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Castle Scoop: Meet the 12th's New Go-Getter

Castle Season 6 Cast Joshua BittonCastle‘s 12th precinct is fortifying its ranks as Season 6 opens, with the addition of an ambitious new crimesolver.

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TVLine has learned that Joshua Bitton has been recruited to guest-star in multiple episodes as Grant “Sully” Sullivan, a new detective who is trying to prove himself at the 12th Precinct.

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Bitton’s TV credits include appearances on Vegas, Private Practice, Justified and the HBO miniseries The Pacific, where he played Sgt. J.P. Morgan.

Castle returns with its new season on Monday, Sept. 23.

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  1. Shannon says:

    Can Marlowe write for the characters already on canvas, please? 5 seasons in and Lanie still doesn’t have a back story nor has the character had a centric episode.

    • Annie says:

      There are a lot of reasons for long-time fans to be concerned about this coming season. This is just one more.

      • Sean says:

        I have been watching since episode 1 of S1 and i’m not concerned AT ALL. Why are people flipping out? Like. Seriously. We get announcement of guest stars EVERY season, some listed for multi episodes and only stick around for 1 (here’s looking at you Limey) and some stick around for more than 1 (here’s looking at Demming, Josh, Gina, Sophia, Shaw, and the other 2 parters) and some come back…

        So Beckett goes to DC. She will no dount return just like we knew she’d live after being shot and that Castle wouldn’t be killed in Paris. If you’re a fan of this show history should tell you by the end of the 1st episode of each season Castle and Beckett make up and life moves on. Forgive me if I am not worried about them as an engaged couple and 3 or 4 episodes of a shake up that probably will end up strenghthening thdir relationship and giving Ryan and Espo something different to do with the new characters coming into the picture.

        I seriously want to yell stop b!tching over possibly nothing to some fans. Caskett may break up in S10. I don’t know yet if that will even happen, so i’m not going to stress ovef it.

        Some fans are so nuerotic, not passionate. Castle may fart in episode 5, but I won’t accuse him of being disgusting until I see it.

        Beckett suddenly doesn’t love Castle if she goes to DC. What if you know as a couple they decided TOGETHER for her to go to DC?

        What’s so effing hard about looking on the bright side? Why predict doom and gloom? The show is going up some new competition and has to shake it up some, but who seriously believe we won’t see Castle and Beckett won’t be couple or solving crimes together for the next 24 episodes? I have an old car with 200k miles on it that i’m trying to sell for $10K. I think some of you are foolish enough to buy it.

        Spoilers amd casting spoilers do not tell an entire story. Watershed ended on a cliffhanger. We’re supposed to think it’s possible Beckett says yes to DC and no to Castle, but if you follow the story you’ll find that a yes to Castle and by the end of the arc a NO to DC is more likely to happen than Castle changing its entire premise in S6.

        Marlowe didn’t become successful for being stupid. I also want to remind shippers that there’s 15 million other viewers who don’t watch just for romance. I am a shipper, but I love all the characters and dynamics and the cases and how they are solved and even love what the guest stars bring to the show.

        I am sooooo glad you guys DO NOT write for this show. It’d be canceled due to too much sugar and not enough spice. There’s always Disney. I think it’s time for some of you to change the channel. This is a grown up show and we sometimes eff up in life and have tough decisions to make that we sometimes don’t always get right, but in time hopefully we learn from our mistakes and grow from them.

        I find Marlowe’s vision to be more realistic than some fans’ vision. He knows these characters better than we do and not even fan fiction is needed for me when it comes to this show.

        I am sooo looking forward to this upcoming season! All of those predicting the entire season… seriously… do you hear yourselves?

    • Alan says:

      she is the medical examiner, not exactly the most important or exciting job in the cast, i cant blame the writers (yes plural there are more people than just marlowe working on the show that you could complain about) for focusing on the more interesting stuff.

