Grey's Anatomy Exclusive: Ominous Premiere Title Revealed -- Whose 'Fate' Is In Question?

Grey's Anatomy Season 10Shonda Rhimes and her cryptic, inscrutable episode titles!

TVLine has learned the title of Grey’s Anatomy‘s Season 10 premiere on Sept. 26 and, much like the blackout that rocked Seattle Grace Mercy West in the finale, it’s dark.

According to sources, the first hour of the two-part opener is titled, “Seal Our Fate.”

What does it mean?! Whose fate is sealed?! The Chief’s?!

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As consulting producer Dan Bucatinsky teased to TVLine earlier this week, the premiere — which boasts a guest cast that includes Veronica Cartwright (The X-Files), Bobby Campo (Being Human) and Heather Hemmens (Hellcats) — is alternately “dramatic, emotional and exciting,” with at least part of the super-sized ep focusing on the “aftermath” of Meredith’s turbulent delivery. “She had a rough birth. We’re going to see them in the hospital together and juggling their roles in a major way.”

Theories about the title? Predictions for the premiere? Hit the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Elly says:

    Shonda, s*%}’s gonna get real if you kill off Webber. I’m still recovering from Denny Duquette.

    • Isak says:

      It’s not that I don’t care, but I believe that Chief Webber’s death might actually advance the story in an interesting way. He’s sort of like the Dumbledore of the Grey’s Anatomy universe. Without him, everyone would be kind of lost and that could make for some very interesting storylines.

      • Rook says:

        Agreed, I would like to see how they manage on their own with the chief.

      • Ninna says:

        If he doesn’t get better and assume the command, how will we ever get rid of the incompetent of Hunt? I’m not interested in seeing his pathetic attempts of running the service or his problematic aching ‘uterus’ or seeing him near Cristina again. She deserves better and I want her to find real love besides her scalpel and this comp image Stock of a man.
        I honestly hope Webber doesn’t go. He’s that paternalistic figure that anybody else can provide and always will be ‘the chief’. No one can replace him as we all saw these two last seasons.

      • greysfan says:

        I agree, as much as i think the chief is the rock for all of the characters, his death would have serious repercussions in the hospital and would actually make for some interesting storylines especially with Meredith. He is like a father to her so it would be a huge loss. Can’t wait to see the 2 hour premiere. I’ve been counting down the days since the finale. lol. Just as i have for Scandal.

      • Kel507 says:

        I truly hope he survives. He is the only parental figure Meredith has left and the only one that has driven her to be her best while maintaining a supportive and nurturing way about him. The same could not be said for her mother and her father is horrible. She has suffered too many losses, let her keep the Richard please!!! Just my opinion and feelings :)

    • Xime says:

      I feel the same

    • George, Lexie and Mark meant more to me than Denny.

      • trainwreck says:

        agreed! I though George’s death was the most traumatic one.. but then i didn’t hear “Meant to be” from Lexie’s dying lips *dives for a kleenex EVERYTIME*

    • A says:

      Seriously!! Denny’s death was so tragic. I really can’t deal with losing Webber too. While I was definitely extremely saddened by the deaths of George, Mark and Lexie, Denny’s death for some reason is still among the top saddest but most memorable moments of GA for me. IMO Grey’s second season was its best season and I will never forget the Izzie/Denny story arc. It was really one of, if not, the best moments of this show with amazing acting by Katherine Heigl.
      Shonda better not kill Webber! That’s Bailey’s best friend/mentor and Mer’s only father-like figure in her life right there! His death would devastate the both of them.

      • Elly says:

        Exactly. I think it’s because Jeffrey Dean Morgan just has such a great personality and face and the way he played Denny was just perfection it was hard for everyone not to fall in love with him. Ahh I’m getting all emotional thinking about it.

    • cb says:

      This show has run it’s course. The characters never move on and keep hangin around. Time to dump this show now….

    • dude says:

      Webber’s been pretty useless for years. Wish he went instead of Lexie and Mark.

