13. timire mullings says:

    love patrick and sabrina ……i think sabrina shold be married and have kids then robin get back … the two wifey war

    • amanda says:

      I’m loving Patrick and Sabrina also, Sabrina brings out a side of Patrick that I’ve never seen before.A more loving, grown up Patrick is very appealing to me.

      • Really… go back and watch when Robin was alive after she returns from rehab for Postpartum Depression. Patrick was completely loving.

      • Tom says:

        I disagree! Patrick is far from grow up with Sabrina. Instead he is rewritten to look stupid. Patrick was always the best surgeon according to him. Just watch his first scenes with Robin. He was cocky and lost that. Robin and Patrick had a adult relationship as doctors. Robin challenged Patrick and didnt have to tell him what to do either.Robin will always be the one and only person for Patrick..

      • Anna says:

        Patrick was always a loving husband. That was why people loved Scrubs so much. Robin turned him from a cocky bachelor/man-whore into a loving and devoted father/husband. Did you watch the show when Robin was alive?

        • Mooshu says:

          He definitely was and is devoted father. Not sure about the husband part. He did cheat on Robin with Lisa Niles.

      • Lisa says:

        I agree with you, I like Patrick and Sabrina the relationship shows a different side of Patrick, actually a more humble Patrick. Besides, Kim McCullough has left GH more than once mow she should stay GONE! The Robin is a bit of a spoiled, pampered brat, you get sick of her after a while
        They could go one better and get rid of the Eva Gerome character and Morgan and Kikki and bring back Jason. We finally got Nicholas back all we need is Jason now.

        • brittany says:

          I absolutely agree….the relationship between Patrick and Robin to me is kind of boring. I think its time to change things up. It would be unfair to keep Patrick with the same one person. Everyone who are actors/actresses on these soap operas has had different significant others. Example: how many women Sonny had in his lifetime as an actor??

    • Cathy says:

      There is only one wife and that is Robin. Robin is Patrick’s wife and Emma’s mommy. Robin should come back to Patrick waiting for her. A better story till Robin returned (instead of this nonsense with Sabrina) would have been Patrick with Britt and then Robin returns and he finds out Britt was in on Robin’s kidnapping. Sabrina doesn’t work with Robin/Patrick’s story and making this about Sabrina was all kinds of wrong.

    • Mooshu says:

      I would love for this to happen. Patrina is what got me interested in GH again. Never thought Patrick until Sabrina came along. I like watching him be vulnerable with her.

    • J. Franklin says:

      This isn’t “I Do I Did” (movie) lol

    • Used2luvgh says:


  14. Betty says:

    I love Patrick and Sabrina and have never cared for Robin or Scrubs so if she’s coming back hopefully it’s only for a short time and they wrap up her story for good.

  15. Gerri Rossetti says:

    Love Patrick and Sabrina, Robin choose to leave and @Teresa Castillo helped@Jason Thompson move forward, I just wished he would.

  16. Barbra says:

    I like Patrick and Sabrina together very much. But the Robin part of the storyline must be addressed at some point. From this article she most likely will only be back for a little bit. She has a Directing career now. If the story is written well, I would like Patrick to be torn between these two women in his life. Hi past and his future. Could be some great angst.

    • Mandy says:

      THIS is the story I want to see. There needs to be an end to the Robin story, but the actress isn’t available full time. So, the story needs to be wrapped up. I want to see Patrick torn. it shouldn’t be an easy thing for him. Of course, he will want to make things work with his wife, get their family back. But, neither of them are the same people they were when she left. Besides the fact that he’s in love with someone else now, he has changed because of grief and being a single father. Also, he does love Sabrina. They have been building a real relationship. That may not be so easy for him to walk away from.
      Anyway, I really like Sabrina and Patrick together and wouls really like to see them have a real chance.

    • fd says:

      If you watched GH the past 6 to 7 years, Patrick would NEVER be torn with some new nurse over the LOVE of HIS LIFE & SOULMATE ROBIN. Patrick went after Robin and didn’t have to be forced to date her like Sabrina where everyone had to tell him to move on. Patrick doesn’t love Sabrina and I don’t see that on screen no matter what the writers have him say. I never fell for the forcing and slanted writing. Patrick would move heaven and earth to be with Robin. Real Patrick would not be torn and shouldn’t be. Love to see Kimberly come back and would accept recurring. GH has too many characters and not enough screen time, so recurring would work fine. I need Robin played by Kimberly McCullough even recurring. You can’t compare Robin a legacy over a new character Sabrina.

