The Killing Season 3 Finale Recap: The Killer Is...

The Killing Season 3 Finale RecapWarning: If you have yet to watch the Season 3 finale of The Killing, hop on over to another TVLine URL. Everyone else, jump on in!

To me, The Killing has always been more about the journey (of Linden and Holder methodically working and charmingly vibing) than the destination (of solving the titular homicide).

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Oh sure, executive producer Veena Sud & Co. tested us — and how! — by dragging out the “Who killed Rosie Larsen?” storyline for all of Seasons 1 and 2 (and cooking up enough red herrings to feed the entire population of Seattle for a year). But Season 3’s meditative march toward taking down the Pied Piper — the brutal serial killer of teenage prostitutes (and perhaps the wife of wrongfully executed Ray Seward) — has been an altogether different animal. The implicit promise of a resolution at the end of 12 episodes has allowed us to bask in the sad, sombre, overcast mood (punctuated with bursts of Holder’s cheeky humor). Along the way, we’ve been treated to some of the most subtly powerful (or should we go with powerfully subtle?) acting work on the small screen all year.

And yet in tonight’s back-to-back finale installments — “From Up Here” and “The Road to Hamelin” — the time arrived to recount the evidence against a certain member of the Seattle Police Dept: Yep, Detective Carl Reddick, Holder’s former professional partner and Linden’s frequent verbal sparring partner. As Linden and Holder outlined to their boss, Lt. James Skinner, the proof was damning (albeit circumstantial).

* Reddick initially tried to dump the case on the hapless Jablonski
* He used to live next door to the Pied Piper’s first victim
* He took Bullet’s final calls to the precinct, before she turned up murdered
* He let the only survivor of the serial killer, Angie, slip out of the hospital before she’d met with a sketch artist

But — whoops! — maybe they shouldn’t have shared with Skinner and Skinner alone, a fact Linden learned when she stopped by her boss/lover’s home to discuss the case and the subsequent disappearance of little Adrian Seward, the boy whose mom had been presumably killed because he’d seen the murderer from his tree-house perch several years back. When Skinner’s family arrived home, Linden spotted his daughter sporting the gaudy turquoise ring once owned by missing teen Kallie — tying everything together in one bloody (convenient) (horrifying) (slightly contrived) knot.

The season ended with Linden holding Skinner at gunpoint as he took her on a verrrrry long drive to the secluded lakehouse where he was allegedly holding Adrian. But it turned out the boy was merely camped out at his dead mother’s gravesite. After a long night of head games, though, Linden gave Skinner the Old Yeller treatment, putting a bullet into him — much to the shock of her just-on-the-scene partner Holder. “No!” he cried. “No, no, no.” And just like that, we cut to black.

The ending was so abrupt, in fact, I half wondered if there’d be some kind of epilogue after the final ad break. But nope, this is how The Killing ended, not with crisp certainty, but with typical fuzziness. (Whether the ending is just for now or forever, we won’t know until AMC announces either a Season 4 pickup or an ill-advised cancellation.)

And yet as much as I hope we’re treated to the Further Adventures of Linden and Holder, I’ve got to be honest: The two hour finale was a letdown after an otherwise outstanding season of television. To that end, let me jump in and offer my picks for the three best and worst aspects of the finale — plus the resolutions of several key subplots:

Three Biggest Finale Complaints
* Haven’t we seen the “But the lady cop was sleeping with the killer the whole time?” plot development on at least a dozen throwaway Lifetime movies? And in this case, Linden is a fantastic detective with incredible instincts, which makes the math even harder to work through. On some level, it felt as though the show’s writers ended up pinning the murders on the least likely character (aside from Linden or Holder) for mere shock value, rather than having our fearless duo’s detective work from the last several months pay off in any significant way. The overall effect was like having your Mensa-member child score a 70 on his math test. “Kid, you could’ve done better!”

* OK, so let’s say that we’re buying Skinner as the killer. And let’s say that we’re also buying that Linden agreed to take the car ride on the off chance that Skinner was truly leading her to a kidnapped Adrian. If Linden’s sole motivation at that point was saving the boy she’d promised to protect, then why in the world did she respond to Skinner’s “you loved me, Sarah” nonsense by stumbling out of the car, turning her back to the killer, vomiting on the dusty shoulder of some almost-abandoned road and giving Skinner an opportunity to kill or incapacitate her? And speaking of which, how come Skinner didn’t at least bonk Linden over the head with a rock and run for the border, instead of inexplicably handing her a tissue? It would make more sense if McDonald’s tried to market the McGriddle as 100% organic.

* My other pet peeve from the finale was that final red herring of Linden and Holder finding a photo of Reddick with his arm around the first Pied Piper victim on her family’s living room wall — and then discovering Reddick used to be the dead girl’s neighbor. Combined with all the other coincidences above — plus that bandage on his hand during his fight with Holder and his discovery of the killer’s trophy collection — that photo felt like one detail too many for it to not end up being Reddick in the end. Who’s with me?

Three Best Moments of the Finale
* The Linden-Holder chemistry never fails to delight me, and this week found the duo at their absolute best. I loved Linden commenting on Holder switching from his tattered grey hoodie to a darker and more stylish counterpart: “You look nice. I see you changed your thingie and shaved, kinda.” But even better was Holder figuring out Linden’s affair with Skinner and teasing her with his serial-chiller charm: “Oh c’mon Linden, I don’t gotta be my sleuth par excellence to see the cat’s got a hand in the jelly jar — and it ain’t the first time, neither!” he giggled. “You’re a human being! I’m just as surprised as you!” Everyone honk your horn and yell “Oh snap!”

* It may have been a brief scene, but Bullet’s funeral — with Danette and Holder briefly connecting in a distant back pew, banished so as not to remind the dead girl’s family that she didn’t turn out to be the awkwardly normal kid in the memorial photograph — really moved me. “Bullet woulda hated that photo,” sniffed Holder, keepin’ it real. But as he later noted, pit-bull fierce as Bullet was, “She was just a little kid. They all were.”

* OK, so I didn’t love the twist of Skinner as the killer, but man, Mireille Enos said so much without a single word during Linden’s moment of realization. Her panicked, widening eyes, juxtaposed with the ice cream truck, the kid on a bicycle…I just dug how it all played out, before the music dissipated and all we were left with was the ominous sound of those lawn sprinklers. (Also really creepy, Skinner’s subsequent confession to Linden: “Their eyes — when they know it’s the end: They look at you like…like…like no one else. When you go past the pain and past the animal terror, there’s nothing else in the world like it.”)

Crucial Resolutions
* Our final shot of the prison found Becker cleaning out his locker and calling it quits, while warning Henderson not to get too comfortable on the job. Spend enough time in there, and “you’re just as much a prisoner as the rest of ’em,” the bald (former) badass grumbled.

* Lyric scored a job at a fast-food joint, but despite that nifty new apartment of hers, found herself wandering the rough streets again. As we left her, she leaned in toward a car window and exchanged shy smiles with an on-the-prowl john. Twitch, meanwhile, learned to cook eggs — and after finding an old baggie of drugs, took it to the roof and shook it into the wind. Who’d have thunk he’d be on the most promising road among our kids when it was all said and done? Danette, for her part, continued to wander aimlessly, still shellshocked that her little girl won’t ever be coming back, and offering free haircuts to Lyric in what was perhaps an attempt at cosmic restitution for her maternal shortcomings.

