Fall TV Preview

ABC Boss Previews 'Less Complicated' Revenge, Defends Nashville Finale, Talks Grey's Season 11

Revenge Season 3 ChangesR.I.P. The Initiative.

ABC entertainment president Paul Lee conceded to reporters Sunday at the Television Critics Assoc. press tour in Beverly Hills that Revenge “stumbled a bit” in its mythology-heavy second season, adding that new showrunner Sunil Nayar (who replaced series creator Mike Kelley) will “bring to us a slightly less complicated” storyline in Season 3. “The first episode back is a fantastic episode starting with a magnificent hook.”

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Other highlights from Lee’s exec session:

NASHVILLE | Lee defended Nashville‘s super-soapy Season 1 car crash climax, calling the twist a “sweet cliffhanger…  There’s an impending doom that leads you toward the car crash that is very Nashville.” In Season 2, Connie Britton’s Rayna will “really drive plot,” Lee added. “That particular rivalry with Connie and Hayden[‘s characters] is coming to a head. We’ve only seen a couple of outlines and a script, but we’re really happy with it.”

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ONCE UPON A TIME IN WONDERLAND | On the decision to launch the Once spin-off in the fall as opposed to at midseason as a bridge between the first and second half of Once Season 3, “We just fell in love with it. We were looking to build a real block on Thursday of empowered women… This is Alice like you’ve never seen Alice before. She’s a truly kickass Alice.”

DANCING WITH THE STARS | On Maksim Chmerkovskiy returning for the next cycle, “Maks is part of the family; he may well be back [next season].” As for how the competition series will manage with no more results show, Lee would only say that Monday’s two-hour telecasts would “build to a climax at the end” and still involve some combo of judge and viewer votes.

HAPPY ENDINGS | Lee called the beloved comedy’s untimely cancellation “very upsetting,” but noted that the show failed to “attract an audience on its own” after it moved out of the post-Modern Family slot. “We never found in the places that we put it [that] we could [bring] an audience to it. We couldn’t find its sea legs away from a strong lead-in, so that’s how we ended up on that decision.”

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GREY’S ANATOMY | The long-running medical soap is not heading into its final season, Lee maintained. “[Shonda Rhimes] is planning a number of [season’s] out… We would like to see it on the network for many years to come.” Lee declined to comment on the future of original castmembers like Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey (whose contract expire in May), saying, “If I commented on who is coming in and out, I think Shonda would yell at me.”

CASTLE | When asked about Nathan Fillion’s recent unauthorized “day off” from Castle in the midst of a contract squabble with ABC, Lee deflected, “Nathan and Stana [Katic] are fantastic actors. We feel super-optimistic” about Castle‘s future.

SCHEDULING | ABC detailed its split-season schedule for its heavy hitter dramas, revealing that Nashville will return from its winter break on Feb. 26, Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal will resume their runs Feb. 27, and Once Upon a Time and Revenge will come back March 9 — with all of the above finishing their seasons with few or no repeats. (Lee told TVLine that midseason programs such as Tricia Helfer’s Killer Women will fill those midseason gaps.) The new reality series The Quest, meanwhile, will at least temporarily replace Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (Thursdays at 8) starting Jan. 2, while Resurrection will take over for Betrayal (Sundays at 10) on March 9.

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  1. Just one thing says:

    Interesting that no one brought up Modern Family or Castle. Would have liked to hear insight or praise about either of those shows.

  2. Guest says:

    Any comment on the mess Castle devolved into with its last 3 episodes?

  3. Cdeno says:

    That’s it? Thought the TCA’s gave more in depth interviews and stuff. Is ABCmot doing P

  4. Andrea says:

    I’m very glad to hear that the Initiative will be no more. Season 2 was more complicated, and I almost gave up on the show. Nolan kept me hanging on, but I hope we get back to the vibe of S1. I enjoyed that much more.

    As for Nashville, yuck to anything to do with Rayna and Deacon. I believe that Connie’s Emmy nom is in belated recognition of her work on FNL (which I have no problem with), not really for her work as Rayna. The fact that the role is played by Connie is the only saving grace of the character, in my opinion. I think Harden does not have to work as hard to make Juliette likeable as Connie has to in order to make Rayna marginally palatable.