      • Shannon says:

        Well if that’s the case than Marlowe should stop saying at the start of every season that there will be a Lanie arc. Flat out say that the character doesn’t need one or he has no interest in flushing her out other than being the M.E and Beckett ear [only when their a big season finales b.c otherwise their not best friends].

        Also Marlowe is the creator, exec. producer, writer, and showrunner. The latter means that all ideas & final decisions on everything fall at his feet. All final decisions are his. If he said this is what I want and another writer writes it, he has final say on the final script.

      • LeighLee says:

        An episode about Lanie would be much more interesting than the Ryan-centric eps they’ve done.

    • Gigi says:

      I totally agree. I would love to hear Lanie say more than, “I’ll know more when I get him/her back to the lab.” Also whoever does her hair and make-up should be fired. The colors are all wrong for her complexion and she looks much better when her hair is more on the short side.

  2. JAA says:

    Not interested in seeing more guest stars, write for the regulars

  3. Yeahcanwe says:

    Whatever happened with Nathan Fillion skipping work because he wanted a 4 day work week? I swear, after that stroy broke we never heard anything on it again. I’m assuming he went back to work? Did he get what he wanted? What are we missing here please someone fill in.

    • gg says:

      You probably missed it in the original story, that it was only one day and after that all seemingly returned to normal. Actually the story was posted several days after the fact. Which makes me think it was intentionally leaked by the other side (the network or whoever benefited from this). I doubt we’ll hear about it, unless they still haven’t come to an agreement. Then it’s anybody’s guess.

  4. leigh says:

    Wow. Such bitterness so early in the morning. Season six will be “complicated.” Lets see what happens before all the Negative Nancy’s come out.

    And I’d like to see lanie’s backstory too please.

    • Shannon says:

      Personally I’m not being bitter, just simple stating an opinion and one that’s been echoed by some fans already.
      With this fandom people are forever being accused of being negative or not a “real” fan when they don’t praise every single thing Marlowe & his team do. It’s fine, I’ll be called that b.c I won’t just sit and take everything Marlowe & his team shell out.
      “Trust In Marlowe” is the phrase used when fans express their dislike of something on Castle. Nope. I say “You Trust In Marlowe” I don’t trust in any showrunner that much.
      Telling fans that they don’t see C/B kissing is b.c a couple deserves their privacy? Please. No. Not when 10+ million viewers a week. Another excuse for not showing the love & intimacy (not sex) between these characters who he TALKS about their love a lot. Yeah, I’d rather see it.
      I know Marlowe & Terri (his wife) like to say Castle is somewhat inspired by The Thin Man, which is fine but they don’t have to be act like this is still the 1930s.

      A frustrated fan.

      • D-fm says:

        I get the frustration. But honestly he’s the creator of the show; its his version of the story. We have no input in it. we cant tell him how we’d like him to write his own show. What we can do is, watch it and form an opinion and then choose whether or not to watch it. That’s how all tv viewing works, i dont think Castle should be any different.

      • Castle Fan says:

        Shannon: You’re knocking something before you even had a chance to see it. I’m not saying “trust Marlowe” (I don’t trust the guy. Not one bit.) But I’m getting a little tired of every time I go on Twitter, Facebook or here or anywhere else in the fandom, I see people Tweeting obnoxious things to the cast and crew because they aren’t liking “the D.C. thing” or “the new characters.” Or the rant and rave in comments about how they’re hating all the new characters and guest actors. Save the b!tching until it airs and then complain that you don’t like it. You’re not giving it a shot. Which me, makes you not a “real fan.” You’re a fair weather fan. Sorry. But that’s truth. A true fan doesn’t rant and rave about the direction before it’s even actually happened. A true fan sticks with the show through thick and thin. Through the good times and the bad. It’s a damn shame that the fandom can’t weed out it’s own messed up, delusional, in need of some outside help to combat their anxiety fans.