  2. Kat says:

    Please DON’T kill Chief Webber… :/ I just can’t imagine this show without James Pickens in it… He’s always been there for literally EVERYONE and I love how he literally mentored EVERYONE… and especially in the Season 9 finale he gave everyone good advice. He has become some kind of father figure for Jackson and Miranda and he need to fix their issues. He can’t die without her having the chance to make up with him… +sighs+ I swear, if he’s out too, I’m done wit this show… I was almost done with the show after Mark’s death and didn’t watch for.. .I don’t know how many episodes. Until Matthew appeared. I just tuned in again because I love Justin Bruening so much, although I KNEW he wouldn’t stick around forever, but I just wanted to watch as long as he’s there…
    So maybe it’s not Webber’s but April’s + Matthew’s Fate that’s sealed since obviously she wants Jackson and not him (which is a shame since I think he would have been perfect for her if she had met him a bit earlier…) it might be over… unless Shonda is dragging it out a couple of episodes longer with Jackson not speaking up and telling her what he feels because he thinks she deserves better and should marry Matthew…
    Anyways… I do hope, the storyline between Matthew and April gets wrapped up somehow and he doesn’t “just disappear” like Lauren obviously will, and that Webber will be alive…

  3. hello says:

    Is Lexi alive again, not watching until Lexi is alive again

  4. Aly says:

    Apparently I’m the only one who remembers that James Pickens was part of the majority of the cast that signed contracts for seasons 9 AND 10.

    • Thom says:

      The writers can still write off an actor if they’re on contract. A contract just ensures that the actors cannot leave on their own accord.

    • Kat says:

      That does NOT mean he’s “safe” or can’t die before his contract is over… it wouldn’t be the first time someone gets killed off even though they were signed for one more season, so that doesn’t really “calm” me down.. .I know that he HAS signed for 2 more years, but sometimes producers and writers change their mind… or even actors…

    • Lizy says:

      Webber will not be killed off. He was shown by pic by shondra at the 200th episode reading on twitter. Bam! Haha

  5. raiza says:

    Ominous..ain’t good. Hopefully Webber is alive, but hope it means Calzona is done. Fingers crossed.

    • Sylwek says:

      I can’t agree more. I hope Callie won’t forgive Arizona, cheating wasn’t the worst part, the words she said in the season finale were unforgivable.

      • Babygate says:

        I think Callie should rise above and forgive her and then divorce her. Just because you forgive doesn’t mean that you have to go back to the way things were. Arizona has destroyed that marriage. There was no pretext for her actions. She met a woman and two days later decided to ‘lose control’ and cheat on her wife like their marriage meant nothing. It would have been more honorable if she had confronted Callie and told her she was still angry and that she wanted out of the marriage. But after asking Callie again and again not to leave her to cheat on her is just something that you cannot fix. And the words truly were the worst part because they reflected such hatred, cruelty and rage that it’s hard to believe Arizona ever truly loved Callie. That is the part that would make my blood run cold and I just don’t see how Callie can just walk away from that. I would banish Arizona from the Callie universe forever.

        • A says:

          I completely agree, @Babygate. After more than 2 months since the finale, the scene that I primarily remember in its entirety was that scene between Callie and Arizona. I felt sick to my stomach watching it. I know its just a show, but every hurtful and cruel word she said to Callie felt like a stab in the chest. I felt SO bad and my heart ached for Callie over the fact that she had to endure that monster and seeing her hurt like that once again by someone she loved was not a pleasant TV watching experience. It was one of the most awful and cruel scenes I’ve scene on television and I’ve seen a lot of television.
          Maybe its the writers’ fault or maybe it Capshaw’s delivery or maybe a bit of both, but the show has morphed Arizona into this extremely unlikeable, cruel and mean character. At the beginning of the season, I really felt bad for what she went through. I understood her grief and why she was behaving the way she did, however, as the season progressed with each passing episode, I began to slowly lose any sympathy I had for her. Blaming Callie for the loss of her leg repeatedly without eventually acknowledging the fact that, she as a doctor herself, knows Callie did her best and there was no other option. She had every right to grieve, but after a lot of time passing by she kept using against Callie to hurt her. She never even takes ownership for the fact that she chose to be on a plane because she was mad at Alex and lost her temper with him I mean Arizona was never a completely likeable character for me, she was tolerable and had her moments. I hope Callie doesn’t take her back!