  5. Maki says:

    Glad they will take a step back on Revenge. The story got really messy with no developmebt till the final.

    Grey’s can still keep be a guilty pleasure but they should enroll some major love arc, cause it’s hurtful to see this characters suffer . Shonda knows hot to do this and I believe she can keep the story rolling.

  6. Boiler says:

    Thought the purpose of good lead ins was to help a network liked show that may not do as well on its own. So I am thinking they didn’t like Happy endings given the garbage tried after Modern Family last season. Still think this guy is an idiot although I watch alot of ABC

    • Dave says:

      Do the execs at ABC not realize that no other show has been able to hold onto as much of the Modern Family audience as Happy Endings did? They are complete fools for ever moving it out of that timeslot.

  7. StormCrow says:

    Is Jan. 2 really the premiere date of The Quest? Because OuatiW begins on Oct. 10 and even without any breaks at all, it would only be possible to air 12 episodes but there are supposed to be 13+. I think there’s been a mistake here.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Jan. 2 is the announced premiere date for THE QUEST.

    • Thom says:

      Wonderland would air around 10-12 episodes in the fall, break until around March-ish, and then resume until May. The Quest will fill the 3-month gap. I thought the article made that pretty clear.

      • StormCrow says:

        According to Hollywood Reporter, Wonderland will have its season finale before The Quest premieres but I don’t know how that is possible when its Wonderland has 13+ episodes but only 12 weeks to air them between Oct. 10 and Jan. 2. I’m just confused because I don’t know what to believe.
        Also, the article says nothing about Wonderland being part of the split-schedule.

  8. NOT a fan of extended mid season breaks!

    • johnhelvete says:

      There were a lot of fans who weren’t happy with the new episode, two repeats or not on due to specials, two or three episodes in a row, than another two weeks of repeats etc etc scheduling in the fall either.

      Also read that a few of the shows might be doing two major storylines, with the first storyline timed to end at the winter break.

    • Sara says:

      I’m very happy with the extended mid season break if it means we won’t have the mess of a scheduling we had this year. We had more repeats than new ones between Jan-Mar or Apr

    • steven says:

      At least Once Upon a Time won’t have to be up against any more awards shows.

    • Eric says:

      Why? You may have to wait a little bit longer for the shows to come back, but at least we get new episodes every week instead of having 2 episodes and then a 2-3 week break and then it comes back for an episode or two to go off again for another 2 weeks. The new schedule is SO much better. I highly prefer it and wish the other networks would follow. I’d rather have a long winter break than the ridiculous amount of 1, 2, and 3 weeks breaks in between episodes.

    • A says:

      I’d take a long midseason break over constant delays and reruns every other week any day. I’m so glad they seem to be putting this effort to have these shows air consistently each week.

  9. Austin says:

    This is great to here that ABC is actually listening to the fans. We don’t need breaks between episodes. I’m so happy to here their best shows are going to be repeat-free.

  10. Joni says:

    Castle used to be my favorite show and Nathan m favorite actor until he had the nerve to request four days a week work week. What an embarresing mess! He seemed so much more down to earth than that. Also annoying we never really got clarification on what the hell happened. Well I certainly for one will not be watching a show that will pay that mans ego. I’m out, so are all my friends and family RIP castle

    • Stewie22 says:

      I’m with you! I can PROUDLY say my friends and I are boycotting castle this season because if that jerk. If I have to work a 5 day (or more!) work week, so should you a$$hole. And u probably great 30 times more a week than me. Eff him seriously

      • johnhelvete says:

        Seems a little stupid to boycott a show based on one story which may or not have been true. There are plenty of shows where actors don’t work 5 days a week, are you going to boycott those shows as well?

        • Yeahcanwe says:

          Well that’s the point I’m trying to make entirely. It’s irresponsible of sites like this to post such an incendiary story and never follow it up or give an explanation. If it is just a rumor or twisted somehow, then I need to know then I can watch again. But I refuse to spend my time and money supporting an egotistical lazy actor who’s getting paid millions and doesn’t want to work.nor should any one else and I have no idea what argument u can make for it altho I’m sure the same crazy castle fans who were rude to me for even asking what came of the story will think of some lame excuse

          • johnhelvete says:

            Maybe he was just trying to get the producers to feature Ryan and Esposito a little more and cut down on his scenes per episode, someone in the industry suggested that what he was doing is code for “put me in fewer scenes”. I wouldn’t blame Fillion for wanting to be in 80& of the scenes instead of 90% of the scenes per episode. Mariska Hargitay probably films all her scenes in four days a week and that was never made into a huge deal.

