True Blood Recap: Decisions, Decisions

true blood season 6Although Sunday’s episode of True Blood is titled “Dead Meat,” none of our regulars actually perish. (Not even Arlene, whose hangover from last week’s bender I could’ve imagined being lethal.) However, Sookie does make a decision that at first makes her pulse race and eventually will stop her heartbeat altogether. WTH? Read on. I’ll explain…

LUCKY STIFF | At Sookie’s request, Barlow agrees to help Billith save all our contract fangers from the Sun Parlor of Doom, provided that a) Billith doesn’t kill him afterward, and b) she consents to become his vampire bride. And, while the half fairy is fine with the first demand, the second one, she grapples with — mightily. She reaches out to Jason (via a tearful voice-mail message), tells Sam that she imagined a future for them (at just about the worst moment possible — more on that later) and finally visits her parents’ gravesite, having concluded that she’d “rather walk the earth as a corpse” than be laid to rest next to them. (Ouch.) But, when the bride-to-be gets all dolled up — it’s a nice day for a black wedding! — and takes Billith to fairy land, Barlow appears to be (but c’mon, can’t actually be) dead! Maybe he’s just a bloody napper?

V FOR VENDETTA | Meanwhile, Eric — reeling from Nora’s gory demise — lashes out at Billith, then sets in motion his own plan to (presumably) save Pam and Co., and bring down Vamp Camp. Step 1: interrupt Adilyn’s topless make-out session with Holly’s son, Wade, to drink her fae blood and become a daywalker. Step 2: er, TBD. (That said, wouldn’t you have thought Step 2 would be accepting Adilyn’s thanks for interrupting the aforementioned topless make-out session with Wade? She can do better. Just wait till they reopen the fairy Studio 54.)

WILD KINGDOM | After smacking down would-be packmistress Rikki and her gang of hirsute Pink Ladies, Alcide returns Nicole and her mother to Sam. The good news (because it certainly isn’t Nicole’s safe return): Now the fellas are pals again. The bad news: The fellas have (literally) sniffed out that, unbeknownst to Nicole, she’s pregnant. So, when Sookie comes by Merlotte’s to throw a Hail Mary pass Sam’s way, he’s in the middle of telling the clueless mom-to-be that he loves her, she can’t leave Bon Temps, etc., etc.

ALL ABOUT THE BENJAMINS | Arlene is all kindsa verklempt when Lafayette reveals to her that, days before his passing, Terry took out a $2 million life insurance policy. She’s even more agitated when her husband’s family tries to include a 21-gun salute in the shooting victim’s funeral proceedings. (So tasteful.) Yet, in the end, she’s convinced to keep the money and let Terry’s killer go.

THE HARD CELL | Back in Vamp Camp, Violet — who’s so tough that she isn’t even cowed by Pam — makes Jason her bitch. “Please don’t rape me,” he whimpers. (She doesn’t — for now, he’s just her private bag lunch.) James saves Steve from drinking the tainted Tru Blood, so of course, in return, the lily-livered ex-reverend thanks him by spilling his guts to Sarah. And, after brutally murdering the Tru Blood boss lady aca-armed with only religious fervor and an impractical stiletto, Sarah has Steve, James, et al ushered into the Sun Parlor of Doom…

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Hit the comments.

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  1. Aleksalynn says:

    And Sarah Newlin has officially taken the bullet train into Crazy Town.

  2. CR says:

    I laughed so much during this episode, and oddly not once because of something Jason said. The Sara/Ms.Suzuki battle was hilarious.

  3. Michelle says:

    Was Terry’s grandmother played by the same woman who played Marion Coatsworth-Hay in The West Wing?

    • CR says:

      I believe it was, although I see her now as Ethel Beavers from Parks and Rec. Pretty bummed it’s not the original actress who played her in season 4. Originally it was Mona from Who’s the Boss or others see her as Jessica from Soap.

      • Joanna says:

        I thought Caroline died a few seasons back when Bill took her the family bible showing her she was his great granddaughter.