          • Nadica says:

            I guess you’re a Callie fan, which is totally o.k. The thing is since season 7, their relationship was pretty much one sided, meaning that Arizona did all what Callie wanted, in order to retain her wife happiness. Yes she made a mistake and left Callie at the airport, but the moment she got back, she started to give little pieces of herself. Suddenly she was a mom, she had to share her family with Mark etc.. And the car accident just doubled her efforts to change herself in order to have the family, she actually never wanted. She ignored all that, and remained perky and cheerful, just to be with the person she loved. The plane crash and those 4 days in the woods, scared her more than she realized. Arizona never really had the chance to recover mentally from the crash. She held Mark in her lap, telling him that he can’t die, because Sofia needs her dad. That’s the same guy she didn’t like, and now just started to love (like a brother). That same guy, that she just got really attached to, died, giving Arizona no time to say goodbye. If you all remember, Christina was in a catatonic state and then ran into different city. Derek healed himself by looking at the plane and understanding the cause of the crash. While, Meredith is dark and twisty :) and by far the strongest one of them all. Arizona was on the verge of breaking down, she was stuck between the woods and the real life, it was in those moments when she asked her wife to promise her not to cut her leg. And Callie did look her in to her the eyes, and promised Arizona that she won’t let them take her leg. Arizona is a surgeon, but in those moments she was just a very scared wife. Suddenly she woke up, with a limb missing from her body. She didn’t have the time to cope with anything, and she wasn’t the same anymore. She changed who she was because of Callie, and now Callie took another part of her. She was angry at everybody, including herself. Yet she loved her wife, so much, that she had to start to act as normal as she can be. And Callie was so oblivious, while trying to control everything. She tried so hard to get her old life back, never realizing that the woman that sleeps next to her is not her wife anymore. She missed all the signs, only because she wanted the old perky Arizona back. I think that Jessica and the writers did a great job, because the point was that – the old Arizona is gone, at least for now. She will get her mojo back eventually, but until then, she needs to go through the healing journey, no matter how hard and scary it is. And Callie needs to fight for someone, at least once in her life. She was mad at George and left, Erica left and she never tried to find her. Arizona left for Africa and she gave up again. Maybe this time she will actually try to keep Arizona in her life, since she must know how damaged Arizona is, after that chilling scene. In the end, I’m not saying that Arizona was right to cheat, just saying that they needed something huge in order to shake the fake balance they’ve made for them-self. Something to shake them up to their very core, and eventually help them to restore what they had and who they were – as a couple, or individuals.

          • A says:

            Yes, I am definitely a Callie fan and of course I may have some bias when it comes to her. However, I usually still try to look at both sides of the situation as best as I can. I highly doubt that any viewer was mad or angry at Arizona for the way she was initially acting in the first half of the season. I absolutely felt for her and I understood why she was hurt at the beginning when she first found out her leg was gone. I can’t imagine having to recover from that and I was all for her breakdowns, emotional reactions, etc. I actually wanted to see them because if we didn’t, then it wouldn’t be a realistic portrayal of someone going through such a loss.
            My problem has never been with not allowing her to grieve her lost limb. The issue is how, as time passed, she began treating other people pretty badly. I disagree that she didn’t have enough time to recover. She may not have recovered 100% mentally or emotionally but part of the entire season was watching her recovery. We saw her learn to accept her situation (whether it was done for Callie or not, it really doesn’t make a difference because what happened happened and she either had to make the attempt to improve or take herself down on an endless path of anger, depression, etc.). We saw her deal with phantom limb. We saw her walk again. We saw her trying to make things better with Callie. There was progress being made. She was given enough time over the season to understand everything that happened to her even if she couldn’t accept it just yet. As a doctor, she still is a human being, but she is able to understand the situation on a different level and figure out that Callie really had no other option. She may not be able to initially accept it for a while, which is okay, but she should know that it was the only option. A great example of this would be the way Teddy handled the loss of Henry and how she wrapped her head around his death because she understood the Cristina had no other option. I will argue that if the roles were reversed, Arizona would have made the same decision that Callie did in order to save her life. Really, what else could Callie have done other than promise her she wouldn’t let them take it. Arizona was still dealing with the aftermath of the crash and was very distressed at that time. And it’s not like Callie didn’t exhaust all options before making that final decision. It not only changed Arizona’s life, but Callie’s as well. The old Arizona can and should be gone. I have no issues with that because it is an expected result of the situation. I found Callie’s efforts to normalize her life and to try to return it to what it once as very realistic of the actions of an affected loved one.
            It is okay for Arizona to grieve, but what she did in cheating on her and then in their fight completely disregarding Callie’s losses from the plane crash as insignificant was absolutely wrong and cruel. Arizona did it to intentionally hurt her. The plane crash affected the both of them. Callie lost Mark, her best friend of X years and the father of her daughter, the only man who remained a constant in her life. He was her family when her own family disowned her. She also had to deal with a wife who she barely recognized anymore and having to deal with helping her cope with a new environment. These are not insignificant losses, yet Arizona made a huge effort to make it clear to Callie that what Callie went through was nothing and much less than what she went through. How is that fair? Had this fight occurred more toward the beginning of the season at the time when she initially lost her leg and she was still very angry about everything and said all these hurtful things to Callie, I would have been completely fine with it and got over it. All the things she would have said would have been clearly out of continued anger and resentment and suffering and as viewers I’m sure we would have accepted it. However, that wasn’t the case in the finale and it was VERY clear that everything Arizona said to her in that fight and the way she hurt her was intentional, IMO.
            Lastly, I do keep in the back of my mind that this is a soap and they need to do something like this to shake them up, as you said, but it doesn’t mean that I like it or like her character any more.