* Holder apologized to his ADA girlfriend for his outburst after Bullet’s death, and to his surprise, she hugged him and welcomed him back to her life. “We had a fight. It happens,” she smiled. And me, not being a Linden-Holder ‘shipper, smiled right along with her.

* We learned that both Kallie and Angie (the girl who’d initially got away) were murdered by Skinner. While Kallie’s body was never found, the sight of her ring on Skinner’s daughter’s finger was all the confirmation needed; Angie, meanwhile, wound up shot dead and burned in an abandoned vehicle after Skinner tried to tie up loose ends. But it was her corpse, of course, that started our crime-solving duo on the path that would ultimately lead to Skinner.

And with that, I turn it over to you: What did you think of The Killing‘s Season 3 finale? Do you buy who ultimately dunnit? What about Linden shooting her former lover instead of letting him rot in a jail cell? Take our poll below, then off in the comments!

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  1. Fingers crossed if The Killing gets renewed for Season Four by AMC.

    • jax says:

      YES. THis can’t be the end for Linden and Holder!

      • James says:

        Whoever wrote this article should be condemned from journalism for putting a spoiler in the tag line… I google searched “the killing season 3″ and this is the one of the top articles that pops up on the browser with the title ” the killing season 3 recap: Skinner is the Pied Piper”… Now One would think you might have done this once or twice before to insure you would not make such a rookie mistake… You don’t put spoilers in tag lines you fish … Remember this if you somehow ever get picked to write a recap on anything ever again other than maybe the dictionary as most people don’t mind when you give spoilers that zymurgy is the last word in the English language… Haha seriously though use your brain next time… “That’s that lump three feet above your ass” -jimmy doogan (A League of Their Own)

        • Nate says:

          Amen to that! I looked up The Killing season 3 before I even started watching it. It’s been a pretty boring ride knowing that Skinner was the villain from the beginning.

        • Chris says:

          Slezak is a azz wipe. Thanks for the spoiler you puke!

        • ND says:

          PLEASE remove the name of the killer from the tagline of this webpage! I did a google search on “the killing season 3 episode 3” and suddenly I’m staring at this nonsense “the pied piper is skinner” – no spoiler alert and no way to avoid (it turns up in the google results – i did NOT follow the link). After completing the season, I felt compelled to return to this site to ask you to kindly remove this huge spoiler.

        • Lisa says:

          I know I googled season 3 to see who played the prison guard as if looked familiar and I saw skinner was the pied piper…was gutted I knew.
          Anywho….when holder tried to kiss linden and she rejected him I that was the best scene…oh I wish she had kissed him!!!! I love love love holder….please come back guys….I
          I finished it last night…feel so lonely today!!
          Joel kinnerman rocks

    • Bob says:

      AMC is going to have no choice but to renew. I think last week episode will be nominated for an Emmy. Netflix almost picked up this season. But at Last minute AMC decided to pick it up again but gave Netflix rights to re-air pretty soon. Netflix will be looming over AMC again for the 4th season. If AMC doesn’t pick them up Netflix surely will.

      • Ryan says:

        If Saarsgard doesn’t get an Emmy nod, I’m gonna be quite cheesed off.

        I also kind of wish there was an epilogue, where Seattle PD names Skinner as the Pied Piper and the state of Washington posthumously pardons Ray, maybe giving a few million as restitution to Adrian (as a trust fund).
        And maybe some teams dredging the lake for bodies, one of them with Kallie’s earrings, the fallout with Mrs. Skinner and Bethany that their husband/dad committed dozens, if not hundreds, of murders over 4 years.

        You know, something like that.

    • Patricia says:

      Come on AMC! Do the right thing! Breaking Bad and Mad Men are ending. This is the best show you’ll have left of the same quality standard! This third season was amazing! It would hurt my soul to never see Holder and Linden again, especially with that finish, I need to see what happens next.

    • MJ says:

      I was disappointed in the end. I agree with the comments leading up to the end with Skinner. All I could think of is that it! Unless there will be a 4th season, it was a very disappointing season. Holder and Linden cannot end. Their chemistry in that show is awesome. I think Skinner being the killer was excellent–look at what he did to thwart so much of the investigation work all along. I didn’t like how he and Linden were placed at the end though. I think that part could have been far more creative.

      • For the most part, I agree with MJ; the ending, if it IS an ending, is disappointing. But considering the cynicism of TV, the ending is a great way to maintain interest in a fourth season, with such loose ends untied. For one thing, how can Linden escape prosecution and incarceration for her murder of Skinner? That was the teaser to keep us interested. I suspect in episode one of season 4, Holder will fire Skinner’s gun a couple of times (which Linden had taken from Skinner), put the gun in Skinner’s hand for prints, and then claim, with Linden’s cooperation, that she killed him in self-defence.

    • jake says:

      I think, there is still more to tell. I think the apartment that Twitch and Lyric got has a camera built in to watch on them and record them for future for live cam peds to watch them in their lives etc etc etc. Real sick stuff. The rabbit hole goes deeper and the conspiracy is still afoot. Remember the episode where Lyric and Twitch move in to the apt the scene ends with her looking up at the ceiling in sadness from a cam POV shot (up high, looking down). Linden has to struggle with killing her lover and the fact that maybe there is something there to what we was saying about the silence after the animals. The look on her face after she shot him, reminded me of what he was saying he must have felt after he relieved all those girls from there “enevitable” existence.

    • Karen says:

      I love the show and want it to continue! but felt like the ending left some loose ends. What am I missing about the father going to his death without revealing what he saw? What Did he see? and why didn’t he tell someone? Even if he knew it was Skinner and that Skinner was the police, didn’t he worry that the guy might come after Adrian? And do we know that Adrian actually saw Skinner from the treehouse, or was Linden just speculating? So many questions…….

      • Nancy says:

        I agree there was something Ray was hiding I was trying to figure out what!! They need more! They have to bring this back!! I wish Ray wouldn’t have died I loved him all his silly faces lol can’t believe they hung an innocent man! But we have to find out the story behind this! With his dad saying he kept his mouth shut….shut about what? And what did Adrian really see? Come on we need more!! Please please please÷!!

    • James says:

      Whoever wrote this article should be condemned from journalism for putting a spoiler in the tag line… I google searched “the killing season 3″ and this is the one of the top articles that pops up on the browser with the title ” the killing season 3 recap: Skinner is the Pied Piper”… Now One would think you might have done this once or twice before to insure you would not make such a rookie mistake… You don’t put spoilers in tag lines you fish … Remember this if you somehow ever get picked to write a recap on anything ever again other than maybe the dictionary as most people don’t mind when you give spoilers that zymurgy is the last word in the English language… Haha seriously though use your brain next time… “That’s that lump three feet above your ass” -jimmy doogan (A League of Their Own)

    • Dee says:

      I agree, I miss Linden and Holder and want more!!!

  2. Columbus says:

    I buy Skinner as the killer – he was one of the top suspects all along. I hated Linden driving around with him for hours.

    • Littlefrosty says:

      I agree. C’mon, Linden’s a professional…not some spurred lover puking by the side of the road. It would have felt a lot more true if she would have shot his fingers off one-by-one until he told the truth about Adrian. (I almost felt like puking when I had to watch what the writers did to this flawed but strong female police officer)

      • Alichat says:

        Speaking of the writers…..why did we have two scenes with Skinner’s daughter? Or did he have two daughters? What was the point of the car scene if she’s going to walk into the house a few hours later and ask if he’s really leaving? Didn’t the car scene establish that he’s leaving?

