Doctor Who Casts Torchwood Vet Peter Capaldi as New Time Lord -- Yay or Nay?

Peter Capaldi Doctor Who Cast Twelfth DoctorThe Doctor has officially regenerated.

Doctor Who has tapped 55-year-old Scottish actor Peter Capaldi (Torchwood, World War Z) to play the Twelfth Doctor after departing star Matt Smith makes his final appearance as Eleven in this December’s Christmas special.

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The hilghly-anticipated casting was announced during a live special that aired on BBC America and BBC One on Sunday.

“It’s so wonderful not to keep this secret any longer,” said Capaldi, who counts himself as a “lifelong” Who fan and even wrote a letter about the show to the Radio Times as a teenager. “For a while, I couldn’t tell my daughter… She was getting upset that nobody mentioned me [as a candidate].”

Capaldi went on to attribute the success of the long-running series to the fact that “every single viewer…took it into their heart. It belongs to all of us. Everyone made Doctor Who.”

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“It’s an incendiary combination: one of the most talented actors of his generation is about to play the best part on television,” executive producer Steven Moffat said in a statement.

Smith, meanwhile, ushered in the new Time Lord with a videotaped message: “I just want to wish my successor all the best and say good luck and good on you for getting it. I know he’s a huge fan of the show and a really nice guy. The casting of it made me really excited it. I think it’s a really canny choice. Good luck, man. It’s going to be a thrill.”

Capaldi previously guested on Doctor Who as the marble merchant Caecilius in the Season 4 episode “The Fires of Pompeii.” He also appeared on Torchwood: Children of Earth as Permanent Secretary to the Home Office John Frobisher.

Capaldi’s other TV credits include The Hour and The Thick of It. On the big screen, he recently starred in Brad Pitt’s World War Z as a W.H.O. doctor (for the World Health Organization).

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  1. joaopedromillan says:

    yay another white dude. /s

    at least he’s older..

    • St says:

      I seriously wonder how those racist comments are approved.

      Brits chose white dude because they live in Britain and they are not that crazy about racism as it is in the USA, where there have to be at least one black character on every TV show. Otherwise people will jump with: “You are racists”. In Britain they just don’t care and choose actors by their talent. And don’t hire every black actor just because it’s demanded from them.

      It’s not like they forbid black actors to audition. They auditioned everyone and chose the actor they believe will succeed.

      • L says:

        …Are you trying to argue that racism isn’t an issue in England? In which case, do you know anything?

        • Ben says:

          I think what he is trying to argue is that regardless of whether or not racism is an issue, casting a Black Doctor is completely irrelevant to that issue and in Britain there simply isn’t this ‘we must have a diverse cast or we will be criticised’ thing you seem to have in America. Black actors do just fine in England, as do sub-continental ones.

          • St says:

            Thank you. That what I was trying to say.

          • TV Gord says:

            Well said. Sadly, Americans are the first to scream racism, yet they seem to be incapable of fixing what’s wrong in their own country in that regard.

          • Topaz says:

            Except that’s not true, because loads of British people want a black or Asian Doctor. However, British people also know who Peter Capaldi is, so their reactions aren’t based purely on what he looks like.

          • ben says:

            @Topaz – I don’t think anyone was suggesting no Brit ‘wants’ a different doctor. I just think that mostly they will accept casting, regardless of demographic, without considering it an issue of racism.

        • liz says:

          Ha! Yes England, the birthplace of modern colonialism couldn’t possibly be racist at all. The OP manages to be ignorant *and* classist all in one go.

          • cuius says:

            “…because loads of British people want a black or Asian Doctor…”

            They compromised and chose a Scotsman

          • pria says:

            Brittain is more progressive with their characters, it’s true, especially shows about young people. There are a lot of gays and poc’s and they don’t all look like CW stars, shows like Skins and Misfits… even Merlin had a black Guenevere. There’s a show where the lead is a very heavy teenage girl, and she’s not a stereotype at all, she’s a great character that happens to be big. They also don’t have that stupid complex where a naked breast is a more disturbing image than a severed head, which I appreaciate, it shows the patriarchal way of thinking isn’t as all commanding there.

        • Patricia says:

          I watch a lot of brittish tv and there’s way more diversity in shows there than the US.

      • Betsy says:

        racist comments like yours, huh?

      • CBWBDK1 says:

        The Doctor will never be black, just as James Bond will never be black!! I’m glad they choose a white actor to play a white character. Stupid american writers and directors who buckle under the pressure and insist that every white character ever created has to be played by a black actor. It’s utterly ridiculous!!

        • dane says:

          What? The Doctor is a Time Lord.. a FICTIONAL EFFING BEING. As such his ‘race’ is not defined by skin color. It has NEVER been established that he can’t regenerate as a black or Asian. ‘HE’ can also regenerate as a woman.

          • Andthenhesaid says:

            In a crossover episode of ” The Sarah Jane Adventures” Matt Smith’s Doctor said, he could be Black.

          • Yo dis bi-otch be ingmorant says:

            this is one of the worst comments i have ever seen anywhere on the internet.

        • T. Philpott says:

          The Doctor is not a “white character”. There’s no reason why the Doctor needs to be a white male. Mel was black before she regenerated into River Song. Four indicated that Time Lords can regenerate as a different genders (The Corsair). Eleven thought he had regenerated as a female before he felt around and found an Adam’s Apple. I’m pretty sure that Nine suggested that two heads were even possible. But I’m just a ‘stupid American’ and clearly don’t know nearly as much as you about Doctor Who. :/

        • Annette says:

          Apparently you aren’t aware that Neil Gaiman has confirmed that a black actor was offered and turned down the role of the doctor. Look it up. The Doctor can regenerate into any form. Perhaps even an Alien. When Matt Smith regenerated he was VERY happy to discover he had LEGS…. and he thought for a moment he might be a girl.

      • Alex says:

        Oh come on, I really wished people didn’t get si worked up about it, don’t they get that in Britain they pick based on their talent?, how good they are?, I’m not saying there isn’t racism there but we’re talking I think about sometjjng different, you don’t see british people saying “again, another white guy, why don’t they pick a black guy or an asian guy, I wish they did”, you just don’t get that there, I mean maybe they do think it but they never go “oh they’re so racist for having picked a white guy” because they know it wasn’t because of his race, it was because he’s talented, come to think of it black actors do just as well as white actors in britain, have you watched Luther?, Hustle?, both pretty great shows with main black characters, oh and waking the dead as well, and actually I don’t like capaldi as the next doctor, but because he’s too old, in my opinion we need a younger doctor so we can kind of relate to him and also because clara is falling in love with the doctor, how can they pursue that story line if the guy looks like her granddad??, but that’s just me, I think some people are too quick on playing the racism card, I mean we should only judge talent, and this guy’s been pretty amazing in a myriad of shows, I don’t like him as the doctor because I think he doesn’t fit the story, but that’s just me, I could be wrong

      • Percysowner says:

        Actually Moffat was pretty clear on the special. He wanted Peter Capaldi. He called him for a private audition at Moffat’s house with other members of the production team. Capaldi was the first audition. All of the production team decided he was the next Doctor. They may have held “auditions” after that, but the decision was already made. No other actors were seriously considered. They were all fronts to hide the fact that the choice had been made.