          • ImissLost says:

            LOL I hear ya I’m with u I’m not supporting the show anymore either because of that. I hope the ratings tank. Then hey, guess what Nathan! Then u won’t have to work any days of the week! Sheesh what a piece of work. Oh and don’t worry if some of the castle fans were rude to u on the Internet. Judging from the fan base it was probably a frustrated horny housewife clutching 50 shades of grey in one hand and typing in the other while she drank wine secretly out of her kids sippy cup. That or a 12 yr old girl. Sheesh I don’t know what’s worse haha. Either way dont sweat it

        • Mary says:

          For me, boycoting a show based on something you don´t know if it´s true or that you don´t know the story behind it, is more than a little stupid, it´s beyond stupid! But hey, to anyone it´s own!

    • A says:

      Why boycott a show based on something that you really have NO idea about? First of all, this issue of his contract dispute/request for less work days or whatever it was is a matter between employer and employee. It should have no effect on you whatsoever. Castle is a TV show and we watch the show for the characters and the story not the behind the scenes issues. If Nathan was portraying Castle any less better than he already was or if he was deviating from the writing or making the behind the scenes issues come to light on the screen and it was affecting his acting, then you should have an issue with continuing to watch the show. However, you have not seen the new season and like you said we have not received clarification of what happened (and to be truly honest, they do not to clarify anything to you about what happened if they don’t want to because it is an internal business issue). As long as it has been resolved internally and it is not affecting the end product, I don’t understand why make a big thing out of it.

    • Kim says:

      I read somewhere that if they work 5 days because of union stuff because they don’t work Saturday, in theory they can keep Friday night going until 0700ish, and make the actors do like 18 hour days- on top of working 12 hour days the rest of the week. So that’s 4 12s (48 hours) plus the 18. That’s a 66 hour work week for cast and crew, plus then you are working until 0700 Saturday morning, so all you want to do is crash/sleep all day Saturday. You get 1 Sunday to be with your family or friends, then back at 0600 to work the next day. And some days I think during the week they can go longer than 12 hours. Mind you this is for the crew union. So he sounds like an tushy hole, but reality he maybe saying this to get the crew more time off. That’s how I read it when it was all going down. The stage hands, lighting guys, camera people, the hundreds of people that work on a t.v. show make a lot less than the “cast” and get crappy days off and work schedules…

      • liz says:

        Good point! And there’s a lot of research saying that a 4 day work week is better for everyone and considerably more productive than a 5 day one. Many businesses are starting to adopt it; longer work days, less days. Some companies have even shifted to 3-day work weeks and have multiple shifts so they can be running 24/7 and actually create more jobs as a result.

        • anon says:

          Don’t be so silly…the actors union and crew union don’t work like that they aren’t the same…nathan only cares about his own contract…every actor on tv has to be available to work a 5 day. it is how it works to get the work done…trying to fit a tv drama into a 4 day week is just ridic thought and result in a 20 hour day…why nathan fillion thinks it is ok for him to work a 4 day week and probably for more money, and the others have to work or be available for a 5 day week is beyond a douche move…suck it up…it’s the crew who work the hardest and the longest hours, they don’t get to lounge in their fancy trailers between set ups and playing video games between set up cos guess what? they are setting up the next shot …if nathan didn’t want so many hours then he shouldn’t of taken a lead title role for the big bucks and instead took on a character 4th on the call sheet…this idol worship of nathan fillion is the reason why his ego has gotten out of control and thinking he can make douche move demands….not showing up for work is poor form and shows a total lack of respect for his job and the people he works with….its a big no in the industry to pull a stunt like he did…you don’t do that unless you are dead, sick or have a death in the family..geesh.

          • wire says:

            Why then Mariska Hargitay, Patrick Dempsey, Steve Carell and Simon Baker work 4 days and had it added in their contracts? (I know it for sure about the first 3 and saw people mention Baker a lot too). Guess they’re all assholes too. Actors do walk offs from sets when negotiating contracts, sometimes public never learns about it, other times it’s well publicized (Modern Family). It’s not as black and white as you like to think. Compromises are made, they are made in private as it should be unless the other side wants jealous anons like yourself to come online and bash some poor schmuck who happens to be famous. Which was clearly the intention behind that leak. And you are here to oblige lol.