      • I just want to add that Benlow DID NOT kill Niall. He zapped him to the nasty fae dimension that he had been stuck in. He told Niall that he was sparing his life again, that he had survived 20Y there so a king could survive even longer n than zapped him away thru the portal. Js…

        • Sharon says:

          If he spared her Grandfather-why did Benlow not tell Sookie, When Sookie remembers Benlow`s initial contacts, it reminds me of the obsession of Lilith.

    • ashley says:

      no! i looked at the end credits to be sure. so sad about this.

    • tigersmurfette says:

      she was agnes in burning love!

  4. S says:

    I love that Eric and Beel seem to hate each other again… The scene with Eric and Beel in the beginning was funny. Eric was hilarious lol I loved it.

  5. Laurie says:

    I wish I could just sleep til next Sunday because I can’t wait to see what happens next! Warlow had better NOT be dead! I just hope they are done killing the regulars… I couldn’t take anymore.

    • Higb says:

      um hello he’d be a pile of blood

        • DarkDefender says:

          Or a heap of Faery ash.

          • Well, he’s a hybrid and Andy’s daughters didn’t turn into Faery dust. Still, never fear — the promos show that he’s still alive next week, if only just. While Eric seemed to have some silly ideas earlier, he seems to be acting more calmly and rationally now — channeling his rage. He was really quite nice to the boys and Adelyn, doing them no real harm, and he knows that if all vamps are all going to be able to day walk in the future he needs to keep Benlow alive for his blood to be synthesized (I think Eric know that that is what Bill is trying to do).

  6. Cj says:

    Anyone else think it was odd that Eric didn’t go to Sookie for help. After all he went to her to help Bill. I feel like they are setting Eric or Jessica up for the big kill by making them less likable characters. That being said since Eric didn’t actually kill Adeline or Warlow my money is on Jessica finding the true death

    • jenny mckean says:

      I believe that Eric didn’t go to Sookie for help because Billith told him sookie was holding warlow in a fae realm and decided on his own brand of personal justice. Eric seemed to firmly believe that warlows blood would of saved Nora’s life. But who’s to know if the blood would of saved her in the end. And the scene in the beginning between Eric and Billith, wow that was executed perfectly. Couldn’t stop laughing!

      And not to mention, the scene between sarah newlin and the true blood lady, that was priceless. Sara’s look of dazed shock that she just couldn’t snap her neck and the frantic chase through the compound. That was a few well scripted scenes.

  7. Amanda says:

    For the reviewer, he didn’t drink the blood to become a “day walker”, but, instead, to gain access to the fairy realm.

    • Thea says:

      Yup! Plus Adilyn is only half-fae, so Eric would only be able to be out in the sun for a few hours tops before roasting. He followed Sookie to the entrance earlier and then used Adilyn’s blood to get in. It’s drinking Benlow’s blood that’ll make him a day walker.

      • Yup, again, it is only Benlow’s blood that can make the vamps day walkers. Eric knew this and drained him almost dry. Maybe if the other vamps feed on Eric they will become impervious to the sun, too. Billith only had to drink a small amount of it to become permanently able to day walk. If feeding on half-fae enabled a vamp to day walk Jessica, Eric, and many others would already be able to do it.

  8. strachpa says:

    “So, Alcide, can you cook? I’m down a Chef”.

  9. Ruby says:

    Dude, it’s Benlow.
    This is the best season of TB in ages. This episode blew my mind.

    • tripoli says:

      Actually it’s not. It’s Warlow. Stop insisiting on mashing two names together. It is absolutely ridiculous.

      • Ruby says:

        I don’t care about name mashing, I normally avoid it myself. But if the reviewer is going to do it, he should at least go with what the rest of the internet is calling him, instead of making up some weird one that takes a person right out of the review because they’re trying to figure out who the hell he’s talking about.

    • A says:

      I rarely hear the name Benlow. It just sounds weird to me. Barlow sounds so much better I think.

  10. JP says:

    Best line of the night: Eric “and you did not take that girls shirt off. I’m sorry I had to take that from you.”