      • WesMc says:

        You are trying to make THIS a race issue?? Get a hobby.

    • Len says:

      So I suppose the next Bond needs to be a black female.

      • Brooke says:

        That would be pretty awesome, actually.

        • Jewels says:

          Then he wouldn’t be JAMES BOND… for the love of Pete. WHY is this such an issue? The character has been a white male for years. There have been female characters. Characters of different races on the show. Why are so many people’s knickers in a twist that the Doctor is a WHITE MALE? Jimeny you all need something to be pissy about? Life sucks that badly that there has to be SOMETHING to complain about and, in the absence of that, INVENT something? This nonsense sickens me.

          • Percysowner says:

            Actually there is a neat fan theory that James Bond isn’t the name of a person, but is the name of a position in the British Secret Service. It does explain the differing actors and personalities over the course of the series. If it is a designation for a certain type of high ranking, highly trained spy then James Bond could be female, just like the Prime Minister can be female. The title just was established when it was a mail dominated profession.

          • Alan says:

            that theory was pretty much destroyed by skyfall though since it dealt with bond’s childhood and it was clearly shown that his parents had the same last name.

          • liz says:

            Yes actually, life is that difficult….for everyone who isn’t a white man. Is it that hard to imagine that people who are a different race and/or gender might want symbolic heroes to represent themselves in popular culture? We don’t have to invent anything. Us complaining is us calling attention to a male-whitewashed media landscape.

          • You are all wrong says:

            “Is it that hard to imagine that people who are a different race and/or gender might want symbolic heroes to represent themselves in popular culture?”

            But why does it have to be Doctor bloody Who? Make a new show with a black and/or female protagonist for christ’s sake.

            “Us complaining is us calling attention to a male-whitewashed media landscape.”

            And you will never win, honey.

          • Mike says:

            Calm down guy. People are just yanking your chain. James Bond is an established white male character. Anything else would destroy his mystique. I love Doctor Who and started watching again at the ninth and the specials before him in the “colonies”. It may not be a racist thing; just something different and exciting in the way of doing something one would not expect. I honestly wouldn’t care just as long as they kept the doctor young and followed the trend. Sooner or later, he will regenerate a different gender or color or both and we will still love “The Doctor”.

      • St says:

        I always wonder why they never demand asian or latino Finick, Bond or Doctor Who. They always demand them to be black. Like there are only white and black people live in USA.

        • Percysowner says:

          Well I do think that Britain has more black citizens than Latino, but Indian or Pakistani or Middle Eastern would be fine with me. The people I saw were hoping for a Person of Color or a woman, and did not necessarily care what ethnicity the POC would be. I’m happy that they went with an older, actor whose work I admire. That doesn’t mean that I don’t still want Idris Elba and Helen Mirren being the Doctor at some point.

          • T. Philpott says:

            I was rooting for Tom Hiddleston, Idris Elba, or Tilda Swinton. But Helen Mirren would be amazing. :)

        • Brooke says:

          People usually do not specify “black.” They specify “person of color” or “non-white” – which does NOT and has never meant solely “black.”

          • St says:

            And in 98% they mean “black actor’. Because really – I didn’t read any suggestions, any candidates of asian or latino actors on comments section of any american site to play Doctor or Bond or Finick. Basically there were only Idris Elba and that guy from Grey’s Anatomy. Name me asian or latino actors that were mentioned to play those characters? I don’t remember any.

            Because only african-americans scream all those racist comments about: “Oh, another white actor. Oh another story about white family”. That’s why it feels like there are only black and white people live in USA when you read comments.

            I remember I read comments under the review of The Impossible movie. And it as full of: “Great, another white family. Another story about white people. Go away”. That was disgusting. I was like: “There are 5 people of one family there. That is european movie. And they are not that crazy about racism out there. If that would be american movie then one of the 3 kids would probably be adopted black kid, Because otherwise people would scream : “racists”…. It’s ridiculous.

            There are so many racist comments from african-americans towards white people in comments sections everywhere. And I wonder if americans are so against racism then why they are approved?

    • Scott Frentsos says:

      Just want to say another white dude as doctor sucks. Mix thing up people.

    • Ewa says:

      My problem with all those voices about casting a black/non-white Doctor is that they are formulated like a full-on call for stunt casting. Nobody says “I wish they cast Idris Elba” or “I wish they cast Naveen Andrews.” No, they just want anybody, but black. Nevermind any other characteristic, nevermind whether they are a good actor, just make them black. This isn’t to say, there are no talented black actors, but isn’t stunt casting based solely on that aspect a bad thing? Isn’t that one of the problems of how the POCs are depicted in the American shows?

      • Percysowner says:

        I did! I was vocal about wanting Idris Elba or if they couldn’t get him Adrian Lester. Elba has a lot of gravitas, possibly too much for the Doctor. AL was really good in Hustle. I admit I didn’t have any non-black actors in there because I’m American and I don’t see enough British TV to know many POC actors. But IE has been my preferred choice since David Tennant left. I admit I didn’t think of Navene, but having only seen him on Lost forgot he is English. I had him filed away in the American section of my brain. I am convinced the Doctor should always be from the UK. He’s Britain’s iconic TV character and that’s what he should remain.

        • Ewa says:

          Still, it sounds like the actor being a POC is your key characteristic and you’re simply coming up with actors according to this key, not because of who they are as actors. Which isn’t to say I wouldn’t love to see what Elba would to with the role, I actually think some of that gravitas would be a great new quality after Matt Smith (more than his skin colour, even – a truly boring thing would be to cast a black actor who would bring nothing new to the role). In the case of Capaldi, after watching his clips from The Thick of It, I’m reeeealy hoping for an angry Doctor:D

          • Percysowner says:

            No, I like Idris Elba and Adrian Lester. You are awfully invested in the Doctor ONLY being a white male. The post that I responded to said no one had EVER, EVER asked for a particular actor instead of just a person of color. I treplied that I DID in fact have some minority actors that I wanted to see in the role. Now you claim I’m racist because I actually had been lobbying on the Internet for certain actors that I thought would make good Doctors because I only named the minority actors I considered to be a good fit. I was responding to the post that I needed to name specific minority actors that I wanted as the Doctor and when I respond to that demand, you say that I am racist because I DID WHAT WAS DEMANDED.