        • CR says:

          I think the car scene was thrown in there to string people like myself who already thought he was guilty along. The way I viewed it was as a goodbye knowing that his end was near.

        • Steven says:

          Pretty sure it was just to establish the fact that he had a daughter at all. We’d seen the wife before, but, man, wouldn’t it feel even more contrived if the first time we saw Skinner’s daughter, Linden notices Kallie’s ring?

          • Lola says:

            We knew he had a daughter – she had visited the Police station with her mother earlier in the season and Linden mistook her for a teen who might have known some/any of the girls on the victim board. Then her mother walked up and freaked out that she was talking to “the enemy”.

          • Meghan says:

            It wouldn’t have been the first time though. She was at the police station in one of the earlier episodes.

        • JT says:

          The car scene is prefaced by what happened before the commercial. You just see the kid staring into a grey car but you can’t see the driver…(commercial)….shot to Skinner sitting in a car looking out the window (for a few seconds)…then the scene w/ his daughter. Think they were just trying to make you think it was Skinner IMO, then offer the daughter scene so the viewer changes their mind.

        • Tina says:

          I think that Skinners daughter is simehow involved. He never adnits to killing Kalie. Linden had to give a description but hr never confirms far fetch yes but hey you never know. Also I think season 4. Holder covers for Linden but then his ADA girlfriend figures something out and he will have to choose who to be loyal to.

          • Corum says:

            Oh my, Tina, you’re so right, she must be involved. Doesn’t sound so far-fetched to me!

            I understand now why this excruciating trip in the car: it was only so that their (otherwise useless) conversation gave out small tips that Skinner’s lying, and most certainly is protecting someone – all his discourse about his killing was a bit weak, not that convincing (like what, bodies in the lake? anywhere else? now he is just making up so that Linden freaks out and shoots him).

            The daughter, of course, is the most likely to be that someone: who would a father die for if not for his children? Also the idea of a father-daughter criminal duo seems in fashion (Hannibal) and apparently profiler approved.
            Finally, it would maybe add justification to the redundant scenes with the daughter: writers want us to see her now so that her story can be developped in season 4. All the story-arc about Skinner’s family smells strong of season 4, because until now it had had no interest at all. I already picture Linden’s flashbacks of the cute Skinner girl staring at the dead girls’ pictures at the police station.

          • Jen says:

            There is def more to the kallie story they haven’t told us yet.

      • r0ckmypants says:

        I didn’t see the puking as a result of her being a spurred lover. I assumed it was because he kept saying how much alike they were, and her realization that if she ever could love him, she was no better than he was. And if she could be his partner and lover and not realize that he was a killer, what does that say about her instincts as a detective and a human being? The whole situation just seemed to confirm her deepest fears about herself (that she’s not good enough, that she always goes down the wrong path, that she can’t have a happy ending), and that’s why she had that violent, uncontrollable sickness.

      • I don’t know. If I had had an affair with a woman who told me to my face that she was a serial killer, I might well puke, or worse!) when given such knowledge. There’s an interesting bit of web material about a guy who dated Canadian serial killer Karla Homolka without knowing who she was. He apparently puked when the cops informed him about whom he’d been “dating”.

      • Monique G. Enos says:

        Linden is both: a professional and a troubled woman who just discovered that the man with whom she has just renewed intimacy is a multi-murderer psychopath. I would throw up too.

  3. eileen says:

    I have mixed emotions. I know Linden could not have lived if Skinned did, so I get her shooting him. But I do not like (which I hate to admit because I so deeply love this show) the fact that Skinner was our guy. It just kind of feels cheap and easy. The one aspect of the first two seasons I didn’t like was the whole conspiracy/political aspect to the murder, and I feel like this follows that too closely.

    Also, I am kind of unhappy with the prison storyline. No real resolution for either of those characters, in my opinion. Did love the bit with Lyric and her boyfriend, though.

    • Kim R says:

      I agree. It did feel cheap and easy. The prison storyline didn’t seem to have anything to do with anything which, as a viewer, I feel like it just wasted my time then. The show is about solving “the killing” and all of that had nothing to do with it. I’m disappointed there was no tie in.

      • Chris B says:

        Except that the show is not about the actual killing as much as its about the lives of the people that the killing affects. In the prison storyline, it was about the lives of the prison guards dealing with Seward on death row due to his wife’s death (and Seward ultimately dealing with what a crappy father and husband he was even if he didn’t kill her).

      • Lyn says:

        Actually, I thought they brought things around pretty well to the link with the prison storyline — which I was glad of since Saarsgard’s (sp?) performance, especially his last episode, was so amazing. I’m trying to forget the (to me) wacky resolution with hapless Linden’s ex-lover cop as the longtime serial killer. I’ll just look forward to more Holder-Linden chemistry next time … and hopefully some crime OTHER than murdered girls. It gets old.

  4. Bosco says:

    Ôh wow, I hope this show is back for another round……I did NOT see that ending coming.

  5. Fox Edele says:

    Yes! Season Four. Brilliant.

  6. Mark Z says:

    Loved the ending! I suspected Reddiick most of the season so Skinner was slightly surprising. I hope the show comes back for season 4.

    • Leo says:

      Nope. After last week top-rated episode, I was a bit pessimistic that it’s gonna top that. And I was proven true.
      Why do we spend so many times with B story? Who want to see Danette pull a “Mitch Larsen” with Lyric? Who cares Twitch threw away his last dose of drugs?
      And God, we even have to read between lines to know that Kallie’s really dead. I mean part of me hoped she was in that lake house and Holder will found her. I mean, this is the girl that kicks off the season. Some real closure won’t hurt.
      And Linden, so frickin’ stupid. I can’t see the chemistry between her and Skinner so the whole car ride scene is just damn torturing.
      On the bright side, love the closure on the prison story. They really delivered their opinion about death sentence well. (What happened anyway to that kid that murdered his mother’s boyfriend?). Love Holder getting back his groove with the D.A. (That scene with IA cracked me up. “He’s not Al Qaeda.” Lol.)
      Conclusion: A really awesome season, with best episode “6 Minutes”. 4.5 stars! Finale kinda put a dent into this great season.
      Would love next season!

  7. Alichat says:

    I liked the episode up until the very end. I don’t understand why Holder didn’t take the gun from her once she lowered it. And the ending just reminded me of the ending of the movie SE7EN, and I hated that ending. I had begun to lean toward Skinner last week….since he didn’t seem to care about Seward being innocent, and he didn’t have anything to do with his execution. Plus, to have him as the killer would just monkey up Linden’s mind more, so I wondered if that was the direction they were going. And…of course….it did monkey her head up. How will they prove he was the killer now that he’s dead? Unless she recorded the conversation….which I doubt. Two additional things….I loved that Twitch ditched the baggie he found. And I hope Lyric didn’t get in that car. And second, didn’t Skinner’s wife and kid come into his office once when they had all the pics of the dead girl’s up….and Kallie’s ring? Why didn’t his daughter see Kallie’s ring? I would have been checking out that board…..because I’m nosy that way.