      • Amen to that.

        Robin is beloved by virtually the entire town. Sabrina is no where near that. The writers are forcing something that really isn’t there.

        Robin is his soulmate. FD is correct. Patrick chased Robin. Not the other way around. Sabrina acts like a child.

        Bring Robin Home RC and FV; you understand the value of that character since you two had that with Starr.

        • Teri Borchers says:

          And that’s another thing!! STARR. We literally watched her grow up as Starr. She seems a little trashy to me as Kiki. I miss her as Starr. And Roger Howarth with always and forever be Todd Manning. Love love love the actor, but making him Franco….ugh. I almost would have rather seen him come on as a new character rather than one we have a history with. I think I might have warmed up to him right away as a new character, but RH as Franco….gonna take a while. And don’t EVEN get me started on the blonde hair. Again….UGH. LOL You’d think I don’t enjoy GH, but I truly do love it, and never, ever miss it. With it being the last one left on TV for us (Yes, I watch Hulu eps….not the same), I just hope and pray it doesn’t disappear like our beloved other shows did. Fingers crossed.

        • Used2luvgh says:

          The writers r not forcing sh**t, I fell in love with Sabrina at first sight?

        • Used2luvgh says:

          She is not loved by me or Carly!

      • Used2luvgh says:

        I understand that you love Robin, after all, she has been on the show on and off for 30 years, but, please keep in mind, that Kim wanted to leave the show forever, or so she thought, JT liked the fact that he had a steady paycheck, so he stayed, so here comes a good girl who truly loves Patrick (with all of his baggage) — seriously, has Robin ever loved him like that (Lisa Niles) think not! I loved Patrina for months (until after July 10th, when JT let his true feelings be known onscreen (unprofessional) — on the other hand TC has been totally professional and very believable. I thought I loved Patrina, but, I guess it was Sabrina whom I loved, just hoping that if she stays that they will bring in a character who is worthy of her love — make Felix straight, great rapport, great chemistry!!!

  17. Wendy says:

    Hope Robin comes back and wakes Patrick from his void of nothingness. Patrick needs his spark – and his wife – back. Sabrina needs the Grim Reaper. As painfully as is humanly possible, but quickly.

    • Used2luvgh says:

      First of all, Patrick had a real connection with Sabrina from the very start, therefore, always standing up for her, laughing, hugging, and showing that beautiful dimple and smile, didn’t see him like that often with Robin. Robin goes off with Stone, puts her baby in a tree (I know cuz of PPD) goes off to Africa w/o really discussing it with Patrick, so Patrick has a one-night-stand with the psycho, but she puts him out, real love, huh – unconditional, not!!! F Robin — so upset about her return!!!

    • Used2luvgh says:

      They don’t see what I see! Loved Patrina, now just Sabrina! ugh!

  18. MissyLady says:

    Kimberly needs to finally decide whether to have her character stay “dead” or come back to the show full time. Enough is enough! Kim wants a directing career so let’s all move on and have RC bring on a woman closer to Patty’s age and remove Sabrina to the younger set.

    Sabrina belongs with the set that contains Maxie, Lulu, Spinelli, Dante, Michael, Morgan, Kiki, Ellie and Milo.

    • I do agree that Sabrina needs to be in the younger set, by a long shot.

      I don’t agree in regards to Kimberly. And the best example is James Franco. When he was on the show, they basically brought him in for a couple of days and they would pound out at least 5 or 6 episodes.

      Schedules can be worked around.

    • Troy Turner says:

      I love Kim/Robin, but her behavior in this whole thing has been shameful. She has absolutely NO respect for long-term GH fans. Frank/Ron have done the best they could in the situation, but Kim is holding them hostage, and she knows it. I know full-well the legacy of Robin, but it’s way past time for a recast. GH fans deserve better than this.