          • Ewa says:

            Woah, easy there, I never called you racist, did I? I just tried to specify what I meant in my first post, because you seemed to have misunderstood the actual point of it – the question of race should not come before the question of particular actors. I didn’t mean that people complaining about white doctors don’t KNOW any black British actors or have some possible ones in mind, I meant that their attitude is not about that. I could understand a person disappointed about a particular actor not being chosen, even though they think he would be great for the role. But the colour of the skin should not come before everything else. That’s stunt casting and it sucks:/

          • Ewa says:

            Also, I don’t particularly care about the Doctos being black, white or anything in between. Don’t put words into my mouth, please. I think it sucks that people whine about the creators not going for what they imagined they should’ve gone for and, frankly, I think this whole dispute is becoming offensive for the actor that WAS chosen. This is not a vote, people, they have nothing to prove to the American audience.

    • Dalek Mikey Boy says:


  2. Beanie says:


    • Old Men Poo Themselves says:



  3. Alan says:

    fine choice, great to see someone who is completely different to matt smith, wouldnt want to see the same again so a perfect choice. wish matt wouldnt go but couldnt ask for a better replacement.

  4. Brooke says:

    Interesting, he was in Torchwood already.

    • Bob says:

      And Doctor Who. He was in “The Fires of Pompeii”.

      • Brooke says:

        Really? That’s awesome, since that’s also the episode Karen Gillan was in before being cast as Amy. That episode must have really stuck with the showrunners!

        • Rowan77 says:

          Actually, Steven Moffatt wasn’t the showrunner back then, nor did he write the episode, “The Fires of Pompeii.” He wasn’t even a producing writer on the show. When Karen Gillan sent in her audition tape, he didn’t even know who she was and thought she was quite short because of the camera angle they used, but the casting director liked her performance. When she showed up to the producer session and meet Moffatt, he was amazed at how tall and statuesque she is.

          Peter Capaldi has been a known entity in the UK for ages. I’m glad they stopped going younger and younger and are going back to middle-aged guys. As for whether the character has to be a white male – technically, he doesn’t. We’ve seen with River that she was born white, regenerated into a black toddler, then regenerated 20 years later into a white middle-aged woman.

          Ultimately it’s up to the showrunner studio and network as to who they chose to play The Doctor. If Moffatt got it in his head that he wanted Peter Capaldi – and clearly felt inspired by that idea because they auditioned no one else – then why is anyone complaining? The one guy I thought would be great, but likely would never do it, would be James Nesbitt.

          Like with Tennant and Smith, I will hold my opinions until I see Capaldi in action. I may love him (like I did with Tennant and Smith) or turn him off (like I did with Colin Baker).


      And in Doctor Who. In the same episode that Karen Gillian was on before she became a companion.

    • catiinha says:

      He was also in Doctor Who when David Tennant was The Doctor.

  5. Percysowner says:

    I suppose it was too much to ask for a woman or a POC. At least he’s not a young dude. I wish him well.

    • ” At least he’s not a young dude.” That’s the part that surprises me. I didn’t think that we’d ever see someone over 30 play the part again.

      • paula says:

        I had the same reaction. I expected the Doctor to keep getting younger with every regeneration as he has for the past several casting changes. I was expecting to see a teenaged Doctor number 13 or 14 :)

    • M3rc Nate says:

      White is a color…we arent neutral.

      • M3rc Nate says:

        *meant to be a reply to “Aha” whos comment is below this one.

      • RobD381 says:

        Actually I believe white is a combination of all colors together.

        • Joan says:

          NO. White is the absence of ANY color, and technically, not really a “color”, hehe! Black is the combination of ALL colors.

          • RobD381 says:

            YES! White the color the human eye sees when it looks at light which contains all the wavelengths of the visible spectrum, at full brightness and without absorption. Black is…the result of the absence of or complete absorption of light. Check your facts first please. Info from Wikipedia.

          • ignorant white fool says:


            I’VE LEARNED SO MUCH

    • Katie says:

      With Moffat as the showrunner never expect a woman or POC. Maybe when/if he leaves.

      • Alan says:

        with moffat as the showrunner you can expect the best person for the job not some stunt casting just for the sake of it.

        • Brooke says:

          Oh really, and why does “the best person for the job” always end up being white? Why does “non-white” equal “stunt casting” in your views? Seriously, your comment is just dripping with ick.

          • unicornwasp says:


          • Ewa says:

            And yet, nobody here is expressing disappointment over a particular person not being cast. They don’t say “Why not Idris Elba,” “Why not Naveen Andrews.” If you demand just anybody, as long as they are a POC, you ARE demanding a stunt casting:/

    • Too much to not expect a white man to replace 11 other white men says:

      “I suppose it was too much to ask for a woman or a POC”

      Why would you want any of those in the first place????

  6. Aha says:

    So lame, an old white dude. I’m going to have to pass. Let me know when it’s time to pick the 13th.

    • liz says:

      I know right. Jenna Coleman is pretty much the only reason I’ll tune in now. And I probably wont.

    • That was today… :P

    • S. says:

      Good. Don’t let the door hit you in the butt on your way out. More fun for the rest of us without your racism dragging the rest of down.
      And it is racism when you prefer one race over another, whether that race is white or black or Asian or Latino.

      • liz says:

        no its not. Racism is about power. You can’t be racist against white people. Its not systemic. (and I’m white, just to be clear).

        • Drew says:

          You’re joking, right? That has to be a joke. Otherwise it is one of the strangest, most illogical comments (trying to avoid words that sound like I’m just name calling) things I have ever heard. On top of the fact that power has nothing to do with racism, black people have power. We aren’t in the 1800’s. Look at the White House, dude (though if we are going by Zimmerman standards I suppose he is white too).

          And it is stupid to suggest that every “white” culture is part of a single whole. We aren’t all the same. Casting one white guy isn’t the same as casting another, any more than all Asians are the same or all black people.

          This is a silly topic. I can’t believe that in 2013 people are so desperate to keep racism alive that they’re making up new rules for it.

        • S. says:

          Of course you can be racist against white people. Racism isn’t about power, it’s about hate. The definition of racism is “a belief that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.” The ancient Romans, who were white, believed entirely in their superiority over all the peoples of the world, including the white Germans and the white Britons and the white Greeks. The Irish, who are white, are racist depending on religion. Racism is about believing one race (or sex or religion) is superior over another. Dismissing the New Doctor just because he is white is the same as dismissing him if he were black or female or etc., etc.
          And I’m the product of several cultures, including Spanish and Hispanic and German. In truth, white is a skin color, not a culture.

          • Brooke says:

            The types of things you’re bringing up aren’t exactly racism. They’re -isms alright, but considering them race issues is not accurate.

          • S. says:

            There not race issues? How came the systematic denial of rights of a people because of who they are not be considered race issues? How can the dismissal of an actor just because of his skin color not be considered racist?

          • lrdslvrhnd says:

            Because “racism” is about race… not gender or religion. Those would be sexism and… um… I dunno, religionism? But they have nothing to do with race, and are therefore not racism.