        • Shannon says:

          I have watched this show since ep 1; s1 .. I will watch season 6. That does not mean I have to sit quietly and not voice some concern. This is not some kind of a cult where I have to march in line and say yes & it’s great to everything. It’s not going to happen. If that make me a “fair weathered” fan than so be it.
          My complaint about Lanie is valid. Every year before the new season begins we hear about how this season there will be a Lanie centric episode. This may very well be the season but I’m not holding my breath for it because the pattern says it won’t happen.
          The other things I’ve talked about have already happened and thus I have a right to say I didn’t like the way it played out.

          • Fran says:

            I agree with you about Lanie. We know so little about her, it’s ridiculous. I have some problems with the show but it was about not showing Casketts “moments” enough. I actually love the way their relationship is shown. The little gestures of intimacy were fine for me. But I can understand why others don’t feel the same way.

          • gg says:

            I’m with you, Shannon. What is this with “true fans”? I just watch TV, I never went through any kind of Masonic rituals to gain the right to watch this show. I just saw Nathan Fillion again on my screen one day and decided to give it a go. And I actually stopped watching it regularly by the end of season 3 when I thought they started to slip with characters and overall tone of the show. Since then it got only worse, for me. So what, I have no right to voice my opinion because of it? I am polite, I don’t bash anyone personally – creators or actors or fans. I guess I’m good with not being a “true fan”.

          • Krithika says:

            AGREED! Lanie deserves much more than being just an outlet for Kate. I mean, does that girl even have a life outside the morgue or a crime scene?

        • luzmelain says:

          You clearly haven’t been around fandom very long if you don’t think ‘real fans’ don’t bitch. Real fans get invested, get involved, and of course we bitch when we feel the show is heading off its rails. Real fans do stick with the show through thick or thin…that’s why those of us who’ve been unhappy with the last two years are still here. But don’t expect us to sit back and shut up or give up our critical faculties. That’s not love, that’s indifference.

        • LaT says:

          LOL, no. The word “fan” is a diminutive of the word “fanatic” meaning that fans of something are likely to be extremely passionate about and extremely interested in the thing in question. Passion and interest are not required to be wholly positive in nature. It’s possible to be really passionate about and interested in something while _simultaneously_ thinking it could be done/handled better; passion and interest aren’t mutually exclusive of critical thinking. You (you, specifically, ‘Castle fan’) don’t get to police how other people are fans of something. Being critical of a show, being skeptical of the direction in which a show is headed doesn’t make a person less of a fan. It just makes the person a fan who processes their reactions to the show _in a different way from how you do_. That doesn’t make them wrong and you right or vice versa.

      • Worldsoul says:

        Very well said, I completely agree with you.

      • KHorn says:

        Actually Nick and Nora had a much more believable relationship because you could see that each of them considered the other their equal. That is clearly not the case with Castle and Beckett in Season 5.

        • Just one thing says:

          I think Castle and Beckett consider each other equals. They’re just their own worst enemies when it comes to communication. However, when it comes to the deep stuff, they’re in it for each other:
          Castle tried to encourage Beckett when she expressed fears about their relationship multiple times.
          Beckett opened up to Castle and took a dive into their relationship, despite their fears.
          Beckett defended Castle when he was accused of murder and was willing to break him out of prison. Then she changed her long-time Christmas tradition to embrace a new one with Castle.
          Castle and Beckett worked through a minor hiccup in Meredith.
          Castle reserved judgment when Beckett appeared to be going off the rails over Bracken. (Again.)
          Beckett worked tirelessly to help find Alexis, even allowing Castle to torture someone to get information, thus risking her badge.
          Castle’s birthday party. Enough said.
          Castle was willing to die with Beckett when she stepped on a bomb.
          There probably more, but what we can easily see is a pattern where Castle and Beckett come together when it counts, and get in their own ways when fear is involved.
          It’s complex. Sometimes frustrating and even contrived, but I think Castle and Beckett are perfect each other if only for their imperfections.