            “Idol worship” has its place here, and blind hatred of anyone famous, or Fillion in particular, has its place too. You clearly despise the guy and build your theories on that feeling. Other people like him and prefer to give him the benefit of the doubt, at the very least. I am not a huge fan and don’t know everything about him like some people, but I hang out in fandoms and read stuff online, and I can assure you that your notion about Fillion’s “ego” and other supposed disgusting qualities is way off the mark. In fact he is constantly called one of the nicest people in Hollywood, by his peers, cast and crew mates, and fans alike. You of course have every right to despise him but making it out to be a well known fact, like he’s a known douche, is just wrong. That’s why I say – there are no facts, no details, no context to pass judgment here. I would say that about anyone in similar circumstances, but doubly so about Nathan Fillion who has an excellent reputation otherwise.

    • youguysaresostupid says:

      oh my god?? what’s all this nonsense on how “if i work 5 days a week then so should he because he earns way more than me” IF YOU GUYS THINK that’s a viable way of thinking then Nathan is damn right: there are other ABC actors that work 4 days a week and make 5 times his salary per ep

      • Just one thing says:

        Those other shows also have the ratings and ensemble cast to support that demand. Castle has never been a ratings juggernaut like Greys, The Mentalist or even SVU. And I bet the actors who now work 4 days a week likely negotiated that change after six seasons, not before.

        • higgins says:

          5 seasons is usually the standard for renegotiating contracts because it’s when the show goes into syndication. And if Baker really works 4 days (and ASFAIK has one of the best contracts in the biz) then yeah, it’s totally doable. Because that show is even less ensemble than Castle and is way more focused on one lead (Baker).

  11. Yeahcanwe says:

    Phew glad I’m not the only one that thinks this! These insane castle fans here jumped down my throat for even bringing it up a few days ago. I was shocked and appalled when I read that news story. It was also very irresponsible journalism for sites to not find out about the resolution and report it. The Abc pres could have cleared the air here but he deflected. I guess Nathan really does suck then or he woulda made a better statement. I won’t be watching the new season until I hear a definitive reason and report on exactly what te resolution was.

  12. xx says:

    Take the apostrophe out of seasons in the “planning a number of [season’s] out.” Not how you pluralize

  13. Andrea says:

    Some of you guys are so dramatic and obviously don’t follow Matt on twitter. He was on the set of Castle on Friday. And guess who he interviewed? Nathan, Stana and Seamus. Yes, that’s right Nathan…working on a Friday. None of you will ever really know why he didn’t show up that day, all anyone had was one little blurb on a few sites that all said the same thing. You all act like Nathan is the first actor to ever have a contract dispute. Guess what? He’s not.

    • Yeacanwe says:

      No way, I draw the line here. All actors make an insane amount of money, and a lot of times they will have a dispute over money. It happens. But to want to work LESS and get paid millions, i just wont stand for it. Also, plenty of the hardworking people had to suffer because he didnt show up. You dont think of the grips, the PAs, the audio guys, etc that get paid very little to do this and their job suffers when the lead actor was a temper tantrum because he doesnt want to get up before noon on Fridays. thats absolutely no over dramatic for me to be pissed that an actor would do that.

      • Darksiders says:

        I agree with Yeahcanwe. Its just as overdramatic for you to be like “OMG HES 100% RIGHT HES NOT THE FIRST!!” he came off as a whiny ungrateful baby and needed to release a public apology/explanation of his actions. He did not. I lost respect for him. I don’t want to watch the show anymore. Bottom Line. It seems like Im not the only one who feels this way..

        • johnhelvete says:

          Since when did Nathan Fillion turn into Charlie Sheen?? I am really blown away by these comments. For all you know the man might have cancer or something and does not want to release the information to the world.

          • A says:

            Thank you. Someone who is thinking clearly. These people are jumping to conclusions based on facts they DON’T have. They don’t know this man personally. They don’t know the entire situation. TVLine and Deadline shouldn’t have reported this story unless they had concrete statements from official authorities on this matter. Their posting of the story only served to rile up random people who immediately jump to conclusions on everything without knowing the facts.