  11. Josh says:

    How can Sam love Nicole? He’s known her for three days!!?

    • Yeahcanwe says:

      I dont think he meant it. Just think hes saying what he can cause shes pregnant

      • Amanda says:

        I hope so, because this makes Sam seem pretty lame. He loves Luna, she dies, two days later he’s in love with Nicole and they’re having a baby? The other storylines are so good and the thing with Sam is just lame to me.

      • Tahj Blacke says:

        Okay that’s plausible. But then what’s Nicole’s excuse for loving Sam after 3 days?

    • A says:

      This is my least favorite storyline of the season. It’s just ridiculous. She’s already pregnant. He already loves her when Luna just died, I’m so over this storyline and it’s taking away from stuff I think most viewers would care about more.

  12. Miles says:

    Anna Camp as Sarah Newlin is the best part of this season. I look forward to her scenes every week.

  13. Miles says:

    “THANK YOU JESUS!” … Puts down bloody Stiletto… lol. Sarah Newlin is Aca-Awesome.

  14. Nishen says:

    The half fairy vampire’s name is Warlow not “Barlow” guys…

    • Yeahcanwe says:

      I cant tel if ur serious or not. It’s obviously a play on words, combining Ben/Warlow. Like Bennifer…but…just one person.

    • Jill says:

      I had to google it, because I was thinking I was crazy, because I couldn’t figure out why he called him Barlow. I found out some fan sites are calling him Barlow=Ben+Warlow…Others are calling him Benlow

  15. Talie says:

    It is BENLOW!
    Anyways, fast paced episode. I don’t think Nicole is going to live long sadly. I remember seeing an interview of Sam Tramell saying that Sam M. has bad luck when it comes to the ladies..

  16. sladewilson says:

    A few thangs…:
    1) Any scene with Lafayette is a good one just because it’s sure to be a crack up…
    2) Anna Camp is doing it. Sarah Newlin has officially lost it. And we’re all lovin’ it…
    3) I don’t care if it’s just me, but I’m liking Violet ALOT… Please don’t kill her and then have her make Jason fall in love with her right in front of Jessica because Pretty Girl Red got on my nerves in this eppy… Ungrateful little…..
    4) Steve Newlin needs to die just because. No really – and I mean a really nasty brutal death too…
    5) This season’s TB is miles ahead of last year. MILES…
    6) Jurnee’s got some work this year huh? TB and Parenthood? Babygirl lookin’ kinda right too…

    2 more eppys huh? I see Alcide’s lil’ love hate girlfriend killing Jurnee and Sam’s unborn kid and then Alcide’s gonna get to that place where he snaps her neck like a twig. And was it me or was Jason holding a gun to Sookie’s head in that promo? whoa…..

    • Jillian says:

      I thought Jason was holding the gun to Sarah’s head in the promo. It would make more sense since she is the reason he is Violet’s play thing

    • Ruby says:

      How, exactly is Jessica “ungrateful”? Is she supposed to sleep with Jason just because he did her a favor?

      • Kelley says:

        I agree, Jason and Jess have run their course couple-wise and she’s been in a bit of a love “limbo” for a while now. she deserves someone, and this seems like a good match to me.

  17. Eva says:

    I honestly thought I was going to throw up during the Sarah Newlin fight scene. Not once have I felt that way during this show.

  18. Kim says:

    When Sookie left a message for Jason and she asked if he had seen Niles … ? Who the eff is that?

  19. Joyce says:

    Their grandfather.

  20. Cherish says:

    Loving season 6! Was sad when they killed off the little fairy girls :'( and Terry…bored to death with anything Sam right now, and so glad Alcide has left his pack. But I’m tired of bill being such an ass. Eric, Sookie and Bill are the main characters on this show…but they haven’t meshed at all. They’ve all kind of been distant with each other. Kind of a bummer. I was all team Eric with Sookie…but now…they’re appareances together are rare. And I’d love to see Pam beat the crap out of that Violet chick. Uhg. She gets on my last nerve.