      • Seriously… you’re putting this on Kimberly? When she has on more than one occasion said that she wants to come back BUT it’s not up to her, if you want someone to blame, but it in FV’s hands — not Kimberly’s.

        • Troy Turner says:

          I absolutely put this on Kimberly-she has publicly stated that she doesn’t want Robin to be recasted-and that ultimately hurts the character and the show. Frank offered her an olive branch-which he should have done, but it’s obvious that Kim has NO intention of coming back, so as I stated before, it’s way past time for a recast, legacy character or not. The needs of the show outweigh the needs of one actor, even if the actor is associated as closely to a character as Kim is to Robin

        • Used2luvgh says:

          No, you got it wrong, Kim wanted to be killed off!

          • Troy Turner says:

            You’re the one that has it wrong. Yes, Kim decided to leave under the Guza regime, but the decision to come back is hers and hers alone. FV gave her an olive branch, but she has used that to spit in the face of not only him, but long-term GH fans-it’s that simple

      • Considering the Guza/JFP regime was going to kill off Robin’s character and it was FV that wanted to keep the character alive and kicking (as they should have with such a legacy character, even if she’s offscreen) and Kimberly McCullough has said several times that she would be open to coming back and working a schedule that works with her directing internship, I don’t know how you can blame Kimberly and say she doesn’t respect GH fans. If they can work around Tony Geary’s 6 months a year absence, I’m sure they can work a schedule where Robin can be on GH as a recurring character while Kimberly works on directing. It can be done; it’s more of a question of do FV/RC want to do it?

        • Amy Sol says:

          I fully agree with you (even if I’m a little late on this). I can’t see anyone else playing Robin… she has been the original character since she was 6 for crying out loud. I also can’t blame her for wanting to pursue other things. She played the role since she was a Kindergartner! She has every right to want to keep her character “alive” and pursue other avenues.I know they re-cast people all of the time but it doesn’t always work (look at the short, dark haired AJ… I could never take him seriously!). I’m sure GH to KM is like family… we all move out but it’s nice to come home again. I think the only thing that would make it hard for her character to be part time is Emma. Robin isn’t the kind of person who would leave her child and just come in and out of her life. Although… I wouldn’t have thought Felicia would be either… and we’ve all accepted her back even though she missed her daughters’ childhoods!

          I like Sabrina… and I do like her and Patrick together. She’s amazing with Emma… but no one can replace Robin, and I do hope Robin returns on a more permanent basis. Meanwhile… let’s get this Britt/Patrick baby thing resolved!!!!!!

          Just my two cents!

    • Mercedez says:

      I definitely agree!! Sabrina needs to be in the company of Maxie, lulu, Dante, spinelli, and so forth just like her roommate Felix. Then bring Robin back and her and Patrick can be together already! I know she is also directing but she was my favorite character!!!! :(

    • Used2luvgh says:

      Teresa is a woman in her late twenties – must be the water!

  19. Cathy says:

    Robin is the ONLY woman for Patrick and Emma. Scrubs were and will always be the couple. They are the story. NO one has the chemistry and naturalness and realness in scenes that Kimberly and JT have. Robin was always supposed to come back and Robin needs to reunite with her family, Have no interest in the student forced nurse, never did. Waiting for the day Robin is reunited with Patrick and Emma and go on Robin’s birthday trips they never got to do. won’t watch till Robin comes back. Tired of this regime using Robins family for some new forced nurse.

  20. Mandy says:

    II like Sabrina and love Teresa Castillo. I think she’s a great actress.

    • Mary says:

      she4 can’t act–Disney told GH to create a character for her and give her a job to get training not everyone who want to be an actress/actor has talent–because she doesn’t have the range to be written better–to pair her with Patrick they had to totally change his personality and make him look like an idiot. She acts and talks like a child but they have her parenting Emma. I used to write for the 900 lines sex scenes and I was told men look at women and see sex while women look at men & see romance–I see Patrick looking at her just for sex until his true love returns–then tell her you mean nothing to me except my satisfaction.

  21. Patrick has looked like a shell of his former self for a while now… Bringing home Robin would be such an amazing story.

    Kimberly McCullough has a directing career, we all know that; many of my friends have donated for her film; BUT she said that if the Powers that Be at GH can make it work around her sked, she would come back.