    • Alichat says:

      Forgot to add that I did love the happy, smiley banter between Holder and Linden in the car when they were on their way to the coroner’s office. It was so odd, and yet so real. I found myself smiling and laughing with them.

    • CR says:

      I’m glad I’m not the only one that saw flashes of Se7en watching that scene. At least with this show, Holder can deny he saw any of it. Next season(if there is one)he will have to live with hiding the truth, which can’t be helpful to a recovering addict. I think that once they search the lake, there will be more bodies there as well(no one has found Kallie yet), not to mention there will be evidence that ties back to Skinner such as Kallie’s ring. I also liked that we saw Twitch try to change, but I think Lyric failed at doing so(a symbol of balance to the world). I also am happy that they gave Kallie’s mom some redeeming qualities there in the end. Holder was particularly charming this week. All and all I enjoyed this season far more than I ever thought possible and will be tuning in next summer should AMC choose to renew.

    • Amy Wolfe says:

      As soon as I saw that distinctive ring on Skinner’s daughter’s finger, I could see where the story was headed and I was appalled. From such a smart series, so incredibly well-plotted and acted, to this incredibly unlikely conclusion–I sat through the last half hour with my mouth open in disgust and disbelief. I had a theory that the culprit was the probation officer who abused Twitch. This would fit with the discovery that it had to be a cop, and there could have been a tie-in with Seward’s wife (he could have been her probation officer, she was a prostitute) plus a connection with all the street kids who had been picked up. Skinner as the doer? I just don’t buy it, and it messes with my opinion of the show. Terrible.

      • I know this is a bit late (I just watched the season on Netflix) but I agree with you, Amy. I was hoping it was the probation officer because that story line was underdeveloped and in hindsight, seems almost irrelevant. I just didn’t buy Skinner’s persona as the killer, let alone the fact that such a public figure could do all of that unnoticed. He was completely unconvincing in my opinion during the car ride, and I hope that has to do more with a cover-up for someone else rather than poor acting!

  8. I had the highest hopes for this season. And it was great, right up until the last half hour. There was no real resolution to anything really, Yeah we found out the killer but thats really about it. No wrap to Danette, twitch and lyric (who is last seen possibly about to get into a car), the prison guard story just got dropped after what one scene, no answers to why the prison guards were so sketchy. You dont just have a bunch of b-plots throughout the season and just completely forget about them in the last episode. Thats not how good shows are written. It was a completely sloppy ending. And thats sad because this could be such a great show.

    • Simon Jester says:

      I’m not sure why you think there was ‘no real resolution.’ We absolutely know what happened to everyone else. Twitch decides to stay clean… but Lyric decides to stay in the game. Shannon resigned to deal with his family issues, which have been spelled out for us in earlier episodes. Evan is still at the prison, but stronger than we’ve ever seen him after having helped Seward die the previous week. Kallie’s dead, but Danette obtains some measure of closure (through her conversation with Lyric and on the bridge). How much more do you need it spelled out for you?

      • W says:

        Well don’t get all snitty. People want characters to be complex, and when they identify with them, you can almost never give the reader/viewer enough. Any finale leaves you with “what about x” questions – what more was Aaron Douglas’ character thinking about? Why did Ray live six minutes longer, and whose idea was it to torment him in that last way? A lot of things weren’t exactly left hanging but “left open,” which is what any writer would do who hoped another series would be forthcoming – and of course we want to know what happens to Linden, and Holder.

      • Penny Candy says:

        I saw it the way you did too Simon. Very cool, understated resolutions to a complicated cast of characters. Awesome writing, understated messages. If you need it spelled out for you…switch channels. When Linden made the connections that it was Skinner and her world was in free fall slow motion…I was holding my breath the whole time. PLEASSSEEEEEE bring back Holder & Linden. I truly love admire the characters, the writing and the series.

  9. AgingBull says:

    What happened to Kallie?

    • Rebecca Parker says:

      She’s dead. Read between the lines – the killer had her ring. These girls didn’t have identities to him; they were just disposable human garbage.

    • Alichat says:

      I believe she’s dead. And since Skinner didn’t even remember her, he probably doesn’t recall where he dumped her. He said there are many many more girls and at least two other dumping grounds.

      • jenn says:

        yeah, i got that he killed her. i was just hoping for some resolution to that story line… like her mother finding out. i guess we only get her accepting fate on the bridge with her personal game of hide and seek.

        • Alichat says:

          Maybe if there is a season 4, we’ll find out what happened to her. I thought her mother accepted things after Holder made that comment at Bullet’s funeral. I still find it really weird that Skinner didn’t remember Kallie. I can’t decide if he didn’t recall her, or if he acted as if he didn’t just to rile up Linden.

          • Livia says:

            He obviously remembered her. It hadn’t been long, her picture was posted, prominently, on the board, and his squad was actively looking for her. (Besides the fact that he probably remembered something about all of his victims. Why keep trophies if there is nothing to connect them to?)
            — I agree that it was part of the mind games he was playing on Linden.

          • Jen says:

            Or he had a partner…. Plot for s 4

    • KB says:

      She was killed & left by the lake house- as they were in the car Linden said something along the lines of this is where you put Kallie. And Skinner replied that there were more girls by the lake house & in other places where no one will ever find them.

  10. Jennifer says:

    No shocker on the killer. I’ve been guessing it was him for awhile…mostly cause of the casting. I was still enthralled by the episode. My emotions were all over the place. I was thinking man this is a great episode. I was betting and secretly hoping Linden would shoot him even. Then the dang screen cut to black. Here’s where I’m upset. We spent all season delving into these characters. I love these characters. Even the supporting folks stories were interesting. Soo, why on earth am I left with no wrap up of all those stories?! So the whole Kallie thing…he forgot he even killed her? That’s it?! If the show doesn’t get renewed I’ll be mighty angry. For now, I’m willing to trust that if we get a 4th that Veena Sud will give me some of the wrap up I’m looking for. And btw I hope that includes a Linden/Holder thing. They are perfect for each other as cliche as it may be. Sadly, I don’t think there’s enough fanfiction to tide me over until another season. Please renew this show AMC!!!

    • Jen says:

      Am I the only one surprised by the ending? I had to go back and rewatch the whole season to figure out how I could be as blind as Lindon was!

  11. Sy says:

    Well, my husband guessed it.

    I asked him last week why he thought skinner. He said “I thought of who would be the most ridiculous, out of left field, ‘look at our shocking twist ending’ choice, and he’s the one.”

  12. Andrew says:

    I was pretty much convinced that it was Reddick — until Skinner started rambling on about how Sarah (and Holder) were accusing a fellow cop (and then the ring appeared).

    However, I was still suspicious of Reddick (until he found Adrian), because I thought he was in on it with Skinner.

    The only thing I’m not buying is Skinner’s motivation for the killings. He told Linden that he killed her because he found her high turning tricks on the street and he was missing quality time with his family? Whatever.

    I don’t know, I just found that lame, as well as the bit about him being “alone for too long.” Sorry, but — to an extent, that’s the human condition we all go through. We all feel alone at some point.

    I’m just wondering what they’re going to do if they even get renewed: Sarah basically shot an unarmed man. How could they possibly let her keep working on the force? I would hate to see her (or Holder) lie about what led up to the shooting.