  21. Christina says:

    I loved this episode! Sarah Newlin has definetly gone off to crazytown, but I like that! It keeps things interesting. I hope Benlow hasn’t died because, one he is awesome, and two then what would be the point of his character this season if he’s just going to up and die. Am I the only one who thinks there was no way Benlow and the guy from the “other dimension” bathroom scene were the same guy? I mean really! Was it just me or did Sam sniff Sookie? Maybe she’s pregnant too! In some article the guy who plays Warlow hinted at it? Who knows but I’m eagerly awaiting the next episode!

  22. Anthony says:

    This show is and always will be my favorite show. Sookie and Eric are my two favorite characters, tired of Bill. Loved it when Sookie told him off. And to be honest, I really hope Sookie does become a vamp/fairy hybrid. And hope Warlow sticks around!

    • Denise says:

      I’m pulling for Warlow and Sookie too. He seems like such a good guy compared to that apparition she saw in the bathroom. I was expecting Warlow to be monstrous, but he’s actually quite handsome & definitely sexy. Seems to me Sookie and Warlow could reach some kind of temporary compromise, an arrangement. You know, the kind Jessica and Jason’s buddy had. (I can’t remember the character’s name.). Give him a little taste everyday for awhile while she mulls letting him turn her for good. After all, there’s no turning back after that.

  23. M3rc Nate says:

    This episode bored me. :/ That is all. :D

  24. A says:

    If there is one thing that has saved True Blood from its disastrous fifth season, it’s the return of Anna Camp/Sarah Newlin. I freaking love this woman. She’s officially gone off the deep end and I love watching every second of it from her making her ex-husband run on a hamster wheel, to watching her run in heels, to her praising Jesus after killing that woman. She’s an absolute nutjob and it’s been amazing to watch!

  25. Truefan says:

    This episode had some high points and low points. Sara Newland is among the fun to watch actors, although I could hardly watch the last fight scene. It was too brutal and too real.the Alcide fight was fantasy even tho it was brutal.
    What’s with Sookie? One minute she’s the sex queen with Warlow and the next minute she’s telling Sam she thought they would end up together. That doesn’t even make sense and felt disjointed like it was just thrown in there.
    I think Violet is interesting and her character should be developed. Poor Jason is coming across like an incompetent ,weak person.
    No matter what, Eric is The One. He has more appeal than any of the other guys put together. Oh, except James is moving to second. He has such an endearing and appealing personality. If Eric is killed I’m finished with this show.

    • A says:

      I think she was just telling Sam that because he’s been one of her oldest friends and through finding out that they were both supernaturals, it seemed like there was this idea in her head that if she ever got a happy life away from all the danger/vampires, the one person she could do that with would be Sam. It made perfect sense to me. If you noticed, as she was making her rounds of talking with people (Sam, Bill, her parents) she had this desperate look on her face. One that screamed out that she was trying to exhaust all other options before she actually agreed to Barlow’s proposal. She was looking for a reason to deny Ben and move on with her life.
      With regards to Jason, of course he can be all tough, macho and a vampire killer with his guns when he’s outside, but he’s in a room full of vampires that can kill him in an instant. His incompetence and weakness is understandable. I mean that Violet threatened him with torture by teasing. LOL!

      • Anthony says:

        Yes. Finally someone who see what Sookie is doing. Going to Sam was not random. She’s desperate, she doesn’t want to be a vampire and she’s trying to find reasons not to become one. I don’t know why people don’t seem to see this.

  26. A says:

    I seriously hope Barlow isn’t dead. I really like him and I kind of like the thought of Sookie becoming this faery vampire. Having that happen would add a new element to the show instead of the regular fallback storylines of vampires are in some kind of trouble this season and they end up needing Sookie’s help. Anyways, this season has slowly restored my faith in the show and its been quite entertaining. Eager to see what’s next!

  27. Kevin H. says:

    Anna Camp owned this episode! Her chasing the lady and trying to kill her was HILARIOUS! And the scene with her making Steve run in the hamster wheel–so good.