    Sabrina’s character has basically been like a child. This whole story has never been about Patrick moving on, not since the drug addiction. There were certain things about when Patrick told the story about Robin and Emma’s pregnancy that Sabrina had no business talking about.

    When they introduced Sabrina and Dr. Britt Westbourne, Patrick has never had a point of view in this story. Read the article in SID that’s in stores now, he pretty much admitted to it.

    Robin needs to be home for their daughter and basically bring back the egotistical man who was so deeply in love with his wife.

  22. Linda says:

    I want Robin to come back for closure for Patrick and Emma. I am sure Ron can come up with a good storyline that may not necessarily bring Robin back for good but satisfy everyone’s happiness that Robin is alive.

  23. Tom says:

    From day one FV said he was going to work with Kimberly’s schedule. Well work with her schedule. also reunite Robin with her husband and child. They ruined Patrick and Emma with the student nurse and evil doctor. Patrick would never had ignored Robins phone call to Emma. Patrick investigated for a nurse he knew nothing about and yet not the call from his soulmate Robin, which she made to their child. BRING ROBIN HOME & REUNITE SCRUBS/EMMA.

  24. Candice says:

    Finally! Robin coming back to save Patrick and Emma from being stuck with the kid nurse. Of course JT is happy. He gets his acting soulmate back.

    Goodbye Sabrina

  25. DavidSask says:

    Sabrina is tolerable but is involved with wrong man and needs new storyline asap!

  26. Mallory says:

    I love this article, I hope that Maxie does comes clean and as does Britt, Also as for Kimberly coming back and maybe working with Jason again. That would make my YEAR no MY LIFE!! I miss them so freaking much. NO matter what. Jason Thompson isn’t himself when he’s on screen with the newbie nurse. I can’t stand him, I can’t even watch GH because of that character. And I love GH, I would love to watch it agian. BUT her character is forced on screen and I don’t like being told who to love. Sorry but I don’t love them. I have to laugh. I love Jason, I really do, but I need Kimberly back as Robin, I would accept her as recurring anything at this point but I need for her to come back, reunite with Jason and give me something to watch, something to do during my day. I love Patrick and Robin, always have. The way their spark hits the screen and it just makes it more. Their scenes seem so real together. And that’s what I want to see, his scenes now are boring to me and fall flat. Patrick and Robin are soul-mates, they work. They challenge each other and that’s why i love how they are together. I guess that’s just me as a fan but Sabrina is boring to me, she’s got really no background and she’s made to be the perfect person with no problems. She’s too perfect and I don’t like that. I love Jason Thompson and Kimberly McCullough together, they just gel.

    • Marie says:

      I couldn’t agree more. Patrick has not been Patrick without Robin. The pairing with Sabrina has been a huge mismatch from Day One. The character is not only a total bore with no layers, but the pairing has sucked the life out of Patrick and has basically neutered his personality. He is no longer allowed to think for himself as a doctor, he is no longer allowed to parent his own child on his own. He also is not allowed to deal with the mother of his unborn child in a way that he sees fit. The story is a big old mess. The thing that irritates the most is that the story isn’t even focused on Patrick when it should be. So, I will be glad when Robin returns so that the real Patrick Drake can make another appearance. Based on what we have seen on screen for the last two years, there is no possible way that the Drake Family won’t reunite. From what I’ve seen from Patrick, he looks like a man who is a shell of himself. When he finally sees his wife, he can come alive again. He can get his passion back and the woman who has always challenged him on every level. I can’t wait to see that story to play out and for Patrick to get his wife back and for Emma to have her real mother again.

  27. Mooshu says:

    I love Patrick and Sabrina. I think that they make a great couple. She’s always been supportive of everything going on his life. I just wished this baby drama would just end already. We all know that baby is not his. It’s just dragging all characters involved down. Whether they stay together as a couple or not, I want the TPTB to give them better storyline. I want Sabrina to get a backstory.

  28. Betty says:

    Sabrina has no business knowing about Emma’s conception? I totally disagree. She is the new woman in Patrick’s life, after all and he should share these things with her.