          • Nadica says:

            For some reason I can’t reply to your last comment, so I’m replying here.. Maybe on some level Arizona did want to get even, the subconscious is a very scary thing. But intentionally, no, I really don’t think that she wanted to hurt Callie. After all, she still loves her (yup I still think she does). And while you’re right for some things, you must not forget what happened in the middle of the season. The hospital was falling apart, and Callie felt that they should save it, she somehow felt it was their duty to do so. It was exactly in the middle of Arizona”s recovery. She just started to walk, to go to work, despite her phantom limb, which she tried so badly to hide from Callie, because Callie needed her wife back. It was then when Arizona got lost again! She did something she was forced into, again. She did it, to make Callie happy, and if you remember It was only when Arizona agreed to buy the hospital, that Callie hugged her and kissed her under the umbrella. Before that Arizona wanted to move to other city, buy a house and be happy with Sofia and Callie. Her healing was interrupted, because Callie was being Callie again, and wanted to do the right thing for everyone, forgetting that her vow, primary obligation and concern is her wife, and then and only then, comes the rest of the world (including the hospital she loves so much). Even the car accident was so fatal for Callie, because she took her seat-belt off to take the cell, and once more did not put Arizona first. Things started to pile up again, for Arizona. She closed herself again, she built a brick wall, that no one could pierce. And then came Lauren, a.k.a. the person Arizona used to be. Arizona did not fall for her because of her looks, but because she reminded her so much of who she was, of how brave and non-compromising she was. Hell, even Callie said to Arizona, that she was a little bit in love with her – which bruised Arizona even more, reminding her that the old Arizona is still in the woods, she never got out. And in that one moment, she did loose control, in order to feel who she was, in order to gain control, she needed to loose it first. And only after she did the deed (we all are angry about), and Callie pushed the right buttons, she was able to release all the anger that lied within her. She finally said what she should have said long time ago, but couldn’t because she knew that would hurt Callie too much.
            What I’m trying to say is that they both did hurt each other during the years, and while Arizona’s actions were bold, surprising and hated by the fans, Callie’s actions were small, consistent and hard to notice, an yet right in the middle of them. That’s why they’ve always been so fun to watch as a couple, because they’re exact opposites. Since you like Callie, I’m assuming none of this will make you go soft on Arizona, but I really, really liked the final scene. What I got from that scene, was that despite everything, they still love each other. They might be a hot mess, when season 10 starts, but you can only say those words and be so angry or hurt by someone you really love. People we don’t care about can’t really hurt us, and we don’t get angry and disappointed with people we don’t love.
            Callie loves Arizona, and Arizona loves Callie. That’s why we all love Calzona, even though some of you don’t really ship them anymore. I think that they will be back together, don’t know how and when, though. But that’s the awesomeness of Shonda’s roller coaster, I guess.

          • Ninna says:

            I believe Arizona is a deeply selfish character. That was shown in her dealings with Callie when she left her in the middle of the airport with no second thought.
            For me, she have returned means nothing because she didn’t come back because of Callie. She came back for herself, because she couldn’t live without her gf. Everything she later supposedly did to compensate Callie, she was in fact doing for herself. It was that or else losing her love which she didn’t want it.