          • KHorn says:

            I notice you didn’t mention anything from the last three episodes (as they were supposed to air), which supports my point. I agree that early in the season the relationship was portrayed well, but not at the end, now it is clear that Beckett looks down on Castle and feels she should move on. When he’s not in the mood at the same time she is, he’s committed a capital offense and needs to make amends. She shares a drink, intimate conversation and a kiss with a guy she just met, and she doesn’t even feel the need to apologize. Oh and castle feeling jealous, yeah he’s in the wrong there too. In HF she ridicules him several times and of course lies about the job offer then in WS she lies about going to DC never even considers discussing it with the man she supposedly loves and then tells her father in a choice between a job and Castle, she wants the job. She clearly does not see him as an equal in their relationship.

          • Ralph says:

            No, JOT will never say anything against the last three eps. I think Castle would be much better off if he found a woman who wouldn’t lie, cheat and connive the way Beckett does. Then JOT will be happy and so will many of the rest of us.

    • Ralph says:

      See what happens?? Why? We saw the master(Andrew Marlowe) at work last year, especially the last three episodes. How did that work out for ya?

  5. Castle Fan says:

    Okay, just the other day you said Frank. Now you’re saying it’s something else… ???

    Lovin’ this new direction. And yes, will all you negative Nancy’s please stay under your rocks….

    We knew the season was going to be complicated…

    • luzmelain says:

      Leaving room for all you Susie Sheep to continuing baa-ing about Marlowe’s supposed genius, I presume.

    • Ralph says:

      Will you flower sniffing folks go under your rocks. If season six is anything like eps 21,23-24, then there won’t be a season seven. I’m so glad you love the new direction. I hate it!

      • ivan everett says:

        ralph i agree the last few episodes of s5 were not upto standard. the exception was Still, pity it was shown out of sequence. Squab & Quail was the worst ep ever totally unbelievable. Someone of Becketts experience would never get involved. Does NYPD not have a VIP Squad to pander to people like Vaughan. 23 was nearly as bad again totally unbelievable, if the people of the US believe that a could happen, and if its possible to steal a drone from the army – then god help the rest of us. And who knows where they got that Agent supposed to be from the Cream of investigators who has get his crime solved by a Homicide team. Served no purpose except to set up the finale. Thank god Terri Miller has rejoined the writers.
        We might get back to proper Castle a Comedy/Drama procedural, with so much chemistry I will watch Season 6 mostly because i believe it will be the last Season

        • Ralph Kramden says:

          You are probably right, this is the last season. It will definitely be the last one if Marlowe doesn’t turn the ship. Based on his track record, that is a long shot.

  6. Yeahcanwe says:

    I’ll ask again, is Nathan Fillion not going to be in as many episodes this season? It’s extremely irritating to never get an update on that huge development. did he ever, you know, return to set???

    • Castle Fan says:

      um… he’ll be in all the episodes. Maybe just as many scenes — maybe. And it’s really NONE of your business. they can’t talk about it. it’s employee/employer things — i mean if you want us to pry, why don’t u tell us where you work and we can pry into your work relationship… hahahah

    • LeighLee says:

      The original article already told you that he returned to set. Go read it again.

  7. Kim says:

    This guy is obviously taking over Beckett’s spot at the 12th while she’s in DC. After she comes back, he’ll probably leave.

  8. Brenda Dempsey says:

    And who’s gone? Fillion??

  9. D-fm says:

    I honestly dont know how i feel about these new characters. But ill wait till Sept to form my judgement. Im cautiously excited for season six; and maybe that’s a good thing. This way my expectations wont cloud my judgement too much. Ill watch it and then see how i feel. I still cant wait for it to return though! :)

  10. BJ Albrecht says:

    Saw a picture of Nathan Fillion yesterday on Twitter. Looked like a casual picture. He was wearing a ring on his ring finger. What’s up with that?