    I read the SID interview and Jason DID NOT say Patrick had no point of view. He expressed frustration with ONE aspect of the story. The trust is that Patrick has more of a point of view than Sabrina. We know why Patrick has chosen to support Britt and accept that the baby is his. But WHY is Sabrina so insistent on exposing Britt? Is she jealous, insecure, trying to protect Patrick? We don’t know because the writers have not explained it. This is something that even Patrina fans are frustrated with.

    I am of the opinion that it is a GOOD thing that Patrick Drake is not the same Patrick Drake with Sabrina that he was with Robin. Scrubs’ bickering got old fast and Patrick can’t nor should he be arrogant and cocky forever. Robin’s “death” changed and humbled him. Now it’s time to free him from her because we all know Kimberly is not returning full time. I hope she comes back and the writers wrap up the story so so that viewers can FINALLY move on.

    • Gerri Rossetti says:

      Exactly, thank you.

    • Mooshu says:

      Thank you. Agree with this. I love him vulnerable with Sabrina. Find him so much more sexy now.

      • Lisa says:

        I agree with you. When he was with Robin, I felt it was always all about her and her actually one upping Patrick. She has no loyalty to GH, she has come and gone over the years so stay gone now!!!

    • Cathy says:

      Patrick had no right talking about Emma’s conception with Sabrina. That is between he and Robin HIS wife not Sabrina. They are just dating, if can even call it that. Besides Sabrina was ignorant with her comment making it seem like Robin didnt know about HIV and should be careful. Talk about idiotic writing This is Robin and Kimberly whose story of HIV was ground breaking for GH. yet stupid wnriters make some student nurse sounded ridiculous because they had to prop the nurse to make her important when she isnt’t. You can’t compare Scrubs who had 6 to 7 years of a love story to a forced couple mofkess than ONE year that people talked Patick into dating and used Robin and Emma to do it. Scrubs were natural and realistic than a forced contrived propped pairing. That is ROBIN’S husband and child not Sabrina. she doesn’t fit with Patrick. I hope Robin comes back and REUNITES with Patrick and Emma. That is the only reason for Robin to come back and reunite with Patrick NOT leave for a pet nurse of the head writer.

    • While I agree that Kimberly McCullough probably can’t return to GH full-time with her directing career, she appears to be open to working to recurring. GH already works around Tony Geary’s schedule when he is on vacation 6 months out of the year. I think it’s possible to work around Kimberly’s schedule too, if Frank and Ron are willing. GH already has a lot of cast members, so they can’t always focus on every character every episode as it is.

  29. Wendy says:

    No, Sabrina has no business bullying a woman who – as far as is known – is pregnant with Patrick’s baby. This baby is the business (again, as far as he knows) of PATRICK and BRITT. Sabrina can hold Patrick’s hand and be all “stand by your man”, but it is NOT and has NEVER been HER business in dealing with this baby. PATRICK should make the decisions and Sabrina needs to back off.

    Most of all, Sabrina needs to stop feeding HER feelings to Emma. She only validates Emma’s tantrums and Patrick needs Emma to accept the changes coming and not see this kid as a burden or source of hate.

    Sabrina and her little dog Felix need to let the grownups play and stay OUT of business that, by design, has NOTHING to do with them. JT was right: Patrick needs to parent his own child and tell Sabrina to Shut up (which he did say) and tell Felix to mind HIS own business while Patrick’s at it.

    • Mooshu says:

      And I guess if Sabrina did find proof that the baby is not his, she should stay quiet and not say anything to him since its none of her business? Lets be honest if it was Robin “bullying” Britt as you say about Sabrina, you would have no problem with it. Based on your argument, Robin would have no right to interfere either since its not her baby with Patrick. And I disagree with the whole Emma comment. Even Patrick the character appreciated how Sabrina handled the situation with Emma.

  30. Betty says:

    Sabrina is bullying Britt? If that is the case, I’d hate to see what one would call what Britt was doing to Sabrina early on.

    The last I checked, Sabrina was telling Emma that she needed to be a big girl about this new baby and was even trying to set a good example for her by making nice with Britt at the the 4th of July picnic.