            What happened with the Lauren-slut-in town, was another manifestation of her deep selfishness. Not a manifestation of PTSD. If she wasn’t so selfish her PTSD had manifested in other ways. Or does every person who goes on a rough path in their lives cheats on their spouse?! Only those who have it in their nature, do that. Arizona has it in her. She’s a selfish, self centered cheater that doesn’t deserve two looks from Callie from now on, or even a decent person. She deserves Lauren. But as in real world this kind of people wants to lay down with sluts but don’t want to awake up with them. She cheated on Callie because she could afford to do it. She chose to do it.
            This storyline is offensive even for people who suffer from PTSD in real life. What a lack of sensibility on the writers part. This show is really circling the drain.
            In fact, this insistence of the show of portraying cheaters as the poor victims who do nothing that deserve being punished but being nurtured and cherished and welcome in their partners’s heart is disturbing.

            For me, Arizona ‘the good cheater in the storm’ and Owen ‘the McCheater’ can go both go for a stroll and don’t comeback. Their partners deserve better. Nothing that the writers can write for both of them will ever recover them as characters. These two are SOULMATES.

          • Nadica says:

            Yes Arizona can be selfish and self-centered, and yet she can put that aside, simply because she loves Callie. I don’t think of her as a cheater, it’s not sth that goes along, with someone who succeded by being ruthless and sometimes being hardcore in order to do the right thing. She is selfish, but she’s also principled, she has values and in one stupid moment she decided to throw all that away, only and only because she wanted to find herself. It’s like she needed to do sth so terribly wrong by her standards in order to feel something, even if that is pain and anger. I wish I had more time, cause I have a feeling I would enjoy this twosided conversation, but unfortunately I have to go. #Calzonastrong :)

  6. Goku says:

    Grey’s episodes titles usually don’t mean anything and are only loosely connected with the episode itself. So I wouldn’t really care about it.

  7. Babygate says:

    I’m ok with Webber leaving. He will forever be the Chief but he has become much more of a filler character. He’s not really the Chief, Adele died and his girlfriend lives in another state. I say, he should recover from the shock, retire and go live happily ever after with Catherine and come back to visit once in a while. But, what is this about “at least part of the super-sized ep focusing on the “aftermath” of Meredith’s turbulent delivery.” Seriously? I’m happy for the McBaby, but there are other things going on. At this point it feels contrived to keep focusing so much on MerDer. It feels like they are trying to force the attention on them at the expense of every other storyline. They have peaked already. Jackson is injured with April declaring her love for him. I’m sure Matthew is now aware. Webber is injured. Cristina walked out on Owen. Alex declared his love to Jo and the biggest of all cliffhangers was Arizona and Callie’s blowout yet, during the finale more time was given to that inconsequential talk between Derek and Cristina then to the confrontation Arizona and Callie should have had. It looked so silly when Derek and Cristina were running towards to OR only to sit outside just talking. It was anti-climactic. Anywho, just let Mer recover and go home and be a mom for a while. If Shonda/ABC want the show to survive in a post Ellen world, they need to step up the writing and make us root for the other characters which won’t be easy. So, stop stretching out situations that need to be over already. Like, Crowen. Break them up or fix them and move on. This merry go round of three seasons is insane. They need to move on.

      • A says:

        THIS x10000000!!!!

      • Ninna says:

        And that should have been done in the end of season 6. What a hot mess of a relationship. What’s there more to show? They throwing each other from the space needle down and saying to each other : ‘ this only happened because I love you so much. You’re the love of my life’
        Make them move on and be happy with that choice that is in fact the right one. Not make them unfulfilled when they’re together and unfulfilled when they’re apart. That’s stupid.

      • Nina says:

        they are broken up. dont know why ppl still freak abt them….they are done.

        • Babygate says:

          Because Shonda seems to have indicated that there is still hope for them or that they are end game which means that even more ridiculous twists and turns are ahead for this ill-fitted pair, instead of just allowing them to stay apart and move on.

      • Rod says:

        I’m on board. Their endless drama and angst is tedious and dull. Give them the mercy killing, the last blow, whatever but take them off of my screen.

    • Toni says:

      They aren’t focusing on Mer/Der. They just use them to hype the show and then give them 2 minutes together maybe if that. I think I read the show won’t have a time jump and since Mer is recovering from surgery and childbirth I doubt she’ll be in much of the first hour. I suspect no one will want to tell her about Richard no matter how that goes.