    • Nate says:

      But that wasn’t the reason Skinner killed her. He killed her because she spit at him and he hit her, as a reflex, then realized a young girl pressing charges that he assaulted her would ruin his career. So he drove her to the woods and killed her. Missing the family stuff might’ve added to his agitation, but it wasn’t the reason he killed the girl.

      • Penny Candy says:

        I think the mention of “missing his daughter’s softball game” was added to show how insignificant this young girl’s life was to Skinner. I agree with Nate…he “had” to kill her after he assaulted her…she would ruin his reputation. Now, in his memory of that event, she was nothing more than an inconvenience to him…getting in the way of time with his family. She was disgusting to him…nothing more than a distant irritation.

      • Andrew says:

        I understood that (he was worried that she was going to press charges). It’s not like I had my head up my ass while I was watching. I got that.

        I just felt like his motive for doing it was all over the place. First, he said it upset him that he found her high on the street looking for sex. Then, he said she spit on him and it pissed him off so he hit her. Then, he said he had to kill her because he was worried she was going to press charges and ruin his career. He also said that he was missing one of his kids’ softball games and that she didn’t care, which angered him even further. Later, he told Linden that he thought all of the runaways were “garbage” and that he had been “alone for too long,” so he just started killing.

        It was just a laundry list of reasons that didn’t work for me, that’s all.

      • mary says:

        Watching Skinner tell his story in the car it was clear that he was a stone psychopath, no emotions, zero empathy. I have my doubts that Girl #1 was actually his first. In line with of shark week, Skinner had those cold, dead eyes of a predator. So scary! Makes the wrongful death of Seward so much worse to have his wife’s actual murderer be the lead detective on his case.

      • Observer says:

        There are 2 possible explanations for Skinner’s killing Girl #1. One is that he panicked after he hit her and killed her because he was afraid her filing charges against him would ruin his career.

        But I think the more likely reason is that once Skinner hit her and he saw the fear in the girl’s eyes, it released the psychopathic desire to kill in him that was there all along. And after killing her, he realized that nowhere else could he get that high that killing young girls gave him. It gave him a sense of power and release that nothing else could give him. (Perhaps the fact that his own daughter thought so little of him after his affair with Linden might have increased the pleasure he felt from killing young girls about his daughter’s age.) And fooling the police (and Linden) so completely for so long must have only added to his pleasure.

        I loved most of the final two hours (especially Bullet’s funeral scene, the teasing interaction between Linden and Holder in the car, and Holder’s look of utter surprise when his girlfriend took him back), but I thought Linden’s actions after she realized that Skinner was the killer were not credible. Wouldn’t she have looked in the trunk and checked the car for weapons before getting in it? Why didn’t she bring him into the station? Even if he alone knew the whereabouts of Adrian, how could she trust him to actually take her to him and then let them both live? It was such bad policing that it made little sense for Linden’s character.

        For the most part, this has been a brilliant season, with exceptional acting, and I really hope there is a 4th season.

      • Jen says:

        I know the car ride at the end is boring and long, but take another listen. It’s very well written and revealing. U just miss some of it because he rambles on for 40 minutes.

  13. RTL says:

    Not many shows can pull off a Season better than the first two. A big Thank You to the people behind The Killing.

  14. mzbet says:

    Also, is Callie really dead! She could have been another one that somehow got away.

  15. Judy says:

    Linden’s driving force was finding the girls. She was absolutely ill at the idea that she cared for a man who turned out to be a serial killer but she was too cool and smart to kill the only man who could ultimately tell where the bodies were buried. They could have had many more tortured stories of Linden visiting Skinner in prison as he gave her tiny bits of information for where the next body could be found – it could have gone on for years.

    • Alichat says:

      This! This is another reason I didn’t like the ending.

    • Kaycee says:

      Who says that Skinner died? If renewed that would certainly be an opening shocker. Lots of people have lived after being shot 2 or more times so I’m not at all convinced that he is dead.

      I HOPE that there is a season 4. I did not see season 1 or 2 but season 3 got me completely hooked so I really, really hope someone picks it up for season4.

      • Alichat says:

        That’s a possibility, but I think that would be a bit unrealistic and a bit of a cop out. He slumped over immediately. No noise. And Holder didn’t check him to see if he’s still alive. I believe she shot him in the head. I imagine if there is a season 4, it will revolve around Holder and Linden dealing with that death. Their partnership is the heart of the show.

  16. Jessica says:

    This season of The Killing was, with the exception of the unnecessary filler episode wherein Linden drove the red herring pastor around for hours, the best season of television I have seen in years. That being said, there are so many reasons that I’m disappointed with the finale. We have seen the guarded-woman-sleeps-with-the-very-monster-she’s-hunting angle before. We have seen the conflicted revenge killing of said monster by said guarded woman before. And about thirty minutes into the episode, I had it all figured out. I’m not that good. It was just that predictable. There were some great scenes (most of which included Holder) and the performances were beautiful. I do love the abrupt fade to black at the end, and the absence of a pretty bow to wrap up the season. I’ll assume Callie is dead, but it is brilliant that Skinner didn’t even remember the girl who had been the focus of Linden’s efforts. I also love that we are left feeling hollow, as that stays true to the tone of the show. Overall, this season was too gorgeous a masterpiece to be lowered because of this episode. But the finale, to me, was a bust.

  17. Andrew says:

    I loved it. I know the ending wasn’t really ideal for everyone else, but that episode kept me on the edge of my couch! I had a feeling Skinner would be our guy…and I had another feeling (halfway through episode when I realized no resolution on Kallie) that we would end during a pivotal moment. Now, this season has been amazing. And I have never meant that more than now. This show was the reason why I looked forward to Sunday nights — with the exception of True Blood — but I have a feeling they ended the way they did so fans would want more, thus leading AMC to renew their show for a fourth season. I’m happy where things ended, and I hope to God they come back. Bravo to an incredible cast and crew, we’ll be seeing ya, The Killing!

  18. DonDraper says:

    I couldn’t help but think and laugh to myself about the subtle comparison from the movie “Se7en” when Linden finally arrived at the lake house w/Skinner, saying “What’s in the box (trunk)?!!?”. I wasn’t too fond of the ending, but am hoping this is renewed for a season 4. Love this show! Always have! LOVE #Holderisms and I LOVE AMC’s online ‘StorySync’ to follow along with during the show all season long!

  19. Trixie says:

    I’m disappointed. The ending was very anti-climatic and left a lot of things unresolved. I was so ready for the wow factor after some very good episodes and it just kind of ended.

  20. Joe says:

    The ending was like a ripoff from the Movie Seven
    Fail for this season…think about it, how many people were in the storyline that could of been the killer?

  21. Boots Brownell says:

    This series has had some of the most intense, riveting scenes on television all year, along with extraordinary performances. But we hated the fact that it was Skinner: completely unmotivated, shock value only. My husband and I have a phrase for unsatisfying crime stories: the ‘just another psychopath’ syndrome. Maybe the point is to show there is just pure, true evil and we shouldn’t bother trying to comprehend it. Fair enough, as a point of philosophy, but that is not the stuff of drama. Motives matter. Did he want to rid the streets of ‘human garbage’? Was he saving the girls from their own useless lives? It doesn’t track with anything we’d seen in that character the whole season. It all just ups the ante for Linden’s trauma…her own lover!
    And why did Skinner have to kill Tricia Seward? He went to talk to Adrian, saw that Adrian didn’t recognize him, thought he was safe…so why didn’t he just leave??
    Regardless of the above…last week’s episode about Seward’s death was utterly brilliant. I will never forget the final shot of Linden’s face.