        • funk says:

          Since when someone whose personal, private info got leaked to the public needs to write apologies? This is a really warped way of thinking. Guess if someone is taped while in the bathroom and then the tape is leaked online, they need to apologize too. Because contract dealings are sort of like that. They are not supposed to be publicized. Unless, of course, someone wants to get more leverage in negotiations, or just make their opponent’s life miserable. One can always rely on public to make someone miserable, heh.

      • Andrea says:

        Except none of those people actually suffered. Go look at tweets from other people involved in the show, the art department etc. They clearly tweeted on that Friday and showed other people working. The story was obviously exaggerated. You’re judging someone, you don’t even know, based on a one sided story. He could have been doing something for all the cast and crew for all you know. Judging based on a one sided story is wrong.

      • g says:

        no one suffered, everyone who shows up on set gets payed unless the studio wants to have words with their union. And I doubt they weren’t warned. the only one who could lose money on this is the studio, and even that is not a fact if they knew beforehand. but the crew has to be paid whoever shows up or not.

      • AbAlSy says:

        Most people commenting about Nathan skipping the shoot of Castle for one day seem to begrudge the fact the he earns more money than themselves, or some of their family members, or the unit hands (crew) on the shoot (of Castle).
        Yes, it is true that Nathan does earn atleast 10x more than most of us do. It is equally true that there are other actors who earn 4-5x times of what Nathan does. And everyone who’s worked with Nathan speak highly of him.
        With new cast-members being included, it looks very likely that Beckett will be taking the job in D.C. Which would obviously mean that screen time of Nathan (specifically) is bound to come down.
        So, it could just be Nathan wanting the scheduling of the shoot to be streamlined, so that he can get a day off, without the rest of the cast and crew being affected.
        What should be more of a concern is that Nathan’s interest seems to be waning off in Castle (which could be a part-reason for him not clarifying).
        Finally, how anyone can decide to not watch the show any more because Nathan got a raise, or an extra day off, or both, is something I just cant understand. You may have a personal dislike for Nathan, but you cannot put the blame entirely on him, not till the entire story is known. And so far, neither party seems interested in discussing this in public.

    • Kim says:

      Exactly. Whatever the issue was, it has clearly been resolved. If people are waiting for an explanation, I have a feeling they’re going to be disappointed. Since ABC hasn’t said anything about what happened, it’s doubtful they will. Whatever happened is a private matter that they don’t feel the need to share. And like you said, there was barely any information about it, and what info there was, was all the same. Everything that I’ve heard about Nathan from other people that have worked with him (actors/actresses/directors, etc, via interviews and articles) have indicated that he is the exact opposite of lazy or egotistical. I heard recently that at the Nerd HQ panel at Comic Con, a woman in the audience said she had her wallet stolen with all of her money and Nathan pulled out his own wallet and gave her all of the money he had on him so she could at least buy herself a few meals. That doesn’t sound like an egotistical actor to me. Maybe we should all withhold judgment since no one knows the whole story. And even if the story is true, then he made a mistake. Are actors not allowed to do that anymore? No one is perfect, not even those skewering him online based on a story that no one knows all the details of. I’m not saying Nathan is a saint. But I think considering the great things said about him before this incident, that he deserves the benefit of the doubt. (And as a side note: An actor on a popular TV show admitted to having an affair on his pregnant wife a few years ago. I might be in the minority here, but that offends me far more than whatever happened with Nathan on that one Friday.)

      • Darksiders says:

        But its not a private matter. It was made public, very public. Thusly, they seriously need to address it instead of pretending nothing happened. Hey, I get it. I heard hes a nice guy too thats why im so disgusted by that story and the lack of followup to it, and again, judging from these comments, im not the only one. Look, am i going to hold a public boycott and start a petition or something? No. And im sure plenty of ppl will still watch the show. But did this whole incident leave a very bad taste in my mouth? Yes, absolutely. so much so that i truly have lost interest in the show. Like the above poster said, they DO owe us an explanation, it is not a private matter, and i feel jerked around that it is swept under the rug. i wont watch until i have resolution.