    • Mary says:

      I remember reading something in some website about him getting married a few months ago…later dito website said it were false rumours, but maybe he really got married?
      About the show, I think the DC arc may be interesting for a few episodes, it´ll be something new; I just don´t want it to last longer because I like the premise as it is…

  11. Tam says:

    I think the biggest frustration of the fandom right now is that all we’re getting is casting news for new characters and guest stars and only a tiny bit of info about the main characters that we love n care and watch the show for. The fandom might even burst if we get another casting news lol Its understandable because its hard to care about this new change in direction without really knowing what it really is. But lets not be so negative about it either. Let’s wait till Sept to watch and then decide :)

    • That is actually my issue. I think that is why the fandom has been so negative and nasty this summer. It seems the show’s focus has shifted to these random new characters and the characters that have made the show have such high ratings are being gutted.

      I don’t care about Lisa Eidelstein and Beckett’s DC storyline. I didn’t wade through four years of will they won’t they with Castle and Beckett, and the contrived drama in the final three eps of season five, to sit and watch Beckett play fed in DC and overcome fake road blocks in her relationship with Castle.

      And really? We need another dude at the 12th sucking up screen time? I think they have done that already with the useless back-story plots for Esposito and Ryan in season five – not to mention that horrid episode of Espoito, Ryan and Caslte dressing up like Elvis in season four.

      No, I watched Castle, supported them through the low ratings, because of the relationship of Castle and Beckett and I am throwing out negativity this summer, before seeing the season six premiere, because I am feeling jerked around as a loyal viewer of the show.

      I don’t trust a show-runner as far as I can throw them and I sue as crap don’t “Trust in Marlowe.”

      I do believe this – keep up with this hack and useless storylines of Beckett in DC and finding ways of keeping Beckett and Castle apart and Marlowe will be looking for a new show to run – because Castle will be canned.

      We can’t do anything about the show’s direction as fans? Um, yes we can… Stop watching and all those high ratings will plummet faster then the temperature in Alaska in winter.

      • Tam says:

        You can completely stop watching if you dont like it. But that we’ll know know in sept, right? Its ridiculous to base complete judgement on these tiny bits of scoops and spoilers. I get the frustration but being negative doesnt help anyone. Think of it this way, if you’re already expecting to hate it then maybe its less likely you’ll be let down and maybe you might find that you like it surprisingly. We cnt do anything about this until Sept, but lets not give into negativity either (which we CAN do) ;)

      • Carl Nesbitt says:

        I totally agree. If it ain’t broke, then don’t fix it.

  12. Tom says:

    Is Marlowe also casting a shark for Castle to jump over on a motorcycle?

    • Christina says:

      THIS. At least your Shark plot gives Castle something to do…

    • luzmelain says:

      And we have been trying to get a glimpse of Beckett on her motorcycle for years. So there’s already one hanging about for Castle to steal….

      • Ralph says:

        In “FLO”, she rides what looks like a small motorcycle or scooter. She isn’t she a hot rider and she would wind up on her fat butt if she rode a Harley like she did that small cycle.

  13. Fran says:

    These are all bit parts, not major characters. There are just quite a few of them. But they’re not main characters so I don’t think its going to take away from Castle or Beckett. As far as not hearing anything about the two main characters -maybe they’re trying to keep things a surprise as long as possible? I don’t know, I just think people read way too much into these things. I will agree that Lanie needs a backstory though. Which brings me to my next point. I guess I’m in the minority here but I don’t watch just to see the relationship between Castle and Kate. I watch for all the characters! I love Espo and Ryan, Martha, Alexis, Lanie, even Gates sometimes. Its the interaction between ALL of the characters that keep me coming back every week. I don’t need to see Caskett kissing every week – I already know they’re in a relationship and the little gestures make it obvious to me. Just my opinion though.