          • Drew says:

            Some of those things would be considered race…

            1. a group of persons related by common descent or heredity.
            2. a population so related.
            3. a human population partially isolated reproductively from other populations, whose members share a greater degree of physical and genetic similarity with one another than with other humans.
            4. a group of tribes or peoples forming an ethnic stock: the Slavic race.
            5. any people united by common history, language, cultural traits, etc.: the Dutch race.

          • S. says:

            Then how are the things I described not about racism? The parts about sex or religious discrimination were asides, but I did describe racism. The Romans attitudes about the ancient world would, today, be described as racist, as in the Romans belief in their superiority over the entire world, hence their right to conquer and enslave it. They didn’t conquer the world due to religious differences, they conquered it because they believed that as Romans they had the right. The Romans had no problems with different religions, often adopting foreign gods into their pantheon.
            And in the fact the Irish Troubles could be described as racist because most of the native population of Irish Catholic are native Irish born, while the Irish Protestant are descended from England–Irish vs. English.
            And, back to original post, it said you can’t be racist against white people. I was pointing out that not only was it possible, but had been done.
            And I repeat, how can the systemic denial of rights of people due to their race not be racist when such denial is all about race?

          • N. says:

            S. Irish racist about religion? What the hell are you talking about?

            The ‘troubles’ aren’t Irish catholics v’s english Protestants because of racism (not that religious racism is even a thing). They are a direct result of 800 years of colonial rule where the Irish people were treated like slaves!
            You should really stick to subjects you have some knowledge of

        • taran63 says:

          Wow! And who says racists like you can’t also be idiots.

        • Alex says:

          Yes, you CAN be racist against white people. It’s stupid to say you can’t be.

      • Topaz says:

        It’s also not racist because the objection isn’t that he’s white, it’s that the actor playing the Doctor has always, exclusively, been white.

        Having said that, I love Peter Capaldi. But sooner or later it really really has to be a woman.

        • canadian ninja says:

          it doesn’t “have to” be anything, this is one freaking acting job and it getting burdened with all this social benchmark duty is ridiculous and insultingly narrow-minded –
          worry about actual issues facing women and persons of color, not this for Pete’s sake

          • Ben says:

            I completely agree. The day when casting directors have to pass on the person they want because they don’t fit the right demographic to have balanced the role over time is not a good day, its a very bad day indeed. This is not something we should be fighting for.

          • Ewa says:

            Thank you! To both canadian ninja and Ben ;)

        • Drew says:

          Actually, it is more racist because you’re objecting to white people in general. If it were specifically about this one actor, that would not be racist at all. The fact that the comments are made about white people as a whole makes it racist… because you’re speaking about the race and not the person.

        • S. says:

          It is racism. You’re objecting to skin color, believing someone of a different color would be better and superior in the role. I have not watched all fifty years of episodes. I started watching with Eccleston, and have not a seen a lack of strong women or people of different races though I don’t watch for that. I don’t care about the Doctor’s skin color, I have never cared. I care, though, about the demand that he regenerate into a Black or Middle Eastern or Asian or a woman as though that will make him more relevant, to fill some PC bullcrap checklist. Yes, we live in a multi-cultural, international world. That means we must respect all people regardless of race or religion or sex. That includes white and male. The Doctor has been played by white males. So what? White males have nothing to add? My maternal family, who are white, are irrelevant simply because of their skin color?
          Also, do you do realize that the Doctor has been played also exclusively by English actors, with only two (now three) of the actors being Scottish? You want a different race, but you don’t object to a lack of Irish or Welsh actors, despite the show being filmed in Wales. You want multicultural, then ignore the actual cultures of the UK. You want a representation of the people, without knowing who the people actually are.

      • Brooke says:

        It is not racism to say, “We’ve had the same thing 11 times in a row, we’d like to see something different this time.” Peter Capaldi is a fine choice, but don’t go around misusing the words “racism” because the idea of a non-white or non-male doctor makes you uncomfortable.

        • So long as Steven Moffat was in charge, did anyone really imagine that we were going to get a non-white or non-male Doctor? Or want him writing for one?

        • Ben says:

          Actually, it is racist to look at the 11 doctors and say ‘we have had the same thing 11 times in a row’. It’s trendy to say its not, but it is – no amount of sociological academia is going to change the popular view on that.

          People are wired towards equality, and most people don’t agree that equality = ‘if you have x this time, you have to have y next time’. Most people believe equality is that everyone has to have a fair and equal shot every time.

          • Topaz says:

            Look, this is so very straightforward. Peter Capaldi will be great but there is nothing wrong with people saying they would like to see greater diversity in the role. An iconic character like the Doctor, as with any iconic role, has become more about the interpretation by the actor than his physical characteristics, and people don’t want to see that interpretation being constantly reflected through one section of society. This is completely fair enough and is not to say that Peter Capaldi will be bad. I’m excited to see his interpretation because he’s phenomenally talented. But there’s any number of other people who would be equally exciting. I’d still like to see a woman, or someone who isn’t white, or God knows, someone disabled play the role. Because actors bring their own experiences into the mix when they play a part, which means we might get an interpretation miles from anything we’ve ever seen before in the part. And that would be fascinating and thrilling. And it would also tell kids (as this is a kids show) that they should never feel limited by their race, or their gender, or their physicality or whatever. Their future isn’t preordained by a bunch of rules laid down decades ago in a less equal time.

            And God, someone saying they’d like to see greater diversity is so far from racism I can’t even.

          • ben says:

            @Topaz – who has ever said there is something wrong with saying ‘I want more diversity in the role’? Certainly not me. I’m saying there is something wrong with criticising a casting choice because of the colour of the skin. The guy is cast. This isn’t about what you ‘want to see’ – its about decrying the choice that is.

          • ben says:

            But by the way, I do think that if any child feels their future is determined by the casting of Doctor Who – there are different issues in play.

        • Lois says:

          It is racist to say “we’ve had the same thing 11 times in a row” because it’s judging all white people as being the same. Matt Smith isn’t like Peter Davison, who isn’t like Tom Baker, who isn’t like David Tennant. They are all very different actors. To lump them together as being “the same” is to only judge them by race. And when you only judge people by race, and don’t look beyond that to the actual person, then that’s racist.

          • unicornwasp says:

            lol at white people on here getting all bent out of shape and calling complaints about lack of diversity racism. white people are just so used to not being generalized about it makes our heads explode. DOES. NOT. COMPUTE. it is not racist or sexist or whatever else to point out and feel disappointed that the doctor is yet again a white dude. i am a white dude, and it BUMS ME OUT. i want to see a Doctor who is a woman or a person of color or both.