    • kethira says:

      Real psychpaths don’t always know why they do what they do. They’re bogeymen with rationales that only make sense to themselves.

    • Alichat says:

      I got the feeling that he just enjoyed killing them, which would explain Trisha Seward’s death. I don’t know…..I agree that it was poorly developed. Why make them ride in the back of the car? Why decapitate them? Why cut off their finger? Just take the ring.

      • Simon Jester says:

        The ‘riding in the back of the car’ thing was explained by Holden (it’s the cop-perp angle). The fact that he cuts off the ring finger and takes their rings would seem to relate to his unhappy marriage.

    • mary says:

      How would Skinner explain why he was coming to interrogate a small child at 1:00 a.m.? She was too dangerous a witness to leave alive.

  22. Kathryn says:

    The ending was a little abrupt, but I really enjoyed the season overall. Hope there’s a season 4!

  23. kethira says:

    How do we know nothing got wrapped up? We don’t even know Skinner’s dead. And all the other dead girls they’ll never find? The last case was 2 seasons. Maybe this case will be longer, as well. Delving into the minds of serial killers ia all the rage…

    • Simon Jester says:

      You’re not sure if Skinner’s dead? He took two bullets to the chest at point-blank range. Do you really need to see a coroner pronounce it? C’mon.

    • Kaycee says:

      I’m with you on this one Kethira…..I just posted that I was NOT convinced that Skinner was dead. It is certainly a possibility. Other people have lived with more than two shots at close range. I believe that’s why they ended that last scene so abruptly. You don’t need an ambulance to keep someone alive. I believe Holder could be the one to keep him alive UNTIL an ambulance did get there. How much of a shocker would that be for an opening to season 4, should they decide to go forward with a season 4……I HOPE THEY DO. Someone needs to step up and renew this series if AMC does not.

      • kethira says:

        In real life, if a bullet doesn’t hit a major organ, gunshot death is usually the result of loss of blood or infection well after the fact. Skinner went down after being shot, but that’s to be expected. Its entirely possible he could live for a long time without help depending on the location of the wounds. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s not dead.

  24. For me the only markdown on the finale is that it followed such an amazing and intense episode from last week.

  25. kethira says:

    Having said that, I love shows that don’t condescend to their audiences by wrapping everything up in a bow. Life doesn’t give you all the answers and I am delighted when intelligent stories don’t.

  26. mrs.g says:

    The prison guard’s son? Why even go there? Kalie? I get she is dead. Lyric? Who knows. Was Skinner getting ready to make a run for it? WHY sleep with Lindon? He thought he could change. Seriously? Who broke up Skinner’s marriage? He said his wife told him she was done because she didnt know him. The daughter seemed to have been told it was bc her dad had an affair and loved Lindon. Adrian was so obviously not at the lake house. He was only missing an hour. Skinner would not have had time to take him there and get back to town.He would have to know who Kalie was he was working the case! I think Lindon is going back to the hospital.

    • RexHolder says:

      Totally agree with everything you said!! Final double episode was sooooo dissapointing. I love the show and the build up. But pathetic ending. Holder is just everything for me in this show.

      Such a poor finish. Also like many picked it was going to be skinner over the obvious reddick. Also the casting.

    • Kaycee says:

      It was SO obvious that Adrian was not at the lake house and Lindon should have realized that 15 minutes into the drive. There is NO WAY there was time to get him there and get back to his house to pack. I HATE how the show dumbed down Lindon to the point that she kept saying “how much further” and not putting 2 and 2 together that he could not possibly be at the Lake House….doesn’t matter how shook up she was to find out she was in love and sleeping with the enemy… would not have dumbed her down to that point.

      If they renew for a season 4, I think we might find that Skinner is NOT dead….there’s your plot for an entire season…

      • He did NOT tell her where they are heading until they got there!

        • Huntyr says:

          But, as mentioned above – the timeline looked like the boy had only been missing a short time (an hour by the time detectives were on scene, another hour maybe until they talk to Skinner), so he only had that 2 hours to take the kid somewhere and stash him, after driving more than an hour, she should have realized it wasn’t possible, whereas they drove from full light to full dark

  27. Anda Tata says:

    I hates the way that Linden acted while driving in the car with Skinner-weak and forlorn with her guard down. Then, she proceeds to ignore Holders call and not tell him where she is. She gave Skinner ample opportunities to assault and overtake her as well. What was up with the whole puking on the side of the road and he hands her a tissue?!?!? Plus, a serial killer always remembers his victims so it was dumb for Skinner to act like he didnt remember. And if he was following Adrian to “resolve” that issue, why didnt he?

  28. Sonic says:

    I LOVED it. I’m glad there are still a few loose ends (Lyric) that will hopefully get addressed in Season 4. One question-didn’t Bullet try to give/bribe Angie with drugs to get her to talk? And then Twitch had a baggie….I probably missed something, but did anybody else notice that or could clue me in?

    • Froide says:

      I also noticed that Twitch’s baggie-o’-drugs looked just like the one Bullet bought after Lyric dumped her, and the ring on the leather strap around his neck looked like one Bullet had worn, in addition to the longer necklace Linden had recognized from the evidence box on the night they found Bullet’s body in Joe’s trunk. For those reasosn, I thought Twitch’s rapey P.O. might be the police connection to the case, and Twitch either abetted the guy somehow or was bribed into silence about the killings or rapes by receiving “gifts” from the dead girls’ effects.

      Wikipedia’s article about season 3 of the show indicates that Veena Sud was inspired, in part, by an article/ book/documentary series about street kids titled “Streetwise”. Lyric’s character may be a nod to “Tiny”, one of the real life street kids that series followed long-term (and thereby made into a minor celebrity of sorts) who continued prostituting herself and using drugs for for many years, before adopting a more conventional lifestyle of sobriety/marriage/raising her children. Lulu, a scrappy, real life lesbian who was protective of other street kids and was stabbed to death in a street fight may have inspired elements of Bullet’s character. Another inspiration from “Streetwise” appears to be a prostitute named Roberta, who disappeared at age 21; discovery of her remains later confirmed she’d fallen victim to The Green River killer, Gary Ridgeway (who insired Skinner’s character).

      The same Wikipedia article states that Seward’s story was inspired by another documentary, titled “Into the Abyss”.

  29. Kathryn says:

    I don’t see Lyric and Twitch as being loose ends. Twitch stopped doing heroin and Lyric continued hustling. Nothing more, nothing less.

  30. craig todd says:

    A little late for the spoiler warning in the first paragraph – the actual link reads:
    ‘The Killing’ Season 3 Finale Recap: Skinner Is the Pied Piper Killer …

  31. champmav says:

    This is only an acceptable ending if Skinner is NOT dead, just badly injured. Otherwise the writers have painted themselves into a corner and then bricked up the exit. Why give us the “Seven” ending? Break new ground, people! The original (Norwegian? Swedish?) this is based on may be to blame, haven’t seen that. Why would Linden suddenly be stupid at the end? I’m disappointed. Still, love the show.