    I would like to see Sabrina back off trying to expose Britt. I understand what Jason is saying there. BUT Patrick made it her business when he asked her to be a part of the baby’s life. So yes, it is her business.

    • Wendy says:

      No, it isn’t. Is Sabrina Emma’s stepmother? No. Is she Patrick’s wife? Again, no. Sabrina, as of now, is Emma’s former babysitter and Patrick’s girlfriend. The same girlfriend who was all set to stop watching Emma because she caught Patrick and Britt in the shower. Sabrina is just as manipulative as Britt, IMO. She used Emma and Robin’s “ghost” to ingratiate herself in setting up a Nurse’s Ball that was nothing but Sabrina’s debutante ball to get her prince in the process.

      Sabrina needs to let Patrick and Britt deal with “their” child and stay in the background.

      • Mooshu says:

        Sabrina only stopped watching Emma because Britt told her that she makes Patrick uncomfortable with the whole New Years kiss. It was Britt who manipulated the whole situation. Are we watching the same show?

        • Wendy says:

          I love the “are we watching the same show” question. Sabrina was all set to drop that Nurse’s Ball because of Patrick and Britt. And Sabrina never had issues in taking on Britt before. So I don’t buy she stopped watching Emma because of Britt. She stopped because she couldn’t face Patrick after the shower sex and acted like a preteen. Seems to me the whole basis of Patrick and Sabrina is everyone from Liz to Epiphany to *Robin* on DVD pushing her at him. Curious still that just before he had the Sabrina “revelation”, he and Liz discussed Robin and how Liz wished she could bring Robin back for Patrick. Patrick’s realizations were all about his daughter and how much Emma seemed to love Sabrina. And that was all on the “same show”. Glad some enjoy Patrick/Sabrina. I’m not one of them, don’t buy any love there, and never will.

          • Betty says:

            That’s fine Wendy because I never bought that Patrick would fall for someone like Robin.

            On my screen, Britt convinced Sabrina that she made Patrick uncomfortable after that almost kiss on NYE, which is why Sabrina thought it was best for everyone if she stopped babysitting.

            On my screen, I saw Patrick explain exactly why he wanted to be with Sabrina. She’s smart, compassionate, beautiful, dedicated and she makes him smile. Was Emma a big part of the attraction? Yep, as she should have been because any woman Patrick is with has to be a great fit for his daughter as well.

      • Betty says:

        Umm, I believe she stopped babysitting because she thought she was making Patrick uncomfortable. There has also been nothing in the writing to indicate she “used” Emma and Robin.

  31. Angie D says:

    I would love for Robin to come back and reunite with Patrick. While I don’t mind Sabrina, I think Patrick likes her, but he couldn’t love her as he did Robin. Sabrina doesn’t challenge him.

  32. Debbie says:

    The Patrick/Sabrina is a total fail. Theresa Castillo and Jason Thompson have absolutely no chemistry, and the pairing is beyond boring. No matter how much the writers tell me she is 27, the character’s actions/reactions do not match. Patrick needs a strong, mature women not a Cinderella princess. I am so glad that there is a very good chance that Robin is returning for her family. Patrick and Robin (Jason and Kimberly) have chemistry that oozes off the screen. I am looking forward to it.

  33. Betty says:

    And for all the talk about how “immature” Sabrina is, she has been pretty open and honest with Patrick. Honesty and vulnerability was like pulling teeth with Scrubs. They were constantly hiding their feelings and playing games. I’m sure it was meant to be “cute” but it just seemed so juvenile to me.

    • babs says:

      Was that before or after Sabrina was magically aged to not make her seem like the virginal tween they were portaying her as? LOL

  34. FireCartini says:

    FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Robin comes home and will be reunited with Patrick. I hope it is revealed that Patrick is still on drugs as that is the only way to explain Patrick even looking at Sabrina.

    I can’t wait until Patrick and Robin’s eyes meet…and then Patrick can say Sabrina who?

  35. kathleen says:

    I think that britts baby is robins and they implanted it in britt sounds like something dr obrecht would do she is crazy and do notvthink shevis her mother at all

    • Crystal says:

      I’m thinking Britt’s baby is from Robin’s egg too, so that the baby might have her features and draw Patrick in even more. But who is the father?? I’m hoping its not Britt’s father….gross.