          • Lois says:

            I’m not calling complaints about the lack of diversity racism. I have no problem with people hoping for a non-white and/or female Doctor. My problem is with people saying that all the actors who have played The Doctor are the same. They aren’t. They are all very different. To lump them all together just because they are white, is just as silly as saying that Kevin Hart and Denzel Washington are exactly the same because they are both black. Or that Flavor Flav is the same as Morgan Freeman because they are both black. When you only see color, and can’t see anything else that distinguishes someone as an individual human being, then you are being racist.

        • taran63 says:

          But it is racist to say “the only objection I have to this actor is that he’s white”.

          • Percysowner says:

            And yet you and others are APPALLED that anyone other than a white male would even be CONSIDERED for the Doctor. How dare women and POC’s even think they could be special enough to play the Doctor? Don’t they know that it is reserved for white males only? It’s racism to even consider the idea that the Doctor isn’t a straight white male.

      • Aha says:

        Lol, another idiot who thinks reverse-racism is a thing.

      • RobD381 says:

        Another comment about if you don’t like it, leave. Why would you do that? Usually, real people find other people like them, color blind, not in a racial way. We are all the same in our souls. My butt doesn’t want to be where people judge me in any way, especially for my opinions.






      suggestion: stop watching tv shows with white people in them if you hate them so much (so stop watching tv in general. and stop using the internet. and never leave the house).

  7. Emily says:

    He was really good as John Frobisher in Torchwood: Children of Earth.

    • FatherOctavian says:

      That’s my only problem with the casting. Too big of another “Doctor Who” role to then go on and play the Doctor.

      Otherwise, I think he’s a great choice.

      • Lois says:

        Yes, Capaldi is too well-establish in the Who-verse. He’s a terrific actor, but I was hoping for someone unknown.

  8. liz says:

    seriously?! seriously?! Could he BE any more dull. Another white guy. Siiigh. Matt Smith made sense; he brought a freshness to the show. But they are actually reverting on the progress the show has made. Its as if to all the fans who have been calling for change they went ‘what you want something new? NO. We’re going to give you something older!’. I’m not getting on his AGE persay – but the era that casting a man like him reflects to. Cause Sean Connery would be an awesome Doctor lol. Or Patrick Stewart.

    • mister queen says:

      “a man like him” – really???

    • OnceFan316 says:

      You do know there have been old doctors before. The Doctor doesn’t always have to be some young stud that fan girls swoon over.

      • Tess says:

        I don’t think it’s about having a young “stud” for fangirls to swoon over so much as it seems like a step back to go with an older actor who may not be as physical in the role as the last three actors that a majority of the fanbase is most familiar with (since there are many fans who have not ventured into watching “classic” Who). I wasn’t expecting a young 20-something again, but at this point with the way they write the show, it just seems more suited to an actor between the ages of 25 and 45.

        I also wonder how the dynamic will change between the Doctor and Clara now. The Doctor goes from looking like he’s about her age and they’re relationship is like flirty friends to him looking like he could be her father and their relationship is more like what…? Because I don’t think we as fans will want to see #12 act in the same way towards her that #11 does…

    • Topaz says:

      Have you ever actually seen Peter Capaldi acting in anything? It’s silly to rush to judgement if you haven’t – definitely silly if you haven’t seen The Thick Of It. I agree that it’s time someone who isn’t white or male got the part, but I also think Capaldi will do a brilliant job and he’s certainly not a hoary old sleazy white guy, as you seem to be implying. He’s also a fantastic director, having recently made a really biting satire of healthcare in the sitcom Getting On. You’re doing him a disservice if you just take him at face value.

    • TV Gord says:

      He;s anything but dull! Do you really know anything about him? Probably not. YouTube him and see his interview with Craig Ferguson. They were in a punk band together back in their youth. He seems to be a very versatile actor. He had a pretty funny role in one of my favorite movies, Local Hero.

      • RobD381 says:

        I love Craig Ferguson and his comedic talent but would never consider him for Doctor Who. They are friends. Not exactly a standard for picking a Dr. Whether or not this dude is a dud will be decided after his first 3 or 4 episodes. That’s about how long it took Matt Smith to tone down some of his youthful exuberance. Can the new Dr. find youthful exuberance in 3 or 4 episodes? We’ll see. Personally I’d like to see Captain Jack return. Taking Torchwood to America destroyed it. (What hadn’t already been destroyed in Britain). Hopefully this older Dr. won’t destroy Dr. Who.

    • RobD381 says:

      Or Benedict Cumberbatch….

  9. Steve F. says:

    And here I was, expecting a ginger…

  10. Bob says:

    Very interesting. He is in “World War Z” and his character is ‘WHO Doctor’!

  11. gb says:

    Peter capaldi is going to be perfect. Watch him become the best doctor who ever!!!!! Malcolm tucker is one of the funniest characters ever. Capaldi will nail it!

  12. M3rc Nate says:

    No idea who he is so i guess thats a good thing…i have no previous work to hold him to.

    • MJ15 says:

      In that case, you seriously need to watch The Thick of It. Like, NOW.

      • big cheddar says:

        If yoy don’t have time to watch the entire series, then watch the movie based on it called In The Loop. He’s unforgettable.

    • Lois says:

      You”ve never seen Capaldi in anything before? Didn’t you watch Doctor Who when David Tennant was the Doctor? Because Capaldi played the father whose family got saved by The Doctor and Donna in “The Fires of Pompeii.”

      • GeekGirl13 says:

        There are plenty of actors that just seeing them/hearing their name, I wouldn’t ‘know’ them and be able to place where I might have seen them before. Like M3rc Nate, I had no idea who Capaldi is and even after being told he was in the Fires of Pompei episode, I really can’t place him still. I’m actually kind of glad I missed out on seeing Children of Earth now, and I have no intention of seeking out anything else Capaldi has been in between now and when we finally get to see him as The Doctor. For me, part of what I loved most about Eccleston’s, Tenant’s (when I finally gave him a chance), and Smith’s version of The Doctor was getting to fall in love with the character all over again. No, Twelve will not be Eleven with a new face. Yes, I expect it will be very hard for Clara to reconcile any feelings she might have for Eleven with Twelve, but to me, that’s the beauty of it. That is what I want to see play out. It’s why I’m happy that the companions don’t change out when The Doctor does. I want to see Clara deal with the loss of the Eleven, even as she comes to appreciate, and maybe even love Twelve. There’s a line from a song that keeps flitting through my head, “I get the joy of rediscovering you”. That’s what this is for me. I do not care that he’s ‘older’, ‘still white’, ‘not ginger’ and/or ‘not female’. And I refuse to even acknowledge anyone that says he’s ‘not good looking enough’. As long as he can act and bring something new and interesting to the part and has chemistry with Jenna Coleman I’ll be happy.

    • paula says:

      For an early performance, watch Local Hero. He was good in that–1983.