  32. timlwalsh says:

    Am I the only one who thought Adrian killed his mom? I thought Seward didn’t wanna see him because he knew Adrian did it and was covering up out of love for his son. Also we never found out why Ray went back to the house that night, did we?

  33. 182Vet says:

    Welcome to the alternate universe where Perry Mson practiced.
    Anyone executed is innocent.
    The serial killers are cops….

  34. fred savage says:

    I think this story line will run for another season .don’t believe skinner is the killer but knows who it is and was covering for…………the prison guard who resigned suddenly and couldn’t put the noose around sewards neck(can’t think of his name.senior moment)and yes linden being weak didn’t play well………….but since skinner was probably going to put linden in the trunk,that would be a good reason for self defense.

  35. toni carter says:

    I loved the suspense of the last show but whew linden is making ME crazy and comatose! Holder is wondefully acted and written but Sarah has got to get peace. what is gonna happen to her…why did’t she shoot him in the leg or beat him up. geez I am so mad at her.
    reddick ws a great character..well acted but what the heck were all the other story lines? the sadistic guard got his karmic punishment, Joe mills was a big poop, why would adrains foster mom leave him alone????? Castle, Maxwell and king, csi are all so plastic but the killing is so crazy..poor I even want to see her grimness next season????

  36. Anna says:

    I loved the Linden/Holder scenes tonight. Enos and Kinnaman have such great chemistry as actors.

  37. Diane says:

    Here is my review of the season finale: Veena Sud can go to hell. It was a great season up until the last scene. Then she had to ruin it.

    • MALA says:

      haha – funny! Damaged women (Linden) do not play “victim” well. It is completely against their nature. I knew something was up with all that toothy grinning she was doing at Skinner! She was trying too hard to be “normal”. I only liked this ending (IF) they pick up exactly where they left off for SEASON FOUR.

    • Christy says:


  38. Billy Handy Jr. says:

    Major let down. Sometimes we let ourselves become too mentally vested in our beloved TV shows that we convince ourselves subconsciously to actually believe we enjoyed the finality of a particular program. Anyone remember the end if Seven? Yeah. I do. Reddeck would have been a much better choice in my opinion. It’s like touching up the Mona Lisa. They had it right. Then….they needed to throw a twist in there only to ruin it.

    • SM11 says:

      Well said. The story was plagiarized. And the killer choice was simply awful. I think they picked it Saturday night.

  39. Trresa says:

    Oh yeah We definitely need a season four. Love this show great writing and acting.

  40. Joey says:

    Good finale. I hope the show gets renewed for season 4.

  41. Laurie Lavine says:

    I don’t see how there can be a Season 4. The death knell to this show is Linden shooting an unarmed man, her lieutenant. You don’t come back as a detective when you have served as the judge and executioner. Too bad. I really loved Linden and Holder.

    • W says:

      Sure you do – you lie. Skinner is guilty, but how will anyone corroborate that? We get persecution/corroboration, followed by exoneration/rejection by the department, followed by redemption. Holder follows the same arc in a minor key, with struggles (lawyer GF) and disillusionment with Linden. If I were a new show runner taking over, I’d send the writing team roses.

    • Linden will absolutely get away with it! Skinner’s daughter’s wearing Kallie’s ring. He said his wife had complained he’d become withdrawn and secretive, and she can attest to his comings and goings, which might unearth more damning evidence. Skinner confessed to dumping bodies at his lake house (which may be found) as well as other sites (which may or may not be). Skinner filed a trumped up complaint against Linden and Holden to get them off his track, which Holder’s former partner nullified. And very importantly, Holden will lie to back up his partner’s excuse for shooting Skinner.

  42. AC says:

    It’s brilliant. For all you who think there are loose ends, have you met this show? And of course she shot him. It can’t get any more real and raw than that. To me, it’s completely in her character. Yes, we love her and she’s a brilliant detective. But stable, she is not. This will just deepen the growing intimacy between her and Holder. I say, bravo, well done.

    • SM11 says:

      She’s a “brilliant” detective? Based on what? Are you out of your mind? She drove hours into the night with a killer, took several moments to puke on the side of the road and allow him to drive off or kill her. And it never dawned on her that Skinner was on the scene of the kidnapping only ONE HOUR after it took place, yet the lake house was a drive taking all night (meaning there’s no chance in hell he could’ve taken Adrian there and driven back). Yeah, she’s brilliant. Good word choice.

    • Gina says:

      Finally, a good and rational comment!

  43. Justin says:

    Confused with the tie in between Adrian Seward and Skinner.

    • Alichat says:

      Ray built the tree house for Adrian….the tree house that Linden found which allowed her to see the lake where Skinner was dumping the bodies…..meaning, Adrian saw Skinner dumping bodies from his tree house. Skinner went to Adrian’s house to find out if he recognized him, and then killed Adrian’s mother. Skinner then lead the investigation that got Seward convicted and put on death row.

    • Violet Bick says:

      On another thread I saw someone had posted the brilliant theory that Seward had struck a deal with Skinner to take the blame for his wife’s killing in exchange for Skinner leaving Adrian alone. This explains the conversation btw Seward and his father in jail where the dad praises Seward for keeping his mouth shut. And it explains why Seward didn’t make any appeals after his trial and did everything he could to speed up his execution. In an early episode Seward calls Skinner – does anyone remember what he said to him?

      • Charles says:

        He told him to come watch him die. Your post is the one of the only things I’ve seen that makes Season 3 make any kind of sense, unless Seward didn’t know that Skinner was the killer. I think Seward said he was mad that Skinner called him a coward in the trial. Is that why he called Skinner, to have him come watch and see that he (Seward) is not a coward? Maybe he didn’t know who the killer was. If he did, why, at the end, when Linden was asking Seward if he can think of ANYTHING that could help free him, why didn’t he say anything? That brings us to your theory.

        • Jen says:

          I am loving this theory! It was driving me crazy that there was no resolution with the Seward/Linden jail convo scene where he has one last chance to fess up. I got chills reading that proposed theory above. Would explain why he wouldn’t feel confident ratting him out because it would jeopardize his sons safety. Which is why he started rambling about how he wants better for his son etc. If only he knew linden like he did the last hour of his life earlier. She could have built a case against skinner on the sly which we all know she would have done.

  44. Ashley says:

    WOW!……….I have MIXED FEELINGS about the ending linden should’ve pop open the trunk to see who’s in there (kallie). I seriously thought REDDICK was the killer……..the writers really got me thinking………..HOW F-in sick is that giving ur daughter a ring that BELONGS TO A MISSING/DEAD GIRL?!!!!!!!!!
    The Killing THIS SEASON is the BEST and my favorite… but DAMN THAT VEENA SUD CHICK SHE JUST HAD TO MESS UP OF WHAT COULD’VE BEEN THE PERFECT ENDING!!!!!!!! There better be a SEASON 4 coming…………

  45. LaTasha says:

    As far as this season goes, it was the best show I’ve watched. The person who said they couldnt stand how Linden was made into this weak female. Are we watching the same show? Linden isn’t weak, she’s human. This is apparently the person she’s carried a silent torch for in the 3 yrs since they partnered. And also, as far as Linden being perfect, she was never supposed to be portrayed that way. She did have a mental breakdown 2 times before remember, once last season and once mentioned before after the closing of the Seward case 3 yrs prior.