  36. babs says:

    Thank the stars in heaven Robin may be returning and saving Patrick from being stuck in the his awful story. I can’t even watch anymore. I cringe every time Patrick has to share scenes with Sabrina.

  37. JAson says:

    When are they gonna team up MAxie the funniest actress on daytime with the best and funniest actor on Daytime Anthony Geary. Still holding out for a Maxie – Luke romance!!!

  38. Emelie says:

    I love GH. I love all the characters, the actors, the writing. I look forward to watching. Should be exciting how the baby drama shakes out.

  39. Sinclair says:

    I want Kim to comeback big time for one purpose only…For her to talk Jason off my TV screen. Lets keep it real it isn’t Teresa, I will admit the storyline is week. The real issue is Jason can’t act without Kim. He needs his default partner to make him happy.

  40. Sinclair says:

    I hope Kim comes back so she can talk Jason off my TV screen. The storyline is weak, but it’s not Teresa’s fault. Lets keep it real Jason can’t act with Kim. She’s his #default partner. He should take some acting lessons. :)

  41. Marisa says:

    I would love to see Robin come back and reunite with Patrick, Emma, Duke, Robert, Holly, Liz, Mac, Felicia etc ! Patrick and Sabrina just don’t work for me! I’d also like to see Liz with Nikolas (they have the best chemistry of any couple on GH) and Sam with Silas!

  42. Marisa says:

    Also, dying to see the truth about Maxie’s baby come out! I want to see Maxie and Spinelli as parents! Ellie needs to go and please, please someone kill Britt! I can’t stand Britt, she is not redeemable and her death would open the door for Dr. O and Faison to try and get revenge later…

  43. Rae says:

    Oh, PLEASE get Robin back – she belongs with Patrick and Emma! It’s past time to reunite this family! Nobody can beat the chemistry Jason and Kimberly have together!

  44. Casey says:

    I need Scrubs to grace my TV screen again and get a HEA!!

  45. Angela says:

    I wouldn’t want Jason Thompson to be written off unless it was his choice and I am a Patrick and Robin fan. Jason Thompson didn’t do another soap opera before General Hospital and Robin was written as his soul mate so of course he’s going to want her back. He knows he has to move on but it doesn’t feel right to him especially with the storyline he’s given. One example of the opposite is Jax and Carly(LW) she also had a lot of chemistry with Jax and since LW appeared onscreen they were together until 2 years ago. I’m sure LW missed Jax(IR) but she has done soap operas before so she knows that couples don’t stay together forever and she did try to sell her other pairings. JT doesn’t appear to be trying with Sabrina and I can’t blame him there’s nothing there. If he stays I want more for him.

  46. I’ll tell ya, General Hospital ain’t playin’! They are cranking out the storylines, not waiting for months for big reveals and they’re honoring their classic characters with good stories and some awesome humor. I was one of the fans back in the Luke & Laura heyday and stopped watching when they started taking all the older characters off and replacing them with children. Glad there’s a good mix now and I TiVo everyday.

  47. Angela says:

    LOL I love JT, he doesn’t seem remotely interested in the Patrick/Sabrina pairing.

    Kimberly needs to return and save Patrick from Sabrina/Britt hell

  48. jake says:

    lol the relish clips on the soup are some of the funniest things ive ever seen

    • Wendy says:

      Adn there lies another issue: Maybe, just maybe, if Ron Carlivati spent as much time in crafting a well-written story that makes sense to the characters instead of trying to get GH mocked on The Soup, maybe the show wouldn’t be in the crapper as it seems to be 90% of the time.

      • babs says:

        This! IMO he thinks they are recognizing some evil writing genius, but in reality, they are making fun of the crap. As they should. It is bad.

  49. jen says:

    So I’m suppose to believe the secret is coming out once the baby is born? only problem with that is Maxie hasn’t tapped with the babies. This is just another lie upon lie they’re telling us.

  50. Tina B. says:

    I love Patrina but I am a huge Patrick/Robin fan, I think Robin would love Sabrina and finally give her blessing to her to be with Patrick and oh yeah Robin & Sabrina could team up to destroy the Britch!