  8. TL says:

    Seriously shocked that people are still into this show, I dumped out quite a few years ago. But good on y’all.

  9. Mary says:

    I really don’t believe Calzona is going to break up. For one reason only: business. People are crazy about them. Same reason why they won’t stop giving air time to MerDer…
    As regards Cowen, I believe that Shonda has gone way too far with this back and forth and that S10 will most definitely be the one that tells us how these two are gonna end up.

    • Ninna says:

      I don’t believe she’ll break them either. They’re still a good asset… for now. But remember what happened to Crowen. When Owen came in, people got completely crazy over them, they almost dethroned MerDer in popularity and now…where are they in the map of GA? The writers thought they could do everything that pleased them in regard to these two and made what it seemed to be an impossible feat: most simply despise, loathe or feel disgusted with them. Until today they simply didn’t manage to recover them as a couple and make them credible to the eyes of the viewers.

      The characters’s Tweeter account shows the popularity of them close to the viewers. Hunt is in penultimate place right before April. I think this says everything about bad decisions on the writers part regarding the couples. Hope Calzona won’t path the same way. Bacause there’s already too many voices raising agaist them. And they were loved, they were the 2º couple of the show.

      • Babygate says:

        IMO, Calzona is an asset because of the gay visibility factor. In reality, I don’t believe these two actresses have that much chemistry. And I say that as a hard core Calzona fan. Because of the gay angle, they may retain their popularity but the cheating thing has been a really tough pill to swallow. IMO, concerning Crowen, not only the push-pull of kids/no kids has become unbearable, but I also think that when Owen cheated if shifted things in the fandom. And that’s what Arizona is facing now, although she has a very loyal, hardcore fanbase. Time will tell.

        • cas says:

          I totally think the only reason people were so angry about the cheating aspect was because they were gay. Didn’t you know gay people don’t cheat? I believe this show has shown many people cheating on each other and I haven’t heard the same outcry as this one.

        • Ninna says:

          Gay visibility factor that they didn’t know how to make the most in my opinion. When gay couples are so scarse in TV like this, gay people don’t want to see the remaining few couples with whom they identify themselves , cheating on spouse, being a banner of disfunctional marriage. With hetero couples, if we are not happy with one of them we can happily and easily jump to another one because there are more out there.
          I personally think, Arizona’s cheating is related somehow to Hunt’s cheating. Things started shifting for Crowen back then in S6, when he was an authentic ass to Cristina, showing the first signs of not understand or accept her or even making a real effort…until he brought Teddy for Cristina or in truth for himself as we know now, though at the time we didn’t understand that detail. The fandom started to dislike him seriously at that point and when the cheating arrived (as a manifestation of the writers’s arrogance) was the last nail on the coffin. Fans simply vanished. It didn’t happen even a big buzz like we saw with Calzona. Now, I sincerely hope the writers let this issue be solved only between Callie and Arizona, and don’t use Owen’s friendship with Callie to advocate for Arizona and indirectly for himself. Because everyone can see that it was virtually impossible for the writers to recover the character and the couple for a big chunk of this fandom till now. And they tried hard. That would be pathetic.
          I could say these cheating SL are ridiculous attempts for shock value. But in the end even if the show is not doing too bad, we only see the ratings droping season by season. These plots are not able to maintain them or even improve them.
          The L-chats I was in reading their opinions, girls are deeply disappointed, saying they don’t see the beauty the couple anymore. That C/A never will be the same. Just as Crowen. This plot might draw attention for SP, but will it sustain people’s atention the all season 10? And will it sustain the fans’s support? Will see.

          • A says:

            This doesn’t completely have to do with everything you’re talking about, but I think it’s necessary when discussing Crowen to acknowledge that they both cheated on each other with different people while they were married. Owen had that one night stand and Crisitna did have an affair with that guy (can’t remember his name, he played Rex on Desperate Housewives) while she was at the Mayo Clinic after the crash even though she was still married at that time. Not condoning either of them at all, but if you plan on critcizing an individual within the couple, you should also acknowledge the fact that the other person did same thing, albeit under different circumstances. Just pointing that out.