  13. fat martian says:

    great another skinny human

    • TV Gord says:

      LOL! :-D

    • Erin says:

      Ha! Thank you! All of these comments regarding it being “another skinny white guy” are driving me crazy. Obviously, these people haven’t seen Peter in action before (because he’s fantastic). While I was desperately rooting for Richard Ayoade to be cast (fingers crossed for him to be #13), I think the people.vying racism are completely delusional. Race is not a factor in casting this role….have you guys forgotten that Patterson Joseph was a finalist last time around? I’m just happy it’s not a woman. I think I’d quit watching.

    • Internet User #345647 says:


    • Delia says:

      Thumbs up, Like and Recommend.

  14. Marie says:

    They chose an old guy, why? Sonot relevant.

    • UGOGurrrrrlllllll says:

      Yeah! Old people are so worthless! They should all go die they’re so friggin’ old! God, we have NOTHING to learn from them!!!!!

  15. red says:

    Will be the last possible regeneration because a time Lords can have only 12 regenerations and John Hurt ‘ll be another doctor then matt smith + john hurt +Capaldi = 13 versions of doctor

    • Jerry says:

      I don’t know why everyone holds to that idea. There’s no way they will cancel Doctor Who while it’s popular. So either they will just ignore that idea or they will wave their hands and explain it away. There’s no way it will take place.

      • red says:

        I did not say they would be canceled but I was wondering if this season would give the doctor a solution to regenerate several times other than the elixir of life.

        • Topaz says:

          They’ve already made clear that the doctor lies about everything and gone back on the whole “12 regeneration” thing. It’s not going to be a problem.

          • Warren says:

            River also could have gave him regenerations to. Moffat says she used up her regenerations, but didn’t give any………but then like the Doctor….Moffat lies.

          • L says:

            But if you ever watched Classic Who you’d know this issue HAS been addressed. The Master burned through his regenerations and he was only able to get more by essentially stealing bodies. It’s weird and complicated (and easier for me) if you just look it up on Wikipedia.

          • Tess says:

            Why does no one remember that when River saved the Doctor (after she poisoned him with her kiss) she gave him all of her regenerations, which is why she could not regenerate in the Library. Did I dream that part up?

            And if I’m not mistaken she went from being the child in that orphanage into Amy and Rory’s friend Mels into River (at least those are the versions of her we saw) so even if she only had twelve too then she had ten to give him if my math is correct (and assuming there were no other regenerations we didn’t see).

    • aoneandatwo says:

      1-for all we know john hurt is just a younger version of Hartnell’s first doctor…
      2-they could pretty easily explain him being able to regenerate more…the doctor is pretty clever

    • Brooke says:

      We spent an entire season recently being told that the Doctor was going to die, only to find out at the end how he got out of it. I don’t think they’re going to hold themselves to the limited number of regenerations rule as long as they’re still making money.

      • red says:

        I agree but I wonder if he will propose a plot next season to continue the adventures of the Doctor.

      • It’s sci-fi, so there’s ways out of everything. River Song gave the last of her regeneration energy to the Doctor. I also read that Time Lords can transfer X amount of regenerations to each other. I would welcome a definitive end, though, as long as it was good.

  16. red says:

    Sorry Doctor You’ll not be Red hair.

  17. Lilu says:

    mmhhh, older than I thought. But he was really great in torchwood, so let’s wait and see…

  18. mb says:

    I think this is a great choice. I did end up liking Matt, but he was entertaining for his energy and endearing goofiness. He didn’t have much of an acting pedigree though. Settle down Matt Maniacs. I’m not saying he wasn’t a good actor, but compared to Christopher and David, he didn’t have a lot of depth. Peter has tons of acting experience and changes the game considerably. I’m looking forward to seeing how an older doctor changes the dynamic of the show. He’ll be good for Clara.

  19. mo says:

    I say this as a crazy fan and a woman of color – what is the big deal?! So, he doesn’t fit the mold of super young and hot or a woman or black, brown, yellow, green or blue. So what? Give the man a chance to step into the TARDIS before you write him off!!! I for one can’t WAIT for the new season to start. David Tennant is still my favorite, but Matt Smith is awesome and I will miss him; that said, I’m excited to see what this guy does. :D

    • Mark says:

      Some of us would just like to see something a bit different after years and years and years of recasting the role. It’s getting boring, Moffat’s attitude is getting intolerable, and it’s just tiresome overall.

      • liz says:

        that’s really well put. A good argument that steps aside of having to use the race/gender arguments. Nice. “boring” Have to remember that.

      • Kind of doing a disservice to the 12 fantastic actors that have played the role by saying they’re all the same. I think it’s weird that people who consider white actors boring would even tune into Doctor Who in the first place.

      • Drew says:

        How is a different white guy any less different than a black guy or an Asian guy? Just because someone’s skin kinda looks similar doesn’t make them the same as anyone else. And just because someone’s skin is darker doesn’t make them new and exciting. I don’t know if you’ve met any black people, but they’re actually human, just like white people. No special powers or anything.

        What an old fashioned comment to make.

        • Drew Melbourne says:

          White people aren’t disproportionally better at everything. If minorities are underrepresented in a particular facet of society (or in a particular sci-fi television role), it’s not because minorities are less good at their jobs. It’s that someone has made a conscious or unconscious decision to exclude them.

          (Or a LOT of people have made a series of cumulative decisions that have led to that outcome.)

          • Drew says:

            Oooooor, there are more white people in that particular area, profession or audition process thus making it more likely that a white person would get the role.

            You’re excluding a ton of factors that could potentially go into how this role was cast just for the sake of declaring it racist. And if they wanted a white guy, who really cares? Just about every role is cast based on a look or “type” that the producers want. It’s the nature of the acting profession. Is every casting session then automatically racist, sexist, or whatever? This whole “racism” topic is silly. People need to stop declaring everything and everyone racist whenever they don’t like something. “Racist” is the new “Wahhhhhh!”

            If you’d like to see another type, that’s fine (though changing skin color doesn’t mean that it will be a whole new experience). But to declare racism or sexism just because you don’t get your way is absurd.

    • frankie707 says:

      LIKE! :)

      Thank you.

    • Lana says:

      Mo, I so totally agree with you, David is my favorite too but Matt was lots of fun but an older Dr. sounds like fun and I can’t wait to see how Clara is going to handle her crush now. I mean he is not going to be so cute and goofy now and I doubt he will look at her the same way either. I can’t wait to see what happens. As far as all this racisim talk, its silly and I am soo bored with it. Hit the streets and watch how people deal with each other and when you see real racisim you will see how stupid all this talk is cause it is ugly and has nothing to do with Dr. who being white or black but hating someone just for being different.

  20. sb says:

    He seems like a David Tennant 2.0 in my opinion.

    • Topaz says:

      Have you actually ever seen him act, or are you just going on the width of his jawline? Because seriously, as performers they have almost nothing in common.

      • Sheila says:

        Actually, I see what sb means. Just going by looks, he seems like an older version of Ten. And if sb isn’t familiar with Capaldi’s work, that’s all they have to go by.