        • Kim says:

          I’m sorry you feel that way about the show. I understand the disappointment. But I just don’t see the need to say horrible things about the man without knowing the whole story. That’s all. And yes, it was made public. But not by ABC. It was made public by unnamed sources and sites like Deadline and TVLine decided to run with it. It the original article, ABC wasn’t quoted as saying anything. And if it is a contract issue, they may feel like that isn’t any business of the fans. And that’s their right. And Nathan’s lack of a public apology might be due to ABC asking him (as well as everyone associated with the show) not to say anything about what happened. No one knows what the real story is. The article also said that it was “likely” Nathan’s absence was due to contract issues. It never said it was definitely because of contact issues. I’m not trying to argue with you or anything. And I hope you don’t feel like I’m attacking you, because that is so far from my intention. I’m just the type of person that doesn’t convict people without having all the facts. And in this case, we don’t.

          • Darksiders says:

            No, I totally get it. And i dont feel attacked at all! i think it was the above poster who said he/she might have made comments on an earlier post and people jumped down their throat. i dont feel attacked and i can take it if i was :) hehe.

            I guess whats most frustrating for me is a lack of statement. lets say ur right and it wasnt even a contract dispute. Hell, lets say he genuinely had the flu. ABC 100% should have released a statement saying, “Theres been rumors around the Internet that an incident happened, we’re here to say its not true” etc. the end. Out of respect for this man’s integrity they should have.

            I feel the same with Paul Lee right now as well. Deflecting didnt do much for me now. Oh well, i dont know maybe i will feel better when the show starts airing, but yes i will admit it left a really bad taste in my mouth, like i said.

          • Darksiders says:

            Oh and ur talking about Brothers and Sisters right? haha i do agree that was much worse, but look what happened to him? dumped from the show!

          • Kim says:

            Darksiders- It won’t let me respond to your last comment directly! Well, I’m relieved you don’t feel attacked! Sometimes fans can get a little defensive and then things can just get seriously out of hand, which is why I rarely ever post. But thanks for the discussion! :) It’s nice to be able to discuss things without insults and such the like.

            I agree. If it was the flu, ABC should’ve said something. I’m sure they know that his image is taking a hit. If it was nothing, they should say that. If it was contract issues, and they resolved the issue behind closed doors, they may feel like there’s no need to further bring it up. It could be that by them moving on, they just assume the fans will. Which clearly isn’t happening. I don’t know what happened and I know even less about how they decided to handle the backlash. I’m not sure I understand why they’re choosing this road in the aftermath, but that’s probably why I don’t run a lucrative TV production company. :)

            And no, it wasn’t Brothers & Sisters, though I wish I had remembered that! It was Bones. And it was with one of Tiger Woods’ former mistresses. I stopped watching but considering how well the show is doing based on articles I’ve read, it seems not a lot of viewers were all that offended.

          • Darksiders says:

            Weird its not letting me respond to u either! Ahhh yes hahah Bones i forgot about that one!! yah good point hahah im not even gonna go there for fear of being flamed haha. yes i guess to sum up, i dont think the parties are handling the situation well and maybe ur right maybe they just think everyone will forget it. i havent yet, but maybe in time itll happen? i just wish they took another route because yes his image clearly took a hit.

          • Kim says:

            Darksiders- I don’t think it was handled well by either party, too. Sometimes no matter what decision is made, it’s always going to be wrong, so choosing the lesser of two evils is the only way to go. There probably would’ve been backlash regardless of what they chose to do, so maybe in staying silent, ABC thought people would move on since there’s more going on in the world that deserves people’s attention. But I don’t understand it either.

            Well, I hope you someday get passed it. And as much as I would be disappointed that you didn’t, life is too short to do something that doesn’t make you happy. So I hope you that if you decide not to watch anymore, you find a show that entertains you and makes you happy. :)

            And yeah. I don’t want to get flamed either, so I won’t be saying anything else about Bones. I’ve learned my lesson on that front.

          • Meg says:

            As a long time fan of ABC soaps, their general line with any contract issues is “We do not comment on contract status” or something along those lines. I would assume they would keep the same policy for their primetime actors.