  28. DarkDefender says:

    I am pretty sure Sam is not in love with the new girl… But he knows she may be carrying a shifter, and he ain’t gonna let that child outta his sight. He’s just gonna use her til his child is born.

  29. Jessica says:

    Tired of Sam and Nicole needs to go back to Full House. Sarah is a whole bag of crazy! Ms. Suzuki at least put up a good fight, guess she learned some moves from Daniel-son in Karate Kid II when she was Kumiko.

  30. Kalee says:

    Shame when and not if Sarah bites the dust. The showrunners should know how such a letdown it would be if they didn’t let Anna Camp return here and there later on.

  31. Patchi says:

    I didn’t like this episode at all. First Sam is just a mess, it has been how long since Luna died? And he already loves Nicole, maybe he said that bc she is pregnant. But why is she sticking around, just go away. Alcide storyline was pretty terrible this season, he should have just killed Nicky. Sookie going to Sam was pretty random, when I was the last time she even saw him. That vampire with Jason was so disgusting I hope she doesn’t make it out alive. But next week does look good and it looks like Jason gets out and goes after Sara

  32. Tim says:

    Great episode. “It’s scientifically ****** impossible for you to run this slow” was the best line basically ever. Sarah Newlin is an amazing character and even though it seems obvious she will die I have definitely enjoyed Camp’s acting.

    Sookie coming to her conclusion was logical and glad she exhausted all options before agreeing. I don’t understand what Eric did – unless it was just pure anger at Bill/Sookie since Bill would make it much easier to save the Vampires he wants to be saved. Of course Eric has always been rogue so it isn’t exactly unfounded.

    Hoping the Alcide storyline with the wolves is done and he’s just back to the smaller group.

    Jessica or Bill or Eric will be the *major* death. I think Jessica dying will have the smallest impact on future seasons but Eric would be the most likely since it seems he has nothing left to live for other than to mentor Pam/Governor’s Daughter (can’t remember name right now). Bill dying in some sort of redeeming way would make sense as well but I just don’t see how a “god” would die in any of the upcoming situations that present itself – plus I think the whole Lillith/Warlow storyline has a way to go.

    Lafayette was good as usual. Hoping that they keep the Arlene storyline going (even though it’s just basically a funeral/coping) since it is a bit more grounded than everything else. Hoping Adeline doesn’t die at all since it would just be cruel at this point as well.

    The Sam/Nicole love story is stupid. Luna died a few days ago and I know Sam just wants to be a good guy but it just feels completely rushed/unrealistic. I’ll assume they’ll have Alcide’s pack kill NIcole in the final episode with Alcide killing the packleaders and telling the rest to leave if they want to live.

    Sets up a season in which most of the major characters are still around and can get back to the whole localized part of the show (which they have done a lot more this season). I’m guessing it’ll have something to do with the Violet character (I think that’s her name). She’s an interesting character and I guess would replace Jessica as a character if Jessica were to be the one dying. I think they just mentioned too much about her past (maybe just me over-analyzing it) to not have her included in the future. Hoping the Governor’s daughter sticks around as well. The Pam-Tara-her dynamic seems good.

    • Kelley says:

      Sadly, I think Jessica may be on her way out. Its unfortunate, because she’s one of my favorite characters, but this season seems to be setting her character up for an exit.

  33. Plum says:

    WTH sums it up right. I’m getting more and more annoyed with all the fairy draining, this season is littered with the corpses of adorable fairies, while the annoying were’s just seem to multiply. I wish they’d kept Janina Gavankar, around; it would have made much more sense for Lana to be the one who that pack was chasing, and who ends up pregnant than a random newcomer. Jurnee Smollett is amazing, but her storyline is beyond rushed.

  34. Pantera says:

    I think suki is pregnant coz when they were shagging in Fae land when warlow came his light went into her, secondly violet looks like Lilith it’s the same actress I think so there’s some kind of connection. That’s just my opinion!