  21. mayiread says:

    He’s an incredible actor, and I’m delighted the new Doctor is older.
    Great choice. So excited.
    Shame he can’t curse though.

  22. Louise says:

    I’m actually impressed. He is a hell of an actor and I’m glad they’re going for someone older. I’m really excited now. Good job Moffat!

  23. OnceFan316 says:

    People Complain cause once again they wanted somebody that looked Hot LOL Give me a break people the guy is a Fantastic Actor.

  24. CBWBDK1 says:

    Thank god it’s not a ginger!!!!

  25. PlugInKali says:

    I would have approved of him if it hadn’t been because of Clara. I really liked what was going on between her and The Doctor. But now with this actor, I’m pretty sure they’ll change their dynamic in a whole different direction…

  26. Everyone that’s complaining? Stow it. Seriously. I’m not a white person and I don’t see forced diversity as a good thing. It’s just being different for the sake of being different, but the actor’s race, gender, hair color, taste in potato chips are all on a superficial level and those looking for this kind of change aren’t trying to see what’s more important: what kind of person is the Doctor going to be now? I don’t want there to be boardroom executives saying, “Hey, let’s make a movie where Superman is black,” or hey, “Let’s make Spider-Man an Indian dwarf,” or, “Let’s make a movie about the life of Johnny Carson, only he was a Japanese immigrant.”
    Doctor Who is an English show and the Doctor will always be representative of very British people. Yes, there are other ethnicities in the mostly pale country, but they are handily represented by numerous supporting characters in the show. But, you know, you’ve already been watching a show about a white guy, so why the need for change now?

    • James says:

      Hate to break it to you but this thing called a female exists on the Isles as well. I know, what an interesting concept but still true. Wow, isn’t that just mind boggling? I am sure it never even occurred to your little sexist mind, but still true.

      So yes, a white female is also a very British thing. Also very possible. And also again not happening. Not surprising considering the sexist sh.t who runs this show.

      BTW Why need for change? Funny question that … why did we even give women voting rights then? Cause why need for change! Tsk tsk.

      • Such an obvious troll. That’s like saying they should make a Wonder Woman movie that stars a man because it’s sexist to keep casting a woman.

        • Drew Melbourne says:

          Clearly, it’s not. Doctor Who *regenerates*. Wonder Woman does not. No one is saying “When they do another version of Doctor Who, they should make the character a woman.” (Though that’s certainly been done, to positive effect and critical acclaim, in the BSG reboot and the Hannibal TV show.) They are saying “There’s this thing called regeneration. And it means that the main character can change species (as established in The Key to Time), number of heads (as established in Parting of the Ways), or yes *even* gender (as established in The Doctor’s Wife). So maybe we should see some more variation in the role.”

          To try to diminish someone’s common sense opinion by calling them “an obvious troll” is just dopey. What’s the world coming to when I can’t take someone named “TigerNightmare” seriously?

          • Precedence in the show’s universe for other Time Lords is irrelevant, even moreso for other characters in other shows. This is Doctor Who, an ongoing 50 year old show about a weird white guy running around time saving people with his friends. People who have gotten away from the show are supposed to find it instantly recognizable when they put it on TV. Weird white guy, non-sexual girlfriend, blue box, crap budget: this must be Doctor Who. It’s one thing if The Wire, which is supposed to be about Baltimore, had an entirely white cast in a very black city and it’s another thing entirely to change genders and ethnicity just for the sake of change in and of itself. There would be no other point.
            I wouldn’t be against it if they cast a black woman as the Doctor. I would absolutely still watch and would be interested in what that would mean for the show. But it would be a stunt. An obvious stunt. It would also completely change the dynamic of the show. Just look how different Buffy and Angel are as shows. It just wouldn’t be the same show anymore and that’s what people really want it to be. To suggest that I’m some sort of misogynistic monster for not actively desiring this specific change is effing retarded. And so are you if you think James’ opinion was “common sense”.

    • Topaz says:

      I appreciate your argument, but people forget that Doctor Who is only considered “really really British” OUTSIDE OF BRITAIN. There’s no rule for us that we have to have everyone drinking tea and singing God Save The Queen. The show is reflective of our culture, obviously, because it’s a British show. But to say that the programme sets out to retain and depict some stereotypical view of Britishness isn’t really accurate. If anything, it tries to depict progressive values within British society, rather than traditional, conservative ones. Because of that, sooner or later they are going to have to have a woman and/or someone who isn’t white play the role, in order to remain relevant to people’s expectations and aspirations for our society.

    • Gina Rhodes says:

      :) ^ this. At last, a voice of reason. Thank you for your wise words. I would recommend anyone not familiar with Peter Capaldi’s work to try some of his earlier stuff if you can find it – “The Crow Road” and “Angel Islington” are 2 personal faves of mine and along with “The Thick of It” show just what a great actor he is. Also, all those of you saying “meh, an old white guy”, 1) its ageist and 2) it is racist as caucasian (white) is a race, it’s stupid saying you can’t be racist against people because they are white and have all the power.

    • mo says:

      LOL!! All of this!!

      It would be one thing if it made sense to the story, like when we saw that one of Melody’s regenerations before regenerating into River was Amy and Rory’s childhood best friend. Her mission was to kill the Doctor and so I got how it wouldn’t matter.

      BUT, why would he regenerate into any other thing? If I had that ability, I wouldn’t suddenly make myself a man or not black, I’d take the River approach and focus on a dress size.

      Diversity for the sake of diversity sometimes cheapens the whole thing.

      (P.S., I would pay good money to see that Spiderman or Superman movie lol)

    • Matt says:

      Someone who gets it. Thank you. There is still hope for us after all.

  27. St says:

    Well I guess they can say goodbye to young audience in USA. Because Matt Smith’s era made Doctor Who so popular even in USA. He was weirdly sexy and hot. Now when brits decided to put some older man as Doctor (like they did before) they will probably loose all that popularity around the world.

    They will keep that new companion Jenna-Louise Coleman? I guess I’ll pass. I was so bored with her in those few episodes she was in this years. And now older dude…. No thanks.

    • OnceFan316 says:


    • Brooke says:

      This lifelong non-British sci-fi fan is rather offended by the idea of people only jumping on the Doctor Who bandwagon ]because Matt Smith was hot. Have some substance, for god’s sake.

      • St says:

        I saw episodes of new Doctor era. With David Tennant and Christopher Eccleston. But not every episode. I watched them when they were on. And only with Matt Smith’s Doctor I watched every episode. Because he was interesting.

    • OJ says:

      Please. Doctor Who has been running for 50 years, and for most of that the lead was neither young nor hot. Sure, they might lose the most vapid of the audience, but the rest of us will keep watching – as we always have.