          • anon says:

            @kim that’s because if the American public were to get offended everytime a story breaks about the private life of a famous person then they would have a VERY limited choice in what tv show, sports broadcast, news outlet, choice of music or movie to tune into……NEWS FLASH: celebs/actors/sports stars/musicans/movie stars etc. stepping out on their partners has been happening since the inception of their chosen career…but many are still standing, still win awards, still have a careers because unless the scandal involves a hideous crime, people will still tune in and forget (unless some bottom feeder commenter reminds everyone to point score and deflect) and people move on from old news…maybe you should too.

          • Kim says:

            I’m sorry Anon, like you’ve clearly moved on about whatever may or may not have happened on set with Nathan Fillion? Because you seem to keep commenting on this article about it. I simply mentioned that there are other reasons, factual reasons since the actor in question admitted the affair, to stop watching a show that are more offensive than whatever Nathan Fillion may or may not have done. I’m sorry if my bringing that up bothers you, but the reason people avoid posting their opinions is because anonymous posters start name calling and things degenerate from there. I’m not a bottom feeder, as you so eloquently stated. But if I was, I would be in your delightful company since you seem to enjoy reminding people that Nathan Fillion is a “douchebag” for what he did. And yes, people cheat. That doesn’t make it right. I’ve witnessed what cheating can do to people first hand, so I simply decided to no longer watch the show. That’s all. Which is my choice. If you don’t want to watch Castle any more, that’s your choice. But is it really necessary to inject yourself into a civil conversation and start name calling? What does that solve? But thank you for reminding me why I never post anymore. Have a wonderful day, Anon.

          • Darksiders says:

            Ugh well Kim we warned each other about getting flamed for bringing this up with the actors leaving their spouses hehe :) take it in stride.

          • Kim says:

            LOL…yes we did, Darksiders. And I don’t know if my post is really “taking it in stride”, but someone inserting themselves into a lovely and civil discussion to start name calling, really stuck in my craw. So again, I apologize if I’ve offended anyone. But I felt like I had to defend myself. And after what was said, I really wanted to have the last word. ;) I will gladly discuss Castle or any other show you, Darksiders. Otherwise, I think I’ll repress the urge to comment ever again. :)

      • JAY says:

        He did that to clean his image please..

        • sara. says:

          ya that was porbably calculated to make him look better after all this went down

        • Kim says:

          Well, then he picked a poor venue for it. It’s not like an article was written up on a site like this about it. I believe it was just a fan forum and they were the ones talking about it and posting clips to social media sites. If he really wanted to clean his image, he went about it the wrong way since it didn’t get him any actual press. His image is still taking a hit. It seemed pretty genuine from all accounts.

          • Darksiders says:

            Ya i agree with you on this! Kind of diabolical to be THAT calculated. I mean, by that logic, was the woman a plant? a hired extra?

          • Kim says:

            Darksiders- She was a foreign spy. ;) And I wish I could like your post. Because the word diabolical is just not used enough these days.

          • DMF4 says:

            Really guys judging a man you don’t even know because of something happened that you have no elaborate details on? How does that make sense?
            Its ok if you want to stop watching the show. Its your choice. But going on about it doesnt really help or solve anything? Lets just calm down and let it rest.

          • Icydevil says:

            I agree and the thing is Stana works equal even more hours even Jon and Seamus somedays work the same time. Nathan Fillion’s demand to work 4 days was an insult to not only us Castle die hard fans but to his co-stars as well and mind you he gets about $100,000+ per episode and his co-stars get less than him.

            However, just to say that some people won’t watch the show because of the stunt he pulled is also unfair. Think about the crew who works more than any of these actors and don’t even get half them. I’d be watching this show under protest and for all the unsung heroes that work so hard to make Castle such a great show.

        • g says:

          that’s funny, Fillion is known for doing such things. Like when a fan convention was canceled by its organizers after all the fans already were there, he learned about that, flew from another city and showed up anyway, called up other cast members, and basically made those fans lives. there are countless stories about how kind and awesome he is. now, I’m not saying he’s a saint and doesn’t make mistakes but you make it sound like he’s some charlie sheen when it’s the opposite. guess he was “cleaning his image” his whole life just for this occasion. you should learn something first about a person you’re going to bash.

      • anon says:

        I would be a lot more impressed it fillion pulled out his wallet and paid the crew, cast and any other organisation or person who lost money by his no show douche move on set that day…..cos believe me doing something like that affects many many people.