          • Ninna says:

            I’m sorry A, but saying that both of them cheated is a gross generalization aiming to mitigate Owen’s infidelity.
            Indeed, this was precisely the goal of the writers when they put the fans seeing on the screen Cristina having sex with another man, but were careful not to show him doing the same. They knew very well the effect this would have on the minds of viewers. I don’t think that they got even, at all. The way the writers wrote it, he owes several times. And honestly, that was not necessary! Showing only her, was a very low blow because they are two very diferent situations and this was obviously part of the writers campaign of recovering the character. He cheated on her with his wed band in his finger while living with her and kept returning home as if nothing went wrong. Worst, and for me the thing that destroyed the character, in a place emotionally so important to them as the Joe’s Wall. Do you remember what happened there? For me adds to this behaviour two big things with no small importance: He did it out of revenge, revenge for her exercising a right she has. He knew she didn’t want kids, but he didn’t care about that insignificance. He had to have it his way. The second thing was the way he acted with her before and after cheated on her. Was simply horrendous and disgusting.

            Now, I don’t say she’s perfect but she had the decency of ending the marriage before she engaged in extra sexual deals with another person, thing he didn’t. And he perfectly understood that at the phone. I think there’s here a huge difference in behaviours. He did it to hurt her back, she did it to honestly move on with her life.

            Saying that what makes a marriage is a merely piece of paper is very limited. A marriage is much more than that. And for me they were not married at that point. And her atittude was a lot cleaner than his.
            Saying she cheated because they were technically married is the same as saying that two people who are not legally married can sleep around and that doesn’t constitute cheating because they’re not legally married. I think it’s very narrowed. And honestly is the argument of the person who doesn’t have a better argument to defend him.

            I think each situation is different from the other next to us and not everyone acknownledge they both cheated. And what I criticize in this situation was not only his cheating but the way he behaved long time ago before the cheating, during the cheating and after the cheating. We have to see the all context, not only what fits our favorite character.

            It’s OK that escape a bit the topic. What’s fun is exchanges.

  10. vdofan says:

    Hey Ausiello, Did you forget that the name of the hospital is now Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital? *tsk* *tsk *tsk*

  11. BDSaggynuts says:

    This show is Awesome! Everyone needs to stop saying they don’t want to see this person or that person die. Shonda is the only boss with enough Balls to kill someone off every season. This show might have lost a few fans over the years but they have kept a lot more and also gained fans from her having such a an Awesome imagination.

    • JJ says:

      That’s not balls…it’s lazy writing. Killing off someone every season because you are so desperate to have another big dramatic moment and can’t think of any other way to get it is cheap and pathetic.

    • Babygate says:

      Killing Denny was gutsy. Killing George, Lexie and Mark, not so much. Just an easy out.

      • A says:

        This is the absolute truth. Denny’s death was a decision made for the story to move it forward, create drama, and to create a stepping stone for Izzie to get over.
        George, Lexie, and Mark’s deaths were all a result of the actors wanting to leave. It wasn’t for the better of the story.

  12. nina says:

    Dont worry Crowen haters. They are done for good.enjoy.

  13. BDSaggynuts says:

    I don’t think its lazy writing. I believe it is smart business. Its a money hungry industry and the lady is smart. I cant really say i like when people get killed on your favorite show because when Opie died on SOA last year. I was extremely pissed.

  14. David says:

    From Sympathy for the Devil, by Jagger and Richards:

    And I was round when Jesus Christ
    Had his moment of doubt and pain
    Made damn sure that Pilate
    Washed his hands and sealed his fate

  15. crl says:

    I agree with nadica i really hope callie and arizona don’t break up they were my favorite couple on the show!! it will be very disappointing!!!


    • Nadica says:

      :) I think that they will break up, and fight each other over everything, including Sofia. I expect them to be angry, hurt and lost at the beginning. However, I do believe that they’re endgame (as Shonda once said), and it may not look like it now, but I think that Shonda actually is a Calzona fan. Yes, she enjoys giving them hard time, and yes she might even have them date other people for a while, but it’s all part from the journey for her. I truly hope that by the end of the first half of the season, somehow they will start to rediscover each other, again. But hey, I’m just a fan, so I might be very very wrong. :) #CalzonaStrong

  16. Fernanda says:

    Webber could die, but not like the cliffhanger’s scene. If Shonda kills The Chief, I want a moving storyline. this could be a great way to see Miranda as the new chief of Grey/Sloan memorial Hospital in a near future.