    This shows perfectly how real life is. There are usually no easy answers and wrap ups. Most times people never get all the answers they’re looking for. People stay clean, people relapse. Lyric was the one who claimed she wanted to settle down but she was the one who couldn’t cope with the tedium of working a fast food job. Twitch is the one looking to be Mr Homebody and retain some normalcy.

    Also, to the person who said Linden ignored Holder’s call, Skinner told her to ignore it if she wanted to see Adrian alive.

    I took away from the entire driving/talking that Skinner did was his way of coming clean. He WANTED to get caught. Remember, he told her he was tired of hiding. He didn’t have to hide anymore. And he knew the kid wasn’t in the car but he lied and told her the one thing he knew that would set her off enough to kill him so he wouldn’t have to face his crimes. I’m sure he did remember the victims. But let Linden think he regarded them as nothing but trash to build up the animosity in her. Then set her off with Adrian in the trunk. He BEGGED her at the end to kill him because she loved him. And she did because she admitted to herself that she did, unfortunately, love him. That ending was untidy and messy like life is and drags Holder into her mess of covering for her.

    • Jacob says:

      Best answer and comment yet. The whole end segment is a psychological ending more than just a police procedural resolution. During the whole ride she realizes that she loves him even though he’s a serial killer. She can’t be with him and she hates his actions but love doesn’t easily leave in these circumstances.
      Killing him is the only thing she can do for him. It’s the best she can do for him. At that moment she doesn’t think of what’s good for herself or anyone else.

  46. Bridgette says:

    Loved the season finale! This is one of the best shows on television. I’ll be highly disappointed if we don’t get a season 4!

  47. Casey says:

    I loved the episode, and I personally didn’t have a problem with the ending. I think everything wrapped up nicely. I’m glad that Skinner was the killer. I started suspecting him two weeks ago. I would have been disappointed if it were Reddick. Too predictable. My only question (which may have been answered and I just missed it) is: who was responsible for Ray’s suffering at the end of last week’s episode? Someone fudged the numbers, right? Who was it?

  48. MS630 says:

    I was looking forward to the season finale all week. I loved how this season kept me guessing until the last episode. However, I am disappointed. It seemed clumsy not at all like the prior episodes. I am not satisfied with Skinner as the killer: why would he give away Kallie’s ring when the other rings were kept in a box as “trophies”? Why did he not remember killing her? Why did he follow Adrian and let him go? I don’t know. Seems odd.

    • ImSmarterThanYou says:

      He said he killed more girls than she would ever know or find out about. He may not have kept every single trophy. Not remembering killing her was just a callous way of showing how little regard he had for the girls. I think he realized Adrian would never implicate him, and that if he just went away he would be safe, Maybe, with the way his family was falling apart, he wanted to be caught. Also, Adrian did not fit his code of people he was comfortable killing. It may have been too hard for him to do.

    • Kaycee says:

      I don’t think Skinner “let Adrian go”….if you remember at the beginning of the show when Linden and Holder were on the way to the tree house that Linden made it a point to tell her story about running away then she said “Adrian is a runner.” I knew immediately when they found his book sack at home but he was gone that he ran inside, dropped his sack and took off running. To me it was so obvious since Linden gave us her story about running.
      Skinner was unable to catch him so that was the URGENCY in him packing when Linden came in, he knew when they found Adrien he was gonna be found out.

    • Tookie Clothespin says:

      Just because the rings were found in a box at the storage unit doesn’t mean that is what they were kept in. When I saw the ring on his daughter’s finger I assumed that he gave all of the rings to her and when he started framing the other guy he took all of the rings that he could find and put them in the box to make it look like they were trophies. After his justification of killing the girls as payback for them stealing time that he could’ve spent with his daughter I figured that he was taking the rings not as trophies but as payment for his time and that way he could try to buy his daughter’s affection by giving her those rings.

  49. Robert Burns says:

    The look on Linden’s face made me think, for a second, that she was going to turn around and shoot Holder to cover up HER murder. And so begins another serial killer….

  50. SM11 says:

    C’mon. This was so preposterous. Linden has to be the worst cop in the world. Skinner had time to take Adrian to the lake house and return to the scene of the kidnapping, yet it took all night to drive to the lake house? That never rung a bell with her? She bows over to puke along the road, leaving a serial killer to either drive off or kill her. The fact Skinner was the killer was just ridiculous. There were NO clues for the first 10 episodes he would have anything to do with it. I honestly think the writers make this stuff up as they go. “WHO WOULD BE THE MOST SHOCKING KILLER OF THEM ALL? OK, LET’S SAY IT’S HIM!!” And, oh, yeah, the ending was almost identical to Se7en. What a joke.

    • SM11 says:

      Two more things about the choice of whodunnit: Why not set clues throughout the whole season rather than throwing away everything you developed for 10 episodes and picking someone completely out of left field? They spent the entire last two episodes justifying how Skinner did it. I didn’t even need to watch the first 10 episodes. The only thing I would’ve missed was a brilliant performance by Peters Sarsgaard. I feel cheated.

      • Ryan says:

        I recently re-watched the episodes and the clues are easily there. Back in episode 6, when Holder’s looking at the pictures on the board and says “I can’t believe we’re stuck in here while the killer is still out there on the streets…” … and in the background, literally right behind his head, is Skinner’s silhouette through the glass. The subtle hints are what did it for me, stood out.

        When Bullet died, and Holder storms out and runs into him and he acts so sympathetic… it all clicked for me. He was a cop for ages, was desensitized to crime scenes so it was all easy for him to keep his calm. He was good at hiding in plain sight but he was tired of it. He didn’t have to be some loose cannon, and that in itself is what made me think it was all him. People in law enforcement can easily revel in the idea of feeling above others and psychopaths can be drawn to the profession, deluding themselves by telling themselves that what they’re doing is a service.

        Only things I didn’t like were how Linden was too blindsided by the idea of him having Adrian that she didn’t think of how implausibly far away they had driven, and when she got out of the car to puke. He was screwing with her and wanted her to kill him though… and maybe part of her knew Adrian wasn’t there but she still wanted all the answers she got from him… to find Kallie, etc.

    • ImSmarterThanYou says:

      I disagree. I think when Linden busted him, he decided in that moment to commit suicide by cop. He didn’t want to live with his family’s knowledge of what he did. He genuinely did care for her, that is why he didn’t harm her when she puked. Her getting out of the car did bother me a lot, too, but considering he had let Adrian go, I think he had pretty much given up hiding and given up on life. I disagree about there being no clues. I predicted it fairly early on based on a lot of subtle things. It seemed obvious to me if Ray didn’t do it and if Skinner had a lack of interest in proving Ray’s innocence, Skinner probably set him up. In terms of her killing him at the very end, that was her granting him his wish because on some level she cared about him, too. Her hurt combined with that allowed her to both give him what he wanted and take out her aggression on him. I thought it was a brilliant episode.

      • A.G. says:

        I don’t know if I’d go as far as calling it “brilliant,” but I mostly agree with your insightful analysis. I think you outline the underlying dynamics well. And now that you mention it, Skinner had an extended analogy to animals. It was as if Linden saw the need to “put him down” like a sick animal. He made it clear he wanted her to kill him. She acted as much out of love as hate. I just wondered how they’ll prove it all with his being dead. As for Linden, Holder could just say, “He came at her and she defended herself.” As Holder said earlier, cops don’t rat out cops. But maybe I’m being too facile.