      • funk says:

        It’s too funny how many people are feeling butthurt about an actor who may or may not have done something or other to achieve an undefined goal for god knows what reason. And everyone has an opinion on this crystal clear story :)! You can always count on people finding ways to gossip, assume and pass judgment, facts or not LOL.

      • funk says:

        It’s too funny how many people are feeling butthurt about an actor who may or may not done something or other to achieve an undefined goal for god knows what reason. And the most remarkable thing, everyone has an opinion on this crystal clear story :) ! One can always count on humans finding ways to gossip, assume and judge their fellow humans LOL.

        • funk says:

          *apologies for double post, it didn’t appear the first time. But always helpful to get your point across twice :)

  14. trainwreck says:

    I for one am super happy about the possibility of Grey’s Anatomy being watched and wanted even after 10 seasons! Cant imagine mylife without it #INeedARealLife!

  15. Rachel Heck says:

    I guess ABC didn’t get the memo from all the ticked off NBC fans last season when they had the extended hiatus in the middle of the seasons, since it sounds like they are going to copy the same model. Boo!!

  16. paula says:

    I’m looking forward to Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, and more Castle, Dancing, and Scandal. Oh, and Supernatural, but that one wasn’t in the article. The others I’m not to interested in.

  17. Justin says:

    Should’ve done the split-season thingy back when Desperate Houseives was on the air or when Revenge was in its first season. But I guess better late than never, eh? Grey’s season 9 will be Scrubs seadon 9 or Two and A Half Men season 14 i.e. they’ll sequeeze a season or 2 without the stars and go out on a limp. Better go out on top, Shonda. This is/was your only hit . (Scandal will fizzle soon.)

    Excited about Revenge, if it could become as great as season 1. The rest…

    • TBH says:

      Scandal has already had two very successful seasons, making it a hit show also. Don’t forget Private Practice which went for 5 seasons, which is also considered a success so you can hardly call grey’s Shonda’s ‘only’ hit.

    • A says:

      Scandal is flourishing right now with two Emmy nominations and the increase in ratings this past season. Plus, the show has been generating extreme buzz and has been addicting to many fans. Also, like TBH said, Private Practice went on for 6 seasons. I’d say Shonda’s three shows have been and continue to be quite successful.

    • Justin says:

      Private Practice was a “spin-off” of the real hit. AND it leeched off of said hit for most of its run, when it had it sink or swim on its own it sank and it sank hard. Scandal, too, was launched out of Grey’s (and had a very mediocre first season, btw, ratings-wise), still riding on it, and still isn’t a proven hit, as it only surged less than one full season ago. Even then, Grey’s will STILL be the tentpole of Shondaland, and she’s yet to come up with something that’ll match its longevity and (relative) ratings power.

      • Kaycee says:

        @Justin – you did not watch Private Practice from episode 1 until the final episode because if you did then you’d know that PP did NOT leach off of GA for most of it’s run. I was a fan from day one until it ended and very few times did it “leach” off of GA. Six seasons hardly makes it mediocre.

  18. tiffany says:

    Paul Lee if ABC is a chicken. He is the boss of ABC Primetime and he is afraid of Shondra. That’s SAD. So no one should worry there will be an 11 season of Grey’s. ABC is so desperate and just gave Ellen, Patrick and Oh a blank Check to get whatever they want and how much they want. Grey’s is like a cockroach you can’t kill it if you tried. It want be the only thing standing after major disaster.

    • A says:

      I really don’t think you should take his comment so literally. For me, when I read it, it came across as a joke. Clearly, there is a hierarchy and should he want to cancel the show he could do so at anytime, however, the statement seemed more of something that someone would say about a close friend or colleague. Also, there’s no reason why they should end the show since it was one of the highest rated dramas last season and is still quite successful after 9 seasons with a loyal viewing audience. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

      • tiffany says:

        They broke it at the end of 8 season. Besides everybody should know now it’s about the money not the fans now.

  19. Glad the Initiative will be gone for season 3 of Revenge, that story had run its course. Can’t wait for it to start back! How come no scoop on Scandal???

  20. Patty says:

    I’m really sad about how Nashville had such potential but turned into the stereotype. I don’t know if I really want to watch Season 2.

  21. Gokce Sargut says:

    For whom exactly was Revenge complicated?!