    • Tam says:

      Id just like to tell you that you are not alone in this. :)

    • CJS says:

      Posts like yours are the reason why TVLine needs a “like” feature in the comments section :0
      I agree with you 100%

    • JLynn says:

      I agree with you. I have always enjoyed all of the characters, individually and in how they interact. In season 5 I found the bromance to be more interesting than the romance. But if there is going to be a Caskett romance then I would prefer that it be fun, not the screwed up mess that was the last three episodes of season 5. Castle is not a show of true “relationship reality” so I am not interested in fabricated “complications” that the writers think are necessary. The Caskett relationship that I have seen over the years is that conversation can be much sexier than sex. The lack of conversation in season 5 amplified this; it was a downer for me and took a good bit of the enjoyment out of the series. I look forward to season 6 but not with the excitement of the past. I know that all series’ have their good and bad episodes and Castle is no exception. However, I did not enjoy the slide out of season 5 because I did not like the story, did not entirely understand the story and did not like the psychological profiling I was forced to do just to try to understand the story. Three episodes in a row is 1/8 of the season; no longer just a bad episode but a disturbing trend. For me, season 6 better open well, with involvement and entertainment from all of the regular characters, or my interest will be dramatically diminished.

  14. Sean says:

    And this fandom still whines and complain over ever spoiler. I’m sorry, but some of you disappoint yourselves. Give the show a chance um, well, air tge S6 episodes before you go breaking up Caskett, forcing Ryan and Espo out of the 12th, and having Lisa, Jocko, Yancey, and Stana create their own show. You guys are a trip.

    For all we know this new detective could be a mole Bracken has placed in the precinct to spy on The Fab Four and give us one helluva arc to finish the JB arc or he could be around one or two episodes and then out. Until you watch, you won’t know.

    Hell Beckett may not even accept the DC job and is on a task force that allows her to return to NY. Who the hell knows?

    Give it a chance or turn the channel. Of the 15 million total viewrs, shippers make up a small portion of the audience. Yes. With dvr, they have that many viewers. A few thousand bitching online won’t cancel the show.

    I look forward to S6. Marlowe does WAYYYYY more good than bad and since I enjoy every character and most storylines, no need to dig a grave for the show yet.

    Do some of you hear yourselves?

    We could still get a Lanie or Gates centric episode. Caskett aren’t broken up and will continue to solve crimes together. If you can’t wait a few episodes for things to settle after an arc, then NO you are NOT fans, but fairweather fans and there’e other shows on tv to watch. Go watch something else and stop creating your own show and let things air before predicting the end. Jesus.

    • Becky says:

      Bravo!!!! Agree with every word! Please join us over on the ABC Castle board, sean. Love to have you!

      • Ralph says:

        I was just thinking that is exactly the place Sean belongs. RIght there in the middle of the Beckett butt kissers!

    • Carl Nesbitt says:

      With Season 6 just down the road it will take a couple of episodes to see if the writers can maintain the chemistry of the characters. Adding new faces, new story lines, and the outcome of Castle and Beckett makes for another interesting season. All in all, the show has had a great run and I don’t see why it can’t continue on. In fact, it could easily go a few more seasons how many, that’s up to the writers and the main characters, C & B. and their relationship which is good for the long run. I think Marlowe and company will do the best work in Season 6 and that means a season 7 and so on.

    • Ralph says:

      Sean, I think the last three eps have shot the goodwill that Marlowe might have built. No one really trusts his ideas anymore, thus the angst continues for many of us,

    • Ralph says:

      The only thing I can hear is you.

  15. Just one thing says:

    He’s cute. And I’m assuming he is playing the character they were calling Matt a while back. (Unless that’s Jocko Sims’ character.)
    This season is going to be REALLY interesting. Counting the existing ensemble, there are going to be 13-14 characters to juggle in those first few episodes.
    I’m not sure how time will be spread amongst them all, but I don’t think it’s outrageous to trust the writers know what they’re found. I’m cautiously optimistic.