  17. Tiffany says:

    All I wanted to say was that TVLine made a little error and I noticed it. I’m just OCD like that. Instead of “like the blackout that rocked Seattle Grace Mercy West in the finale”, it should have been Grey Sloan Memorial.

  18. Lin says:

    Shonda you did it again!! You get rid of all the good characters and keep Meredith!! This show is really for the garbage– get it off the air once & for all. It overran its course and is ridiculous. Concentrate on the issues you have with Revenge & Scandal. Maybe you should consider retirement. Seriously.

    • A says:

      She can’t get rid of Meredith!!!!!!! It’s called “Grey’s” Anatomy and regardless of how many characters will be on the show, Meredith is the most important one and among the top 5 characters that have to absolutely remain on the show.

  19. Real Talk says:


  20. Sam says:

    Amazing how everyone is talking about Crowen or MerDer or Calzona or Japril but according to the new spoilers the interns are pretty much gonna be taking over! So everyone chill out we ain’t gonna see anything good…. Interns are being named king of GSMH!!!
    Can someone get rid of the interns and take Dan Bucatinsky with them!!!!

  21. sophia7470 says:

    I’m still angry with Arizona. Her behaviour in the finale was appalling – so calculatedly cruel. It wasn’t a ‘mistake’, it was deliberate and that makes all the difference. I don’t know how you come back from that.

    I’m looking forward to some Japril spoilers! Come on Jackson, give April a reason! I anticipate that he’s going to say no in the premiere and they’ll drag it out a few more eps, but I really want Jackson/April to be endgame.

  22. Jasmine says:

    WOW Nadica you made a really good point! …I was very dissapointed by Arizona’s actions because I am a HUGE #calzona and Callie fan and dislike Arizona for it and couldn’t wrap my head around the cheating part and on why Arizona will do that but your points were right on everyone seems to hate Arizona and call her selfish all the time and I agreed most of time but the little scenes that we didn’t really see with Callie like for instance when she saw Arizona with the coffee and had Lauren name Callie asked her but dismissed it right away and was more concern about bailey…..I kinda now understand Arizona. But of course it does not justify her cheating and the things she said were HORRIBLE BUT is true that we and I speak for myself also that we tend to hurt the people we love the most MORE!! …..I love #calzona and hope they will make it but I don’t know if they will…. #calzonastrong

    • Nadica says:

      I never tried to justify the cheating, and I never said that she was right to do that, so we’re on the same page there as well. I just wanted to point out, that not everything was as it seemed. And the things Arizona said were harsh, really hurting and filled with anger, but only because she’s been keeping so much locked inside her. It was always little bit harder to really understand Arizona’s character, that’s why I like her. Cheating is wrong by all her standards, especially cheating on Callie, cause she’s been in love with her since they met. And we really do always hurt the people we love the most. However, Arizona always had trouble trusting people, and I think that Shonda’s going to give us something more than the leg, I don’t think that the leg is the big issue here, it somehow doesn’t fit the whole puzzle. I too, hope that they will find a way to make it through. #CalzonaStrong and if I have to choose, #TeamArizona :)

  23. Jencanes says:

    If Webber does die, I just know he will have left his share if the hospital too Bailey. She’s just gotta be Chief before its over. Although, my mom will be crushed! She’s madly in love w/Webber.
    I’ve gotta say, Mark & Lexie dying was just as heart wrenching as any deaths on the show. Loved Lexipedia!
    Can’t wait for Sept. 26!!!

  24. Calzona 4ever says:

    @Nadica ” Even the car accident was so fatal for Callie, because she took her seat-belt off to take the cell, and once more did not put Arizona first.”

    I can’t reply to your post for some reason. But wasn’t the car accident Arizona’s fault? She wasn’t looking at the road when it happened (this when she proposed to Callie). I totally agree with everything else you said, though.

    • Nadica says:

      She wasn’t looking at the road, that’s true. She wasn’t looking, cause she was proposing to Callie at that moment. However, Arizona didn’t get seriously injured, because she HAD her seat-belt on. While, Callie took her seat-belt off, in order to reach the cell phone that Arizona threw on the backseat. Yes, Arizona threw the cell phone, but only because she wanted Callie only for herself for just one lousy weekend. Callie was never really good at putting boundaries with Mark, and it drove Arizona mad at the beginning, cause she wasn’t really sure that Callie would choose her over Mark. That’s what I meant, when I said that it was sort of Callie’s fault.