    • DarkDefender says:

      Aside from your anime version of Sookie’s name (cute) I think you are on to something. It could be what delays our Sooks from turning vamp right off the bat.. Gotta wait for that fae litter to pop out… Talk about a season ending “game changer”.. Just as they promised at SDCC.

  35. The TRUE BLOOD train is fast and furious and a pleasure to ride. I can’t wait to see how they wrap things up for this season. Yes, Steve Newlin HAS to die and I’m pretty sure that’s him we see exploding in the teaser for next week.

    Yes, Jason was holding a gun to Sarah’s throat.

    Jessica is awesome as is Pam and Tara and all should live to be a part of the regular folk in Bon Temps next season.

    I think Billith might be a goner.

  36. Faster says:

    I just think it’s amusing how many people on here are asking who the pivotal characters are and don’t even know their correct names…just an observation.

  37. Catherine says:

    A bad episode in a generally uneven season. I don’t like the directions the characters are taking — some plotlines make no sense (Sam and Nicole, Sookie choosing to be a vamp after a day of thinking), while others have turned likable characters into repugnant villains (Bill, Alcide). Lafayette and Eric are about the only reasons I’m still watching.

    • Tania says:

      Yeah, use the Lafayette and Eric excuse to justify your reasoning to continue watching True Blood. Catherine, you’re over-thinking it.

  38. Fernanda says:

    The Sookie and Sam situation for me is a blink to the final book of the series. I don’t think that could be an endgame on the tv show.
    Anna Camp became the star of the episode. She should have her own sitcom

  39. Tonya says:

    Loved this episode! I agree Sam’s telling Nicole whatever is needed to get her to stay, considering how he grew up he doesn’t want that kid growing up not knowing what to expect from life as a shifter. But alas Nicole probably will die at Ricki’s hands if she stays. Sara and Steve Newlin were hilarious together and separate! Him slow on the treadmill was priceless, he’s got to be a goner after all the fellow vamps he’s betrayed and he’s just not a good vamp, doesn’t look like he was ever taught how much power he has; unlike fellow babyvamps Tara, Jessica and Willa. Warlow can’t be gone yet, Sookie has to find out what he did to her grandfather and confront him, that’ll halt any plans for a black wedding. Don’t know what to make of Adilyn, how’s Andy gonna keep her safe if she doesn’t have sense to come home before nightfall and doesn’t know how to use her fairy defenses yet? If she survives the season she’s gotta have some “fairy light ball combat” courses from Sookie pronto. Can’t wait for next week, loving the fast pace of this season!

  40. for me, that’s kind of ‘whatever’. i love Revenge, but i want Emily more focusing in her ‘revegenda’. In the romance area, i don’t have preferences for Emily. I like her story with Jack, i liked her with Daniel in S1 (only), and i liked some scenes with her and Aiden. but i don’t have preferences for one or another.

  41. Mzred says:

    Is it possible that Nicole isn’t pregnant but instead morphing into a werewolf? She was bitten…

  42. jodi says:

    I don’t think that Sam is the father of Nicole’s baby. She had a boyfriend the werewolves killed a few episodes ago. I would bet she was already pregnant. Also I think in the end of the series, Sookie will be with Sam.

  43. Wens03 says:

    Um seriously??!!

    How has no one mentioned how insanely hot James is? Lets hope he is sticking around as a permanent character! Wooo James!

  44. I can’t decide which character was stupider, the Tru Blood boss for not taking her heels off, or the priest guy on Under The Dome who casually knocks a flaming wastebasket into the curtains. Stop making me roll my eyes, TV writers.

  45. DG says:

    FINALLY Eric is back to being a bad ass viking warrior vampire. Apart from Warlow, he’s the oldest/strongest vampire on the show we’ve seen and is still alive so it’s about damn time he started acting like it.

  46. Mikael says:

    I have a problem with Sam and Nicole loving each other only days after Luna died. I could see him rebounding in his grief and Nicole being attached to him for saving her, but being in love? What an insult to Luna.