      • St says:

        And for those 50 years he was popular basically only in UK. Only in few last years he became popular in other countries. Brits will still be watching, I don’t doubt. But they can loose wordwide audience.

        • Brooke says:

          Stop saying “loose” when you mean “lose”

        • OJ says:

          Then they lose it. The youth- and image-obsessed can go back to watching “Honey Boo Boo” or the Disney channel, secure in the knowledge that the only people worth having on tv shrink from wrinkles like Saturnyns from ultraviolet.

        • frankie707 says:

          Do you think because you didn’t watch it no other Americans watched either? I watched Doctor Who growing up. It was on PBS then. I’ve watched the restart from Eccleston on. Just because you seem to only watch if it’s a young man doesn’t mean everyone else feels the same way. It doesn’t mean there will be a mass exodus of fans from America tuning Doctor Who out.

    • L says:

      If you only started watching Doctor Who for Matt Smith, I will say goodbye to you gladly.

      And I fail to see what’s so sexy about a guy who resembles Frankenstein’s monster. You don’t watch Doctor Who because the Doctor is a hottie–you should be watching it for the plot and the development of characters.

    • Glenda Q says:

      Are you implying that it is impossible for anyone to find an older person hot? Now, Eccleston wasn’t as old but I found him the most attractive of all the new era Doctors and he was the oldest up until now. And before you ask, no, I am not old. I’m disappointed that you think all American fangirls are ageist. We can very easily lust after all!

    • Matt says:

      What’s it like to be THIS superficial? You people fascinate me.

  28. david says:

    I actually think he will make a good doctor except it will result in less comedic route for the show

  29. Nessie says:

    I think it’s a great choice! I love that they went a bit older and I think he’ll be great.

  30. Can’t wait to see what he brings to the role! BTW I find it freaky/weird regarding his role on World War Z

  31. Skippy says:

    Brilliant choice! Great actor with a lifelong love of the Doctor!

  32. Tania says:


  33. Bob says:

    He looks like Hugh Laurie.

  34. Tim says:

    May be a great choice acting wise, I dunno, but from a first-glace-should-I-continue-to-watch-this-view, it’s awful. Sorry but I’d rather have a younger doctor.

    • Topaz says:

      Don’t people realise this level of annoyance happens every time a new doctor is cast? And every time people change their minds almost as soon as the first episode airs.

      • Tim says:

        Well I only started watching it the past year, Tennant has been my favorite after viewing the current show (starting recently). I’m not writing it off or anything I just think it would be a better viewing experience with someone younger since I’m assuming 55+ year olds aren’t the main audience for the show.

        I’ll reserve judgement for when the show actually happens but I just think it’s a bad choice from my initial reaction

        • Maggie says:

          Since Doctor Who has been on tv for 50 years, there are plenty of fans who are over 55. It’s a show that has fans of all ages.

        • Maggie says:

          Forgot to mention, the makers of Doctor Who know they have fans of all ages. They aren’t thinking their show is only for younger people. The people running Doctor Who (Steven Moffat, Mark Gatiss) and the new Doctor (Peter Capaldi) have themselves been fans of the show since they were children.

        • Topaz says:

          Yes, but when Matt Smith was cast people were equally furious that they were casting someone so young, thinking he could never pull it off. In any case, the role is recast every few years, so there’s no need to be so protective of what the role ought to be. The joy of it is that in a few years we’ll see another interpretation again (as long as it stays on the air, I suppose), which means we can just enjoy this for what it is.

          • ^^^ Yes to this! People are gonna bitch and moan no matter who got the role. Peter is a fine actor, now that some of you are saying he’s got comedic chops, I can’t wait! Rosie’s relationship with the Doctor was redefined when he changed from Eccleston to Tennant, and I can’t wait to see Clara’s reaction to Peter’s version.

  35. D says:

    The guy’s an amazing actor. That’s all that matters.

  36. Lauren says:

    Can I have the option for, “I don’t even care because Steven Moffat will just ruin the 12th Doctor too?”

  37. BrokenDestinies says:

    Please.. if you’re a true Dr. Who fan then you will stick with the show regardless. They didn’t choose him based on his race so those comments are dumb. Sick and tired of people trying to make it a race issue. They chose him based on his talent and that he fit the part. I am sure he will do the Doctor justice just fine.

  38. Ciara says:

    Have any of you people watched the older Doctors? Granted they are not fast on thier feet or as flexible as Matt or David but they were ruddy brilliant in thier own element.
    Also, the Doctor is more than a 1000 years old, he can’t regenerate into a younger body everytime. This is not Benjamin Button : The TV series. It’s Doctor Who.

  39. Elle says:

    I hate that the only thing people are able to focus on here is race. Seriously? Peter Capaldi is a fantastic actor, I fell in love with him the second I watched Fortysomething and I have absolutely no doubt that he’s going to do this role justice. I wish everyone would quit dismissing him just because he isn’t the biggest diversion from Matt Smith. x_X He’s a great actor, and earned the role in his own right, and it sucks to see such a talent being auto-ignored just because he’s a white guy, being called a ‘dull and boring’ choice by people who probably haven’t seen him in anything (besides the small bit he had in that one episode of DW). (or maybe not, since they obvious have an issue with white guys playing the Doctor and shouldn’t have been watching at all this entire time then)

  40. Deb says:

    I wonder how many people here criticizing the choice are actually familiar with Peter Capaldi’s work ?

  41. C. says:

    I mainly remember him from the movie In the Loop and he was brilliant in it! He’s charismatic and it’s a good move to go with and actor who’s a bit older than his two predecessors, it keeps things interesting.

  42. bobbie says:

    Dr Who is just a fun show. I don’t see any ethical dilemmas in casting. Just go with it, have fun.

  43. CJ says:

    He seems like a solid choice to me. I’m happily surprised they went with someone a bit older. I’m looking forward to seeing how he stacks up.

  44. Addy says:

    Is it just me or is this guy really similar to David Tennant. He’s Scottish, he looks pretty tall and skinny, and he looks like an older David Tennant. And he happens to be a lifelong Doctor Who fan. Peter Capaldi can’t replace David Tennant!!!

  45. Amanda says:

    He’ll always be Dr. Pilfrey to me. It’ll take me a while to get past this smarmy character to accept him as the Doctor.

  46. Mike R. says:

    As much as I would have liked a woman or POC, I don’t want one just for the sake of having one. I want the best person for the job, and if Peter Capaldi is him, I wish him the best.

  47. Auntie Ralph says:

    I love how a lot of predictions had people no older than like 45, and now we’ve got one of the oldest-cast doctors yet coming in off one of the youngest. People were also skeptical about a veteran actor and we get one of the more talented ones from the UK.

    Sure it isn’t breaking new ground (more stepping on old ground the show hadn’t bothered with doing since the classic run) but methinks some solace can be taken in someone with quantifiable talent being cast.

  48. Ghost of Denny says:

    Sid’s dad!