  16. Barb says:

    Not sure what to think about all these recurring characters. It just seems like too many changes all at once. Hopefully the whole DC portion will finish up in a few episodes.

  17. Ally Kelley says:

    at the 12th Precinct.

  18. april-ann says:

    He’s cute! Sounds like fun.

  19. Sandie says:

    I don’t want to post all negativity here, but one has to admit that Marlow and what they have allowed t leak out is nothing but what they know will cause exactly that. I actually do not think Marlow , or the writers, or the stars really care one little bit about our opinions or feelings on anything. If they did season 5 would not have been such a disappointment. Not sure if season six will allow us to get back into the CASKETT love and interest in happy castle Mondays or not: time will tell. If there is not a lot more castle and Beckett romance this season, ill quit watching. Simple as that. I don’t want or need a show that is this negative to its loyal fandom! If you read any fanfiction or read any discussion boards they are all screaming what we want and Marlow seems determined to go the opposite direction! He’s gonna lose us if he doesn’t come back to the basics and that is so very sad! I’m waiting for the first couple episodes, and if things don’t rectify themselves in that time, I’m done. They should NEVER have let this go this far. I feel cheated out of the relationship fun, the proposal we should have gotten, and now no matter Kate’s answer, we were cheated out of the wonderful situation they should have written. I’m tired of being cheated!

    • Alan says:

      yes people who make money based on people liking their show dont care about public opinion, how obvious this is i cant believe i hadnt thought of it sooner.

    • Castle Fan says:

      Oh yes because horribly written fan fiction is a gauge for what the fans want. I have some swamp land to sell you if you believe that. I give up.

    • Fran says:

      You do realize that there are just as many fans who watch Castle for everyone right? Andrew Marlowe can’t please everyone, so cut him some slack. I guess I’m in the minority, but I don’t watch just to see the relationship between Castle and Kate. I watch for all the characters! I love Espo and Ryan, Martha, Alexis, Lanie, even Gates sometimes. It’s the interaction between ALL of the characters that keep me coming back every week. I don’t need to see Caskett being all romantic every week – I already know they’re in a relationship and the little gestures make it obvious to me. Trust in Marlowe or stop watching because I can tell you aren’t a true Castle fan.

      • Fran Cominsky Henderson says:

        Seriously? Who took most of my previous post, added on a few things that I didnt say, and used my same name? What the heck?!?

    • Ralph says:

      Way to go, Sandie. That is the problem in a nutshell. Marlowe has lost the support of many of his former fans.

  20. Deb Lanham says:

    I think we all watch Castle for our own reasons; crime solving, mystery, romance, bromance, comedy, cast/crew, etc. I just started watching in January and have watched all 5 seasons. Enjoy the writing and understand the Caskett angst as art imitating life. Have I liked every episode, no I haven’t! All in all though I enjoy the balance between drama, romance, and comedy. Most of these new characters I believe will be temporary to Beckett’s DC storyline and since my crystal ball is broken, I guess I’m just going to leave to Andrew Marlowe to tell HIS story. I believe that story will include real growth for Caskett, with both characters facing their flaws and insecurities.

    Bring it on Andrew!

  21. Rick says:

    Simple math. More characters on screen less time for Castle and perhaps Beckett. Since she is in DC with Lisa she probably gets more screen time. Gates will kick Castle out of the 12th. So unless trained homicide detectives (Ryan & Espo) disobey her orders and decide that they need to sneak off and beg Castle for help. Castle has no role at the 12th.

    By the way I love the idea that one fan can write off others fans on this open blog and decide what the party line is. Do we heed to have our opinions checked before we can say that the Beckett of the last 3 episodes is not a woman that any guy should marry. And that those episodes really damaged the believability of Beckett. Bring back the writers of the first 21 episodes.
    More opinions and less hostility otherwise these discussions just change into name calling like most of the net.

  22. jj says:

    Not interested in him or Pi. Please let their stay be short.